Independent from Long Beach, California on January 21, 1975 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
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Tuesday, January 21, 1975
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Overrules jury in bomb ease not sane, says judgel .'nited Press International -'A superior court judge Monday overruled a jury and held that Muhareto Kurbegovic, accused "alphabet bomber," was mentally incompetent to stand trial on murder and arson charges. Judge William Keene said it would be a-J'mock- ery .of justice" if the 31- year-old : Yugoslavian imnjigrant were brought ·:to trial in his .present JhInit Done! ionine ACTION LINE is your service solving your problems, getting your answers, cutting red tape and 'standing up,for your rights. -To get action, write ACTION LINE, Box 230, Long Beach, Calif. 90844, or dial 4323451 between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. Monday through Friday. Questions are selected lor their general inter- · est and helpfulness. Please, do not send original documents you wish returned. Poor fettle from kettle Action Line recently stated that several brands of electric tea kettles had been removed from the market by the federal government because they were found to leach lead. My family has been using one of these appliances constantly for the last three years, and I'd like to know, what harmful effects this may have caused. Is there anything we should do about it? W.T., Cerritos. The chances of your being poisoned by the lead in your tea kettle are slim, but the body does store up lead and ingesting a small amount over a prolonged period could cause ill effects, said a physician with the Long Beach Health Department. He suggested that you stop using the tea kettle immediately, and as a ' precaution, you might consider having your physician administer a lead-level blood test. If the amount of lead in your bloodstream is found to be excessive, there are drugs that can be precribed to treat the condition. A spokesman for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said the tea kettles appear to pose only, a possible health hazard, and although certain brands were found to leach more lead than permitted under federal standards, the amount isn't necessarily at an unsafe level. Virtually everyone ingests a certain amount of lead in the atmosphere because of the tetraethyl lead in gasoline, but there have been numerous health warnings issued recently about the dangers of lead in other sources, such as dinnerware, food and cosmetic containers, glassware and the paint on older houses and toys. (Lead currently is prohibited in most paints.) The symptoms of lead poisoning, which can be fatal, include nausea, vomiting, listlessness, irritability and headaches. : Help for the starving Please list agencies to which one may contribute toward world famine relief--particularly those with the least overhead expenses. I would like to give to an organization whose donations go directly to the people in need and not to the director's salary. Mrs. J.J., Long Beach. ' _ , . , . There are several such organizations listed with the U.S. Agency for International Development's Advisory Committee on Voluntary Foreign Aid. In order to register with the committee, an organization must spend no more than 25 per cent of its funds for administrative costs. Among those that were recommended as being particularly efficient in their food programs are Catholic Relief Services, 1011 First Ave., New York, N.Y. 10022; Church World Service, 475 Riverside Drive, New York, N.Y. 10027; Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere (CARE), 4055 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 90010; Lutheran World Relief, 315 Park Avenue South, Room 1940, New York, N Y. 10010; Mennonite Central Committee, 21 S. 12th St, Akron, Pa. 17501; and Meals for Millions, 1800 Olympic Blvd., Santa Monica, Calif. 90406. mental state. ,- A jury last week held that Kurbegovic was . competent to .be brought to trial despite the testimony from four psychia: trists who said he was mentally ill. . At Monday's court session, before Keene made his ruling, Kurbegovic was permitted to write a statement on a blackboard. He claimed to be an "identification man" for a group called "G of W" which planned to use 13 Russian-built thermonuclear bombs and four U.S.-built atomic submarines on July 4 of this year. As Keene announced he was overruling the jury verdict, Kurbegovic put his head down on a table Spotted past and sobbed, laughed and whistled. Kurbegovic has refused to talk since his arrest Aug. 20. " , ·, He was indicted 'on three counts 5 'of murder I for the Aug. 6 bombing of'[ an overseas terminal a t ' : International Airport. A caller took responsi- j bility for the bombing in telephone calls to; news media and threatened to blow up other installations in alphabetical order, thus acquiring the name "alphabet bomber." Judge Keene sent Kur-1 begovie to Atascadero State Hospital for an indefinite stay. If he is ever found sane by authorities there, he could be tried on the murder and arson | charges. Compton youth shot at school after argument A 17-year-old Compton b o y w a s s h o t Monday afternoon after an a r g u - m e n t w i t h t w o o t h e r youths on the Compton High School campus. Compton police said the victim was shot once in the right side by a small- caliber pistol at a b o u t 12:30 p.m. He was reported in fair condition at Dominguez Valley Hospital. Police refused to identify the victim because of the possibility the incident was gang-related. The s u s p e c t s - a 15- year-old who ''allegedly ' fired the pistol and a 17- year-old who police said was initially involved in the argument with the victim--were were arrest- ed about 20 minutes later. The juveniles, who were not identified because of their ages, were booked for attempted murder, police said. Juvenile officer Lt. I.J.. Webb said the argument apparently started at 8 a.m. when the victim and the 17-year-old were seen shoving each other on the school grounds. According to Webb, the second 17-year-old left the c a m p u s a n d r e t u r n e d a b o u t f o u r hours later accompanied by a 15- year-old friend. Webb said the two located the first youth outside the electrical shop on the campus where the 15-year-old allegedly shot the victim. Man held for trial in L.B. park killing! ' I work in the vicinity of Long Beach Boulevard and Wardlow Road. During the last six months, the cars parked in this area have been spotted with brownish- yellow droplets of grease-like consistency. They can't be washed off. Everyone who works in this neighborhood has his own theory about the origin'of this problem, but no one knows for sure what's causing it. Can Action Line solve this mystery? W.S., Long Beach. At Action Line's request, the Los Angeles County Air Pollution Control District conducted an investigation and determined through chemical analysis that the polluters in your area are insects. The APCD took scrapings of the residue on the cars parked in the area and left a glass plate on top of the building where you work. The glass plate collected nothing more than normal atmospheric dust and a few insect parts, but the scrapings from the cars revealed an unusually high pollen and wax content. There were no traces of any chemical fallout. The most likely culprit is a' swarm of bees that's moved into your neighborhood, but there are a few other insect species that also transport pollen and waxy substances, said an APCD spokesman. There's really nothing that you can do about the fallout, but it may be only a seasonal problem with the insects moving on soon to another territory. Vet's medicine My husband was told that as a World War II veteran, he is entitled to free prescription medicines and that he should apply for an identification card from the Veterans Administration. Can Action Line find out if this is true and if the same benefit applies to a veteran's widow? L.P., Norwalk. . · A veteran is entitled to free prescription drugs only if he currently is a patient or an outpatient in a veterans hospital. Admission to such facilities is based on a priority system. A veteran with a service-connected disability seeking treatment for that condition is admitted first and then a service-connected disabled person requiring treatment for another ailment comes next. If space is available, admission is then granted to , ..;. . _,,...( *.rr~_,l 4 r nn4fvinn* ftlemitliftl-ft A any veteran wno can i anuiu ir«,..v...v..v v........-- .. veteran's widow is not eligible for free medications. A VA spokesman said that what your husband heard is one of the persistent rumors about veterans' benefits that periodically crop up. Information about veterans' /,._ I., .Ui A *«*j1 fonm tltn 1 AC AnrtftlflC PAIllllV ncncnib can ua uwmnivx MOI ~ ·-- "",,«,,"." A' Military and Veterans Affairs Department, 8221 E. Third St., Downey, 88M271, and KKi E. Ocean Blvd., Long Beach, 4324111, A 20-year-old Long Beach man Monday was bound over for trial in Superior Court on a charge he murdered a man in Drake Park. Anthony Moreno, of 2221 Constitution Lane, was remanded to sheriff's custody without bail after his preliminary h e a r i n g be- f o r e Long B e a c h Municipal Court Judge Thomas Zeiger. Prosecutors said they 'would seek the death penalty in the case on grounds the killing involved both robbery and premeditation. Moreno was arrested with his' younger brother, 18-year-old Ronald Moreno, of 927 Daisy Ave., on Jan. 5 after police discovered the nude body of a young man in a park restroom. * Police later released the younger brother, but reported they also had arrested two juveniles in connection with the killing. The victim was identified as Ramon R. Magallon, a Mexican citizen. He was about 20 years old. Investigators said he! apparently had been kick- j ed and beaten to death. Intitial reports that killers I had tried to burn the victim's body were false, ac- | cording to prosecutors. The killers had dragged a burning trash can into I the same restroom at the park, 951 Maine Ave., but only in what may haveJ been an attempt to keep the blaze from attracting a t t e n t i o n , a u t h o r i t i e s | speculated. Oil workers negotiate with Shell, Powerine United Press International Talks were held Monday in Los Angeles between Shell and Powerine Oil company officials and l a b o r n e g o t i a t o r s f o r Southern California refinery workers. Shell and P o w e r i n e workers remained on the job, but 2,000 other refinery workers were on strike at three Southland refineries. U n i o n members vote ·today on a contract offer f r o m M o b i l Oil Corp. Mobil and negotiators for the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers U n i o n reached a tentative agreement Saturday n i g h t . Union leaders said the Mobil proposal was close to the package already overwhelmingly accepted by OCAW members work-' ing at Gulf, Texaco and Arco. If approved, the contract will cover 500 OCAW .workers «l Mobil's Tor- rancc refinery.' Mobil workers have remained on the job during the two- week pay dispute. Still out are 850 OCAW members who walked off the .job at Standard Oil's El Segundo Refinery last week. They were followed by 1,000 Union Oil work- ers at Wilmington, Santa Maria and another union refinery n e a r San Francisco l a s t Friday. On S a t u r d a y , 80 w o r k e r s struck the Douglas refinery in Paramount. U n i o n officials w e r e calling the G u l f settlement a model for OCAW talks w i t h other petroleum companies. They said all offers must at least match the Gulf proposal. That plan basically called for an immediate 75-cent- per-hpur pay hike, two additional raises totaling 12 per cent, a 10th holiday and increased medical and pension-retirement benefits. OCAW District Director Charles Armin said Shell and Powerine were currently the only companies negotiating. 6 BIG SALE Whirlpool 19 CUBIC FT, NO-FROST REFRIGERATOR-FREEZER DOOLEY'S LOW PRICE · 2 Large Slide Out Shelves i On Wheels for Easy Moving and Cleaning · No Frosl Throughout · Large Twin Vegetable Crispers 2-SPEEB AUTOMATIC WASHER Whirlpool DOOLEY'S LOW PRICE · 2-Speed w/Woter tevels e Permanent Press Cycle e 3 Temperatures ' W ^1 2-CYCLE AUTOMATIC GAS DRYER DOOLEY'S LOW PRICE i Handy Top Lint Filter i 2 Temperature Heat i Permanent Press Cycle Whirlpool WHIRLPOOL AUTOMATIC TRASHMASTER · Automatic spray released into compactor each time door is-closed · Automatic type switch · Convenient bag carrier fit snugly into drawer DOOLEY'S LOW PRICE 18-LB, WESTIMGHOUSE HEAVY DUTY WASHER HEAVY-DUTY GAS DRYER DOOUY'S LOW PRICE · Five-Position Water Temp. 3 for Permanent Press · Porcelain Enamel Top, Tub Lid lock 'n Spin Safety tid DOOLEY'S LOW PRICE 10 inches higher for easier loading Handy Up-Front Lint Filter Extra Large Opening to Drying Basket Automatic Cool-Down Period Avocado and white only WESTINGHOUSE BUILT-IN DISHWASHER Single Dial Control · Multi-Level Wash Action No Pre-Rinse Required DOOLEY'S LOW PRICE FREE DELIVERY! 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