Independent from Long Beach, California on April 3, 1963 · Page 1
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1963
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FEATURES INDEX Amusements .. A-8 Markets .... B-«. 7 Classified C-S Radio-TV B-S Comics .....:.B-2 Shipping C-4 I Death Not ices A-12 Sports Ol, 4 Editorial ....A-IC Women ....B-3. 5 idepende. The Southland's M. Finest Morning Newspaper Phon» HE illil -- Otufttd No. HE 2-5S5? 44 PAGES LONG BEACH 12. CAUFO1N1A. WEONESDAY. APRIL 3. 1943 VOL 25 -- NO. l!7 WEATHER -: Considerable high cloudiness. SEjhtly ._ wanner with a hJjh near 65. Complete weather r»teC-4. HOME EDITION-- lOe Kennedy Cuts Aid Request Si20.Millton Slash, Slricler Rules Proposed WASHINGTON (UPI) -President Kennedy Tuesday ait his own foreign-aid program by $420 minion to $4J billion in what was believed to be an unprecedented action. - · · Adopting many recommendations in the recent Clay Committee report, the President 'also told Congress in a special message that the ad ministration I n t e n d e d t apply stricter standards and more thrift in the aid program. Congressional reaction wa: about as expected. Foreign- aid supporters praised the President's action, but even some of them joined ak opponents in calling for sti deeper reductions in the $4-9- bfllion program Kennedy orig inally sent Congress. * * * * EVEN SO, f o r e i g n - a i e officials could recall n recent case in which a Presi dent substantially trimme his own foreign-aid reques even before Congress con sidered it However. thePres dent was aware that Con gress last year knocked $ - billion off his program for th current fiscal year. The Clay Committee said . just last month that the $35 bfllion in foreign-aid spending in fiscal 1963 could have been cut by $500 minion and still hare provided an effective program. · · * · . OFFICIALS said the $45 billion in new appropriations would, with carryover funds. result in actual foreign-aid expenditures m fiscal 1964 of $4.S5 biffion. This would compare to $5.1 billion in spending under the earlier $4.9- billion appropriation request. Foreign-aid officials said the $420-miHion cut falls mainly in three categories--a $75-minion reduction in military assistance, a $ IBS-minion cut r n development lending (Continued Page A-4, Col. 1) --Van fteto t» Bob Shurr-. KIM SHANE ... She Beat the Odds At Nearly Six Pounds Kim Is Getting Hefty By BEN ZLNSER UtiiclUem* Ctitor It's been a rough life so far for Kim Shone. 3 months old today. But things are looking up. She goes home today for the first time. Kim, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Shane, 11201 Ccntralia, Artesia, weighed only . 1 pound 14 ounces when she was born in Woodruff Community Hospital. r She was_a hefty 5jpunds 9 ounces when ihs,.waj weighed Tuesday."' f ''~*'. '· . . " Until two weeks ago Kim resided in an Isolette, a type of incubator. For more than a month in the Isolette. she lay on a rocker, which teetered back and forth to stimulate her circulation. . Several times she stopped breathing. More than once mouth-to-mouth resuscitation was necessary. Once she choked to add to the suspense. She has had constant nursing care, the hospital reports. ^ Her doctor says survival after such a low weight at birth is "very unusual.*" "You ought to see her now,TM the doctor said. "She's a doIL" Rebels Peril Guido Nary Fliers Romb Argentine Loyalist Force; 27 Killed BUENOS AIRES (UPI) -Loyalist army forces drove rebellious naval units from La Plata and Buenos Aires out to sea Tuesday night but the rebels grimly pressed their at tempt to overthrow the government of President Jose M. Guido. At least 27 soldiers were killed in a naval aerial attack on an army tank column. The bulk of the sea fleet was sighted at Mar del Plata steaming north toward Buenos Aires. It was uncertain whether it was sailing in support of the government or the rebels. · * - · · PRESIDENTIAL press sec retary Alfredo Inzngaray an nounced that Rear Adm. Ela dio Vazquez, commander o: the sea fleet, had radioed support of the government from Argentina's only aircraft car rier, the Independence. This was one of the ships steaming toward the capital. But its course also was di reeled toward the icebreaker San Martin, which was serv ing as command ship for the rebellious naval officers anc retired generals who launched the revolt to thwart what they said was a threatened Com munist takeover. * · * LOYALIST tank forces from Canipo del Mayo army base 'swept through the B u e n o Aires suborns and-wrenched control of La Plata, the provincial capital, from outnum bered marine forces. Admirals commanding the revolt from the Naval Ministry in Buenos Aires were driven back along riverfront streets to the icebreaker San Martin, waiting in dock on the River Plate. It was believed they were heading south to one of the naval bases to reconsider their weakening position. The navaj units at La Plata Jail Two L.B. Men Robbery in Christmas Holdup Netted $61,942 The second of two Long Beach men charged with the $61,942 Christmas Eve robbery of a San Diego hank was arrested here late Tuesday. I Alton Austin Fain, 37, was taken into custody at his apartment at 3371 Adriatic Ave. The other suspect, Ralph James Hamilton. 42, of the same address, was nabbed on the street in the 5300 block of E. Second Street in Belmont Shore Monday night. BANK ROBBERY suspect Alton Austin ^Fain ar-' .rives, at the Los Angeles office.of the FBI after. " his arrest in Long"Beach! FBI AGENTS found a shotgun, rifle and revolver in a search of their apartment. The agents said the two men may have been engaged in a restaurant operation here, but had no further details. Hamilton and Fain are charged in a federal warrant with the caring daylight robbery of a Bank of America branch in San Diego last Christmas Eve. * · · · THE TWO bandits in the holdup had tape masking the lower half of their faces, were armed with shotguns, and one fired a blast over the heads of bank tellers to terrorize them. No one was injured. The p a i r communicated rna wirnhoi* with walkie T talkies during the robbery, agents said. The desperadoes kidnaped RALPH 1LVSHLTO.V Was Captured First Russ Shoot Vehicle to Scan Moon MOSCOW IB -- la terms - p i g g y b a c k . IN.TEHACIIAPIS Grim Air Crash Drama Unfolds BAKERSFIELD Cfl -- A Tuesday night at Bakersfield him to accompany them tot it shot the fourth re- Diego. where he was released' Tuesdj ^ ^ . when they changedcars. (flying welL Both men were being heldj ^r , Undin f rofcot Tuesday in Los A n g e l e s ' ^^ of hjaar condi . County Jail in lieu of $50,000 t5ons or *,, (a ^ t ^ WO(ll(J 5S.*Jf h S* ! ?iS ^P^ 1 Permit detailed photographs filed by the U.S. Commis-^ surface could give th. Siontrs office m San Diego Russ[ans a significant boost Monday. in their race with the United blood-spattered plane passenger, after wandering 12 miles Memorial Hospital. Officers pieced together Across the Nation Chicago's Daley Wins 3rd Term CHICAGO (UPI}--Mayor Richard J. Daley Tuesday won election to a third term over Benjamin S. Adamowski, an aggressive Republican opponent who hurled "boss rule" charges against the powerful Democratic leader. Daley, who has been called the last of the big city bosses, rode back into office on a flood of votes turned out by one of the nation's most powerful political machines. Adamowski conceded at 1030 p.m. EST. With 3.3S4 of the city's 3,674 precincts reporting. Daley built cp an insurmountable lead of more than 115.000 votes. The lead grew as votes poured in from the heavily Democratic south and southwest sides. . Adamowski said, in admitting defeat, that he was "pleased and proud* at his showing. "Here was this great big machine that was going to annihilate me with 500,000 votes." he said, "and it came squeaking up to the finish Erie and barely made it." 2 Rrolliers Trapped HAMILTON. Ala. (UPI) -- Rescue workers fought against time and rock Tuesday eight la reach two brothers trapped in a coal mine cave-in, but said it would be today before they could dig through. « Bobby Gene Johnson. 23, and bis brother, Lewis Ray Johnson, 20, were trapped in the mme Monday eight by ± rode f»H ts they were removing rock from the Box rnfr.r. Explorer Orbited CAPE CANAVERAL MV-The Explorer 17 satellite rocketed into orbit Tuesday night to make the most comprehensive study ever attempted of the earth's atmosphe*. The scientific pi-iage was propelled Into space by a three-stage Delta rocket. Negroes Attacked MACOX, Ga. (UPI) -- An angry crowd of white persons, some of them armed with rocks, sticks and bottles, attacked a smaller group of Negroes in city-o» iicd Tattnall Square Park Tuesday. One Negro man was stabbed, several others were beaten and at least one white newsman was stoned. It was the second day of racial incidents ia this central Georgia city. Monday a white youth and a Negro fought in the park, which has been the target of local integrationists for the past several days. OFFICEHOLDER At 100 years of age. Mrs. Clara Mover holds public office for . first time. She is Justice of the Peace in Jasper Township, MicK. and now will have a chance to fulfill her longtime wish--to perform a marriage ceremony. egrouped at the powerful in S hours to a ranchhouse *° ·***· incoherent account Puerto Belgrano base of the Tuesdly ,, ^ frostbittea Continued Page A-4. CoL 4) ff«. gasped out a story of aj plane crash in the mountains) Berkeley Ordinance Defeated which injured his aunt and ( by his oncle. Robert D. Mc- uncle. The crash occurred, Kinney, 39, an OIney, Texas. Monday. He pUne , ! oilman and carrying his wife. IF CONVICTED, they face Sutes to llnd men on the a maximum sentence of 20 moon years on the robbery charge with a possible minimum of 10 years for kidnaping. Agents said the two menTM were identified through com-) ' . posite photos published a «£» ^J^ TASS announced the instrument-loaded rocket, of- described as an moon station," few days after the robbery. is five times heavier . They would cot disclose how, 1 *? 3 . rt * predecessors, all of *^ . _ _ ;«-Ttis»h vt-*r* 1 -i t **·*.*· K^^l M 1 Q^.9 Hamilton and Fain were! Jhe FBI said it,"" 1 the two are local area men. officers which were launched in 1959. the Soviet news agency reach th « been found earlier two miles from the plane in the Te-1 I At noon M o n d a y . and :rimination in Berkeley hous- I ^ r ^? st , 0 ^ ^ .ng tumbled toward defeat by a 5-to-4 margin with more than one-third of the votes and fought me. I counted from Tuesday's mu- her as warmly as cicipal election. [set out for help. I With 100 of 275 precincts 8« far." j reporting, the count stood] The uncle surmised that his for the measure and. wife was dying but he unconscious. He revived ord of their names. or an or- I Tass c a r r i e d c o m m e h - ·taries. however, by Soviet Kamllracler Dies (Continued Page A-4. CoL PALM BEACH, Fla. (UPI); Society orchestra leader Ted J^ ^ fo^ whose recording of Most Beautiful Girl u 8,090 against. The margin remained constant throughout the early counting. been told of her death late; (Continued Page A-4, CoL 2),pitaL He was 49. AV ESTIMATED 70 per cent of Berkeley's 52336 registered voters turned out. with voting heaviest in the city's exclusive hill areas. Wallace J. S. Johnson, may oral candidate who opposed he ordinance, was leading Dr. Fred S. Stripp. a backer of the measure, by a 6-to-5 ratio. In 1959 Berkeley voted ^"the a somewhat similar in-!^ itiative 24,000 to 8.000. iday in Good Samaritan Hos- Demos Lose Test-Vote on Rafferty's Powers By BILL BOVARSKY ; tee by the new superintendent i Sponsors of the measure ! _ * l » - _ · * ^.:_^_ ' t^~~ CA_ 1 E*«»A«A \tf t »*^r SACRAMENTO Ifl -- The 'ership lost its first floor test! legislature Tues- · Dr. Max Rafferr/s powers. The Republican minority held together and defeated a of public instruction. | But the Assembly Demo- leadership revised the measure in committee to shift the appointment power to the governor. It was this amendment by Sen. J. Eugene McAteer, D-San Francisco, said they'll seek a new vote later in the week. They expressed confidence they wouid get the needed Republican support. A Republican attempt to Turnstiles' Turn to Go -.. LONDON t?J -- A debats over penny turnstiles in women's lavatories flooded the British House of Commons with laughter. Both Conservatives and Laborites are agreed that the turnstiles must go becausa they make life unnecessarily difficult for pregnant, prcmp or package-laden women. The conflict is over who'i to get the credit. Red-haired Laborite Barbara Castle claimed Tuesday the Conservative government had tricked her out of raising the question so that it could -- - - 0 -- .*_IV* ftSll^l£JU* MLS V* kU bd backed by Gov. Brown to Senate-passed bin. |help underprivileged children · · · GOAL by Jerry West as final buzzer sounds gives Lakers second-straight Tic- lory over St. Louis Hawks, 101-99. in NBA playoff*. Page C-I. overcome the handicap of growing trp in shims EARLY returns show two .Yorty foes re-elected in Los Angeles city election. Pace A-4. which solidified GOP ranks restore the original provisions ..j v v. -i_^,_n .. -vJ^ irfeated 45.29. Assemblyman Gordon H. Winton, and brought downfall of the THE LEGISLATION, setting up nine pilot educational be raised instead by Dame Irene Ward of the Conservative ranks. Determined not to let tK4 Decreed, Joined the GOP in Conservatives s t e a l h e r The bin foundered over the projects, drew 50 Democratic the attempt. AssembTynan William T. question of who should ap- ayes to 27 Republicans noes. Bagley. R-San Rafael, accused turnstiles. But the Coaserva- point a coordinator for a two- That was still four short of year state program -- Browa or Rafferty. * · · · OHDLY e n o u g h . Brown favored the original terms which provided for appointment of an advisory commit- the 54 required by aa urgency clause making the bin effective immediately. The a s s e m b l y is 52-23 Democratic. Two Democrats ard one Republican were absent. thunder, Mrs; Castle put in a biH of her own to abolish the the Democratic leadership of Inserting poitisan politics Into educational matters'* by giving the appointment power to the governor. ·If we let political machinations develop in this part of (Costisued Pigs A-3, Cc-L 4) lives probably will beat her to the gate. Their bi3 was put down for debate April 5, hen April 26. Whatever the outcome. British women still will hava to pay their pennies--iata slots on the doors instead c4 turnstile J. -··

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