Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 16, 1976 · Page 19
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 19

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 16, 1976
Page 19
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30--Wanted to Buy r sril fur you, Call Jac 34 -- Apartment* For Rent ~" this paid, no [ phono 443-4QG8, 1 HOOM turnfshcd rpaitni paid. Across Irnm VA In month, Call 4T2-44W, a f t e r ' ; MAPLE 1'IACK Apaun nwr rules tor ultra-mil 2 ..bcilroom funiMicd. IK-I feet loc'aUon. GSCli West i after 6(00, KM-5Q52 i AVAIUMJI.E May HHh botlroorii fumihlit'd u tact vcrsity. Stny lor sumni SI.W. Phone 521-5606 ,iflc RA/OnBACK PI.IM 2 bwlre * furnlshtxj. all lu distance In Uof I'horas S3L-5175' or. 52L-3033. FUHNISIIEI) L'lflcJejiuy 'sdn«]c~ scrtor ~ gmlii^to student. No ivls ?, wa p,ill. Call a l t e r S p.m. 442-?i6OT, nv able May 1st. uy COLLECTIONS "W-^-WwVw or Rent »*arpeicd, ulitl. ui'Ics p-ticncd, wnt. All utIUlo as^iita!. J75 iw er S;W. cuts. New sum wiiporary livlna cst Map! p. Ca -MCiO. find June ht. or or Indefinite r 5:00. d-- pool -- valWn ilalile May 1 5 -- Duplex For Rent ivo IxdrwJi) duplex, central hoat and lionc 412^738 aflor 4:3$, r-d waiur pjIJ, m.-iUabta now, Ktir 36 -- Houses For Renf 2 UEUllOOM, yartly fumhhed, all earned, sfovc and ivfrigcrator rumHtied; l«Ec lot. one CAT p.iruec rent Is Sl» '« seen at ?]£ E Prospect »ller 10 a.m. Saturday Apnl 17. I HKUEIOOM unlumishwl h-mw. GotnJ location. (110 por month. JiO deposit. Adutls preferred. No inside pots. 1'ticme RcnlonviHc 273.5433. 3 Ht:iII(X»i, 2 b^lhs. unfurnished except itovc nrd dishwasher, near Wash- JrjUon Hospital, 521-1MG. J2Z monthly. 1 HKimoOM unfinished except slnvc A: ie f riKCTitlor. Pay own uUHiIc-5, jilt 46 -- Farms Acreages ONLY Sitn nn acre buys lieanllful 150 room, two halh brlrk. Duggar llftalty. 731-7222. 730-3911. THREE private acies. Rcautllul lhrc» all cMras. Spring water. Kasl of Srrin fi- ds] e, DLJKS.I r IlMlt y, 751-7222. 7T6-3M 1. 20,000 IIHOM-EK Kami, 80 acres, old 3 1c(lroom home. Good .condition. Rood b.itn. cattle And niachinco' Included, Tprnis. KAOOO. 7CI-361C. 47 -- Real Estate -- For Sole EXTRA NICE BRICK Three bcdrocm, livins rw»n, kitchen will bulit In range and cvwi, disposal, carpe throughout, central heal, large lot George Lcvvtjr, 442-4763 or 442-7391. 47 Real Ete and plenty oT tjae This new 3 bwlrc Hob NicMe at 52 NEW 4 B twine iMturcs lrt pircJalc the nual 4433. F-1251 THE REDWC is just one of Ki\*ty Ms spring Uched to the le addition. Call Hoi men! at 521-300 FRF, ROOM 6 bedroom house 1200 r» m ^ l h , Lnnuirc al Ilorhler Jwelry, Kast Center Si. No phone calls r'eS rHtOOM house furnished, air r, $i» plus uULitfcs, |;o clean-up dtpasit, couples piefecred, no pels. Pbo JZ673Q. 37--Mobile Homes Spaces For Rent Helendale Woods Apts. Furnished or Unfurnished · Extra large bedroom (choice ol rcg u l a r or king?l/e heds) · Courly.inJ cxqutslleb' lar,dscap«t v.itt - · Wall-ln-wAil carpcllng and · Douljlc closet In betlroonis · reliable May 1st. 412 9: FURNISHED, Very private. Edqe Fajnettcv pels. Storage s porch, vowlcd Muff i c-wi'le. No ahle. W2-8E3 VALLEY VIEW [Mobile Home Park B R I C K . . . . BEDROOM.... ·a t h l j all brlrt roH- Voutl ah, I I L y c«vsl i-uctJon so caJL r al M1.30Q or 531- 47_R ea | Estaf«---Forjal* ,wi Are interfiled hi 2 l^ S AGIOS (r , Call -H2-M13. DECK ---- , now. Al?k ts a spaoious 3 bed .cd In Ihc Oak Manor j Klchl* lor an App or ML-i«8. F-122* HOME- WITH ACREAGE... 3 rKdroom, 2 hath. 130) sq. It., on hi s i!c. 5 acres overhxikinji vall*y. Ir Giccnland oHy limit. K.isi 1 access la Elifhv.'A)' 71, Tri«d m!d 40'i, CalJ AllM Itridges at Ml 6300 or Kl-KEO. FREEMAN 521-6300 3263 N. College ROOT SCHOOL FOX HUNTER ROAD PIUCE REDUCED ON Ikau-.i/ul brlcfc renter, e-arty American home, t^-o jiais ild. 2.DOO square leel, has large livinjr txwju with beam ceilins, fireplace, three diooms, tvra and hall baUis, all eJcctric chcn \v1th so ml-tormal A\n\ng B ier level TamUy- room, double Rai wilh etpctric rir»r opener. Located on 1,6 news. Price (IS.lXiO. You will likt this or.e -- Call Geoite Lewis 442-7391 or 412 4753. KINCAiD CO. iilh s · Central Hont find Air-condilionmg'' 1 · Modom kitchen with nli mavpnfenf' LfTcluJiiiC dishwasher (all electric) · Laundromat wilh washers and dryer* · Two Ruesf parking lol.i » Maid Service · CohvenieMly located to Univcr;H puW!c srtioo's and shopping flreas. Murry Hill, Helendob, Waverly Wood Apis. Apt. c-i STUDENTS 2 PR collage n ^uict coun trj^dc, 10 m'jiuifisr to t-aiupus, no Arailablc Hay IsL -Itt-SSSa. LARGE LOTS, PATIOS. POOL 12 BLOCKS NORTH OF UofA 18«0 N LEVERETT SI. «2-«67 COME SER OUR VILIAGE. ITS' OUIET -- SHADV AND FRIKNDI.V. I'HIVATIi rARKISC AMI MDE TAVED STREETS. VF.RY ATnU\CT- IVH TO HETIBEn FOLKS. COUNTRY LANE . j:onn.E HOME TILLAGE PHONE 521-4646 1 BEDROOM furnished. Gas ar/3 water paid. Jt-IO jvr nvniUi. Close to downtown. Call 5314215 or S'21-2312 a fief 5:20. EFFICIENCY apartment near Univ«. .. ' carrelcd, air conditioned, (urnishcd. All bills paid, STO, nn pels. Call -H2-ES12 or 4H-41KJ. · NI^V SUMMER RATES! JEN7JV LYNN APARTMENTS now ncceptlng appl^ca- " Lions for ono and two iKxlroom lumlslied ' or untum'iihoJ apartments lo be roady TicRiuninff J u n c _ ], JK6. Oosc (o UotA campus. Call 511-7210 alter noon, New Two and Three Bedroom Homes Villa MOBILE HOMES Lease With Option To Buy. Monthly Rent Becomes Your Down Payment! 521-8450 Entrance Across From Holiday Inn 333 No. College s BRICK HOUSE FOR SAIE BY OWNER 3 iK-dimni. tW h;tth. livfngdJnin? area. jrcaWast area, centTM I heat find sir. v i l h pado and large drjuhlc carport, ex- nt looalJon in Rorvt School District. il.i1)le 'May Ut. Call 4W-3006 atler 4 p.m. Ideal Location for Building a Home sp the acreage ol j-our cbaoe- City r. Hi mtleu from rity limits. -Call R i l l Rraue .442-·»». Home For the Studonl t the rent S; invest In this wham 3 bedrcom home -- Inlcnor certecorafrf and Mvt paint outsde. lMk \\iial. JTW vnl Kavfi insiead of rent receipt*. Call Charles Sinrrwer 412-6832. . E d g G h i l l D r i v e -Rool School . Very allraclive new «mltmifrArj' hnmc -- New style -- 2 s'Jiry -- all the extras to make a hon»e s.Te=al to enferlAin thow special Iriends -- Call Bill Graufi 4414WO. TENNIS ANYONE? You'll never have lo wall for » again wh en you move into Ihl s fin ButlerfioM Addition home, In tddH] the l«nnti cou rt, this home olfi bcdtcwms, / living ar,d dinln rooms, and a host of other conveniences Priced In Ibe 60's. For an apjxintmcn uill Bob NicWe at 521-6X0 or J2l^t33. FREEMAN fli ·w**- 521-6300 3263 N. Co!l*iB 7--RKil E«tal«--For Sol* 43 Acres ttlVW an *cr« 71 S rronvaiw. Wood ed, with Mint t*i lar^d . O«r,e r anxious to «]1. For further details call Murl 521 -««, 200 E. Poplar Fayeltevill don't want it *U -- driv» dcr* and we'll K^l wi anj' part. IB acre lind all in f«rtl!i«*l twcue. tils. 3 prewure -syjAtms arJ par-d L trussed, Irvsulated, autoiralLtc hrwl hocse on natural jrafl. Ul« new rtwm. 3 baUi, oarprtwi, wntral hrat iir, 2 m rarai;e and built-tn - ncei. Buy all W9.0M. Buy hom 521-3900 orthw** Arkanwt TIMES, Friday, April 16 ,1976 7--Real Estate--For Sola 47--Reat Estate--For Sal« i bni»r.hou« with ! jr «l«t(on. ' .·, or I: w«. Make NEWLIN REALTY CO. H9-2S73 Pr 8M2249 V,V« Fork, Arkansas what of! rj-on* h*s dr -|nl tin« on Uie market, 4 k-6oded acres v^-HJi a lantasUc l*rne bcdrooim, 2 full baths, 30xM living area with lirpplaw, bus servcie ml door to fUM ahd SVocdland Jr, School*. Call us tor- appointment, RS-,m EUVAHOMG TOCUY, ROOT SCHOOL T h r t c bedroom brick, fully urptt*4 bath, home h*s family room awl Ing tir«p!acc*, Deluxe fctch*o, utility i, a car garage, wth CH/CA, ort * · Lr« studded lot And dtad .end priced. CUSTOM BUILT TRAILER on large (r« rtuddM Tot t/ftrlofHent . L'k* ref*- inslda a«l out. Two BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES ACTM v,iih ihrc« bedroom home iM cncrtle vault and aeptic Unk IUKIWM. Or 18 acres with coin UundT?, car wu ar/] barber- shop. For details oU FAYETTEVILIE REAL ESTATE Office (42-7M1 3217 N. C01I«2« Omer Verwen U?44t Th«lniB -Culwell «2-(lG Barbara .McC!Ie«l« M7^3 i. L. Gray 4«-2M itlE CallfHY oF HOMES $35,000.00 oOroom. 2 balh home In a · area. Fireplace. complMe butll ta Wlt-hcn. crntral hca land air, 2 car garage. Call far flpi^inlment. MiVe V i'at sin. 5-.'l-SCr5. -U2-6711. Rrcade ·HI rtl North College *tt ·1 HEDROOM, 114 haUi. large living room, L shape kite-Tien anrt oini ^ells both with new pumps, ill fpnred. with 440 feet pU ronlaRc. About 15 miles d »'s. Call G43-3244 alter 5, inaJ! bam. i paved road m F,iy. Mid FOR SALE 22.91 Acres on Ifcw. 112, Irontaie. 10W f««t. 4 a/10 s to Fayetievilte O.ty Mirata 4 1/10 to Springdale Qly limlu. Good A and slock I'or.da. pood fence'. Small paymejit. ov-ncr will earn 1 bala up to j'wrj st a cut. rale Inlercsl, Phone 361-2402 or 751-9591 BY OWNER kl one acre b^AUlltully svoodcd tran near Ueaver I-ake in Beiv-O-K . 3 BR. 2Vi baths, 3JI v.ith v burning fireplace. Many buil-ms. CArpetir\g in 2 Bit, 2 baths. Ctonii push button kitchon Induiles « "" ,er. Two screened pj^dtes, r(ar pore s k 5 i ' dccJc in Lh« tiees. Urge t 3iri and gaT-aje 'Wilh Vi bath, w. 1 yer Iwok-up and laundry sintL CII/CJI ?LI tjgh(«J, healed basement. 2300 ft. llrir.c area, 1460 sq. ft. healed a' ..WO. 9!/ 2 ACRES QUIEZf APAUTMENTS! Nice LocatlonL C r \ R I ^ N D GAKDESS will h*ve one and tuo bidrcwm vacanrcs for June 1. 1S76. Summor rates available for students. ComplulQ 3aundr' facilities. Call »ll-3-Hl for mnre in rormntlon. ' LOOKING FOR A FT-ACE TO LIVE ; THIS SUMMER! GLENDALE APIS. !25 WH.L HOLD UNTIL MAY 20 * SPECIAL SUMMER TIATES ' + FURNTS11ED * ONE REDROOM * UTI LITiBS PAID * IA1INDRY '. * WALKING IHSTANCE TO Uot\ * SWIMMlNfi POOL \ * Nir.irr SECURITV GOAIIB : POOL PARTIES ON OCCASION. A NICE PU\CE TO LIVE. YOUR CHOICE LK\SE OK JIOSTWLY. CALL AKYTIAIE ·" ; 63B. 632 PUT.MAN. Hent free *"1* spnca rcnUL SHENANDOAH VILLA Mobile Kiome Village HV.-S. 16 BypiM Pool, laundr;-, paitos, iilorng*. Call Today 421 «w n» improvemenls. Afwnt 2 acres In jwxi- s:zed limbfj-, balance Is open, located m blaclilop road juM a stwifcs thnr-v Irom Lake ElmdiUe, Prttwi at le*s than (2,000.00 per acre. C.\Lb HEINEY REALTY CO. Hwy. 16Eosl 442-9236 442-7898 F-1288 FREEMAN REAL ESTATE CO. F-128B Roomy. balhs. extra large 25\VsU c palto." diding dgo bedio dining, utilily and room with its pri for lhal special penwi In your (nioUicr-in-Uw7 2,OM sq.-ft. wilh i ily H7.50J. Sei " " ·aloPs home «ilh drapes, c-arpeli. ' ' - led. Call Ce 38 -- Mobile Homes For Sale omo, centra nchors, wris. 521-31S6 MAKE olf balh fully LUXURIOUS' NEW HOME ith 4 bed rooms, W. baths, hi Irfien with Island work urea, breakfast room. al dinine room. Skylighted pjant rootn. large Mone firepl.irc, irrrealio^ rdom nnd vvcl bar. Located 'on Elizabeth Si. in ButlcrlieM Addition. Priced - , l bsxlsprcads 1 included at 321-6MO dare or - Lcl GeorKe Do It." r -H3-3503 ni^ils FREEMAN . Sue Lossin Hall :e I Call rin Holmes 521-6300 3263 N. Col]«* GARDENER'S DELIGHT This lovely all brick, 1603 STJ- ft. home Its extra deep LOSSING REALTY 267-3200 if busy 267-3337 HWY. 62. Firming Bus. 2»7'3^ His. 816 -» 521-9 521-D 4J-I4W WANT A HOME ON 1 ACRE? , 15J3 WE GOT IT1 RXCEIJ-ENT fX^ o!( Hichvay « East. Central all* nd heai, den, lirtpUce. and p^^l- I'rJceil y F32.KO. For more inform *tion cal! Rtiley Ml-7272 or S3H231 a PRIME LOCATION i 1016 1-033 acTca on one ol our bus Khways. Good tIl^-eitnle!lt (or JK ture. Priced to seM al «ilj' Ul.OOO.CO ;aj] Gallery of Homes 521-777J. JUST OUT OF CITY LIMITS acres c . 12T5 ith 4m f-yjl o( n inveMtncnt (o " 521-7272. and t f r u road. O CaU Gallery LEVON OGDEN BUILT HOME N'o. 1621 1.850 s^. ft. boauti' In «it y "ajElU\-illc 1 i nlcnl sub/liv-iiions. Se hru Hreptace -- large con-jfr Id. Prtcri at only fl2.500. For sn appolr.ttiwnt Loi'eyl home can Gallery lloi ei FAMILY LIVING lo, 1817 Nestle ajrotuid the w-annth our OMTI native hrick M*riae*. Sil t«d on one. acre in the C!iy. Cill Caller i Homes. 531-7272. Incidentally, irie* w only $25,98X npanmcflli May 15, rental. v,,,,! brdrooms or eliicincics, . to campus for single studtyit ( couples. No pets. 4128655. married Now Renting for Summer . .CUMMINGS APTS. 1 and 2 Bedrooms 443-4757 HINTON'S tuill 1074. 2 bedroom mobile -at n1r, cnrpct. (jp Owns and 3ix*cs. Phone 521-1317 aflw- jlSO evcninps. T bjr^ain -- oi»1y 52,500 tor 2 bedroom Onlury mobile tic- W6-20Oi. r on 12x65, 3 bcclnxnn. Ui caipled unfuiTiisfied, CH/CA. 369. ILB Home, evtra nice. Priced week. Call 521-510. 1ILE Home with A/C, CH, [pded, uULily builrfins. Torch, ·tftl in sell. Call S51-IG66 or MOBILE HOMES 52000 t uji ^0 In All ' Cash Only ^'S MOBILE HOMES Hwy. If. West 4i2-6871 OT1ILK HOMES, 10x55, Ktf Holland House Inc. 442-2740 Lol, and a greenhouse wita a Iisn Pond- 1 bednXHiis, 2ti bath, central heat /air, spacious kitchen with tubtnets galore, self cleaning oven, new dishwasher and disposal. 135.900. JuS call 21-50M, and ;uk (or Susan. ' · · - This beautiful contemporary home with ils spacious, well- ij rooms will delight the most discriminating home buyer, -arge lots 16x24 room for master suite with full bath. 3 Bedrooms, 2 balhs, living and dining room*, kitchen on first level. Three acres located away from city crowds and confusion, out handy to all city conveniences. 4 or 5 bedrooms, large game roam PLUS a family room, formal living and dining rooms. Approx. 4500 sq. ff. of healed space. $14,750.00 will buy this 3 BR., 1 BA'; home, in NVasl Fork. New Heat UnitC hot water heater and plumbing. Owner would take terms. 1.1 ACRE IOVELY HOME R-ffi3 Very attractive 3 Bdr., Brick home locaipd ftt 372 n. Ra'Etm 1n Far- nunEton, LG. IQ'.VxM'.Patio, 7'\S^i' siov- aKe room, central Iieal it air, carpeting, drapes, heauitlul wUinK vrilh lots ol Iri\-acj---Fajettc\illB,Si.'hoJl*. {27,400- Call todaj"! 3 B D R . BRICK -ASBELL SCHOOL ' (R-323) Located'just oft Hwy. 62 W, in a " : res:rfen(Jal nre.a. A very comfnrtabLe ie wi Ih oa rpclinX. cer.lral heal lots of stwrage, and vrllkcpl fcrvwd n. I'nwti m only (23,500. PRICE REDUCED (H-245) $18,100 v.111 buy Lhls large 2 Bdr. aiprox. 1W acres. Localed Jusl t( Calo SpmUs IM. Pall [c icnt today, can Am 521-91! 1Vx trtcttlont Cojleg*. NW Aik. 521-7272 ' Afitr 6 p.m. Call PlaiA . Gall*ry al S21-72TS 720 Sunset Phor.e 751-7728 RELAX on the tarre cov«r«d paUo of this reonyr 3 bedroom home .situated on * Ur|* Jot (HW'jiZOO'). l/WAted jtlit oft H'AT. I* Eia on MsUy Wagnon Road. Extra Urga baihrtom. Living Town, bfdrooms and utility room ar« carpet tA. Breakfast ftat separates Xitchen and large dining are.i. Home is paricted for easy maintenance. Central heal. Fiie- Prescription for Pleasure OH tfi W#st. 3" TOim. electric Xitc 2 (irep^aw, d 'jtazaga, large ' base ment. ^'ftrjlhlng ni plui the air ol pri vary with j'our own " " polntman. ^11 Murt . Sl«ed 521-3498 or Poll 200 E. Poplar FayettevUle orlhv.'«st Arkansas' fin*M cwintry liv- g, 43 acres. Over 3,000 *q. (U home, ormal lirjig and dirJnj room, central and Air. Central inUrcom jj-Mem. Ttntral VAcuutn de-suing system. -1 bed- nwrms. 3 baths, fireplace. Ur*e «or- ... roam. 3 spring [«J Btockvd lakes. Excellent fencing- 7 mile* from Fay- teville. J135,000. way « butldirvj Exlri 521-3900 CIEAR CREEK VALLEY HILLS 'rAdloilly new. Ccriar contwnpori lorne on 1.8 acres. Only 7 months o! eiQlilulIy oarptted, 3 BR., 2 baft*, -srte lIMiyr tetrtwn ar»a vilh huge Ive *tone fiirpiaOi that rises 30 » a beamed cathedral ceiling. Kitrh jis E*rgcoua Jill-wood cabinet.'! romp: ·ilh Corning ranxe. Large paritry. pl« rf jlorase, and thcee sundecks that overtook th* woiMted, aloi^ng tcmJn. million miles away, yet. ICES lhaii Wirdtr, AC. Doz pai rete slab «pUc lank. Bsefc yard is c*d M.-;th chain link t v.w(n «ir» th 1" nwsh pou!trr «"«. For aprotot- CALL HEINEY REALTY CO, wy. 16 East 442-9236 3W Ac«s unimpnr,'*d land in ·ells, 1 prad. small cr«k, *onw d*ar- K3.SOO. ;e home, Btav«r Siores. 3 hMrocmt ive atcnv. 2 or carport, targe porca rtooKna lake. Very nk». $45,400. Lake- lots, doruNt lot, B«av«- atorftt. iSOO. Vt acre lot hi Tlarabo Riverii. 5,000. Call Bill Burgin 521-1668 WALTER GRAY AGENCY, INC., Complete Real Estate Servle* Siloam Springs OFFICE KM 31M BOSS 4 COMPANY. INC. =X $15,5001 J7) This house is in 'the ion lor students. large 75'x23.)' lot. ---. . ,, irrlfd couple- 2 Bdi .. Uie West cdse ol 1-OWEH APARTilESTS. 1 t a brfroom furnished a pail menls. Suninic r rales. CI i\w; lo Universit y. Phono 321-lwl er 44^022. ONI3 and l«-o bcOnwn furai*ficd apart paid. AvaiW» id fall. Kerr Inv; Ci TAKING APPLICATIONS 1 BEDROOM . . . $115 2 BEDROOM . . $134 All ulililles paid, unfurnished, quiet, family almosphere, WASHINGTON PLAZA APTS. . . Mobile Horn* Park MOBILE HOME SITE acres. Tree covered. Paved slrecu Cenlral water system. Best oi lemi! ingion Woods. 443-2465 39--Office Space Buildings For Rent BKVERLY MANOR APARTMENTS Summer rales. Renting summer arxl fall 2 hlocks to campus. 3 bedroom. unfum:s!i ed. avallabya June 1st. 412-UM MAPLE MANOR (\Ticre Quiet Cwnlr? fJi1n« BKOI A Suburban Ufa fityl*" Mo«t fdMl For Th« Famllr Tonr noor Plan* SlarU Jt !IM A Bnul] Deposit Hotils Y«* Choice CAtti (SOD 521-73W 3001 Wrdinaion Drira IAT1GR ono Ix-drftom, dishwBsJJtr, .. CMdnionlnir. nulfil complex. Call Vic all 5 p.m. 531-1^1. N1BLOCK RENTALS a f/x-^llons v l l h 1 An dZ Bnlfxnn [a nlshrd unit* lo 5en-e your needs i. M-:rrT,Esnir A N D FAIHCRC AIT., 1535-JiW Netlleshlp. Quati^ all electric wlJh riishwaihcr; an iwsal. 2. MOBILE HOMKS, NiWWl bile Hwne Tk. All unili ^1(h A cSl' Sat-MM Of S3I-M73 r 521-« WESTKHN linn Apartimenl*, i b^roorn furn^fd ^rt^" 1 ''^P FOF) HE^T -- A pa rtm wit M A N O H . Av^'ab!e during s Phono *li:-C9. 0x40 BUSINESS BUItDING · IjGiue, iscellonl location. Wesljrate ^PIli^s C«nlEr. Write to Box P-43 c/i orthwest Atfcaaiss TIME5. P.O. DTI Fayctlevillc, Aik. TVm. Close lo UofA and shopping center, this older 2 BR,, 1 BA-, chnrm. Large lot for your garden area. Priced at $18,500.00. CALL TODAY! Lei's go look. Chicken operation -- 20,000 Broilers, two houses, fully automate. Locoled on 9 acres on Johnson Rd., 2 BR, 1 BA home, garage, garn. Land fenced and. cleared. 1 pond. Fayetteville or Spgdle. schools. CALL US -ANYTIME! Jan Henson, Residential -- 521-6509, Niles Howell Trumbo, Commercial -- 442-5167, Kites Bob Whitfield, Investment, Commercial -- 521-6019, Nhes Ihe cftj'. Call Ann fcrr a day. 52l-9!Fr] or oKice. FARMINGTON 3 BDR. HOME CR.2M) This nice home Is on A targe ltd iviUi chiin Imk fenced back Kl Ichen has budl -in dishwashw and range. DouMe carport, JoU of s(or nze. Asbt-ll Schools. A ical buy · tot only J 19.900.00. PRAIRIE GROVE- - . LARGE 2 BDR. HOME (n-262) This nice older fcoma siU on i large lot wiUi lots ol Ircfs and a srca trricn sprA. Fully carpelcd. central heal am and 8'xl2' storage hailriinjr. 'Lo lied at 112 S. Summlll St. 118.500. HOME WITH AN INCOME! R-2631 Only 3 mL from Fajetlevilla ii beautiful country setting. This nice Idr.'brlch And frame home has a lot (, offer--caroling, drapes, ctailral heal a'xJS 1 co-ered patto. and a .dctacht louble gar^^e v.i1h » 3 ronm flpartmer vcrheAd thai writs for $100 a mo. c erfecl for your college sludwA. A las and t acre cf H«d level land an ipfng for ONLY! 11 W? 000. , 500 SQUARE feet for Leas sional office, showroom, OT :hivay 62 West. Inquiries ,t to P.O. Has BIS, Fayeli lor pro- arehouse. may be 2--Wanted to Rent or Lease ANTED TO I.KASE: COUNTRY HOMT acrts. Up to !300/monlh. Cai 3 -- R ea | Estate Wanted ANTED: Want ut buy older hnmc do, need 3 bedrooms, No agents i II 443-73X. rt^^V^j^S^^VS/WwVN^rt,^ j__Lot$ For SaT* TRUMBO CO., INC. f~rn Ll3_i, 908-A Rolling Hills Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701 501/521-6800 SPECIAL" TERMS Almost new 3 BR, 2 balh brick CH a n d . A , oversized Uvinff rtrrplice, utility coom, and . tl.OOO dov-n »r,d Aswme 1 roximstflly }3250(XCO. For appolntmoit (o in«T*«. tal! Lar "" ' nes 756-6311. 521-9656. OK SAT.K -- I-irse Ici'd lots ik Attditron. All cit,v utiliti Call Harrison Davis prints) 32)4£a. in Ma es art- (SJoam 272! North College Phone »I-521-Mr FayettevlUc, Arkani 7^701 2 ACRES pavement with centra] water cyil roe roVtrM end bfs\ ot terms. Wedlngloo 46--Farms Acreages K.VCKU.ENT building sMo, acres or more olf ItiR^ra 20 AOIES flr1j*ry:nK l^ko Wilson and Cily Park, total rricc JIS.OOO. Phwc 131-5172 fir R39-3292. 16 ACRES, runnlm; creek, nnwUy w td, small dov.-n, (w-ner finer.ce. 431-5172 or 839 32M, FLORIDA LUXURY HOME Would you like a second home in Fforida? This one is four monlhs young, 4 bedrooms wilh a private pool. Located In Winlerhaven, Florida on a private lake. Owner will consider trading for acreocjo in Northwest Arkansas area. For more details, contact Gallery of Homes Reloca- lion Director Ann Martin at 521-7272 or 521-8490 afler hours. BOSS COMPANY, INC. COMMERCIAL hutting WxlOO" on corner 1« of R ai-tes. Ijocaicd. West of Tayvtle\ille o side city limits. Ideal for f u r n i t u r e sto mini mart with wtf-s-r\-c gas stalion. ( T doliifud inforsnaUMi C.M.L HEINEY REALTY CO. Hwy. 16 East 442-923 WHERE ELSE Root School can you find a n uly 3 b«rtroom ,2 faalfi home witli m-1y room and lots o! extras [or n WW.WO. Cat Frances Une*am details, -113-3157. THE GREAT AMERICAN DREAM have a 4 bedroom home east vn on 5 aorw for S25,000. CM Ot « al 521-7473 TODAY. UNMATCHED QUALITY is most unbelievable horns ha» 'every rvaginsble Icaiure. anyone could want or lesire. There is a IIrt of many. many iu »1: Ly lealurw tii expwl [hi" Aremaikiib'!? manrfon. in a prestigious ana. Gall Fr; Informitlon- rrirtd at 3143,000. 521-2305 IS ni^v. t» cily. STRETCH-OUT '/'. . n th-j 3 level. 2300 *q. h. honu. Fii '.»ft. LArgi lot v.-.lh mature rfia re;«, 100^. loin to qualified CI. Price nLy U4.500. QUAUTY IS EVIDENT Chii ^autiful AH brick Korne la locate xi an CAemi«d -lot. 3 BR . and ^Vi balhs. Famft!y rcom Mith brrpteee. For Ml dlninj room. Central hfiit air PJush carpeting Uirouyhout. See (hi tiome SUNDAYS ON YOUR OWN DECK Vhile your hiMbiad walta tr the f«* oxirae from lhl» oeaotlfui n«w Iht** b«4ioom . two bath «nt*mporary ho«n« v.i(h -extra quality fa .one af Fayttl*- -ale's moat popu!*r TWW additions. Laiw p«i Irnng are* with cathedral f*dir,g, ,ativt atone firtpUf*. ; fully rMTpXM, :uatotn drapes. ihermqpMie windm'*. buill-in niplianm, **« of *toca?6, fee- tensive (ini*c4pin« «d r»d CMtar privjitj 'enc* fti Ss^Teetbriar Additfen for cely «:,soo. c»ii wi-iasa. ' (or NfAR, UNIVERSITY older, 4 bedrojm, 3, balh . eiM lil-Jnjf K»m and;mssr-,er bedroom. Larft IdtcJwn v.1th pajilry. Central heat and Air. Lovtty «arJ«i area, Price only S22,«»- . _ ,,· '' : A BEAUTY IN SPRINGDALE Immaculate, 3 BR., brick home "1Lh 2 baths, double garaje,: ^and _rhain Unl yard in " FOR SALE BY OWNER wrcs all toned R-7 -- . TrontaJK oa 7.ion Reid i easement ta Old Miwxiil approx. H milt e*M. rt NW Arlcitv M«U. Call 3I-i7S9 or S?U«0, . lor only (W, 000. YO-J will -enjoy t i effi- !;eoo- a n d . beauty ol _Uie. kilchen.. th djiiinlTi^ lirgt uttttty 'erwiT and duofcli :arase. You will be iurpns«d and plej« ,t th* a[uclcusn«M ol the hedroonv irvl hiihrooms of this hftme.? . CHOICE. LQT ^Tft lot ftl rtlh elbo-v 3 Only *5,WO. GOOD SPACE VALUE 3BH., 2 balh horn ehas 2109 H, ft o living'-*p»ce. Huft fAmily- room wiilh fireplace. Additional nxrni cbtfd be u*il- ilrt as 4Lh BR., otfire. or stixiy. Oomer tal wiht lencfd backj-ard. Price 131.900. J w "End to End" lW« 8 rwm homi !u qualtU' *nd so tuiny txlras lo olfer tor lh« price of 147,500. I · M t r f In the Suv briar AoMitlon on a pro*. \4 *cr». Ff lures (amffly roo w-ih ftreptAM, form dining room, eat In chcn. 2 fu!l- tuU b?auU/ul aculpiu *ha(T cArprf. cturtorn 1 rapM, Rrin g you checkbook, j-oo'l] to buy il. CaB FcJly Bel) ril-1952, 200 E. Poplor Fayelteville FATTCETTE 1202 N. COLLEGE OFFICE «2-5J5 B\-talnsi and WwfceadJ Calli George Faucet!* J Etobbye Haltrook Syli-ja Danforth Virginia BDWEHI Cathy BoyiS Richard Mayei Jc« Backus Ray Bunch 1757 sroux arr. r . ras )*ou oould maul; [IrepljM. ti* you tKuld mant; IirepUo«, "tMthcdrii ·fillings, cuslcm cabinet* by Dirrell. CORNER OF SIOUX CHBHOKErH BR, covered pon*, c»rp**ed, aJl ex- TAS, Buy now t pick your own oo'iOrs. Sec our homes by CtomJig by dunog th* y, or CAJI builder. \AELTON HOMES 442-2826 521-3893 236 ACRES . o .74, Old house site, rtd bam, 2 ponds. prkiS ( w f U s I ? ) Aboat 6O70 acrre opcii ajxlleiillc and Dkina School Dialricta. -ATier would 5*13 Uie North 120 *cr« eparatdy: HOO per acre with term* »y owr^r: CALL , " HEINEY REALTY CO. Hwy. 16 East 442-9234 RM. 521.755 Res. 413-2227 Res. WtSiUi R«. m-2277 Bei. 412^303 Rei. 5214971 Res. «3-?«9 120 ACRE STOCK FARM NEAR TOWN. Cher KaJt open'and UM open part is very level and tmrtolK More. l»nd CJR h» riejrfd. Ebrtra jood locatloti jort oft Wph- way. 3 Pocds, 2 v,tlls ,spr;n« and city staler. Natural f*s. G«cd older 1 b.r, i«. Outbuildlnji. Price JSOflOO.OO. ACHE BROILini t STOCK TAR-M X)SK IN. 30.000 Broiler c»pAcity _!· 521-3900 3 BEDROOM BRICK, dm, piUO. 3 acrcf Monte N'« Araa. $3800 (nutty and awume payments, Phone MS-9», l3rj;e kilche A H ne ASBELL SCHOOL Block. ith will to wall c.irrct. Central ACRES, larji* oak ar.l hicfcury t nlly level, HOT doun. CA^ner f.n Phone SQl-5172 ftr B»yJ32. . , tr,v-neT fin ancc or ha rjjaln fo r TWO LOCATIONS 2332 N. College N.W. Ark. Plaza , Prire only J20^000. A G.reai Buy. MOVE IN ] Bix. I t B r B i* Jin tmm,ica- bedMywn Jwrnf. hAth *r,d ;n4ur room, Eoamfd m, alt r.*n1y iviim^ 1 fencM yard with tn« 5Tiruhhery FARMINGTON A Rpal Boauty -- Brie* and trum* cnn- slnwOon nn Jilce level Vx u-fth (erxrd biok yard. Throe bedrooms, Iwo halh». carpelMl. lovely fcitrfifn, ITurrj- on one. Price ia only (32,500.00. BUILT FOR COMFORT! Thb Ihrw bedroom, two h«lh, 2 »*.«.-y home has a fMnwl ming- room and family room with bj^ck fire^ace. It li Iwitrf in the HjlarJ Park SubdnlKWi, wth th* wast farspoua ^lew In lovvn. Can Vnxo Tan-«r S31-6611,'nl«hl» 53V 3657 B-23a BRAND NEW! Th*s* (hrc* hfiuies have just becrt com plricct and are rMdy for j-o-a. Oose-lc »*co!f irvl s*opp:Tig. lh*y ror,ta!n 1IM wj, t\. with lhre« bedrtwms (WT bltKs, PRICT3 RIGHT--In Ihe »'*. Call V«mon Tan-er SSl-6611, night 521-S67. R 2 M . Lindsey FARM half In Gra 30\EV) fcxifiT) BO xcrts o \ r r Equlprtd MlUi ham, corrals, j'ounff fiTiit trurs ww home, with burnm« ( i r e p f « c , ance o f butlUni. Pri« only . . Owiwir wai consider trade for oily pro- - · , All tccett iihfd, KnnV . Variety o Two pond.r. Fine nftir «itral heat p1 all i.^ =MZENBY *»! r/ 442-6640 521-6700 LI REMKM Associates 3535 N. Cdles« "Developers of Hyland Park" J, W. Glbfl Vernon Tarvei R. 1« Ltf.".-is Ja Anne Stiaberry Hal Modlin r^nn Cruse K ram Erookj ' " OI»4i§ Sonnemaa \T7TER-ISS. You tin, buy thl« 3 b«dr«i frame horn* with r.«hinjt (bM'n. Xbou fiOd clojinr POS*. Oil Howard Aj? 7»-9«3t. Afi*r hour*. liI-3113, ca d condign -NJc§ rtmcdrfed otder ae. 3 B.R. Also bam fc outbuidinM. acr?s op«o, level and smooth. Ex- llenl 1 fescue pasture. Pro* $90,000.00. SPEAR REALTY 1 ACRE omfortaNe 2 bedroom httwtj r finance, 20 ACRES *T*r rciancinf. Year round ocked pond. S Titles £r«n Fai-*U*snK». everal smalj acre trtcti availabl*. Call ATTRACTIVE 4 BEDROOM f»th home tn exceHent ccrd.Um. Wl.OOO. Knoi Erin . «u rin fcl* : « 1 .Marg» Smil»y +41-7JM \ Bob Brown 731-5ST1 /!. I-SOI-H3-5Z83 ^ llte- LOVELY FAMILY HOME . room, fornul dinlni room, tibra ry . 1 bedroom*, 3 bith*. LJTJS -ard_ {43,000. Call 443-2510

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