Independent from Long Beach, California on February 26, 1969 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
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Wednesday, February 26, 1969
Page 3
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SIRHAN (Continued from Page A-l) order to talk to his client. The recess lasted more than a half hour, and despite talks with his attorneys and his mother, Sirhan apparently could not be swayed from his decision. Cooper again returned to court and asked for a continuance in the case until this morning at 9:30 a.m. SIRHAN apparently became' angry early Tuesday morning when Judge Walker and the attorneys in a precourt session discussed admission into evidence of notebooks taken from Sirhan's bedroom the day Kennedy was shot. "You guys are trying to railroad me into the gas chamber," lie was quoted as saying, "and when it's all over you're going to iclll the world you gave, me a fair trial. "I'm not going to give you a chance. I'm going in there (the courtroom) and plead guilty and go to the gas chamber." Sirhan then is reported to have turned to Judge Walker and intimated he would "get even" with the jurist "before this case is over with". Cooper said later his client hail "blown his top and -we're Irving to control him. "He feels his constitutional rights are being violated in taking these documents of Jiis and offering them in evidence," the grey-haired attorney explained. * o « * A D M I T T I N G Sirhan "wants to change his plea," Cooper said the defense team "was not going to let him. 'We're running ( h i s case.' We're nut going to let the client run it. He doesn't know what the hell he's doing." When the defense team returned to the courtroom, Sirhan, looking extremely ·pale and his eyes red as if he had been crying, sat glumly while Cooper asked for a continuance in the case until 9:30 a.m. today "because of reasons previously slated in chambers." (Cooper had told Judge Walker that should his client appear uncontrollable he would request a recess.) The young Jordanian's 55-year-old mother, Mary, relumed to her courtroom seat in tears after talking for 10 minutes with her son. "There's something funny going on," she said. "They arc even using the trash against him." ;: * * " MRS. SIRHAN referred to one crumpled letter, taken from the Sirhan home trash barrel by a police officer and offered into evidence. On the hack of the letter, in Sirhan's handwriting, was written: "RFK must be disposed of properly. Robert Fitzgerald (sic) Kennedy must soon die." The envelope, bearing the Argonaut Insurance Co. return address- was postmarked Oct. 23, 1967. The envelope was one of two introduced into evidence Tuesday. The second, from the U.S. Internal Revenue Bureau and bearing no postmark, had written on the back -- also in Sirhan's writing . . . "RFK must be disposed of like his brother was." Sirhan's first outburst during which he jumped to his feet shouting, "That hasn't been admitted into evidence yet," came during an argument between attorneys as to whether two pages of his notebook should be entered as evidence. The jury was not in the court. (. V '! * THE TWO pages, in which Sirhan espoused the Communist cause and overthrow of the U.S. government, were said, by Cooper, to be "irrelevant and immaterial to the issues of this case. "These are highly prejudicial to the defendant . . . they are highly inflammatory and I don't think this should be given to the press." Chief prosecutor Lynn (Buck) Compton countered with: "Everything we offer is prejudicial to this defend- L«* I..A C.-H., w«d.. M,.». IK» INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PMJ--A-3 BLONDE GETS LIFE: PERVELER DEATH A former Los Angeles policeman was sentenced to death and a platinum- haired young widow to life imprisonment Tuesday for the murder of their spouses to collect "double indemnity" life insurance policies. A jury of seven men and five women returned the penalty ' c r d i c t s against Paul Perveler, 31. a tall, handsome ex-policeman, and Mrs. Kristina Cromwell, 27. mother of a 6-year-old son. "I he same jury had convicted the two of first-degree murder last week. Mrs. Cromwell's husband. Marlin. 27. was found shot to death in the couple's burning home Dec. 11. 19SG Perveler's wife. Cheryl. 22. was punned down in the carport of their apartment house last April, seven weeks after they were married. Perveler convicted of first-degree murder in both slaying* and given two death sentences. Mrs. Cromwell was convicted only of the deatii of her husband and was given a life sentence after her attorney pleaded for mercy for his client. He argued that she was not an equal partner in the death of her husband. ·a **,;£' /· (?-./ ' 0 · f y ' o · *\ *P c P/¥^ /' / r / i Q C" t) C- £n-M.^- He ^^./://;-:.//£/·' ·· · · ' ' . . THIS IS A PAGE from one of tlie notebooks found in the home of Sirhan Bishara Sirhan the morning after Sen. Robert F. Kennedy was shot. Written over and over was "Robert F. Kennedy must be assassinated." The page is dated May 18, 1968, nearly three weeks before Kennedy was slain. Notebooks were introduced into evidence at Sirhan's trial Tuesday. ant. The issue is whether it proves anything in this case." Here Sirhan jumped to his feet to interrupt the reading of the pages, but the outburst barely ruffled the prosecutor. He continued: "Any- t h i n g that refers to the assassination of a political figure is clearly relevant in discussing the defendant's slate of mind." "One could have this political point of view and still not want to kill anyone," Cooper charged. * * * * JUDGE WALKER interrupted the feuding attorneys to rule that the "inflammatory nature of the documents" made it necessary to keep them away from the jury, but overruled Cooper's plea to keep it away from the press and public. 'I he controversial pages, containing doodles and repetition, were entitled "Equality before and after the law." "f advocate the overthrow of the current president of the (obscenity) United States of America. \ 1 have no absolute plans . yet. -- but soon I will ' compose some. "I am poor -- this ; country's propaganda says | that she is the best coun- ! try in the world -- I have i not experienced this yet -- the U.S. -- says that life in Russia is bad -Why -- supposedly no average american has ever lived in a Slavic society so how can he tell if it is good or bad -- isn't his gov't putting words in his mouth. "Anyway -- i believe that the U.S. is ready to start declining, not that it hasn't -- it began in Nov. 23, 63 (the day after John Kennedy was killed) -hut it should decline at a faster rate so that the real Utopia will not be too far from being realized during the early 70s -- in this country. "I firmly support the communist cause and its people -- whether Russia, Chinese, Albanian, Hungarian or whoever -"Workers of the World Unite, You have noting to loose (sic) but your chains and a world wo win." In another section of the notebook he wrote, "We know what we are doing in Viet Nam -We're keeping the economy going through our war spending -- We will keep busy here working on picayunish matters. "Well, my solution to this type of government is to do away with its leaders and declare anarchy -- the best form of gov't . . . I c o n t e n t that what is more democratic than to shoot a president." * * * * IN A diary dated May 18, 1968, 9:45 a.m. he wrote: "My determination to eliminate R.F.K. is becoming more the (sic) more of an unshakable o b s e s s i o n . . . R.F.K. must die. RFK must bu killed. Robert F. Kennedy must be assassinated . . ." (The last phrase repeated throughout the entire page, except for the bottom line which read; "R.F.K. must be assassinated before 5 June 1908." In the pages, he not only wrote that "Kennedy must fall . . . must be disposed of ... must be sacrificed for the cause of -AP Wirepholo the poor exploited people," but also noted that he "can effect the death of Bert C. Altfillish" the owner of the ranch where he worked. "Ambassador (Arthur) Goldberg must die . . . must be illiminal- ed (sic)" he also wrote. One of the final pages of the notebook read: "The so-called president of the United States of America must be advised of their (sic) punishments for their treasonable crimes against the state. More over we believe that the glorious United States of America will eventually be felled by a blow of an a s s a s s i n ' s bullet . . . bullets . . . bullets . . . assassin's bullet." 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