Independent from Long Beach, California on February 26, 1969 · Page 1
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
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Wednesday, February 26, 1969
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EYE TIDELAND FUNDS FOR OCEAN AIRPORT --Story on Page B-l ···HBSBBB^^^i^ HE 5-1161 -- Classified No. HE 2-5»5» INDEPENDENT ftiuimuuuiutttaimiiiUHiniiimiamu I WEATHER ottNHtmuwuimiintwMHM 48 PAGES LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA, WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY 26, 1969 | Clearing today, fair tonight and Thursday. [ f High about 60, overnight low war SO. Com- I I plete weather on Page C-5. f VOL. 32. NO. 41 HOME EDITION -- IOe SLIDES KILL NINE; 12 MISSING WALL OF WATER FROM THE SANTA CLARA RIVER SMASHED VENTURA MARINA Debris Sweeps Around Some of the 150 Boats and Yachts Which Were Sunk or Badly Damaged --AP WIrephoto President Reviews Mideast . Gets Things Done! ' g I. jine LONDON GD -- President Nixon lunched with royally, dined with political leaders, shook hands with scores of English people and wound up a convivial clay in London Tuesday with a conference focused on the explosive Middle East. Nixon and British Prime Minister Harold Wilson also agreed on a plan to exchange i n o r m a t i o n about race relations and the problems of rebellious young people. At a late night meeting at No. 10 Downing St., Nixon and Wilson discussed how talks among the Big Four powers could contribute to a settlement of the Middle East crisis. The meeting took place in the B r i t i s h leader's Cabinet offices after a "working dinner" at the (Continued Page A-6, Col. 2) Offshore Oil Leak Woi ·sens SANTA BARBARA W) -- An increased flow of oil was reported Tuesday near the undersea well that last month leaked nearly a quarter of a million gallons and caused extensive shoreline damage. Union Oil Co. of California said the flow was noticed Tuesday afternoon and appeared "substantial," although not as heavy as the original 21,000 gallons a day leak. The flow appeared to be from cracked strata that have been leaking residual oil at the rate of 2,000 gallons a day, and was expected gradually to diminish. Union said it is considering ways to try to check the increased flow but rough seas made it impossible to send divers to the sea floor for an examination, 432-5451 ACTION LINE is your service, solving your problems, getting your answers, cutting red tape and standing up for your rights. To get action, write ACTION LINE, Box 230, Long Beach, Calif. 90801, or dia! 432-3451 between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m., or 5 p.m. and 9 p.m., Monday through Friday. Questions to be answered are selected /or their general interest and helpfulness. Mushrooming Growth? Q. Where can I get information on growing mushrooms? Also, where can I obtain spawn to try to grow my own: H.T., Seal Beach. A. Tanis Martinez, foreman at the Ocean GRAFFITI by Leary View Mushroom Growers, t 1819 Golden West St., """" -··--··'--·'·-"·= " Huntington Beach, will give you expert pointers on mushroom culture if you want to visit his firm. He also will give you a handful of spawn. Larger amounts of spawn may be obtained from Stoler Research, P.O. Box 1071, Santa Cruz, Calif. Prices vary with the quantity and shipping can be a problem, Stoler spokesman Bill Regan said. The mushrooms are grown commercially at Ocean View in a compost in large, dark barns with the humidity and temperature controlled. They grow best in an atmosphere kept between 54 and 58 degrees. About 110 days are required from planting of the spore to picking of the adult mushroom, Martinez said. Summer Camps, Summer Not Q. I have an 11-year-old son. Where can I obtain brochures or catalogs for children's summer camps in the Southern California area? M.F., Long Beach. A. Resident and day camps for children, which are approved by the American Camping Association, are listed in the Southern California Camp Directory. The (Continued Page A-6, Col. 2) llllimimillimilllllllllllimilnlnlmlllllUlmllmmllmllmmillNmlmmllmlllimlllmmllllMllllllllmlllllNIIINIIIIIIMIMIlmllllllllll! Reds Hit 50 Cities, 2 Bases S A I G O N , Wednesday (UPI) -- Viet Cong attacked the huge U.S. Bien Hoa Air Base outside Saigon at dawn today and burst through the perimeters of another nearby U.S. base to blow up nine helicopters in the fourth day of their nationwide winter offensive. Other Red units pressed the offensive throughout the nation, shelling 50 more cities and bases overnight. * # * * THIS raised the toll of shelling attacks to more than 250 nationwide since Sunday in the offensive that has cost the Communists more than 2,000 dead. More than 200 American troops and 50 South Vietnamese civilians had also been killed. Bitterest action early today churned around Saigon. Intelligence sources said earlier 10,000 Communist troops were in position to attack Bien Hoa, the world's busiest airfield, and the nearby U.S. Army headquarters at Long Binh. The Viet Cong launched three attacks at Bien Hoa and Allied units prowling the jungles around it, lobbing in m o r t a r shells, pouring small amis fire at the gates of an Army compound on the base and pegging shots at an incoming Boeing 707 troop- carrier jet. The jet landed safely. SHOCKED AND WET, SILVERADO CANYON EVACUEES REACH SAFETY Marine Helicopters Airlifted 169 Residents From Mud-Ravaged Area. --5l«lf Photo by SKIP iHUMAN Mud Buries Rescue Depot in Silverado: Fear 17 Dead By BOB GEIVET Staff Writer A rain-sodden hillside collapsed on the Silverado Canyon Fire Station Tuesday, claiming at least five lives and leaving 12 others missing and believed buried in the debris. A score of persons were injured in the tragedy which wrote a grisly di- max to the relentless destruction of the canyon spawned by a month of gale-driven rains. At least two dozen homes in the picturesque canyon, a narrow defile in the rugged Santa Ana Mountains east of Orange, were destroyed as cloudbursts loosed more than 21 inches of water since Sunday. Of the five known dead, the bodies of four men were recovered about dusk. The body of a woman was visible in the debris, but could not be retrieved immediately. About 60 persons, including 40 children, were in the fire station when iimiimiiiiiriiiiniiimHMjjiiiim SIRHAN CHARGES: 'Railroad to Gas Chamber 9 By MARY NEISWENDER Staff Writer Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, accused assassin of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy turned his Los Angeles murder trial into chaos Tuesday with courtroom outbursts and in-chamber charges he was being "railroaded into the gas chamber." During his final out- burst, which caused court to be recessed almost two hours early, he apparently was trying to change his plea to guilty -- something he had threatened to do during a lengthy in- chambers session in the morning. The 24-year-old Jordanian's temper tantrums came as his heretofore secret notebooks -- in which he outlined his plan to kill the New York senator and overthrow the government of the United States -- were being offered into evidence. * f:- * * THE COURT'S afternoon session was only five minutes old when Sirhan interrupted by waving his hand at Superior Court Judge Herbert Walker and shouting, "Your honor, forgive me for interrupting, but . . ." He was stopped by his attorneys and security guards before he could continue. Following a lengthy conference at the counsel table, chief de fense counsel Grant Cooper requested a recess in (Continued Page A-3, Col. 1) iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiNiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiimmiiiiiiiiii iiimiliiiiimimimmiimiuii the hillside slammed into the wood-frame building. * + * * ON ITS crest rode a giant live oak tree, its branches spreading 40 feet. It rammed into the station. The mudslide struck the building squarely at the kitchen area where men and women were preparing lunch for volunteer Consumer Prices Set New High Consumer prices jumped four tenths of one per cent during January' in the Long Beach-Los Angeles metropolitan area, raising the Southland's cost-of-living index to an all-time high. Sharply higher gasoline prices accounted for more than 85 per cent of the January increase, although prices were also higher for food, housing and medical care. PARTIALLY offsetting these increases were lower prices for apparel, personal care, reading and recreation and other goods and services. The U.S. Department of Labor said transportation costs were up 2.6 per cent. Gas prices climbed after Southland gas wars. Auto repairs and maintenance charges also were higher. Used car prices declined, continuing the downward trend of recent months. Food prices were up three tenths of one per cent. Housing costs rose two tenths of one per cent. firemen and families evacuated from flood-threatened homes. Many were pushed out the truck bays -- tumbled along as though they were twigs. At least 10 injured were airlifted to Orange County Medical Center in Marine Corps helicopters pressed into emergency service. Two mothers-to-be were among the injured. Mrs. Joan Wareham, 24, was taken to the obstetrics ward of the Medical Center after treatment for multiple injuries. Mrs. Judy T. Myers was (Continued Page A-7, Col. I) BULLETIN JERUSALEM, Wednesday (If) -- Israeli Premier Levi Eshkol, 73, died of a heart attack today, the government announced. New Storm Forecast on Friday By STAN LEPPARD Staff Writer Death, disaster a n d property damage mounting to untold millions ravaged Southern California Tuesday as the Southland reeled under the pummeling of the worst winter storm in almost a century. At least 10 are dead, scores m i s s i n g , a n d hundreds more injured under the savage hammering of relentless rain. More than 13,000 have fled slide or flood-threatened homes, in many cases just before the houses toppled into canyons, were buried under mud, or washed away down normally-dry arroyos. At least five died and 12 are missing in a mudslide that crushed a mountain fire station in Orange County's Silverado Canyon. Four others, all members of the same family, were killed when a wall of mud surged over their cabin at Mt. Baldy Village. The Ventura Marina was all but destroyed when the Santa Clara River burst into the yacht anchorage, ripping away boat slips, smashing boats, and carrying others out to sea. Damage was estimated at $4 million. No area, from the mountains to the sea escaped tragedy or damage in the latest in a series of storms that has dumped up to 30 inches of rain across the Southland area since the first of the year. In the Long Beach-Los Angeles area, the season's total reached 25 inches. Normal for this time of year is 10.G9. inches. * * * * THERE WAS little hope in reports from the U.S. Weather Bureau late Tuesday. Although a gradual letup of the rain is expected today and Thursday, another storm is poised to strike Friday. Laguna Canyon was closed as heavy runoff surged down the winding defile which empties into the ocean beyond Laguna Beach. Bridges were damaged heavily, some concrete lining of the narrow channel was gouged out, and the beach was badly eroded by the runoff. Some houses lining the narrow canyon were flooded, but no one was injured. The rampaging Santa Clara river at Ventura also wiped out an oil company bulk facility and six storage plants and doused a beachfront steam plant under three feet of water. Families living aboard (Continued Page A-6, Col. 6) INDEPENDENT SPECIAL TODAY: "Open for Business" read the sign on the clothes closet. Page B-5. KOREAN-SPEAKING Marines testify at Pueblo hearing. Page A-10. SHAW TRIAL WITNESS admits he made up 'Clay Bertrand' story. Page A-12. sell the "Big Whit-3 OWNERS Steamer." WANT TO Page B-l. Amusements A-18, 19 Classified C-8 Comics A-22 Editorial B-2 Features B-3 Financial C-6, 7 L.A.C B-3 Obituaries C-8 Robeson B-3 Shipping C-5 Sports C-l--5 Television C-16 Vital Statistics ..C-5 Women B-5--7. · COMING TOMORROW: Old-line politicians were convinced Kennedy could win.

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