Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 2, 1960 · Page 38
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 38

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1960
Page 38
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PAGE 40 TUCSON D A I L Y CITIZEN THURSDAY EVENING, JUNE 2, I9W CROSSWORD PUZZLE SHOW SCHEDULE (Times Furnished by Theaters) YESTERDAY'S ANSWER ACROSS 1 Twofold 5 Maltese, 8 Dull sound* 13 CuccL 14 Ascend. 15 Mercutio'» friend. 16 One of D'Arta. plan's fortes: 2 '· words. 18 Old card s*»«- 19 Ring on a h«r- ness p»d, through · vhich a rein ptsses. 90 French policeman. 22 Church officer. 24 B« shifty, 25 He«TT-UeeJ printing type. 27 Suggercd. SO Describing t porcupine. S3 Not dirty. So Law degree. S6 Largo book. 37 Taunts. S8 Loveliest cf th« Plcitdts. 39 Devil'* aide. 40 Stoker. 41 Untidy. 42 Right 44 C*p» worn by Fr«ch widiws. 46 Gktsned. 48 DebaUDle parties. 51 Fsbnlou* serpent or dragon. 54 Stylish neckwear. 56 In force or operation. 57 Johunn -- Back 59 B»con'« companion* 60 Freshly. 61 Counting-out ·word. 62 Knowing; Slang. 63 Those »t » distance: Archaic. 64 Ships of W.W. tt DOVN 1 Dp housework. 2 Single, 3 LOTS deeply. 4 Alsace 5 Corporal: Abbr. 6 King of Amalelc, slain by Samuel. 7 Trifled (with). 8 Crushed under the feet. 9 Respect. 10 Lost and found items. 11 Have tn opinion. 12 Ditgruntledt Colioq. 14 Noreliit Sinclair, 17 Entice. 21 Ballerina Xiye'* namesake*. 23 More delicate. 26 Old golf club. 28 Yale men. 29 June 6, 1M4. 30 Be bu»y. 31 Fruit. 32 Phlegmatic. 34 Stumbled. 37 Spirit in ".An- bian Nights." 38 Sweet wine. 40 Absurd behavior. 41 Cold 43 Break into many wnall pieces. 45 False banana. 47 Tractate. 49 Relative of tb« Manhattan i. 50 Angle. 51 Call on * diamond. 52 "I cannot teH ": 2 word*. 53 Form of lotto. 55 Upward curves of ships' planks. 58 Mountain petit, in Scotland. ·APACHE: GI*nt B*h«noUv-*:00; Co» mlc Mtn--»:40: rraJikrmWUi WO-4 II 00: Th« Brid* and the Be»»t-- * !3.i5; Ifoinr on Haunted Hill--1:». i 'BI1.TMORE: Oiice More WJUi Kwlinz i --« 07, 11:39; Th« Tinsler--IC.OS. j 'CACTI'S: Th« Mountain 1t«*d -- 7;H. j 11.41; Vlrpn l»I»nd--10.13. ! CATAIJNA: Pillow T»li(--12 «5. J:». j S.iO. 7.», ».». ·FIESTA: Gidcrt -- 7. IS. La« TrAin From Cati HtD--»-M; S!unf-lIJ8; MaJ«noiwllf Stnpteast--1:38. rOX-TOCSON Thf Fugitive Kind- U K . 4.01. J.3S. 11:02: The Puahtr- 3 2. »:!«. «.« LYIUC: The Bramtile Bush -- 11.Xi. 4:as, «.!!; Suddenly Loll Summer-- 3.2J. 8:17. 10:08. ·MIDWAY: T»J1 Story--»:U, ll:3B; JYmr F«zt Guns--10.06. PAJIAMQUNT: The. R»b«l Breed -12:SS. 4:3». g.X; Set. RuUc-t»e--3.». fl.it. 9:59. PARK: Th« I/VMt-«:M, S:2t, 18:14. PLAZA: PaquiU~a:Oe. 4:42, 8:15; La Cucaracha--2:57. «:30. 10:00. ·PBKv'CE: Alexander the Great--«;00. 13:24; Km* and Four Queen»-»;je. ·RODEO: Kins and Four Qu«*n»--3:00. )Z:2«: Alexander the Great--0:56. ·UNO STREET: Vurit to a SmsJI Planet --7: SO. il;3S; Thai Kind of Woman --10;CS. Discord Nixed .ACCORD. N. Y.-UPI-Villagers i here credit the name of their corn, munity to the optimism of a Post i Office clerk in the 18th century. { Settlers in the 1700's were en- I gaged in a long controversy over a name, and finally one irate citizen wrote the postmaster general in Washington, suggesting that because of all die squabbling the I new community be dubbed "Discord." A government clerk did a j little editing, however, and the new name became Accord. Head-Counter Almost Loses Her,Own Head AUSTIN, Tex.-UPI-Mrs. Hilton Culpepper, a census-taker, almost decided to pass up the Ivan E, Stubbs home. When she called to take a head count she was greeted at the door by Simba, the Stubbs' 5-month-old lion cub. * Dirty Upholstery? fCaruso'slsCHERCK'S Phone I'M'II Got And Went TULSA. Okla.-UPI-The owner of the Get and Go Grocery store here told police » burglar got tnd went with some $800 worth of cigarettes. (("PLAZA LAST SHOWING TODAY DONT MISS THIS EXCEPTIONAL MEXICAN FILM An Outstanding Cast ·M Closed Wednesday iHi B E N I T A Singing Accordionist and Folk Dancing UFFNER'S HOFBRAU FINEST GERMAN FOODS Open at 5 p.m. Son. at Noon AX8-1MI Stbino Canyon Rd. "" "BUS SERVICE ' " TUCSON - NOGALES Luvt TUCSON for NOOALH 7:00 A.M. «:T5 PM. «:»fM, f ;15 A.M. 1:15 P.M. »:15 P.M. ItilS A.M. »:30 P.M. «:»P.M. 1:00 P.M. Utav* NOQALCS for TUCSON 7:00 A.M. 11:15 A.M. *:OOP.M. t:15 A.M. 1.15 P.M. 1:15 P.M. 10:00 A.M. 1.00 P.M. 10:1! P.M. 4:00 P.M. Greyhound Terminal MA 14538 New British Coin To Be Minted NEW YORK-UPI-A newly- minted British crown piect will be displayed here June 10, the same time it makes its debut in England. The "limited edition" coin. worth five shillings, will honor the opening of the British Exhibition in the New York Coliseum. The coins, packaged in, plastic cases, will be sold for a dollar at the exhibition. Crown pieces are virtually obsolete in Great Britain. The last issue of crowns was struck to commemorate the 1953 coronation of Queen Elizabeth. 0/A1fNS/ON $100 TRADE-IN $50.00 FREE FOR YOUR OLD SEWING MACHINI p/ui WORTH OF YARDGOODS when you purchase IH« BORLETTI Custom Mad* in Holy . *« Bwtetti fully automatic ZIg-Zag Sewing Machine IMWS i. THIRD DIMENSION! Makes over six million I completely different designs automatically. You WONT Ibelwv* it till you SEE m FREE Operating Instructions Liberal Trade-In NO MONEY DOWN FREE Home Demonstratioa FREE Sewi«« Lessons Y A R D G O O D S AT THE LOWEST PRICES IN TOWN Sample Cut Rtg. 1.19 COTTONS 1-»f-«-kind 69- DAN RIVER. 79' l»t Quality COTTON GEORGETTE 87' RICKRACK 1 CO-HTF COMEDY -if LOS PAQUETES DE PAQUITA" MARIA VICTORIA FINEST MEXICAN FOOD FASTEST CARRY OUT DEPARTMENT IN TUCSON AT JUANITA'S 775 S. Alvernon Dial EA 742SI Open 11 A.M. to 2 A.M. 22N E. River Rd. EA 14331 SPECIAL SUMMER $f 95 DINNERS from I · Dinners S p.m. to 11 p.m. · Bar S p.m. to 1 a.m. Facilities for Banquets And Wedding Receptions El Corral Will Open Mondays for Private Dinner Dances or banquets . . . SI or more people. r JIMMY RODGERS, I Owner * Mixologist Catalma: 73 J O N Campbell AVI' DOORS OPEN 12: M P.M. Sewta Thir4 Dimemkm Ul RUBIN CITY Sew in Third Dimension ojLi! '_C»ngr.M ii _ PARK FREE.' "SERGEANT RUTLEDGE' "REBEL BREED" TOMORROW wmtxm nwmi ar THC «UW-TMKDII AS LONG AS YOU'RE NEAR ME" ^^VWH ^ ^ mmm THEATRES "GIANT tEHEMOTH- "THE COSMIC MAN" "FRANKENSTEIN 1970" "THE BRIDE 4 THE «EAST" "HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL" ADM. $1:00 Ptnon Childrtn Undir 12 FREE 1t, DRIVE-IN SHOWING Y. Brynntr-K. Kindall "ONCE MORE WITH FEELING" V. Prlc«-J. Evelyn "THE TINGLER" CACTUS ZX..W ST. A l V I I K LAST NITE Tuc«on Premier* Filmed Squth-ot Tucion Jamts Stewart-Liu Lu Gltnn Corbttt-Henry Moroin "THE MOUNTAIN ROAD- Co-Fejiturt "THE VIRGIN ISLAND" NOW PbAYINS £nt 5/xt/i at f-rtmont 'The'TIME S of S You Wed. thru Sat. ^ men. MA 4-T441 .r UA 1-4100 All Seats Reserved $l-$1.75-$2 DOORS OPEN 11:15 euuffli co- mmiSSief FEATURE TSSil; DINING AND DANCING UNDER THE STARS 8:M to 1:M Saturday June 4th SPECIAL ATTRACTION... Wayne Webb's 18-Piece Dance Band and Buddy Peck Trio Fabulous Buffet Dinner $3.56 Free to Lucky Persons Complete Honeymoon Weekends For Reservations Call MA 3-3541 TIDELANDS MOTOR INN 111 N. Stone Ave. Earle F. Thompson, Gen. Mgr. HERTZ Truck rental Im it yt*f*»I. HERTZ TMJS$ff* 141 S. Slont MA 3-3711 P A R K 183* N. PARK MA' 34851 "Lovers" at i:M, 8:20, 10:11 THE MOST TALKED ABOUT PICTURE IN AMERICA TODAY; Office Space Available 4560 E. Broadway Building AJ Low as P' r i( 1 k - P er Furnished or Unfurnished Choose from small or large offices and suites with janitor service, refrigeration, hot and cold water, elevator, carpeted hallways- and ample off-street free parking. With complete furnishings at small additional cost NO LEASE REQUIRED Apply American Homes Association 4530 E. Broadway EA 1-24*4 USE COUPON BELOW BENSON HIGHWAY - EAST OF PARK 1st RUN SOUTHSIDE TUCSON If It's Horror Pictures You Want-We Have Them! AT IH t P.M. f'l " r" THE GIANT BEHEMOTH £ "THE COSMIC MAN" , "FRANKENSTEIN 1970 £ 5 "THE BRIDE THE BEAST £ "THE HOUSE on the HAUNTED HILL COUPON COUPON T H I S C O U P O N 7 5 « P A Y S F O R A F U L L C A R L O A D D U R I N G T H E S H O W I N G O F T H E S E 5 F E A T U R E S COUPON COUPON II irCTi «00«X»»,Rll AVJ. ·*··* S»ndr« DM "GIDGET" · rigitte Birdot "MADEMOISELUt STRIPTEASE" K. Doupln-A. t,«dd-V. Hcflin "LAST T R A I N FROM GUN HILL" "SHANE" l^TM aMK '*^lBi^^BBR8B^^-- [MIDWAY 450 ° E«TSPEEDWAY " Anthony P«rkini*Jan« Fonda "TALL STORY" J«mo Crai0-Martha Vicktrt "FOUR FAST GUNS" [P1IMCE In Color LAST NITE H. Burten-F. Mjirch "ALEXANDER THE GREAT" Clirk Gable Eleanor Parker "KING AND FOUR QUEENS" HQ IDtAtU II6MWAT """LAST NITE M. Burton-F. March "ALEXANDER THE GREAT" Clark Gable Eleanor ParV*r "KING AND FOUB QUEENS" Jerry Lewie "A VISIT TO A SMALL FLANET" Sophia L«ren-Tab Hunter "THAT KINO OF WOMAN" Editor" keep V^«HH vH TdPCH -- WliH I ·VCB'Orn* L«ek far them «wi the Chi- FIELDS FATHER'S DAY SPECIAL! 2 6 AMP U HORSEPOWER PtICEIVft! Swv* MmTlwii M% fwAU 45 PHCISI NOMONIYDOWN! AWMK! This is the original uncut French version exactly as shown in Paris. It will not be shown in any other Tucson theatre. EA 7-5779 _ CITIZENS* TAXI MA 3-5454 OB mt *A » a* fa i m\ntm OPEN 12:Jl P.M. DAILY ·--Co-Action Fratur* . I "THE P U S H E R * } CACTUS LAST NIGHT JUBM Stewart "THE MOUNTAIN ROAD" -Plut- "\1RGIN ISLAND* FIRST TUCSON SHOWING STARTS TOMORROW He Turned The Greatest Show late A Wkiplaih M Temr "IKCUS m HORRORS I AMERICA!) (·(NATIONAL. M IN t Take Along A Lightweight SCOTSMAN RENTAL TRAILER For On-the-Spot Accommodations 15 feet-lMO Ibs. · Two Water System Sleeps Five · Fiberglas lasulatim Butane Stove ' · Two Light Systems Ice Box t Sink .All Jalousie Windows Hitch to Fit Car . · Large Storage Space LOW Wctk-End, Weefc/y, «r Monthly RATfS PLACE YOUR RESERVATIONS AT EITHER OF THESE RENTALS NOW! FRANKLIN'S RENTM ASTER 930 I. Ft. Low.//--MA 4-9927 4912 f. 22nd--EA 7-7407 makes ALL records sound better! I Ope* Y**r A««M MA 2-4462 1 Ft«l«« J«w*1«ra, 36 C. C»nf rex, Tocion, Ariz. ^ rwn* 9vn4 twt *· hi* DOIMXYM 4 lor. Ml EXCLUSIVE *-*· *t All-in-One Stereo Hi-Fi Consolette with 4-spwd Phono, and AM-FM Radio This Packard Bell Stereo Hi-Fi Consolette is engineered for total sound ... custom-styled for Western homes. You'll agree it offers the most perfectly balanced stereophonic musical reproduction you've ever heard... in the best looking selec- | tion of all-hardwood cabinets you've ever seen! ALL THIS TOO: 3fr Automatic 4-speed changer with diamond needte to play stereo and monaural records, all sizes and speeds! *· Built-in AM-FM radio with AFC "no drift" toning for · finest reception! * Four speakers mounted in all-hardwood cabinet, with electronic cross-over system bring you the superior sound of Packard Bell Stereo Hi-Fi! * Fashion-styled all-hardwood cabinets in Modern Mahogany (shown), Scandia Walnut, Colonial Maple and Blonde Oak. Sptciaf Stereo Hi-Fi Consolette, Model RPC-5, from $249.95 (Mahofany) HIAK AND SEE STEREO SOUND! ACrO*Y flCCJUONK Df/MONSr«^T/O^ FULL COLOR! PACKARD BEU FACTORY STAGE CENTEX C H A N N E L 3 S T E R O I N UNIT UK YOU SEE DAILY FKOM 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Smith Waldmon Op«n Daily T Tr7 Nint, 7i/ Six ISM N. CAMPBfU AVI. Til. IA 7.9491 I I

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