The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 13, 1920 · Page 1
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 1

Carbondale, Illinois
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Friday, February 13, 1920
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Carbondale—"Athens; of Egypt." VOLUME 17. _CARBONDALE, ILLINOIS, FRDOAY, JPEB. 13, 1920. NUMBER IflS-- BOY WHO SLASHED TEACHER TO GOTO STATE REFORMATORY AlbertRobinson, Youth Who Slashed School Teacher Will be Brought Before County Court as Delhr quent and Will Likely be Sent to St. Charles or Pontiac. Albert Robinson, is the. 15 year old school boy, who slashed Floyd Rush- Ing, 19 year old school teacher, • near, Boskydell, Feb. 4. The. knife in the hands of the youth barely missed the teacher's throat. Robinson has been 'released" on- bond to answer to -the grand jury. -• ' It has ibeen decided to take the boy's case into county court and send him to the state institution, at St. Charles or that at Pontiac, and it is expected that the court will act on his case Friday. He. ;s to .be arraigned on a delinquency charge. Young Rushing, the wounded'teach- er, is said to be improving rapidly and expecting to return to his school duties in a few days'. Young. Robinson's- knife blade made a long gash across the 'teacher's throat, scraping the jugular vein. The trouble resulted, it is said, when the teacher sought to correct the Robinson boy for staying out of school or for some other alleged misconduct. Open Headquarters Here Today and Prediction of Record Mr et Issued State ..Farmers'. Institute O pen Headquarters in Carbondale Today, Predicting a Record Meeting—Ban j Will Be Lifted and Everything Will Go Ahead.For a ; Big Convention—Publicity Spread That Conditions Will be All Right to Refute Alarming Reports About Situation. - Murphysboro Figures She Has 11,000 or 12,000 Population While no official figures will be available until word comes from Washington, Murphysboro, boosters are figuring -on more than 11,000 people for Murphysboro in-- the 1920 census, possibly 12,000, says the Era. • 'Joe JacQuot, enumerator from Sorn- e'rset township, has stated that he kept track of resident of Murphysboro, in Somerset township, separately from those outside the city limits, which-is only proper, and this is expected to give 500, in addition to estimates that place the figures beyond 11,000. The enumerators are not permitted to give out any information on the subject, and have not done so but there is 'some foundation, upon- answers of yes and' no, to questions, that lead to the expectation that Murpbystooro will be beyond -the 11,000 figure. Prediction that the Illinois Farmers' Institute to be held .here Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of next, week will be the largest ^ver held in Illinois, was made today toy H. E.Young, secretary of the institute when he,opened headquarters in Carbondale. Mr. Young .and Prof. J. P. Gilbert, vice president of fhe institute, will bring a strong.w.ind up-on the .publicity'end during the few remaining days before the meeting. Everything is going ahead with a renewed effort in fear of the fact that unnecessary alarming reports may .get out concerning the bah in Carbondale. This will be lifted Monday,leaving no doubt ttlat the health situation will have materially subsided and everything will be in 'readiness to welcome the, meeting. Mr. Young and Prof. Gilbert fired press notices-all over the state this morning predicting a record meeting with local conditions excellent. Another noted speaker will be here Thursday, Congressman W. B. McKinley of Champaign, father of the repeal, of the daylight saving plan, -whiclrwas highly'favored by farmers. This was announced today. The following was wired today to newspapers in the state this morning by Mr.j,Young, secretary- of the institute: Have opened state headquarters for Illinois Farmers' Institute at Carbondale in connecton with state meeting to be held here next week, ISth, 19th and 20th. Find local preparations and conditions excellent and predict largest farmers' convention ever held in Illinois. Delegates from every county in the state will be present. Leading agricultural and household science authorities o£ United States will address meeting as announced by program. Convention, oopens Wednesday morning with memorial session for Dr. Hopkins. . ' - '• '«g ... H. E. Young, Secretary, 111. Farmers' Institute. LOWDEN TELLS WHY LINCOLN'S WORDS SURVIVE Grand Rapids,« Mich.,. Feb. 12;—Gov. Frank p.- Lowden is now the most 'formidable contender tor the votes •of the Michigan delegates to the Chicago convention next June. : He spoke tonight in Grand Rapids before 3,000 Republicans at the Lincoln's birthday celebration When he had finished a day of significant political conferences the Lowden leaders in Michigan, for the first, time went behind the forecast that the Illinois governor can win .the Michigan delegation at the direct, primaries of May 5. Gov. and Mrs. Lowden, who, for the first time, has joined the governor on a speaking expedition, '"arrived in Grand Rapids early in the afternoon. Following a luncheon more than- 500 representative Republicans of Michigan, coming from all factions and interests, called upon the governor. Tonight his address,' an "Tjincoln and the Constitution," was regarded one of the most important declarations he has made -since'he became a. national political factor. MAYOR NABS ANOTHER AUTOMOBILE SPEEDER Request George Billips, Colored to Report and Pay Fine For Speeding. ROB NEW ATHENS STORE OF SILKS Monday -burglars entered the Geiger Store Co. store at New. Athens and got away with $700 worth of silk waists, dress goods and' lingerie.three leather suit cases in which it is Supposed, they carried the silk, and '?20 cash from the cash register. George Billips, colored, was fined this morning in the police court for auto speeding. He was requested "to report to tihe authorities by the mayor personally. M-r. Krysher says he is going to get the speeders. If tie sees a speeder he says he requests him to report to the court or send the police He has instructed the police to arrest all speeders. BIRTHS The Murphysboro Independent of Monday tells of the Ibirth of twins, a boy and girl, to Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Lutz, of that city. Mrs. Lutz is the daughter of Rev. Robert Watt of that city, who is well known to many Du- uoin people^ and who has often occupied the pulpit of the First Presbyterian church in the absence of the pastor, Rev. W. M Maxton.—DuQuoin Call.. -. .'. . . . Rev. Watt was formerly of this city and is known here. SHOE CHIROPIDIST HERE Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kuhn have removed here from Murphysboro. Mr. Kuhn is shoe chropidist at the Settlemoir shoe shop. Mr. Kuhn-was formerly with a large shoe factory where he took a special course in chropidisty. 'He is a man of marked ability in his. line and i/5 an/ adjunct to the business interests of Carboondale. Wanted a Pretty Red Sign Tacked Upon Her House CAIRO, Feb. 13.—A little uptown girl was much putout some days ago because there was ho pretty red sign on the front of her •home when one had been'tacked on the house of a little playmate down the street, and\ another little • playmate in another direction. So she made a sign herself and put it up in front. In the course of time, she was taken down with chicken pox, and the pretty red sign was put up, warning the puiblic to keep ioufe Her parents told her about it ibut she wanted to see the sign herself, so .she was carefully bundled up and taken out on- the porch to look at the sign. She saw it and was content.- MOTHER SAYS HER BOf JtS HER CONTROL CARBONDALE LAGS IN OFFERING LODGING FOR FARMERS'MEETING Families Fail to Respond to Appeal to Take Care of Large Crowd Coming- Will Mean Bad Name For City jf Plan Fails. Garbohdale ds lagging in making .preparations to care for its guests here during the State'Farmers''Institute'to I be'-held here Feb. 18, 19 and 20. Hardly a third of the accommodations for the visiting farmers have been provided.- This city has been canvassed- in practically all sections, and at a committee meeting last night the report was very discouraging. Plans were discussed fqr a more-thorough canvas's and emphasis laid on the fact that 'Carbondale people were not opening their homes as they should to take care of our visitors. It was p'liint- ed out that Carbondale would beknowu everlastingly all over the state as a slow "bunch" i£ they didn't do better than, present indications show... . No attempt was made to criticise families where there is sickness or any other good reason for not offering to make accommodations for the visitors. -On the other hand those who could arrange lodging and breakfast for the visitors and didn't, were arraigned for criticism-. In the lace of these conditions,however, the committee resolved to renew its'efforts, take the city and telephone directory and list each home with what is' known of the family- condi The mother of Tommie Thornton, the eleven year old boy who got in trouble trying to take things from the hotels here a day or two ago, wrote to Mayor Krysher, telling him her son. was out of her ^control and would be thankful for .any suggestion as to how he could be disciplined. She said this was the fourth or fifth time he had run off this winter. Also that she believed b,e was used on account of his age by grown crocks.. Her home is at Christopher and the name is Thorn,ton, .the boy giving his Tight name to authorities. those personally^ whom 'it' is"~ Believed would be able to provide-accommodations. The meeting here is going to be a big event.' The-flu [ban will be lifted long before they get here, the present situation offering no reason to-digress from the .first plans as to the attendance 'during the institute. The next step, if Carbondale fails further, will be to go .to Murphysboro and solicit accommodations. PRESBYTERIAN MEN ! MET IN THEIR PART OF NEW ERA PROGRAM Presbyterian Brotherhood in Conclave on Their Activities in New Era Movement Involving Adjustment of New Period. The Presbyterian Brotherhood conference for" men's• work "in -the'-New Era Movement, held at tihe local Presbyterian church Wednesday, was. attended by delegates from Creal Springs, Anna, Murphysboro, Herrin, Marion. and Harrisburg. The program opened at: 2 o'clock with, an." address 'by Rev. R. Frank. Mitchell, pastor' of the Presbyterian church at Mui-physboro, followed by a general discussion, of the-New Era Movement. . A social hour was enjoyed from 5 to 6 o'clock, a banquet being served in the church dining Hall by the ladies aid at. 6 o'clock. - Fifty plate's were laid. ' •The evening program was as follows: . Address of welcome; Attorney T. B: F.' Smith: . ' . • Roll call of the 'Churches having, representatives present. " , Address, A. D. Maekey of Rockford, Presbyterian elder. Address, "The Widened Sphere of Men's Work in the Church," by Rev. A. E. Van Nuys of Chicago, secretary of Men's Work in the Presbyterian otiurch in the United States. . • , - —Re-v^-Van, Nuys'. subjec,t~wa&Tr;weH:] , j PROPOSALS Put Up to Men Counter- Wage ProposalWhichWilF Not be Made Public.tiiitil .They Have Reached a.De- ; -cision—Wilson Says'vJiistr ice to All Policy of Ik St. Special to-Free Press: ' u : WASHINGTON, D. C., Feb. 13,— AK unalterable decision, in the.Tailroaci „ Lwage controversy was made foe-ay by President Wilson in conference-'with • representatives of .'he The President said the government's" policy was based on justice to all interests. It is assumed that the President re— fused to grant.wage increase at the same time he made a counter proposal to the union heads. Tumulty;, secre-• tary to-the President.isaid Wilson-gave- the men a decision which also involved; a proposition of wages and settlement. of the controversy. The decision •atffH not be made public until after the meit, have given their answer. LOCAL LEGION POST PLANS LOOK FORWARD He went .from here to Springfield where. h&--addressed' a. meeting ' today. Next week he will" be in dif- j ferent points in Indiana and the fol- Idwing week he will be in St. Louis and then points in Missouri. •• Rev. A. C. Geyer, local Methodist; minister, was a guest of. the evening , along with the ministers of the Presbyterian denomination. Plan Afoot to Buy County Fair ' Ground at M'boro At the city hall in Murphysboro at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon of this week there will be a meeting of stockholders in the new fair association that is being formed in- Jackson county for 'the purpose of purchasing the fair grounds at Murphysboro and continuing the annual county fair, mittees have been working in the various townships -selling s-hares to representative citizens and they will report at the meeting Saturday. At this time it is planned to formally organize the new association'and get ready to Sjtart the bail rolling lor the. Jackson county*fair of. 1920.—Republican-Era. MRS. PAISLEY ON LOWDEN COMMITTEE Mrs. W. O. Paisley, who is the chtir- man of the Republican Women's Williamson County Central Committee, has been honored by 'being selected as one of the members of the Woman's . Division of the "Lowden for President" Campaign Committee. This appointment is as a member of the woman's division o" the Lowden campaign of which Mrs. Winifred S. Dobyns is the chairman and does not interfere with the other work - in the Republican organization. The women of this county'were the'first in the state to perfect their county organization.—Marion Republican. : died there yesterday afternoon. Warden. Leigh was a brother to Mrs. Ella Murphy and Mrs. Bessie Moake of, this city. The body will be shipped to Jqh'nston City for burial. He was reared and educated at Johnston City. To Make Place For Ex-Service Men—Would be Social Place and Equipped Witk Wholesome Amusemenis: and Recreation Provisions. Normal Basket Ball ". Five Meets MfcKendree - Ecro F=3=5 i==;r':?.ge Upheld. Paris, Feb. 13.—Mrs. Alexander Prat, who before December 23 last was Mme. Pasha Bolo, won v a decision in the higher court here In a.suit against relatives -of he* former husband, who. was'.executed .a^.Tincennes, .April, 17, 1918. These-relatives attacked the validity of her mnninge to Bolo Pasha. but this ceremony was validated by the court. • .- Peret French Deputies' Head. • Paris, Feb. 13.—Uaoul Peret' was elected^ president of 'the chamber of dep.nties T>y 372 of the "425 votes cast. XI. Poivt -siifopeds I'mil Deschnnel, tvho w:is. elected president of the 1 republic. The/local Normal basket ball team, j accompanied by Prof.. F, G. Warren, went to Lebanon today where they .are scheduled for a game with the Mc- JCendree College five this afternoon and tomorrow night. Coach Lodge was not able to go on, account of illness. The boys going, to Lebanon* were: Bud Dooli'n, Clyde Brooks, Ed -Carter, Bill Rude, DeWitt Roberson-, Merritt Allen and Ted Carson. JACKSONVILLE PAPERS MERGE JACKSONVILLE, Feb. 13.-—The Jacksonville Journal, morning paper, has purchased the Jacksonville Courier, afternoon paper. The Journal will -continue as a morning and afternoon paper. STRONG NOTE TO HOLLAND FOR EX-KAISER Warden Leigh Dies at , Fort Madison, la. Warden Miles A. Leigh of the Iowa stat prison, at Fo«k- Madison, 'Iowa, Says Holland Insists on Right to Asylum Man Characterized as Author of Worl d's Troubles—Note Will Be Sent Toinorrpw—Dutch--• Create Difficulties. Special to Free Press: LONDON, Feb. 13.—New allied note to Holland • regarding extradition of former kaiser will be dispatched tomorrow. Notes make strong appeal to Dutch no't to create greater difficulties in. Europe toy insisting on right of asylum for man characterized as "author of .world's present troubles." • IRISH HOME-RULE BILL UP British Officials Decide to Introduce Measure Soon, Lloyd George Announces. l L«ndon ( Feb. 13.—Premier Lloyd George told the house' of commons that he hoped to introduce the Irish home-rule bill in the house nextvweek. 6,000 MINERS GIVEN RAISE Wages of 10 Per Cent to Employees of Gogebic Range' in Michigan. Ironwootl, Mich., Feb. 13.—Announcement was made of . an. .'ucrosiso in wrigos of approximately 10 per cenr to minins employees of the G'ngobic range. The increase 'will be retroactive to February 1. and will affecf about six thousand miners. . London, Feb. 13.—The. American steamship West Aleta Is aground oft Tershellirig island' in -the North sea, p wireless'report received here said. H>» West Aleta Kailecr'frpni San ffrancisco January '6 for 'H Plans are under way by. the-American Legion here looking forward'to «-Community house for former, seryi-et: men. ( This came up at the last meeting of the American Legion. It was . brought out in connection with a tax being levied' in eomnronr- ties of so many mills, which- would' be used to help in building. such a (house It was discovered by the cpmman-d"er of. the local post that Carbondale ii? toe large a city to get advantage o£ tH*e tax as specified by the law,-being, oi.- more than 5,000 population..i . With Carbondale being unalble tcp get the mill tax other method's of securing house':.yere *'s-cussed: Several plans were'proposed, as being possible. Among those, given^he most serious consideration w-ae the one of subscriptions by citfaers.- Other plans were also discussed'ds-to how the money might be raised: The. • plan was given the American. Lcgfore to think over and meantime wort out. plans to this end. ,'''.' The benefits o£ such a home- for ex- service, mea are so "manifold-that nc-> - attemipt was made, at tht meeting: to: - preser.t them. It was pointed out that the place would provide a social cenlej•'- for former service men: They woura' be attracted .by every form of amusement and provisioi^for healthful and ' wholesome recreation. This incFudfesr •-. a library, swimming pools-, bowling : alleys,' rest rooms,' smoking rooms., pool tables, shower baths and' gyire- uasium facilities and other interesting and enjoyable features for young- men. Also perhaps a few rooms to rent regularly to those having no ; permanent- home here. This would be done at- a -. reasonable rent, also would contri- • bute to the upkeep of the. building. A few locations were suggested, the- general size and cost of such a'build- ing. None of these have been announced, however. One mentioned-' was particularly appealing. is under consideration. In many citios ex-service conrmtr-- nity houses have already been built or are in- progress of being built. The^ question, of one for Carbondale will:-" be kept open for action and it is Hoped'.; definite plans will take form as soon as' possible. This is the' expression ot. the local former service men.

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