Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 10, 1972 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Thursday, August 10, 1972
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INSIDI-. For wonmn ,,M,'."i!,' 8 tfl R p l M o l - , , U-M :KiilflilnliHnonl ... ,,, ,t6 ^? mlc « · yJ .',,'..'.'.'. :ie fat Icons 113th YEAR-NUMMR49 Th« Public lnt«rwt li Th« Firnt Concern Of THii N*w»paptr FAYETTEVILU, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, AUGUST, 10,,1»72 tOCAl - , Partly cloilcly ^Ith nhonytfi Ifito today; wn'rmcr. Friday; bttj, remoter 30.21) rising; wlnclt soilh, r »Gulhwftlorly; kirnm today 8 14, suniise Friday 8^3, High Low Expected today 87 64 Wednesday 87 6» Weathtf mflp W patfa ?· ^ PAOSS-TfN CINTl j Ban On Cheap Pistols Faces 1 · · .,; t ' · ~ i i ' ! ' i , , . ' '· · · ' i Uncertain Future In House First Day Of Practice Randy Fitzgerald (leH) and Hunk Reid display (ho r e a l spirit of the game as they (urn out for 4he llrst prac- .tlce session Wednesday prior to, the. annual Klwanis;,Kids Day footliall game at Harmon Field (TIMESnhoto by Ken Good) McGovern Launches First Campaign Tour WASHINGTON (AP) ±- George MeGovern itoday kicks off the v f|rst major campaign .trip In i his , come from behind ·run foi the White HOUS.C ie turning to New Hampshire where it all'hegan five months ago -' i With'a .new running mate fi nally selectee! and approved, the Democratic presidential candidate planned'a hectic two (Say swing to Manchester! N H , Hartfoid, Conn, Prpvidence, ,R I , and New York City The first stop is the J F. McEhyam Co shoe factory in [Manchester, a largely symbolic appearance for McGovern "" He says, it was his appearance ·there last Feb 18 during the New Hampshire primary cam paign that he first fully appre ciated his appeal'to blue collar ^workers w ' * "That's the place where it be came apparent to me that these factory workers were sympa thetic," McGovern said', in Washington Wednesday. "I've j always seen that as the turn Ing-point in the campaign." But on this trip, he said, "m stead of making a speech to them I'm going back to listen-J to ask Ihem what they think the - next president of the Unitec States ought to be concerning r ;himse|f with, what'they're wor ^ned about " NIXON LEADING ., A Harris Survey poll pub ; l i s h e d Wednesday showed ^McGovern ' trailing Presiden -Nixon 57 to 34 with 9 per cen -undecided. i As McGovern's New Englam *trip was being mapped, run .Cning-mate Sargent Shriver wa J ; .busy in Washington meetini ^-Democratic party officials ani ^boning up on McGovern's posi ;.' r .llon on the campaign issues. '£ One McGovern aide said tha ...everylime McGovern's "Issu" meet to brief Shrivel -they keep getting Jnterruptec ·."by phone calls and demand 'vthat Shriver make an appear ·;ance. , ; - Shriver himself told a tele ··/vision executive Tuesday nigh that he could not appear on ^network program Wednesday · Rings Stolen ; Two rings valued by th ·;owner at $1,200 were reporte ·missing Wednesday from · trailer at the Villa Mobile Horn '-;Park on Hwy. 71 north, polic "said today. '.·'· Mrs. Vivian Lamberson, wh ".'reported the loss Wcdncsda; Hold .police the rings wer ·missing from a jewelry bo ^stored in a lingerie drawer ·her residence. '. She described the rings as '·white gold wedding ring se "with 11 diamonds worth $1,00 ant! a man's yellow gold rin ivith an emerald setting wort :$20o. · They're not ready to unleash ne yet," he joked Sh.river's nomination to fill ie vice presidential spot on the cket was overwhelmingly ap rqved by the Democratic Na onal iComimttee Tuesday ight Shriver and McGovern spent most of Wednesday in meetings with various groups of party leaders, including separate caucuses of Senate and House Democrats, women and Span ish speaking paity membeis and Democratic governpis WEATHERMEN SEE SHOWERS y THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Showers and thunderstorms were expected to develop over the state (again late today as a weak (ow pressure system and stationary front continues to hang in southern Arkansas T h e National Weather ^Service said the front was expected to begin dissipating today, but would still have enough influence to trigger scattered showers. Shower activity was e\ pected to decrease Friday as more stable' air invades the state , ,- , Heavy thunderstorm activi ty broke out in parts of the state Wednesday Funnel clouds were reported late Wednesday near Hot Springs, near Hope.and near Index. Severe thunderstorm warnings were issued for a number of counties in the southern portion of the state There was no damage or injury: reported. Highs-' Wednesday rangec from the low 80s in the north east to the mid. 90s in the south. First Flight In 101 Years SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -Dr. Charles 'Snyder was 3: years old in 1903 when tin Wright brothers first flew a Kitty Hawk. His own first High ended 60 years later al San Francisco International Air port. s "It's time I gave this flyinj thing a try," Snyder said afte his jetliner landed after a High from Baltimore Wednesday. The 101-year-old former pro lessor of physiology is the olo est living graduate of Stanfor University and was a room mate of Herbert Hoover befor graduating in 1836. "He just loved every minut of it," Dr. Thomas Snyder sai after his father's first flight The younger Snyder is a scion list with the Atomic Ener: Commission. Verdict Near In Spy Trial T Y N D:A'L L AIR FORCE 3ASE, Fla hat M Sgt (AP) -- Charges Walter T Perkins to pass vital defense be rets to ;a.Sovletspy in Mexico City.go to'a military judge for eliberatioh today. Co! Joseph. Peek will copsid r a verdict in the espionage ase against Perkins, a 20-year Air Force veteran, at the conclusion .. of arguments by attorneys, Bblh'sides rested Iheir cases Wednesday The Air Force introduced tes- imony that five documents al egedly stolen by Perkins were crucial-to protecting the nation against air invasion and the de- "ense presented testimony from Perkins' Japanese-born wife Michiko. She said through an interpreter that her husband consumed as much as a fifth :of scotch whisky a day, often col lapsed on the kitchen floor in:a stupor and beat their children when drunk. Perkins, 37, a father of four from Palo Verde, C a l i f , plead cd innocent by reason of tern porary insanity due to acute alcoholism. Capt. Reinald Werrenrath IU, the Air Force prosecutor, con ceded Wednesday that Perkins was an alcoholic. But he told Col. -Peck vthat "there is no question that he was mentally responsible beyond a reasonable doubt. 'He -was an expert in intelligence who well realized the House Nears Vote On Bill To End War WASHINGTON ,, (AP) -- A rider ordering U.S, forces out of the Indochina war this year headed for a House vote today with some leaders saying it cbuld carry a military foreign aid bill to defeat Leaders on both sides of the war Issile predicted the mandate to pull U S forces out of Indochina,in return for release of American prisoners and a limited cease fire would be narrowly rejected. Some, including Speaker Carl Albeit and 1 Republican Leader Gerald B Ford/said a $2 1 bill lion miW,ary foreign aid bill could be voted down if the war- jullout mandate stays in it Al Bert said he f eared,, Ihe bill could be rejected regardless , But House Foreign, Affairs Commitee; Chairman .Thomas E Morgan, D Pa,, said"They'd better take this one if they want any foreign aid bill. This is the,swan .song as I am concerned/' , The Senate already has re jected President Nixon's foi eign military aid requests Mor ganiindicated that if the House did the same, forcign.aid would not be dead but would be con tinued ibri -an interim basis. TIME EXTENDED The war-puHoul; directive originally carried a deadline of Oct. 1 before House anti-war forces changed it to'Dec. 31 to carry it past the November elections and 'give Nixon a longer period to withdraw the troops i _i» «· "· The'directive would order all U S mllilaiy fojfifJsJUQJ 1 ?. over Indochina~wllhdra«n t wlof5g as American prisoners' were re turned, GIs missing ' in enemy territory we're* 'accounted for and a cease fire was estab lished The only exception Would be for protection of with- In Election Year,'Gimmick House Mtiy Hear Jane Fonda WASHINGTON (AP - Thc House Internal Security Con) mittcc called a closed session today to discuss a member's request that actress i JaYie Fonda bo subpoenaed to testify dbout her anti-war activities ' Rep. Fletcher Thompson of Georgia, third ranking GOP member of the nlne-mampanel asked the committee to sub pocna MISB'Fonda'for (question ing concerning "the entire realm of (her) activities while in the enemy capital of Hanoi and In communist Nor" 1 Vietnam. Rep Richard H Ichord, DM o , chairman of the basically conservative committee, told a reporter Wednesday-: that Mis. Fonda "obviously wiis being used by the Noith Vietnam ese." i As for whether she should be subpoenaed, ' Ichord said he would 'consult all' members of the 'committee Ichord salu also the question of giving Miss Fonda an official forum for expressing her views may, influence the decision Rep. Robert ,F. Drman, D Mass,, a ^committee member who hai,repeatedly fougHt.'the panel's investigative activities said he would oppose any attempt to force Miss Fonda to submit to questioning jf it meant that Thompson, who is running this year for the Sen ate, would use the sessiofls'as a publicity device , On July 18, Thompson 1 said In a House speech that according to radio reports Miss Fonda was "calling upon the Amen can service personnel to dis obgy the orders of the U S/ goV- ernment and,* indeed, to desert ind to turn themselves in to the North Vietnamese" ' ' ' 1 T h o m p s o n added: 'Mr. Speaker declared /war, unde- unde- ;'what clarcd war,'police action,' ever it may be--if the report Is .rue. this is treason, anij it is ,imc' that ttys government look some action against* pebple such as Jane Fonda who have given aid and 'comfort to our onerny. ." t ' '· Thompson also said he was asking the attorney general to bring charges' of treason against the actress if the ports are true. ' In Paris on July 25, after her Hanoi trip, Miss Fonda said she had made daily broadcasts 'over'Hanbi radio,'but "I did not say what I am accused of saying." Senate Okays Control Bill ; By f To 25 V'r WASHINGTON (AP) -- A ian on the sale of easily corir, ccalable" handguns' has bceg parsed-by the Senate And sent to' an · uncertain ,fcile: in* the House, ' ;;, rt \ J The Senate' passed'the meaaj ure, 68'to'25, late* Wednesday after Three days of debate ana overwhelming 'rejection,?, of stronger" gUn controls,,^ i f t'Sen, Birch. Biiyh, D-Ipd,, tha pill's chief pponsor, s.ald it would ''fake, out of the market place the weapons used most frequently by criminals," i « The Senate bill Is aimed primarily at snub nosed ( A Woman In Every Port, Maybe, But . Navy's Old Salts Frown On Seagoing Girls NORFOLK, Va (AP) -Many old Navy salts would pre for a girl in every port-to one behind every porthole. "It's unreal;"'moaned: Chief Stan Plank as he nursed a drink .Wednesday afternoon at the s^ag bar in a service club at tlje NjVal'Station Plank Wasn't alone in his dis belief at the Navy's latest di rective. one that will allow women to seive aboard combat vessels. Many of Plank's fellow Navy chiefs -- the senior en listed personnel in the service -- echoed his misgivings about .the order handed down Tuesday by the Chief' of Naval Oper ations, Adm. Elmo Zurnwalt. drawing forces The'mandate would carry the force of law but not cut ' o f f money for the war as would have a measuie approved by the Senate In opening'votes on'the foi- eign aid bill, the House Wednesday night rejected by voice votes efforts, to cut off J.S. aid to Cambodia and Thailand and to suspend aid to Por tugal. Health Bill Faces Veto WASHINGTON (AP) --The House has passed a $30.5 billion appropriations bill for the De partments of Labor and Health, Education and Welfare although there were predictions President'Nixon would veto the bill The bill provides $1.76 billion in excess of what; the President requested, including substantial increases for education and health purposes. Rep. Robert H. Michel, R-I11., said after the bill was approved by a 239 to 166 vote Wednesday that "the President will have no recourse b u t to veto it" since the bill would increase the budget deficit. A controversial provision seeks to limit expenditures for social services. The bill is expected to provide for allotment of social service funds on the basis of population, per capita income, welfare consolidation watch," government testimony and "past experience in socinl significance of these documents," Werrenmlh said. The Air Force contends Perkins, a noncomissioned officer in charge of the intelligence unit; was planning to drop the documents behind a fence at:a residential address in Mexico City. A crude, hand-drnwn map was found In Perkins' wallet, and a Mexican agent lis- pnlchcd to the "drop point" on the map observed a Soviet intelligence agent piicing back and forth and "checking his showed. service program delivery." After Killing Cheyenne Program Army Seeks Cheaper 'Copter ' WASHINGTON (AP) '-- After ' six ycnrs and $100 million, the tArmy has killed Its troublo-pla- . -gued Choytinno helicopter program to search nncw for n ·cheaper, Icss-fnncy gunslilp. -. The Army Wednesday notified Congress and Lockheed Aircraft, builder of the Clio- ·yenno, of lln decision and an- -nouncet! Hint it will seek now j)lds from Industry for the ·smaller, lens-costly nircnift. ' The action followed by eight ·months the death of tlio Army's J n«w drcnm tank, the MBT70, which military plnnnern. also .'concerted was loo fancy «ml loo costly. In that cnsc, Congress killed the program. "The bnslc point is wo gol loo expensive, nna too sophisticated a machine," an Army spokesman said of the Cheyenne. "Wo c,nn do. It for less with a smaller machine," . Choychno was packed with electronic gBdgolry, antf-tank m'lasllcs and mnchfno guns, for knocking · out cnomy IroopH, tanks and nuns nl close rnnge. The Army wanted to buy 375 Chcycnncs at n cnsl estimated ho two en J3.S million to $5.? million cnch, more than (he price of the F* Plmnlom et. " But Clicycnne ran Into mechanical problems nlong with congrcsslonnl tiro from critics who questioned Its vnhio, Tlio Cheyenne iilso hns been the center of n hitler nnd slill- nnscttlcd ili.ipulo between the Army ami Air force over each service's role In the job of pro- t e c t i n g American ground troops, , · ; With tho Air Force |)utili!ng Us verdlon of n new close-air- support piano, .some loglslntors arc concerned they arc being asked,to back too many overlapping military projculs. For the current fiscal year, the Army hnd nsknd $37 million to continue research and development on the helicopter. The Senate turned it down but llio House went along. A conference committee was In ilip process of resolving the difference w h c h tho. Army announced its decision to cancel. To fill the Cheyenne's role, the Army said, II will ask Congress to approve $10 million to begin "ns soon ns possible" A now (iuosl for "the most effective advanced nllack helicopter practical at the lensl cost In the 1870s." in Federal Custody Two members of (he Vietnam Veterans Against the W a r are escorted by a U.S. imir- shal as they arc relumed to Jail at Tallahassee, Fla., nf- (cr refusing (o answcr questions about alleged plans for violence at the GOP convention at Miami Beach. (AI' Wlrepho(o). NEWS BRIEFS Cyclist Injured Charles Larry West, 27, of 401 Lewis St.. was slightly injured when the motorcycle he was riding overturned at 7:53 p.m. Wednesday al Hwy. 16 bypass and 18th Slrecl, police said today. West was taken by a passing motorist to Washington General Hospital, where ho was treated for cuts and bruises released. Bank Looted LONDON (AP) -- Masked raiders brandishing shotguns snatched more than $330,000 from a London bank today as security guards watched helplessly. The -six bandits fired several shots into the ceiling of the bark in:suburbnn Wembloy and forced slnff ,nml customers to Ho on their fnccs on' the llodr, .while they grabbed the money..Then they fled In a waiting t r \ic k which they left a few minutes later, switching to a gclnway cnr. , , , Tho gang struck shortly after the bankiopened find as guards from n security firm arrived to collect the money, most of It In small bills. . ' Motorcyclist Hurt SPRINGDALE - A 21-year old Oklahoma City man, Denni David Stanberry, was slightl injured at 4:30 p.m. Wednesda when the motorcycle he wa driving collided with a car a the intersection of Hwy. 68 wes and Oak Grove road. He wa treated at a local clinic: The accident occurred whc « car driven by Lonnie Gei Bailey, 23, of 1002 E. Caud Ave., pulled out of Oak Gro Road; Into the' oath of th motorcycle, according to Sla Trooper Charles Miller. Bailey was cited for failu to yield the right-of-way. Ground Breaking . SPRINGDALE -- Mayor Pa Phillips, city alderman, you center, director, Wayne John's; arid representatives of the nnd B Construction 'Compijr were to .participate : at 2 p;i todny in forma) groundbrenkli ceremonies nt the silo of th now Park Community Center the corner, of Park Street ian Meadow Avenue, . : i : doubts about ^thel pro '4lso were^ sh'aredf by Their am any Navy wives ave to wrestle who with the ought of ttneir husbands going ut^to sea for a half a year or ore with women. , / "You put men and women On ship together for siximonths id you're going'to havejtrou- you r re going trf find a es " said Frances Dovale, hose husband is a steward tooard, th,e rcarrlet Independ- nce.' -T"" 1 " - ] - i · ; -r "· I t Turning to a second class pet- y officer at the door of the lavy exchange, she pointed a mger m his face and laughed'' "Now, in six months, you ;now vay ' t M "If's no place for a woman," laimed Mary ] Mountjord ; "If hey want that they'ought to set lem, out on thp, battlefield. v "I think Uie woman's place is n the.home with the children," idded the molner of four whose nisband is ,atlached to a port iervices unit at the Naval Sta- on , , ^ SOME MEN HAPPY To be sure, not all' hands vere knocking Zumwalt's direc ivc. "Great, bring t h e m on n," said a chuckling Chief C.W. Thomas of Washington. "On a sub, we'd love it," said Petty Officer 2 C John Pedr- m. "a' torpedoman serving aboard the attack nuclear submarine Ray But Pedrom added vith a sigh that there was "no vay" he could foresee women [board the boats. "We're out 7.0 to 80 days and light-weight handgUns* of 'the kind commonly called I'SatuiS day olghl.specials;'!, but It'also would,.bar. the sale of other higher quality weapons that'are eisily concealed. / if Bayh said -the bill would hav'a pre vented-the legnl sale of'tha guns used to assassinate Sen. Robert F' 'Kennedy in 1968 ^and to shoot-Alabama Gov Georg4 C, Wallace three months ago.£ The atteniiitdd "assassination of Wallatfe"doring his campaign for the Democratic prqsidentiaj nomination spurred Senate ac- tio_n on'the Measure.' ' (l I Bayh'estimated the bill would ban the' sale" of about one mil,lion of Ihe Wz million pistols arid revolvers "sold each year in this country, , s i BuUIl wfluld do nothing about Ihe,millions .of handguns now privately AWned ,i ' ' MOVE REJECTED . I- THe Senate rejected attempts to* outlaw private ^wnership of hey aid. couldn't handle he Some Navy wives have mixed eellngs about the progiam "I relieve they can do it," said ^fancy Lawless, whose husband a first class machinist's mate aboard the guided missile destroyer Leahy.; She paused ind added: "Now, I don't know about seasickness.' Women are iind of delicate, you know." The prospects of friction among the 1 : crew members seemed to bother i most chiefs^ 'Will they: have morale ; prob- ems!" predicted .Chief- Radioman Larry Fanagan. Some chiefs expressed regret hat the change .was coming nit especially that it was com ng before ithey would have a chance to go down to sea with sailors In slips. ,· . · "I'm going to be retired the first of September,'' said Chief Roy O'Quinn of Norfolk. "This should have been done 25 years ago." eijsi._ w u ' The Senate did adopt amendj m'ents ^making the murder or attempted 'murder of police ( men, , fifemen and' pnsqn guards on active duty a 1 federal crime 'and providing for prioiv ily handling in the fedenjj courts of criminal trials iij Vfllvmg lise or possession of \ firearm, · f. The bill also was amended to set an additional sepaiate peri,- ally for cairymg or using ( a firearm m the commission of A felony ,i f \ ' '. 1- f ' , r i The Senate "rejected, fO to 27, an dmendmentjby Sen Romaji I^'Hius^a, RNelj,, ,to permit dealers'to sell present stocks of the handguns outlawed by tha legislation It would have allowed contuiued sales of' all models 'until the Isecretaiy of the/ Treasury ..acted ;to , diSj approve them , In, 1968 Congress ordered 4 ban 'on impoits of handguns riot suitable for sporting purposes and the regulations issued by the,Treasuiy Department to enforce the law would be applied to domestic sales by t h e new bill SCHOOL DAYS ALMOST HERE ' As summer vacation dra\vs to a close, the TIMES' 33rd annual Back to Scho'ol edition appears today on pages 11 through 34 Tne 'edition ' piovhdes in- foimatton for school patrons, students and teachers on this educational-' scene: in Northwest Arkansas, The material provided by educators,,was edited by Pat Donat of ' Ihe,' TIMES stfiff. Graphs on finances and other school facts were prepared by J. R. Kcnnan, Washington County school supervisor, President's New Recalled For DEARBORN, 'Mich';' (AP) -Ford Motor Co. wouUI rather not call It a recall --having the President's brand ricw $500,000 car back In the shop here. ,'·"·; Officials said it Is more. like sending a suit back to the tailor for alterations', , But'something about the. fiye- ton b'ack armor-plnled Lincoln Continental limousine dposn t fit. Although no bno Is saying what, Ford pml the Secret Service agree that President Nixon will not get his new'cnr lintll J , the bugs -- or possibly moths -- aro worked nut; William Peacock, Lincoln- Mercury Division . spokesman;] said the' bar 1 was taken W Washington, inspected, and sent with, said. back. It has nothing 4° 0°, mechanics,' 1 ' Pcflcbck "It's qnc of the design tcaturen that'had hcorp put In this car, Bpecfflcally, They {th,o Secret Service) . w a n t some change^ made." ;' .The limousine, which has rft( tractiible running bonrds fo» Secret Service agent!) Find H IXM phlstlcatcd conimunlcatl(jn8 system, la being leased to tbf government for about j5,004 | year. ' f.

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