Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 2, 1960 · Page 39
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 39

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1960
Page 39
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: At PmCKKT MAMUABTfKS- n f WT HAPPEH AfT MC tief. MR UVWKHT- fWS pUpeASO 1 THBX UOVJ. am Hue UP w AKUlTHeALSlUO 91KHIU6 WBWH6? WHOLE PLACE 6UTT! : stMeww ABOUT BRENDA STARR PM SO TIRED TONIGHT I CAN ITS MI A _ j_ 1 M WROMG HOUSE SURE HARDLY KEEP MY EYES OPEN-ITLL BE GOOD TO GET HOME Of**. I'M ^ HOMf BLQNDIE W| CAN COVK Uf TH6 ^ACT tVH THAT HC'S A CANI4fAb , HA MOW Wftftf MM AMOUNT t*t MHW OVtfc I M» - ALOW ~' THE GIRLS CITIZEN COMICS PAGE 41 JUNE 2, I960 SLUGGO WON THE CRASH I THAT? I A_ 7 -AND I JUMPED OVER THE NET TO CONGRATULATE HIM "/ don't tbi*k the fotict will say anything, Harriet. They stt it won't fit." RAM, WE'RE TAKING YOU TO WHY DID'JA HAVE TO \Vf THE HOSPITAL FOR SPOILTHE PARTY? I WAS RAVIN'A .^.3,, , I'LLTAKEYOUINMY -A-iii CAR. WILL FOLLOW IN HIS/ REX MORGAN OH, COME \ OM, WOW., J -- SURELY VOL) MUST HAVE SOMI QUESTIONS BEETLE BAILEY NO, ANNIE! J JUST MADE A TERRIBLE. MISTAKE.' BUT I. FOUND OUT IN TIME ! PHOOIE.' KID. STUFF'. HA-HA! GOOD JOKE ON M-M-ME-E-E-E f on, BOO-HOOHOO! sis! LISTEN' THINGS OFTEN APEH7 WHAT THEY SEEM' J STILL SAY--' WHAT A POOL VVE BEEN! JUST A STUPID, IGNORANT, SILLY KID FOOL! 1 SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER! OH, SIS, sis! IVLL ALL WORKOUT? ORPHAN ...ASPOTHTPITBDOWNTHE I SHE WE MS AN KWSfSION CXACTLY LIKE THAT ON ON? OF TV* WOMEN IN AN 1U.UST6ATION IN A l«0* ON THE SHH.F VOU'UVIE K THE LIFE OT ITI* AU- OVfK TOWN IN A JIFfY THAT COt-CANYOM HAD UO*CH WITH Ml** AKSTIU... *NP PDTEtT I* AMON5 TV* RITSTT H£/K AMP THEY WflUY £0 T *'K A ROUT THE 6YM TEACHER'S COLLE6E-ANI HOW IT WODUD BE A4 A SCHOOL ATTiNP IM THE FAU... (MISS AWTIN IS CiSAPPOINTED IN THK,BUT *H£ KNOW* VOU ^ANT egsH (NTS WHAT *W£ WVWY HOPED WDDU3 A* AND TAK4* WHEKC *AM««T CAN £££ THEM... »1 II " TELL ME WHY Who Invented The Kite? Win a valuable prize. Send your question, name, address and age to TELL ME WHY! care of this paper. The Brl- tannica Junior, 15-volumc encyclopedia for school and home, will be awarded for the letter selected in the case of duplicate questions, the author of "Tell Me Why!" will select the winner. Today's winner is: DANNY HOFER, U, Nashville, Tenn. There is a tradiUon that the kite j was invented by * Greek. His name was Archytas of Tarentum and he lived about 400 B.C. But research by scientists has shown that certain Asiatic people and some savage tribes such as the Maoris of New Zealand have been using kites from time immemorial. So we Cannot trace the origin of the kite to any one man. In some countries such as Korea, China, Japan, kite flying has been a national pastime for thousands of years. Actually, it is believed that before kite flying became a sport in these countries it had a religious character. In fact, with the Maoris it is still connected with religion and when they send up a late they chant a kite-song. Korea, China and Japan are probably the countries where kite flying is most popular. In market places, while the tradespeople wait for customers, they often send up a kite to amuse themselves! Chinese and Japanese kites are of many shapes, such as birds, dragons, beasts and fishes. They vary in size, but some are seven feet in height or breadth, tnd are constructed of bamboo strips covered with rice paper or very thin silk. In China the ninth day of the ninth month is "Kite's Day" when men and boys go up to the nearest hill and fly their kites. In some places the cord near the kite is stiffened with a mixture of glue and crashed glass or porcelain. The kite flier maneuvers his kite in such a way that he can allow his cord to drift against his opponent's. Then he gives a sudden jerk and the other late is turned loose and destroyed. In Asia there are musical kites which have perforated reeds or bamboos. They make a plaintive sound which can be heard for great distances. Sometimes ignorant people, who believe such kites can frighten «way evil spirits, keep them flying all night over their homes! * * * FUN TIME Tht Chuckle Box Bob: Can you write your name with your eyes closed? Dad: I think so, »on. Bob: Then *ign your name to this report card with your eyes closed. * * · Joe: You remind me of the sea. Mary: Why? Because I'm so wild and romantic? Joe: No, because you make me sick! * # » Did You Know? RIP KIRBY LAREDO - BIG BEN BOLT SNUFFY SMITH There are many more cases of "giants" among men than women. But the tallest woman cm record was pretty big, too! She was Marianna Wehde of Germany, who was born in 1866 and grew to be 8 feet 414 inches tall! # V f Answer to yesterday's Crossword Puzzle: ACROSS: ]. Run. 3. We. 5. As. 6. Pal. 7. Calm. 8. Pick. 9. Late. 11. Any. 12. Do. 13. Be. 14. Wag. DOWN: 1. Rat, 2. Us. 3. Walk. 4. Elm. 6. Pace. 1. City. 8. Pane. 9. Lab. 10. Dog. 12. DA. Send yoar tricks, riddles, or puzzles to TELL ME WHY! Give your name, age and address. A Britannic* World Atla* or illustrated Year Book of important events in every Meld ·riH be awarded for the tetter* ·elected each week. COOLER SERVICE Pnnip* · Tubing * Pads mid Fining Immediate Service m w . A STEVE CANYON nt. Serving T*e»Ni for 31 Yc*rs 70S rriiN6 c TO Mf.. E', E!l L \-.A; RiijHr TO RUf! A.WAV... 5HOT UP THOSE BEE HIVES TO sic THE: £t:rj ONTO THflT" W1GF.R. flti'NOW OH, I THE FOOL THIS TIME /'/ ·· : HE MI56ED HGRM HES BUNDED 8V THflT BLftCK POWDER/ THC OCSMA. MCE TRACK, BUDPY WHY MOT JUST FOR LAUGHS ] WOWYOU BEHAVE ABOLTT V/ISHE$ COMWff TRUE, YOU HCAt VE GOT TO USE ftROlWD MV 600ZLE BODftC\OU5 DOC-1 TRIED TO \ REMEDV? GOOSE FEftTHERS!' CURE UP MY SORE THROAT VW1F A HOME REMEDY, BUT IT DIDN'T WORK WUTH A HOOT GOOSE FtfiTHERS BEHIND TH'WOODSHED MO, MR. KAMIREZ.YOU 5tE,MY WJ5IAHO I'M SORRY AWUT TMEACCIOSHT.SI IS A M1NP K*9f X. ME IXXJH'T UHPERSTAHO MY MAMI.'HAVE WC 1 rTHIMKLF, PUT M'5 ALWAYS KNOWING /MET SOMtWHIREf ^. PEOPLE'S MAMM. 1TO UNCANNY LEGEKJDAfCV ABOWIWABLC SKOW HAMS WE IS THROUGH THEM NEVERBINS NEVER \y "T.prup r,,.i «ni i- T^-I »i-r-vM»f"» 17 CUUI^ IMC. ISAPPROACHIN ABOMINABLE You cant marry " woulont unfc i' ^ felt This fellow Gideon you're) crazy about in business u/itb, Judy- A nim ' P °P- hom much do you that he was a doesn't ask you. success in life. GASOLINE ALLEY 5?RACV REACHES HIS R*LLET " AND PRETENDS TOBE SLEEPING-- H'M» «HC DIDN'T COME INSIDe. I WONDER-- - DICK TRACY FOR 287,452 3 MONTH'S - BUZ SAWYER LIL ABNER KING AROO

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