Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1964 · Page 26
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 26

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1964
Page 26
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Wurkey, Greece, Both Boast Strong Forces 3 " J ' f . JS^1ri:'T^S!A II 2- r S''* »"» d«fly to mair.iiin-porurt defensive pillar erf th« its big neighbor. Russ^ isuch s warplanei »nd fight-jKorei to sme with United f c»TM . ... «.*.·.·._--»· . .. ; - r. rt» n. INDEPENDENT-- Pig* A-27 ********* * * A A A******** *** A- Jjj communications. ISTANBUL W) - The cur-,* 300 *" 1 '" 1 n*** ta ^"'P*' i tuil rent strength of the Turkish forces is unofficially ire equjppeu * im imAit*u| . ., N breikdo^ of the tc- iag ships have been wpplied NiUons forces. The battle of _ *,L__ _· _^ ____ ^ _r -r ___ U^.^.'E... At,. IT«:*.U o***.* *?^.~»' y«inijri in Korea in wtllch armed estimated at 400.000 men. The Turkish army is a pow- weapons--mostly supplied byjinto tou . ATHENS CTV--If the rSs issue should bring __ hgwdown between Greece'erful force with »" record of the "united States--Vn d are'based in western, central andj md Turkey. Greece probably ,high morale. " *·-- ·· Ll --"- -'"; * : *·"'----»«·· T.,,V.«. ~,v. nn »uM field nine divisions, in-.kao^edged duding one fully armored. j allt " » s «***,*« The divisions, comprising ibiout 120,000 men. are al- costly entirely equipped with I J.5. weapons and gear pro-| rided under the American j cHitary assistance program. GREECE also has in air I force of about 20,000 men and I I navy with about the same | lumber. The army, to a great extent I trained by U.S. officers, is squipped with shortrsnge Honest John and Corporal I missiles. But they are not de- | ployed near the Turkish bor- ki. The armored division is squipped with U^.-built M4 | inks. The Greek soldier is 11 lough fighting man. In World War II he resisted far su-1 perior Italian forces in northern Greece, and was defeated jnly when armored Nazi di-1 risions joined the Italians in | their invasion of Greece. The Greek soldier also! fought bravely in the Korean War. The air force numbers 12 I squadrons of about 18 planes! each. All its pilots have been trained in the United States. | * · · · · THE FLAXES are largely FS6 jet fighters. Twin-engine F5 supersonic fighter bombers are scheduled for delivery this fall. The air force lacks planes capable of carrying a heavy bcinb load. The air force has Nike Ajax and Nike Hercules ground to-air missiles. The navy, usually well spread out on patrol duty through Greece's 1.250 islands, has about 22 destroyers and frigates, one cruiser, six submarines and 40 miscellaneous small craft. It received four destroyers last year from the United States Navy. It also has a few troop ships. * · · « THE GREEKS are not capable of carrying a large croup of fully equipped men long distances without assistance. They can. however, move several divisions on land quickly. The joint U.S. military assistance group in Greece at the invitation of the Greek government, trains the Greek soldier in the latest equipment. Numerous Greek islands that string along the Turkish coast are not used as bases for troops. Small units ire on some islands along the Turk- strength of TurkeyVby the United States sincejKonuri in Korea in · · · · [army, navy and »ir force is postwar American military Turkish troops with fucedj-ft TURKISH fighting forces'readily obtainable. |aid started pouring into the.bayoneti fought back to, equipped with modern] But ground troops, divided | country. .break free , from Communist Chinese and Ko- SMALL ARMS and ammu- rean forces figured among the ROSSMOOR INN THE SURFERS 12311 LOS ALAMtTOS GE l-354t JA 7-1W FAMOUS ISLAND RECORDING STARS feservofioBi Sijaestecf ************************** WHERE IS CARPET DRAPERIES HERCULON Moior mill carpet made with one of the strongest man-made fibers. fashioned into broadloom that is cmazmgry soTI-resiitant and rosy to clean. We fccve many celers to choose from, both i« two-rones and solid colon. SPECIAL PRICE Sq, Yd. WILIBANK'S Is located in an indnstrial dUUid, «n Fritman Av. in Slfnal Hill It's rtally easy It f i n d -- a n d you'll lore the frit and tasy parkinj you'll find around oar warefeonst- store. Just look for Iht jijn, poinlini north from Pacific Coast Hwy. at Freeman, which is thrti blocks wtst of Redendo Art. and three blocks cast of Obispo Are., at the bejinninj of the 3100 block of East Pacific Coast Hwy. Come oat and browse around our warehouse -- jrcn'll agree the short drive was one of the wisest mores yon ever made in your life. By eliminating hijh rent and other cost-raising features, the company decided it could afford to pass on to its customers the substantial savinjs by {iving more carpel at less cost. By Alexander Smith A rtafly frtat vatae. Thfs cerpet has a graceful dcsl^i rkat wi9 add tntcmt ta «»y room Kttin?. A flnn. durable loop pile c4 imrfcct tcitart wlrt thorccttn CIcfiBi ro^Py. wean ogger, morhpwof. and n BOM- bcoutififl colon t« cbces* from. WILLBANKS SPECIAL · LC3-. Notxg "NOTJ.RESPONSIBILITY NOTICE Notice i* hereby riv»-n by th* liilmff at 7i2 E- Liflfoln. v Inn, CaUforrla. that afwr tb* date f F*b 21 1964 h* *"^1 no * "* ",TM!Me lor acy debts. liaMitios. r *hliff*JiiTi3 inrurrrd by »"ns fjth^r than birn!""lE t^imr'o ULSTER I- MOXKOE TV ON~SES P ON sTs f CfT V~N ot ic E VMlce i hrreby « i T f » . * T ."" C E R T I F I C A T E OF BUSINESS. FICTITIOUS N A M E Tlie und' 1 r»i«Ti-1 *v tcrtJj tfcfy irr crirdiK-tint a ku5in»«« at l^^- lailord Strf't. L/T.t Erfrb. "nrria wVr t}i« fxtitioufl Ixrm r*RAXS^WESTT.RS OIL * CAS CO irl that laid (:rrn is rompo^d "' a fu'i aril plar" r.1 r.*HTr.- art 'r*,naM 'A. rra.«T. 14 tin l^rjt Bra k 2. Taiif T F. HrLain. !4 »1» PI., T^arh J. Cal f. Xi.rniaa K. CI-rr. I2S23 » TM Lo* A!an;ttr^. Calif. *l,: D. fVCI. S* Cl'a Dn». DilT City. C*M. I*af-i r«-hruary 11. 12** OTTO D CLTfa DONALD A. FF.A5ER XOR3JAX E. nXGfi T. F. ¥ct-AIX ItiT^ i.f CatJiimia. L^fl Ancel^f County: f.-tary l-nblk-'ln ati.i f'.r «a:d stlt '- ] Tra.'S "i^a^'E* r «-.v T ' F ' I tfrLain t«n»B t» m* to b* the r*'- ma vV* aar-rf-f are *uM*riVi to I fE«. 1 " r ROEEET A P.OEISSCCC j JCotary I*oMi' 1 . Vf f*~ ;f^jTilT of Fan 3f*t*« *· On thi. ITU .ay of FVbro»ry. Ml. fc-fore trr. BnreK-e d.-on. « ff-tary r^Mi i« »! " or Ml11 I V.untr an4 State. rer«onaI!T «P- Kaiei O-.t» D. OTf. Hw^» to I IWILLBAMKS | DRAPERIES 6- I CARPETING- | WESTMINSTER \ 100% ALL-WOOL PILE 100% CONTINUOUS FILAMENT DU PONT "501" Nylon Pile CALL OUR CARPET WAGON GE 4-0901 la a popular cobblestone future. Moth-proof end »o» afiergeiiie. F«B ro!!* to eJwose from. Many popular cc!on. Beoutifal Hi-Is Wool tkot wiB tnJioac* youi kome. 19 colors to chose from, botk i* rwetds and sofidi. Yen wTB b* pleased when yon tee this beaatifal broadloom. WILLBANKS SPECIAL WILLBANKS SPECIAL NO MONEY DOWN Kere Is Oar Realistic Priciaj Policy: TAKE 34 MONTHS TO FAT W, »»»· rt« laryta KJectic, *t csrprt n ta, an, W« «r» fraackh* 4,ol(n for riin* lan,« ·UK: Akiaadti Im'ok, Mslnt. Cdnrn. «9«. firti. l«r.»«. C«r»««t. ·,« »ten. tnm SJ.II t. 11 Ml T»«l O«'f »"· Oar «p«t r»«t Sl-ot t,4 Cnkieon B»it. and t» itkim I»« il t» m« that | ke rxmitrd t* safflr. W WTTXES3 WHEREDf. I »»" irrrint* fcl r^ kind and aff.ird iiy fff^lal i»al tb« «ar and }···' . thii cTU^arr f.r« above VEAL') EIR.TEK-Z OLSON I X,,Tary FxMVe l» ««d f« »«i* \.Wy and State fy rnmmi»»«« trpim AprJ Z. WS4 . DRAPERIES CARPETING GE 4-0901 FROM ORANGE COUNTT CALL JA 7-01U 1879 FREEMAN AYE. SIGNAL HILL Otltt IM MOK tar. m: S*T. t SUH, U-J J«

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