Independent from Long Beach, California on March 18, 1976 · Page 84
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 84

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1976
Page 84
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WcorwwHr, Mjrth 11, l«» ThundlT, MMChll. l«» long Bcodi , ProH-Telegrcmt·--f-7 Smelling fish is how they make a living By ITTY CAPARELLA Knight News S»rv1« P H I L A D E L P H I A Three chemists arc certified to sniff for the U.S. food and drug administra- . tion: Al Weber of New York, Dick Throm of Seattle, and Lester Stiver, of Philadelphia. Stiver, 43, who has a r e g u l a r garden-variety nose, knows bow to detect the histamine, cadaverine, ^pMtrcscine and 20 other known toxic amino acids j (hat together make fish jstmk. i .'Unless their nasal pas- i »4gcs are stuffed up, most ·'-people can agree on really ? smelly fish. But it's the l-tiprderline cases, where j there is doubt about the i-degree of decomposition '"you can eat and not get · sick, that are the problem. ,;;- For most foods, the /FDA, which is responsible ;for interstate commerce of ·foods a n d d r u g s , h a s -chemical tests to deter.'mine decomposition and botulism. But for seafood -- luna, shrimp, lobster, salmon and frog's legs, the only test is through organoteptic analysis, or u s i n g sight, taste, but mostly smell. "If it's really bad, you don't want to taste it," says Stiver, who opened a can of decomposed tuna p a c k a g e d f o r t e s t purposes. The r e a s o n , of course, is that you not only can get violently ill, but can die from food poisoning. HE POINTED to the honeycomb-like holes that separated the layers of tuna, an indication that bacteria had begun to eat a w a y the f i s h muscle. "This is class 2," he said. "Class 3 would have had more honeycomb." Stiver told me to scoop up a handful of tuna, mash Oxtails go in ragout it in my hands and Inhale, which I did. There was a slightly pungent odor. In a few minutes, my hands started to sttng -- like 1 had soaked them in amo- nia -- especially around the cuticles and small cuts I didn't realize 1 had. "That's from the histamine," Stiver said. "You also have a red nose." Two months ago, Stiver was certified to smell shrimp also. Earlier, he had picked up a frozen package so we could sniff. We scooped up the defrost- ed shrimp in our hands, mashed them and smollcd. There were a few bad ones. But generally, he s a i d , the package was "passable." Nicholas Falcone, the acting supervisor, told us a shipment of tuna had arrived in the Philadelphia port and the test cans were downstairs in the FDA sample room, which is guarded like Ft. Knox. THE SAMPLE room has a deep freeze with a stench that could knock you over -- it's from the bug spray they use to prevent insects from proliferating before the merchandise is tested. Besides fish, the room and freezer contain other foods and drugs to be tested or awaiting litigation. We picked up the 24 cans of Empress tuna that had just arrived f r o m Tokyo. All imported foods m u s t be FDA-tested before Uiey can be released for U.S. distribution. The FDA had paid $19 for the 24 cans of tuna. One by one we opened and tested them. Ah, it was atbacore, a solid white luna with a sweet f r e s h smell. So enticing t h a t we'd occasionally pop a tasty chunk in our mouths while opening the next can. In a couple of cans, the tuna was brown around the edges from cooking, Stiver said. Tuna is cooked twice. The first time to separate the meats of the albaeorc, skipjack, yellow fin and blue fin from the skin aixl bones. And then cooked again, after each section is c a n n e d w i t h broth (the U.S. packs in oil). If a cnii goes through the processor tilted, there may not be enough juice to cover the meat and it gets scorched. IF TWO OF the 24 cans had smelled, Stived would have to test 24 more cans. If two If those were bad. all 54,600 pounds, worth $53,060 wholesale, would have been refused entry. it a company tried to peddle (he tuna at another port, [he shipmonl would be met by FDA agents who would test the fish again and refer Ihc bnri c a n s to the t h r e e big noses. If a company tries to sneak in the fish, the shipment could be seized and a company official would face a $1,000 line and/or a y e a r in j a i l . Second offense is a $10,000 fine and/ or three years in Jail. Stiver, who Is no I enthralled with his nose job. would ratlicr do research, lie and f e l l o w chemist John MciU, 35, are devel- o p i n g separate tests in determine llie degree, of decomposition in scafpod. Stiver's test measures'the degree of hislamlne ilv'a quick half-hour lest, wliilc MlcU Is using a computer to find out more detailed information, which UlkOs three days. "^ "The only reason fortho chemical t e s t s , " s a y s Sliver, "Is for a court cnse. We're trying to re place lla 1 nose." Super Beef Sale and Coupon and a Half Savings Manufacturers' cents-off coupons from newspapers and magazines are like coupons and a half at Ralphs this week, when you buy the item. One coupon per item and one item per coupon unless specified otherwise. Not to include "retailer" or "free" coupons or exceed the value of the item. Offer is effective thru March 24. Meat Master Meats i EX AMPLE i 3O C OFF MANUFACTURERS COUPON OFF | _ ADDITIONAL 15* RALPHS ADDS a v 2 ; THE VALUE I FOR TOTAL OF 45 COUPON AND-A-HAir, SAVINGS ·' Super Bakery Super Produce Beef Loin-10-14 Ib. ovg. Whole Boneless yTop Sirloin 1.49 Be of Futl Cut-- Bone In Round 0Steak ; I. Ex Ira Fancy WniMnglon Golden Delicious Super INmmed 0Rib Steak 1.58 SUPER VALUEPACK perlb.1.53 Boat Do Mom or Boneless Top Round n 0Steak lb 1.Z7 I 1 F1a1ph» Exc.uil I I Super Bread 24 or. lonl Boneless Rib Eye 0Steak 2.29 SUPER VALUE PACK per Ib. 2.24 BeefCtluek By CECILY BROWNSTONE tfl -- Some cooks have never tasted or cooked oxtails. Yet Uicy arc one of our thriftiest meats and epicures prize them. May we persuade you to try this excellent recipe? Oxtail ragout 1 tablespoon oil 4 pounds oxtails, disjointed 2 large onions, coarsely chopped (2 cups) 6 packets (each .13 ounce) brown seasoning and broth powder 8 ounce can tomato puree Vt cup medium sherry W cup water 2 teaspoons lemon juice 6 medium carrots, pared and quartered lengthwise % to % pound mushrooms, sliced (IVi to 3 cups), if · desired .In a large sauccpot in Itjc hot oil. brown ihc oxtails and onion. Add the seasoning and broth powder, tomato puree, sherry, lemon juice and water. \\i\ well. j Bring to a boil: simmer, covered, for 2 hours; skim off excess fal. Add carrots and if u s e d , the m u s h rooms; simmer (adding a little water if necessary) until tender -- about 1 hour longer. (If mushrooms are not used, l e f t o v e r cooked green peas or snap beans may be added at the end of the cooking, just long enough to beat.) Makes 4 servings. Short supply ·,Hungary has begun imp o r t i n g p a p r i k a f r o m Spain because s shrinking iarm labor force threatens !0 ri-liKv its w n production nf iho red spice .Although sorr.f 1= s;rown in California. I h e U n i t e d StaU-s imporu-d more than K million pounds of paprika last year, mainly from Spain. Morocco. Mexico .iiid Bulgaria. Round Bone 0Roast 1 Super Freih Pnck 5 Ib. Pkg. __ ^Ground Beef -55 Ralph* OollCkOtii Date Nut _ _ -- ^ I l i n H ««·**»*· **·· mf^mm*fmm*mm*r ^ _ J0^ 0 Loaves .-H .ba 0Apples - .19 D While or Wheel ,_ ,, nn ,, "7" All Star Bread "-.29 JjjJ^ ^Oranges ·. .10 0 Freah Cnlllornlfi * _ _ Klnnow Tangerines i 1 ;Zu Cut -- 0Bro^oii "Kfll 0 Carnations * :9I n B,TM on^s · 15 bunch .III Super Flowers I FrolhCul I Gladiolas I 1 M i l d . Sweet LJ Brown Onions | T l Froih, n»6 Hodliho* or 1.27 IYI Green Onions Boet Chuck-Clod Style Boneless Rolled 0Beef Roast 1.48 Super. Grocery Imitation Slulned Frulti or Vtgolablet Beechnut 0 Boe( Loin-- Bone In New York Steak 0 Super Froth Pack - 3 Ib. Pkg. Ground Chuck 0 0ukk to Fix Beef Cube Steaks 0 Poipl Cut or Wholo Beef Brisket ji SklnlQB* ' Sliced Beef Liver J Port Loin-Wb Cut ^ __ f\ Center Cut Pork ChopsT 1.79 a Fr«*h-Fror*n-D8(roiled - --^ 11 Medium Spareribs "." 1.19 0 Pork Shoulder-Picnic Style -,-, Fresh Pork Roast "·" .88 _ _ _ I 3 Super Freth P.cV-3 Ib, Pkg. . _,, T 2.49 0 Ground Round p ." 1.29 ",;: 1.19 0 Beernp Roast p .b r 1.79 T 1.78 0 Boneless Stew Beef Tb r 1.39 * mn I--2 W»l«rThln-Uoi.Pkg. p , br 1.48 0 Ralphs Bacon "," .79 OldF.lhloned 0 Mayonnaise ;59n Baby Food .12 Special .03 Otl Pick AJax 0 Cleanser .29 Ralphs IceCream . Krute-Shank Portion Fully Cooked Ham Wlnfleor Turkey Drumsticks Norbest Basted Hen TUrkeys 1.19 : 1.29 p ,'b .49 Health Beauty An*lgo»lc Bufferin Tablets Even FIO-40PI. Plastic Nurser per Ib. .59 per | Ib. .1 3«CI. 7Q holllr, . / U 80, QM bolllo .Ul 0 fieVlnQ Sod. DeodoiBnt ^ 41C Arm In Arm °.n I.ZO 0 HeribaT'Bath Beads "U" 1.29 kg 0-T Dl 1 . t}/ t,n. OO roll nQC. p c 36 n 5 or. ber TUrkey Breast 0 Round or Sirloin _ _ _ p-JI U.S. Qtede A-Celllornl. Q.own Boneless Veal Cutlet Tb! 2.49 h£] Fryer Legs and Thkjhs 0Larnb l Shouldef Chops^1.78 0 Pork Steaks "i" 1.48 per f Ib. .1 Fisherman 1 ^ Cove Froxen Food i---a Tree.w«ol -Florid. h/l Orange Juice r~a *·"'* Ur f *"· h/l Grape Juice "/.'n .58 _ "« .73 I . K M K N M ' M J K S I I I I N S Fr««h Frozen-O«(roBl*d Alaskan Snow Dlcl«r'« Delight Turbot n.MWi**... ·*···*·· ^K ^^ ..«· ^«*B 0Crab Clusters .99^Fillets 0Bla n cirCod Rllets P S 1.190Oc«ked Shrimp 0So!eFillets "* 1.890 Rainbow Trout I--·a fifth Frozen -Oef.o.led 4 cn I IWIH. Polnl-10 or |.r bclMahi Mahi Rllets p ^ 1.S8LJPacific Oysters per Ib. I.I per Ib p. 1. [b , 1.39 0 _ _ ( A X'J't Pie Shells .59 ^Mayonnaise 0 Vanilla Puffs Pantry Fillers _. Candy Coaled Snack k£| Cracker Jack i ^ n*rph«- Standard Sl/e (v^j Aluminum Foil 0 lrlih Bprlng -- Q«lh Slio -- ,05 Off Puck Bar Soap 0 W«kh'a-Q(ap« Jim or . _|' Grape Jelly 10o .'r.55 0 Factai Tissues *?." .47 0 Seirm.lno Gold Medal Hour 1,1, .75 DlihwBihtr All Lemon-.12 Off Pack ntfft Dishwasher Detergent ^ .88 11 or C pkg .( W.lch'.-R.gul.r Welchade |.r .DO 4»OI. IJ| cm .Ul Super Deli PHObury Crescent Prlcos Effective March 18 Ihrough March 24,1976 Household Values Alrxfck-Solld-Ai.'t. Air Super Spirits Limited Time-Save l.» Smirnoff nil- *%^fc w i m i i i w i i -- Mf% 0 Fresheners .39 0Vodka »11.48 0 Re{phe-Cotd-tiz.elz. . . _ I ~J( Umned nme-§.»e \SX h M 4n nn Refill Cups ° p «« .49 B^J Kesslers Whiskey ,." 10.99 i--2 freeiett.-*ie'tCo4or«-M 01. SUt - _ · [ Jl Umned 1 00-H»lf Oil. e..^n nn 0 Ptaatic Decanters ..« 1.29 p/1 Christian Bros, Brandy l£.o» Ralphs _ _ 0 Margarine x.Z9 0 Rolls 0 Dubuqu» -Cinn»d ft nn ( I '- HICCO Wins of U o f ^ j i r t Ham Patties V.'-i 2.09 I I Sour Cream Herring ..- 1.49 0 R»lph«Sir«le8»£e8pfe«d __. ( p n.lptit lion OalrvCre.mer _ . American Cheese '?« .59 LJ Morning Blend ?,. .31 D 8IUB Bonn.l_4 8lkk _ I '2 »» FHvor« _ _ Regular Margarine pJ5 .49 tZ) HI C Fruit Drinks .£.. .83 D Butler milk or Counlry Blyfe ^_ I IHelph.-Pure oellon Cn PlUsbury Biscuits P ?g .15 LJ Orange Juice U.. 1.58 W« r««rv* Hie * ilghl lo limit or | comm*rclal dealort · or who1«ial«r». I · ·»· 34 wtth Covpon *t?l AH Purpoi* Gold Medal Flour where low prkes come first The Super market « 10th 8. Cherry · 3380 Los Coyotes Diagonal, Long Beach · 5760 E. 7th St. * Bollflower Blvd. » Del Amo A Paramount, Lakowood . 4410 E. Compton, Complon 7930 Valley View, Buena Park 15471 S. Brookhurt) at McFadden, Westminster Golden West and Warner, Huntington Beach

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