Independent from Long Beach, California on March 11, 1966 · Page 26
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 26

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1966
Page 26
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; i : Nine to Five V' "That doesn't took like filing u; .. · to "me." j$15 Million | Sought for Battle Math, cim. w, «·,. 11, iw INDEPENDENT-P.g. AS* NEW ; YORK (UPI) -- Dra increases in venereal ^diseases in the United States ^prompted four national health ^organizations Thursday to "urge the government to near- Jly ^do'uble its preventive ^spending in this field, jj' The organizations asked for *n $15.5 million federal appropriation to control syphilis 'and gonorrhea in 1967 in the ·pnited States and its terri- *tories. They estimated that .-100,000 contract syphilis an- Jnually and new cases of gonorrhea occur at a rate of 1 ^million a year. j( The American Public Health ^Association, American Vener- £eal Disease Association, Asso Delation of State and Territori- jcal Health Officers and Ameri- £can Social Health Association ^said the increased appropriation should be used to cut in {jhalf the incidence of infectious syphilis and gonorrhea £by-i972. L| * » * * t THE ORGANIZATIONS, p'acling in cooperation with the ? Am eric an Medical Associa- ition, said that known statis- I'tics.probably reflect only one- ifourth of the actual number |of infectious venereal disease P'cases in the United States. f.The social stigma still at- fltached to the diseases pre- g vents full disclosure of their incidence. ; The .organizations issued a report; showing that syphilis increased for the eighth consecutive year-in 1965 with a total'of 23,250 reported cases. It : said the syphilis case rate f of ".teen-agers is nearly twice the--national average for all Reported cases of gonor- !"rhea totaled 310,155 in 1965, j an increase of 6.7% over" 1964. The teen-ag« gonorrhea 1 rate is 386 per 10^,000 com! pared with the rate for all age t grbups of 158. " * * + * THE REPORT said many j teen-age venereal! cases and J-16,8% of all reported cases j'of ^ifectious syphilis was ac} .quired through homosexual j contact. H said the problem jj was serious because case- f workers find it much more 2 difficult, to elicit names of a contacts from homosexuals. H To. produce better reporting I of carriers, the health organi- j zations recommended legisla 3Ition requiring all laboratories "S i--public, private! hospital and E blood bank --- to report the # names of persons with posi- 5 tive syphilis tests to local or J state health departments hav- J ing jurisdiction. Private physi- jcians should be encouraged ·; to coordinate with health de- ipartments in u n c o v e r i n g t chains of contact, they said, j The report said educational r, programs on venereal diseases Jn^ust be included In school *c'u|pcijla if the teen-age inci- 54^??* I s to be reduced. « CAUSTICS indicated that AElorida, Alabama and South "(Carolina had the highest rate Jtif'syphilis cases in 1965, all ·treflbrting between 30 and 40 '·caies per 100,000 population. ·} North D a k o t a , Vermont, 5Maine,; Idaho,- Wyoming, ·Uenjja, Indiana and Utah re.- orted less than 2 cases per , . . f.. The cities of Montgomery ·;nd Mobile, Ala., Augusta and ''Savannah, Ga., Paterson and -^Newark, N.J., Shreveport, La., ;^nii~i:Washington,. D.C, had -^le highest reported rate of ,.«yphilis per 100,000 popula- ·'fion.- ·' V Montgomery reported the 'ttgheat, 92.8 cases per 100,;WO and Mobile the lowest of fthe group, 55.8 cases per 100,- : J2 Japan Quakes ^-. 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