Independent from Long Beach, California on February 12, 1958 · Page 4
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 4

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1958
Page 4
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Pag , A-4--INDEPENDENT CM1., WW., Mh 11, 1» Leggjob Candidates i Down to 3 By LOOKOUT ' The District 1 county super- .·visor race is down to three de- .'clared candidates now but there 'are still enough rumors around 4o materialize'into another can- 'didacy or two' before filing "deadline March 28. '- Assemblyman Frank Bonelli Of Huntington Park, Assembly- ,'raan Thomas Erwin of Puente "-'and Stuart Coulter, Charter "Oak, appear bent on going ' .'through to the finish.. They're !after the job to be vacated at "year's end by Supervisor Herbert Legg, who is not a candi- ·date for re-election; ' : Bonelli. Was done the mosi vigorous campaigning so far an*- most observers give him .an edge at this time. It is too early, however, to draw any conclusion. . * * * » ' RUSSELL Hardy,. South Gate vice mayor who declared early for supervisor, has switched to ..the .county assessor race;- Sev eral other hinted supervisoria ^candidacies so far have failed to 'materialize, but- there's stffi .'talk that Mayor Angelo laco boni of Lakewood and former Mayor Clarence Wagner o ·Long Beach might decide to g '-in this affair. · Coulter has been the subject of some switch rumors, bu apparently they are unfounded iThfr story. was that he migh change his mind and run fo the congressional -post to be va ^cated by Pat Hillings, candidat for 'attorney general. But wor fronVthe Coulter camp flatlj refutes that report. Erwin announced .his plal form this week; .emphasizing re duction of p r o p e r t y taxe through limiting, assessed yalu · ations and halting tax rate in creases. Al Johns, who did pub lie relations work for the Mis Universe contest, is Erwin' publicity director. . NEW CANDIDATE [ Alexander W i l l i a m s o n o Palm Springs is a new cand date, for the U.S. Senate, bille as a "conservative Republican Williamson, a retired public a countant, makes reduction o .federal debt his No. 1 platform plank. He has warned the vo ers .against electing more law yers to Congress. AGAINST SECRECY , . The California Democrat Council B o a r d of Directors, meeting in Fresno last weekend, passed a resolution urging the House of Representatives Information subcommittee to approve bills · before it which forbid government agencies to withhold information in the ab' rence of specific authority. . ·I Spokesman for the CDC said Ithe.-bills would widen the avail- ·abillty of information a b o u t what government is doing. Jersey City .-'..· * * TfindsLeok I' JERSEY CITY, N. J. «"-- This city of 300,000 relaxed Tuesday when the baffling leak in" its. water system 'was .discovered in a standby main, and closed. , Officials had been making a .valve-by-valve check of the 54- year-old system since Monday TM JUST CRAZY,' SHE TELLS OFFICERS OUTSTANDING CATHOLIC , · ; : Margaret' Ann (Peggy) · Nichols, Reg* College sophomore, had'two' good -reasons, to smile^ Tuesday. -She had, -just been voted the most outstanding Catholic youth: iiT'America and it .was her 20th'l3irthday Peggy won the award given by the Catholic Youth'Organization-and the presentation w£ by 'Archbishop Leo Binz, of Dubuque, Iowa, Tuesday night: 'Peggy wants to be a newspaper woman.--(AP Wirephoto.) /__ BELLFLOWER--Ji 24-year- old Bellflower mother of three Tuesday killed her 8-week-old baby girl and then, critically wounded- herself with; the same revolver. , .' . · ' . ,; : · ' ". : Mrs. Glpria 'Chamas, of 10031 Center St, is in the prison ward of Los Angeles General. Hospital after an emergency-operation; Her infant,/daughter, Lore tha, was' found to'her 'crib by sheriff's ;deputics summoned to the home, Tuesday afternoon by telephone call Mrs. Chamas. · ·'. .' : . ' .-·'· , The mother, who is booked for investigation. : .6f homicide told officers she loaded a, .22 caliber, pistol'.with-three shells, shot'-the baby "in .the'chest lie infant -lay ^n her-'crib- anc then fired ''a .second "shot .into her own,chest. '" ; . ^ ·'····'* · - · · ' · . , .SHE. -WAS .. FOUND sitting on the front step's o'f her modes stucco, house by;officers.wtio rushed .there after she . tele phoned and told.them she ha( shot-.her baby-and was going to.shoot herself..-'.- /.' ;.' Deputies said, they found no notes. Relatives said', her hu» band, a truck driver at Dart "I'm just crazy."-'; Transportation Co. in Maywood, iad'-'worked only irregularly in he past several months. ,"The' 1 ''father, 'Gust,.: 24,' was ialled by officers at work but was not told the details, of .1 the ragedy. He,'broke down'when informed by,;deputies .after he drove.'home.; "..;·'.··*";" ;.. .--Detectives 1 ' w h o 'questioned klrsJ.Chamas said, she accounted :or her 'action. only' by' saying, A'SBCOND CHELD, Xaura, 8 ·monthsj-was, found -unharmed ri-'a crib- ih : another .room.'' -A oh, : .Larryir 5; was , in kinder- garte'n'at.. the. .time. ....,:'.: - .brotherin'-law,. Jack. Hugh' ' ' Hairy Fromkes, Theater Figure, in Fall .-. NEW . .YORK 1 ' IS 1 ) . --Harry Fromkes; 53, an attorney. -'anc Broadway show world .figure was 'killed .Tuesday.' to a. ta? from,. his.. 12th floor. 6n Central.'Park West. : . .-..· iVo.'iiot'es were'. found!' : . ·" - .Frorakes owne'd 'the;Nationa Theater, and previously -ownec the Playhouse: He was con nected! with other real, estat activities in. .the theatrical dis trict '· . , . . S.'Stonea'cre,.Comp^ on,, a fireman at 'the Bellflower. station; was .the f irst-relatiye to arrive at" the. scene. ',. -. . · ...' .'-.'.' He. :-said';Mrs/ Ghamas had telephoned .',' the Norwalk ; ;sher- f f s station 'three ;· days 1 , 'earlier and -fold 'officers '.she - was' 1 ' going to 'commit 1 :,' suicide;.;";He ^jsaid Chamas awolcrf about 3 a.m; and found"his wife missing)- Soon afterward officer*, who .found tfrs. Chamas wandering on the road, returned her home.- ; Hughett 'said Chamas ^c ected guns as: a hobby and; had )etween .15 and 20,,revolvers; rifles^. and.-'shotguns . 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Frank Allen' after he talked to Robert Dye, inly Nominees in Minnesota MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (KB-Party endorsed candidates won nomination in a special Minne- sota'congressional election Tuesday and will oppose each other in the general election a week jence. State Sen. Albert Quie, 34 .Dennison dairy, farmer, and Eugene Foley, 29, Wabasha at- ;orney, handily won .the nominations on the Republican and Democratic-Farmer-Labor tickets, respectively. - ' , - · The winner next' 'Tuesday will fill the unexpired term of the late Rep. August JT.'.Andrson,'Red Wing Republican, who lad represented the, district in Congress since 1924. * * * * THE DISTRICT is traditionally Republican, but the DFL polled,, a comparatively heavy vote..'- . The total" Republican vote with .only four precincts linre ported, was 31,866, .while the DFL polled. 22,614 voles. ', . Both · Quie and Foley.'- cam paign' against Secretary' o Agriculture Ezra Benson anc the scheduled cut in dairy price supports. The district is a dairy ing area. 30, of Los Angeles, the survivor of th» Sunday morning tragedy, i "There was no power failure," Allen said, . v the pilot'did not try to climb above the fpg, "but was flying by visual reference not more'than 200 feet above the ground." ' * · · * HE SAID a large cliff loomed up in front of the plane shortly after it took off from Torrance Municipal' Airport and the pilot banked to the left. 'The plane crashed into a field, grazed a louse and smashed against a j-ce within two minutes after .eaving the ground.. The pilot, Lars Cromp, 25; Edmund Hughes,'60, both of San Pedro, and the Rev. Kelly Meritt Jr., 23, of Kearney, Neb. were killed instantly. Allen, interviewed Dy,e at Harbor-'General Hospital, where h'e is recovering from- injuries -suffered in the crash., . . Meanwhile, ' -Tprrarice City Councilman Robert lohn, a private pilot, called for an amendment to thc^c'ity's .airport ordinance that woulc'..prcven't planes 'from taking- off -if rom. the local field during times of restricted visibility. .' . 24 convenient .locations FREE PARKING while you shop! tin kitkr.» (Ml klMH'. Lit it trlic »r ... lit ti jii ·«* hil»'mki jfiir iiilly. kiKIHil. Oir Hiilrail ·» ··· iny it th» filliwHm Uiilii* ir till -tliirl.1, lili UrilikMrii, ttul ' w Hnli cikliiti, ilnkt, (irtui ilirmn, li«kl»r,. ' ,nrpi.tTT, . wirk mi prl«i..Cnl. ir lirw. Fir tm itllip.t.i «I1 Ht 1-»l««.ir Nt MIIT. RIMODILISI IPHIALISTt eONTIUCTOM LONQ BEACH .'...'", K I T C 1249 W. QAUORD \ i CONFIDENCE and save more,too! , H o m e t e r Pill Overdose TORRANCE O)' ---Carolyn ·June Stiidie, 15-year-old'.'high school'girl taken 'to Harbor General -Hospital last '..month after gulping' an-overdose .of phenobarbital, was well enough Tuesday, to.f eturn to her home. The teenager was 'in a coma until recently after she took the-capsules -Jan.; 27'and: collapsed onMhe front porch of h e r home. . , ; . ' . · . ' ' · · SKEPTICAL OF VON BRATO 1945 Surrender of 4 !Vuts' Start of U.S. Space Work lew Tread SALE! Now. Xtra Mileage New Treads by ...the savings are too good to miss! down oer tire/ Applied on sound tire todies or your own tires. SIZE 670x15 710x15 760x15 800 x 15 LIST PRICE SET OF 4' 51.00 56.40 : 61.40. 66.00 NOW PAY ONLY' 35.52 42.30 46.05 49.50 YOU SAVE -15.48 14.10 15.35 ... and we've got big values in the popular 14" size, too! Call us for your size *p/u« 4 r«cappob/« lint and fax on 4 iir«i $2.25 down, 1.25 weekly · _ LIMITED SUPPLY/ Set the dial...-and It wakes you to the music of your favorite program. 'Self- starting, self-regulating dock, handsome cabinet And wait 'til you hear the tone!. · SHEBOYGAN, Wis. OP--As World War U was drawing to an end 13 years ago Pfc, Fred Schneikert stood ,on a Bavarian road, fingering the trigger of his rifle as he talked with a young German who told a fantastic story of rockets and missiles and demanded an interview with Gen. Eisenhower. Tuesday night Schneikert. now 41 and ft meter tester for the Sheboygan Electric Co., recalled thinking ..the jolly man .in the long black leather coat "was just another nut." c * * * AS IT TURNED OUT the conversation was one of the first major steps' taken by the United States along the route into outer space. The young man was Magnus von Braun, brother of Dr. Werhner von Braun, the man who led the team of scientists that, put the ·ration's first earth satellite into space on Jan. SI. . ' . ; Schneikert said that his experience that funny day, "seems to me the only decent thing .'that happened'in the war. It made it all ·worthwhile." Unable to be sure that he was not being told just another long tale, Schneikert. took Magnus to his company headquarters .where von Braun still insisted on talking to .Eisenhower and "continued to talk of space stations and satellites. - The next step was back to the head- · -quarters of the civilian interrogation corps 'where von Braun-arranged for the surrender ·of the German.'experts-working on buzz bombs, rockets jjid missiles. . * a ' * . . . » . · " · SCHNEIKERT SAID he^ went into the hiDs the next day and was "a member o£ a group to which Werhner von Braun surrendered. Schneikert said it was · believed then that about 200 scientists'were staying In various hotels of the resorts scattered «bout the section of the Bavarian Alps. He \- said he learned later the number was closer to-400. * · " . ' Schneikert said, his part in the whole affair was "just one of .those things," but. ·he gave'these details: "I Was with an anti-tank, company of the 44th Division moving south toward ^the Brenner Pass. '-They made .me-regimental interpreter because I could speak ; the.'language. ' - · · ' . - "On this particular day', was May 2, 1945, three of us .went up ahead;of the outfit to set up a security post for the advance, into the next village. We took a., position under a bridge' along the' road. All of- us had rifles and we also had.a bazooka. * « * *. - · · "AS WE WAITED, this.fellow came..up. He seemed very nonchalant and started telling us in pretty good .English-about him being the brother of .the'dnventor of .the,..Vl and V2 "rockets and how 'his brother, and; other scientists 'were' not far away .and? wanted to "I'told hta he was nuts:" v '. v Schneikert, who learned to speak German from his" grandmother who. came '.from', that, section of Bavaria, talked w;th',Werhner; von Braun several .times;, as .he.was. interviewed after surrendering. -He" told von ; Brauir.of · having thought/Magnus "a nut - . · ' -. *' » · . ·* . ·· * ;. : .^ ' IT WAS NOT jmtii 1950 .that Schneikert heard again-of-Werhner von-Braun when-he · saw a newspaper picture and:story in-which the scientist was explaining a space .'station. Schneikert cut out the'story and sent it to von- Braun who wrote back asking if Schneikert. still thought him-:"a-nut"-'... · . ' . ' , · /·'...-; Schneikert' said-^ie last--heard from--von Braun in December when the. .scientist 'said he was looking =for the day when .the press of his outer space projects would subside and . permit him to join -.Schneikert for some down- to-earth fishing in'Wisconsin. · . -'· EXPERT Front Wheel Balance Reg. price 4.00 for a fabulous Automatic Dryer 95 MODCL Just turn fhe dial... and you're FREE! Imagine! This wonderful GE. automatic dryer at this amazing low price! With timed "set-yourself" cycles and full-sized family capacity. Clothes dry fresh and sweet no matter what the weather outside. Only $5 down, 1.50 weekly '(matching hat. iligMf tftral '.58 "l/LTRA-X/S/ON" ^"Television Set ^ .convenient top .tuning . . . . . . * new 110 ^uminized picture tube it new. Slim Silhouette styling * "Set-ahd-f orget" volume' control . it's ALL NEW -- come in and see it! $5 down delivers/ Easy budgef ferms ^;. NOW, .ALL FOR 7 95 All Work dont by facfory-»raintdip»cia/isfi. 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