Independent from Long Beach, California on April 2, 1962 · Page 7
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 7

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 2, 1962
Page 7
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\ Catholics · ··· Race Row ORLEANS WV-The thsHc archbishop ol "!lNew Orleans has threatened .;, several leading segregation ists here with excommunlca yon. a high 'church official disclosed Sunday. ..^Personal letters, this source ria'id. went to each Catholic .on the platform Friday dur- '* r "i"nj: a meeting of the mill ..tantly segregationist White '"'Citizens Council. On the plat ''.'form were E. Ross Buckley Republican candidate for mayor, and Lcandcr Perez political boss of St. Bcrnarc and Plaquemincs parishes ' ·^CONFIRMATION J»item, action of the by Archbishop -JJoseph Francis Rummel came Rafter Mrs. B. J. Gaillot Jr. LJ president of Save Our Natioi Inc., said she -'threatened. had been £*· Mrs. Gaillot and members f of her group picketed th | residence of Archbishop-co ·, ;«djutor John Patrick Cod; ; following an announccmen ( t h a t schools in the archdio t ccse would be dcscgrcgatci ,* fall. *·;** * * * * jfjJtASKED WirV she though *tlje church was contcmplatin i taking extreme action agalns j, her, Mrs. Gaillot said, "I am ; j assuming because of m [ stand on segregation." FROM 9 TO 5 "there arc quite a few fibs n that letter so you'd better close It with 'sincerely'.'' Indonesians Claim Rule of Dutch Isle TJIE HAGUE, Netherlands MV-A radio broadcast from Indonesia claimed S u n d a y Indonesian infiltrators are In full control of the West New Guinea island of Waigeo, bu a Dutch government spokes man dismissed the report a: propaganda. In Jakarta, Col. Soejardo Indonesian army spokesman said he had no such report cither, but suggested th islanders themselves m a y have thrown out the Dutch, The state-owned Radio Re public in Jakarta Insisted h o w e v e r , that Indonesian forces held all the island an had Inflicted heavy casualtie on Dutch marines sent from nearby West New Guinea. Continued From Page A-I) rgucd earlier Sunday and ycrs left his own automobile "the track to return with the hers in Moore's car. Moore, who was driving, his ife and Predlum were In the out seat: Mr. and Mrs. Myers nd their son, Jeffrey Arnold ycrs, 14 months, were In the ar seat on the return from track workout. ' · Police said Mrs. Myers was hot twice In the chest and nee in the face. I heard Ruby yell, 'Jackie! ackie!' and then there were be shots. I don't know how any. At least three," Moore said. "1 turned around and he ointcd the gun at- me anc old me to drive to the police ation." ' · · · .* * · *. MOORE SAID they had just umed off Katella Road onto Los Alamitos Boulevard when le fatal shots were fired. Moore said he told Myers You know they'll get you fo: his." "He told me, 'Yeah, I know want you'to have Jeff," loore related. As the car ncarcd State Col cge, Moore said he glancet o the rear and saw Mycr ·joint the revolver at his own cmple and squeeze the trig Ship Arrivals, Departures VlUll e*Ul« INflr) .. __L. . Al«iandf0 VclT* (ft.)" Bgnenia (Nor) ,, Bandort (Bet) . _ - - . - Chamam Canada ISwdl Cata«a Hn ITkrl Fran _ . . AAoroM IT.r) . f. E. Wfvefr-aeinef ,--,..,,, G*o. S. tona _ ____ General Rivera lUt) Hera (N»rl - - - - Hiwanan Ctfjttfcr . Horace Irvinf ,,__ ,,. Hovanger Ner Jvrf.e * 1 IBM) Kvcfcet .Warv (J«o) _~ ... -- Kohmal Mini * 2 IJaei _ Korean Be»r _ -- - _-- Itcvllla (Nor) Monmpun (Ikr) Manhattan Maru IJae] Maria FrandKal (Mai! (Cem»lle by Marina CiChantt) ACTIVB VEHELS IN PORT ·trth Operator- DM ta Salt f\ , LB 5* Can. Gtii! U-"» Aor. J Po*tH Ri»' .,,..,, ,, io/ Mafmawn 1 * Ian, tnd _._ inoet. __,,_,,_ 142 Italian Urw ,, Art, 2 trn*nad ._ _ _ Tl* * Fr *«l Ot»*n Line ,_. Aor. Z San Fran , , - r - . 773 Same Brci Two Co -- Apr. 2 Rmfeoort __ |W S«»Land Service Aw. 4. anfrar _ . S* jonnwn Lint .»-- --.- - ADT. I Antwt . LB-H w H Wickertham t Co Aor. 2 Mart** .IB-" Richfield Oil COfO ... A»f. J Rlcf t$ Wtfffi*fu**t* S S Co ,-,,,--,, indvf. 341 Wrvrrttannir S S Co _- lf»dH. Kl Central Amer. S $ Apr, VSan Juan B . LB-19 JUtcs Marina Lines _ Apr. 3 San Dr 341 Ma*10* Na» Co ,, Ind-J. u 141 Wevertiaevser 4 S Co . - ti4»l. _ LBO4 iniertxean Lina -- . ~ Apr. 2 La Havi · ~ " Hammond Lumt*r Ca. ...._ ind*». _ .. M V K Line Apr. 4 Jeti... LB 7t Nitto Ll«e ..-- .,..- Apr. I Vckoham .... .1C? Pac rar C«»t Lire Indef. KQtctMro Mani N». II IJaa) LB I KoWiMfO N K Inocf. Ketai Wlani (Jae) I" D*v*» Line Aw. 4 l*n Letmar ' LB71 Ca-fftr Line ._ APT. 4 J«t Fran L*cft Ccwafl (Bf) IM Ro»al Ma.l tine Apr. 4 AMwer IT^F Farrwlila Una AAr. I wan Uf W H WKaannam I, Co Acr. I Marllm US Dak» Una . Aef. I. N«r Ya AAormacavrf _. Norltlwtttfm VtOPTV -ml. AnnnM Luna (Phil) . 712 O cia Her. Ptiunwia Mai. . J»O Maritime Co. tl PMI APT. I Portlaf An; Mimrl Una ^ APT. 7 Emenada inoet'. " San Fri , m Marion Na* , m Maori. McCermact Urvri n«J«t Lncrh _ Itiinro Mam llm nan Manj UaD) . _lB f Stltet Marirtf Ufri . _ . _ . LB4t Mantlma Ca. elrtvl. Apr. 4 tint Yl APT. 3 -- Init: SKian Manj I Saarland (Xr. _ Taua iSirtl Taho /Maru (Jan) . Tuna Ftna (Brl . ._ Yuina (Dan) . . Ill Am«r. Prit. LJiin .,_.- 1SJ Amar. prw. Lmts --.-- iTM*«i. LB-JOI Niwoti Oil Tlniir C.AO''. 4 San fri "it" Una __ . Ac». 1 San Fr Hamburg Affiar. Una Aur. a tnitnaA - · · -- J Pcrtlai ' Da. J«r Ye unJe Cui.c t CaWfr San Fr IM Stand. ~FrWl~ a~» Apr." 2 an f r LB-JOI N __ LB» " LB-IJ H . . I B IJJ WalKnivl UTM Apr. J I _S»e Vajiihlta cmm K K Apr. I HI Mini Fung tW L Tdu Apr. 1 N Ar -«.- LUe . APT. I ! VESSELS DUE SUNDAY Dul tl Sail _ Apr. 2 San Fr ·-- · '--'- , «vnvr. L-HIV ,, tor. « fmnrt Ikmer. Una .. Apr. a San Fr I 0.1 Corp. _ Apr. J Porllar it Line ,._ Apr. 4 Powell Riv Vnul Berth rram Oaaratar C^vriavm (ff) IB-ll Hamturo Himtturo*. , nnt»avh. fDutl Ira ....._ Rottfream HollandAmtr. band E Day (Tkrl IB71 Saatla KicM..kl r - Irancr* Salman (S»dl LB U Pewtll Riv. Can. Cvlf »-in. r - »w. -. ^-- f ttfI Dttonar LB-19 .-«-- San Fran. Statn Marir* Lmn Aer, t La Pal rangaratta lS«l IK San Fran. Pac. Aitrl. Orel. Llna Ar. 1 Sdna VESSELS DUE TODAY Vniri Itrtll rram Oxratar D»a la Sail I Anligv* (S*d) tl' ^ . G«l!iTo United Frvl ACT. 3 Ptwno Armutl ran), standard (Tar) 17 Sanoxn Standard O l Ca. .. Aer. I El Sra* «un (Panl Ane . L Norfolk cordon Sriaiwv Carn. Aor. 2 Yehoriam ·danger INer) LBM . San Fran. Wnttal. Lartcn Lma . . Apr. 1 Acaowlci If B9*1 1» ~ - Coot fiat Orrocn Caait Two. Ca. .. Indef. mtontr ITkrl in . Mart.nti w H tvicktnnam 1 CD Arr. 1 Stwa (Kkaun Marv (Ju)..}»C Yokchama Mitiul lint ..___ Aw. .J New .Y wioli'Maru'lSapV ni'B'Z'VoiSiami b'i'K'LlnVZTZ.'AD."| "NtwY fml Flo»rl (Iti) LB-I __ S»n 0«»» rrAmlco Una Aer. 1 SanT · * II ItW) liJ .... COM.BW Otmn foa.l T«. Ca. _ --- _ . eoudai (LIB Tkrl 191 . _-- Cardon United Operalorl. Inc -. Apr. ) Arx leyel H;da'go,(M.« Tkr)_l»'na^CruI Mej. Pet.. Carp - Aor. J . SaJIna C arv wi Teildent Eert»" \U --- ~-- Manila AmerT" Prn.' Llnei TZ--T indtl. orrev Cam/on (Lib Ttr) eVtuclated (Tkr) lu . *4I _ Kuwait Barracuda tank Corp. Apr. 1 Kuw Avon Tidewater Oil Co. Apr. 9 A Quarterhorse Jockey Kills Wife, Then Takes Own Life er. The infant was covered with his parents' blood detcc ives said, but was unharmed, loore stopped the car after he last shot-and the baby vas lifted from the floor into he front seat. · » · · MRS. MOORE said Myers ame to the Moore house Sun day afternoon and. after t leated argument with his wife, eceived permission to take he baby to the track in his wn car. The others went with Moore. "This will be the last time can see him," Myers said be- 'ore the group left, according ,o Mrs. Moore. Mrs. Moore said Mrs. Myers lad planned to move into the Moore home after the papers lad been served. The couple had lived together until Sunday, according to Mrs. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Myers were married In 1958, according to Mrs. Moore. Both .came to California from Ponca City Okla. * * * · ' MOORE SAID Myers hat been riding since he was I or 9, and had been a registered]] jockey since he was 1C. Los Alamitos Race Course I! docs not open until April 9.11 Moore and Predium worked briefly Sunday at the track || and both said Myers "just walked around with the baby."] Mrs. Moore said Myers; made no attempt to talk with; his wife at the track. As the workout ended, Mrs. Moore said she saw Myrrs "fumble around In the trunk of his car," and then walked to the Moore car. where he asked to ride back to town. Both bodies were taken to Harris Colonial Mortuary on orders of Deputy Coroner ienry Ehrcnkranz. L o n g Beach homicide detectives Walt Williamson. Errol F. Gccnlcaf, Sgt. Frank Welch and Inspector GaroldMcIntirc conducted the initial investigation: Long Beach juvenile minorities took custody of the Infant. High School Event Two hundred fifty young dancers and baton twirlers will participate in a spccia event at 7:30 p.m. April K at Earl Warren High Schoo gymnasium in Downey. Train Hits Car, il Persons Die DRUMMONDVIHK,' QucJ AP--A train rammed a car carrying elht persons at a crossing east of here Sunday. All In the car were killed. The victims were members of two families trom 'Ihetford .lines. Que. i The driver. Michel Forticr. apparently had not seen the rain through falling snow. The dead were: Mr. and Mrs. Bcrtrand Gagnon. 33 and 27; and their children. Richard, 8, and Andrcc, C; Mrs. J. II. Forticr. GG. and her children. Louise. 30. Michel, 24, and Claude. 20. UN IMO. tai. Ma. Aavii t HU INDEPENDENT--Pige A-T Foreman Clark Registration Time SACRAMENTO (UPI) -Gov. Brown Sunday reminded Califomians that April 12 is the last day to register to vote in the June 5 primary, STOCK MARKET LE.CTURE: A FREE Mf*rt Witt b« flvffl tl "Haw la limit aad It«!« H Ifta Slac* MMtt.- uAr|.tl«m .1 J:» P.M. ·r CKEN Ctrtttr U Aarll 4. Manan 1 Part ·. -- .. ThdrV, Santa R -- , · ---- - -- ...... -- ttr, 312* Santa RttalU Df- LA. MOST RELIABLE TV EVER-* MOTOROLA Navy Ships in Port Today l»anc» _ ruth . ucftanvi . «k gt'emul . aeaon .^ hevalier . Conttant Ovt . .Pier tiWarton . ;S*l 10 Navaida .. Ptrkms _Buov« Uli bosT'Ssr r nMn -Pier » i tf*»rdi. R'cMnf J____ 'nenw _ _Pier f » » Fellow I !· Sn*art . 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More t^on 200 tti to Creole from. OPEN MONDAY AND FRIDAY EVENINGS fine qtulity since !!( · FURHITURE E O H T O L ' S · APPLIANCES 1372 WEST WILLOW · GA 6-2632 · M t v · · r ttt Ctvtrt frft ffi* «r rtpUr ft cur c«m- ntnnal uit. Arrtnttd ttirtvc n mm d*«ttr. L«(rtr titra. B '·l'. Amvcls Hack Tests ·: {WASHINGTON (upi--The Amvcts S u n d a y._ endorsed President Kennedy's decision to resume nuclear tcstinR in the atmosphere because "the demands of our own national security transcend the issue or morals involved." F R E E TO THE HARD OF HEARING ... ACTUAL SIZE CASE OF NEW, MIDGET HEARING AID. Long Beach--Firtt lime offered! If you havo (or lomeons you know) have (rouble hearing well -- if people seem to mumble and you h a v e difficulty undentanding w o r d t -tend for ihit free actual size cast. Unit fits right in your ear. Wear it in your own homo and Icecp it. It's an actual site caio of one of the smallest but most effective new hearing aids on {he market today. 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