Independent from Long Beach, California on March 18, 1976 · Page 88
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 88

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1976
Page 88
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T-BONE OR CLUB STEAKS BEEF LOIN CUT SMALL END RIB LB, |69 FRESHLY GROUND BEEF ANY SIZE .PACKAGE 59 BEEF RIB STEAKS TABLE K1NQ LARGE END LB. I B LUER'S SLAB BACON WHOLE OR BY THE 1 PIECE RINDLE88 LB. DELICATESSEN PRICE! PRODUCE CLIP AND SAVE THESE VALUABLE COUPONS |OU VIRGINIA FRANKS BEEF OR MEAT 12-OUNCE PXG.. .69 Pillsbury Biscuits JerseymaidYogurts Imo Imitation Sour Cream \l«« Onlmln vons Salads HUNGRY JACK nj BUTTERMILK Ofl FLAKY ,J4 BUTTER TASTtN )0-O2. TUGE PRE-STIRREDOH nj SUNDAE 8-OZ. CUP .£4 .33 POTATO. MACARONI. GERMAN. POTATO. COLE SLAW IQ 15-OUMCCCUP .Ha OSCAR MAYER BOLOGNA 12-OUNCEPKO..9B BEEF OR MEAT -OUNCEPKQ .69 fLORADANICA « OZ PKG VONS 1 CQ INTHE PIECE LB I.U9 Danish Bleu Cheese Monterey Jack Cheese HEALTH BEAUTY .69 LAVORIS MOUTHWASH 32-OUNCE BOTTLE .99 INCL. 30 OFF REG . POWDER ANTt-PERSPIFWIT 1 *Q 12-OUNCE SPRAY I.H.O PH BALANCED White Rain Shampoo ^SSST^^-.ea NOH-AEROSOt- Firm Free Hair Spray y£%S. .73 INCL I S O f F LIME. REG Ofl COLOGNE -JQ Rapid Shave Cream . H-OUNCE CTN | CREST INCL .100FF TOOTHPASTE F1EGOF1MINT 5-OLJNCETU6E .59 Sine Off Nasal Spray Bufferin Tablets HALF-OUNCE BOTTLE TWICE AS FAST AS ASPIRIN 60-COUNT TABLETS .77 1.08 LIQUOR KENTUCKY WHISKEY WILIBROOK8I.ENDED FIFTH 3 49 Don Miguel Table Wines S Gordon's Gin Ten High Bourbon Smirnoff Vodka . S S T D VAR 1 7Q GALLOtJBTL 1 . 1 3 SAVE .50 HALF GALLON SAVE1.M HALFGALLO( SAVt 1.00 10.49 9.99 11.40 | LUCKY LAGER BEER ·»·*«* 11-OUNCE NOB£TUR«BOTTIE 1 99 ((PORTERHOUSE STEAKS TABLE KINO BEEF LOIN CUT Top Sirloin Steaks Beef Sirloin Tip Steaks Boneless Spencer Steaks Top Round Steaks 1 79 M GARDEN FRESH Al\ IVoNSVONSVONs'oNSVONSVONs] i * f ASPARAGUS f l t l ! « M S A V E 2 1 II* I TENDERGFIEENSPFARS LB. · · ^V | O AMI AR TI"V V5 I ·' EK S Lo1.88 FreshRomaineLettuce T^^DSEA.25 |z MAmnMO «rS5fiBi!i BONELESS 1 CQ ROUND CUT IB I.UU BEEF n nn R I B C Y E LR L.tM GROWN TABLE KING BONELESS BFFF LB 1.49 Fresh Romaine Lettuce Minneola Tangerines CALrfORMA Crisp Crunchy Carrots Golden Delicious Apples .25 uv.29 NAPKINS WITH joes OFF 1-r-OUNDPKG FA WASKIfX3TO«ST I EXTRAFAKCY in .1 !§ i 60-COUNTPKO. ! Z ASSORTED 1C | O COLORS .10 i : · C/5 WITH THIS COUPON MINIMUM »SM PURCHASE EFFECTIVE MAR 16-?. 1976 L I M I T 1 ITEM I COUPON PER CUSTOMER EXCLUDES LOUOn. TOBACCO ANO DAIRY PRODUCTS 1 MEATY BEEF SHORT RIBS T A B L E KINO PLATE CUT .69 I GOLDEN RIPE BANANAS TROPICAL T R E A T ,19 Boneless Round Steaks m BEE c F UT Boneless Family Steaks Boneless Cube Steaks Center Cut Chuck Roast' »EtF CHUCK Lfl 1.29 1.49 i« 1.79 IB .89 Premium Red Yams cn «£ tftl LB .29 RIPE 4 JUICY Sunkist Navel Oranges Red Radishes Green Onions DegletNoor Pitted Dates 8',',:.89 ! * r"! 1 COUPON HtH ^,U^l'JWC^^ r.AV,*.wi/*-o -I ^ LOUOn rOUACCO ANO DAIRY PRODUCTS C/ | ^ J V ON S VO NS^ ONS VON ^NSVOfJSj » ^B ^B ^B ·· ·· ·· · H IB ^B V M ·· * rjoNS^ONSVONSVONSVONSVONS1 J l^| " SAVE .24 ^^.o'i ' LARGE AA I EGGS nu 1O I V) VON9 · · " _ ^r f**\*9r* IOOUNCE CUP I DOZEN IN CTN. | BEEF RUMP ROASTS TABLE KINO ROUND TRIANGLE CUT 1 29 .00 * (/) WITH THIS COUPOfJ MINIMUM Si 00 PUflCHASC I Z EHECTIVC MAR ID ?·!. 19?5 LMIT t^IEM RUSSET "|fl POTATOES 10^ B / y U S NO I I COUIO» PER CDStOMEH EXCLUDFS LIQUOR TOflACCO ANO DAIHY PHODUCTS Boneless Rump Roast Shoulder Clod Roast Boneless Lean Brisket 1 Extra Lean Ground Beef BEFF ROUNDCUT LB 1.39 1.39 1.39 Tomato Pepper Plants 4 INCH POT TABLE KINO 1 IQ OUAIIIY IB 1.13 F10W8rS ASSORTED' COLORS no E A . 4 7 89 VONS BAKERY 1SW1FT PREMIUM SLICED BACON OR LAZY MAPLE LB 1 29 ENGLISH MUFFINS FUILYSIJCEO 6-PACK PlAlNORSOunDOUGH .33 Smoked Sausage McCoy Beef Bacon Luer's Finest Hams Luer's HIUSH1RE FARMS B R E A K F A S T 12 OUNCE BONELESS LB 1.59 EA 1.09 IB 1.59 1.99 Wagon Train Bread Hot Cross Buns -GOOD VrtSIEFITi FLAVOfrCQ I5POO«OLOAF .U3 -TRADITIONAL IEHT ITEM' CQ 9 IN TRAY .U3 GflEAT W'ICE CRCAM Delicious Pound Cake lOOUNCf Cinnamon Twirls l O M T L Y G l A Z E D .59 GRADE A FARMLAND. TABLE KINO RIVERSIDE O« "T-I lniSP%/ APPLEVALLEY TURKEYS FRO DEFROSTED HENS Ofl TOMS IOTOJO-CB AVG LB .59 Icelandic Perch Fillets Fresh Western Oysters True Cod Fillets Clear Springs Trout SLIM PRICE BREAD YrtHTE. V/HEAT SAJJDV/1CH 1-POUtlD LOAf .27 ANOTHER VONS EXCLUSIVEI MONTERREY STONEWARE *19* A PIECE ^YOU'LL RECEIVE ONE PLACE SETTING PIECE FOR 1ft 1 WHEN YOU COLLECT EITHER '39.00 OR ·49.00 WORTH OF GROCERY TAPES. U8DA FOOD STAMP COUPONS GLADLY ACCEPTED FRESH SEAfOOOTREAT FANCY WHITE TURBOT FILLETS FPESH FROZEN OtrROSTED OF STORE N E A R E S T YOU CALL COLUCT IF TOLL. (TtMi ANO PBKM IN THIS AO HOT IN Iff ECT AT VON». «M W t S T ITH JT-. LOS ANQtltS. Kit WIST 3RD «T.. [of AHOtLig. W W t S T PICO BUfO.. L0» ANOEUt. Chof s Deliqhl Low Fat Cheese Sfxead.MSS 1.34 Solo Plaslic Refill Cups. ASST o coions. J s-oz KXCT .66 Mrs. Fribens Soil Golden Margarine. I-LB 65 Uncle Ben's Quick Rice, K-OZ 3 Schrck Injector Twin. 4-CTTEFiOf(COAUD 88 COMMAND 13-oz. HAIR SPRAY FOR MEN EXTRA HOLD i . Oscar Mayer Wieners Beel or Meat. MB 1 03 OscarMayer Variety Pack Luncn Meals, i J-OZ . 1.49 Oscar Mayer Smokie Link Sausage, TJ-OZ .. 1 39 Kitty Oue«n Pel Food. LIVER t, OZ 26 Kraft CnseFoorf,iNor/iouALi.rwnAPfED i ? o z .1.15 Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls, 9 4 OZ .51 Svdll Sliced Pepperoni. « o z 89 Selsun Blue Dandruff. LOT SHAMPOO OZ i 77 e OZ 2 97 Lislenne Lozongos. RF.O ORLEMO'i ? CT 93- Lislenne Breath Spray. P.tFPES'CNO MINT s-oz 99 . t7WW*.PtA«,P«*«U Shoe*, c«n*r, feffln, Hill, !» Bnw. »«, Or* C»*f , Um »««* .

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