Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1964 · Page 27
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 27

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1964
Page 27
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F«g* A-2»-JNDEf ENDENT Irn Itadt tun., m, NI. tt, "a 'GUARANTEE OF SMALL NATION'S NEUTRALITY DE.1MATDED | Cambodia Chief Says U.S. Break NearJ South Viet Nun. jFrtac* »ttempt» to more back.ticuUriy if Charles At GieE« Breaking rtUtms with the.mto the irea. · [tllows Prince Sihanouk to United Stttes is not goicg to tr Sihanouk, the Frenchjshire Just a bit of the Allan solve an; of Cambodia's prot- hare a willing partnet, par-'stage. Itmf, The country u badlyf · ^- undfrdeveloped. w i t h rice paddies occupying 80 percent 1 the useable land. ' By PATRIO: J. KILUN f . PHNOM PENH. Cambodia rtJFI}--It seems an article of faith in this pleasant capital city that Cambodia will break diplomatic relations with the United States sometime this Star. - Cambodia's chief of ttate Prince Norodom Sihanouk, 4 J, fiaj set May as the time when he will sever relations with those countries which still oppose a conference to guarantee Cambodia's neutrality. J The United States, stung by e'vents in neighboring Laos and deeply embroiled in events in neighboring Viet Nun and Thailand, might condone Cambodian neutrality, but has no intention of guaranteeing it. r n · · · · ''CAMBODIAN neutrality, in tjie American view, means an ijmistakable preference tie Communists. proposed semi-official visit by nation because it kept up the, wearily after a dinner for' fonner Secretary of State spirit of hij people. [Macapa; Deaa Achesoa a few weeks Switzerland, he laid, h a P-a, but »*. But SihatKaok turned ibe!^^^^*^.^" 1 idea down cold. Prices are high, with a breakfast of t« ferencej, but the Western dance. , 'powen criticized Cambodia ,, _. .. .because it was '"non-civi- CAMBODIA, t country of j^^. BY ALS10ST anyone's reck- Few e , egll 33 riels to $1.00. and five million people and a land area of 88.SO square moles At least for sihaaaak)i {iced land, Scotland and Northern key to - oning. Sihanouk is a man wbo present'gets carried away in any one a round-jof three languages (Cambodia. most seek out the black market where 70 to 1 is normal. · · · · ' CAMBODIA comprised part the F «nch and English) he speaks of French Indo-China cntil it ' good share of Southeast Asia. The Cambodian word for the people of Thailand is "slave* giving aa indication of the Khmer past . But the glorious past is --The feeling that Russian unmatched by the unpredict for'and Red Chinese diplomatic'able present or the uncertain missions in Phnom Penh have future. This bothers Sihanouk, . »vj ~ ^* country. A lie- fluently. This often lands him'gaaied its freedom in 196X Ireland, suffers from aa in- L We e^ven with a pretty in trouble and makes relations! The French influence, for. fenonty complex., |\ ^ e zaaieA Mcoique. he is a difficult - merly discernible mostly in Centimes ago when the ^^ vko must command the' Lately Sihanouk's scorn has the tree lined boulevards of now abandoned north we stern | £enter of lttention _ centered on the United States Phnom Penh and the French city of Angkor Wat was the, The prince must have his'and its two closest allies in'speaking merchants, is begin- seat of government, the Cam- ludience - ^e diplomat said'Southeast Asia, Thailand and ning to be fe!t politically as bodians, or Khmers, ruled a 1 Pre-recorded Stereo Tapes for Concert Hall Music in the Home! Operatic Misteals liifrumeifel Vocal Popular Jan Folk Stigiig Tt* forgcsf ieI«cHot It fit area W. clu fahar* ropn for ku» i*c*rtf| a fattnt pricnt SCOTT RADIO SUPPLY, INC. ii lotj beeei site* 1929 "tier* is 10 stbififift fcr tiptrittct" 266 Alamitos Ave. HE 6-1452; HE 7-8629 Opti Friday NighH lo f P.M. Saturday* ta S:30 mi fcM i PRINCE SniANOUK Feels Slighted 5 May then, seems a likely stayed out of mischief while and any slight, real or sn- raonth when the American the American Central Intelli-'aginary, is an indigestible session will pack up and go'gence Agency (CIA) has been bone ia this throat. home. The only other even-mixed up in intrigue. | S i h a n ouk's preoccupation tuality seriously bruited about -- A conviction that the ( with Cambodia's place in the over French Cognac and United States and most Westi «un was illustrated during the e is that relations rnight'ern powers have never taken'state visit tast week of the · · · ·--".-- i - j : - --:--i- Philippines President iv««- On the latter point Sihan- dado Macapagal and a Dios- serni -- A conviction that the'with Cambodia's place in the hire o-~ rtffce _ be ruptured somewhat earlier. Cambodia seriously. 1 -;The Cambodian position is! On the latter poii . based in part on these as-'ouk gets very little argument official visit by Malaysia's sumptions: American officials have Hown Prime Minister Tengku Abdul J--A belief on Prince Sihan- around and over Cambodia. Rahman. ouk's part that South Viet but no one of any ranking . . . . Ham and p e r h a p s all of 'stature has ever called on the | THE PRINCE t h a n k e d Southeast Asia is Jost to prince. jMacapagal for treating Cam- Communist China. 1 The one exception was a.bodia as a worthy, important NON.RESPONSIBILITY NOTICE jlJiOO c'tEock nooa cf tt»t fl»T. « TEK. LNC J3036» 19«*. ccRTiriCATc or euSE\e, 1 riCTITiOUS NAME Th» uncJcrjiriu'd d'fi rirti/y *hf Mina^pnu-nt Cnn- EXTIRrEIEES that naii firm ia composed ef th« foUovinc prra.ii]. vboM namr la fall ajid plac* tt rc?ideiic« ! aa Illlevi: Ahce G. JfleOlaiB, J71 t Ea · Antonio Drtvt. Ixirt E'arti 7. CaUomla Dated VtbrtaiT «. 1M4. (Siinature) AUCB C. McCT-lIS pcr.ifii.aJ property, ttvwit: PETER J. FITCHESS. ^ «ocls in tr*d^ flit arcs. SlwTitt rf Lou Antel*« County r^:!!*-" 1 * '^f. Ji U c t A, e 'Kn BT Lt. J H UI-ETOT IWWIJNG ALLET, EAR AJSD By W. J. M._M t tToy. _ RESTAURANT bu.ti.i-M known w SANTA FE BOWLING CENTER, and lrirat«4 »t HHO S»ot* ft A**th* Citj of Locr IVach, CnuQty cl 1» AniC'-If3, St*t* ·"·! C»lJ'r.ii.v. and transfer the IVllow- .tcoholic bevcrafft Ixenst (or ~?.: O B · S a I · G « n r a I _ _ _*"4-C *ow Issue! ts prenus»l located at 21SO SaQta F« Aveoue Eearb, CaUfornla. for the " * 21SO Santa Ff ·tb. SI. n. Mar. I. H.I3t4(4t)UBI. 40C1ff NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE Xo. IV 105 On Uarch 20. 196«. «r constdcrmtioa in connection T H 3 WiaiERlDCE COMPAXT. SliXOOO.OO. J). Promijjory Not* for $130.000. ta be lecartd by Chattel*, tt bu beca ·r and a.«si|rtiruent r-f th Ilcmse (or K or kit th« 1st day of *i»crow d'-part- Of AMERICA , to- wit; r«rt La Vx-k SI in tne corder of vtld the *.hn» rntitl*-* wti W. A V A N ZAXDT. th -f tSe county rJCCEFT. th.-refr.-ni tt.« N^ 83 r-"-t th«Te..f. CtJSTEU/. !*·- . A D 13t1, f"T the. «um r,f T*'O TIIOVSAND TW tard in tht Cltj tt F*rerly HUla. roonry f !»· Ancelej. £tat# of Beverty*, Ci fornii C»crow Na. IU 12082 Men's Wear FINAL PRICE SLASH ENTIRE STOCK INCLUDING NEW SPRING ARRIVALS . From Hart Schaffner Marx, GGG, and Hollywood Clothleri Also Imported and Domestic Furnishings at Give-Away Prices 50% REDUCTIONS ON ALL FURNISHINGS Last f~ 8 Days... we are II SUITS,SPORTS COATS, SLACKS, SPORTSWEAR AND FURNISHINGS FROM THE WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS MAKERS. HART SCHAFFNER MARX, HOLLYWOOD CLOTHIERS, GGG CLOTHIERS, PETROCELLI AND OUR FINE IMPORT LI(JE. SWEATERS by P*rlw. SIno. Pof, Lord Jeff rer map rwf.rd Fain IISH7 «.f M«p«, T.r r^a Ant' l*a O-unrr. O Jort erm.nuiTilr Ir., .n a.' 1W F.uo NOTICt iNn Canal l^f^r f^ai h Catif'-rnia I flft 01 K' XOTICr IS J1CREET, OR LICtNStS ^! ',n Tdur^ar. thrlNOTlrB 13 JirP.F:ET i1«T of Van h A I» IX*. af! Th»t 5ANTA rE rXU There Is a DIFFERENCE Comforting Service OaU Tste HiEj let knmrfat» and ttHire X bnw Eiprricnrtd mm »ry| i-- jKrlys md^iaf -- wil piittmre. It k rrrj lor jnn to tavr tfrii rrrv»i.i'jzrd ·ftrntnio arj * · m'»ays iVrf -- 24 Irairi · day, r\rr d.iy c/ t y«f-it Eos* HI!!J. Tljr ftxn/ortmij irrrirr p!ii eojnplrte {arilitiet «H at «r« plart hare [Koon] ao brlp- hJ lo to B*ny tcnAn in tlia irra. And «t Row !Ub rttrj- tliirx jn|ujij ir n t Kttjt^ cf i-irxTud bnaaly-- natnre'f cwa So ir"xo u ii'j c OJCs IM9 mnr^ -it RoeeHJk At Any TVn* C»B OXford 9-0921 ^ KVX7* R'^SB HILLS MORTUARY CEMETERV FLOWER SHOPS CHAPELS MAUSOLEUMS CREMATOR* COLUMBARIUM 3000 Wwfan. Vta. And SUITS from lueh fin« nolerj 01 Hoflywood C!eF*i. GSS, Ptirccelli anrj cur fine impori fine. 39.00 C*taEn«, Conical. REG. 7950 (Currtnt Stoct) REG. 79£0 (Spring ArrTv*!i) REG. 8950 REG. 89.95-95. REG. 100.-110. 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