Independent from Long Beach, California on March 11, 1966 · Page 30
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 30

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1966
Page 30
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HILLTOP STAR ROOM * J lDi«« NifMly U thi Smiti Duoiitl* RhytkMt if tki ' REED WILLIAMS Orchestra ,,, COHHETEJHENU OF TINE FOODS FROM $1.78 "'"·· EARLY DINEnYsPEGUL! PRIME RIB DINNER (1.91 ·v ' ttmt tntn ttre TNmOr, m ti »:«» ' Ji! 0f J I«HAL*H1LL OVEKIOOKINS'SEVEN CITIES ·at nrWM · iMturt FKimiM · ct«M Mmttyi · ae _ land. rleertW hi IMnf tun*. SEE GO-GO GIRLS PERFORM «t the fabulous 00-00 ROOM LAFAYETTE HOTEL Iroodwoy «t Linden Wettk NM fTrli *«iiwMfr*« tfce Cmt-Hre . . . D*ck . . . Uf-Tcw. . . . tfe wIMe* riow I* tew*. Saigon Bank Branch SAN FRANCISCO W»--The Bank of America was advised Tuesday that Its application to open a branch in Saigon has been approved by the South Viet Nam government. Lm Mck, CUM., Frt, M». II, IH4 INDEP£NOENT-P« 9 f A-3t ^KIIII Lounge votl Ddlv 1? Moon 1» !;00 A*. Strvlnn llklKU Sanrtwtchn , " · ' DINING ROOM OPEN C ll 'w«ln«Kv throuth Mondiy, I:X 1o 11:00 ,;-,P.M: (Closed Timiivi) '·" : " Serving Italian and 4m»ri- can Dinner* and Daily Spt- ,_e!alt from $1.95. :Vi01 OCEAN BLVD. Jackson Pointers Made Autry Star By TEDD THOMEY If you're in your 40s or 50s, or older, you may N*W Exttfld*d E DICK STARR ·I th« HMnmHtd OrtM WM. Ihru San. BELMONT SHORE 439-0291 Excitingly Exofic CARMEN FBI. ind SAT. ONLY In (hi GALLEON ROOM portals pass in the world si,so LOBSTER $1.75 COMBINATION $2.95 Carmen d'Oro Dinct from RENE LANE ft THE INTIMES · CONTINUOUS IHTERTAINMENT NO COYEII CHARGE NO ADMISSION CHARGE DANCING · FOR flEUIVtTIDIS HE 5-5681 . ICIiud SurxUy) CINNAMON CINDER YOUNG ADULT NIGHT CLUB : On The Traffic Circle .KUrcfcont Umdi ifrom 11:00 a.m. blelody Cove C^R'B'ROILED STEAK DINNER MM MtlM-linr * niM( III DINNII mriiii »«i A HIUII ineiuir COCKTAILS »2» Clewe 1 SmHkT HE M15I TWO Santa Ft Long B«aeb If nitiNt.«| Menu cwl Hwr. txquiiitt dining and relaxation ·TEAKS AUSTRALIAN LOBSTER SPECIAL COCKTAILS LUNCHEON II JLH. II I Mi, DINNER r.H.-mii .n, IIMII lumyt till. VllltLL il ki H«M ILEO'S * COCKTAILS * 'St. Patrick's Party Bemri leif t Ceeba«e (jQei LEPRECHAUN O-GO-GIRIS Carlbbcaa R*oin 2129 Long BtacR Blvd. MARINA HOTEL ill UlfX It Int Nclfi. C»lll H.j, L.ij tiltt FHOUt 4K-IISI l(74E,W«rilo» lilr PH. U 4-MTI DANCING Lof«st stop for fh» "In-group" Rochelle's Afternoon Discotheque Cocktail Party · Doibli Hudir Ccoktilli · Fru Hor» 4'oinvrn DAILY 4:30 to 6:30 BOBBY CORREIL DUO NIGHTLY Serving fh* lultrtallenal M«i In t*« Kegtncy «oom ROCHELLE'S RESTAURANT 3033 LAKIWOOD ILVD. remember a western movie called 'Tumbling Tumbleweeds." Made In the 1930s, it was a low-budget quickie featuring a then unknosvn young singer named Gene Autry. The picture, one of the first singing westerns, was a success--and Autry went on to become a top star. Today, as most everyone knows, he Is a paunchy multi-millionaire and sportsman with vast corporation holdings in radio, TV, oil, the Angels and Rams. When Autry made "Tumbleweeds," he was a shy, awkward Texan in his mid-20s. He didn't know beans about acting. He was such a flub-a-dub before the Hollywood cameras that he nearly blew his big opportunity. Fortunately, he had plenty of professional advice. Among those who AIITPV gave him important acting tips was a teenaged Negro actor-singer named Eugene Jackson, who played a comic called "8-Ball" in the picture. Jackson gave Autry countless tips on camera angles. He taught him the art of "cheating"--which is studio slang for the technique of dominating a scene by grinning or rolling the eyes. If Jackson hadn't given Aulry all those pointers, "Tumbleweeds" would have been a stinker. And today, instead of being a tycoon, Gene Autry might be merely the paunchy proprietor of a Hollywood hot dog stand. I picked up that story one evening last week while chatting with Jackson, a musical ball of fire appearing nightly with his trio at the attractive Rib restaurant, 2951 Cherry Ave., Signal Hill. Now 49 years old, but much younger in appearance, he sings, plays the sax and dances the shimmy on a special platform erected upon tha top of the piano bar. Appearing with him are his versatile vocalist-drummer brother Freddie (they've been together in show biz for over 30 years) and Neville Godfrey, a talented pianist. * * * JACKSON'S ANTICS as he does the shimmy are marvelous entertainment. He's been doing that dance since he.was 6 years old. At that age, back in 1923, he won the Saturday night amateur talent contests for 12 weeks in a row at the old Rosebud Theater at 20th and Central Avenue, Los Angeles. His steady winnings kept him, his widowed mother and brother in groceries, which was what first prize consisted of. The little boy was such a natural dancer and general cutup that Hal Roach Studios hired him to play "Pineapple," one of the moppets in the Our Gang Comedies. Paid $75 a week, Eugene made 36 Our Gang silent films during the next three years. When he grew too old for the role of "Pineapple," he switched to Buster Brown and Mack Sennett comedies, earning from $300 to $400 a week. His first major motion picture was "Boy O Mine." After that he appeared in scores of films, working with all the great silent stars, including Douglas Fairbanks Sr., Mary Pickford, Rudolph Valentino and Charlie Chaplin. While he was appearing in "Little Annie Rooney" with Miss Pickford, Fairbanks visited the set and was enchanted by the way Eugene, then 11 or 12, danced the shimmy. Fairbanks took the hoy over to another set and had him demonstrate the shimmy for Valentino. Jackson switched from the silents to the talkies, worked in vaudeville with his brother and mother, then returned to films in the 1940s, 50s and 60s. He and · ~tt ·\, I A. V 1 dlnnin Mrvtd E-I8I30 Ml Divll at Iki Oifin Bir THE ITEAKS AND LOtSTIt GREEN FROG 1820 Atlantic · Lone Buefa DANCING and ENTiRTAINMENT NITiLY RESTAURANT »i. SQUIRES TRIO IUFFET DINNERS PRIME RIB ALL YOU «O M CAN EAT .... ^»^ CUttrtn II run H Ywnor Served NItely ! OPEN EVERY DAY ME 0-6268 16227 UKEWOOD BL, IEUFLOWER GILBERT --SUM PMH MEMBERS of the Jackson Trio, entertaining atop piano-bar at The Rib, are Freddie (left) and Eugene Jackson and Neville Godfrey. Freddie have appeared in numerous major TV shows In recent years. Currently Eugene appears regularly In the cast of CBS' "Daktari" scries. Now under the management of Jim Crostlni, a restaurateur formerly associated with establishments in Newport Beach and the Imperial Valley, The Rib is celebrating its grand reopening this week. High fashion shows are staged nightly from 4 to 7 p.m., with dinner music starting at 8 and the jazz trio swinging out in full force at 9. The kitchen is directed by chefs Tony Slrimarco and Corey Elia, who offer fine steaks, sea foods and Italian cuisine, from $2.50 to $5.50. Verdict: The Jachson Trio gels this department's AAAA rating /or lively, personable entertainment. The same rating applies to the broclictte of beef, veal scnloppini ant] older dishes. * * * DEPT. OF EXCITING MEXICAN CUISINE -- The restaurant-hopping subdivision of the In Person column paid an enjoyable visit the other evening to the new dining room at El Matador Restaurant, 5734 E. Second St., Naples. Proprietors' Jose and Camion Rodriquez used great imagination in designing the new room which is located in the rear and seats 36 persons. The booths ? are a rich persimmon hue, the walls are paneled In ;' V| gleaming dark woods and there are attractive accessories .~ from Mexico. In the entrance is a sparkling B.V. win* |* display and a diploma Jose received from the Wine 3 Advisory Board certifying that he successfully completed ;J a study course in the characteristics and uses of Call- : fornia wines. '^ Mrs. T and I received gracious servtc* from dark- J* eyed Irene Vallini who brought us a great variety of 'A superb dishes included in El Matador Special Dinner § ($2,35). We started with albondiga soup with Fritos, £· then progressed to tostadas, which are salads of lettuce, ta. tomato and shredded cheese placed atop warm bean past* * on a crisp tortilla. The main dish (hot to the touch) was {£ a colorful array of a plump taco, enchilada, frijole and;, jj Spanish rice, all fresh and very appetizing. We also-;*: received excellent coffee and unique flan for dessert--1-jf a delectable heavy Mexican custard topped with brown CK syrup. Miss Rinky, our daughter, was In ninth heaven Cft with a $1.10 taco kiddie plate. While I was biting into: ~ a floppy, warm tortilla with butter, she broke me up by ;· jj commenting: "Hey, you're eating your napkin!" -*£»£. Verdict: Once again It's our distinct pleasure (o rar.t^«i El Matador's food as AAAA. v.jf * * * '.'· WHERE TO FIND THEM: Beautiful Ren* L*ri« »nd...,|j the Intimes have been such a hit they've been held, over ^._ in the Sans Soucl showroom at the Lafayette Hotel.'-'"i . . . Roger Snell plays a rousing rinkytlnk piano at J Shakey's Pizza Parlor, 2534 E. South. . . . Al Sanada's * smooth Serenaders orchestra plays for dancing nightly . J in Lou Furst'i posh new Victor Hugo restaurant, 730 E. Broadway. . . . Paul Gilbert, whom Variety calls "America's top stand-up comic," stars this week at the Tudor Inn, 11687 Firestone Blvd., Norwalki near th* Santa Ana Freeway. He's backed by Mara Lynn Brown, vivacious new Decca recording vocalist. THE MORGAN HALL NOW OPEN TO THE PUBLIC J«ryi»l flu flMrt · LUNCHEON · PINNER · COCKTAILS Jim Serenata At the Organ WATCH FH OUR BUM Mitt vitb jour jrititii "He Clou Ketch" leing* Wefccnei Yo« MORGAN HALL 111 Lece* Are. K. Heblnion, G«n. Mgr. HE 2-JW GOLDEN WEST thi Until In kalliMm dancint Eyiry Wed,.Frl,-Sit.-Sun. fiftirlnt RUSS MORGAN (Mule In till H«tiin Minnn) I24C SM*khir Rd, it Nirwilk-- 8S8-416I Thurstfty, March 17 ·»· tilt *pily IN PERSON Guy Lombardo t»t kit Royil CinidliM CHI Row tar Tlektl [iitomatfin AmtVf Fml fl Soiflleni Cilll, Er 1M GokMn W«t, Himi II M iW Km» ··!«» _ THE tXClTINO TAHIWW VOUGE .IN TH! 1AMIOO RH.^ fittirlni PAUL REAL e DAKCINfl e I Eiilli hlri't'ii t HiUliii Km Kilt fllb 1411 .Oiuir * nEST*ua*m 1 ME 4-4411 (DOWKET) 8I5S R08ECHMS yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiini- RELAX AT THE BROWN ADMISSION ONLY SI.50 PER SHOW GUI NOW FDR RESERVATIONS OPENING Frank Gorshin--Frank Sinatra Jr. 1U07 E. FIRESTONE BOULEVARD NORWALK, CALIFORNIA 868-0061 FICM LOS MICUEi riOM UXTA JM S«U AJU Fiiiviy l« Ff AM rriiui I« T-n- ' Mtr Md FVlllMi Uri., itetilM. Ivwrt. 2 n " M feel Pill U TUOM i, TIKXM WK. »1. You are cordially invited to the GRAND OPENING rant 427-3808 2951 Cherry Ave,, Long Beach THURSDAY and FRIDAY March 10 II 7:00 to 10:00 P.M. Featuring Entertainment by THE JACKSON TRIO · Gourmet Dining · Special Luncheons · Banquet Room · Cocktails · Dancing 1 Entertainment i RIC RAC | 13250 WOODRUFF, DOWNEY--861-9134 || "lor»« iieijt »« «rv« y«« bif smiff eirtigt fo tn»w you" | SING-A-LONG WITH SALLY \ SaUy Logsdon at the Plino B»r--Thurs., Frl. Sat. DANCING A ENTERTAINMENT NITELY DANNY FLORES"'BOBBY GUTIERREZ restaurant Complete ITALIAN CUISINE PIZZA ORDERS TO GO BANQUET ROOM AVAILAILE Dinnir Slnrid (run 5:09 P.M. Tiki dull Iron IhlO A.M. (ifl *lliy) TAP IEER--WINE--WINE COCKTAILS tlttei Tuttdoyi 4122 E, 2nd SI., lihiint Ph. 434-8403 the fabulous DANCING AND ENTCRTAINMENT NtOHTLY LUNA BROS. , COCK O' THE NORTH. 5834 Atlantic Ave.. HOD E, MC. CST, HIWAY "HOME OP THE ENTERTAINMENT GREATS" NOW: THE WILDER BROS. SCANDAL SUIT UHKHWN WH. rvi41»i BE 1.1 IK T** Tttt IfclWl Rl. -Itwlii youx ERNIE WOODRUFF II ttil PUr« IH--J MM ««fc roan cHir FRANK PAGAY [·alurinc Titljrikl Sink TirlyiH fttbt I Virltty rt Flm Fwe's Lo-Ray TS' 558 E, Willow, 4264*0*

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