Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 18, 1969 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 18, 1969
Page 9
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HELEN BOTTEL ear Helen: I am · boy in high school. Thii year my junior prom i» coming up and I told my folks I as loing when they a s k e d I can't go because 'ON 1ELEBISHIOM TUB! UXKHCK/gMKY! e. Helen. m too skinny. No girl would ant to go with me. and if she id yes, she'd probably tell all er friends how embarrassed ie was to be seen with me. The only way I can think of r not going is to get sick. I ready bad the flue, and I don't now anyone near me that I can atch a cold from. Breaking a g seems kind of drastic. How can I get out of the juo: prom? --Too Skinny )ear Too: For every shy boy who uses I'm too skinny" (awkward, fat, gly. w h a t have you) for an icuse, there's an equally shy rl who wonders "Why doesn't e notice me?" Stop downgrading yourself, im, and catch her eye! Gary ooper didn't do so badly, re[ember? --H. TV Movie Reveals Next Year's Version 01 Dedicated Doctor AP Television-Radio Writer By CYNTHIA LOWRY NEW YORK (AP) -- Next season's model of the dedicated doctor was unveiled on CBS Thursday in the broadcast of the pilot film for a future series. "Medical Center." This time around the hospital, our hero will be older than Kildare and less surly than Casey. Played by Richard Bradford, he is tense, terse and doesn't laugh much. But he's im all-around surgeon, tackling everything from heart to spleen. He also chases around with coeds in the university of which the medical center is a part. TWO HOUR PILOT The two-hour pilot was another drama featuring a heart transplant operation. The story had Dr. Joseph Gannon, the hero, taking care of a playboy millionaire who ruptured his spleen in a drunken tumble down stairs. The patient's condition wors ·ned at the time when Gannon's friend, mentor and benefactor, a famous older surgeon, suffered from a heart condition that only a transplant could help. So Gannon's patient, who had willed his body to the university, died in time to provide the heart. Along with introducing Gannon's hospital associates, that occupied the first hour. The second was filled with courtroom scenes in a malpractice suit. The rich man's widow claimed Gannon let her husband die to get a heart for his friend. Natur ally, he was absolved in the grand climax. It seemed like old times--the tense moments in the operating room, the tired doctors, the emergencies and, of course, the girl friend who just couldn't understand why his work was more important than she was. Dr. Gannon, on CBS, will be just one of the future medical team. ABC will have a general practitioner named Marcus Welby. NBC will have E.G. Marshall playing a doctor in "The Bold Ones," but he will only make house calls every third week. HOPE ENDS SEASON Bob Hope wound up his season of specials Thursday night in typical breezy style. His mon- [ologue started with "I'm de lighted to be here--and so v. California,' and he proceedec to poke fun at the predictions of earthquake. He moved on to some cracks about income tax es, had a few quips about the Smothers Brothers troubles and even found time to insert a cou pie of plugs for his latest motion picture. were no exception. But as usual with Hope around, they some how work. His first sketch based on the earthquake predictions had him preparing a raft against eventu alities. It really was not verj good. And Jack Nicklaus. plays prettv gooH golf. Hnmnn strated in the next one that tel' Sketches often on the Hope show ragged, and these ing .jokes is people than white ball. harder for some driving a little (lasses Planned To Train Sitters For Handicapped Classes to train baby-sitters t care for mentally and physical ly handicapped children are be ing planned here as a joint pro, ect of United Cerebral Pals (UCP) of Washington Count and the Arkansas Children' Colony. The first two weeks in Ma; have been tentatively set for th training. In preparation for the classe a list of persons interested ii taking such training is bein compiled by the l o c a l UCP group. Young persons and adults wh would like to enroll are aske to call Dr. Phyllis Rice. 521-215 or Mrs. Gretchen Becken, 442 5191 for further information. Certificates will be awarde and those successfully complet ing the course will form a roste of qualified babysitters f o these children who have specia needs. Helen Help Us search it needed (and Is under way) before any conclusive statements can be made. BUT if LSD taken by a pregnant woman can alter chromosomes in her unborn child, then one might conclude that the man could also transmit defects.--H. ear Helen: We have a friend who needs elp. Although there wasn't an xchange of rings, she and her «y friend have a steady rela onship at least on her part. ut he steps out on her! He tells her it's best that he ate other girls, so he can make p his mind who he likes best, A right now she's it. He's not a bad guy, H e l e n , eally quite lovable. Bt how can he get him over being a Casa- ova? -- Friends ear Friends: Give this fellow points for ·nart thinking. And get with it ourselves. "Going Steady" is an "out" hrase. Even the IDEA that a lid-teenager should date one jerson exclusively may soon be s dead as bobby sox. So say my een advisors across the coun ry. and they're seldom wrong. -H. Dear Helen: I have heard that if a girl akes LSD it may alter the hromosomes in her child. But 'hat if the father of the baby akes it? Will the baby still have chance of being born not normal? -- Troubled Dear Troubled: I put your question to a doc- or in the Department of Public Health. He said much more re- Dear Helen: I have a sister who owns a car. I pick her up in it everj day from work, as she doesn't like to drive downtown because of the parking problem. This is a big favor, as she would get home much later on the bus. But when I ask if she ill let me use her car one day week to go somewhere close --when she isn't wanting it -le says absolutely not. I have insurance and I'm a ood driver. I would also buy as. Don't you think ono favor eserves another? -- Sister ear Sis: A chauffeur's strike may win lis round. Tell your sister you'll be too usy to pick her up for a while, think she'll get the message. --H. AbortiM Reform Bill Defeated ALBANY. N.Y. (.WO - The ew York Assembly has reject- a proposal--endorsed by ov. Nelson A. Rockefeller--to berali/e the state's 1883 a boron statute. The 78-69 adverse vote Thurs aj, after 5'/z hours of emotion- I debate, complete with pic ures of deformed fetuses, means the issue is dead for the 'gislature's 1969 session, al- eady in its final days. "It's really up to the public rom now on," said Albert Blc nenthal, a Manhattan Demorat who has been trying for our years for alxirtion reform. Undergoes Surgery LONDON (AP) Formci rime Minister Harold Macmil an has undergone an operation or removal of a gallstone. The hospital said his condition 8S satisfactory after the sur ery Thursday. Macmillan is 75 GINGER BLUE'S SMORGASBORD Served Every S U N D A Y 11 A.M. to 8 P.M. "Alt YOU CAN EAT" Continuously Fresh Food "If they want this law change*, they're going to have to let the legislature know." Nwrftwttf Arfwnwt TUNIS, Mfay, «·** II, rAVCTTIVILLI, AMUMMAt __ Diet In Wreck OKLAHOMA CITY. Okla. (AP) -- Glen Dennis Murphy. 17, of Ashdown, Ark., was killed Thursday when the car in which he was riding struck a Rock Island freight engine here. NEWS WHILE IfS NEWS IN THE TIMES Coso Montez Restaurant Home of Authentic Mexican Food... · STEAKS · CHICKEN · CHOPS · SHRIMP Featuring Special Children's Menu Dine Out By Candlelight Lunch Served Each Day 11 A.M. Closed Wednesday CASA MONTEZ RESTAURANT lehnson Road Highway 71 PI 1-9815 Children 10 and under 51.10 Adults $2.25 FEATURING KERMIT at the Hammond Or.;an Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner Served Daily Hwy. 59, 4 ml. N. of Noel, Mo. just an hour's Drive from Fayetteville and Opera Workshop present Benjamin Britten's Comic Opera ALBERT HERRING April 21 thru 26 Box Office Now Open Dial 575-4752 Hours: 1-5 Daily for Reservation! 9-12 Saturday Box Office Open Daily NOW Open 2:15 with BARBARA McNAIR Raymond St. Jaqws Dan* Wynter Arthur O'Connell Kevin McCarthy WE'RE GIVING YOU THE BIRD Not Juit Th* Bird. We've beefed up our Menu by adding Steaks, Chops, Shrimps, and Golden Fried Chicken. Suzi* Wong's gives the Discriminating Diner a choice of over 40 different Oriental Dishes, and now, the most popular American Foods. Bring the Kiddies, too. Open 5 = 9:30 P.M. Closed Mondays MCE BOWL For Reservations Phone 442-222? intl a 1o char notice. KVOO, TulM, Chonad 2 KYTV, SpringffeM, Channel 3 KFSA, Fort Smith, Channel 5 KOTV, TulM, Channel 6 KOAM, Pirrsburg, Channel 7 KTUL, Tulta, Channel S iCkwiMl 4 M «*W» lit r*yMt*ilM KODE, Joplin, Channel 12 IChmiKl 11 *n tOU* in FiyttttviM) KUHI, Joplin, Channel 16 -·,,· Chinnel I *n cablt In Piytttnllk) ""KOTO, Foyetteville, Channel 36 '«· IChinntl } m c«blt In PiydlnllM FRIDAY EVENING *6:00 Ncwi, Wetthcr, Sport* 2, S. », ». 1. «. 12, *6:30 Farmer's Daughter High Chapparral 2, 3. .1 Tom Jonea *. Wild Wild We.t 6. * 7:00 Rat Patrol *7:30 Name of the Game ... . 2, 3, 7. Generation Gap 8, Gomer Pyle. U.S.M.C. .. 5, i. *8:00 Let's Make A Deal 8. Movie I. e. * 8:30 Across the Fence Outer Limits Moby Dick/Mighty Mlghtor . 6. Country Caravan 8 *12:30 i Lcavr It To Beaver SBiOark Outdoor* , 7 i Happening 12 Learn and I*ivt 16 1 Lone Ranker 5, 8, 6 1 Lo 1* 6, 1C 1:00 36 Baseball ............. Z, 3, 5, ; Science Fiction Theater ........ and Jerry .................. 19 (Juter Limit* American Bandstand * 1:30 i Roller Derby i Jfimcs Show See 1969 Model E N T E R P R I S E AGRI DAY BARBECUE Saturday, April 19 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. ACRI PARK --OPEN TO THE PUBLIC -Adults; $1.25 High School: $1.00 Children: 75e Followed by a free rodeo at the fairgrounds OPEN HOUSE AND SPECIAL EXHIBITS in the Agri Building and Animal Sciences Building 9 a.m. to 12 noon Sponsored by the AGRI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION Color TVs 442-8575 2333 N. College Service on all Makes Guns i! Will Sonnett it 9:00 The Saint Laredo Judd * 10:00 Nrws 2. 7. 36 * 2:00 - Danre Party Alfred Hilchrork ... H 12 i McKenzic's Raiders ' * 2:30 1! ID 38 ie 10:30 1. 3. 5. 7, 8, i:. 16, 36 l'rofi-olonal» ' All Star Theater Johnny Carson Paul Harvey . . Movie ...... Joey Bishop ... * 10:35 Movie ..... * 11:00 -Johnny Carson * 12:00 M o v i e . . . . . . . Mcjvle ...... * 12:30 - Nrw» * 12:45 - Movip . SATURDAY I JliK Picture 2 - 3 ' 5 - J;* 3:00 8 16 :!(?! Tournament of Champion* ' 1 2 CBS Golf Classic i Movie , * 4:00 - l.nrnnnc Wrestling IVI.-tNlrrs Coif Tonnrame Wnlr World of Sports ,+ 4 : 3 0 -- Wrefitlinc . . 1 Outdoor Scene t MORNING * * 5:00 · J'nrtcr Wagoner 0 Hilly Pnrker ... Hsc Picture Skippy It .1(5 1(1 Ken's IS OFFERING 10% OFF ON ANY PIZZA AND DRINK FOR ANY PARTY HELD EITHER AT KEN'S PIZZA PARLOR OR DELIVERIES TO HOME PARTIES. Minimum Order for Thij Offer -10 PIZZAS. Open 6:30 Starts 7:00 «..,,,...,, Ht TONITE SATURDAY! ^^^^·^^^X'^^^.^^^'V^**^^^^^**^ All 3 in Color ITS HOW YOU Do The Secret War of ANTHONY PERKINS TUESDAY WELD *7:0fl Country** Mcrl Your N»v.» Go Go GupluT* Moment of Meditation Bc.itlc« * 7:15 Cartonna Market B.isfcet * 7:30 Chllrtrer'T Gnipel Hour ... School Report . . . . Kxtcnsion Forum Hup* Hunriy/Roao 1 Runner Newt. WMther Umu . * 7:45 . Si»irt.'.m;in 1 Yircil W;irr] ·- .\culywcd t^a S . J n e Fran 2 Tn He AtiM'J\ll , K i l n i . Nevis J I ' u r t i T Wiicmii 8 , Art.-iin i; ! SATURDAY 2. 5. IS . .1. «. 7 EVENING . . 5 · News 8. If, SDort.Mnan'i Fri . Ad.lTll IT . I l n t i n c ;.ime . . . . 2. 3. «. IS I 1 J. 7. S« . . «. i; · Also Color Cartoon · NOW Open 7 p.m. One Feature Nightly 7:45 p.m. Sunday Mattaee 1:00 p.m. Winner of Two Academy Awards FRANCO ZEFFIRELLI ROMEO JULIET The Big KIT-KIT Chicken Bonanza! 3 Pieces of Chicken French Fries Salad CHICKEN BUCKET 15 Pieces of Chicken CHICKEN BARREL 21 Pieces of Chicken $ 3.95 611 N. College Fayetteville Academy Award Winner! BEST i ACTOR CLIFF ROBERTSON Two Action · and · Fun Packed Motion Pictures Starring Cliff Robertson % NOW THE WHEN EXnODES THE MOST IMPORTANT MISSION OF THE WM! «. -^WBk. *. STARTS SUNDAY! 8000 Homes Use the Cable HOW IS THAT FOR PROOF TV RECEPTION IS BEST "ON THE CABLE" .Mt.s.r TRANS-VIDEO 442-7111 llavry nnd liolilth . . 7 Slim Wilson * 8:00 ' J . , , k ! e oic^uon i. «. S,,,,. r I, ;. 3. 5. 7 * 7:00 I.rt'* K x p l o r e R Crt Sn;.IT t ? 7 C'aMier . 1 2 H e a t h V.illey '.'!.'.'.'!.'.. ' ^ 8:.1J ! Nevvlvu'cd G n m c I. Tnp (Ml :. 3. 1. 7 * 7:110 W n i k y It.irr.^ f. ir, r i h n s t anci Mr» M u l r I .1 T A ' i v e n t u r e i !·[ Guil.ver R. 12 M v Tlirrc SDII.S fi ^ 'J'OO I..HMI-II,C Welk 5. «. Flii,t»' 2 I 5 7 * S:00 Arch!,- B. If. M,...... , 5 7 S p l H r r m a n I. 12 H I U M I I J H r r n r 5 ... 6 * fl::io * « : :io Split* T. 3 '.. 7 P c l t l i n n t J l l n r U o n J. 6. Thri-e Stunteii 1.' 11,,1|.. u,»)d i'nl.lcc 8, " 9:00 M,;r.I.:x 5 6, * 9:.'!0 - ·····« Oprv V',-. .i i: i- B,itiiKin.Su[n r;i,an * 1(1:00 J o i i r i n - v to t h r O'-. K a r l l l C. 1C * 10:30 Underdojt r. .1. ;,. 7.* 10:00 IVIASQUEHADE' Open 6:30 Starti 7:00 Both In Color TV REPAIRS · 2 Trucks · Same Day Service E N T E R P R I S E 2333 N. College 442-8575 Hrreulolrifl Knntiutr. Four * 11:00 M i ' | - \ l " M . k S i | ' i i t e S h n / / j i M tin.ico of t h e . I l l u m e * 11:30 r m m i i n ! W n r l i l A m e r j r . m I t n n d i t n n d Trcn I tor ". '-' Muvie * 10:15 '. :-. ' ·.!..:.· "· K: * '10:30' '" I l l i p Snint *. ~ K - " Wellj "M,, 2. ». I, 12 in Jnhnny Qufit «, !·! iiiiivwnnd P«lno« ,'.',','.'. SATURDAY AJTKUNHON i * 1 1 : 0 0 - . 12:00 Hun lor Your I.tlt 7 ' * 11:30 · - :· MHVIC ... .

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