The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 24, 1906 · Page 2
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 2

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Monday, September 24, 1906
Page 2
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, vAjmojLi.1 u CONSOLIDATED THE MAIL AND SEPTEMBER 1ST, 1900. STAR *JT. t. NEWLAND WM. L. WATKINS EDITOBS AND PUBLISHER? OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. Terms of Subscription: The CONSTITUTION p-uarantees to advertisers a lararer circulation in Livintfg/on County than hat of all other local papers published in Chilli* cothe combined. The price for the weekly if paid on or before the end of the year is 81.00. or 50 cents for six months. Subscribers neglecting or failing to so pay, will be charged the 81.50 rate. This rule will be strictl-v adhered to. Entered at the post-office at Chilli- eothe, Missouri, .and admitted for transmission through the mail as second-class matter.". Office in CONSTITUTION Building, 616.South Washington Avenue, Teleohone No. 105. By Mail—Postage Prepaid: Daily, one year 85.00 Daily, six months 2.50 Weekly, one year, in advance l.oo Weekly, one year, if not paid h«- Whose Say-so is Best? With nearly all medicines put no for gale through druggists, one has to takl the maker s say-so alono as to their curative value. Of course, such testimony^ not that of a disinterested party and accordingly is not to be given the same credit as if written from disinterested motives. Dr. Pierce's medicines however, form a single and therefore strikinc exception to this rule. Their claims to the confidence of invalids does no™ rest solely upon tireir makers' say-so or praise. Iheir ingredients are matters of public knowledge, being printed on each separate bottle wrapper. Thus invalid conQdence. Score.-, of leading medical men have written enough to fill volumes in praise of ihe curative value of the several ingredients entering into the-c well-known medicines. Amongst these writers we find <surh mra- Ical iehtfi as Prof. Hnley Eliinewmd.31 D of Uennet Medical College. Cliicaeo- Prof Hale, of die same city: Prof. .TolinM Scud tier. M, D, late of — : ' "• • *-.>"" John Kine. M. D., Dr. Grovcr Coe. o low. of .lefferson Medical Culleiie of Pa and scores of others r-iuaHy eminent ' .1, lier.'-j's Favorite Vreseription cures the worst rases of female weakness. pm?a^ sus.apt«veision and relroversion and corrects rilics, cores painful periods, dries up ".bl-s and weakening drains, some- swn as pelvje caiarrh and a multi- Betr £ SfftS tf'ra nS SJza^ secret medicine.^but the "Favorite ojari. 24 ne cm-. I'rof. Jolm M. Scud_o( Cincinnati. Ohio; Prof D., late of Cincinnati. Ohio° f ASrLX 0 '*',." r - Bartho- ree e™rt- arp experience in ilie cure of woman's peculiar ailments. who frankly and confld- r$? y H kCS *?,'? Dati ™ ts '"to his full "•""- £?r1n?P b j, tcllin3 ' tlicn > i^t what his - 1'rc- scrtption is composed of. Of no other rnedi- ,£* £3% Vi? for swan's spocial maladies and sold throueh Urusgists. can it he *aid .that the maker is not afraid to deal thus frankly, openly and honorably, br lettins fore year ends 1.50 Weekly, six months 75 The Daily will be delivered by carriers to subscribers in Chillicothe at 10 cents per week. Any irreg-ularitv n delivery should be promptly report? ed at this . Democratic State Ticket. For Judge of Supreme Court, Long Term. A. M. woonsos. For Judge of Supreme Court. Short Term. W. W. GRAVES. Eallroad and Warehouse Commissioner RTJBE OGLESBY. Sick women are invited to consult Dr Pierce, by letter, free. All correspondence is guarded as sacredly secret and womanly-confidences are protected by professional nrivncv AHHm.g f- l> y fierce, Buffalo, N.'Y. Dow to preserve health and beatitv Is told in Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser. It, is free. For a paper- -i^ it I ••• --.V.V.* uiuujll£ 01 SLililJUa Dr Pierce's Pelle's cure constipation! Superintendent of Public Instruction HOWARD ALLEN GA8S. Democratic'County Ticket. For Congress W. W. RUOKER' Representative JAMES O. RANEY Sheriff MARK WHITE Recorder ot Deeds WILLIAM REYNOLDS Prosecuting Attorney E. O. ORR Clerk of the County Court A. M. SHELTON Treasurer U.S.ALLBRITAIN Probate Judge PIERCE OVERTON Clerk of the Circuit Court MATTHEW IMcBRI DE Collector B.,F. THORP Assessor JOHN J. MAY Democratic State ticket. It also contains the Democratic State platform adopted at Jefferson City June 5, with the law enforcement paragraphs set intype bolder than the rest to show that the Democrats are not afraid of the issue. The speech of William J. Bryan delivered in New York August 30 has a prominent place in this little volume and is followed by extracts from the speech of Governor Polk at New York on the same date together with paragraphs from various speeches delivered by the Governor during his public career. The full vote of each county for Presidential candidates in 1904 and 1900 is given in order to show the number of Democratic voters who remained at home and failed to vote in 190t, which number the committee finds to be 55,610. The book also contains extracts from tne speech made by temporary chairman T. L. Rubey at the Democratic State convention at Jefferson City, June o. Mr. Rubey is now chairman of the Executive Committee of the WOMEITS_WOES. Chillicotiie "Worn en are Finding Belief at Last. It does seem that women haye more than a fair share of the aches and pains that afflict humanity; they must "keep up," must attend to duties in spite of constantly aching backs, or headaches, dizzy spells, bearing down pains; they must stoop over, when to stoop means torture. They must walk and bend and work with racking pains and many aches from kidney ills. Kidneys cause more suffering than any other organ of the body. Keep the kidneys well and health is easily maintained. Read of a remedy for kidneys only that helps and cures the kidneys and is endorsed by people you know. Mrs. J. H. Shield, of 459 Vine St., Chillicothe, Mo., says: "I consider Doan's Kidney Pills a very effective remedy. I got a box at the Clark Pharmacy and used it for pain in the shoulders, in the back of the neck and head and blurring off the eyesight. When I began taking them I was suffering frntvi ^ nagging pjxin in the back that was almost like toothache. Doan's Kidney Pills stopped the pain and made me rest better at night. I have felt new vigor and energy since using thorn." For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents. Foster-Millburn Co., Buffalo. New York, sole agents for the United States. Remember the name Doan's and take no other. CREATED FUROR IN CITIES EAST IN PAST YEAR OF '$'& : Caamberlain's Cougrh Jiemedy Acts ou Nature'* Plan. The most successful uedicinc-s are those that aid nature. CHAMBERLAIN'S COUGH REMEDY acts on this plan. Take it when you have a oold and it will allay the cough, relieve the lungs, aid expectoration, open the secretions and aid nature in restoring the system to Thousands a healthy condition, have testified to its Presiding Judge County Court S. HAWKINS Judge Eastern District IRA DONOVAN Public Administrator FORREST M. OILL Judge Western District ' O. W.GARLICK For Coroner. R. H. OABELL. JOE FOLK makes good and that's what the people want regardlees of party, eaye the Mexico Ledger.f PERHAPS the most humiliating part about that confession on part of the railroads that they fought LaFollette is the admission that their influence was not sufficient to beat him. DEMOCRATIC CAMPAIGN BOOK. Chairman W. N. Evans of the Democratic State Central Committee has just placed the finishing touches on the Democratic Hand Book for 1906. The proof copies are out and the entire edition will be iea.dy for mailing within a few days. The Hand Book IB the campaign book of the Democratic party in Missouri for the information of the voters and lor the use of speakers sent out by the campaign committee for the purpose of stumping the State. The book contains biographical State Central Committee, having been selected by Judge Evans t assist the chairman, his abl secretary, R. W. Napier, and the; associates. A brief but telling paragrap compares the tax rate in Missour with that of her neighboring state's The tax rate in Missouri is give as seventeen cents, the next lowes is Iowa with thirty-five cents superior excellence. It counteracts any tendency of a cold to result in pneumonia. Price, 25 cents. Large size, 50 cents. For sale by the N. J. Swetland Drug Co. Has Accumulated Iminmse Fortune And Gives With Lavish Hand To Charity St. Louis.Srpt 23—L. T. Coooer. the maa who has created a sensation throughout tho east, and who is rapidly acquiring a national reputation, arrived in St. Louis yesterday. Cooper is president of tho Cooper Medicine Company of Dayton, Ohio, and has rnidc a fortune within the past few years estimated at several millions, by the sale of two preparations,which are claimed to be very unusual,and which are said to accomplish remarkable results. Cooper spends his time traveling from city to city introducing these remedies and in this manner he has acquired thefortune he now possesses. Coopor is said to be a very remarkable character, and a man with eccentric ideas; one of his beliefs is that a certain part of his income should be deyoted to charitable work, and ho is said to give thousands of dollars to the Door in each city that be visits. His charitable work is original, as he is continually devising new methods of making money give tho most pleasure and relief possible. The 1 most remarkable feature of Cooper's work is what is known as his "Three minute removal of deafness." In cities visited by him within tho past year ho has NEGROES COMMIT DASTARDLY GRIMES AT ATLANTA, GA. White Ci'.izons Killid Ten and Are I Trying to To Driv* Th -m From I i City—Troopi OrJ. r- d Out ! Children. Atlant-i, Oi. S.-pt. 2i-Ai thu | result of four attack:- on white i women by negroes within tho j city limits today a mob tonight' turned loose and within a. short time had slain ten blacks and w;>s beyond the control of the authorities, who had ordered out tho police and the tiro department. Tho negroes wore pullod from street cara and beaten to death, It ia expected that troops will be called oat. Tho negroes are being hrrdod through the streets and shutdown. The mob moyed into tho section of tho city inhabited by tho blacks and began shooting riiiht and left. Five assau'U on white women by negroes were made here this afternoon and evening within tho city limits. Mrs. F. Arnold, in tho western part of the city was attacked in ttio yard behind her home at 7 o'clock and escaped by screaming for help. Tho negro escaped, but a negro was arrested and taken to police headquarters. Mrs. ChalJin, liviug near tho soldiers' homo, was attacked in a similar manner this afternoon. A posse is searching for her assailant. Sovea similar attacks on white women by negroes have oc- cured this week in or near ^Atlan- ti. I ODOF MONOPOLY : ^ v y 8 XKW -i-017 K up to sixty cents and Kansas eacl cents on the §10( Nebraska runs while Illinois pay fifty-two valuation. The public ^schools in Missouri occupy a prominent place in the book which contains a list ot counties and the amount of taxes paid by each county for school purposes in 1905. A paragraph is devoted to the dramshop laws of Missouri, the enforcement of which has made them an issue in Missouri and which has caused the brewery 'interests sketches and protraits of Judge A. M. Woodson, Judge Waller W. Graves, Howard A. Gass and Rube Oglesby, which quartette of able public men compose the in the state to contribute an enormous campaign fund to the Republican State Committe amounting approximately to 81,000,000. The only newspaper quotation in the campaign book is an editorial taken from the Chillicothe CONSTITUTION written under the head of "Some things Folk has Done" and giving an epitome of the work of the present State administration. The hand book containo also A special excursion sleeping car bound for the heart of the Texas Panhandle will leave Chillicothe October 2. The fare for the round trip will be §20, including sleeper. Those buying land will have their fares refunded. Land values range from S10 to 820 an acre, where any one crop will pay for the land; where the rainfall the three growing months of the year is the same that it is in Chicago. For booklet and other information seen Ben F. Broyles, Chula, or B. J. Meek, Chillicothe. s22d&wld NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Notice is bervliy iiivon thnt .-calnl IH-O- posnls will bi> roei'lvod by tbe City Auditor of tin; city of Cliillh'ol.lii', Mo., lip tci i'> o'clock, nwiui ou I ho diiy of Uetobi'n Mk!> for tln> furnishing of nil matcrinl It ml thi> doing of nil work ami Inlior inT..-.«silry t.i construct a sUIewnlk, 30 fn.ji (u l^njith ilmi 1 i-twidoof tile material u«ar-rlbi-d by iind STRAIGHT "Lead and Oil" i PAINT felt The old timer is always talking of the "old days when paint was good." Those were the days of straight White Lead and Linseed Oil, before newfangled mixtures were thought of. You can have just as paint to-day if you want it. , Simply see that you get j» paragraphs on labor and capital, Republican gall, Insurance scandals and the Republican party' connection therewith, the record of the two parties compared in th State of Missouri and also a few words on the old school fund i sue and the cry of the Republican to "see tho books." The book ia ably compiled and should be in tho hands of every Democratic voter and every public speaker of the Democratic faith. The State C .mmitteo wil soon begin mailing out copies of this hand book and all who do nol receive a copy should address Hon. R. VV. N.ipier, Secretary of State Committee, < are of the La c'.ede-Hotc). St. Louis, Mo. Southern Pure White Lead (Mrnde 67 the Old Dutch Proceea) Pain from a Burn Promptly Relieved by Chamb xlain's Paia Balno. A little child of Michael Strauss, j of Vernon, Conn., was recently in (great pain from a burn on the jband, and as cold applications only increased the inflammation, Mr. Strauss came to Mr. James N. j Nichols, a local merchant, for something to stop the pain. Mr. Nichols says: "I advised him to use CHAMBERLAIN'S PAIN BALM, and the first application drew out the inflammation and gave immediate relief. I have used this liniment myself and recom- n nccoiiiance willl oidlnjincc So.sts;a side- vnlk itn feet in least h anil l feet wide of the imterinl described hy nnd in accordance vltli ordlnnnce No. -£f.i; a sidewalk Ii) feel in and I feet wide of tlie iiiiitnrlnl di- crll>ed by and In accordance with ordi- lance No. 21(1; a slili-wnlk 40 feet In length nd -1 feet wide of the material deserilied liy nd in accordance with ordinance X 0 . ill; a Idewnlk 10 feet in length iuul I feet wide of he material described by nnd InnccorttniHV •Ith ordlnnnce No. ii2:n sidewi'lk l-.'O foet In 4 feet wiile nf Hie ninterlnl dc-- c.llied li>- anil In Hccordnnce with oral- ancc No. 21:); n sidewalk .TO feet In length nd 4 feet wide of the ninterlnl doscrlln-it liv nd in accordance wllh onlinnnce No. 2Mj sidewalk ft) feet In Uyigtli ami l feet wi'le tbe ninterlnl described liy Hurt in aceor- ince with ordlnnnce No-. 2ir>; n slden-nlk 1TI et In lontftli nntl 4 reel wide of the mat.-rial •scribod by and in accordance with ordi- ance No. 2111; n sidewalk Mi foot iii length nd 4 feet wide of th* imttcl'liil described by d in accordance frith ordinance No. 2W: a sidewalk W feet In Icnftth and 4 feet wide of U'C Intiterliil described l.yand In nccordance with ordinance No. Sl»; n sidewalk 50 feel in length and I feet wide of the inntorlnl described by and in aceoitliince with onll- nanceNo. L'5i;n sidewalk no feel III lonijlli and I feet wide of the innterlitl described by nnd in accordance with ofttlnanoe No. 2S!: a sidewalk IIS feet In leimth Und 1 fnct wldeof the nmterlnl described by nnd In aci'ordance With ordinance No. 2*!; a sidewalk ml feet in lenutli and 4 feet wide of die ninterlnl described hy nnd In accordance with ordl- nnnce No. 25l;« sldfwulk 112 feet in length nnd I feet wide of t he material described by nnd In accordance with ordlnnnce No. i-'c,; n sidewalk Hi feet In length and I feet wide the material described bynnd Inaccordnnt with ordinance No. 33il:n sidewalk llifeet length and 1 feet wide of the material d scribed liy and In accordance with ord nance No.2">7. The proposals must be accordinit to fon ri'<iulr«l nnd furnished by the f'lty Kng :ieer. A certllled cln-ek in the sum of fcs.l nust accompany eacli bid to insure th naklnsrofa contracl. The riirlit to rejec r and all bids is reserved by the (,'lt -oiuicil. appeared nightly before large audiences and offered to makeanyone hear within less than three minutes, if they would come up on the stage. Reports from Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Detroit, Cleveland and Louisville, and other cities, seem to indicate that Cooper actually did do aa he claimed. Each night he is said to have removed before thousands of people, cases of deafness in about three minutes' time with one of his preparations. The 'accounts of his work appeared in all of the leading "dailies" of the east, and people have flocked to him from ^all parts of the country. The sale Of his preparations is said to reach enormous proportions within a week after Cooper arrives in a city. Whether ho will be as successful in St. Louis as elsewhere remains to-be seen. Escaped Death, It is not an Uncommon experience for us to get a lettef describing how the writer escaped death by taking M. CALDWELL'S (LAXATIVE) SYRUP PEPSIN for some violent and dangerous stomach or bowel inflammation. The gentle, soothing, curative, puiili- cative action of this pleasantsyrup is without any equal in the science of medicine. Sold by all Druggists at 50c and gl 00. Money back if this fails. FISHERMEN RETURN. Commodore Harrison Hatfiold and Admiral S. L. Bradley of Liuueus, who :irrivud iu the city last Wednesday and joined a party of local PJJI rt^ who wont to Roach Luke \vl:erc ti-i-y have been c imping for tho p i«t •vcpk. return- to their homes Monii ly. Tho '.vcck w;is ,-|.n-:,t iti hunting aud Doling aud Mossre. lir;id!ey and HatSeld were declared the champion fishermen of North Mi?- souri having completely outdone! the local moo. The Linnem gentlemen were highly pleased with their trip and pronouiiee tho Chillicothe sports royal entertainers and say they expect to pay a retuin visit here next year. THE WEATHER Pair tonight. Warmer north portion Tucddny. Fair ia cast Showers west portion. ManXiu relieve* instantly the pain caused by thu^-.' blind, bleeding, it(,-hing nnd protruding piles. It is put up in eollap.-ible tubes in such a way that it can be applied Where the trouble originates, thus stopping the trouble immediately. EAACT COP/ OF \V:7AP?fc;r!. K fs^sisisss':.?©^:: si '" ; 0,0 -„,--. -_> '. •'- ^S^' ;i-C-- the Bowels ^^'^^•'"•'•'f^--^-^^ ^'ijggs-is^i — ~ ----- ^-.^! •3= vi 3 r- fe. ,i 3,'.'. U ?v 3 r m. 3 PHONES: NIGHT 1i DAY 397- Try one bottle and if you are relieved, your rn»n-y \ ill be r funded. Try otir free otlVr. S'j by the N. J. Swetland Drug Co. FALL FESTIVITIES AT KANSAS CITY Sept. 30th aud from Oct. 1st to Oth the O. M. & St. P. will sell round trip tickets from Chillicothe to Kansas City and return at $3 good returning until Oct. 8th. S. NICHOLAS, Agent. lUSopt.Itd IH7EI, WKiKI.Y. City Auditor. J. W. Wilson lefc Monday inneus on business. fo frackache ny person having backache, kidney pains or bladder trouble who will take two or three Pine-ules upon retiring at night shall be relieved before morning. and [Pure Linseed Oil. ' fficDd il very often for cuts ' burns> booklet tells considerable about p«nt and painting which the house- owner should know. Free. LEAD COMPANY St.. St. Louis, Mo. ft class dealers. 'strains and iamo never known it For sale by the Drujj Co. back, and have to disappoint." N. J. Swetland Itcli"bn human cared in 30 minutes by tnTs SAKITAjtJ_LoisoN. This never falls. Sipld byttieSjpT. Swetland Drug Co The medicinal virtues of the crude gums and resins obtained from the Native Pine have been recognized by the medical profession for centuries. In Pine-ales we offer •11 of the virtues of the Native Pine that •re of value in relieving all Kidney and Bladder Troubles Guaranteed (o Gire Satisfaction or Honey Belunde*. Prepared by P1NE-ULE MEDICINE CO., CHICAGO SETTLEMENT MAY BE NEAR. Fi'oin tile Jloberly Deiiiiwrnt. The atrlltiog machinist?, boiler- Iriakers ani round-house men have sent representatives to St. Louis to confer With tho general officials of the Wabash with a view to settling tho differences that exist between the company and themselves. It ia the impression about the city that an early settlement will be made and that the men will probably return to work within the corning week. When you have a cold it is wel to be very careful about Using anything that will cau;e constipa tion. Be particularly careful abou preparations containing opiates Use KENNEDY'S LAXA.TIVE HONEY and TAR, which stops the cough and moves the bowels, Sold by Clark's Pharmacy. TO PBEACHATWELLSVM1E From tin,' Wellsvilli- lincorcl. A series of meetings will begin at the Christian church in this 3ity on Monday evening, September 24. Elder S. W. Urutuher of hillicothe, will assist tho pastor, NEW FEED STORE I have opened a now teed store on south Looust .street oppo-ite Platter's sraoles. 1 will han.ile wholwalc and retail feed and coal. I invite all old and new customers to call. Prices right. L iv l-'ul- lerton. Pnone li!)l. d2»v To Remove FrecKles S Pimples taTenDa ^ Dse Nadinola A new discovery, solfl coder a positive guarantee and money refunded In every ease whcro U falls to roinOTe freckles, pimples, liver- Bpoia, sun-tan, sallow- ness, collar dlscolora- tlons, blackheads and all eruptions of tho BtlD, no matter of how lonji standing. Cores ordinary cases In 10 days, and tbo worst In 20 days. After these defects are removed the skin will bo clear, soft, hoattby aud beantlful. No possible harm can result from Its a so. WJ conn and (1410 &t leading drag stores or by mail. HATIQNAL TOILET COMPANY. Paris. Tenn, Snl«l by rlni-k's fMiiii-ir.jK-y, N. ,f. | Swctiand Druy C'o,, ami otlu-r^. i t v. i.' Fifth Y.-1 GREATEST — FARM LANDS. PASTURE'LANDS, G;TY PROPERTIES $30 to $40 per acre. FllVr'nt r,(iw !l"ni ''.':\'.! •'.•' '.-.-• SALI Pi:-: Room Cottars f~ Nir.o-Room I?r;ck Hoi:"-e £ frarae House Imyi'i-.- yiv, LND i LMi C LEBO. KANSAS- COFFEE Co Five-;i:>"m House. Ivv-R-oora Fra Knmi tlif ciir \vinrl'iw f»n f!i K A I ID .MI I>I,A.VI> yrm cllll -I' 1 'Pike's Peak, Collegiate Range, Mt Massive, Hell Gate, Hagerman Pass, Red Rock Canon, All I'ulnrndo lx>a»ty .sr-'it.s. I'liin your f'olonido or I •ullfnniln trip .•^'i :is tn Iru-ludi' u trip lii't-n-i 1 '-!! l'"ti- VIT Mini Salt Ijikf flt.v vlll thn MIl<- I.AMi—tli- niiito tliruuk'li tin.' l!u- nuMii-v ii!:iy trruiind. Low Bafes To The Pacific Coast \Vritf fop- iiiiistrurcd CfilcirnUo MtiTittiin-. MOUflLL LAW. 0 A. H. Sl'KKK.S, G. P. !><•;!%•-!•. C'ulunidu. to Pacific Coast Points Daily to October 31. OniMvuy. si'C'imd-class tickets on sali' vi:i Uoclc Islund Lines every day until I letoher ;>1, I'.MJti. ••jij.nii from Kansas City :ind all points in Kansas to Los An^elt'S, San tYuncisco, Portland, T»- coina, Seattle, Victoria, Vancouver. The Rock Islund runs Tourist Sleepers daily on fast thru trains. Fino ilinin<'car service. Yuur cludcc of two t'XCflliMit rou t us. Write todiiy for 11- lustruti'il TiuirlMt folder. conliilnliiK full dctuils ami limp J. A. STEWART, K. nt Passenger Department KANSAS CITY, MO. Homeseek'rs' Excursion TO T H E Great Southwest September 4 and 18 October 2 and 16 November 6 and 20 Rate, One Fare Plus $2 For the Round Trip. Write for Particulars and Descriptive Literature A. EUr.TOX, (i. P. Airr. St. Loill*. Mo. J. C. LOVKIEN, A. (J. F. Altt.. KunHiis City, Mo. S4O.OOO premiums will at the be awarded Hotise EiderF. W. Allen, ng.- iu the meet- Harry Webster was Jtica Monday. over from For sale by Joseph Minteer & Williams. Batta and Think of Dr. Sboop's Catarrh ure if your nose and throat dis- bargee—if your breath is foul or everish. It contains Oil and Eu- rptusi Thymol, .Menthol, etc., incorporated into art imported, cream like petrolatum. It soothes, heals, purifies, controls. Call at our store for free trial 5)0?. The N._J, Swetland Drug Co.: HOULiSTER'S:. fiocky Mountain Tea Nuggets 1 Easy Hedinino for Easy reop.e. Brings Qoiilon Hcalih and Honewed ?i£or. A specific for Constipation, In'lfcestion. tnd Kidn-y Tronhlos. PimplL'3. Ee;:enu, Jinpun BI.KK!, Bre.-uh, Slii;.-™ Iio\r«>!s, Jlnulac'lir arul Backache. ?t's R' -ckj- Sloimtuin Tea in rntj let form, 35 coi.cs a box. Geniiiuo made bj £foLLI6TEK DnC<*. Cf'iTPANY, Ma'lison, Wis. ia'...DEN NUGGETS FOR SALLOW PEOPLE LADIES! Ala Ala THE GREAT TURKISH REMEDY For Painful. Irregular and Suppressed Menstruation.' Warranted to relieve the most ob- ?iinatu aad complicated eases. Perfectly-safe. IJecoattniendedbylaaieswhohaveusedit. Price 't 00 per box by mail. Sept m plain box. Address TURKISH REMEDY eg., ; KAUMAZOO, MICH. ora Ho'.rse We Have These and Many O.'be.- $1.800---N T ii:.--!'onm dw.'li in-j. ill l\\col lent Il'.-!_;'itI><i;-hno;L bath. etc.. 11 ;i ru and ui>,>;1.-h'-ii. Lot rursll^ IVi-t. $850--Five-room il«v;;i!i--. o;i West Weli^tfi- sti-irt. «:v !.it. $1,000 —Six-ri)i)iinlwi'!ii:i-.' os, North K.lm stri-.-l. Good i..'!-'li- liotHl rnd ;L b;u-i;"a!n. ! $850 — Fivi'-i-ooin ihvcllinx- j with lot Hiixl in f.-._-i. } $60O — Tvv.) sinal! i!-A-<-!!i!-:-s ] iliUt) etieh, on eitsv trrnis. ! DiiiGi J. Mssk Land Co. AT.Curninehcm, City Deal. MISSOURI STATE FAIR. SEDALIA Sept. 29th--0cf. 5th You certainly want to see the Brightest and Best Fair ei't-r held in Missouri. Ver^'Low Rates from a!! points in Missouri For tickets on sale Sept. 28th to October 4th, good until and i including October 5th, 1906. I Be sure your ticket reads via the M. K. & T. Ry. Shuttle- train service between Sedalia and the State Fair grounds. THE M. K. & T. Missouri, Kansas & Texas Ry CITY REAL ESTATE. GILL ®,R.YAN, Barney Bldg. Chillicot»he, Mo. NICK RAY'S Bus, Baggage &. Transfer Line. I am now located at M. W. Litton's Liverv Barn. All Calls will be promptly attended to. TELEPHONES > l UEsmr.vrF: - HKXKIETTA HOTKI, No. 10. •tii ';>:n (iv/i-llinff, h;im :ind .> cuni liiiul, bal- ir.rr.itms apTnifi'fn" DJIS- tlowii t)<i!uui.:f at 0 per ii! kintlaot" Iti.-nl Ksttite un.-y loaiu'd nt 5, tiand f:irrn 'jtnd. I nsurunce tli.-it pny losst-s on .•o across street nt city p:-*.ps-rty. !. N. PAGE. Hnrxihall I. N. Page LAWYER P.5O7 Washington Street. Stenographer Notary Public Fire Insurance -;. 4- Ptistoilico •i','", Ciiillicothe. •• *! III $25.00 VIA SANTA FE Prom Kansas City, with proportionate rates from other places east of Missouri River, to Los Angeles, San Diego. San Francisco, and many other points in California, New Mexico, and Arizona. Tickets on sale dally until October:!!, 190B, Inclusive. Good In Tovirlst sleep- Inn-cars; J5.75 additional for double berth.. Liberal stopovers allowed In California and at certain points In Arizona. For Literature and Particulars, Address G. W. HAGENBUCH, G.A., A,T. &S. F. Ry., 905 Main St., Kansas City, Mo. 'UittaJi Burant > Bottoitrlotore. IEVAHS CHEM!0«t CO. MEH AMD WOMEN. ; J tr»BT^€fforunnatnral diacharKes.inflain nrnt i< >n *. irritatioutt or iilcernf !f t ** of miicoui iiifnitTiiii'"*. pU'n wr SKSV assi ip,.i<?H«f| ~~"wa

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