Independent from Long Beach, California on February 12, 1958 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1958
Page 3
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i.«h, c.m x w.i., t*. u, mi INDEPENDENT---P«g« A-3- m i iisjon Post ices -. (Continued From Page A-l) wants a five-cent stamp ; for out-of-town letters -and; similar, increases for other classes-.', of- mail. · · ' . . · ' . · ' *" * * : * ' · . THE FIFTH CENT of the requested rate increase.for out: '6f-town letters would be ·.ear- marked'for the modernization program: · - .-; "· ' ' Press. .-Secretary; .James,'. C :| ... ._ i __ _ ,, _ _ _ ._ _. Hagerty declined 1 .,-to"label the'i s -t ruc {j on .',w 0 rk--"nVmany' com pensation jumped to 2,850,000, more efficient for modern mail an increase of 900,000..for the handling methods." month. .'The -1,100,000-rise' in .unemployment" from mid-December to mid-January. was : -the largest monthly-increase . " Judging -from ; the White House statement,,. the ,- purely federal expenditures .for new mail handling · .equipment ' and the cost of-rehabilitating, fed" esi monuuy -luuLeaat: .aun.c -- -- ,- , -government began -keeping «ally,owned:bmldingswould be 0 . . . _ . . T - . .. nn n4-irtfTAn+. - /Ml r f V m f T r P S Q i n n a l detailed- '-records on the subject in'.19'40. -: . ; . . ·-·" ' ·.-'Hagerty said-the : post, 'office building .'program/would -result "in -job opportunities'-and 1 cqn- contirigent . approval;;of the postal incr.eas'e rate. MOTHER COMFORTS SON SHE RESCUED Jonathan DiMaio, 2, is feeling better now under the watchful eye of his mother, Mrs Barbara DiMaio, who found him floating face down anoV unconscious in an tcy creek near his home in Philadelphia Tuesday. Mrs ; . piMeiogushed to the creek after being-- told by his older brother that Jonathan had fallen m She waded in and pulled him to the bank, where she applied artificial respira- Sn The boy regained consciousness while being rushed to-the hosprtal, where later he was said-to be out of danger.-- (AP-Wirephoto.) . · 7 Discharged Counsel Hands House FCC Files to Sen. Morse (Continued From Page A-l) questioning if he would come partisan controversy and per- new program as ."pump priming." He. said ' "we 'have · had these plans for some time .and we think this is-the right time to do the right-Idling: in this field.". -· · ' - ' · ' ' . . · · ' · ' ' ' He conceded/ however, that the proposal was related : to'the current unemployment picture. He said, it would be fair to describe the · postal / construction plan as'"part of.-the .whole ;ecp- lomic .program JLo combat re- iession." The. administration'has been under heavy pressure -from Democratic congressmen to act to halt the .current' business slump. The . pressure v was intensified, by the new;unemployment report. issued -Tuesday .by-the Labor and Commerce departments. * * * ' · * THE REPORT showed an eight-year high in tiie-number OL jobless in mid-January and said the number -of .persons collecting unemployment com- munitiesi" ,"The"White House...said Congress-would be asked'for, .funds soon 'iso, trie, program'; could swing into action as soon as'tlie postal : rate . increases are approved. ' - . ' . ·.· · » - . . * · * · ' t · .."UNLESS .PROMPT, steps .are' taken to . build ' and 'equip the-thousands ,pf : new post of ; fices needed' throughout : the country and remodel- and refurbish 'many others, postal service will deteriorate," the 'statement said. "This must not happen," '·? The :WWte .-House, statement pointed out'-.that ihe leased buildings'-"pay local taxes/ 'are sound investments :· for their owners, eliminate the need for government', capital, ' and' are" economical In-'.that they 'are congressional ' .HAGERTY WAS . under i^he impression, however, -that the private construction program would,go forward 'regardless ,of the fate, of 'the rate increase legislation. . - ' ' " · ' - . . - · ' .'.'. ,The press secretary.'.said he would have to check whether congressional authority would be. necessary for the ijrivate leasing' program. 'He' said .the overall program would involve 14,500 buildings. ' . .' v , "Hagerty .would not speculate on : the .President's -'statement today except to say it an" ''economic statement"' .and not a message to' Congress.' ·' .The joint Labor-Commerce report said- unemployment- increased - most ' sharply. '_ last month · 'among adult males.:- It said some 1,800,000. ·married men/were without jobs in mid- January, compared with ,1,200,000 a year ago.. THE MID-JANTJABY total was in line with a recent prediction of Commerce Secretary Sinclair ..'Weeks, .who .said .un- employinent might ' reach . "a totat-of five million'this; month. This,would be;-the!highest total since, .the pre-World War ~H period''in 1941.',;. '"' . : . The .report -spark'ed: new' demands-in .Congress for administration" and. congressional, action to halt the business slump, which began .late last year. . (Sen. Pat McNamara.. (D- Mich).called'the report "shock^ ing"- and "another 'grim -re-.. minder that this recession must be attacked forcefully' iinct promptly." · : '."'"'.' * . Sen.' Estes Ketauver." '·· (D-_; Tenn) :said the ; '-' more serious than even _· the figures indicate ,because, many^ short'weeks: are' befng. worked .'· in industry -around the country-." to Swelling of Piles J ---with home, medication - - i IN DOCTOR'S TESTS, NEW STAINLESS FORMULA WITH AMAZING ANESTHETIC ACTION STOPS PAIN IftSTANTLYl* ! js^sis?fi5a»g£ b ^^^i^^S5 x ture, 0? «^^^ COLS TWUVC-H*. . . . ·-:·'.- ' · In-these clinical'-studies,-Pazo ro'uzbt botU'MnternaL «nd ex- .prni relief! Instant. relief for ACAICA wii*^ «"" ·***.****.- vn.-"^ TMn»ntttftJrnatlent' wort.reducing-swelling,, and. pro- patient alter PTM^ ^^ ;_$!,,, : mo ting healing! 'Results gumranf ,,,,,,,, nai.nnmfnrtt-' teed or money relunded by muter.' Public Speaking -- Memory Training -- Human Relation* . SEE ADVERTISEMENT FAI A-l :, je'offers the same remarkable benefits as won- derfulnewstainlessPazol dose, easy to-use. ment-'also available..-:. . 1 . «T«d«iiirV 0/Grovt'Lmbor.toriw, Inc. Olntratnt »nd Suupimltotta. that .Schwartz action ill turning the papers over to Morse is a "great handicap^-to the "subcommittee, and puts its in- before the group voluntarily at a later date and present whatever evidence of official wrongdoing he-might have. - The former special counsel said he turned down the offer: "The 13th Amendment prohibits involuntary servitude," vestigation in a "very grave position." * * ' nioics invuiuiiLcu.y 3civii.ww»., WE'RE going to make every i^ e said sem ifacetiously. · adding effort to get the files back.'V^ he does not propose to do, ,,,, ..,, Harris told r e p o r t e r s . "I| the wor k 0 £ a chief counsel Humphrey o£ -Minnesota, and " ' - the authority-or,'for Kefauver of Tennessee, and sonality clashes which have taken place in recenf days ..." Testimony already taken andj' charges voiced in public de-l mand "that a -full, vigorous, in-, vestigatipn be pressed' forward, until all'the facts are given to 1 the'people," they said. Council members approving I the statement included Sens. Next week-a wonderful new service on WESTERN AIRLINES! Hams* LUIU i ^ f r , w * w s . - - - - wouldn't say that--altogether.' Harris said in -anssvcr to questions that he has posted a guard over the records "that we still have" to prevent any more from disappearing. Rep. John B. Bennett (R- Mich), a subcommittee member, said.''the d o c u m e n t s :tz turned over to I "amounted to a summary : matter, the pay. * « » * SCHWARTZ said he sure exactly what was in the documents he turned over to i Morse. But he-said: "There is certainly evidence in the files which indicates Mr. "a C mounted U to a summary ^j^^^^^fth^r^- his complete work for the com asendes ., ' mittee." Two o t h c i x subcommittee members, both of whom voted latory agencies Schwartz added that in some on]y outline of a available against the memue«, uuu. y. ...««« ·----i case j s available against me for Schwartz' dismissal, denied fficials ;named- But he said the a Schwartz statement that the char ,, can bc fully deve i- committee ousted-him'although, * c hearings, it knew he had evidence of a * payoff to a Federal Communications Commission member. "We had no such knowledge," said Rep. O'Hara (R-M:nn). Arid Rep. Flynt (D-Ga) said Schwartz' statement was "completely false." Harris said the subcommittee will meet today to reorgc its investigation and get Asked if he had planned,to call Adams as a witness before the subcommittee, S c h w a r t z said: "I certainly would have wanted-to." Rep. Harris said 'earlier he did not know whether the-subcommittee would, or legally . could call Adams for testimony together "on a program so as to get this show on the road." * » » * SCHWARTZ said he was asked Monday night by Morse and by Sen. Williams (R-Del) to call on them separately with his personal papers. He did so, he said, first calling on -Wil- lon the -accusations made by liam-s, and then on Morse. Schwartz. often has. The White House taken the position Govs. Averell Harriman of ? York, and G. Mennen Williams, of Michigan. | * · * . . « . SCHWARTZ, said Tuesday; subcommittee. In v-e.s t i.gators were to have gone, to Boston-!'to delve into · the notorious 'grant bf~ -a' multi-million': dollar "television channel-to a Republican newspaper."' ·He added, however^" that owning to his ouster the.investiga- tors did not, and never- will leave "to' find out the facts concerning the relations between Secretary of Commerce Weeks and a leading director ·and stockholder of Pan American World Airways" in. connection with the TV award. In April 1957 the FCC voted 4-2 to award Boston's. Channel 5 to WHDH Inc., wholly-owned subsidiary of The Boston Herald-Traveler Corp. Heavy Fog Hits He said. Morw r that the papers be left with him in the interests of good government 'and the best interests -of the nation. ' "I left them in his custody," Schwartz said. He said this ·occurred before a U. S. marshal served on him-- about 12:30 · a. m. (EST) Tuesday-- a subpoena directing him to turn over all his files to the subcommittee.' Schwartz made' it p l a i n earlier he hoped some congressional group decides the one 'now headed by Harris would take over the investigation of what he termed plain irregular- 'ities in the conduct of some federal agencies-- including, he that presidential assistants are not bound by invitations or subpoenas from Congress, Harris later termed Schwartz' action in giving out the papers "unauthorized and illegal.". He said, however, there had been of any action . n Q c eQuested, ^ with him "* HARRIS also said the docu T ments involved filled a suitcase and a large bo^. He added that Schwartz acknowledged some of the documents turned over to Morse were not duplicated in the committee files. The chairman further said that Schwartz acknowledged that he visited the. two sen- Heavy fog settled on.\the northern and eastern sections of Long, Beach Tuesday, night, causing a.flurry of minor traffic accidents police reported. Long Beach Municipal Airport officials said visibility 'at the airport .dropped to zero- zero shortly after 10 p.m. Port pilots reported 600 yards visibility in the harbor. Orange County officials said Highway. 39 was "blacked out" by.fog. said, votes "the manner in , ators by. request, brought to Jhim through an intermediary. Harris said the intermediary; was Clark Mollenhoff, of the! DCS Moines Register and Trib-'l une. Harris said Schwartz went: with Mollenhoff to see one sen-j ator and discussed the invest!-. gation with him. ' . From . there, Harris said, Schwartz went to see another senator after picking up another reporter, 'whom Harris named as Jack Anderson, of the staff of Commentator- Drew Pearson. Rep. Flynt said Schwartz "told us he gave more to Sen. Morse last night- than, 'he ( brought to. the . committee t s : morning." Harris quoted .Schwartz have been, bought and sold in the granting of multimillion dollar licenses' and fran- chiscs." * · * · T A L K I N G with reporters after a session which had dragged on into early evening, Schwartz said .what he gave Morse was "my personal working files." "I did not strip the committee files," he said. He added that his personal files included copies o£ a num- "ber of government documents. And he said, under questioning by newsmen, that information about Adams and others is in the documents he turned over to the Oregon senator, who has accused the Eisenhower Administration--in much the same t e r m s registered Republican Schwartz has used--of being dominated by big business. Schwartz said he did not know what Morse will do with the files except that: "I/assume he is giving them a careful itudy." Schwartz appeared before the J ..._. J ,,--,, _.....-,--., . croup under subpoena today. He be conducted t "by persons who said be was asked during the have not-been involved, in the ' n ' . · T- saying there were matters the file that had to do with the Channel 10 case in Miami. * » * * SIXTEEN members of only 24 'of the Democratic' National Committee's Advisory Council, including'former President Truman and Adlai , Stevenson, called for a new investigation. Eight members could not .be reached. · . I The Democrats, in .a state-j ment cleared up by telephone,; urged "that ; a .new and. inde-j pendent . investigation of the. regulatory agencies be imme-j diately undertaken by Congress." They said the Inquiry should Today, more than ever KENT FILTERS BEST of all leading filter cigarettes, at any price! t ·.'. ^;;/TS i r^ t»* v ·.·*,£·. ^ JU " SAN FRAN Your fastest-and only 4-engine DC-6B flights! Another exciting "first" far . Long Beach travelers... from. Western Airlines'..starting Tuesday, February 18! Now 'you can 'enjoy deluxe, one-stop service thru to Sah Francisco. 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