Independent from Long Beach, California on March 11, 1966 · Page 29
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 29

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1966
Page 29
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A-3-- INDEPENDENT ""· n, LA$ VEGAS..: SHOWyROUNDUP Following is a roundup of current shows and' nightclub attraction In Las Vegas. SAHARA--Buddy Hackett and Sergio Franchl. SANDS--Vic Damon e and comic George Kirby. .FLAMINGO-nlack Carter and Barbara McNair. RIVIERA--Betty Grable.ln "Hello Dolly." .. DESERT INN--"Hello America." Paris revue. . ·? . THUNDERBIRD-- C'Esl la Femme revue. THE MINT--Ice Follies. TROPICANA--"Follies Bergere." STARDUST--Lido, '66. HACIENDA--"The Wonderful Stars of Burlesque." K tsraun conn, nnunon. nun: nwrta mi. tin «tt «. Too smart more than $ 3.99 Sunny Brook buyers one! MarvelousIyMild They know you can'tf get a smoother whiskey' 'than Sunny Brook at] 'cny price. One sip of/ Jfc marvelous mildness .. , cndyooUcgreeJ HAS ADVICE FOR WIVES WITH SAME IDEA Loving Wife Visits GI Mate in Saigon ' · ' ! ' - V ' ' ' ' ^ ^ '_ COLUMBUS, Ga. OB--Mrs. Woodro'w Chute, a 22-year- old bride of 18 months, wanted to see her soldier husband in. Viet Nam, so she took direct action. She bprrowed money made a-three-week first airplane ride, incidentally. What does she think of the trip and would she advise other women to attempt an undertaking? "I loved it. I would to have stayed; but the wouldn't let 'me. more difficult -because the planes · were late and she missed. connections. Mrs. Chute,:an, artist-with the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, is from Harrisburg, and Pa. Her husband, a helicopter visit--her riiechanic with the 1st Cav- -,, Division at An Khe, is from Charleston, S.C. "I WOULDN'T advise other women to try to go to Saigon, though, if they can meet their husbands out of Viet.Nam. It's a long, tiard trip. It's expensive. And my hiisband was continually bank afraid that somebody would shoot me or bomb tae." The trip took her by plane to,Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle, toms Tokyo, Hong Kong and then to Saigon. She returned last weekend, my and said the trip home was me. 1 SHE SATO she saw Saigon such mostly from taxicabs, "and when-we walked through the liked crowds, we. walked fast. We army didn't go out .after dark, because my husband was afraid something might happen." Financing the trip wasn't much of .a problem, she said. "The airplane fare was somewhere about $1,200. The whole trip cost me about $1,900. I borrowed about half from a The most difficult time during the trip? "It was while I was in pus- in Saigon. It took only 10 minutes, but it seemed like hours, because I knew .husband was waiting for |f City's Sea-Center Push Gaining, Mansell Says the city's program to become a center of oceanographic d e v e l o p m e n t is "moving ahead," City Manager John R. Mansell said Thursday. Mansell discussed the long-term project at a meet- Ing of the North Long Beach Commercial Club and also in an interview. Barely two months · old, the joint study' and promotional drive aimed at attracting ocean - oriented industry and technology to Long Beach is headed by Louis F. Jobst Jr., former marine editor of Th« Inde- p e n d e n t and Press-Telegram. While ticking off a number of accomplishments, Mansell'advised against expecting · "any o v e r n i g h t miracles." ,· * * · « "WE'RE UP AGAINST some very tough competi- MARCH of VALUES! KING SIZE SLEEP SET REDUCED '20.00 Plus FREE LINEN SET Not only is this king liza ileep sei reduced $20 but you get a bonui linen package free with each' sei purchaied. Set includes Icing tiis mattresi, twin box springs and frame. Bonus linen package Jncludes .famous Ufica prod uch . . . 2 top s h a · t s, 2 bottom sheers and 2 pillow cases. Reg. 169.50 50 149 DUAL PURPOSE STUDIO COUCH tion. P1 a c e s -like Seattle, San Diego ;and Miami-have a lot going for them and some have been, in this business for y e a r s , " Mansell asserted. "Jobst has attacked.this project'with a great ideal of enthusiasm, and I am well satisfied .with the'program to date," he added. The program is being carried '· forward simultaneously in several areas, including industry, education, promotion and legislation. Mansell said the city has 'a promise from the University of Southern California to make Long Beach the mainland terminus-and logistics center of the $6 million Marine Science. Center at Catalina Island. * * +. * AT THE SAME time he revealed that a special evaluation conference has been called for March , 30 between representatives of industry, gove'minent and colleges to look into the feasibility of creating a technologically and engineering oriented Marine School at Long Beach. The .manager said Jobst, working with Long Beach Promotion, foe., and-a local advertising agency, has produced an illustrated 12- page oceanological recruiting brochure titled, "If You're In the Ocean Business . . . Harness the Sea- power of Long Beach." C O N T A C T HAS been Doubles as a comfortable single bed. Sturdy walnut finished hardwood frame. Flat spiral spring base, 30x74. 4" thick seat cushion. In limited choice of modern prints, textures. 2 tapered foam bolsters. ONLY W«kome to Quality... Mattress Factory LONG BEACH 3425 E. Anaheim Optn Moi. t Fri. Ill S -- 13«.945f BELLFLOWER 17421 Bclrflower Open Man, 1 Fri, till 9 -- 925-5955 SANTA ANA 411 W. 5th Street OHK FrMiy til i Kl 3-6/1. --AF WlrtWiot. BACK FROM VIET NAM, Columbus (Ga.) Ledger- . Enquirer artist, Mrs. 'Woodrow Chute, displays mementos of two-week .visit with her husband, a helicopter pilot. Shopping mos'tly in' Saigon, she acquired Vietnamese stringed instrument, crossbow and arrows : in quiver, and shoes.' made with scores of companies and corporations across the country with oceanic divisions or projects, and a thorough survey of the marine oriented market in Southern California is under way. Personal contact has been made with some companies, including Ocean Science Engineering, Inc., a -new firm headed by Willard Bascom, which plans to make Long Beach its West Coast center. Mansell pointed out that the : M. J. Richardson Co., a marketing firm, has approached the Long Beach Development Agency with plans to construct a. $20 million International Marine Center. "We are looking into federal legislation, too," he said, "and Jobst made contact with a number of key U.S. agencies with ocean funding during a recent trip to Washington, IXC." A survey of what other cities are doing in the field is under way. Ths plan is to find out how Long Beach can accommodate itself to the upsurge in the development of offshore oil resources. "The city," Mansell remarked, ."was center stage in the ocean exploration, world last month during the Offshore Exploration Con- · ference." Coffee Shop, Market Looted Prowlers burglarized a Long Beach market and coffee shop Thursday through an adjoining glass door. Officer T. G. Whatley said the thieves took cigarettes and cosmetics valued at $400 from Reimer's Market, 145 W Broadway, then smashed i glass door to enter the ad joining building. The loss at Couch's Coffee Shop, 135 W. Broadway amounted to only 49 cents in change. Sarnoff AwarJj? · · .#. But Ifs Great Idea By, BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD UP)--No one whole new generation of. as q u i t e sure why Gen. a v i d S a r n o f f was being warded the Screen Produc- s Guild's.Milestone Award, ut all agreed it was a good dio heads was present;. Frankovich of Columbia,. ert Weitman of MGMi Richard Zanuck of 20th Cent Fox, Howard Koch of mount. ea. The milestone is. usually esented to a film pioneer. en. Sarnoff is an electronics pulchritude to catch tijw oneer, having founded the eyes: Donna Reed, Lortjita a'dio Corporation of-Ameri-Young, soprano Anna 'Moffp, Ten years ago,, it would Mary Tyler Moore, Julie'"A'«- ve seemed unthinkable for drews. ollywood to'be passing out tuns .to'.the man who did as uch as anyone to bring tele- THERE WAS PLENTY »f sion; to iange. the nation. Times It's 'always fun to join the embers of the dais at the The most awed-person^ln the room seemed to be,Miss Andrews. "My goodness,'' sJie said in her best Poppins style. "Think of all the history in this room!" - j · The hour of 8 was .reached . oducers' b a n q u e t before and .visitors .were shooed, oijt ey face the crowd at the eyerly Hilton International all room. Then'you catch the 5 names-at their case, as the case of Bob Hope, or a nervous state, like Bill osby. . * ' * * · * THE : YOUNG comic looked the'dais. "I wish they'd let e work with Woody. Allen .someone else of my gen- ation." ' · The old p a r t i e s looked ighty.spry. Adolph Zukor, crickety 93, was talking ovie b u s i n e s s with Kirk ouglas. Samuel Goldwyn, an ert 83, chatted with Lucille all, who. got 'her first Holly- ood-job as a Goldwyn girl, ow she'has her own studio, o. -. . James Stewart,was deep in nversation with his-onetime Sent, .Lew Wasserman, now mmy's sometime boss as ead of Universal Studio. The of the room" so the distinguished guests could makp their, grand entrance.'-Ge?. Sarnoff, vigorous on his 75th b i r t h d a y , led the raafth through the ballroom. [ The emcees' emcee, Bob Hope, explained the reason for the Milestone award to.Gen. mewhat'forlorn in a corner Sarnoff: "He's America's lead,the assembly, room. "I ing motion picture exhibitor." jn't-feel-right with all these It makes sense, when you coij- d parties," : he,said, gazing sider NBC's Saturday night the'more mature members and Tuesday night movie$, plus the miles of filmed seriee on the network. ·' * * * * \ HOPE WAS IN goodjpnn: : The two best prodii'deri aren't here--Gary Granted John Wayne . . . aftef.jJl. Bing can't do it all..." Grant and Wayne both recently' ld children. .. ^. g The producers handed' out other awards--to "The *" of Music" as the best · duced movie, and "My.Ni is Barbra" as the best prij- duced .TV·- show. The lat$r was a CBS show, .but thijt didn't spoil the general's bii day. EL -...# ENCANTO CARNE ASADA (Infill 1 Slritii M Siiu til .^.steBkd-rmerM^rrjoit.'r. "gr'firfft strln are"iir5ired~wTi'ri } wtcfal-prj»r«J tWu mnj. wltti lorn* tllhi: Indydtd two Jalisco jrylt enchiladas itoFfri wirh dilcken and cov«f« wllh a specialty prepared sour cream i«uce and chopged ureen - onions. Also this dellcKxn entree Includes Casaotllas made wllh corn lorllllM, irwlled Monterey Jack Cheeie and a strip of Green chill, and Ashley's famous cuacamoia salad. ' DINNER INCLUDES: £afhOC MEAD OK TORTILLAS. «~»T. COFFEC. DESSERT _ Mt SERVED SATURDAY AND SUNDAY · MUSIC OF ROMANTIC MEXICO · ENCHANTIH6 COCKTAILS · FOODS PREPARED TO GO 1731 EAST FOURTH ST. HE 6-76^3 WE FEATURE KARASTAH * liatLOW * CAIIN CRAFTS ·A: LEES * PHILADELPHIA * HOLLYTEX * MASLAND WUKDA-WEVE FIRTH 100% Nylon Twe«J, Cont. Filoment Pile. 3 most popular decorator colon fo chocs* from: Avocado, For thole who tnliik young, attractive aid contemporary. Specially priced for this ial«. 14 colors. 11918 E. Resccnms Ave., Norwalk CALL UN 3-2120 or UN 8-7791 OPEN DAILY 10-t P.M.; WED. SAT. 10-4 P.M. All rolli a* sal* will bf displayed at CM itofe. DINNER HOUSE i · GERMAN DINNERS · COCKTAILS i · THICK STEAKS · LOISTER · PRIME XIK · FRO LE»J fHTEHTAlHMEHT MIGHTlf { ftatirlig TONY .FOX of »·· Piana m*t Orqa* tmr ''" DELICIOUS LUNCHEON DAILY CLOSED MONDAY DAILY SPECIAL CHOICE NEW YORK DELMONICO STEAK Shrimp Cocktail, S»*f or SalwJ, Potato and Special Tun., Wed., Tlm CHOICE TOP SIRLOIN STEAK Sbrlitp Coclwll, Soup or SaM, Totato. mi D«Mit · ftj- 1 *' · 17847 LAKEWOOD XVSkffiSl. 433^801 JAMgUET ROOM FOR YOUR HOLIDAY PARTIES GROWN CAFETERIA 101 ALAMITOS AVE. HE 2-5000 OPEN DAILY 11:00 A.M. TO 8:30 P.M.'; FEATURE ITEMS · Fifty Solad Selections Roast Turkey Prime Rib Round of Beef Baked Halibut Baked Ham Baked Chicken Steaks to Order Roost Duck (Sun.) Chop Suey (Wed.) Lamb Stew and Dumplings (Fri.) Sirloin Tips (Sun.) Our Own Bakery SPECIALS 4:00 P.M. TO CLOSING Monday ROAST ROUND OF BEEF. _ $1.25 German'Cols Slaw Mashed or Sweet Potatoes Roll or Corn Bread and Butter Coffee or Tea ..$1.10 Tuesday and Wednesday FRIED CHICKEN _ Cole Slaw or Carrot and Raisin Salad Sweet or Mashed Potatoes Corn.Bread nr Roll and Butter Coffee or Tea Thursday CORNED BEEF AND CABBAGE...: $1.35 Boiled Potatoes and Carrots Roll or Corn Bread and Butter Coffee or Tea Banquet Rooms and Party Facilities

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