Independent from Long Beach, California on April 3, 1963 · Page 2
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
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Wednesday, April 3, 1963
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Fig* A-I-1NDEFENDENT Ixtf (Mdk ttOL, »·** Awl I tMl i --L.A.C. SAYS: Earthquakes and Water Air Attack by Cubans Explained WASHINGTON MV-Cuba J apologized Tuesday for its Some of the problems of bringing Feather River water to the Los Angeles County srea are discussed by state Director of Water Resources William Warne. He frankly describes the dangers from earthquakes, subsidence in the San Joaquin Valley and the ability to lift the water over the mountains separating the South from the North. * * e One of the problems he discussed was how to design and build pumps to lift 1.5 million gallons of water per minute up two-fifths of a mile over the mountains. We will have to do it to take the Feather River Aqueduct over the Tehachapi mountains. Pumps have been used for the purpose in many parts of the world, but not in such volume or with as great a lift · He also tells of the problem of building the aqueduct through the San Joaquin Valley where serious subsidence occurs when the land is soaked. This is not the only reason for subsidence in the area--since it -has been shown it occurs where ground water or oQ : has been greatly lowered as it has in our Wilmington ·'oilfield. But building a great aqueduct across such ·, lands is a problem. · · · : '·:. * * * ; ; : Probably the greatest problem is the danger of : earthquakes along the San Andreas fault This fault ; rins from the Imperial Valley along the San Bemar- ; ifino and coastal mountains into the ocean north of ; San Francisco. Tests have shown that this slippage of lands results in a shift of about two inches a year. As.stresses are built up, there is a drastic slippage . which causes earth tremors reaching far out on either side. :- ? Major quakes occurred from this fault in 1S37, ;;the San Francisco quake in 1905 and the Bakersfield : quake of 1940. No one can predict when a quake will occur--but it is virtually certain they will continue to / occur in the future as they have in the past The fault '.affecting Southern California enters the mountains ; north of Redlands through Tejon and on to the coastal :; mountains. The aqueduct will run close to Tejon, one - of the'raost dangerous areas. . ' - · :' .*: ". * * * ·X It is reassuring to know the director in charge of "[this program is carrying on exhaustive studies of these t jjroblems. He says the aqueduct along, or where it ^crosses, the fault, will be above ground so it can be r_«grlckly repaired. He also points out that the Colorado t; River and Owens River aqueducts also cross faults -.arjd are subject to damage from earthquakes. 24; These are indications of the perils to the southern :"c§mties which in another i 0 to 20 years wul be almost ~1 entirely dependent upon imported water. As our popu- ~ lajion doubles and ground waters are exhausted, we ;; njust have other sources of supply. But our coastal rfrfrc ran have an inexhaustible supply from the ocean. : ; 2^ The desalting of ocean water is our greatest safe- grid. As we spend billions for construction of aque- t .ducts to bring water 200 to 600 miles away--it would ,'jseon reasonable to spend a sizable proportion to ; Tdevelop desalting plants. It is already being done on a -;small scale. The people would be much more secure -JJ greater efforts were shown to bring down the cost for' production in large quantities. We can get along - .without many of the benefits we enjoy--but we can't 'g\t along without fresh water.--LA.C. ' . . ' . *-*» flAC/i column, ty L A. Colfim Sr, tl« oflier cbTurnm, a tn ti- C9 ef personal cpinloa tnd dan tat r.eccariTy r*F!«ct *£· csn- fed cplmon cf tJiTf r«*t£eper.J PEOPLE IN THE NEWS Richard Burton, Wiie Separated March 23 MIG attack on the US. freighter floridian, and the United States immediately accepted the apology. "We consider this particular incident closed," State Department press o f f i c e r Joseph W. Reap announced following receipt of a Havana 1 note expressing regrets for the attack. The Castro regime promised that it will "adept all possible measures to avoid a recurrence of the incident." the State Department spokes man reported. · · * · THE UNI ILL) States had demanded last Friday a full and prompt explanation ol the Tiring across the bow ami the stern cf the U.S. freighter by two Russian-built MIG jets in international waters about 25 miles off the north Cuban coast. The ship was not hit. According to Czech Am b a s s a d o r Mfloslav Ruzek, who,handed the Castro regime's reply to the State De ?artment, the Cuban government said its two MIGs were ·chasing another ship and mis takenly fired some wamin shots near the Floridian before identiflying the Amen can vessel . Ruzek told newsmen after ward, that Cuba wants the United States to damp down on hit-and-run raids on th island. Cittwikl Fran TM Wrt l«rvct British a c t o r Richard Burton and his blonde wife Sybil, announced Tuesday night in New York they have agreed to a legal separation. But its terms made no provision for his romance with Elizabeth Taylor. "Divorce has not been considered or discussed," said Aaron Frosch, attorney for the Burtons. "All fiyifln*fo1 and other arrangements have been concluded." Frosch, a New York at- · torney, accompanied Mrs. Burton earlier in the day when she flew in from London, ostensibly for an Easter vacation with her father-in-law, Philip Burton. She brought her two children Katherine and Jessica. Burton stayed behind with Miss Taylor, with whom he has been closely linked romantically. Sb« has been pictured as urging divorce upon fr"r* so he would be free to marry. He, in turn, has been portrayed as reluctant. Miss Taylor, 31, one of America's great s c r e e n beauties, is separated from her fourth husband, singer Eddie Fisher. Burton and Miss Taylor are in London, working on a new picture. The handsome 37-year- old W e l s h actor first gained attention in this country in the Broadway musical, "Camelot* PRINCIPALS IN A TRIANGLE Sybil, Uz and Richard He was starred with Miss Taylor in "Cleopatra" and rumors of a romance between the pair began almost before the shooting started in Rome in 1962. PREDICTION British histctian Arnold Toynbee predicts the end cf war. For the first time in history the alternative to abolishing war is the destruction of all or a great part of the human race. Toynbee remarked in a lecture at Stanford University. "This is quite a new situation, and I believe it is going to stimulate the human race to abolish the institution cf war," he declared. AWARDED The wife of WIEamHor- Uck Sidley, 50. heir to the Horlick malted rniTk fortune, was awarded 'a divorce Tuesday in an undisclosed settlement in York- viHe, EL Mrs. June Anderson Sidley, 45, married to Sidley for 20 years, accused h"« of drunkeness and desertion. WINNER . Richard John Behrens, 16-year-old WestlieH. NJ, youth, was named the winner Tuesday night of the Veterans of Foreign Wars "Voice of Democracy" contest in Washington, D.C Behrens received a $5,000 scholarship for use at any accredited college of his choice. Saturday of a tightening op ^ Edmund G. Brown's bai CUBA SAYS the United States should cote the se-l riousness of the situation in] the Caribbean and should; 'stop t"« v-ind of thing" so the situation will not "get out of hand," Ruzek stated. Reap declined to comment on this particular point, ei- cept to note the Kennedy administration's announcement against freelance forays anti-Castro refugees. by NASSAU. Bahamas ( Sixteen Cuban exile mandos' whu set out last week on a raiding mission against Fidel Castro's Cuba were sent to jail Tuesday for seven days pending investigation by authorities. They were Motorists' Blood-Test Bill Killed SACRAMENTO (UP I) -- to curb drunk driving died in Assembly committee Tuesday The Criminal Procedures Committee refused to approve a measure giving the state new powers to help convict intoxicated drivers. Under the bill introduced for the governor by Assem- British colonial Wyman Carlos Bee. D-Hayward, any person operating a vehicle shall have b e e n deemed to have given ad- 1 charged with Bill Seeks Curb on 'Block-Busting* SACRAMENTO WV-A new bul intended to reduce racial discrimination in housing was introduced Tuesday by Sen, George Miller Jr, D-Martinez, and Assembly Speaker AUTHORIZE C o n g r e s s T u e s d a y authorized honorary United States citizenship for Britain's aging, great statesman. Sir Winston Omrch- m. Flans i m m e d i a t e l y were launched for a transatlantic telecast of the final step. President Kennedy expects to sign the unprecedented tribute to the World War II prime minister at 4:30 p-ra. (EST) next Tuesday--a time when the ceremony can be telecast to Great Britain via the relay satelite. CUSTODY Actress Selene Walters. 37, Tuesday in Los Angeles lost permanent custody cf her 14-year-old daughter, Scarlet, who tearfully testified, "I want to live with my father." Dr. Alfred G. Huenergart, 59, a Pain Springs physician, was granted custody of the girl by Superior Court Judge Roger Alton Pfaff after the daughter told the jurist "I couldn't take it going back to mother." Scarlet's decision was approved by the court. The law allows a child of 14 or over to choose her guardian. DIVORCE Blonde Barbara Crosby t e s t i f i e d Tuesday that Lindsay Crosby, youngest of Bird's first, four boys, itayed out aU night ""with only vague explanations." The chic, former Las ,'egis showgirl got an tn- contested divorce in Los Angeles on charges of mental cruelty. Anesthetic Blast Fatal NEW YORK Ml -- An explosion of an anesthetic pven during surgery caused he death of publisher Daniel I. Mahoney ot the Miami tftws. chief medical examiner Wilton Helpera said Tuesday. Mihocey, 75. died Monday in Doctors Hospital while undergoing surgery tor removal of the upper lobe of his right lung. "Near the completion of the operation and afur removal of the involved portion of the rang, there was an explosion of the anesthetic which injured the windpipe," the medical examiner added. The anesthetic was a commonly used one called cyclo- propane. ' Jesse M. Unruh, D-Los Angeles. Miller said the bill was designed to end "block-bust- ^ »"* *lood. Breath, ur- possessing firearms without license in Bahamas waters. · Six; i n c l u d i n g Evelio' test Duque, commander of the me or saIlTa at band, pleaded guilty before * Pol'« officers reasonably magistrate John Baily. Ten believing he is drunk. pleaded innocent. A 17th _.,,__ . . . raider Jerry Buchanan, an A BLOOD alcohol content American from Miami pleaded °' 0.15 percent would be con- guUty to an illegal-entry sidered prima facie evidence Stanley Mosk and Real Estate Commissioner MQtco Gordon. · · · · * "FURTHER," said Miller "it carries out the anncuncet program of GOT. Brown to fn{f discrimination in housing.' GOT. Brown's fair-housin, bill, which would give a state ·i .commission power to enfore race, can be forced to pay a'a b a n on afl housing discrimination, is pending before the Assembly Ways ant Weans Committee. ing.' "Block-busters," he said, "by unconscionably peddling racial hatreds and untruths, are sometimes able to create panic selling. This means that the seller of property isj induced to take less than the, fair market value for his property, whfle the purchaser, from a minority tests under giv Brown Asks Limiting Highway Billboards charge. POLICE prosecutor Waton!^ ba! Boyd said Buchanan was re- * n . to * person who refused eased in J70 bond and his them, but such a person case was adjourned on eon-N««M be subject to revoca- bj? introduced this week to'fction win be authored by an billboards from Cali-Us setB j i highways except those!,. . , .f» ,ntTMcf infnTrns4 Uniutt ' Speaker Jesse M. .of intoxication. I No chemical MiHer said the bfll was worked out with Atty. Gen. ·'-SACRAMENTO-BOls war He said that billboard legis- "TMist Cuban army, mean- ^adequate guarantees of in- · ** 3 * was rttorted wowlinz dividual rights. dition that he leave the! 1 * 311 or suspension of his driv- Sahamas by Friday. [«'» license. A second boat belonging to Committee members turned the commando group, the!*"TM the bill on grounds it Escambray Front anti-Cora- *"** to ° strong and provided Bigley, R-San Rafael, also ' · ' · · were kffled. One would have established oice which is higher than the 'air market value. "But the real loser, in every case, is the communtiy which has been torn apart." * " * * THE BILL would authorize the state real estate commissioner to suspend or revoke the license of any broker or salesman engaged in discriminatory practices. "We are trying to take the profit out of the promotion of bigotry," said Unruh, Algeria Seizes Hotel Properties ALGIERS CB --Sirty-nine privately owned hotels wer seized and nationalized Tuesday in an expanding program of socializing Algieria. The government announced that the hotels were in the Algiers area. They win be i by the government. The gov eminent has recently taken over several large farms owned by European settlers. along Cuba's coast looking The biffs sponsor said he the 0.15 percent blood alcohol for Russian vessels to attacki^ould try to work oat amend- , --.-- as prima facie evi- »ntoistj Lnforma-i unnU1 ' "-"gMwooo. Sen,Jor to contact cnderground'ments suggested by the com- dence of intoxication. The : 'Uon^n^ood, lodging and gasJFred S. Farr, LVCarmel, andjforces, presumably to de- mittee with the governor"*- of-lother would require an apoli- : fcfeae, Gov. Edmund G. Brown'A s s e m b I y m a n Edwin L %* « nn *announced Tuesday. "; INDEPENDENT ZTierg, D-Sacramento. "BiHboardi have got out of CASH IS EASY to raise when you use Classified to i*. *ntr Mj z. otif. tnttrej · Zt. ,,_._ r to- sctccry » « and look over a I fice and bring the bin backW.t for a driver's license to for another try. [give signed agreement to con- · * · · sent to a blood test if ar- TVVO WEAKER measures rested on suspicion cf drunk hand," he said at his weekr/seH articles. Can HE 2-5959. by Assemblyman Wffliara T-Idrrving. conference. "You can't see some of our magnificent you climb out ftr Ftr 'board." fffrth Yeir! VJS *z7M\ Brown "* " ban would apply to an fed- [eral, state and local highways. : I D S tart led to f«! Q ^ Toa cut Iwt the swifct! 4ECOROMYCOACHHOKSTOPS bUtt kti km t U i^*W«a^«» COHTMEltTAL AIRLINES CARPET CITY CLEARANCE SALE Oaf/ for a wttk eadl«9 Apr3 9, 1963 Need Help WiOi Tax ;-v-.v^,--3---^-_ . ... -'Problems? a IEGITIMATE SAYTNXJS MAXIMUM LEGAL UTUNDS tcriatJ, Bziitiit ni CcrtCTXio* liami Tcxit WHT GUESS? IE SOU! MAC FRANKEL, U.S. PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT Her* a Y*« (Estab. IVtl. Av»;ifttii« th« vtv round tor rotsutatica «n* Mvicc. Pctkl Trvrtl HvmTtds ·4 Miln for Our S«nriCi-- TtT VI AMO FINO OUT WKT1 Office* ConvenlerrHv Lor*i«d to Serv* Greater LOI Asi?etn Or mo* County O BEUFLOWER 1027 Atotdra loultrorj IJvrf Eia of llKrwood 8 vl WAfcnk S-J2II O GARDEN GROVE 11J1J Ciopmoa Antnt (Just W«t a* Nartor Blvd. On* Mi'c soutn Of Oisnrvlnd} JEfferui 7-2002 ere* · TO » rvitv eir-- ArPO STANDARD FIES FREE ESTIMATES it P R O jS.S.'p.HA L FBANKIE FRISCH SAYS; Men who know the score pick HILL' This Halt of Fame switch- hitter knew how to choose th« rigkt pitch. And today, he's j u s t as s m a r t about his b r a n d . In b o t h t h e rich Kentucky bourbon and lighter blend. Hill and Hill scores with FranWe for its unique aB- arsund value: 85-year heritage--authentic quality--and sensible price. THE H31 HO KILL CISHLOT COVPMir. LOUISV1LE, ICY. · BOW £5 FBOOf EU1S COSTAIM 35% STJAISHT WHSDIS, E5* EMU EEBTWL SPIRITS OPEN 5 NIGHTS: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 'tU 9:15 P-M. OIK Phone Call Can Modernize Your Kitchen Call HE 5-0121, Ext. 265 Long Iloach · Crrdit * Installation · Material* ALL WOOL PILE SQ. YD. ALL NYLON PILE 9x12 RAYON TWttD FILE RUGS PHO ROOM srzE Remnants OFF O/ /O IE COL CANDY STRIPE CARPET Reduced fa ]95 coNimuons FOAM [NT NYLON 095 - ·111 CMUIT! and Axnlaster Carpet REDUCED 30% 23 Kols SBghtfy Imperftcf Carpet I 95 · . .EOT FOR FREE ESTIMATES LOS ANGELES U I-SUI 111! f. WUTUI IMT ftna Irk ANAHEIM ri 1-1121 TH L umi limit Iri. SAN DIEGO CT Mill III W. V1SWUT1I K:nlM l^t An* WEST COYINA TI i-nii in s. 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