Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 2, 1973 · Page 6
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 6

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, February 2, 1973
Page 6
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PAGE 6 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N t * · FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 1973 Encephalitis feared after mosquito find *Sergeant' dies John Banner, veteran stage iud screen actor who played Jie . good-natured German ;Sgt. Schnltx MI TV's "Hogan's ^Heroes," tied in bis native Vienna, it was announced Yesterday. He died on his (3rd £ Wrtoday. Second divorce "' ' ' ~ enough LONDON (UPI) - It was old times when Mrs. Irene 5Ukins divorced her 'husband ;pn grounds : of his imreason- £ble behavior. She had been Sfcrough it all 10 years before 5wth the same man. SiTheir first divorce after ;three years of marriage was ^on grounds of cruelty. "Never vigain," said-Mrs. Atkins after She second divorce. "When. I Carried Thomas for the sec- *ond time, I was told by a wel- -fare officer that he was a ^changed man." By JOHN JENNINGS Clliien Stiff Wrtttr A discovery that mosquitoes here are breeding during the winter months will speed up a vaccination drive against Venezuelan equine encephalitis (VEE), the mosquito-carried disease that swept through nearby Mexico last year. Dr. Ernest C. Siegfried, head of the Pima County Health Department, said that a joint Pima-Cochise County campaign would be put into effect as soon as possible. .VEE mainly strikes horses, but seven residents of Mexico died from the disease last year; ' ''..' · .- . : ;:'" "When the rainy- season ended last year, the VEE ; 'was within 15 "miles of Negates,"" Siegfried said. "We expect that it might come over the border this year." . . , '' Siegfried said plans originally called for starting the vaccination program about six weeks before the,start of the ' rainy season,' but v/ill be moved up because of a report from-two University of Arizona scientists. . . . . Entomologist Clifford C. Roan and a graduate student assistant, Navy Lt. Cmdr. John L. McDonald, reported yesterday ; ihat mosquitoes, normally thought 'to be dormant during the winter months, actually are breeding during those months. McDonald gathered the information from a series of mosquito traps placed around Tucson. Although the mosquito that carries VEE was not detected, another mosquito, capable of carrying what is known as St. Louis encephalitis, was found. The study was aimed at showing a desert city could rid itself of mosquito problems with a concentrated anti-mosquito program, McDonald said. Roan said, "What %ve're trying to get across is that if you leave the mosquitoes alone, you may or may not have a problem. But if you lean on the little buggers, then you definitely won't, ^have a problem. If you wait until you have your first human case, you're a dead duck." Pioan^ and McDonald said standing pools of water left by construction projects should be eniptied, and gambusia, a fish, -that feeds on mosquito .larvae, should be placed in IPottock criticizes 'f^t, ff '·'; flacfc of respect' £· Republican .- Governor Jack ^Williams and other state" offi- Sals have shown a lack of re- 'Spect for community control lof education and welfare, says * candidate for governor in a 'proposed recall, election. I;"His (Williams') attitude to- Ijward education is the same as ^welfare -- harass as many ;people as possible," Gerald "Pollock, a Phoenix attorney, "told about 40 persons attending a Lawyers for Pollock lun- '.cheon yesterday at the Pio- ;neer Hotel. -'Pollock, a Democrat also ' accused Williams of usurping the control that communities once had in running anti-poverty and welfare programs. He warned that teachers will soon be teaching at their own risk if Weldon P. Shofstall, state superintendent of public instruction, , and the State Board of Education increase their control over teachers and school districts in the stale. Pollock twice ran unsuccessfully for the scat held by U.S. Hep. John Rhodes. . As part of his campaign, he has been walking to communities throughout the state. JAY CHAMBERLA/N Salutes HAPPY VOLKSWAGEN OWNER, "TONY" GONZALEZ, Owner of CROWN PHOTO LAB ... T««r Sirs: "My SUPERBUG Is The PERFECT CAR FOR MY BUSINESS ..." mmm (RLM-CAHl "I Con Get Around Town Safely, Quickly A Comforfoh/y And I Gef Immediate Service Attention At JAY'S PIMA VOLKSWAOfHl" /OWN YOUR SUPERB N£W* I "SUPEItBUG" r. nh P r i t « , S 2 4 M , N O W I O R J 1 9 5 AS LOW AS Down, 83 It "Sizzles" with Extra Power! Ptymtnl P r l e i ) $2727.!4-Annuil Pirc«nti(t Rti 10.97'.-48 Hmlhi Pint T» t lican». 56 PER MO. I YOLKS HAS TWICE THE GUARANTEE OF OTHER CARS) 2 Years or 24,000 Miles - It's TWICE as GOOD! SALES OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK SERVICE OEPT. OPEN ALL DAY SATURDAY rt««M PIMA VOLKSWAGEN Tbi« effor faflrf n\ie at Sonto Cmi VeJkswngen horse troughs and other permanent water pools. Siegfried said drainage ways that have been cut off and formed pools of standing water are a very real danger. "There is an increase in the number of these pools and we are very concerned," Siegfried said. " I, would suggest that ponds be drained, which is:the best thing, or a little kerosene be poured on the surface to stop the mosquitoes." The county is continuing its program of providing gam- busia when/and where it is needed. : High court gets air pollution case PHOENIX (AP) -- A Maricopa County Superior Court suit challenging a county air pollution regulation has been sent to the State Supreme Court because "it -. is too important' ' to be, dragged through a lower court. · Judge Frederic Heinemah said he was talcing advantage of a little-used state lav/ which permits him to pass matters of great public importance to the supreme court for decision. The suit seeks to declare as unconstitutional a county regulation concerning precautions for keeping down dust. The suit was filed by the Sanner Contracting Co., charging the regulation is vague, indefinite and provides no standards oa how to accomplish dust reduction.. The firm was cited -for creating excessive dust last summer in northwest Phoe- ·nix. 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A78-13 B78-13 C78-13 D78-14 E78-14 G78-14 H78-14 J78-14 073-15 H78-15 1.78-15 600-13 650-13 700-13 695-14 735-14 775-14 825-14 855-14 885-14 825-15 855-15 915-15 20.41 21.03 22.17 23.44 23.88 24.55 26.08 27.48 29.44 26.44 28.20 30.08 fed. tax 1.81 1.86 1.95 2.02 2.24 2.39 2.56 2.75 2.63 2.63 2.81 3.16 raised white letters Choose raised white letters or white stripe on this wide 70 series 4 ply polyester tire. Our brand, Gates-made. Bias ply construction. You, must receive at least 20,000 miles. D70-14 695-14 24.18 fed. .2.31 F70-14 775-14 26.50 tax 2.60 G70-14 825-14 27.83 2.77 H70-14 855-14 29.62 2.92 G70-15 825-15 28.11 2.88 H70-15 855-15 30.00 3.00 ·equivalent size 4 ply nylon For imports and : domestic small cars. Most of these are our own brand, made b'y Gates, but a few sizes are from Bridgestqne. Whitewall, tubeless and guaranteed for 17,500 miles. 600-12 520-13 560-13 600-13 650-13 700-13 560-14 600-14* 500-15 560-15 685-15 735-15 15.72 15.27 15^94 16.33 17.87 18.90 20.81 16.51 16.62 18.30 19.09 *6 ply for Ralsun, Toyola, Mazda, I.UV pickups fed. 1.50 tax 1.40 1.68 1.61 1.75 1.95 1.83 2.33 1.45 1.73 1.89 2.00 Courier and Other El Campo Goodies At Permanent Sale Prices. We also fix brakes, shocks, alignment, and offer computer \ balancing,of tires'-atjbw prices ' every day. . . . . . . It doesn't cost us any more today to do a guaranteed 9-point brake . job on your car than it will next week. ' A guaranteed shock absorber costs us the same today as it will next month. And so it'll cdst you the same. Ditto-for our wheel alignment... job. ·'. Ditto for computer tire balancing; So why not come in or call us? We'll be lookin' for you. computer balancing . Do we really need a computer to balance tires? .. V Let's put it this way: there's no . . · better way to balance them. 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