Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 16, 1976 · Page 17
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 17

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 16, 1976
Page 17
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ABCON "A Better Control 1 ^ LOW camper for wide tied truck. Phone attcr 3:tM. 412-4318, ^^ i HANDGUNS, riilcs, shotguns. Smith And Camoo PaisTi Shop' ^03 , School. «2- 4TOL ' Sec the New 76 Solid State ' APACHE Camper Trailers at Sines Body Shop 2425 Old Farmington Road 0--Motorcycles 521-3750 WHOLESALE BixU nitli 1975 Juhnwn St:nR- Iraflcr v.i(h 13" wheeJs \«Ui i(tas. Call 521-H31. 3 FT. Twracrafl bam boat, 40 h.p. John motor, trollintf inolor. depth fuidcr Jilly (miler. 13" uteols, 51^50. Phor.i t6 ft. ASTROGIAS bass boat with \r. various optional accessories included 756 EA41, ask for Terry, FABUGLAS Tridcr.t ll Tri-hu] boat svilh \\1ak-Lliru windshield. sr«r( U^-omctcr, horn, spoMijsM, MW. __ Inp and ruli canvas cover. 55 h.p Johnson motor with ·allemalor, o\Ir -, 2-6 gallon tu4 Unta, and Dill trailer Some sM equipment -- exccllcn liLlon. 12,000 Call 442-WO. FOR SALE: Fiberglass boat, 40 h.| Johnson motor, trailer indudr-d. S600 -M16. LOST: black snd white Bonier Coll on April Bin. Young puppy. Kcr Is Cr«tchtn, vwaring a green wilh rablBLS lag. TJease mutant 5216111 w r n e b y a i a l e a u No- 19. 7--Business Opportunities BOAT Docks - bull I lo last installed your site. Call Ke^Mft-l day or eveniliR G4-S Sales, Rogers. PIZ/A nESTAURANT--Kayic If Grille r In* cumiKirable product; exclusive recipe: 1 Wocks from Unt verity. Sttiail invest- monU hro can oprratP- Phnra 405-333- INCOME PROPERTY ' 'CHUBS Barber Shop ha^ moved to 1HM ExcOJent InvaMinait. Well localcd. mcd- ,'-',-So,- Duncan. Hairculs $1.25. ··i ..FARMER'S MARKET -- FayeUevllte -.'. Square 1 -- Open Saturdays -- vpgotabl«s. :'i''jhouseplants, trails -- Lmilcd supply-of '-·' Sjiinch, mustard,- ix^ft Eteens. NOW OPEN nbile horn* park.. Qty mill r, nice landscaping, closfi to FayeLtfi- . .c and Sprirgdklc and located In a Kautilul country setting. Murt sec k ppreciale, Ca1 1 us today for on appoint- icnt .Grcmc Itoally Co. 1600 K\vy. « Vest, Sprin^dale, AH, 731-1292. ' Land's Auto OlnJc and «l 3( S. Willow, FaydtEvUte. Arkat sas" "(In the . former · Hecb's Align : OR SALK or 1e; alfgnmenl Fairuly operailor ',K -- 2 months si all rent on J s rental, Lost «iid£e ^^arina. Phon 322. P.O. Box 55, Gartield, Aik, 18--Camping Sporting Goads stove 3J»d ice box Pho- O.NDA 1370 CU 350 exorUonl condition lieid. carrier, TK-IV bauerj'. S430 10N1M 19TO CL.T50, .indsh 1c!fl, ca rtier. r bcs.t offer. 551-*M L373 YAMAHA 750cc, 12.000 miles Adult mvnwl.'Kepi insidt. puft. J1M5. Thouc 442-6315 or see Itovirvsliip atlcr 5 p.m. YAMAHA 2.W cxcoSlwil condili. J6£ Includes ! lielmcls, have in s s lo school. ai7-a350 adcr 5 p.m. 'Kl'iOO vpry clean ai«i nine ... ! f-iSS. 73 Hwida SL100 in excel- diliun. 5293. I'hone «3-2389. CHECK THIS! GREAT CARS PRICES! 1973 CHEVROLET IMPALA COUPE. Brown willi light ton lop, ful oower and air. 25,000 rtYiles one .owner. Our Price $2695 1911. VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE' Very, good transportation. Our Price $1595 1972 144 VOLVO 4-door, dark green in color, 4-speed with air condition'' ing. One owner. Our Price $2795 Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Friday, April 16, 1976 · 17 FAVFTrhVlLLF,. AIIKAN'SAS LEWIS FORD has a FREE Gift For GOOD 19J3 DODGE V* ton pickup. $350. Phone 521-1(510 afier . 6 : O Q . _ RETAIL' SERATT MOTORS 30-DAY OR 3,000 MILE WARRANTY MOTOR -TRANSMISSION - DIFFERENTIAL major during the lirst M days or 3.000 mik-s. vvtiicliever come curs In the motor, Lransmisa.wi, or dilfcrenUal ol rail Molore under this aRreeiwenl s e t t l e malfiui^on M.-han : cal defect (hat cvistri al Ihc lime Iho vehicle caMovvn was not caused by the buycis negligence nr r .-ehide purcha !«1 I rtn ivas causrd hy -1 covctw was Fiirrhaitd. snd sai i tsucatriieiil of the vehicle tlw «M. lei PUKCK,\SEEt ; M ILE-^CiE VEHICLE -PATE PUllCllASB- I'HICE3 SEAL. SERATT MOTORS 103 S. School St. Corner of School and Mounlain ' Fayelleville, Arkansas 72701 501-52V-9600 We finance 1960-1970 models and work very hard to help you obtain financing for 1971-1975 models.. OPEN AND READY FOR BUSINESS 7 lo 7, 7 DAYS A WEEK! CORVETTE 1974 T-top, Chevrolet Cor: velle, silver wilh silver leather, 13,000 miles. Our Price $'6955. . 1974 CHEVROLET VEGA WAGON New Hres, 4-speed with air AM/FM radio . Our Price $2595 Now you can havo your fam-; jly ip a full color porlrail cap-, ured for all 1lme! ' When you purchase a new; or used aulomobile or truck' from Levvis Ford, you v/ill re-1 ceive, absolutely FREE, a; beautiful 16" by 20" full col-: or portrait of you or your; family. This full color por-; trait wil Ibe the focal point of; your home and a source of; pride and joy most highly; treasured, This offer is for a; limited time only. 975 Ford Maverick 2 dr.,'Economy 6 Cyl-Engine, Aytamalic Transmission, Pov/er Steering, Dark SERVICE DIRECTORY 1 1971 OLDSMOBILE- CUTLASS CONVERTIBLE Red with white con. top, 350 engine, air all power, like new. Our Price . $2695 1974 CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO.. Light green wiili matching fop interior, 23,000 miles. Our Price . - - * $3995 Blue Metallic, wil'ti ONLY.5000 Miles. 'Jew Car Trade In 1975 Chevy Monle Carlo, 35b;V.8 Engine, Aulo- malic Trans, Power Steering, Air-Cond, AM/ fope, Swiyel Bucket Seats, Console, Tilt Steering Wheel, Turbine Wheels, Maroon with Maroon Vinyl Roof, 29,000 Miles .,.'....,. 1975 Ford ITD 4 dr., 351 V8 Engine, Automatic Trans, Power Sleering, Air-Cond, Dark Blue Mealllic with While Vinyl Roof,'23,000 Miles 1974 Ford Country Sedan 9 Passenger, 400 V8 Engine, Automatic'Trans^; Power Sleering, Air- Cond, Roof Rack, 27,000 Miles, Just Right for That Summer Vacation 1 974 Ponliac- Catalipa ,2 dr., . 400 ' Engine, ew- minaKcmcnt and personnel with 24 ears of *xperieficc. ALL v.*orh guranatwfl. -oupori for Frw chfclieji dinner at Land's ancafca ]!«:£··· «ith whcd alisnmcnt job. ^1] . 442-KK1 or «2-9764 for, sen-ice. In- nxltictory offer expires June 15. 1976, 1 -- Coming Events 1FRNTC17 A: Karcn'j Resale-- Gixtf near (f,v clrthiTHf -9:30-5:30. Closed Thursday 1S3. ' "LEA .MAnKETT, April 3-1, S-6 and Apri S, 1-6, LiidwiK Cbmmunily Ccnllr, 4 nilcK- norlh of Clarksvrtlc, Hivy. 21. \iR ' TKtPnsion Homemakers, sponsor. \rARTNTEST S:\LE Coins, anlique Birrf- pyc dresser wilh 3 fool beveled mirror, reasonable, jcwclrj'- mLsceHimcmis 9 a.m.- o 8 p.m Frdiay Souilimrol Apartments. Apt ; n a 52i63W. i Pwvcr tools, mini bike, niwl much moce- (117 Nix Willow St. ' CARPORT Sale: Sponswvd Iy ^vtunijig. Irci'nrllt Team. 173 Terry Si- Farming- Ion. April 17. 8:005:00. GARAGE Sale - «wy. IS «· ^ house past Champlin Gas slation. · TOCK hmise Salurday, 17ih.,FcriiI« rjck eggs. 41V»91. . · ELECTRIC slove, pirturM, wringer wash- cis. manple Irowr, booh-melvcs, rcinR- pfalflrs, mall resscs , bunfe b«!s. cheap rioOifaiE, dishes. Pete's, vK Vf. Center. 3. FAMILY CaraKe S-\1c: Fflrt o( nn fwtale. Furnidir*, dUtiW. laim«, » "111* ol evorjlhing. Friday. Salurrfay Sim- day.- 8:00-1:00. 1007 Momingsxle Dr. GARAOE Sate: Fumiture, lamps, d«h- Ine, Blies 7 lo 13 Jr. quilt scraps, coals, bed spreads and shots. 17* E. Prospect Fnds Saturday 1 p.m. * -FAMILY Van! Sate. Friday and Satur- ~SAy' in Prairie Grove. Turn north at the bank on to Mock St. arrow the street NOTICE REAL ESTATE Or.1"rM loW by power of attorney u P U B L I C AUCTION I/K-atrf-- 108 V/wi Emm* a.. Spring MONDAY, A P R I L 19, 1976 1:30 P.M. KNOWN AS TIIF, O.WAR 8E\RS rnorEHTY nUMMACF. 1! SJ10KUJ. aiildrcn nolhw, some di*«, l«rle« .* Aims ALso hanrfnud* »jfi«, Hain w * hlne - 131 So. IJiinn. ,1-CTE'S BARr.AiN JTOBK - TM JTM · (v^fMcr Used rwrnliore, housen«o Hems ·Sffir lSSuT*l 1«* Igf". C"" ware some f*pr««!0i». MlsctHaneou nascmpfil now «r*n- a«*in«. (wrnilur · MIIKR-S Trrflan P«* « w^^" . Unrein, WMI ^^ "* *IUST»- Op«i B;! 1 ·'Wa S»4 ftinUtia* "14 »**«·. OM171 kSSISTAXT Manager of relaii -I61Wnff tore. Ful! Ifnrw. permanent ompiny- - nenl. must be able lo manage r«1'lo ' ud to sell, .iml wining to vrork hard. ' lust be mature and bondaWc, expcrien- ' e pn-frrred but not eswnlfal. CaM Cor * ntenicw 4JI-7255 Hie Sow World-Mall. DAY Salrs hwlctfis pos-!Utns a^ilaWe liove average earnmps, pleasant work- nR ror.Altflr«. apply in person In Kcn- uckj- Fried Clitcken, 51-J No. college. ^AT.ES person tor full time employment. Saidenhires Jewelry. Tj-pmg er.d Boak- keeping sWLIs helpful. May 1, IOT Jwrd ivorkinp parti Umc pe-r- EO«(S) to work «s janilnr. O.VTI hour* site r closlnr Approxi malely 15 hours per week. Call 442-7472. - . UETJ 1 WASTED -- part'lfnw -- fi nifcTiU a w«k. Must i« deperjtaME. Apply in pcrsnn. Taro Hut, 1925 North College. fCo phone calls pleaw. DESK dccX 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Salurday anil Sunday. *t le«st 21. nont. dopendabte rcsp«i!nWe. See Mr. noonu. Heritage Inn llM-y. 63 Wesl. Sprinffda!e. No phfme calls please. T co RcsiauTant. From 10:00 a.rn.-i:00 p.m. Apply at « Nortii Ooirrgc. DBPENDAniJJ aucim«*ile mwti^ntc to work on eomtrf ssion hrisis. \Vc have mo:« busine.w Ihan we can handle and need School Strwt Rara^c. EXPF.RIESCED Trirtpifrc Ixran I*roccs- ser/rnxwr wanted for local mongafi* oTHec. FHA. VA, and ev*ivcntional cx- pci icnr« d esired , above average lypin K killr tcfiulrMl. Send resume A: salary rerord in conn^wict lo Box P-W. N.W. Ark. TIMES- , WANTED; K 1 pe rf '* ic d T - v - Bnd ' Keren technician lo wcrfc in Fayeltexille. Cyy vvorkfnir condition*. Paid vacation nnd niurance Ser^l lUalKicaiions 10 M. KITI- c-tid. 631 ^[elma^. Apt. 1M, FajeKeviLIe, ArX. . - Rheem M a n u f a c t u r i n g Co. hsi tn Immediate opening for * PROGRAMMER/ ANALYST rjualitiKJ applicant! must possess a min! mum of lw« years COBOb EX PERI EXCB CICSAS AND DBOMB experisnc* highly desirable. Hciumps and salarj romir«menli ihonW b« sent lo RHEEM MANUFACTURING CO. ' 5600 Greenwood Road Fort Smith, Arkansas 72001 '. (Altn: Personnel Dept.) | c/o Andy Babyak · ASSEMBLY worker!. $225 p«r hour 4 RUrt. W "0 per hour In M dAy*. Sup , Shell Camrw C 0 ' 19n Atem SI., Fa, «t«MB*. No flxw* "Hir. --- ,.~ T~ -- ~ S! %5^*!Sfa"S^gSSffifc -ALL SUCLTON SALES AND SERVICE. 12-0340 " WIAT'S « hfaL pump? Call Paschal A^- deallal Sales i Service, all make*. -- Antiques -- "UBNlTUnE UESTORATIOXS by a eve 3A\TS. Hffinishmg, repairs, cxpenpnccd ^juc-h np. antiques. 309 W. nicksoo. a21- J976. -- Asphalt Work -- PARKING lots and driveway bull l or repairt5. gravel hauled. Motor grader "trtt Timlln»n AJThaH ». Kl-3179. -- Automot'vfi -- R.\DIATOK REPA1B UPS e!ertt;oai. Hob Mayes Auto Serviw. 21W N. Gaclaart 443-4H7. 412-MSO. Bob * -- Bulldozing -- WZING-Top Solt-JraveL-Excavatinn BacUwe and Tractor Work - tandscap- n E - leading - PHTP' 1 ^ JMM « FCMllEXC. Du? find poured. J C JWi«* *«- SWO. -- Carpenter -- QUALITY wort: on addition-?, remodeling exterior aorf interioct roofinK. stori*- vork, and fireplaces. Call J* "^nry tJAnPENTBV, ROOFtSG. PAIX ^.^' Paneling. *nMl rock, aluralnnm s.djn flrd other tldlnK. Windows, Amts. add ens nehrtnte*. Ray Hassdale. «2-/10j TF yon are CiTEBESTED in Uio Be irabinel Work. ITnme BultdinC. Rcmode id, ar TEXTURED CEILLNGS call 44 B37L los - house leveling - roofing - paint me. Phone 4*3-4076 or 42M713- -- Carpet Cleaning -- carpet Stwm Cl«nln* ^ the lowest pricvs in aroa. Priori 44I-CW], -Concrete Work-- UOX1SE Clixirs, pa(in* r drh'c w^-«, * walks And, footings, c*Ll J*m SJavcw Pities, nrtvei.vay», Oelalnlng \Vallr, Et duality Work Call Bobby Long, X21-3572, MACK MINER Concrete ConslracUo Pallo. Drlvevraj-3. ndalnlng Walls, Ba merits Drainage, No Job too small. C anytime W3-4315. 57I-OW3, O KEED - WB DO COSSTHUOi'lO fiv«wayt Ma«onr7, Palio, Flalwo carpenlry, Rctalnin? '""'^"iMKJtTM «3Jl2i Dependable S«rv!c« -- Dtrt, Gravel, Top Soil -- 450 CASE Crawltr v.'ilK fiont-cnd kw 5 yd. dump truck. Some of Hie b* ,op wil In KW Arkansas, 412-1323, TOP SOIL I.nrESTONE sravel «rd ii dcJrt'wed, (or hire, contractors!! Da Duncan. «!-«W5 nftwr s-,«X VF, Harris.-- BackhM wort -- Tnn- Bahh and crecX grave], lill rflil. tic tanlc and lateral lines installed, ft»S. -- Ditch DiqgTng -- rcJnvrrOI trcnchins for waler. fffts. rtric, drainapc. Clc. Narrow, 21" deep nch. ZO: 0. Minimum Job. 125. Grep d-*y f 4422518.' CiOIOi?'. and Dump Tnfclr (Votlt. Joto jler - Phone 442fiirt. -- Exterminating -- \YKS TERMtTE 4= PEST CONTROL ;\]X!rirnced Sonice for naatitv control. H 7t6-S5K. ARM - FRXtJitlQ. corrals and loatfing ules Free wtlraales. Call Jac* W«t- --Garden Plowing- ,, ARDF.N plo^nni!. harrowr e, bnish tins- np, rf.ieins, yard leveling, sallsfadioi a rani eed . qul ch sorvics. Ptvnnc 441- -- Garden Tilling -- MltlEN TILLING "i1h heavy, tiller. ,avmnio\virR -- Yaioo and smaller. Mow- spnlre, Hauling. -H3W7, -- Grinding -- 7ARK Grindinfi Service, 653 Rnntiville d. 52J-3030: Carbide 4 hicb-sr^ 'V 11 - cUeors. pa per cutting kDlve«. --Handyman -- fencing -- . tlla -- hauling - tree Him- Jobs. Excellent reference*. Ken Rosen, 443-W7. TRj^SII HAULING -- TBEF, TRIM MING-Garage ami Alllc CeanJng Ca'l befoie 8 a.m. or alier 7 p.m.. 44 6138. -- House Design -- CONTEMPORARY House Design -- CVm rltfr- rlann^nH sunicos -- Rpm-vlolfnE new crmslruclion Post Oflirc Box 1?8 ·AjfrUc-v lilc. Ackan-ias 72701. ECOI.OGY FNTERPRISES INC. anntru cine tli= opening of 001 wholewie d g'on W» ar« tpfH»!lzln|f in sreenhau grCA^ng fn«I:a, and will mi* any «o o ranr spedfic atloni. Open B lo Ihru Friday. Phono 53t-WO. cubic feel vcrmlcnlitc, S3 W, 4 cubic frvrt P^al'moM, 17^0. 100 Ibs. humus po- U IS Ins, lopK^lp 75c, Tne comer ML Comfort Road ar.d Ilupple Lane -- Land«opinq -- U\SrXSCAPINC. -- Yard «"% pruin nn1 renewal, Tcr (rcu e«!niatf« c \Vaj7io, MUM9. S P A C K . .WOULD COST ONLY $17.70 PER MONTH -Lawns Gnrdens -- MPIt/lP- 1avTO and yard r^re ervice, v\ ns cilginfi. trimminR, an-thing. CaU 4- 2w~ or -!Cu-W14, ask for Chuck Ogle. CO -- Painl 1 Paper- w fsracUon ^uaranlccd. For Irce esll- ic, i-all co!Icrt. Ur.eo:n 824-5673. TEltlOR paLnlins. Kasonable r*tei, eionccs 1( ncciTfid. For f r e e estimate 1 M2-246S or 51I-3K-1. T Y kind rrf pninlin? Inside n r out. Free Imnles. Work Ruarar-teed. Jeff Barker -3039. bcjca tion a rtd t;sributlon. All type J plasKcs. Proloii-pcs made to your spe- icatlc-ns. Special orders Free consutta- n. Mountain Plastics. Tnc 521-3179. ^ TO PLACE AfJ AD IN TtltS SPACE WOULD COST ONI-Y $17-70 PER MONTH --Plumbing Service -- LIGHT -PLUMBING SEIt^CE Call W3-1S36 TACI'FTTS PLUMBING CO SPACE U'OUI.n CO3T ONLY . J17.70 PER MONTH -- Roofing -- \ ? wllh 1 year wrillen su^ranleo. For ee estiinalfs call 1-273-7202 James rook*. Owner. rtlmatcs. Plione «1-C«63 Bob Eub?jika -- Security Guards -- ally licensed anlfoimed piard*. Ax-all- ahle Immed[«iety 24 h n n r (srvtce. 1*2-7530 --Tractor-BILL'S TRACTOR SERVICE Oall ftFtcr 5 p.m. E21-M24. ' PAUL'S TRACTOR SERVICE TRACTOR SERVICE rrxmrXG. dicing, brushhoijglns, Larj-« or *nial] fribi. Call 531-6H7 aficr 5:30 p.m -- Tree Service-- FOB conipltl* 1 rro k stu nip removal, trimming, stiai^ns. shrubi trimmed, call H,ij-'x Tree k Stump Service. West Fork. 8392519. (N.W. A r k , ) A AND A THEE SPECL\LISi:S All rhasM (rcc shrubbery rare. Over 10 jcars experience. *13-2153. Fre« «U- mates. MYERS THEE SERVICE r4c-i»cd. Free mUmJtH**, insured. Spray- mx -- irirrmvnc -- loppinP -- removal l^rience. 44+K6. TO PLACE AN An IN T U t S SPACE WOULD COST ONLY 117.78 PER MONTH -- Venetian Blinds -- CALk Gahe Coop« 1 o r cwmpl* l« venMan WlrJ Mnic«. Phww 4424J31 1W Kitt Pnwpert, TtfcUftvllIfl. Ark. 1973 DODGE : COLP eau 4-door fuel : economy. This 8 ** car has new llres, 4-speed with factory air. ' ; ! ~". Our Very Lov/-Price $1695 1973 98 ·" OLDSMOBILE. LS very nice full size car. Our Low Price ·$2695 1972 CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO . While with while top, power windows, air lope player, Our Price $2550 1972 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX Orange with white top, full power and air conlllionlng. This also hcis new tires, $2795 THESE ARE JUST A FEW OF OUR GREAT BUYS Daryl HicVman or Dennis Kinsey Automatic Trons, Power Steering, 'Air-Cond., AM/FM'Radio-arid ONLY, 17,000 Miles- 1974 Mustang II 2'+2,-V6 Engine, Automatic Trans, AM-FM Tape; Medium Blue Metallic Must,See Drive ' - - 1973 Mustang Moch 1,351 VS'Engine, Aulb- matic Trans; Power Steering,: Air-Cond, Mag Wheels, Copper with Black Accent Stripes 1973 Olds Cullass 442, 350 V8-Engine, 'Automatic Trans, Power .Steering, Air-Cond., 1 Sun loof, AM/Tdpe, Tilt' Sleering Wheel, Factory Steel Wheels, White wilh Maroon Acecnl Stripes 1972 Ford-Pinto Squire Wagon, 4 Cyl. Engine, Automatic Trans, Gold'with Woodgrain Sides, One-We Sold New with only 21,000 Miles 1976 Jeep CJ-5, 258 CID 6 Cyl..Engine, 3 Speed Trans, Roll Bar, Black Convertible Top and 8000 Miles, Yellow in Color : .'....:.'.'..·... $3500; $5250; $4250; $3750; $3900: $31501 1975 'Ford Bronco, 302 V8 Engine, Auiomatic Trans, Power Steering, Sport Package, Dual Tanks, Skid Plotes, WSW Mud ,Snow Tires, Dark Green Melallic wilh White Top, 11,000 Miles .....;........... 1974 Ford Explorer, 390 V8 Engine, Automatic Trans, Power Steering, Dark Blue Metallic with While Accent Stripes . _ . - · 1973 Chevy Cheyenne Super, 350 V8 Engine, Automalk Trans, Power Sleering, Air-Cond, Fiberglass Bed Cover, "and ONLY 28,000 Miles $3450; $2175; $4795; $5650; $367S STOP BY TODAY -BUY ONE OF THESE ' USED CARS AND RECEIVE A FREE PORTRAIT. FORD NORTHSiDE MOTORS 3464 N. College 521-5572 LEWIS FORD 3373 N. College 442-5301

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