Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 18, 1969 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 18, 1969
Page 6
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f * NwKiwM) AffcmtM TIMB, M«»«y, April II, PAVITTIVILM, AMAMM Weather Forecast Showers arp expected tn- night in Ihe Pacific Northwest and alniiR Ihe (iulf and A t l a n t i c coasts from Texas to Maine. The precipitation should cxicnd inland lo I h e Great Lakes areas In t h e mirth and lo the Mississippi Valley in (he south. It will be warmer in Ihe south and east and cooler in (lie north and w c s I. Scattered showers should end in Northwest Ar kiinsus hy tonight and generally fair weather is expected liy Saturday. (AP Wire photo) THE WEATHER Elsewhere BUG By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS High Low I'r. Albany, cloudy 7ii Albuquerque, clear . 02 Atlanta, rain 82 Bismarck, clear -- 00 Hoise. cloudy 7-1 Boston, clear Ti Britain, cloudy .. Chicago, rain ... C i n c i n n a t i , cloudy Cleveland, rain .. 1X'U\er. clear " DCS iVloinos. cloudy . .! Detroit, rain Ti Fairbanks, cloudy .. 53 Fort Worth, clear .. 71 Honolulu, clear . . . . 8! Indianapolis cloudy III) Jacksonville, cloudy IB Juneau, r a i n ·!« Kansas City, r a i n .. Hi; Los Angeles, cloudy 80 Louisville, cloudy . . Ill Memphis, cloudy ... 7I Miami, clear Rl Milwaukee, cloudy . fill New Orleans, clear 1IU B3 2.58 35 .. Instant Replay Viewed As New Lifesaving Aid In Hospitals - . 49 1.28 :)4 .. 51 70 .. 5R 1.41 70 .on 3!) .03 41! .32 56 .. i- .46 65 1.08 7li .. 3R 1.05 G-l .38 511 48 . 41 5i WASHINGTON (AP) - Television instant replay, the delight of millions of sports fans, is est a b l i s h i n g itself as a potentially lifcsaving aid in some of the nation's major hospitals. The same type of device that jlets you sec how the swivel- hipped halfback scored is especially valuable in diagnosing'ail munis of the heart, where action happens faster than in any other is the fleeting orpin. Rv watching nearby television screen, th doctor can confirm within sui onds w h a t he thought he saw may have missed the first thru then decide if immediate su gery or further examination necessary. In contrast, standard XTI pictures and movie film must V developed, so a diagnosis base on them alone can't be made f at least an hour. Col. Robert .1. Hall, chief ... ..... ....... ,, . action shown by fluoroscopic X- rays is rerun over and over on a cardiology services at t Army's "Walter Reed Gener Hospital, says the technique is HHwl by Mil WlUtami jmily's Fifth Avenue ment in New York. DESIGNED FOR RAILROADING BUFFS By VIRGIL TALBUT HEADLIGHTS fc MARKERS, dited by Donovan Henry Golden West -- $6.95) estination topolohampo by Jo D E S T I N A T I O N TOPO- OBAMPO, by John Kerr rank Donovan (Golden West- stories have been ailroads yarns hese books. 7.95) Railroad opular down through the years ·ith perhaps the most famous tory being the song, "Casey ones." Readers with a yen for ' " e n j o y Markers is an nthology of railroad stories dited !y Frank P. Donovan nd Robert Selph Henry. Most f Ihe stories are pure fiction, tthoufili a low are based upon act. The title is taken from the act every train has a head- ight in front and markers in he rear and anything that hap- lened between these points is cpresented in he stories. along the Gulf of California coast. The Indian name has a musical beat that surprisingly las missed the attention of Hollywood song writers. Topolobampo's importance as a seaport was not missed by Arthur Stilwell. Stilwell. the "Prince of Promoters," had already built the Kansas C i t y Southern line when he hit upon at least one ol D e s t i n a t i o n Topoloham- o sounds as if it would be a James Bond thriller or an old Hope and Crosby road picture To-po-to-bam-po is the name of mall seaport in Mexico THREATENED WILDLIFE WILDLIFE IN DANGER .by James Fisher and others (Vik ing $12.95) Every variety of t i g e r on earth is in some danger of ex tinction, according to the Sur vival Service Commission of the International Union for Conser vation of Nature and Natura uan, for example, was made ly the only artist probably ever to have seen the bird in the wild. Other illustrations are by clas- ic artists of the past, such as Audubon, Lear, and Gould. O O U U l d l l J1I1C W U B H HC 1"V Uf«W" V U V 1 U I 1 "» i ' M V M M ·» I the idea of a railroad running, Resources (IUCN). from Kansas City to a port 1 along the shortest route to the Orient. F r o m Kansas City the shortest route to the Pacific is not to San Francisco, but far to the south, at Topolobampo. Thus was born the Kansas City, Mexico Orient, a dream that Stilwell never lived to see fulfilled. Time has erased much of Stilwell's work in the United States, but only recently the last lap of his proposed line was completed in Mexico. Running through towering mountains and presenting some of the most beautiful scenery, the railroad stands as a monument to Stilwell's dream and to the ingenuity of modern man. Numerous photographs add to the interest of this book. For The Teenage Readers STAR HUNTER and VOODOO PLANET, by Andre Norn (Ace 50 cents) These two adventure t a l e s written by Miss Norton tell of Earthmcn on two very dissim- lar planets. "Star Hunter" is the story of las Hume, a space pilot, ;i n d .'ye Lansor, a young orphan, and their adventures on the mysterious Jamala. Lansor is given a false set of nemories and put down on the jlanet just before Hume lands with a group of big game hunt- 'rs. They are supposed to acci- dently discover him and thus give Wass the Veep, a crook, an ' to a combine. However, a ·d force appears which al- inajor help in diagnosing the trouble in infants born with heart defects. "In the tiny heart of an infant," he said, "the diagnostic dye displaying the anatomy of the heart's interior can race through the heart in about one iecond. But you can look at the instant replay 10 or 12 times and make a decision as to what step to take next before getting the movie films and X-ray stills." Doctors say the new method has existing or potential use in helping diagnose ailments of the intestinal tract, the brain anc the spinal cord. nost results in L a n s o r and ume's death. That third force the remnants of an ancient vilization's u n i q u e defense ·stem. How Hume and Lansor over- jme the dangers and trap Wass ake this an interesting story. The sister tale. "Voodoo Plan- blacks on Khatka. Khatka, , ' is the story of a civilization undcd by a group of Africans uring the Third Atomic War, as many of the attributes of ·esent day Africa. When Chief Ranger Kort Aski asks for their help, the men the Solar Queen head for the anet. The witch-doctor, Lum- rilo, in a power play causes icir plane to crash while on a our of the preserve. One man. Tau, manages to efeat Lumbrilo in the power truggle, but only after many arrow escapes,. The first story is a close rel- ,ive of space opera, but the econd is top notch. Norton's yle is concise, her images fear and uncluttered. Teenag rs probably would enjoy the ovels more than adults. bww _ HM WE SELL OR RENT Crutches--Commode Chain Wheel Chairs--Walkers, Etc. The blue whale, the larges a n i m a l the world has eve k n o w n , the California condo and the whooping crane, t w i s u r v i v o r s from prehistori ;imes, may soon cease to exist These animals are among thi many now in danger of extinc tion by hunters and predators by natural causes, and by man' invasion and destruction o their natural habitats. This new book, the first de tailed, authoritative account o the animal, bird, and plant lif in jeopardy in the United State and around the globe, is base on facts collected daily by th IUCN from naturalists, zoolog ogists, ecologists, and conser vationists throughout the world Digested in data sheets an distributed to scientists, who in sert them in red binders, th sheets comprise the continuall revised record known to spec lalists everywhere as The Re Data Book. "W i 1 d 1 i f e In Danger" pre sents, in readable, illustrate! torn, the essentials of The Re Data Book, often expanded hi torically and geographically. In more than 200 articles o endangered species of mamma and birds -- from the orangutan polar bear, and aye-aye to th trumpeter swan, prairie chick en, and Hudsonian godwit--di tinctive characteristics, habit and habitats, and the danger to survival are discussed, alon with the efforts, if any. that ar being made to save them. In addition, there are mor general discussions of threa ened species of reptiles, amphi' ians. fishes, and plants. The illustrations (half in co or) in the book give an um valed impression of some of tl world's rarest fauna and flor Nearly 150 were commissione for this book from leading wil( life artists and have not bee reproduced before. The picture of the h o m e Hit WASHINGTON (AP)' - lam. ichard M. Nixon a*ys about 60 bids have been received for the apart- The flat, a 12-room coopera- ve, went on the market soon ter the Nixons moved to the Vhite House. Nixon recently valued it at 164,860. but real estate men say probably will bring a high bid · $200.000 or more. HOPE. Ark. (AP) - Hop* Police said Thursday they were holding a man for questioning in connection with the shooting death of Freddy Morrison, 31. of Hope. Officers said Morrison was killed Thursday at a residence in Hope and that there was a claim ... cidental. shooting was ac- T E R M I T E S ! Residential Spraying ·Roach** ·Cerflptdw ·Spiders 442-7291 ADMIRAL POT CONTROL P. C. BROOKS BEST BOURBON MAN CAN MAKE MONEY CAN BUY! Why Pay More... You Can't Buy Better! KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY 7 yean old 90 proof O L D E V A N W I L L I A M S D I S T I L L E R Y SINCE 1 7 8 3 ·· New York, log 7Ii Okua. City, cloudy . 00 Omaha, cloudy 50 Philadelphia, rain .. 72 5i T Phoenix, clear S-l Pittsburgh, r a i n . . . . HI :"!) .01 Ptlnd, Me., foil (i!i -1« - - Ptlnd, Ore., cloudy nil Vi .04 Rapid City, clear . . . f!) :il Richmond, cloudy .. l!2 (id St. Louis, rain -- 7:t 511 .68 Salt Lk. City, cloudy 03 -17 San Diego, c l o u d y .. 77 :·! Tampa, cloudy Hli 71 Washington, cloudy . HO (ill (M--JlisFini-: T--Tra-c1 NEWI ROCKWELL Cuts production timein half on all these materials.... low! You can cut framing, flooring, Irrm, moulding, plastic pipe, soft JStit-KCiRhl aluminum extrusions ·nd compositions faster and better, tot's why.- · raWEftfllL 10.5 «mp motor provides fast, true cuts. · ttCOMTE engineering gives pre- colon cut: at any ingle, 45" R. ft L SAFE'StFETTMATIC" pushbutton like stop; blade in seconds. SERVICE SUPPLY CO. 2373 N. C,nu 4W-M25 Our Ramblers give you more models to choose from ... four against Maverick's one R A M B L E R 2 DOOR R A M B L E R 4 DOOR R A M B L E R HARDTOP R A M B L E R STATION WAGON V-8's - 3 Speed Automatics - Factory Air Conditioner - Overdrive - plus Many Other Available Options Everyone likes, a little choice in the matter of buying d new car, compact or otherwise. Thafi why w» offer Rambler in four distinct body style* -- 2 Doer and 4 Door Sedans, Hardtop and Wagon. Th* Rambler 2 Door Sedan is our lowest priced buy. The Rambler 4 Door Sedan is for folks who like easy in and outs. (By the way, you have to buy two Mavericks to get four doors.) The Rambler Hardtop is our sporty beauty. Our Rambler Wagon is a real family car with big load capacity. Thafs selection. With only one model the Maverick doesn't give you much choice, does it? we're fighting back harder with better selection at Coming April 25 7/ie Times' 12th Annual "COOK BOOK" TABLOID EDITION CONTAINING HUNDREDS OF RECIPES Submitted by Northwest Arkansas Residents ORDER ADDITIONAL COPIES NOW ONLY 50 C Per Copy Mailed Anywhere in U.S.A. To Reserve Extra Copies, Use Coupon Below: CHARLESWORTH PONTIAC - RAMBLER - CMC 71 S. Springdale, Ark. NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES P. O. BOX "D" FAYETTEV1LI.E, ARK. 71701 Y«f, pleiM reserre copies of your 1969 Cook nook Section For inc. Enclosed It $ ( I will pick them up at your office, ( ) Please mill to: NAME . , ADDRESS .-- CITY STATE ZIP CODE (It AMHlMMl Space Ii NecM For Names, Use Separata Sheet of Paper) Kortlprit Arluuuaf fltmri

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