Independent from Long Beach, California on February 12, 1958 · Page 2
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
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Wednesday, February 12, 1958
Page 2
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p ig , A-2--INDEPENDENT le«fl iMch, CeW., Wef, Fefc. 13, 1*91 Oil Land Suit Set by State (Continued From Page A- insured. By BILL SHELTON - : Who says the British are narrow-rrdnded. Mid. unforgiving' A gray-haired London wife said-. Tuesday sKadforgivIn her 81-year-old baronet husband for spending more than $100,000 on a mistress over 16 ^^LADY RALLI went into a high court witness box 'to say she had always loved Sir Strati Ralli "and always will.' They nave been married 44 years. . . . j , · LEARNING OF his association with former model queline Gray came as an "awful shock,",Lady Ralli declared, but she told him: "I will stand by you always and never leave you." That, she said, "comforted him.". · BOSS GBAY, a shapely 41, is suing Sir Strati for return of jewels worth $33,600 which she claims the baronet gave her and then took away on the pretense that he wanted to get them . o~. STRATI had earlier confessed, to .his. wife that be was keeping a mistress and said all payment to her then stopped. UNDER CROSS examination,- Lady Ralli said she first knew of Miss Gray's existence on'Aug. 30," 1955. Miss Gray and Sir Strati had met during the war. , - · ASKED WHETHER Sir Strati had given her any idea how much he spent on Miss Gray, Lady Ralli replied: "We added it up together and I think it came'to something like 38,000 pounds ($105,000)." ' " ' . , ' ' ' - * *Ar "^r ' "W Heavily-traveled U.S. Highway 6-24 east ^ . of Grand'Junction,'Colo., is being"thrust upward by what State Highway Department experts described Tuesday as "an unknown phenomenon."- · · . . . . ''·-'·'".THE DEPARTMENT said a one-thousand-foot section ol the'highway has been pushed 23 feet into the air. during-the pasfweek. · · , . · , . . . - . . , ···'.;· -"IT'S THE DARNDEST thing I've" ever seen, Ralph McCoy," district engineer for the department, said.."I wasn'i around: at the time-it happened before, but I've'heard tell,of SAID the "rising section" of the highway was about 23 mile's east of .Grand Junction, near the junction of the highway and State Highway 65. He said it was first closed -because of the upheaval last Thursday night. Bulldozer crews cleared the route but the road had to be closed again for the it;" he said. ·McCOY same reason. · McCOY SAID no attempt to reopen the highway would be made until the phenomenon is over. The district engineer^ said crews with heavy equipment were on_the secen Tuesday, "trying to stay even with the rise." '· McCOY SAID THE "freak" apparently is being caused by the settling of massive amounts of dirt and rock some 700 feet off the highway. He said this settling-probably is resulting in the shifting of deep underlying rock' formations near the high\ - . ' . . - , . THE UPHEAVAL' is .pccuring on a stretch of .the road which is being rebuilt. It is" not paved on the "rising section," McCoy said. way. xom that property subject to the 50 per cent provisions of the Mallon- decision. The. money then could:be used only;for certain stipulated projects--not to retire municipal; bonds 'as Js done now.' SHAVELSON SAID only the land owned by Union Pacific and Edison is involved : in-, the contemplated suit A lands 'commission wiU-'decide'later whether to start action against other land owners or lease holders in the harbor' area. The .commission ordered the survey of harbor boundaries at a meeting Sept. 13, 1957.;-.·-' . To claim' the oil revenues for itself and for Long.Beadi, the state must prove, the disputed land is tidelands--that'at one time-it was submerged:: To-'re- tajn title, the owners must prove the land .exists' as sult of natural accretions rather than of artificial filling-ln. » * * » CHARLES VICKERSr Harbor Department assistant'man- ager, -said ,the City'of. Long Beach In' its .1937-1940 attempt to claim ' the land under -the tidelands act searched records and titles as far back as the original Spanish land grants. Vickers did research for 1 . the city and Harbor'Department-ir the court battle over the oil revenues!' The Union Pacific land Involved is situated south-of-the Cerritos Channel. opening aric the Edison land,- on which is the firm's steam, plant, is west-.of the harbor turning basin; Only part of the two holdings is disputed. At the Tuesday" meeting- In Los Angeles, "''the commission also: ' · Authorized $193,000 to be" expended this fiscal year for the Navy-landing as-'a" subsidence project. Under the formula now in efect, this, .means 'the.,city ARAB KINGS MAY JOIN FORGES Youthful Arab : monarchs,:.Iraq's .King Faisal if (left) and Jordan's King-Hussein, are conferring in Amman^ Jordan, amid indications: they win an-, nouiice federation of their .countries to, meet the challenge of new Egypt-Syria union. Iraq and Jordan are aligned with the West-- (AP Wirephoto.) [^ANGELES UPl--Mayor George Christopher. ' of . San Francisco charged .Tuesday that G6v...'Knighti; his .opponent- for the/ Republican .nomination ^for U. ; S. senator;; is-"a /slave, of i a .very 'small, group. of Jabor leaders. " . . . .. - The:mayor, in a talk: at .Town Hall, said- evidence.of Vthis was Gov. Knight's appointment'.bl Harry .'Finks/ vice president! of the -California;,.State AFL,'to the State personnel Board..· ·' * . * * » '...'/'SPUNKS'.'IS'."the--only one in the-- California: delegation -who voted against · Vice" 1 President Nixori;.at: the'; 1956 Republican converitipn," ; ..said-Christopher. : The,'San'Frahcisco, mayor denied,; as- he,." has", before,-/'tha- Knight,Wyitched from' the':gov ernpr race : to-:: the .senatoria race because of any Vdeal.' Christopher/said however tha 'ha.recognizes that such reports jpersist, commenting: i ' : « " · * · * ' TTM "IT WOTJLD be' a terribli thing now if either-Mr, Knigh or I withdrew. Almost every wdy would believe we had par ticipated in another deal;".. . ..Christopher said he is.riot for the " work" laws "a they, are-.being -interpreted', a the .present..time.'.' He -aid. he % in Wheel Chair · · , ' . Runs Away With Pal 1 » .. · does not""'advocate the.destruc tion 'at, unions" but'. believe their members should have a much protection, as corpora tion. stockholder's, .Including strict accountability of union funds and secret balloting. Detroit traffic .judge George T..Murphy agreed Tuesday that. Harry;W. Jones' do- it-yourself car heater was an. ingenious idea. But he convicted Jones for reckless driving anyway. ; . FATKOLMANT Allen Crouter said Jones' heater was of the open hearth variety--a-two-gallon can partly filled: with alcohol and lighted. Crouter said he could see flames and smoke inside so he stopped Jones' car. THE CAN WAS blazing merrily on the front seat between Jones and his wife. · . · . "MY REGULAR heater wasn't working," Jones said, "and it was awful cold." 60 PupUs, Teachers Escape "Formosa Slide TAIPEI (ff) -- A landslide razed a two-story school S_un- day in the mountainside compound of a Buddhist temple near Miaoli, in northwest Formosa. All 60 pupils and their teachers had just gone out for lunch. None was injured. ISTANBUL, Gov. Muntaz Weather 'High and tow ttmperaturei a* re pcrttd by the United States Weather Bureau: H L Long Beach 64 43 Ok]J. City Uoi Angeles 70 50 Omaha Lai Vegas 61 43 Phoenix 2314 Pittsburgh 12 6 Portland 15 3 St. Louis 38 22 St. Paul 8 .5 salt Lake 14 6 San Fran. Filrbnk«.,A. 12-13 Seattle Miami 7563Termal · New Orlni. 47 34 Washington 35 16 New York 28 12 Boston Chicago Cleveland Denver Dei Molnes Detroit H L 2720 8 7043 29.. 4 5140 21 9 9 -3 · 4730 5951 5536 8150 TIDES ' .High tide today will be 3.3 feet »t 6:21 p.m. Low tides will be 0.1 foot at 11:49 and Z.Z feet at 10:59 p.m. -High tidei Thursday will be 5.3 feet at 5:13 a.m. and 3.0 feet at 7:12 p.m. Low tide will be -0.3 foot »t 12:42 p.m. ·Sunrlie: 6:41. Sunset: 5:34. ; INDEPENDENT Published dally except Sunday «t Sixth St. and Pine Av., Long Beach 12, Calif. Entered as second clan matter Mar. 27, 1943, at Long Beach 2, Calif. Adjudicated - by Superior Court, Los Angeles County, Oct. 6, 1M1, Decree No. C-10280. Per Per Month · Year Carrier Delivery *2.00 »24.00 By Mall 2.00 24.00 tingle Copy 10c TOO DAMAGING' Istanbul Chief Bans Strippers may withhold bne-fourth'of that amount in its . accounting- of tideland oil revenue with the state. - . The total outlay for the landing this 'year is estimated -at $500,000! . . . - ' ; ' Declined'to authorize the financing !from the tideland funds of the March 4 unitization elec- tipn as .requested by the city. Unless the decision is reversed; the entire election cost of $55,000 must be paid from the city's general purpose fund. Authorized a report to. the Legislature' by the State .Xands Division staff on the-survey of harbor boundaries. P,olice officers searched the flood control area south of Artesia St. for several hours Tuesday night for a'.. 16-year-old muscular dystrophy victim and his 15-year-old companion after they apparently ran away from b'ome. · - . . ' ; . -. '·',-. '. Juvenile 'officers-said David George, 16, son of Mr. and Mrs. John E. George, 400 E; 63rd St., left home about 7 pjn. -and left a note saying he was "too.much of a burden"' and was running away. The youth, who' is confined to a wheel chair was believed to be accompanied by Victor Wry'e, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jo- Control Channel, from Artesia St. south to Del Amo Blvd. Officers said they found tracks apparently made by . a wheel chair in., muddy places along the channel bank. Footprints indicating the . Wrye youth had removed his shoes St.' The'two boys, left'home last month and hitchhiked to Huntington Beach.before.ttey.were parents, juvenile officers said. Six Long Beach' police officers scoured'the area on.both sides of the Los -Angeles Flood and was .pushing chair barefooted found.' the. also whee: were Red China OKs New Alphabet HONG:,KONG Iff) -- Red China Tuesday adopted its lorig- seph H. Wrye, "of 418 E. 63rd planned alphabet language rework- Dr. Ernest Jones Freud Disciple, Dies at Age 79 LONDON (EE -- Dr. Ernes Jones, 79,. who- introduced p«y choaiialysis in the United State and' Britain as; a disciple -'o Sigmund Freud, died Tuesda in a London., hospital. Jones had. suffered a throm bosis last 'June and a' retinal hemorrhage in one eye last fall A doctor at 21, 'he attaine literary renown with-a three volume biography of Freud, th father of psychoanalysis, whlc became « standard ·: reference form program, Peiping Radio announced; "The broadcast! said the useII of tlie.alphabet would be taught Fast GOVERNOR KNIGHT has nee again shown' his' goodwill owaifd Long Beach--and -that ie keeps his word. . · · · · · · · · * # · # · · · · - · : ·--- Many months ago he Indi- Ike Sets la Vacation VfASHTKGTON · CUE)--Presi- dent'arid IVtrs.. Eisenhower will fly to Thomasville,' Gk, Thurs ; day for about 10 days-.of rest and. relaxation, 'the. White House announced.'Tuesday, They'wili:'stay. : on.the-Mile- stone ' Plantation', of former Treasury.' Secretary- and Mrs leorge M. Humphrey, just outside .the v city of: Thomasville' the ; ; : southwest corner of Georgia..;, : , ·;.--.,-..' '.; It:'will: be the. : . president's fifth "winter .trip to 'Thomasville; where he particularly .enjoys' the /quail : shooting 'and ;olf: . · i ' · . . . - » · * * · THE PRESIDENT will be accompanied by' a- small staff Deluding p r e s s . secretary James C. Hagerty, -Maj. Gen Soward -Mcc. . Snyder, the White'-House physician, an'i Mrs.- Ann Whitman, personal secretary tot'the.'' President, The President originally had Intended 'to .fly-, to Thomasville today but postponed his de parture becau»e of the weather and the press of official'.dutie. --including the- French-Tuni slah -crisis. · · ' - . ' - ..- '·" · Tho White House said Eisen hower would not hol'd a news conference this, week. By PETRONICB JR. dlcated he- would oil * ipe- · cial »«Mlon\to h»ndl« ».»ub-' ·idence blffl--If It were ihowa It :wa» 'sound and had, "a chance of pasting. · · . .. » » . . » · · · · NOW . HE .HAS announced is Intention to, call the session . the-near future--probably within 30 days. ".. . -.-\ . » . » . » , » ; · The Governort decUlon to not only » tribute to his own . integrity--but also to all the people In Long Bleach who have. been working on the bill and mbsldence .f eneraUy. * .* » » NOW THE REAL .JOB ,is hat of our Assemblvmen.Grant and Klocksiem-who : must guide. the .bill "in'the Assembly.'.' " ' * * ·# · * · · · ' . - · '· Because of their, lonjf: service : In: the Assembly -they have:.' the' experience and-, standing that will be to valuable to the city. » * * . . » . · · ·· OUR STRATEGY at Sacramento will be guided by..them. and the long time lobbyist em- iloyed by the city. " * · « . » ; ' · · · · It Is a, Rood time for all forces In 'the city to direct their efforts In that direction for the next' six Important weeks. . · - . - · Llvi ilii Lit* rf Rllty it til '·J HUirriNQTON HOTEL */ t DIVA BLOCK tasa · : IMO E. OKtM ILVD, LOHQ lEACH Tfcii · hotn. rum' tnrcajin:; from tie 'boulevard to the OMM. Two lobblei. All room« have private bfctiu, brand l-to-wall · ieV wali-to-wall · carpetlni,- wrltinj deslci,. telephone «d -Mr nuud- «rvic«. · Large dlntor. room AMI. tbe- oceui. Hoom accT meali S24.SO week each person. : Choice .-«Ieam, prime rlos' of.'beW. foa»t' turkey, baked Virirtnla" ham end everything «ood to eatT No better food anywhere Phone HE e.6J5J. Our din- tng room also eaten to^tbe otitalde puTillc. Club breaWMt «5c; niulu dinners-12.15. . . ^ found and returnedv to -f their first in teachers', normal schools and; elementary and secondary I schools to gain · experience. -It will .-be applied--gradually :in|| publications;-' TEN TRUCKS TO SERVE YOU' PETftl GLEANERS 1250 ORANGE AVE. The Order of the SCRUMPTIOUS SCREWDRIVER awarded to BLENDSMEN SUPBEMB who mix with GOPQH'S VODKA ... the name that makes it better ' ^^^_^_J__[_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B^^^ « IIH mer · i«x IHIMI win DOTWO no* w* .· tmn mnt»..m..\m.M Turkey Tarhan today anned striptease acts in Istan- ul's nightclubs on the grounds uch performances are "too ;amaging~to youth."' The ban has the support of the Turkish Students' League, which has charged that strip ease and rock 'n' roll 'are 'leading Turkish youths down the wrong 'path." ' Q U A L I T Y WATCH REPAIRS Any Modtl .r Mile* Foitut I«rvlc« Lowait Colt Only f tnutna ports Ul*d 2 days i*rvl« II.clronltBlly tlmW AT ALL DRUG ST ORES On«-y«ar Ted W. Brown 418 AMERICAN Opin M.n. -iJ frU Iv««. ' I N T E R E S T C H E C K S . . M A I L E D M O N T H L Y · Your funds of $1000 or more we secured by short teim select trust deeds on owner occupied homes. · Certified Trust Deeds must meet specific requirements to insure security. · Certified Trust Deeds are legally recorded in your name. ' · ; · · · · Certified Trust Deeds are negotiable and can be converted into cash. 'current «arningi For free literature, write, call or visit We Biuine» Only with Reaidentt of California CERTIFIED TRUST DEEDS, INC Mtmo«r Independent Mortgage Bankers Auodation 4200 ATLANTIC · IIXIY KNOLLS A : · LONGHACH · «A4-07»4 AT ALL DRUG STORES I

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