Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 9, 1976 · Page 30
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 30

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, February 9, 1976
Page 30
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MONDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1976 IP Y OLJ LIKE IT SO MUCH, WHY PoM'T YOU KEEP IT IM Yot/C ROOM? TUCSON D A I L Y C I T I Z E N PAGE 31 Crossword Puzzle Hagar The Horrible fj^^S^**^ Charmers p Ziggy Save some part of every day to share with someone special. -~~to- Johnny Wonder's QUESTION CORNER y t t WHA.T ISA WAUKING STICK A WALKING STICK IS AN INSECT THAT LOOKS UIK.E A tWlS. Itg THIN BOPY HIPES IT FROM ITS EKJEMIES / ANPREW PRANK MINNEAPOLIS, MN il eject a foul-smelling liquid that often discourages its enemies. Walking sticks do not move about much during the day. They remain perfectly still for hours at a time. At night they creep slowly along on their awkward legs in search of food. If a walking stick loses one of its legs, it can grow a new one. The female walking stick drops her eggs at random as she walks along. Some will hatch the following spring. Young walking sticks are green, but the adults are usually brown in color. ACROSS 1 MissSpenlow 5 Book of records 10 Commend for bravery 14 Actor Montand 15 Asian hardwood tree 16 Mediterranean port 17 Scottish tourist attraction 19 me Ungere 20 Oeufs Russe 21 Inspiration 22 Achieved 24 Companion of "all work" 26 City in Texas 28 Florence's river 30 Drowsing 33 Popular toy 36 Car part 38 Twosome · 39 Make of strength 41 Break bread 42 Sounding like an oboe 44 Legal matters 45 Defector, at times 48 Underway 49 Not synthetic 51 1941 alliance 53 Store provender 55 Sanctum 59 Hogshead 61 Newfoundland cape 63 A stevedore union: Abbr. 64 Church calendar of offices 65 Charlatan 68 100 dinars 69 Foot tap, in fencing 70 Dies 71 Pastoral poem 72 Cooper's Bumppo 73 Cousin of the perch DOWN 1 Poet Thomas 2 Quarter-round molding 3 Summarize 4 Tree 5 Soothing substance 6 Cloth of gold 7 General 8 Jardiniere 9 Doughboys' favorite, 1917 10 Writer of sea stories 11 Cromwell's sobriquet 12 Account 13 LadyofCamelot 18 Double-talker 23 Tree 25 Asian land 27 "PeerGynt" character 29 Actress Jennifer 31 Subject for 32 Down 32 Spanish master 33 Material for garments 34 Great Barrier island 35 Time past 37 Comedian's specialty 40 Brusque 43 Pleasant 46 Important civil servant 47 Quite so 50 Reveal 52 fae. 54 Breakout 56 Lady's headdress 57 Radial bones 58 Brands 59 Famous soprano 60 Desertlike 62 Swiss-French author 66 Gvt gp. of the Forties 67 Part of a pinafore YES, SIR, (MR.PRWCm, YOU WANT U5 TO WRITE ONE HWORED TIMES, 0 I WILL NOT CREATE A DISTURBANCE IN OASS"? IT MAW EDUCATORS FEEL WAV TO Pl/N!5« SWPCNT5 ? jt^-t^. -? OH, MO, SlR..,l'/V\NOT COMPLAINING... IT'S A WHOLE LOT BETTEK THAN A SAP OH THE HEAP/ « News TRAVELS FAST OH A FIOATW6 PALACE... Brenda Starr An insect called a walking stick, or stick insect, has a body that is easily mistaken fora twig. The common walking stick's body and legs are long and slender. Unlike most insects, it has no wings. Walking sticks are greedy leaf-eaters. They live in trees and shrubs and look so much like the twigs on which they rest that they escape the notice of all but .the keenest- eyed predators. If this defense fails, a walking stick can PRIZES A pocket radio, camera. World Almanac globe or other fine prize wjll be awarded lo Ihe flnr youngster sending in a question used here Send your question and your age to Johnny Wonder, Tucson Daily Clti- ! 0 , P.O. Box 24747, Tucson, Aril. FINDING ANNABELLA WITH THE PROFESSOR, LU ANN REMINDS WITH ADMIRAL POWERS WE'LL BE READV, LU ANN-AMD I'LL GIVE LUIS A I'LL COME. BY THE HOTEL ABOUT NINE AND WE'LL TAKE A CAB OVER/ TRANQUILIZER TONIGHT' Apartment 3-G HERE, DEAR--TRY THIS ) NEW BREAKFAST /--^-J) / YOU'LL FIND THE ADMIRAL A PLEASANT INTERESTING MAN, DRIKK OR AH'LLJOW ...-so FOP THAT OLD AXIOM. HOLE PER 5O MILES... So/ Catfish. MOMMA, DO VO\A HAVE ANY MONEY 60 I CAN GET AW Momma Y5... OO YO\A HAVE ANV TIME 1O OO My LAWNDKy ?) -- L n . __~*^ 1-1 Blondie IT'S SUPPOSED TO 6E FULL.) OP HEALTH-GIVWS .--' VITAM.NS COME, DARLING/ YOU PROMISED Td TAKE ME ICE SKATING/ AHSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE Andy Capp AT LAST. 1 AN BEENKEEPIN OUT TILL THIS ...VERYNICEWOfV\AN, I BUNDe,THlRTYlSH, ) QUITE ATTRACTIVE I ~ TOU'D LIKE 'ER ^ __ - © l»'6 LOS ANCELES TIMES Dennis The Menace If LIKE SOMETHING 7 YOU'D SOAK IN V_ TO REMOVE f A TATTOO/ 'YOU BETThTODSH ...I DOffr 'ONE LnTlE WHITE EVEN TAKE BATHS!' LIE...OKAY?' WA.L.LA f B.C. FOLLOW Wie Fr\TH TiL-L- A R9f?K IN for greot WEEKEND READING enjoy every Saturday with your Wizard Of Id I'M AFRAID i ULDN THAT Rex Morg JUNE ? HOW WAS K3LTR I FINE' IS EVERX- TRIP BACK FROM .-Jl/THINe ALL RIGHT PHILADELPHIA? /Tll\ IN MEWXORK7 XES.'IT WASN'T QUITE THE EMER6ENCyTHAT ELIZABETH MADE rr OLTT TO BE ! HOWEVER, i WII.L STAX AND I'M 50RR/ TO HAVE RUN OUT ON HERE FOR A COUPLE OF DAYS/ ON YOU THE WAY I DID ' LETS SEE... VVMAT1L X MAVE TONIHT ·z I HAVEN'T /vAAPE. BEEF BKAZILIEN IN A LON TIME... © Beetle Bailey WITH A CAE5AR 5A1.AP, POTATOES AU PAIR, BBAN5 JULIENNE, ANP CHOCOLATE UnscramblelhesefourJumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words. M!NJkir^;K'f«n-H1.T.i:Ui = B^^^ BACKER H« MET TW? R£i BARON/ Stcv£ Canyon f OK 3IV£ U5 THAT ...AWP OLD SLIPSTREAM 5HOTUP TRY/NS ABOUT CJNNIN6 TO £VAI£ (WNE- IWTO SMU661£R6 ^ TO-«ANE 6UN- flRE? ADURF O IMNEC ' \ x ) THORCC r' s J REVABE ' \ \. j ( ) "^.xtr 1 "- ^ "\ v^ ^ n 1 FEEL A DflDBURW DRflFT, MfiW - CLOSE TH'POORS flN'SHETTH'WINDERS EUER'THING'S CLOSED UP, PflW TIGHTER'N A DRUM Hi And Lois OH, HELLO.,, I DIDN'T CALL NOU BECAUSE I LOST VOUR NUMBER AND COULDN'T REMEMBER "OLR NAME SOUNDS LIKE A NEW ROMANCE. Now,»rr«n(fe the circled letten to form the (urpriu uuwer, a* lunested by the above cartoon. Juml.tr.: BROIL SUITE CLOTHE CHOSEN Annvrr/ When tktcteulon rtquim, Uttg ring 't f.r wrckf - CHURCH BELLS HOW DID -/ YOU KNOW HO\V HE \ ALVvAYS WALKS IN HIS SLEEP ? Nancy'_ LAST NIGHT HE WENT SKIINO IN HIS SLEEP

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