The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 6, 1957 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 6, 1957
Page 1
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Truck Rams 'rent Workers . . fcrMtdefit County 1 r»l* A»» rM«outt«M that f ' b&trd • will th*t Iy *av«A by atHfl given by worker*, ' ---— i» th<*tly before 7 W« bound f r o jft <»*«,»., C, to Dun-] , bMfd of director* are 'SsS froat •*• - i ., .. , it apparently failed to halt M * stop and wa* ramfflefl in the side the u-actoiMttrt*, en rout* »om yayettevilfe « &„„„ with a load of potatoes .. -—• and headed *tri(f»e *T»* tH ! ^ atef ' wllh B0 tnafkj indicated. » (Ww Mr tvas submerged An reported a. 12 feet d«et> it pblflt. AS .Hlgh\va.. . _,.„„,..„ „. -.-.Ifflmett believe* that MO- t '' -2? WM * ble td Mc «P* th« far * * S.J" w *^"v but w »* utUble ta • » find whether he «w*m to L'li'l ° r WM * wcued *» *y ^ .^l?* JJ! uin * r ' *1* a Fret-port ambulance, sound W~-p***f** At Dow Ha wM Grimmett u « low control of the < of «,sudd>n heart Hi* elr WM |fut! iaon after fowr Sfofes Into River ** . f h* Gulf Prairie , —, „,.,, ,uv ;fnrr«m«[ **rt Church of Peach't _ overturned and burn-1 co(nm °f»te their 80th. _ l.v Repent .«aid the driver'"* 17 at 8; 30 p.m. with"* w .two person* to th* cab I? 1 * 17 w th « church'* hi., '. the truck were killed. I from tt * organization to Vohmtear firemen from thej pl>e8ent ' tontmonity at Vender nuhed ( important event* of to th« nod douMd the . • ,,• . Tb« migrant workw* were |«*portMJy from Georgia. 1 ->~t*.» v v *: ii l » oj chureh tflH be told with. S Perry Sr. recalling early and t. H. Pnlmer~d«*o event* of the latter 'days, 3«ct« of hirtorieal 1m, will be on display, Aired 2 muetiAg. Alto included i' proponed im »<tti£jt will be in the Jasfaiae. StrlS Effi. S* ?•«"«* w;wS w«t taider water. . But M to the noortin* .„ wor*t appeared to be ahead . MeterologL-rt B. P Hughe* o4 Tlkonit River, pushing between ever higher and andrla . The Shrev«port Weather Bu *ut«. . Water pduttd three which wa* over- •tittM •"•***^ i-;~T7 — -^«v«»^*i»»n. Morrison of aij Carna*» had a ditch problem but Of* a <Uff*r«nt variety/, Morrl. ««alM«.B«r7 t acddentallt-' pencfl offic* Mr«. Betliea iaU the «uh SOT. OWUUJ W. JlOIM. r •<. '-.v» ( —•>—.-—^ .ditch ,—_X Of hi* lot Wa« t06, *vrea «; hi* aide, cauiing himj id »n' of ilnibl* to put hi» frtfte|y e »" *" J hi* property line. "* let eUnn agreed to in . tow * r * Bt ri « accident that ^ -^Ip*,*^ -7 * 3^ ; Five Candidates File ground Brazoiport Way 1 * Jovial iwtfk'f oouneil (t Uay ft^ay »,„, MM Wowwi Itrowa Two mo»« candld«r*» ««. to Th* two -an a. «. aceonnjant .M »»•«?>_ jig MMJkJU* P*»M«tlM OUvVT DvllffnE — i'-.iM " . - " —'- JT Crffte Fwoport, and T. K. Palmar, who opcratet an tafurano* *f*ncy to Bratoria. Wedneaday wai th* ri*ti« to th* o»it t on of nip. crintendent of th* matntenaniw department. an Inaw. tot. for in* July I e'.icfiw. had not bent eiMaMd ta mar* ;*Na» a y*«r aad that «M »J< "«*«•' »•• • 1>~«h haur haurd aa waU a* eauatoff wa*»r to ' __- that th* ditch wai en- croaAing on th* Morrftoh property. Th« council approved a rei- olutbM releaainc an eaacment - Oak* «i* Ijihito ta .£J- ^iSSt ^^aa*r«* U ihalrinJtarSt ^ t him iiv.r«iS?s «o one —-- tj Waalu. t Mamma, r "trtlTntd ,, „-,._ ^™«___ walltaf i* w'aaalf^r ™">U>i enaamnatiit thV th. Tin At. r W». •«'*'. •*• :«•*!:«. >• ro« UwU. to th« Tfh Amr Div. Biml ta Korwu Sfl. Hokba tb« Southenv* *to|» JM«**nfe* faryic* OB ah* on te Noant ah* dir TH* council approved a re«- iiX iii lwnl P i « Pony, bjit olutbM releaainc an eaacment or nothing 1 " h * d *° ** * OI ' < * •HhH?t 2&t ofTle'fe mS? n^reVaW ^ v3?Af ll t'h.y CO T I t,,« nSlS'^^*''^? ttitdtd the eaiwnMni 1 . , i BA«A.. ^._jj^_^^ *MW**V.V i. a 1112 gradau* .« Braa«. "to**^t*F^< m ^ff*- ui«k •«b^^i j : i.^ • <^ i ^* *rP ^*> .^"F» «*»««*»* . o«. Tlw gam pany Mid It coat to provide tWO »*» » awl **. City _ hit BA**o*«taM«. t.««o repHeel that although ite Edtwatiaa) ta IMI freaa *• dtteh ta ^u«*i<w miy Sam Houtton ItaM T***hen hav * 'PpaaM*.' to b* «ry CWUt, ta HuntoTlU*. K. \^^ ~~"' ' ha* ]i>*t **m»la**d __ Hatatag, awl II WMln revenu^ rt; Wwt tntotaf M that they no th* eampMnt.. Tortirt oak* Develwr tloyd Mavrlaon duo diiouwed -with «h« council aoinc.of hi* drajn- «•» problanta. Chiefly toll ran*•»** the blackton rtreet wnieh connect* Shady 1 Oak* and th* new area, r, M«cL*«n laid be thought minor change* in th*'nearby dlfcb. w.ould alleviate th* ait- nation which caiMM water \c at ««w» had •*«W~'T::~ ."•. "•• ••"*W»»HI». it had ax a«-," Th * cmuicU •** app«w*d —u<k to patio/ *ngin*enn|[ ntan. for a n*w *V4ipc»cntji«%«r lift itatjon which WcU will be taJfc*n on. at the July ,.,— IM aehadulad to tfav* *lf w«*k on a trtp, unplanned. «Df « j« §,m, m i M.AHaJl but headed in th* dinto JI roo*,of th* f*Mral direction of CarUbad,' 1 * 1 '—~~* -*"•-— Tbo»* who had filed Incumbent, O*>r«* o. Badge, BraioHa _ <WU) K«nr*r of lurtrtd., Dow conatiriMttjn atuEiileer; and David Crockott, councilman. .... **rv*4 M mayor cJ . ,,,^mepoit for tw« twrm*. w»ir» *iU b*,Ioi from tWi awrvie* two inarni month* ago. H* operate* hi* -in— -~». n<<B , ftrw w g^,, _ downtown *Y*»pf>rt Tom Palmw i* a native ol JT<*n. W. .Hawrd .»* to Jack Waltrip, *. banlr. lion m(!»»a*a« Rraiojpi., and U a graduate of ^s&sstis , th« BraMrta High School that until iwa. K* w«* «( the Frwpott Company for it y»w*, ing low demand!" of People and individual tor*.

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