Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 17, 1976 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, April 17, 1976
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· For, Women · Editorial ·"Sports , . "Entertainment - Comics ·Classified .; Legal Notices 7 B 9 10-12 12 Cimfc . VOL. 108 -- NUMBER 305 The Public Interest Is The First Concern Of This Newspaper FAYrrTEVILlE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, APRIl 17,1976 IOCAL FORECAST-Showers and thunderstorms with some locally heavy, rains through Sunday with continued mild temperatures. Low l a s t ' night 67. Lows tonight In tha' low 60s with highs Sunday in the low 70s. Sunset today 6:52; sunrise Sunday 5:40. Weather map on page 12. PAGES--TEN CENTS Christian Pilgrims Crowd Jerusalem Cbrinally Said Still Neutral Despite Offers ; -WASHINGTON (AP) -- Former Texas Gov. John Connally says that in his political dis cussions wilh President Ford and GOP challenger Ronald Reagan neither candidate has promised him anything in e\ climige For his support. With (lie Texas primary two weeks away, Connally has thus far maintained public neutral ity although both Ford and Rea gan have been courting the for mer treasury secretary. Connally has met twice will Ford in the past two weeks and has said he has also spoken to Reagan. But he emphatically denie published reports that'Ford ha offered him a Cabinet post, i exchange for his support. · Ford held two While Hous meetings with Connally, the early this week nominated Connally law partner to a fee eral judgeship. Both Ford and Reagan b :iicye Cnnnally could swing a lo of votes in the May'1 Texas pr mary battle. His ondorsemen · would he less critical for Re . gan, who is thought to be f vored by t h e ' ·conservatK Texas Republicans who fnllo Connally. : FORD'S OFFER Connelly's comments Frida followed a published report In Ford had offered to make hi secretary of state after the N vcmber elections in exchan for support in the Texas p ·mary. The While House also cleni the report and Secretary ol Slate Henry . Kissinger dismissed it with a smile, saying there appeared to be -"a bitter competition going on for a place that may not be vacant. '-· Meanwhile, there were these political developments Friday: --President Ford's election · ·committee was paying viewers to watch a film of Reagan's recently televised national appeal for votes. · ' R e s i d e n t s of Carbondalc, 111.. · and nine other Illinois, comrnu- · nilies said they were paid $7.50. by the Ford campaign lo watch the address in which (he former California governor crill: cizcd the foreign policy of Ford and Kissinger. Viewers are .'asked to give their reactions at "various points during the film "and then fill out questionaires. · - --Former Georgia Gov. J i m my Carter campaigned in Louisville, Ky:, the scene of un rest and occasional violence over busing, where he said he did not intend to raise "false hope" that if elected president ' he would resolve the busing con troversy. Security Tightest In Years Four Killed In Wreck Rescuers crouil around mi overturned hits, which crashed* into u· ravino at St..Maurice le Ligiion, France kilN ing four persons and injuring' a dr7cn others curly Inday. The bus' was Inking 37 mem- Wade Named State's First FOI Advocate Lynn'Wade, the . Fayetteville jltomey who refused to join olher members of Ihe state Board of Corrections in an Oct. 25, ' 1875, executive session to discuss the death' of a Cummins Prison Farm inmate, today : was Act. but also (lie spirit of free dom of information." Other winners in t h e stale wide competition were the City of Fayetteville, first runner-up Rep. 'Mike Wilson of Jackson vilie. second runner-up; anc l l a u l l - · .Greene County Treasurer Jim .jamcd Arkansas' first Freedom m i e Lou Fisher, third runner of Information Advocate. u p. As a project of the University ot Arkansas chapter ol the Society of Professional Journal- isls, Sigma Delta Chi, with the assistance ot SDX chapters at 1 the University of Arkansas at Little Rock ond Arkansa_5 State| Advocate were p r o f e s s i o n a l OPEN MEETINGS Arkansas' 1067 Information Act all meetings of .,(1 bodies _ - . -' ties; townships, and all other " solicited froml^TM missions or org! throughout Arkansas. ; S " " i h i i c funds, be The award was presentc- 1 " · " " " ' Wade this morning at regional convention ot SDX in| By THE ASSOCIATED PHES A stinging sandstorm covered most of Ihe Holy Land with a powdery haze for the beginning of the Easier weekend as thousands o[ pilgrims crowded into Jerusalem for services under the lightest Israeli security in At the Vatican, Pope Paul VI limped through the Good Fn day procession as he carried a 1 light wooden cross, but held up the cross firmly before t h e thousands of persons gathered for the service near the Colo F«um. He later spoke of the "mystery of (he rcdeemin; power of our own suffering." The 78-year-old Pope had been described at an earlier service as "this crucified one o thp contemporary church," a reference to recent personal attacks on him and to his health problems. A Capuchin friar and preacher of the papal household told a large audience, including the pontiff, at St. Peter's basil ica that the Pops suffered at the hands of "many manipulators of public opinion through the mass media, men of science, culture and art." SECOND REFERENCE It was the second reference in two days lo recent attacks in the international press on Pope Paul's uncompromising stands on sexual ethics and abortion. Ugo Cardinal Polelti, vicar .ot Rome, oil Thursday criticized the attacks and asked .the faithful to' support the Pope. Throngs of pilgrims braVM the storm to sing afternoon devotions on Calvary, the smal hill is revered as the s p o t . I where Jesus died on the cross Israeli soldiers with assaul guns watched Hie crowd as par of increased security measures following Arab riots protestini T irrTi v Tf\rK IA7^ Gnv 1 Israeli occupation of the Eas LlTTLi, ROCK ( A I ) , : ,^^;| B g n k 0 , Jo ; dan S ,, 1CC (],,, m hers of a Paris karate club lo an Easter Holiday training session. Six Feet And Rising Dike walkers-huddle under-a bridge at Jllnot, N.D. as (he Souris River rushes past. The river is six feet higher than flood stage and is: being held away Irom (he flood plain hy 30 miles of high (AP, Wirephoto) dikes.' Pryor Quiet About Right To Work Law David Pryor declined Friday lo reveal, his position on the labor e f f o r t to amend '"'°Pryor' V the risht-lo- ..__.e East War. Some of the pilgrims carric Iv3avy crosses down the narrow went before the AFL- Street of Sorrow to the lomh o Pnlitical the resurrection on Golgoth Thursday a t . Hot] TM^toc church ot l h c " ol s a n d s jammed 11 I church from noon to 3 p.m., o Franjieh Signs Law for Early Election BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) -Lebanon's Christian President Suleiman Franjieh signed ; mto aw today a constilional amendment permitting early elections for his replacement. Premier Ffashid Karami announced. signing, which Franjich's amounted lo his resignation. mentarv elections A barrage of firing bj auto matic weapons and mortars relieved to be by celebrating Moslem gunmen, followed news d[- the signing, ' which, .was Broadcast by Beirut radio Franjieh r s resignation has been-a key-demand of Moslem came as a new cease-fire -- 35th in a year of civil war -appeared to be taking hold un der sponsorship of Syria and Palestinian guerrillas. . Karami said Franjieh sen the amendment, passed'by par liament a week ago, So parlia ment Speaker Kamel Assaad who will organize new parlia leftist: forces m the 'sectarian struggle. The Christian nrcsi dent is the hardline chieftain o a right-wing clan. . . : SLOWS DOWN Police, said -the .vicious fight i n g - , which- had exploded in the past few days tetwecn Moslem ' n ing and an occasional mortar blast. They said 36 persons wera killed and 78 wounded overnight in Beirut and its suburb! and along tlie edges of the 805- square - mile Christian enclave north of the capital. The latest truce plan was worked out Friday by Syrian President-Hafez Assad and Palestinian guerrilla leader Arafat, it gives the guerrillas a major peacekeeping role. · : Assad has been putting pressure,' including the threat' of armed intervention, on both to kept ITIMES fro and by members Blulf Commercial fourth District.' Both mttons cited Wade's again si his fellow f Board members in open discussion of cir.'.umstan ccs surrounding the -if-"- ~ the Cummins' inmate. w.ilked out of I other Board members voled lo a secret session. According to jour nominaleri him, Wa to enter into the Board's executive session was singular act of FC and serves as tin (CONTINUED ON PAGE lom of er, tkil H'erning . COUIV districts bureaus, lizations part by sending public y these re ulso iny citi- ile law. ,d from - by jringdale \ District the Pine om Ihe h nomi- s slam srrection favor o .'.umstan death o e. Wad tin§ afte voted fo lists wh '3 refusa Jorrcctio Dn was " dvocacy ample 1 K TWO) At pw; mnfpronce Friday'l served as the time Jesus was ] r\Tir "iairi he told the AFL-CIOJon the cross. 'at he would not sign the peti- The Good Friday worship ne'iil ih on 'th^'gene'rai Son Sacchi the Franciscan, guard'^Qt lan of the Holy Land, to the site ' Pryor said he is not saying of the crucifixion. ' ,, c is for or against the labor There, a replica of Christ s lan "I will not debate the is- body was removed from a ue I am staving neutral on cross, anointed and taken to the iVi i»ui " Tomb of the Resurrection. CLOSED SHOP LAW NAILED TO CROSS The labor amendment, if ap- In The Philippines, the Tnost proved would make it legal for fervently Christian land in mions to negotiate- labor con- Asia, 34-year-old Juan Firing racts that make union mem- was nailed lo a cross for the icrship mandatory for obtain- seventh consecutive year as ng a joh. That is known as a part of an annual village ccre- ;lnscd shop, and is illegal in mony. , Arkansas now. Firing's broth er-m-l aw, Mc- On another matter, Pryor has dino Pomposa, drove Ihe nails been accused by one of his op- into his palms in a ceremony in noncnts-in (he governor's race, a field of the village of Barrio Jim l.indscy of Fayetteville. of San Pedron, « miles north of making o mistake by not filling Manila. _ the last Hi«hway Commission Firing spent about 10 seconds vacancy wilh someone from the on the cross and (he pain in his 2nd Congressional District, spiked palms drove him to Pryor said he did not make a tears and whimpers, mistake and will not make a The father of seven children commitment al this lime on and a farmer and former se where his next Highway Com- curity guard. Firing said hi mission appointee will come annual crucifixions are part o f r n m a vow he madp when his moth r fhe next vacancy will be] er recovered from an illness. filled in January when Law- Despite the seven crucif rcnce Blackwell of Pino Bluff xions, his palms are nearly un . . . - . . - ^ NEWS 1 View Freedom Train NORTH LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- A total of 53,579 "spectators visited the American Freedom Train during its three-day stopover in Arkansas, officials said. Norton Wilson, an adminis- rative assislant to Mayor Edic Powell of North Little Rock aid Wednesday's crowd of 10,916 was the most to view the exhibits on a single day since the Freedom Train began its nationwide tour a year ago. Turning Back LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Free dom of the press is jeopardized by a wave of court "gag or riers." but American journal ism has succeeded in turning back Ihe "official secrets" pro visions of Senate Bill 1, a CB= news executive said Frida BRIEFS , Three Killed ENGLAND, Ark. (AP). -Three Little Rock residents were killed and another person was injured early .today when lie car in which they. were rid- ng went out of conlrol in a curve, left the road and hit a ulvert, Slate Police said. The dead were identified as vary Scales Jr., 23, the driver. and Wesley Howard Jr., 29, and Maxine Howard, 23.- , Opposes Repeal LITTLE FIOCK (AP) - Cal Lcdbetter Jr. of Little Rock, a 2nd District congressional candidate, said Friday-he opposed repeal of tlie state's right-to- work law. . ' , Ledbcller, a stale representative, said he had made his position known to the state AFL- r"ir\ _ _ night. ^··v- nillillBllllll'llllllIllllllllllilli'llllllllUiniilillilllHlffllilirililfill'linillllllllflW^ . . . . . . . . ' , ; t _. arid'Christian forces died down sides to end : the fighting. , this morning to scattered shoot- er'al'thousand Syrian troops'dug in on Lebanese soil around key border crossings earlier this week,. apparently in readiness for a full-scale invasion; · The cease-fire' plan includes revival !of a three-power mili- lary -coordination * committee made up of Lebanese, Syrian , and Palestinian -officers 'to su- ervise'the truce and election i[ -a new'president.'The' guerilla newspaper Moharrer-re- iorled secret articles o[ t h e jgreeinent included withdrawal rnm Lebanon-of.Syrian regular r °° PS ' NEAR VICTORY. ; The Syrian '. intervention. ,,'hich came as'lhe leftists were close to victory over the Christians, was attacked by the leader of the leftist Moslem faction. Kamal Jumblatt, as an attempt to put the Lebanese left under Syrian domination. . ; - . . The Moslems, now a majority in Lebanon, arc fighting .to wrest control of the country from the Christjans. who have dominated it politically since World War II. Jumblatt met after tlie Palesli from Damascus Near Overseas Installations Pentagon Subsidizes Resort Areas A Little Nip A couple of aggressive gccsc mro not satisfied with (he hand M l of Hllle Danielle Cliis- helm, VA- The girl leaps back as one goose tries (o lake her box of goodies nway from her a! (lie New York Ccnlral Park Children's Zoo nn n - w a r m sunny Friday afternoon. (AP Wircpliolo) WASHINGTON (API -- The Pentagon is spending $12.6 million a year lo subsidize overseas resorts for military per- onnel and assigns soldiers lo such jobs as ski lift operators, store' clerks and hotel couriers, congressional auditors say. The General Accounting Of- ice the investigative arm ol :ongress, rcporled Friday that many' guests at (he Pentagon resorts in Germany, the Philippines and Hawaii were U.S. ci ilians and foreign nalionals. GAO recommended that ccr tain recreational areas he con solidatod or closed down, say this would save $3-6 million a year in defense expenditure in Germany alone, The report wi3 mado puuli y Sen. William Proxmirc, D- He said he does not object o subsidized vacations for low- ranking military families, 'but (lie abuse, management ncfficicncies, and just plain vasle in these programs should 10 brought lo an end immediately." The GAO report covered Pen- agon resorts at Garmisch, Germany, the John Hay Air Rase Recreational Facility in ;hc Philippines, the Kilauea Military Camp in Hawaii's Vol Cannes National Park and (he ncwly-consiriiclcd 15-story Hal Koa Hotel in Honolulu. Military personnel . are no supposed to bo assigned t purely recreational duties, flu the GAO said it found that a Garmisch 193 soldiers were scd as ski-lift operators, bowing alley pinseller.s, ski patrolmen, golf course g r o u n d s - iccpers, lour guides, store lerks, sports Instructors, hotel couriers, m.lil clerks, confer- nce coordinators and public in- ormation assistants. Proxmirc said he was concerned that the practice of assigning military personnel lo such jobs "has not only cut back Uie number of men f o r combat duties in Europe, b u 1 the GAO found that m a n y o! (lie GAO found that many o Ihe mililary personnel assigned lo Garmisch had critical spe cialities needed elsewhere F.uropc." The GAO said it found tha mililary personnel also scd for recreational duties in lawaii and the Philippines. GAO said active U.S. military crsonnel have been turned way from the Garmisch resort localise rooms were occupied y foreign military rjues'ts. U.S. mililary relirccs and U.S. civil- ns. The GAO said foreign mill- ary guests pay a small surcharge, but (he fee docs not cover the full cost of using the Pentagon facilities. Thc report noted that at th Philippine facility 1,099 Philip line nationals have been issuc guest membership cards as a good will gesture. The card en ablcs them to use the recrcn lional facility's guest lodges m(yyia (healer, skating rink with Arafat lian returned scus wilh the new he Lebanese leftist dly withdrew an anti-Syrian statement he had just made to newsmen. Leaders, of the Christian forces informally indicated acceptance of the truce agreement. A spokesman for the Phalange Party, the largest Christian militia group, said the party Eavored revival of the three-power coordinating committee. According to Moaner, 'Jnitj of the Palestine Liberation Organization will be used lo help restore law and order. About 7.000 PLA troops have entered massage clinic, bowling alley, Lebanon.lo act as peacekeepers olf course, lennis, badminton after a previous Syrian-spon- ind volleyball courts, sored cease-fire in January. "They also have Ihe privilege n u t (hey ceased taking an ac- f purchasing certain duty frcchive role after fighting broko orids or receiving bingo out again in late March. rizes," the GAO report said. It aid Ihe practices violate Air I Force regulations and Philip- Pivotal Meeting pine law. but are condoned by I SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- )oth sides on Ihe basis of 'good Bus and streetcar drivers have viir and "apparently because) scheduled a potentially pivotal he area is frequented by many meeting that could signal a prominent Filipinos." I break in labor support for San The report said the projected | Francisco's illegal 18-day-old occupancy rates the p for th e Hono- municipal workers strike. lulu hotel indicate 20 per cent The 2,001) operators of ; the of its use will be for nonmiliU' city's buses..trolleys and cable ry guests of military personnel.tears, haying twice voted to hon- 23 per cent for retirees and or the picket lines of the slnk- their dependents and only Slling emit workers, scheduled, an per cent lor active duty person- unprecedented third vote for lo- nel and their dependents. day.

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