Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 31, 1930 · Page 4
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 31, 1930
Page 4
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'* ^^ * **"* "* J \ i*. ^'j'^i/ ' ^ ' > i ' i' J f* ,l^^*'*"*i / f 1 * •'" " ' ' * * i ious News of Altooit AT SCHOOL LESSON REVIEW Inward Comes to two Suc'• tiessfttl Men and One Fail- *.ttl* Gets fired—Lesson * from Jesus' Last Days. By WILMAM T. ELLIS. "CX*itrMt Between Faithfulness and Matthew XXV: 14-SO. U DON'T seem to be very popular with this crowd," remarked a man to the gatekeeper at a railway station, as he tendered his ticket to be punched. There had been a' delay in trains, and the impatient passengers had been noisily criticising toe gateman, as he eventually let them through one at a time, punching the ticket of each. "My business is to be popular here, terfcely replied the unperturbed of- ftcrlal, touching the company's name 00. his cap. He knew whose approval really counted, and so could disregard the crowd's clamor. That incident opens the door to a leason upon life, taken from one of the final discourses of Jesus, which is the present lesson. Its first significance is that of accountability to authority. "He that judgeth me Is : the Lord." The parable portrays a > landlord as going away, and apportioning his goods to the stewardship of three servants, in the proportion of flve, two and one, to each man according to his ability. The first two did their job well, and were reward- eft at pay day; the third was an incompetent whiner, and got his desserts at the final reckoning. The one failure among the three SPECIAL SERVICE PLANNED SUNDAY A special patriotic service will be conducted in the Llyswen Methodist church on Sunday morning, commencing at 10.45 o'clock. The following program will be ren- Prelude Mrs. B. E. Crltes Hvmn, "America" Congregation The Apostles' Creed... .Recited by all Praver Rev. Bart E. Crites Anthem]'"A Little While to Wait," by Gabriel. Reading of the Psalter. .Congregation The Gloria Patrla Congregation Announcements and Offering. Soprano solo, "In Flanders Fields," i New Testament lesson Miss Ada Wertz Revelation 21:1-8 Hymn, "Battle Hymn of the Republic," 1 t^nncr^ncratlnn Address, Congregation Colonel Coppock of the U. S. Regular Army. Hymn, "God Bless Our Native Land" Congregation Benediction Rev. Crltes MENNONITE First Mennonite, Fourth avenue and Twenty-fifth street, Rev. Joseph M. Nlssley, pastor—Preaching at 11 and at 8 by the pastor. Morning subject, "Make Use of That Which Is In Thy Hand." Sunday school at 10. Children's service at 6.30. Young people's meeting at 7.15. Thursday at 7.30, prayer service and Bible study, 1 Thes. fourth chapter. Mennonite Memorial, Eleventh avenue and Twenty-second street, L. H. Glass, pastor—Preaching at 11 a. m. and at 7.30 p. m. by the pastor. Sunday school at 9.45 a. m., R. R. Hunter, superintendent. Junior Christian Eu— Senior Christian Wednesday eve- First Lutheran, corner Twelfth avenue and Fourteenth street, Marlon Justus Kline, D. D., pastor—Services at 10.45 ft. m. and at 7.30 p. m. with sermons by the pastor. Morning sub- jectj- "The Sapphire Throne by the Crystal Sea," a meditation on the ascension of Christ. Evening subject, "The Prophecy and Promise of the Advent of the Holy Spirit," a sermon- prelude to the 1900th anniversary of Whitsunday. Sunday school at 9.30 a. m., W. F. Lehmann, general superintendent. Senior Luther league on Sunday at 6.30 p. m. in the lecture room. Intermediate Luther league on Sunday at 6.30 p. m. In the Henry Baker room. Ladles' Aid society on Wednesday all day. Mid-week Bible study on Wednesday at 7.45 p. m. Christ Second Lutheran, Seventh avenue near Eleventh street, George N. Lauffer, D. D., pastor—Morning service at 11, sermon by the pastor, subject, "Our Ascended Lord;" (sermon for Sunday after Ascension day); vespers at 7.30, sermon by the pastor, subject, "Meeting Our Obligations;" Sunday school at. 9.45, John C. Calhoun, general supwlntendent; 6.30, Junior and Senior Luther leagues; Tuesday at 2.30, Women's Missionary society and at 7.45, Young Women's Missionary society; Wednesday at 7.45, prayer service and teacher training class after service. Fourth Lutheran, Rev. Raymond C. Shindler, pastor—Preaching at 10.45 and at 7.30 by the pastor. Morning subject, "Those Who Hunger and Thirst After Righteousness." Chll- stewards in the parable had had a long loaf, on pay; and thought he could square himself at last by glib explanations and criticisms. He had nit got hold of the main idea that he was only an employe, a custodian; and that his first and supreme loyalty •waa to his master. He was a rebel against authority, a sort of early bolshevik, profuse in grievances and poor in performance. The idea of personal accountability did not bulk Isirge In his thinking. That Day of Reckoning. Now the central lesson of this les- aj*n— the reason why Jesus told th4 —is that life is not a go-as-you- excursion, but a serious busi- of stewardship. Man is held to ount: There is a day of reckon- inescapably ahead. Human capa- Utles are delegated responsibilities. r powers are our only to use , at Ule will of a Higher Authority. God leaves much to man — awesomely rthich— and sometimes His account- g seems long delayed; for the final frdict upon us is no snap-judgment. i>t eventually and Inevitably, man, steward, must answer to God, the , for the use he has made of his life and its powers. This Is the solemn message that Jesus taught. A He stood beneath the shadow of discoursing on ulti- deavor at 6.30 p. m. Endeavor at 7 p. m. dren's story sermon, Knocker." Evening e near cross, ite things. of us who waste first-class J lltles upon second-rate pursuits, find this lesson rather disturbing. For the ringing word which dimes resounding from the Parable it that there is One who holds all men a final accounting, not only for 'they' have done, but also for they might have done. . A "Success" Story. Slesus was an individualist; socially- ninded, of course, and Himself the stfurce and power of human brother- Mod; but, nevertheless, a teacher of individual responsibility. Capacities t powers, He recognized, differ with onalities. In the story told by :, which is our lesson, one servant a flve-talent man, one was a tiro-talent man and the third was a He-talent man. His parable did not Ik five-talent results from the one- Bent man: but it did require fidelity B'd achievement from all. The least Kdowed had no more reason for fai C e > ning. Prayer and Bible study at 7.30. Ladies Missionary society will meet at the parsonage on Tuesday evening at 7.30, June 3. Mennonite chapel, Mill Ruh, Rev. Joseph M. Nissley, pastor—Sunday school at 2.15. Juniors meeting at 7.30. Workers meeting Friday at 7.30. INTERNATIONAL BIBLE STUDENTS International Bible Students' association—"Human Wisdom Foolishness With God," is the subject of the radio Bible talk over WFBG from 7 to 7.30 p. m., to be given by B. W. Dietze. At 7.45 p. m. there will, be a discourse at the I. B. S-. A. hall, 1433 Eleventh avenue. From 9 to 10 a. m., the Watch- Tower radio network of thirty-three stations, consisting of excellent music, as well as clear, concise and most interesting explanations that make the Bible the best and most fascinating book in the world, can be heard over WMCA, New York city and WODA, Paterson, N. J. THE CHURCH OF THE OPEN DOOR The Church of the Open Door, Twenty-fourth street near Sixth avenue, Emory G. Ritchey, pastor- Preaching at 10.45 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. by the pastor. Morning subject, "The Pre-incarnation Work of the Lord Jesus Christ"—studies in the Gospel of John. Evening subject, "Christ the Lifo for Mankind Dead in Trespasses and Sins." Bible school at 9.30 a. m. George Hammel, Supt. Other meetings —Young peoples meeting at 6.30 p. m. Jack Klick, leader. Midweek meeting foi- praise, prayer and prophecy, Wednesday evening at 7.30. The Personal Workers Mission band will meet Friday evening at 7.30. BETHEL A. M. E. Bethel A. M. E. community, Rev. J. Julian Jenkins, pastor—Preaching at 11 and at 8 by Rev. Butler Williams of Everett; morning, Love feast; evening, Holy -Communion; Sunday school at 1, D. H. W. Keith, superintendent; 6.30, A. C. E. league, Homer Boyd, president; Wednesday at 8, prayer and class led by Brother Charles Moore's class. CHRISTIAN AND MISSIONARY ALLIANCE Christian and Missionary Alliance, corner Sixteenth avenue and Eleventh street, E. H. Patterson, pastor—Re- "The Gold Door._.. „ subject, "The Man Who Disced the Prescription." Sunday school at 9.30. Thoroughly departmentalized. Classes for all ages Junior Luther league at 6. Young Women's Missionary society Monday at 8 at the church. Women's Missionary society Tuesday at 7.45 at the church." K. O. K. A. Friday night at 8. St. Paul's Lutheran, John L. Barnes pastor—Preaching at 11 and at 7.45 by the pastor; morning subject, Possession;" evening subject, Divhv Swee "THE PARABLE OF THE TALENTS" By JAMES C. MACE. Kcllfflout Director.. Pittsburgh, fft., y. M. 0. A. Matthew XXV: 14-48. Parables—Fig tree—a sign of the oming summer. Wedding garment- he badge of the acceptance. Virgins— areparatlon for the wedding. HU8- jandmen—the enemies of the king- cm. Fig tree — no fruit, profession iut no possession. Talents—The investment in the king- om. The responsibility of talent. The ipportunlty of investment. The Judgment of investment. Investment — Why invest? Invest vhen? Invest what? Talents—Let me suggest a few that might be helpful: Health, education, ,lme, personality, and voice. leadership, music, eo naa no n,y« '£»""£' ""- port of annual council, at 10.30 a. m. in his proportion, than the best- £ N B McGarve _ Preac hlng at 7.3 enulpped ^Success consists in doing one's work •Of to the limit of one's ability. There «e many potentially great men who Mve become merely rich men; and so ifrust ba written down as failures. SVexy industry and 'calling and pro- fjpiion is cluttered up with routine fSd perfunctory and visionless work- qpj who simply have failed to rise up t* U\e level of their own capabilities. Ihey are flve-talent men who are content to do two-talent work; and two- OBent men who have settled down in § one-talent class; and one-talent n who, idling and envying, are al- ether on the red side of life's ger. .tm the other hand—and this is what makes the world go round—there are are-talent men an d two-talent men work up to capacity. They "get el*" by going on. exercised, Their ability, dill brings promotion. Miey are the lit, who can be trusted, ifithout an employer's eye upon them, ra get the best possible out of them- q|lves. *• The Man Who Fell Down. JOnce I travelled from Port Said to S*ndon on a Scotch ship from Burma, filled with young men on leave. Some t**re going home in pride to promo- t£m: some were returning jobless. Q latter were stewards who had found unfit for responsibility. east, with its allure to idleness dissipation, had "got" them. •Ing that long, leisurely voyage I }J»d opportunity to see how these figures had lost not only their posi- Tfc>n* but also their powerB.' For the ddMt thing about the one-talent "'ttrd was that his own powers had mo atrophied by lack of use. He McGarvey. Preaching at 7.30 by-the pastor. Morning, annual report from annual council, Ottowa, Canada. Evening subject, "God's Call, Man's Response, tho Result." Sunday school, 9.30 a. m. Wednesday 7.30 p. m., prayer and praise meeting. Friday 7.45 p. in., young people's meeting. Good lively singing accompanied by the orchestra. Prayer for the sick at each service. 1'KNTECOSTAL Pentecostal Tabernacle Church, 217 Fifth avenue, H. J. Snelgrove, pastor —Preaching at 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. in. by pastor. Morning subject, "The Preeminent Christ." Evening subject, "Joshua Standing Before the Lord." Sunday school, 9.30 a. m. Charles J. Cook, superintendent. Other meetings —Young People's Meeting 6.30 p. m. Tuesday 7.30 p. m. Prayer Service and Bible Study in Book of Acts. Thursday 7.30 p. m. a regular preaching service. On Sunday at 10.30 p. in. and at 7.1S p. m. the Lord's Supper will be administered by the Pastor. New members will be received into the church at the close of the morning service. Thoughts of Our Religion;" Sunday school at 9.45; Luther league at 6.45 Wednesday at 7.45, Bible study. Sun day school board meeting will follow Bethany Lutheran church, Third avenue and Second street, Rev. Harrj L. Saul, pastor—S.ervlces at 11 a. m and 7.30 p. m., with sermons by the pastor. Morning subject, "Ascension and Preparation." A sermon to the juniors will also be preached. Evening subject, "The Marriage of the King's Son." Luther league at 6.30. Sunday school at 9.45 a. m., departmentalized; William Gleichert, superintendent. Monday, 7.30, church council. Tuesday, Two T's; Bethany Girls classes. Wednesday, 7.30, service. Thursday, Young Women's Missionary society. Friday, Boy Scouts. Grace Lutheran church, corner Twelfth avenue and Eleventh street, Rev. Burleigh A. Peters, pastor- Preaching at 11 a. m. and at 7.30 p. m., by the pastor. Morning subject, "Lessons From Olivet." Sunday after Ascension. Evening subject, "The Reward of Honest Effort." Sunday school ait 9.45, in all divisions; W. G. Munn, general superintendent. Sunday School association Monday evening at 8. Sunday school board meets at 7.30 Monday evening. Von Bora class meets Tuesday, June 3, at 2.30, in church parlors. Prayer and praise service Wednesday evening at 7.45; subject, "Samuel." Daily Vacation Bible school begins Thursday, June 5, at 9 a. m. Children's day service Sunday, June 15. St. James Lutheran, Corner Eighth avenue and Fourteenth street, J. F. Flegler, pastor—Worship at 10.45 a. in. and at 7.30 p. m. by the pastor. Evening subject, "The Fruits of Our Lord's Ascension." Sunday. school at 9.30 a. m., J. J. Gluntz, president of teachers and' officers association. There is a class for every age. The junior classes use the graded system. Church Council meets Monday evening at 7.45. Friendship League meets Tuesday evening in its regular monthly session, Marie Haas, leader. Temple Lutheran church, Sixth avenue and Twenty-second street, Rev. Fred R. Greninger, pastor—Morning worship, 10.45 a. m. sermon by the pastor. Evening worship '7.30 p.^m. Church School 9.30 a. m. Mr. B. M. Nale, supt. This school is fully organized and has classes for all ages. Prayer meeting, Wednesday 7.30 p. m. Studies in the Book of Acts—Paul's Second Missionary Journey. Evangelical Lutheran Mission (Missouri Synod) W. Bertram, in charge- Regular divine public worship will be held at 8 a. m., in the Fairview Union chapel, located at Twenty-fourth avenue and Ninth street. Pastor Bertram will preach the sermon on the subject, "How the Lord Strengthens His To invest money one must know the company, its record, its product, its financial standing, its outlook, its jermanency, its management, how It will handle a crisis, whether or not it has the power to- carry through, and whether or not its policy and administration can be trusted. To Invest one's life the following questions should asked: Is it big enough? Will it demand all of my abilities? Will it satisfy all of the longings? Will it last? Will it make me better? Will I grow in it? Will it pay? In what coin will it pay? When I close my life will I be content? Will •• - — Then with a great „„ and adventure give yourself to the one great purpose in life. Mediums—Churches, the Y. M. C. A. charities, colleges, corporations, nations. , " Judgment—Will be given not only on the basis of what we do but on what we could do and what we neglect to do. Rewarded—By their faithfulness and usefulness. Where to invest our-money—In gil edge securities, in a home, in the church, in missions home and abroad in the Y. M. C. A., in many charitablr Institutions, and in schools. Where to invest our lives: In tne kingdom of God, in the church, majo I be satisfied? spirit of faith services In the church, v lh the Y. M. C. A.," In trades, professions, and business. The Parable of the Talents: Jesus Is going away and promises to come lack. He' said that It was like a man who was going to another country and called his servants and delivered unto them his goods. To one he gave Ive talents, which Is equal to $10,000 to another he gave two talents, which is equal to $4,000, and to the third he gave one talent, which Is equal to (2,000. "Each was given according to Us several ability." The man with the'five talents invested and earned five more, doubling his money. The man with two talents did likewise. The man with only one talent hid it in the earth. After a long time the lord of the servants returned and rewarded the man with the" flve talents and the man with the two talents by setting them over many things. But the man with the one talent said, 'Lord I was afraid and hid thy talent in the earth. Here is thine own." And the lord answered, "You oughtest therefore to have invested the money. Take it from him and give it to the one who has the ten talents. For until every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance, but from him that hath not, even that which he hath shall be taken away. And cast ye out the unprofitable servant Into the outer darkness." Thus shall it be when the Son of Man will come in His glory. Suggestions: First — Distribution of talents, according to ability. Second- Judgment Is in proportion to opportunity. Judgment is after ample time. Third—The one talent man is likely to be tempted to bury his one talent because he does not have flve. Fourth—The flve talent men may be tempted, not to bury them, but to misuse them. Fifth—The one talent man had the wrong idea of God^nd it affected his reaction in life. Sixth—It is the one talent men who carry the burdens of life. Seventh—Unemployment of men Is dangerous to themselves and to society. Eighth—Undeveloped talents, powers, resources, are tragic. ttlCFORMED ' ^ . Trinity feefottWed, feorftef of Btghth street and Seventh fcveftue, Rev. Jfttnes M. Runkle, D. to., pastors-Preaching at 11 and At 7.30 by Uhe pastor. In the evening there Will be a special service by -the Mlflsi6n band In connection with the regillat chUrch service! Sunday school at 9.46. Mission band at 2. Practice for Children's day Sunday afternoon at 8. K. O.K. A. on Mcnday everting at 7.30. Midweek prayer and Bible study on Wednesday evening at 7.30. Christ Reformed, Twelfth avenue and Fifteenth street, Rev. Charles p. Rockel, pastor—Preadhtng at 11 by the pastor. Subject, "Finding the Spirit." No evening service June, July and August. Sunday school at 9.46. Grace Reformed ChurcW! Ralph J. Harrity, pastor—Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. by pastor. Morning subject, "Belief in the Holy Spirit^' Evening subject, "A Truth Many People Pretend Not to Believe." Sunday school, 9.45 a. m. Other meetings- Junior C. E. 9 a. m. Senior C. B. 6.30 p. m. METHODIST First Methodist, Rev. James Mc- Kendreo Reiley, D. D., pastor—Preaching at 10.45 and at 7.30 by the pastor. Sunday school at 9.30. Junior church at 2.30. Epworth league at 6.30. The pastor will preach at both services of public worship. Morning subject "Eternity in the Heart." Evening subject, "The Marks of a Methodist. Fifth Avenue Methodist Church, Thomas F. Ripple, minister—9.30 a. m., Church School. 10.45 a. m., "Pentecost and Prayer." 7.30 p. m., Pageant —"The Children of Light." Young "cracc Methodist church, Walnut avenue and Fourth street, Elmer F. Ilgenfritz, minister—9.45 a. m., church school; 10.45 a. m., worship and sermon. The minister will preach. Theme, "Power to Carry On." 6.30 p. m., Epworth league; 7.30 p. m., worship__ajid sermon. Subject PRESBYTERIAN First Presbyterian, Fourteenth avenue and Twelfth street, Rev. J. W. Francis, D. D., pastor—Services at 11 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. by the pastor. Morning subject, "The Message of Pentecost for Our Age." Evening subject "Christ's Great Concern for His Own." Sunday school at 9.45 a.-m., all departments. Prayer service Wednesday evening at 7.30. Second Presbyterian, Rev. E. Lansing Bennett, M. A., pastor—Preaching at 10.45 and at 7.30 by the pastor. Morning subject; "The Place of Presbyterianism in the Formation ot the Nation." Also a junior object talk. Evening subject, "The Frozen Assets of Our Church." Sunday school at 9 30 Men's class In church history taught by the pastor, at 9.30. Topic, "John Huss (1369-1415)." American Cadets, Monday at 7.15. Board of deacons, Tuesday , at 7.45. " meeting, Wednesday at 7.45. meeting, Wednesday at 8.45, B S registration at Eighth Avenue Methodist church, Friday at 10-12 a. m. and at 2-4 p. m. Third Presbyterian, Fifth avenue and Second street, Rev. W. L. McClure D. D., pastor—Preaching at 11 a. m. and at 7.30 by the pastor. Morn- Ing subject, "The Loom dence." Evening subject, Jesus Christ." Sunday school, 9.45 a. m All departments. Christian Endeavor, 6.45. Mid-week service, Wednesday, 7.30. ^ Broad Avenue Presbyterian, Rev. A. F Heltman, LL. D., pastor—Preaching at 11 and at 7.30 by the pastor. Morning subject, "Perfect in Christ the Hope of Glory." Evening, sub- lect "God's Appointed Day. Sunday' school at 9.30; David F. Miller, superintendent. Junior Christian Endeavor at 4. Young people at 6.30. Mid-week service on Wednesday at 7.45. Scouts on Thursday at 7.15. BAPTIST UNITED BRETHREN First United Brethren, Rev. B. F. The minister "Pentecostal will preach. Amazement." Prayer Session D. V. of Provl- Our Lord a failure in his own essential i'jter. JCrying aloud its message to all ijper«, slackers, self-indulgers and complainers, this lesson portrays fate of the person whose offense Bnsis'.id not in active wrong-doing, in failure to do anything at all. and lifo hold men to a reckon- tor they leave undone. Bur- ntti aro as blameworthy at> Hived talents. It IH not only ill _ li>, but also no deeds, that stir a. • «t judge to Indignation. Consider the myriads of men and 1 »inen whose lives are futile simply I c*u»e they have inherited richen or comfortable livelihood. It it said Philadelphia, which boasts many of the men whose names lubtroun in early American his- ry, that in her exclusive social tir- (be men have- the moot charming unere in the world—but that there only Iwo of them who have made •lighu-dt dent upon the national of Uw<IVre#ent day. What an ac- there will be with the sous daughters of privilege who have{U*ed to recognlie their stewardship We! ' LttjUif It vu (be Lord. Walter FOBI> once wrote a de- poeilAtbuul thi- luao v.liu laid Ott tU Juui'd. The in our lesson was of this sort. He blamed his failure upon his master. He was voluble with reasons why he had not made good. That is characteristic of the type. The non-doers are the chronic complainera and critics. They can tell, at great length, what is wrong with circumstances, and how hard fate is toward them. It is easier ^o render an excuse than a deed. Clear as the peerless Story-teller could make it, shines forth the message from the parable of the talents, that every man is the steward of his own life and powers, and that he will be held accountable for faithfulness and efficiency. No whining, whimpering self-pity will excuse the failures. SEVEN SENTENCE SEBMONS. It takes live fish to swim up stream.—Old Proberb. Every noble crown is, and on earth ever will be, a crown of thorns.— Carlyle. Were man but constant, he were perfect; that one error (ills him with faults.—Shakespeare. Great truths are greatly won, not found by chance.-f-Bonar. As the days, so shall thy utrnegth be-.—Deut. 33:25. God marks how long this human life shall be: How grandly broad with reach of sympathy, How high toward heaven its growth —He leaves to thec! —Aldia Dunbar. Disciples to Testify of Him." CHURCH OK ODD First Church of God, Sixth avenue and Fourteenth street, O. M. Krayblll, pastor—Sunday school at 9.30 a. m. Preaching at 10.45 a. m. Subject, "Lessons from the Ascension of our Lord." Christian Endeavor at 6.30 p. m. Preaching at 7.30 p. m. Subject, "The Menace of the Movies." Fourth of a series of sermons on the general subject of worldly amusements. A thorough discussion of just what the relation of a real Christian to the moving picture show should be, will be given at this service. Public missionary service on Wednesday at 7.45 p, m. Choir practice on Friday at 7.45 p. m. Fourth street Church of God, Twenty-first avenue and Fourth street, Wesley N. Wright, pastor—Sunday schoo at 9.30; preaching services at 10.30 Christian Endeavor at 6.30; preaching services at 7.30; mid-week prayer Wednesday at 7.30. Lakemont Church of God, C. S. Nonemaker, pastor—Preaching at 10.30 and at 8 by the pastor; morning subject, "Courtesy;" evening, a study in the book of Revelation; Sunday school at 9.30; Christian Endeavor at 7; prayer meeting Wednesday at 8. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE First Church of Christ, Scientist, 1418 Eighth avenue. Services at 11 and 8. Subject, "Ancient and Modern Necromancy, Alias Mesmerism and Hypnotism Denounced." Sunday school at 11. Wednesday evening meeting at 8. Reading room and free circulating library open daily except Sunday and holidays from 12 to 3.30. Central Trust building, room 510, 1218 Eleventh avenue. ALTOONA RESCUE MISSION The Altoona Rescue mission 808'/i Ninth street. L. H. Fool- superintendent Bible school at 10 o'clock, W. G. Gump, superintendent. Prayer and praise service for all Christian people of the city who are anxious for an old-titne revival spirit in the churches and missions of the city, will be held at 2:30, in charge of mission workers. At 7:30 C. W. Isenberg will as usual bring the gospel message a song service will be conducted by the mission .superintendent. First Baptist, Rev. Carey S, Thomas pastor—Preaching at 11 and at 7.30 by Rev. T. Carson Hanna; morning sub ject "The Fifth Talent;" evening subject, "First Love;" Sunday schoo at 9.30; four young people's groupf meet at 6.30; mid-week service Wed nesday at 7.30; Women's Missionary society meets at 2 o'clock Tuesday af ternoon. Memorial Baptist Church, Bell ave nue and Seventh street, Russell G Jones, pastor—Preaching at 11 a. m and 7.30 p. m. by the pastor. Morning subject, "The Lost Skyline." Recognt tion of graduates. Communion service Evening subject, "Died on the Way. 1 Don't miss, the song service. Sunda; school, 9.45 a. m. Other meetings—Tw Young People's Societies meet at 6.3 Sunday evening. Prayer and prais service Friday evening at 7.30. Ladie Aid meets Wednesday^ Calvary Baptist, Fifth avenue anc Twenty-first street, E. R. Homer, act ing pastor—Preaching at 11 a. m by E Horner and at 7.30 p. m. by G. R. Cla baug.h. Morning subject, "The Min of Christ." Evening subject, "At th Door." Sunday school, 9.45 a. m Young People's meeting at 8.30 p. m Prayer service Wednesday evening a 7.30. South Altoona Baptist Chapel, Ruh sell G. Jones, pastor—Preaching an song service at 7.30 conducted b Thomas Lowther, Jr., and John Hime from Eastern Baptist Seminary. Sun day school, 2.30 p. m. Pastor in The world is held back from true pi-ogrtas not e>o much by the badness of baa meu, as by the obstinacy of good men who have stopped grovv- ing.— Anon. Bungard, D. D., pastor—Preaching at 10.45 and at 7.30 by the pastor; morning subject, "The Fellowship of His Presence;" evening subject, "Are the New Heaven and the New Earth Near At Hand?" Sunday school at 9.30; practice during Sunday school for the Children's day services; 10.45, junior church; 7.30 Monday, official board meeting; 7.30 Wednesday, prayer meeting; 7.30 Friday, choir rehearsal; 6.30 very Sunday evening the Intermedi- te Christian Endeavor holds its meet- ng in the annex of the church. Grace United Brethren, Rev. W. G. Hawk, pastor—Preaching at 10.45 and t 7.30 by the pastor. Morning sub- act, "The Voice From Within." Eve- ing subject, "The Voice of Spring- ime." Evening devotions by officers f Pollyanna class (all except sermon). Special music by class. Sun- lay school at 9.45. Young* people's worship at 6.30. Mid-week prayer ervice Wednesday evening at 7.30. Garden Heights United Brethren Church, J. S. Showers, pastor- Preaching at 10.45 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. >y pastor. Morning subject, "Practical Religion." Evening subject, "Practical Religion." Sr. Y. P. S. C. E. at 6.15 p. m. Intmd. at 6.30 p. m. Sunday school, 9.30 a. m. W. J. Neal, superin- endent. Other meetings—Jr. Y. P. S. C. E. Wednesday afternoon at 3.45. hurch night service Wednesday eve- ' ling at 7.30. Official Board will meet n regular session June 7 at 7 o'clock. W. M. A. convention Philipsburg June 3, 4'and 5. Wehnwood United Brethren church, Rev. Earl C. Bateman, pastor—Sunday school at 9.30 a. m. Preaching at 10.45 a. m. and 7.30 p. m., by the pastor. Morning subject, "Pentecostal Exper- rienccs." Evening subject, "What We Need Most." Junior and Senior C. E. at usual hours. Monday, ,W. M. A. at •fc.30 p. m. at Mrs. Rabenateln's home; financial committee at church. Tuesday, 'official board meeting at 7.30 p. m. for all reports. Wednesday, Pentecostal services will begin and continue to Sunday, June 8. Thursday, afternoon for Ladles' Aid society meeting; choir practice in evening. BHETHUKN First Brethren church, Maple avenue and Thirtieth street, A. D. Gnagey, Wednesday, 7.30 p. m., mid-week prayer service and meeting of the church school board. . Broad Avenue Methodist church, J. Perry Miller, pastor—Preaching at 10.45 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. by the pastor. Sunday school, 9.30; Epworth league at 6.30. Bible study and prayer meeting Wednesday at 7.30 p. m. Simpson Methodist, corner Sixth avenue and Twenty-third street, Bert A. Salter, Ph. D., minister—Public worship at 10.45 and 7.30; morning subject, "What Is God Like?" Church school at 9.'30; Junior league at 2; Intermediate and Epworth league at 6.30; mid-week service Wednesday evening at 7.30. Llyswen Methodist, Bart E. Crltes, minister—9.30, church school, H. S. Kelly, superintendent; 10.45, special patriotic service with address by Colonel Coppock of the regular army, now charge. Other meetings—Junior and Intermediate B. Y. P. U. at 6.30 Sunday evening. The pastor preaches on Thursday evening at 7.45. CHURCH OF CHRIST First Church of Christ, Sixth avenue and Ninth street, W. T. Fisher, minister—Bible school at 9.30, L. G. Runk, superintendent; Charles Gathers, assistant. Next to last Sunday in adult class contest. Morning worship, 10.40. Great hymns and special music, Mrs. Marie Stewart Kelley, organist; Carl Frantz. choir leader. Sermon by the pastor, subject, "The Task of the Disciples." The officers of the church extend a cordial invitation to all. A round-the-world raido hook-up at 4 o'clock E. S. T. Fort^-six Columbia stations and two short wave stations pastor—Preaching at 10.40 a. m. by the pastor and at 7.45 p. m. by the pastor. Morning subject, "The Things Vital and Fundamental In' Our Religion." Evening subject, "I Don't Know." Sunday school at 9.30, J. 'C. Patton, superintendent. GOSPEL CI'JNTEH Gospel Center, Twenty-fifth street, near Sixth avenue—Preaching at 11 and at 7.30 by Rev. C. F. Reltzel; morning subject, "Victory;" evening subject, "In the Last Days, What?" Sunday school at 9.45, S. W. Mobus, superintendent; young people's meeting at 6.30; mid-week prayer service Wednesday at 7.30. EVANGELICAL First Evangelical, corner Sixth avenue and Eleventh street, Rev. C. H. Loyer, pastor—Preaching at 10.45 a. m. and 7.30 p. in. by the pastor. Morning subject, "The Meaning of Church Membership." Evening subject, "Tho Personal Question of Pentecost." Sunday school, 9.55 a. m., John S. Wolfe, superintendent. Classes for everybody and all ages. Emanuel Evangelical Church, Fifth avenue and Fifth street, Rev. Hermann W. Kaebnick, D. D., pastor— Preaching at 10.45 a. in. and 7.30 p. m. by the pastor. Morning subject, "The Personal Question of Pentecost." Eve- In charge of the organized reserves of Altoona and vicinity, theme, "In Memoriam;" special music by the choir. 6.45, young people's service, the study of "The Christ of Every Road" continued, leader, Rev. Crites; 7.30, public worship with sermon by tho pastor; subject, "Changing Calamity Into Benediction," special music by the choir, "The Beautiful Land" by Sweeney and "The City of God" by Leech; Monday evening at 7.30, regular monthly meeting of the official board; Wednesday evening at 7;30, prayer and praise service and at 8.30, Sunday school board meeting. Eighth Avenue Methodist, John E. Beard, pastor—Preaching at 10.45 and at7.30 by the pastor; morning subject, "The Price of Unbelief;" evening subject, "When a Man Stops Going to Church;" Sunday school at 9,30; Epworth league at 6.30. Fairview Methodist Church, Edwin H. Wltman, pastor—Morning Worship at 10.40. Evening Worship at 7.30. Morning subject, "How to Enter the Kingdom of God." Evening .subject, "Andrew: The Reflector Man." <Sunday school at 9.30 a. m. Other meetings—Young People's meeting at 6.30. Topic "Youth, and Prohibition." Lakemont Methodist, H. W. Glassco, pastor; B. F. Shue, assistant pastor— Preaching at 11 by B. F. Shue, subject, "The Love of Jesus Christ;" evening, Children's day service; Sunday school at 10, J. S. Isnnberg, .superintendent; prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 7.30; children between the ages of 6 and 12 who intend to attend the daily vacation Biblo .school from June 9 to 20 be at the church on Friday mofiiing, June 6, lit 10; also all who will enter the pastor's preparatory membership class. Fifty-eighth Street Methodist, Rev. E. C. Myers, pastor—Morning worship at 11. Sermon by tho pastor. Special evening service at 7.45. The Eldorado P. O. S. of A. will attend in a body. Special message by tho pastor. Church school ut 9.45; I. L. McCauley, eneral superintendent. Senior and Intermediate leagues ut 7. Jaggard Memorial Methodist church, H. W. Glassco, pastor; B. F. Shue, assistant pastor—Preaching ut 11 a. m., by H. W. Glassco, and at 7.30 p. m., by B. F. Shue. Morning .subject, "A Dying Church?" Evening subject, "The Love of Jesus Christ." Sunday school, 0.45; R. R. Caraher, •superintendent. YOiW PEOPLE TO PRE&EHT_PA6EANT A pageant, entitled,' '-'The Children Off Light," will be given In the Fifth Avenue Methodist chtirbh Sunday everting at 7.30 o'clock under the" direction of Mrs. Thomas F. Ripple. TMs pageant is planned primarily to help the whole church catch the thrill of what the young people's group Is trying to do It was written by Mlsd Mary Jenness and uses enterprises In the .present year's program as Its theme, and fittingly recognizes anntversar> x day In the Bpworth league and. the Installation of the officers for the coming year. This pageant Is divided Into parts merely for the sake of clarity In directing Its production, fiy reading it through, one will observe that the whole production Is, placed in one scene and there Is no need for any division to- be made during the pageant. A brief synopsis follows: Prologue—explanation of Anniversary day and theme of pageant; Part 1—Church shctws, through ft series of episodes, the principals of Methodism which are the heritage of the Epworth league; Part 2 —Epworth leaguers show that they are carrying out these principals In their own generation, even as the young people of John Wesley's day. Following Is the cast of characters: Reader of prologue—Albert Esterline. - Church—Dorothy Estarime. Epworth league—Katherlne" Lukens. Handmaidens — Spirituality, Evelyn Brown; Evangelism, Dorothy Henney; Missions, Maxia Edwards; Social Welfare, Hazle Gibson; Vision, Wiona Murray; Consecration, Edna Bines. Two Oxford students—Ernest Baker and Stanely McArthur. Tw6' women of Wesley's day- Evelyn Fletcher and' Grace Baker. Two workmen—Frank Edleblute and Walter Bloom. Francis Asbury—Gilbert Baker. Francis Asbury's mother—Lela Carmany. Group of Junior children. Farmer—Sam Hostler. Missionary—Hai-old firadfleld. Fart 2. Episode B. Donald—William Speer. Counselor—Mrs. Thomas F. Ripple. Roger—John Bakgr. Margaret—Dudella McGraw. , Arthur—William McArthur. Anna—Lucy Cummings. Ruth—Katherlne Esterline. Ralph—Donald Lingenfelter. Ted—Edgar Speer. Episode 4. Intermediate Children. Three boys—Bobby Lewis, David CHURCHES PLM WORLD Burns, Anna, Warsing, James Bradfield. Missions—Maxle Edwards. Social service—Hazle Gibson.. Vision—Wiona Murray. Consecration—Edna Rlncs. Episode 2. Arthur—Billy Arthurs. Ruth—Katherine Esterline. Missions—Maxie Edwards. Social service—Hazle Gibson. Episode 1. Evangelism—Dorothy Henney. Spirituality—Evelyn Brown. Roger—John Baker. > Margaret—Rudella McGraw. Anna—Lucy Cummings. Committees—Decorating and light- Ing, Jolanda Murray, Walter Miller, Albert McGraw, Alfred ' Puckey; costumes, Katherlne Lukens, Mrs. Mattie -Todd, Esther Puckey, Mildred Alters, Dorothy Henney. BELL A. M. E. /ION Bell A. M. E. Zion, 2216 Union avenue, Rev. George Emmett London, pastor-'-Preachlng at 11 and at 8 by the pastor. Morning subject, "This Is My Body." The holy communion will be administered. Evening subject, "Following After God." Sunday school at 9.45; Mrs. Vivienne Jones, superintendent. Varlck Christian Endeavor society at 6.30. Prayer and Biblo study Wednesday at 8. Six Million People Globe Preparing fdf teenth Centennial 0« j day, June 8 A birthday party with pifcftj*»** 8,000,000 people to attend W certainly: „ a party of twentieth century 1 9t0p6** tlons.''The local First XJhurofc ,«, Christ, Kev. W. T. Fisher, pattMj U planning to have its full part itttto* world-girdling memorial. whntf" it u unusual to speak of It as t the assembly Is in honor « teen-huhdredth birthday of and occurs on Pentecost Sunday, JUn« 'While the 6,000,000 parttclpMlntf are from all lands and will, not beT fcs- sembTea In one crowd, yet thsy are all planning to bo 100 per cent in - tendance in one place and tnat I is at the Communion service, ' /.« will be of one mind and ofiofle ac« cord, and have one program in Over 20,000 churches around.the worm, In preparation for this unprecedent* •ed attempt at a world-girdling <**ylM on June 8. a chain radio broadcast Will take pfe.ce one week before, 8 lvln S final suggestions to all nrombew m,«U lands as to their part and toartlclpa» tlon In the world-around service, on the following Sunday. The time of thUl broadcast will be on Sunday, June 1, a The^'broadcast will be made over th« '• , / Columbia chain of New York and Will.. have over forty stations in the nook'- , up, covering alt North America *nd carrying, by short wave, around.thii world/ The churches in Europe, A«a,<, Africa, and Australia are planning to <• USB short wave sets to pick up we broadcast. The nearest stations' "• ot . , this hook-up for the local peopUMSM R^. Pittsburgh, WJAS; Harrlsburg, WHPJ Oil City, WLBW; Philadelphia-, WCAU; New York, WABC. The pro- > gram for this hook-up is as follows I Song service by the Columbia Cathei • dral choir of New York city; Prayer- • ;J and Scripture reading by Dr. Georg* A. Klngman rff LoulsVille, Ky.i «jolo by Mrs. Alice Burgess Selrlng, .Pittsburgh; sermon by Dr. George W; Knepper of Akron. O. ' . , The great anniversary service ra..,-. honor of the nineteen-hundredth, birth-day of the church will start at 11-a*;.- m Sunday, June 8, In the churches , of Christ In New Zealand. This will be 6 p. m., E. S. T., here, Saturday, ; June 7. The church 'bells of New Zealand are to be rung at the hour of tho beginning of this great service. • Then, with the same songs, the same Scripture lesson, and the same 8«r- mon theme, the service will'move westward hour .by hour, encircling the earth, all Churches of Christ participating, and closing twenty-four hours -,. later In tho First Church of Christ in Honolulu. These plans are unique and bid fair to fulfill tho higb.est.ex. pectations of those who are participating. Cables have been received giving assurance that plans are workUjg per-; fectly in other lands. A special cable from the Russian churches gives as- - surance that with all their present.dlt- flculties, they are planning to listen,-? In at the radio service on Sunday, A , June 1, and to bo preteent at the... yt radio service on Sunday, June 1, ana , «/ \ to be present at tho communion aery- v M ;) I ice Sunday, Juno 8. with a 100 per 'v' cent attendance. , The local First Church: of Christ ot, Altoona is cooperating in these/plans. Tho minister and officers of this congregation are planning to have every member of the congregation and Bible school at tho radio service on' Suhday, June 1. A new radio Is being, installed for this purpose. They also plan for 100 per cent attendance of all members at the Communion service on , Sunday, Jimo 8, at 11 o'clock. The church officers will take Communion to tho sick and shut-ins during-the afternoon. Those who are compeljctt, to work at the regular Communion hour In the forenoon may attend the Communion during the opening services at tho evening hour. ning This subject, "The Ideal Church. exposition will conclude the scries of discourses in the book of Hevelation. Sunday schoul, at 9.30 a. ni. with a c-lass for every age. Mr. Frank Uleicherl, superintendent. Other meetings—At U.45 p. in. the League of Christian Endeavor service. Miss Anne Hengstler, leader. The topic is, "What is the Church's Re- Prayer meeting on Tuesday eve at 7.30. CHURCH O*' THK HUKTIIRKN First Church of the Brethren, Sixth avenue and Fifth street, Walter S. Long, pastor—Pr«uchlng at 10.45 a. in. and at 7.30 p. m. by tlio pastor. Morning subject, "The Triumphant Ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ." Evening subject, "The Expectant Ministry of the Ascended Christ." Sunday school at 9.30, J. N. Haddocks, superintendent. Christian Workers at 6.45. Women's missionary and Men's league on Tuesday evening at 7.45. Bible study in the Book of Revelation on Wednes-u clay at 7.45. Twenty-eighth Street church of the Brethren, Sixth avenue and Twenty- eighth street, Benjamin F. Waltz, pas- tot—Preaching at 10.30 a. in. aiitl at 7.45 by Rev. James Sell of Hollidaysburg. Sunday school at 9.30. J. Q. Replogle, superintendent. Christian Workers at 7. Prayer service on Wednesday evening at 7.45. in the chain in North America. For- j K ponsibility in Re-creationV" Wednes- eign counties joining to make an international broadcast. The First Church of Christ has Installed a new radio for this service. The members and visitors are urged to be in their seats by 3.45. EPISCOPAL St. Luke's Episcopal church, Eighth avenue and Thirteenth street, the Rev. R. Allep Hatch, rector—Holy communion, 8 a. in. Church school and adult Bible class, 9.30 a. m. Holy communion and sermon, 10.45 a. m. Evening service and sermon, 7.30 p. m. Calvary Baptist Church 11.00 A. M.—"THE MIND OF CHRIST." 7.00 P. M.—"AT THE DOOR." Fifth Avenue und Twenty-Urn* Street Spet-iul Kinging at evening service ilay at 7.45 p. m. and Saturday at 8.00 p. in. Prayer and Bible Study services. Thursday at 7.30 p. in.—Choir rehearsal. : Tobias & Laughlin i*/ . . ... Fuucrul Service 2036 BROAD AVE. I'hoiie U8IU FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Twelfth Avenue and Seventeenth Street IlKV. CAUUY S. THOMAS, I'ustor UK. T. CAKSON 11ANNA 1'reuulies ut Uoth Service* u.oo A. M.-"The Fifth Talent" Uecueiiition of High School graduates ut this service. 7.30 P. M.—"First Love" Mil. CLYDE C. JKNGL1SH prcseuU Sl'UCIAL, Nl'MHEKS IN UKUAN KECI'i'AL, AT 7.15 MONDAY AT 8:3O SALE OF SILK REMNANTS Useful Lengths From 1/2 to 5 Yds. Ranging In Values From $1.00 to $1.98 Yard! At the Low Price of Yard WO Qi A Table Piled High With Lovely Silks That Includes: Silk Piquei, Silk Shantungs, Silk Foulardt, Tub Silks, Printed Crepe*, Flat Crepes, Figured Chiffons, Georgettes, Slip Satins, etc. 32, 311 and 40 Inches wide! For Authentic Summer Styles Buy McCall Printed Patterns. ALWAYS DO BETTER AT ALtOOHA'S LOW PRICE LEADERS

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