Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 16, 1976 · Page 18
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 18

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 16, 1976
Page 18
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18 · Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Friday, April 16, 1976 J-.IYKTTEVII.LI:. ARKANSAS 1--Automotive--For Sale 1975 PORSCHE £ 914 2.0 LITRE "-·5-speed t r a n s m i s s i o n , a I r c o n d i t i o n i n g , \ 1,000 r miEes. We sold new .-iVVheeler's. In showroom con dition. ^ Wheeler Motor Co, PHONE 443-3458 |S] 3244 N. College (Highway 71 Open 8 to 6 ;::i973 CHEVROLETT jxctop- with e ^cvimp^r. 2J.QOO actual miles. Ciill 5 ·--after S:». BY OWNER 19T3 Corvette T-top, c\ cVcon kw mileage new radaE tir "-Phone 7SS-3MB. --Automotlv Sola ·¥S ClIEVY NwiVKl T7J. 1S37 ",S toil hooks, cteaiv K*: Wagon 6. automatic vow nw(O.-, rodrals, ·443-105?. CHEVY Vm aulMiiAtlc. SAS. ·HEW jvw pJinl and Pititiaut. ENMJLT tuns'real C*xl. SSOO. 443-IOtt. 21--Automotive--For Sole lA' remodeled l?l«2 ClHVkcc e.wllrnt cwdilU.-»i. Hut needs rvi\\Vs. W» os Is. Must we la 443JH5. _____ THE-LITTLE WOMAN IST5 CMC power slocrtHS. i Kirtc and «ui. MUM sell f5ra 111 2 d^v. JIT5. 4U-1Q7*. J CllEVY \4 tw, de-art. H5CV 1WS VW 1974 AMC GREMLIN 2-door hard top, standard transmission, factory air conditioning, low mileage, exlra nice. Wheeler Motor Co. PHONE 4 4 3 - 3 4 5 8 KJJ 3 2 4 4 N. College Vif (Highway 71 North) Open 8 to 6 USED CAR SPECIALS THIS WEEK 1974 MONTE CARLO AU rower, air, burfcet wals. l.ipe r:iy- cr. turt!n \vh«]s If iwiv. only S3SS5. 1973 CAMARO 350 Autoinjtk-. air condiUm. rw« *«TMJ callye ^tec-Is,' -W.WO Incul nulcs. KTW 1972 GRAN TORINO au"cma1j£ ^xd "^AlMT, over SSO tx«* valu* our pr:cc «Jy i 17 **. 1975 OLDS STARFIRE nhd rails* II «lw*». NAIJA BK* SJH HOa. «··' Say :: '"»· 1971 BUICK LESABRE CUST. r harilop. »U r»«r .air. vinyl lop. ·ihed. AM/FJ1, «"*«· 6ool! * eam ily «»3. | LEASING '"·· FOR A BUSINESS, PROFESSION, v ' OR JUST AN INDIVIDUAL ·TQur Ponliacs ond Cadillaci ore equipped and tailored to your needs, whatever they might be. Why lease from a large leasing company? They must purchase the cars ^;from a dealer, leasing from us will give you the best - possible fn leasing prices ond service. ;*:i HATFIELD Rental Leasing, Inc. '"' SEE HERBERT HATFIELD, 22 East Meadow -^ Fayottevjlls, Ark. Phone 442-2303 23--Livestock -- For Sal* SUBJECT 1C jvnr m«i ' 26--For Sola--Miscellaneous l\ KUI11V Vacuum wills ··»»·'» i-wirtUUm '$70, or HWVM u:TMw" UASTKIt llunnics For Kil coijon I TV~~IO : '"~NW, rcgisK'r.' \ bCiiuUlul,- 3 roke cull. AAAylus blc ' lie B16-31M or fH5'2707. , Air lc wl. OVil n WANTED 1o tny. ctcdli-iil honw. ho n)!ddleiK«l suitable Cor grandchildren to ride. I'hwe -112-1177. IJvt AT STUD -- RcRlbteicd Iron gray quari- ,rsr. licit. Oklahoma Star. find I'oco ivo breeding. For liilomiallon, call 24--Dogs, Cnts Pel^ JOHNSON grass and fescue hay. WE WON'T. BRAG ABOUT SAVING YOU MONEY .- ; WE JUST 60 IT! BARTHOLOMEW Motor Company 521-7871 21--Automotive--For Sale 65 HARM A N N Chi a tor sale. Black. nE good. Make ofUr. Se* al 72i Holwmb ' coll 735^900, . . IKw j CHEVROI.ET body, ' n\olo En good' condition. CaH SM-3307, 3~~FORD Gala-xv. 2 door, vinjl loot «j\v«r brakes arwl steering. fictor' -50D. Phone 4432216. H\STEIl Bunnies lo dly. and malsc gf^ J3 each. So Call No r sate -- Culc. i 1 pels. 5 weeks ,v. Kl-COTi. "I like the color, but I'd prefer a smaller model." 21--Automotive--For Sale HUICK Eleclra LJmited. a\v ntles, ran be financed. 1SL ·73 AIODEL Ciiwrofcl. C 60 Scries Dump Truck, 2 Ion with pons 1 nxtf. Call (.Sia Stacks, 442-1W7. 19TI VOtJiSWAGEX KAHALSiNN C5HIA -radials. AM/FS1, Blrark. Excellent. $1775. I'hone 4137415. ' FOR S,\I,E 65 Chevy . Call 4134905. jgncdt air conll- 73 Dafsun 1200 Hatchback . Green, Automatic; AM Radio 74 Dofsun B210 Hatchback, AM/ FM, Radio,. Standard' Trans ..... 11 $1895 52675 n 52950 72 Dodge Coll, 4-dr. wagon, auto- C l A C r t malic, air cone)., AM radio . . Y ' "JJ M i 53495 74 Toyota Hilux Pickup, AM Ra- Jio, Standard Trans. ...... ..... . 74 W/ Dasher Wagon, Automatic, Air, Radio 1971 FIREBIRD Fo dition, J2.C06. Also SSOO or IwM olfcr 3.00. % ___ _ __ mula 4W. Good con- 1975 CHEVROLET CAPRICE CLASSIC Power steering, power brakes, automatic transmission, .till wheel, crutse-con- Iral, AM/FM Stereo radio, 7,800 aclual miles. Local one owner brancJ new. Wheeler Motor Co. PHONE 443-3458 ^j 3244 N. College HEm (Highway 71 North) ' . " j V p p e n ;8:fo 6 ' door, e-; AKG ENGLISH Ilul!ilo3 Pn'piP5i sires, .Silver -Spurs nnrt 111^ Itcn.'l i 5200 up. Pratrlc Grove, Ack. J6-2 GIRLS BIG BELL JEANS Denims Colors 4 Ihru 14 $5.99 ·BUDGET SAVER £22 \V. DIL'KSON NeM To Pnlncc Drug t:t» Also ilV«r not'oirt 8 Phone il^WOC.^ 7 5 1 - 3 7 1 0 11CIHV/AY71 S. . Sri AKC nEGISTKKEI), nCniaturo tl shuiHls, 5 «.-ks. first puppy shots, v waled. - 751-2373, STRAW lor sale, 1'Jiotiq 442-5IS4, SSOW i\iiiLc American EsHmo; male. 11 nws. old, loves rtiildrwi. has had shols. AKC TCtfiMercd, price J50. 413-i»l cxt. 4!) Ircm 9 lo 5 -- call 2CT-3828 nfter S P.m. ask for T. C. Porter. \ K C REGISTERED n , Mny 1st. 575 to JIM. 442-3783. VKC itlack and Ian pics. Call 1S1.0U9 a OM3 bctorc 1:00 p.rr 1974 DATSUN 260Z AM/FM radio, factory air conditioning, 26,000 acuta' miles, double sharp. Wheeler Motor Co. PHONE 443-3458 K$j 3244 N. College GO (Highway 71 Korth) 19J4 FORD MUSTANG GHIA COUPE 4-cylincter, 4-speed/ factory air. conditioning, low mileage. Clean. Wheeler Motor Co, PHONE 443-345B Ei-| 3244 N. College TM (Highway 71 North) Open 8 to 6 Open 8 lo $19.95 · EMMONS PAINT , BODY SHOP i'aOy lo go \KV noSTON' Terrier puppies, well marked, some Iw;. Kood ones, Platl 1 DOG GIIOO.11NIG -- All breeds -- 11 ;ay 15 E. -- I'hono 521-HJ 2542. ICTCll-STITC;!! MAC'] tINK 5139.D3. I's ' rtfchl you ca'n' buy a br.inJ new WHITE onsoltdatcd Inds. SHTETC1I- STri'Clt sowing · nwrfitnc that dws bul- ilio!cs. darns, nwiiosrsinis and sews avy mnlcrial lor only $139,03. fn:s ichine is nationally advertised lor ov- J350.00 and carries a 20 Y«ir 1'ATITS d U\UOEl CSu'anmlM. , Hurry vvhilo pply lasis. K7. Tcnvts. UKS/Unifcd Krelshl Sales .Hrt-y. P2 \V. 1'ayellcv OiKn9-9 Mon.-Fri,. till 6:00 Sal. 25--Home Needs- OXE RK*IL usetl 21" tlCA coto " n, 512 monthly. Goodycai v, phone ·M2-6ZH. ·For Sale TV, J15 EE-^UTIKUL oranse aprkot and yclki aulc^s tor lister and Kinginfl baA^cls. hlueborry plants. rlwdLxltndions. Open 7 (lays a week, EM Ilrosvn l(lucb*rry H i l l Clitty, "Alt. Phone J83-2S03. 1G6» FORD pickup, small feed, 6 cylinder. 15.0CO nines wi cngino, gcxrf tires, runs cd, vets 1 tiopcndnble, ux.1 prior imigh l sound, $395. Come by Glendale Apis,. . 33, anyday before 3:00. 1974 AUDI 100LS, 18,000 imlrs. , AM-F.M radio- All options, excellent si. JHOO. Call -H2-G671. 1974 CAMARO, one owner. 22,000 original miles. 350. aulomatic, air and full power, 2 barrel carturelor A- good nKlracc. Fab- r:c interior, tilt wheel, real clean. Need 1o sell W2-1233. John. 575-^fiOl. 1531 PLY.MOUTH'Savoy -n\ condition. Original, w-.ui r. battery awl go-rf tires, Must see eciate, 839-2611. 1E«8 CHE^'EO-E Mailbu 4 door. IOCO m ; ]« on c«mrfctc overhauled engine. dopsndaWc and daan. 5TOO. Call 521- 47» alter 6; PP. 1973 TOYOTA Grtri Grtmns belted' radial Ores, exli 751-7143. - Delux Station healer, s ^ clean. "CADILLAC 1S75 Ctoup* Da Vaio Cabrirtel. Silver v,ith blue lealhcr. Loaded, with all Uon. Ver-,]ofAr nzlease. 524-5240 or 524-6127 1S72 CUTLASS seat, air, powe exrrilent coivdiU SI873. 531-5W5. bronze, s and steering, .v rzdfal (ires. 65 TON TRUCK In wbwls B-pty Kits, j USED CAR SALE 1975 CONTINENTAL MK IV, has everything 15,000 miles '. $9995 1974 CONTINENTAL MK (V, power ond air, new tires, one owner $7595 1973 MARQUIS BROUGHAM, 4-door, power, oir one owner -.. · · · $3295 1973 OLDSMOBILE 98 REGAL, 4-door, clean loaded with extras '. . $3395 1975 CHEVROLET. G-30 VAN Aulomnlic transmission, pow- 1973 MUSTANG V-8, power and air, low mileage nice · 1971 FORD LTD, 2-door hardtop, power and air, one owner f . $3395 $1595 1970 CHRYSLER NEW YORKER, power and air, lots of extras $1295 1970 MONTEREY, 4-door, power and oir, one owner . . $1195 1970 CHEVROLET IMPALA, 4-door, power, air ....... $1195 1968 MONTEGO, 4-door --.-.-. . $395 COMPACTS -- PRICES REDUCED 1974 PINTO, Mr condilioned $2495 1973 VEGA, 20,000 miles $1995 1973 OPEL MANIA, automatic $2395 1973 TOYOTA CARONA Slotion wagon $2695 1973 VOLKSWAGEN $1995 1973 MAVERICK, 4-door, luxury decor group (SOLO) 1973 PINTO ' $1995 1971 TOYOTA CARONA, 4-door $1595 1969 TOYOTA 4-door $895 GOFF-McNAIR MOTOR CO. BEDDING SALE - - \Ve are slackct the ran era wilh all raws or orlhop bedding! Selection and pricre have iy been belter, lull *ize orlhopcdic mattress id box springs oily SM.95, Queen size .Is in pood nrm grade only $149.ft and His size orthopedic sels only SlDS.aas K-Z Terms Available. Ill's/United Freight Sale?, 1 Iwy. l W. Fayeitcvilli 1 . Open 39 Mon.-Fri,, till C:00 Sal. NEW SOFA AND CIIATO STHPA1EKT. ·mat's right we have jusi received a irand new shipnuait of beautiful sofa intl chair sols in a wide variety of rolora nxl styles. Prices ransc fronj S1W.K. - , jlM K S219.05 (o $299.95 and also some beautiful coffee and end tables slaning nt only E10.M eadi, Cash or Terms. UPS/United Fcoifiht Sates. Uwy. C2 W. r.iycHc\11Ic- Open 09 Mon.-Fri.. il! 6:00 · steering, low double sharp! mileage, LADIES KNIT SHORTS by Pykeile $3.50 or 3 for $10 7/8 Jhrj 19/20 BUDGET SAVER 62J W. DICKSO.V To Palace Drug METAL DKTECTOHS. GARHBT. the pt»- essionnls choice. Treasure .hiuiUnB__BUP- piles. Call Ahe Liacoln. nost IKsr PR1CE-S PAID FOR GOOD USED FUEtNITURB AND APPLIANCES. ALSO ANTlQtJES. SHOP U3 FOH'ISM £T BUYS IN TOWN. RATCLIFF'S FURNITURE Itav Tvvo Btorea In Servft You. 1-25. E3na opun scivinj; achin r SCO Jslanl-o-mntic, £60- 5Icb:L ·\s. dunuts and S-hoto, cadi. Sony under dash cassclte plfl $15. Tender 'Telecastor guitar. £200. 3 slinll amplified,' $150. Antl'iuo print traj-s. J10. Car lop LugeaS" wirrier, 125. Call 442 san. : : - - TROPHIES Bowling- Ali ' your team sports, award needs. 210 in KING Size bed ".vilh spread pillows $175 1 large oak dressorm*ie chest erf ers 570- 1 cwttatl laWe. 60" in th, WO. 1 Kocart, S100. Call 331-3179 allcr 12;CO noon. 170 E. Pro-ipect. SPECIAL OF THE WEEK CRYSTAL PALACE by Collins Aikman A bcauUEul cut and Icop milllcojorcf pallemcd shag. S[x colors (mm w WEED EATERS, JARI WOWER5 LAWN GENIES Jari Mowers--Sk'kle Bar Movierj La«n Genie--Uuls and Rxvocps ,'ewl-FLTEler -- Cuts «ith Fising Ful] Warranty all 751-J3C2, 751-2153 or II no aiis caJ] 531-7071. LAWN EQUIPMENT SALES Wheeler Motor Co. '"'· (i^l PHONE 443-3458 O 3244 N. College IBl (Highway 71 Norlh) Open 8 to 6 DUMP trucks for rait -- 6 yard 1: 21 per day. 1 yard tnic* J20 per day jinuire a\ Seralt Auto Sales, 103 So School. Kl-SCOa (Zdttance Company. WcsLgate Shopping Clr. PayettcviUe, Arkansas Hiway 62 v.'csi at 71 Bypass PURVIS SPORTING GOODS 2335 North College WEED ^ATERl Jain mowers, I^«n Genie. Sales, parts, service. La\vn equipment sales. P.O. box Gil. Phono 7S1-19G2, 27-- Musical Merchandise SUI'Ell RECEIVKU, SUI'EEl PRICH -You can buy a pittfcssioTial receiver that h.xs nil Itio fPalurvs yctti'vc alv-aya wantrd at a price you can nffwnl! Kven AM/FM rcwinion, ,AFC for drill, frco reception '2 phone hooK, ups, touiincas Ju- tcr and much marc tor only S133.9J lliat's ripht only this i\Tck only at United Freight Kalrs. Terms Available. UPS/United Freight Sales, H^'. K W. FayeKevUle. Oj«on 3-9 Mon.-Fn..,UU 6:00 Sat. , t). Box 611, Fayctlc\ilte, MrA complete Line erf Weed-Ealei NW Ark. 1970 IMPALA Chei n, one owner. ;aU 521-W23, L.-\H«E DINING ROOM SHIPMENT -l!.is just arrived and you now hav suyvr wlecticm on any st)1e or siic you may need. Great bird's 5udi as elm rabirids as 1nv as JI69.95. 5 piece d; wls only J79.35, All \vond.5 p!ci dining mum sets only 5230.93 aitd mm more Cnsh or Terms Available. UFS/ United Freight Sales, Ihvy. 62 W. Fay- i-tUc. Open 3-3 Mon.-Fri.. U1L 6:00 ~ ' MEN'S LEISURE SUITS by - JAYMAR $6.99 BUDGET SAVER I.KS' I'AUI. rocordin condlllon \%illi J:00 p.m. sale. GU1TATCS, bacjos, manddllns, violins, v^ llDB. uUelclcs. flutes, coronefs, any olfm musical [ unicn1s. Heal bargains, Rorhter JfiW . 4 East Cenlcr Sir^cL CO^tPLETK COSlFONENT SYSTEM 113,53. InrliidM HSR Tcofesinonal fciia umlahlc, n Pviir of ai r-5iispensitm spcatf- ora and an A M / K M 1 stereo n-oelver v^-ilh built-in B imc-k all [or only S143.B3. Cash or crnis. UFS/OJnilDd FroiRht Sales. Hwy- G2 W. Open 99 Mon.-Fri- Ul 6:00 Sit- urflay. 28--Anliqu as--Fo r Sale 100 YEAH old En$ Also relinisb «inUqi 5'^] -74D7. 1370 ROAURUNNEHI, power, air, buckets,' n lew tires, exhaust, bra Very dependable. Jl.G?; CHEVY inekujt with camper, l condifJon, new. tirca and paint, l accepl trade. Call «2-0012 alter 3 1572 OLDS ttJllass. Body bent, re« front cap awl some nthc-r body ww Puns Eood. Lost' mileage. ^750. Itiqui at 303 So. School St. Auto Silcs. BuilMolast, Michelin ZX is belled wilh steel for resistance lo v:ear... pov;eifu[ roarfgrip ... precision control. Make sure you nge up to MichelinZX.tha number one tire !or imported cars. IS72 POSTIAC Bonncv lop. Atnomallc, pown Phone 839 3178. 1L773 Wf 412 Wagon, automatic, s Porsche ensinc. tloort contljllon, 2fi rr Will an«Jder Iradc. ^rOST SEU,. Phone CAR Painting and body work- Reason- 49,000 MILE WARD AN IV .i't \Vr;*My fcr ZX P*i«r celled. Bad driving rcwn!. D\VT, etc. We in write year Insurance at a reasonable ,le. Gil 521.SW. 521^522; evenings «3 2687. S21-1233, WANTED and Tracks for 22--Machinery Farm Equipment WANTED to buy -- Big ThJlchman chain typo fwrfET system {or heavy layers. System must coasijl of 2 Hoppora and led Of chain trough. Call R39- 600 CASK track loader, posvw shin, Good cmdiHon. Phtmc ·HJ650. AHenlion Fuel Savers: You can save up lo 10% of your gas consump- lion for more miles per gallon of gas ThinkRadIaT,..and Look to Ihe Leader MICHELIN CENTRAL TIRE DISTRIBUTORS 315 \Y. Mounlaln Fayeflovilfe UNFINISHED FURNITURE SPECIALS Bookcases-24" Width $19.50 30" Width , $23.50 36" Width $27.50 Deacon's-Bench $34.50 Desks .... $39.50 $59.50 Corner Cabinets $29.50 up China Cabinets-3 door $129.50 Gun Cases, 12 gun. .$119.5C Secretaries $99.5( Night Stands $17.50 4 5 Drawer Chests-4 drawer $29.50 5 drawer $34.5( Telephone, Stands .. $13.50 Door Chests ·.. $79.50 TERMS AVAILABLE . GG DISCOUNT FURNITURE 2262 SOUTH 7\ HIGHWAY (1 mile soulh of Southgafe '; Shopping Center) PHONE -143-5756 nS?THOO.\T FtmNlTURFi -- Pickup from a nfec selection of a!l wood Ijtd fuiTiiturc at super prices- Kor example boautilul solid oalt 4 p:(^ce bedroom se for only I2W.SH. Many more ajul oil s» are all .: wood constnictirw. E-7, Ten Available, UFS/Unttcd Frdfiht Sal Hwy. 62 W. FayullcvJIIe. Open 9.» Man Fri., liU 6:00 Sat. OAK stiavinKs dumped ouiside . irmse for $35 a Load. Sawdust .ilso nvai iblo. Phoflfl 4-I2-EW6. UAl.DWiiN' Antiques located 5 m'rles East o! F.nyetteville c^ 1C East has Iwen, stockini; antl re'imshinij ilic interior o£ shop all winter. We Jwye good clean " " e antiques anrl i~n!kctabtea .... ..isrpMtlon. Open 105 Monday- Saturday. 1-1 Sundajs. PlBa^c com tec . Owners Jan R: Larry Ponyo. SEVEOAL rare old OMIW. T\\t opnl ard "iamonrt rin?s. oic pnir opal earilnps, cry lar^c. One large oM very rara humbprinl . conipotc a real collcctor'a cm. 133 piece solid brtmze dinnervvare. Jade anil Conl nr1! three Tine framed .t painting, Private party 7SC EOC4 alter p.m. please. :ANTED; Usud washer and rlrj-er. Phor« odyoar tire ghl ply tires. Buy , ith lOfiO'.i of bargain!! WANTKD -- Will buy or re ut*lily or Rowscr.eck trailer, need irrigation touipmcTrt Horse Trailers. IXa!cT: DENNIS HOME FURNISHINGS OUTLET STORE 327 So. School Phone 4 4 3 - 2 1 6 3 Rome by and sec «ur fine setccllrm r good (urntLutr. New 2 picco so(a and chnir, Sood cover; Save ro M( Re-in Bnes. RrjruUr I23.B Now .. 119.E Ifeavy d u l y vinrlH-s Rockers, pood covers. Only |.19,t ! 13.55, Used living room suite startlnff as low ; Colonial Anns 1211 N. LEVERETT/521-211Q POOL LAUNDRIES STORAGE ROOMS DISHWASHERS BALCONYS CARPET AND DRAPES WATER AND GAS PAID (Heat and Air is Gas) - TENNIS COURTS AVAILABLE $25.00 RESERVATION DOWN PAYMENT WILL HOLD APART. MENT FOR JUNE 1. Ken Claire 1900 GARLAND/442-8981 331 N. College 442-5321 LIN "IRE DRS lain · mltis, whole- Tilkr. Plv/r.c Ortipfi- while cra vrfridrwa, xir*s;dtr trad*. Rmr.«, like irm, call 411- o, RflA Tni!c«. ·nud srd EIWW heavy hunip- jj *n-M3i or 23 -- livestock -- For Safe HORSE SALE McDorurS Cmftily Uv«nek Market Jane, ^nsf?)^lri Monday, April 19, 7:30 p.m. If you have fal Tirolie horsen lo buy or sell, ailfrnrt Has wle. HORNED HEREFORD BULLS Service Age RAGSDELL FARM Prairie Grove 846-3583 BRfGJrr WHEAT STTIAW-^VIRE TIKI DET.T VKRFJI J 1 .15 BALK. DOM.l NOISKWATtn, 6VJ-247*. Good seTcctlmi of lued Slcrns-- ,Somo AuUiTicfl 26 -- For Sale -- Misr:elTanoous I'INTO fr CHEVY CATt parts. Rindttij?cy 'mrw, Jspcfd (mn-wni.v=lftn, Bulcft cn- Rjrc, mo, One lar« chair. Call 5214M3 «f(cr 3:00. lAfiK tKipcchcst, one year rtd, likfl r.civ. ITS. WaaTicr," n(*i1s repair, 125. Phr4ic 321- OCW-lftift N, l-cveret( »-A. GAUDFar mto tillrr « HP. (75. Wding Pawn moww JIW. Rita? camp trailer IT;/), (ow dollar, 41.170?fi, srOVTNG-- Must self new 7 ft. rliamrtrr reel velvet rrjund herf, 2 mnfcliing "red h my**, rncAl wartlrohc. .Oold ii while tflpcsliy bedsprfarf. RnraRp doir and TIU- mo/ous Hems tefl o\er from rt-/nodehnii. Ntw bricks. JH-llJI. AVKOIUSO rotintAlns, wcdfUnR srtriM. rryt.tat nrtl silver funch1w1.i, rryslal. silver sc [vices, InMe Imciis (cTrAh ar,d paper). I-^rrythlnB lw sporto! rvir- ty. All Rcn\s Sales CVfrter, +12 FCfl2. CHATEAU APARTMENTS 521-3313 UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Efficiency Shag Carpet 1 Bedroom Disposal 2 Bedroom _ . , , 3 Bedroom Dishwashers Central Gas Furnished or Air Conditioning Unfurnished Two Swimming Pools

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