Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 17, 1976 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, April 17, 1976
Page 3
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Symphony Guild To Hear Preview By Dr. Johnson The North ArkEtnsas Sym- p h o n y Guide, FayeUeville chapter, will meet at !0 u.m. W e d n e s d a y Pulforight Library. D r . Campbell c o n d u c t o r of al Roberta Helen Help Us- Johnson. Ihe NoiLh MMRMHMMHHH"""""^ H " MraM ^^ MHIM :·=«·»-- -"·--" - ~ Richardson Center Benefits From Sazaar - Razorhack School Food Scr- ^,vica Assoctiiliun, an orgatu- , zaliqn composed of Fayctte- ;,vi"e Public School employes, , presented proceeds in t h e amount ol $400 from a recent bazaar and bake sale fo Richardson Center, -Washington County's School for Trainahle Children. Mrs. Fount Hich- ardsoti is school director. The money will he used to purchase snacks and wheelchairs for the school chililrcn. Pictured are Catherine Cross, ; Salute . {·.Officers ' · Fayetleville Jaycclles held a -Bicentennial Champagne Sulule "last Saturday at t h e home of Mrs. John M a r i n o n i to - h - o n o r all past Jaycelle "presidents. Special guest were ;past Jaycetle officers, i Present officers greeted guests i at'the diior when approximately : 50, called between the hours .0! - 2 and 4 p.m. The serving table · w a s decorated -wilh the -Ricenlcnnial theme -which was ^carried out throughoul the * home. . , c A- Bicentennial book complied -;by the Fayetteville -JaycelUu ·was placed in Hie living room ^for all guests lo view. The book ' is « complele history of " F a y e t t e v i l l e chapters of \ Jaycettes and Jaycees. - - -. : s . r~ Maine Lobsters Will Come To The Ozarks Live Maine lobsters, rare delicacies in (he Northwest Arkansas area, may be ordered now through April 22 from the Law Wives Club at the Univer sity o[ Arkansas for pick-up on April 24. Available by advance ordc only, the 1H pound lobsters co.. S5.95 'each, and must be picke up between 10 a.m. and 12 noo on Saturday, April 24, at th North parking lot of Razorba ' Stadium. These air-freighted lobster are easy to cook, and instruc lions on their preparation an eating will be furnished. To order write Law-Wive 1571 North Leverctt. No. 1 O.K. Folks,.. Pay attention coming. in your ··:;· flu ' lc Heloise Says Alcohol Makes It Sparkle teacher, Audrey Clinehens, director of. Ihe public s c h o o l food service, Goldie Harrison, Julia Lamticth, D i x i e Higgs and Pat Lupcr, school . , wiiiiillM lood service workers, anil Gahi Schafi-r, school teacher, left-right. (TIMESphoto by Leslie SuUoii) Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, will give a preview of the selections the Orchestra will play at its April 23 concert. This performance will include Mozart's Overture to the "Abduction [ram the Seraglio," Brahms' "Variations on a Theme by Joseph Haydcn," Charles 1 v c s' "Symphony No. Z;" and Mendelssohn's "Piano Concerto No, 1 in G- Minor." Rano Pupini, student winner of the University's ,*± a n n u a l Concert-aria Com% petition, will be soloist for the f ~ Mendelssohn selection. Mrs. Fred Taylor, president of t h e Faycttcville Guild, in- tes all members of the North rkansas Svmphony Guild and e North Arkansas Symphony ociety and their guests to aL- nd. A brief business meeting elect new Btfjrd members nd Guild officers will precede r. Johnson's program. Mrs. Schlegel Wins first In Golf Games something T by accident. 'cause I'm home today discovered Isn't that F a y e t t e v i l l e . Specify t h e number of lobsters desired, along with (he purchaser's phone number. Enclose a check for the full amount of your order. · ' ' . ' ' · · " The live lobsters should be Announcements ·i 'ilqrlar Board Alumnae will ; hold 'the annual potluck dinner "for old and new members from -4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., Sunday, "'April 25, at the home of Mrs. "David McNair, 1025 C r e s t *-Drive. Interested alumnae in ''Northwest Arkansas should £contact Mrs. A.W.Blake at 442- f. Welcome Wagon Club will J meet at 9 . a.m., Tuesday at : J B o n a n z a Steak House ItFollowing card games, and ·i luncheon, a tour of historical 'homes in Fayelteville will be :made. Further information may used the day of arrhul. April 24. or the nest day at latent. Some people are planning - a "BYOI." party, (Bring your own lobster). Until the lobsters are cooked, they should be kept in the refrigerator where they will remain alive. Do not put them in ico or cold water, this will smother and kill Ihem. In the event lobsters ore^not to be used within Hie two day period, boil lliem according, to directions and store them in the freezer up to six months. ' · Tbc chairman of (ho sale suggests boiling corn on the cob in the same pot with the lob- crs for a really different and mw most amazing discoveries ire made? It takes half-wits like m e . t c figure out somethings mos ,imes! Or do you remembc ,hal when the wheel was lirsl thought-of, it used to be square before some whole-wit thought to make it round? . Today it's rubbing alcohol. Yep, the plain old stuff wo all have in our. medicine cabinets which, if you wuicli you sales, you can often get for 2 cents a pint. When 1- lived in Nank- China, water was very searci and. we had to ration water_tc- Lhe point · of infinity, whicl. meant that-we had very feu buths and when we were lucky enough lo. get five ' gallons ol water we bathed the baby, first, -TTT/ or .WO Saturday, April 17, 1976 '·k.rir'irL'ininiir.'ii!::'^.^ Winners are announced in the golf games played Wednesday it the Fayelleville County Club. Winners of (he play for the lay, low put, were Mrs. Mary Schlcgcl, first; Mrs. Jed Fisher, second; Mrs. Ann Jones, Etiird; Mrs. Marilyn Kason, fourth; and Mrs. Mary Fouke, fifth. The winning tcAim in the team Abused Wives Told Where To Turn For Assistance DEAR H E L E N : ' How pitifully true that a woman has no safe place lo go ivhcn she is attacked by her brutal husband. As several of your correspondents have said, the authorities won't get involved in family squabbles unless they're life-threatening: and if t h e . beaten wife DOES have her man arrested, he'll be out on hail in a couple of hours with mayhem, possibly murder, in mind. If a woman locks her husband out he may return with a gun; and if SHE runs awav, a jealous man will track her clown -- or sue her for desertion and leave her without house or support. Maybe this is why so many women stay and lake it -- bel- ter lo placate lhan rile him. What can be done? -- TERRIBLY CONCERNED SIDEUNEK DEAR CONCERNED: · Several large cities now have emergency centers for battered women and their children. One such is Haven House in Los Angeles County which opened in mid-197'!, and now counsels some 500 wives (or live-togclhers) a year. New York City 3 AWAIC (Abused Women's Aid in Crisis) provides lelephone assistance, putting women in touch wilh agencies thai can help them. , . Unfortunately, most a r e a s do not offer quick rescue lor threatened wives, and many "lake it" rather than risk worse punishment if they report their bruises. : · The biggest mistake, it seems to me. is INACTION. Too often a mate allows beatings lo continue, always hoping " t h i s will be the last time." My advice: "Don't give the slugger a second chance. One episode should prove you have Ihe wrong man, and at this early point, separation is much easier..-- H.-, P.S. I'll probably get dak from hopefuls who write. Sly man knocked me cold -- once -- but he'd never do it again, and. besides. I asked for it." So okay, ladies, but remember, I warned you. : DEAR HELEN: . ' . , My sister is a wealthy widow. She lives alone but has children and grandchildren nearby, all of whom own. cars \et whenever sis wants to go somewhere she calls me to pick nor up and lake her home -- and I live about 30 miles from her. ·- She has alienaled herself from her family and friends, mainly because she expects everyone lo do for her, bul she is very selfish and money-light, doing nothing for others. ··: She calls me every day and wants to know all about our personal lives, even down to sex. This upsets my wife as mugi as it does me. We are retired and could enjoy our leisure,- but she keeps bugging us unlil we are so angry and tense that living has become a depressing chore. Sure, we 1 could hang up. ut she'd just call back. We tell her lo lay off, but she ignores vhal she doesn'l want to hear. . . . * She is not senile, but rather crafty and cunning and wheea- ing in her methods to get around us. I love her as a sisler.(a duty) but how can we get her oil our backs? -- UNHAPPY SR. DEAR SR.: net score of Mrs Bettie Schlegc'l, Mrs play for tow c o m p o s e d Thomas, Mrs. -»--, Pauline Hollirrgsworth and Mrs Betty Boston. The schedule .for next week' play is tee off time at 9 a.m for" 18,-hole play and 9:30 a.m for nine hole play You didn't say but l.G.A.P. ("I'm Guessing Again Perception") tells me sis was the oldest child in.the family and accustomed to being obeyed. . . And even at this laUj date, you re the little brother who lets her play queen. ·! Since vou evidently aren't tough or. mean enough lo say what vou think, how about a bit-of sneakiness? "Money-tight, people will cool the telephone calls if you keep asking for loans or contributions lo your favorite charity. And time you travel 60-plus miles on a chauffeuring job. "forget your credit cards or cash and let HER fill your tank. I think it won't be long till debt does you part, for occasional duty visits.'-- H. ; . ' .except then Mother and along comes Papa. Then the bath was in s number Ihree wash tub in front of the fire place. The tez kettle with clean wurm water wa: used to pour over our bodies to rinse with, etc., clc., et.c, It was our "amah" (maid) who taught us to pour rubbing alcohol on a piece of toilcl elicious flavor. For more information 4-M-2072 after 5 p.m. Rosemary or Dolores £ obtained f r o m ?Shaddox, 442-7187, t Cook, ,442-8111. C: " Washington County Wheelman Bicycle Chib will meet at 6:30 p,m Thursday at High Roller 'Cyclery. City Council ol Pares y Teacher Association will race at 7:30 p.m., Tuesday^ in iho School Administration Buildmg nimiii Personals Mr. nnd Mrs. R i c k Halinsk of Fayctleville anonunce th birth of a son, John Patrick on April 8 at Washmgto tissue or wash .cloth and ..,, ___ - . bathe with that, so we never have a body odor. call Leaders Named To Speak To Parents Class 'Would ^Till this day 1 still use Amah Ah Sings old method. . And 1 use it for other stufl loo. I tear off a bit of tissue, saturate it, and wipe Ihe wash basin. The chrome on Ihe faucets shines beautifully. . Now I thought to myself "Why not try it on the bath tub." It's so simple and does such a swanky job. It worked there loo... Try cleaning a mirror with it. No streaks whatsoever. And, best of all, il cheap, so watch for your super sales in this paper and buy a couple of hollies. . You'll love it just like I love you. -- Heloise Delta Delta Delta Sorority Names Officers, initiates "Dealing Loss --LETTER OF LAUGHTER INTERIOR DECORATING MIUS' INTERIORS Sharla Mills 521-1319 Box 251 Fayetteville 10 topic for She ABC's of . . .1 tried lo work nylon net ·arenting class -Monday, April a ' n d vinegar inlo this hint -I. just to keep in Ihe spirit of Leaders will be Mrs. Paula things -- but I just couldn'l Thompson, director. Washinglon manage it! -- "J" County Head Start, and. Dr. · . Martha Butler, associate direc-rxyr Heloise: lor, Counseling Ccnlcr, Umver- i ju s t replaced buttons on ar sily of Arkansas. How lo cope ou tni because one of the prc with loss, as a parent, and how ' v jous set of five was lost an lo help children cope with it, couldn't be replaced. as well as specific problem i had to buy six. buttons situations from class members which left me an extra butlon. will be included. , Why nol sew il lo ths 5am Classes mcel Monday nights ou ifjt; I reasoned and, in cas at Rolling Hills Baptist Church O f ano lhcr loss, I wouldn't nee from 7 fo fl p.m. They are Iree lo mmt about for it. and open to [he public. Free This method is not suggcsle b-.ibysilling is provided for if (he garment is lo be prole younger children. sionally dry cleaned. -- Pat The series is sponsored by the . Coalition on Parent Education Dear Helnise: (COPE) and further infor- T O « n flen bullcr or margarin malion may be obtained by quickly, fill a bowl wilh boi!ii n:,,rf .1.1-J.1RR7 ftr 52I-1372. l u r a l n r Fmnlu Ihf hnwl and tU ca lli,,g "«·» ·"· - C3U111 11i-1JUI Ui u m - . u , ^ . p v m u l . 1^1 IBBHil^^ Daily Calendar Of Events Tonight Alcoholics Anonymous, Wiggins Methodist Church, 7 p.m. A!-Anon, Wiggins Methodist Church, 7 p.m. Ballroom Dance Club, Springdale Legion Hut, 7:30 p.m. Dudes and Dolls, Asbell School Catclorium, 8 p.m. )e ouiniiieu uy quickly, nil a DOWI wim uom or 521-1372. water. Empty Ihe bowl and tur ' -- upside down over t h e butt- iu.ih and the butler will soile [without melting. -- Esther Dear Heloise: When decorating cakes .. [cookies, jusl snip one small co ncr off « plaslic sandwich b and your lube is ready. A cup of powdered sugar a a litlle food coloring and a fi .drops of milk, just enough It will squeeze Ihrough Ihe lu AFRICAN VIOLET SHOW WINNERS Mrs. Ken, Mrs. Bell oi:d Mrs. Yandell, left-rigM, display prize winning African Violets. TIUESplioto by Leslie Sution) Show Winners Told More lhan 200 persons at ndcd Ihe Afrittin Violet Sho\ I H o o t School Sunday rnoon, and viewed the 20 i o l e t s and arrangement nd artistic plantings on dis lay. Mrs. Elizabeth Bell receive le Sweepstakes Award fo aving won the most blu ibbons; Mrs. Hazel Kcrr wo ·Queen of the Show Award or Ihe plant, Rosegarden, an Irs. Bobby Yandcll's mimalur iolel, Doublerake, was ruane p for the micen award. Winner of blue ribbons in 11 irlislic class were Mrs. Eu \Iaxwcll, Mrs. Yandell Mrs. Barbara Parker. In Dessert Of Delicate Flavor Is Perfect For Leftover Egg Whites und By CECILY BROWNSTONF. Associated Press Fond Enilor COMPANY DINNER Fried Chicken Spanish Rice Salad Bowl Bread Tray a f f y Freeze Coffee TAFFY FREEZE A dessert of delicale flavor in vhich leftover egg whites may ie used. 2 egg whites VK teaspoon salt 3 tablespoons sugar 1 tablespoons light or dark -molasses t cup heavy cream \i teaspoon vanilla In a medium mixing bow beat egg whites and sail unt foamy. Gradually beat in sug ar, then molasses, unlil while hold sliff. slraisht peaks. With out washing beater, beat cream with vanilla unlil sliff; fold int beaten whiles. Pour into freezer Iray. Set freezer conlr at coldest point. Freeze unt firm -- about 2 hours. T freezer control to normal se Harrison, Patu i j earson 01 a s c n a i a a 1i . ui 6 n,..«.,. u , ; .... )ip ' · I Louis Mo., Sherri Sample oflsenior women, tapped Jo tllen heese Crackers! West Memphis. Diane Smilh of Chivers of Siloam Springs anil Beverage Fort Smilh, Vickcy Spencer o f i Patrice .Gin-ley of Blytheville. ARTICHOKE DIP ~ We dreamed Ihis up when we anted something "new" to erve. G-ounce jar marinated artichoke hearts _ cup mayonnaise 1 tablespoon grated , H E N f| R g rs. ar . arrangements the blue winners verc Mrs. Yandell, Mrs. Maxwell, and Miss M a x i n e nism. Mrs. Vivian Perry of Springdalc was awarded a year's subscriplion to the African Violet magazine. Judges for the show were Mrs Velma Allen, Mrs. Olema Straits and Mrs. Pat McAlister, all of Springdale. Mrs. Yandell v,'.is chairman of the show. .ing. Serve dessert shortly afle it has been frozen. Makes servings. SATURDAY REFRESHER Raw Vegetable Platler 'wilh Arlichokc Dip ' Delia Delta Delta sororily at the University of Arkansas has elected the following officers for the coming year, Mala Daggett of Osccola, president; Cheryl Flowers of Texarkana. vice president; Patrice Gurley. of Blytheville, treasurer; Gail Felty of West Memphis, assistant treasurer; -Nena F o r t oof W a r r e n , social chairman; Sherry Gilliland o f ' Siloam Springs, assistant social- chain man; Linda Mosley of F o r t Smith, rush chairman a n d Kalhy Kingrey of Strong, as- sislanl rush chairman. Recent sorority pledges are Andrea Panzo of Springdalc and Beverly Smilh of Pine Bluff. Reccnl initiates are Dawn nibler of Russelville, Beth Drockman of Ulllc Rock Vickie Brnnson of Fayelteville Susan Denty of Fort Smith Angela Eason of Moro, Marcia Ellis of El Dorado. Gail Fells of West Memphis, Cheryl Flow ers of Texarkana, Lisa Game of Rison, Palrice Gurle o Blylheville, Lisa Horn c Gurdon, Marlha Ann Hucy c Louis; Mo., Sherri Sample .c Warren. Siisan Hurley of El Dorado Terri Ivy of Newport, Georgi Jones of Springdale. Carol Ann King of H o t Springs. Nanc King of Joplin, No.. Kath Kingrey of Slrong, Elizabel Lucy of Texarkana. Vicki Meld of Texarkana, Cindy Newton Harrison, Patli Pearson of S Fort Smith. Carla Slark 'of Heber Springs, Paula Toler ;pf Newport and Bobbie Wilhite:i( Fayetteville. . 'At the. Ordei o f . Omega anuel .two tri deltas were lected to serve on Order of )mega, Joe Ellen Chivers of iloam Springs and Mala Jaggett of Osceloa. R e c e n t l y selected -.. rkansas Razorback cheerlcad- rs are Shawn Vaughn oot earcy and Carolyn Falge "of Vaynesville, Mo. Sandy Weav- of Blytheville has b e n hoscn Sigma Nu Sweetheart nd Bobbi Wilhile a member of · he Sweetheart Court. The annual Delia Delta Delta sorority $200 scholarship award . vent to DeAnn Pendry. : At the Associated W o m e n Students Spring Festival, Tri Delta women were selected to several' organizalions. Chimes; an honorary organization for sophomore women, lapped Kalhy Kingrey of Slrong. Elizabeth Lucy of Texarkana and Diane Smilh of Fort Smith. Cardinal Key for junior women selected Connie Allred !.of · Mounlain Home Carolyn Falge of Waynesvillc, Mo., Cheryl Flowers ' of Texarkana and Paige Partain of Van . Buren. Mortar Board; an honorary s c h o l a s t i c organization f o r Parmesan cheese Wilh a fork remove artichoke carls lo a cutting board; chop inc. Into a small mixing bowl urn Ihe mayonnaise: wilh a ork whisk in the marinade rom (be artichoke hearts; slir n the cheese and Ihe chopped artichoke hearts. Cover lighlly and chill unlil serving time. Makes about 1 cup. This makes a tangy dip; if you want it blunder or to slrelch it, add Vi cup more mayonnaise and another tablespoon of the Parmesan Serve wilh a platler of raw vcgclab Ics: impeded young zucchini slices; carrql and celery strips; radishes; cucumber slices (if cucumber is waxed pare before slicing, if unwaxed pare in stripe fashion). FABRIC MART EVELYN H I L L S SHOPPING CENTER SMITH'S Communication 2-Way Radio Your 2-Way Radio Headquirtert · ««"?.·:·*!» ·""?.!!??« For Your Prescription Needs See U» QUAKER DRUG | tt E. CKj P«rklng Lot In Rear Sunday Single Adult Fellowship, Bonanza, Springdale, 9:30 a.m. Duplicate Bridge Club, Boss Building, 1:30 p.m. Parenls Without Partners, 1324 Eastwood Drive, 1:30 p.m. Did we forget you? We Are Now Scheduling Appointments! Call Elizabeth Wood at 442-7377 Just Received At Downtown Sqwire · ^ Another Big Shipment! LADY WRANGLER -Matching tops and bottoms- Nursery Home Garden Center 2500 Johnson Road 521-4401 Plant a tree Plant two trees Evergreens, shade, fruit nut Shade your house yard Grow an orchard, a wood lot A woods or forest Save nature We sell trees

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