Independent from Long Beach, California on March 11, 1966 · Page 28
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 28

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1966
Page 28
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five : 'npmmees for .twol-liye in Hollywood, one in another'in Paris.: f.fifth. makes'her perrna- t- .horne in Youngstown, and Saman- y4nts. ; ;;Julie. : Christie lives in hpk about .having an Academy. Award nominee living in their.."rrildst?'..' T .- "I t's ^become. a 'probl he laughed.: '"I can't e The Ameri- - iff. Iri the' 'nipnihg for best :fr!ESs f :oscar;7^-Js .Elizabeth n*4tvi*Ti' ··' ' · . . " · · ' ; i ;if;' ; 'Misi 'l^aHman ·.stands i aft, let, it' al so b e rerncm- _ . jiwS-'JiftiHt' 'the dark-haired, r3Sbr^ey^a y ictressTieyer ; act^'/n;a; movie'in ho'r;iite b*- |$re;h'e'r' appearande iii "Patch uof Blue" 'with Sidney Poitier *'"V. ! v : -?-'. : *' : * : - : * ·'· ' ' · · "·"·MOREOVER; : she is : tn the "''race 1 with two former win- 1 ners, Miss Andrews and Miss are high-powered ''.'British professionals w i t h I {''years of training behind them ivMiss Hartman has. never ap peared on television; her ex · perience is limited to two 'seasons', of summer stock. ·· In a telephone interview i from Yqupgstown, Miss Hart- 'jjman- said she would he ^'--Hbllywo'orl for the Oscar bash but appeared to be un. concerned with the final bal- ···'fhi'MItitlng.- ' . -^ . '.-.\uijirin cj .·. don . t r ea Uy f ee j an y""*. ·"'·'·thing about- being nominat- 1H '[ V ' 6d," she said. "I'm honored .,'' but I don't like to'think about ! *'.'/*'"" it- 'And' I have no feelings .' "'^''abbut being the only Ameri'""" can actress in the race. : "I think the foreign trend can be found in all the cate gorie's. I didn't expect anything like this to happen. Just t being able to work was thrill enough for me, and now I'm lem, ··-,,- -0 -;- r ... - can't go to he .drugstore without draw- ng ailehtion'. I know I would go unrecognized "in Holly- wood'or. New York, but I like t here. /People ^re just being ond and nice.--: I. guess be :ause .no other, movie stars live in jYourigstowh." Mis's"., Hartmari) has con tracts with -.KldM and War her Bros; for future films bu is in the enviable position o being free to pick and choosi ler roles. , , : I may be doing anothe picture soon," she concluded 'But I'm taking my time that toe kind of part I want." Bit Parts: Stephen Boyi will star in "Caper for th Golden Bulls" for Joseph E Levine David Jansseh o in "The Warin Paramount television's' !The 'Fugitive will star Shot" at George Hamilton, Lynda Bir Johnson's beau, w i l l b among the stars for the 3St annual Academy. A w a r d show April 18 ,f-,r,'; "ii W 'just anxious to another movie." get back in --AP WhTPllotl . . AND WHAT A BIG BEAK YOU HAVE Richard Couture looks on in amazement at a creature he has never before seen in his i l / 2 years. The boy was looking at a 7-foot penguin made of wire and papier mache by the Newman Club at Illinois Institute of Technology. The creature was on display at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago. H., Frt., MIT. ii, iw INDEPENDENT--P«g».U* Historian Will Durant, Wife fake Night Off for Fling HOLLYWOOD Wl -- U ,vaa surprising to encounter Will and Ariel Durant at a recent Hollywood awards dinner. The surprise was-not so much in finding two white- haired historians at a glittering affair that featured wise-cracking comics and Watusi dancing for entertainment. -It was amazing that the Durants would allow themselves a night off f r o m their monumental work. "Oh, we allow ourselves a little respite once in a while," said Ariel Durant, a smooth-faced 67, "We're letting up a little, now that we can see tlie stable," added her husband with a twinkle of his clear eyes. Last November he celebrated his 80th year. * * * * THE STABLE of which he spoke Is the conclusion of the 10-voIume story of civilization, w h i c h lie began almost 30 years ago. Originally he authored the books alone. In time his wife's collaboration became so considerable that he now shares the byline with her. · Over the party din the Durants d i s c u s s e d the progress of their work. "At the rate we're going, we. should finish . n e x t fall'," said ' Mrs. 'Durant. "The last volume Is 'Rousseau and Revolution 1 and we'll take it to the fall of the Bastille." "And that will, be the end," . said Duranf with finality. "It !s where I have always said I would finish the project, and I will resist all efforts to induce me to go further." "The story of civiliza-. tion" was conceived by Durant as he lay ill with dysentery in Damascus in 1912. He recalled that historian Henry Thomas Buckle had d!fid In Damascus before carrying out his own ambitions for a history of civilization. * + * * THE WHEREWITHAL for Duranl's project came with the publishing in 1926 of the story of philosophy, which has sold more than three million volumes. The Durants live a dozen blocks from Hollywood-and Vine, but they rarely ven- 1 ture from their hillside home; the invitation from a close friend, producer Robert Cohn, induced them out to the awards dinner this week. "Most of the time we remain at home," said Mrs. Durant. "The evenings are a luxury, because that- Is when Will allows me':to come up to his study. During the day we work entirely apart, he,upstairs, I in my own library. Thenjat night we talk over what SVe . have done and decide what vro must do next.'.' ; '·'Silence Is what I need most during the day," said Durant. "That Is the only way I can function." .; P K E L U O O D GA.5-2SJOt4»i i. » ·Dwalr* Wlrii Ik* Ntwltok! Open i:ll --Fill PA»K(N» ANN-MAROKET LOUIS JOUIDAN IDU ADAMS , Indian Tribe Conquered by White Mart's Poverty .«/ . ' '· %/ +********,. ART } ' 4tti * crurry * GE I.S41S * 'I _,! SINCE · completing ' "Patch : ' " .' of Blue" the youthful --per.; , lt former .co-starred in "The K Group," which has yet to be ':' ' ' M i s s Hartman hopes It re- ? ''' c'eives as much attention as I f . ,her first film, but holds no ^'-'KoRes/'for, bowling the world ; '?· pver with anothe r tromina- ,'("_'- Asked why she chose to ,^'. v V ve in Youngstown, she re ,,,:,, ; 'plied: .. . -. ] o \';' :'ii'm more comfortable here 'iy.r'than anywhere else. I see no rE,"i reason for sitting., in Holly; ·· wood all by myself. . ': : . '-.\ "I live hereVwith my mother, my books and my records. Most of my friends have moved away, ,so I spend a lot of time at home," AMI!. I :lnu"|. Ibshr. WHAT DO t the natives IT FIGURES 9 Snakes Drive Him to Drink -3ft, PERTH, Australia (I?)-Arrested for drunkenness, ,-,,,-, William H e n r y Manning ,.,'g, , said he had been seeing too = "jj,, many snakes.. iRij.V Turned out he was right: .,iov' -A- report 6 !' found 'that:a , :i ii ' dancer named Libe Gomez ..-[ o lives next door to Manning?. ·oj *. She uses nine boa constrictors in her act. . ' .- .' Manning, 65, complained ·.wrf;-;. that she disturbed him by -if?; -walking in her yard with · i;;\- - snakes around her.. -· · · yiiic, · "They're perfectly harm-.^ft' rless," she said, adding that '^·iro-she couldn't imagine why · r:.'r.r;::her neighbor was disturbed. : -'r.'!·:::· The judge let Manning 'it".- off with a warning to tend to his own business -- bee- »·«;. keepi1 ^-. .. . 'Jj; Snow Times i "ii Here are starting, times of ".al. features in Long Beach tfoa- o^j ..-· ters as listed by theater man- S2sn. agers: ^ "CouMtrrtll Trstlor," 10, 3:«9, 5:3«. fp"-"il 3'2r"Arlzona Rakkri." 12:«, 6:21. 12:10. ' "I'll' Take Swtdtn," 2:07, 7:56, 1:45. ''K'.r. ' RIVOLI "The Ifofv DachshufW/ 7:Dl 10.43. .I.:;- . ·.yiXf, thfJ'MV'«:«. "Circus World," I," '; "Lord Jim," KpM,, 3:15, 8:«, 1:57 ·' '·' "Taboos ol tte WorW." 13:3?, i:S5. Jl.ll · 4:Ml "Sho'oufl," 1:57, 7:13, u.rt. ', W.-.-if.- "Hn-MI of Ttiemsrk," 3:15, "BrWfiC on lh« River Kwal," 12:30, v . K:M - TOWNE '^ ·"·«u!5{ r r*vS;Xf. l ? !r! lii.' : ": '** MASTIC, -N.Y. UP)-- The proud, poor Poosepatucks are preparing to make . peace wi Ui the ways of the white man. After 220 years of fighting poverty alone -- and losing --they're going after federal aid for their little -Long Island reservation. . ; The Poosepatuck Indians roamed most ..of. Long Island freely until ' more than two centuries ago wheri' they settled down tin a 57-acre plot tin '-Moriches Bay. Most ol their Indian customs were preserved, a.nd ' most server, them Ayell. " ·There ; was one ; serious exception: " . . - ." ''':'. , Under Poosepatuck law, al'rvatibri Marid^. and every- {hihg'/on^tit'.rare'.'coln'piunity property^^-o wn e d by t -a 1 1 the Indian's jointly, 'when build, ings needed repair or replace ' lifl\'A T M ' ""· · · lllll.iB ALL:IIIHT · 3 OfEHlf.UAM. . i . .'3 BIG HITS : ETER ; OTOCILfe^-JAME5 MASON ·. ! ELI WALLACH- COLOR GREAT "LORD JIM" 5. HAYDEN-- Y. MCARLO-- CoHr ' ''SHOTGUN" Shockliw MDnda Adult Film V I N C E N T PRICE-- Coler 'TABOOS of the WORLD' M+W :«·! IrN "NIGHT Of · (Science Fklton FRI. « SAT. ' ·:» P.M. i ^^^^^^^^_____^^^^^^^^^^_ II PACIFIC INDOOR IRV 1 .^^So|lpJJs£! ment, the Poosepatucks had u o build them put of material p hey could take from nature fu or what they could afford to b uy for cash. . - C£ · : ·- * *' . * · * ' le THEY CANNOT get conventional bank, mortgages be- a cause banks 'won't charge ! a th mortgage to a whole tribe-^- j t which today numbers about · 15.0 persons. . . " One Poosepatuck commenled: -- ,.-. ;, "It took one of m"y friends ' 11 years to build his house. n He had to buy a roll of taK l paper one week, some lumber s the next, on maybe $100 ^ Credit at a time." £ut that-may never nave to E happen again. The chairman ii of the Economic Opportunity t Commission of Suffolk Coun- r ty said the Indians discovered s the /commission about the c same time the commission c discovered the Indians. The f two groups how are working together to get 'the. poverty- stricken' reservation back on its feet. ' * * * + "HOUSING IS the priority problem," said -Mrs. Joyce Turner, chairman of the commission. "H is not within the · H " Pll PIxt, Brlrrun! Start if THE AUK" 1 · : Ver« Dr»m«) · · '· . ADM. a.Ct S T U D E N T S Sl.» S^T^ffi^ ^J^Jtj\UJ urisdiction of the Economic Opportunity Act to provide unds for building housing, iut that does not mean we annot help solve the prob- em. ' "By organizing community action groups, we can direct he Indians' search for home inancing. And we can pro ride funds for other 'thing: they need desperately." : 1 One of these,: she said, wa i."center.where students can meet and study where a cul tural;affairs program :can b set up and where health ser vices can be offered. · . Mrs. Turner said prelimin- -- ary discussions have been under- way for some time and that soon'a final study will be made on the entire problem so that Poosepatuck needs can be put into dollars and cents terms and application for money can be made. ·**********!' TWO HITCHCOCK THRILLERS ATLANTIC » "MARNIE" and BIRDS" ,. Jamti Stewirl * Maurein O r H»ra "RARE BREED" ; "V/HERE THE SPIES ARE" " DAVID NIVEN · ' OFF-BROADWAY THEATRE - Chekhov's "UNCLE VANYA".. Thors. »I.SO( Frl., Sal. ».M ' Studnil RllM i ' ·'··"·· ON STAGE i P.M. 2 1 1 LIKE HE 7-3S7I THE MAGNOLIA THEATRE . 135 Locust AVCHLM ' . ' · 1 Lyle Talbot in 'LOVE KISSES; On Slid Thurs, «nd Sunday t P.M. · Frl. ind Sat, tiJO P.W., ' * * * * *F- PACIFIC THEATRES I* * * * STATE M4E.KUIU*. Ht 7-57SI ^-OPEN NOON All Color t' Acllon! KIRK DOUGUS "HEROES OF TELtMARK" "BRIDGE OH THE ' RIVER KW»I" OPCN r.M. ·· · Adult Enlirtilnm.nM »1I ColCll NATALIE WOOD "INSIDE DAISY CLOVER' 1 "HOW TO MURDER YOUR WIFE" OPEN P.M. All Cilirl v WALT DISNEri "UGLT DASHJHWID" u eiious : - WDIID" ·'I CHILDREN unDvuafiitt SIOW SUITS AT :K D R I V E - I N THEATRgal COMMUNITY PLAYHOUSE GE 8-OS36 -- 5021 E. ANAHEIM "HOLIDAY FOR LOVERS" ; 'THUBS., 7i»6-S2.0») IRI., 8i3J--52,M| SAT,, ttft Soloiis Protest Cut in Lunch, Milk Program SACRAMENTO ($) -- A resolution asking Congress to restore proposed cuts in the federal financing of free-milk- and-lunch p r o g r a m s for schoolchildren won final approval in the Assembly Thursay. The vote was 45-1 on the esolution by Assemblyman ohn C. Williamson, D-Bakers- ield. The only dissenting vote ame from Assemblyman Wilam Dannemeyer, D - Fuller- on. . Al Mu1ul TWirt *genci«.Waltcfi'j MinicCHySlores, Jixftins Music, 9876 Gtrden Giovt Blvd., Di-jwylanJ Hotel Ticket Agency. ·W MMb Send Srff AtWresstd, ibnpexl cnvc^pt lfld dxdl lo ROCCO, LONG BEACH ARENA, LONG BEACH Z. Tickets wfl be «rt in return Hal FOR THE MOST FUN IN THE VISIT THE WORLD! NUTHOUSE IN WILMINGTON 5 WILES WEST OF: LONG BEACH TE 4-2109, ' ' ; . ; , Closed Hon. Tues. Action Starts at 9 p.m. AGE 3 TO 22 YEARS KIDS WANTED TO AUDITION FOR NEW TV SHOWS SM \rtdeftndenl and Pron- Tdtgram Wednesday Tlieotor Paq*s or call for Information of ... 426-6493 3» PINE AVE. PHONE HE «nt 3 SMASH HITS OPEN »:« A.M. Bob H««--Tueiday Weld "I'LL TAKE SWEDEN" WIIIIM1 Holdtn--Lllll Palmer . ·COUNTERFEIT TRAITOR 1 ALDIE MURPHY--Colar 1 ' ' "ARIZONA RAIDERS". ·aet ^Parimouht Piramt. t C»;l. Blv, "RID LINE 7000" _ ,, _ $175 Pirant. ABM 'LAUGHING 20'S' PER Ctlt T«II;; NOW-?|5.0fortheEntire(arloa(l' ALL COLOR SHOW! ;- ;« "VIVA LAS VEGAS" "Who'i Minding HM SW? ALL TERROR SHOWN j| "THf NANNY" p "LADY IN A CAGE" WALT DISNEY'S MAlAf I NEWEST COMEDY "THE UGLY DACHSHUND" (lufiuuiz it.. D/inu" PLUS JOHN WAYNE", ·" WINNIE the POOH uripfi| S WORLD"' ALL COLOR SHOW! MRVUS WURLII, f; EVERY NIGHT IS LIKE NEW YEAR'S EVE ... FOR THE GREATEST EVER! TAFFY o'NHi LAKE CLUB J«f«' 172W 1. Uk . . . Krt. · H» Cow Cjary^ «^Mr3-»S4 oft«r i Pjj. IE«T*'MENRY Maxiay iUPPE IN BREATHTAKING R E A L I S M at the vViDE WSRLD IN WAX -the West's Newest Wax Museum. The Last Supper is a scene so real you'll never forget it. You'll hear the story-you'll live the experience; Don't miss it. More than 100 figures captured in breathtaking wax reality at a cost of more than one million dollars. 31 magnificent scenes-the entertainment wonder of the world t This is the Wide World In V/ax presentation viewed by over 2,250,000 people at the N.Y. and Seattle World's it's in Anaheim for you lo enjoy. See Cleopatra, Napoleon, Tfw Presidents, your favorite movie stars, Sleeping Beauty (she even breathes!)-they're all here^ Special offer for readers of Ihis advertisement: Write for free souvenir program of N.Yj Wodci's Fair Wide World In Wax Presentation, Dept. I,, a $1.00 value. Send to Wide World In Wax, Dept. I, 1850 S. Harbor Blvd., Anaheim, or ask at time of ticket purchase and specify Dept. I, Open 7 days a week; 10 AM lo 10 Pm Sun. ihru Thurs.; 10 AM to 12 Midnife Fri. Sat. Free parking. Admission $1.50 Adults/75? 13-18 yrs./50f 8-12 yf* Under 8 free when accompanied by adult. Special group rates. Phone 714/638-4111^ One Block South of Disneyland at Harbor Boulevard and Katella Avenue. _£f . A utMiiTAtlOM Of WALTIII jmu«iU.tST IHC -^TZ\

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