Independent from Long Beach, California on April 2, 1962 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 2, 1962
Page 3
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· B/ 605 WEILS It's a Small World, Etc. We have today a story of magnificent coincidence bordering on'pre- destination from one of bur far-flung correspondents, Herb Shannon. Herb, military and aviation editor for the Independent and Press-Tele gram. Is on a year's leave of absence, writing TV scripts In New York. He has managed to soften his homesickness for Southern Call- ·fomia by living in a Long I s l a n d community called Long Beach. . His story really concerns his wife, Ruth: "Seems she has arrived," Herb reports. "People are starting to ask her directions In Manhattan. I managed WELLS to achieve this status last December Men I bought a black hat, umbrella and rubbers. But she has done it with nothing more than a Navy blue raincoat. "She was standing at Fith Avenue and 48th Street wondering if she could catch a bus there for the U.N. building, when a woman came up and asked if she could catch a bus there for the I U.N. building. ·/. "Ruth threw the whole game away · by confessing she was a stranger from '. Long Beach, Long Island, and Long ; Beach, Calif. But she suggested they ·combine forces and advance on the IU.N., wherever it might be. ;'· "At this point, the other woman · had a confession to make. She was I Mrs. Lowell Wiley. 3115 Shipway Ave.. I Long Beach. Calif, and what a small · world. Her husband is here recruiting · engineers for Autonetics at Downey. ; And, furthermore, she knew a reporter · lived just down the street in Long Beach, but she couldn't remember his ". name." . · ·' After pondering the matter, the reporter down the street was identified as Lee Craig. Lee just happens to be ' the man who tool: over Herb's job as military and aviation editor. Where docs the predestination come In? Well, Mrs. Shannon and Mrs. Wiley were both heading toward the U.N. building, weren't they? Trail of Frustration Sterling Bcmis was driving down 10th St.--yeah, it's passable, now; the Long Beach Street Maintenance Squad hasn't opened spring practice yet-when eight or 10 blocks cast of Cherry Ave. he saw a woman's shoe on the white center Tne. A half-block or so further on was a tennis shoe. In the next block was a man's shoe and the mate to the woman's shoe. So it went for several blocks--a shoe every half-block placed exactly on the center line in the street Sterling is baffled for an explanation. He can't recall any recent news event that might have called for dancing in the streets. A Word of Thanks This Is to thank the many people and organizations that have made contributions to the fund for the education of the children of Police Officers John McLendon and Van Salisbury--killed in a recent collision--since my column on the fund appeared last Thursday. The Long Beach policemen who worked with Mac and Van arc also most appreciative of the public donations which range from 50 cents to the $100 contributed by the West Long Beach Lions Club.' The police officers had intended to keep contributions to the fund strictly ' within their own ranks, but they consented to open it to the public because several civilians had offered contributions as soon as they read of the death of the two officers and before the establishment of the fund was announced . One man in Belmont Shore, for example, sent a check and asked that it be entered not in his name but in the name of two officers who had answered a call to his residence a few days previous. They were fine officers, he said, as he knew McLendon and Salisbury had been. And at the funeral for the two officers, Mrs. Elizabeth Coombs, whose life Mac and Van had heroically saved a week before their deaths, tried to contribute some money for the officers' fnmilies to their partner, Officer David Bauer. But on Chief Mooncy's and Dave Bauer's police force, an officer doesn't take money from a civilian without authorization, no matter how pood the cause. So a fund had to be set up. If you haven't contributed yet and would like to, send your contribution to the McLcndon-Salisbury Fund, care of the Chief of Police, Long Beach, Calif. Hiss Elated byNixon Boot (Continued From Page A-l) of the Woodstock typewriter on which Chambers charged Hiss' wife had copied government documents. But Cook quoted Nixon's book. "Six Crises," as saying: "On Dec. 13 (1948). FBI agents found the typewriter ... on Dec. 15, the critical last day, an expert from the FBI typed exact copies of the incriminating documents on the;old Woodstock machine and had them flown up to New York as exhibits for the members of the grand jury to see." · * « * COOK RECALLED that a government affidavit by the late Assistant FBI Director Earl J. Connelley opposing a Hiss motion for a new tria" , had sworn that the FBI "docs not have in its posscsssion · and never did have in its pos cssion any typewriter known, iL'licxcd, ur considered to be he Woodstock machine" owned by Hiss. It was Hiss' defense counsel who on April 10. 1919. ob- aincd the typewriter they later put in evidence. As Hiss lut it, "It wasn't the type writer itself but a fake that was planted on us." Hiss, who served 44 months of a 5-ycar sentence and was released in 1954, is living in New York and works as salesman for a printing an stationery supply firm. He ha steadfastly maintained his in noccnce. · · · · HE SAID Sunday that h defense theory during the tw perjury trials was that Cham bcrs or someone reprcscntin him must have got access t the typewriter in order i type the incriminating doc mcnts.. Redistrict Plan Told by Nixon LOS ANGELES Ml -- Richrd Nixon Sunday came out the state senate le-uppcr- onment plan proposed by sstinbly Speaker Jesse M. nruh, D-Los Angeles -- but rith reservations. The candidate for the Re- ublican nomination for gov- rnor said he supports the Jnruh plan since it might ass the legislature this year. Nixon, however, stated that ic proposal, which would give jos Angeles County five sena ors by 1970. "still suffers rom the mark of political expediency." Dut, he added: "It docs ap- iroach filling the need for dcquate representation for ur urban areas and is far uperior to the Governor Irown plan providing for only hrce more senators from Los Angeles County." * * * · NIXON A C C U S E D the )emocratic governor of "an n-again, off-again Finnegan outine" of senate re-shuffling. "It is obvious that the Irown re-apportionment plan Irawn from his blue ribbon :ommission after two years if delay, was an affront to he expectations of the peo pic. He offered three more enators to Los Angeles as a op and a tranquilizcr." Under Unruh's proposal mended and re-amended, San )icgo, Orange, San Francisco Santa Clara and Alameda counties would each get an idditional senator. * * * · · LOS ANGELES County, th state's most populous, woulc lave five senators by 1970 under the Unruh plan. It no\\ las one. Nixon, in a statement, sail hat if the Unruh plan were defeated this year, he then ivould work, if elected, fo adoption of the modified Colo rado plan, which he labeled est of all. This plan. Nixon said ivould: "Add 10 new member o our senate--one each fo San Francisco, Alameda. San .a Clara, San Diego, Orang and five for Los Angeles. 'Work out so that the 2i urban senators would be even y divided between north am south. 'Give the senate 50 Instcai of the present 40 members 20 representing the hcavil populated areas and 30 fo ;he balance of the state." 9 WE SPEC//U/ZE/ FANTASTIC VALUESI SPORT _ COATS IL* Just arrived Ivy Leaguers, mule ^ tones., Usually 45.00. V 1211 EAST ANAHEIM, L.B. NEA* CHANCE AVE. FOX MS? LJOI trin el THE FINEST GTS? ffl L.OJJCC VIVO QQ- Cat. Nelr -- »**· · MEDALIA d. ORA SI IS Italian Roast .-- ' · VENIZELOS Greek Roatt MHO TuillUi Roatt T 5 T 5 COLUMBIAN--100'. SI IS Tnw Colombia! Colftt · · WING--Turt S17f Hawaiian Kona Cc»« I OPtH T oTlTJ. t A M. TO I P.M. INDEPENDENT-P«g. A-J fragrance . . COTY Parfum de Tolle " e wjth Deluxe Atomizer/ gift boxed, only 2.50* L'Aimant, Emeraude, L'Origan or Parisl Just spray your favorite fragrance, havo its delicate mist surround you, stay with you! Chooso for yourself, and for gift-giving! MOO I. Ttfc'ot JUNIPfRO I ·_*.-..! i*»li.-f ' "_-l.^-'.'a!:r,j"lllfl 01 9-2098 $10,000 ACCOUNTS OPENED »» l»« IIRI (I ANY MONTH E A R N l r « n lilt 111. II insured savings vyouV. ipv.ingi account !i Insured fo SI0,000 by. the, Fi;dt£al Sayings and. Loan Insurance Corporation, an Inirrumtntojiry of the United States Government. 1 FEDERAL \ JL cs) f SAYINGS Oft* Unlll r. M. Fiidoyi F I R S T and P I N E r H O H E HEmUck 7-1111 P A R K I N G 135 E. OCEAN AVE. At 0«r Rtir tmriiKt EARNINGS PAID 4 TIMES A YEAR A Certificate of Insurance protecting your savings against loss by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation Is printed on the Inside cover of our passbooks. It explains how each savings account is Insured. The United Stoles Government has made positive that your savings or* safe. 1IA1WUUT TAKES A FKESII APPROACH... Crisp and sparUing and designed lo stay thai way. Thcso aro classics with all the fine detailing of men's custom-mado clothes in a distinguished collection destined to travel far in exhilarating casy-caro fashion. Cotton mattress ticking mix- match with denim blue or smoke gray chambray in Dacron polyester/ cotton. Sizes 8 to 16. Ticking skirt and jacket, each 15.95 Chambray skirt 15.95, blouse 8.95. Ticking Bermudas 9.95 worn with chambray blouse 8.95. Sun Charm Sportswear -- Second Floor MONDAYS AND FRIDAYS 9:30 A.M. TO 9 P.M. OTHER DAYS 9:30-5:30. PINE of BROADWAY. HE 6-9841

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