The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 12, 1920 · Page 1
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 1

Carbondale, Illinois
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Thursday, February 12, 1920
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•A'- Carbondale—"Athens of Egypt." .VOLUME 17. CARBONDALE, ILLINOIS, THURSDAY, FEB.12,1920. NUMB* 1 - 1 ? To Expend $6QO,OOO In - - -_ ' c * PRESIDENT SHRYOCK FILES PROGRAM AT REQUEST OF DIRECTOR OF STATE AT Program Calls For Boys Dormitory, Expansion of Girls' Building, a New Gymn asium Building, a New Manual Arts Building, Additional 15 Acres For the Campus, Addition to Library Building, Expansion of Heating Plant, Home For President of School. _ • ' • v A huge expansion and building program, calling for more than $600,000 expenditure within the next ten years for Southern Illinois Normal here, was filed today by President H. W. Shryock.of the school with the state department of Finance and Registration ,at the re- 1 he- BOY THIEF CREATES EXCITEMENT AT LOCAL HOTELS LAST NIGHT First Goes to New Hundley, Pilfers Guests' Baggage, Then Takes Razor at Rob- Bank Robber^ Overcoat The'bandits 1 ., who shell shocked the honest folk of Southern Illinois by the piilB way. they treated tlie em- ployes of the First National Bank at j Mounds Monday afternoon and help- j ed themselves to nearly $8000 in gold and green backs, are still at large and as .free as the ozone"'they breathe:One detective thinks they are hanging around Cairo now and declares the robbery..will not cause a lasting loss to Southern Illinois, .'because i£ the desperadoes' take up'th'eir abode here quest of their respective directors, Dr. Francis W.Shep- j ests and Tries to SeU , It to arrlsan and Omar "Wright. '. theMavor. ardson and Omar "Wright ' Suggest Great Growth This far reaching program of ex-j pansion for the next tem years, looks forward to a great institution for the' Normal in Southern Illinois. It sug- gests'a growth of the school which will place it next to any school in the state but side of Chicago and Illinois University, which at present in number of students ranks well. It calls for buildings and improvements which will add immensely to the facilities and prestige of the school. The Normal is seen in the program, commanding the recognition;: of.the entire..centeal,-west- What Plan Calls For. The plan provides for the following: A gymnasium large enough to accommodate two basket ball teams at the same 1 , time. A new manual arts building. A new boys' dormitory capable of taking care of one hundred and twenty-five boys. . A home for the' president of the school. An addition to the library and heating plant • Converting the old . gymnasium into a modern biological laboratory. Converting the old Normal hall into recitation ro6ms. An addition to Anthony- Hall capable of taking care "of fifty more girls. An addition of 15 acres to the campus. __ A system of macadamized drives through the campus. . The statement fiom the president's office at the school today says: At the. request, of' Omar Wright, director of-F.ihanc'J, and Dr. Trancis W. Shepardson, director of Registra- tion'a,nd Education, President Shryock, has just filed with these departments a ten yea-r building program for the Southern Illinois Normal University, specifying the improvements. The program calls for the expenditure of more than six hundred thous- A clever little chap with a lot of Carbondale Until Next Moi LEROY ADAMS DIES YESTERDAY EVENING Wilson To Meet Rail Men WASHINGTON, D. C., Feb. 12 — President Wilson will have a personal ccra ! ferSn"ce' tofflorrcrtw-with' three-Tep- resentatives of the railroal brotherhoods to discuss the wage demand of . railroad employees which are to be conduct the r.ext morning and told the referred to him'today by Director Gen- b °y to =' et ™\ oi '^e-hotel and stay the mqney will all.get back into-circulation in the local market in time, says tlie Cairo Citizen. • . ,'Chief Higlen and Sergeant McKin.- ney went out in the drainage district Tuesday to. where th'e crooks abandoned, their' stolen car and went over the trail made by the bandits in their front, well dressed and apparently a S&taway to where they ware last seen 'child of a prosperous family, giving his name as Tommie Thornton, 12 years old-, tof Ohristonher, ;-was taken tin custody, last night by, the police on charges of petit larceny. Night ;before last he came to the city and registered at the New Hundley Hotel, paying in advance for two nights' lodging. During his stay there the boy entered the rcioms of several o£ the' hotel guests ,and pilfered throngi -baggage,, traveling bags, grips and other parcels. The management of the hotel was notifie'd of the boy's eral Hines. Wage demands of more than 2,000,-' OOOemployees of railroads -were laid out, giving him' back what he had paid- in advance for his lodging. Last night 'the boy' went into the before'president Wilson. Director Gen- Roberts Hotel and registered. As soon eral Hines, at the conclusion of a lengthy conference with members of his staff, announced, he had been unable to reach'an agreement with the union officials and would place their claims and proposals along with his own before the'President for decision. Death Follows. Illness of Two Weeks vyith Pneumonia—Leaves ai'.d Little Daughter. Wife by farmers in the neighborhood. The story is told by several persons in the vicinity that the two men seen fleeing from the abandoned automobile wore no overcoats wals confirmed when 'the 'officers found the two overcoats-thrown away by the robbers: It is the belief of many officers that the heavy, coats were ditched because the bandits could run faster without them, and stood a better -chance of making man from wham the 1 razor had been taken reported his loss to the management of the hotel. Then right quick the boy was up for a good grilling. L-eRoy Adams,'aged.'29 yea;rs, died shortly after 6 o'clock'last evening at his home at 607 South Washington avenue, following a two weeks' illness cf pneumonia. . „. The deceased was reared in this city and was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Thps Adams. He hail been a drayman fi-r several months previous to. his fa:a? illness. 'Besides, his parents, he: is survived by Ms wife and one daughter, Hazel, seven years of age; one brother, William, and a sister, Mrs. Orva C. Smith, aij of this <;ity. .Funeral services will be.conducted from the residence at 2 o'clock tomor- .row afternoon by Rev. L,: TO.'. Leyerle, pastor of the Grace M. B. church, of ,w.hi,eh,the..deceased. was. a.member.. Interment at the. Snider .cemetery. Miss Marion Clan-cy, domestic science teacher in the public schools, returned from a visit with East' St. Louis LOVE TANGLE BAP EVIDENCE IN SHOOTING OF PLANTWATCHMAN Murphysboro Married Man Arrested in St. Louis With a Mrs. Tucker—Hill Jumped Bond Eloping With Woman—Held'For Shooting Silica Plant Guard. Mrs. L. C. Tucker, or'Mre. Wm. Freeman, according to her' story . of her husba-nd's doings as sh'e related it to the St. Louis police, and who was known in St. Louis as Tttrs. Blair, says the Re- The Mayor took the boy off to the side | relatives'.. and asked him what he did with the razor, he having hid it meantime and denied having see nthe razor. Mr. Krysher pinned the boy down. Yet he denied seeing the razor right in; the face o£ the one to whom he had tried. to sell it. Finally he was arrested- The. (ban on all 'public' gatherings^ in Carbon3ale, schools, churches^aoov—-'-" ing -picture shows, lodges and pool'.- • halls.wasobservedlast night in. part.Of— flcials state citizens cooperated well*' with the' request of the city, which: > drastic action resulted from the wave'- • of illness in'the.'city. At present ther ban will be", in effect until. morning as it is now *. effect. With the exception of the NormaE all'tlie schools in the city were closed 7 ! today. The Normal is in session today, the order issued, yesterday not ef-.- fecting the Normal on "account of it: being a state institution and outside- of the jurisdiction of the local healtb»- authorities, according to the statement of fine city officials. President Shryocfc- expressed a desire to.' cooperate with- < the- city in every way to repress the; • •illness here. He wired •the'Etate-DbardV' just as soon as the city '-issued' th.e- order, requesting" advice as to the- a &~ tion to be taken, stating the situations ' here an'd .that a ban had beem placedi : ' on 'all public •gatherings.including alt^ the public schools. TJp to early tSiis- afternoon the state 'had not ordered-;"' the Normal closed. . ^Witli^the 'flu 'on "th'e" war,e and tfie='- ban on public, gatherings, indications^ point to- an early curbing' of here. Numerous cases. of pneumonia^many several days old, are reported; but the wave of flu is decidedly .on*' the decrease. ,and taken to the county authorities-!-— as he had written his name he snatched a traveling bag, belonging to a hotel guest in the lobby -and rushed upstairs. After searching the bag and entering several guests' rooms, he secured a razor. The -boy took- the razor out on the streets to sell it. The. only -^ MurpWystoo by , Policeman place he found open we:.s that of Mayor pi . v Krysher, that is a store where he) thought he might dispose of the razor. Unfortunately into the Mayor's store he was'snared by .the nemesis of 'his misconduct." He tpld tlie Mayor a hard, luck fstory. very tlever, about his I father being stranded in this city and . wanted to get .back to his home in Christopher /The razor, worth about $2 was offered to Mr. Krysher for $4.' This 1 didn't look very well. Shortly Mrs. - Roberts of the hotel called Mr.. Krysher, who' was at work at his store doing some work in connection with his duties with the-school board. The Mayor went to 'the hotel and found, the'boy had returned and .-was trying to sell the razor to the guests in the lobby. About this time the STATE HEALTH BOARD BACKS CITY'S ACTION Ed'i FATHER DIES TWENTY FOUR HOURS AFTER DEATH OF_ HIS SON Double Funeral and Burial Will Be Held With Dallas -Meisenheimer- and Son, Richard—Father Dies After Short Uliness. "_. . Just twenty-four -hours after the death of his son, Richard, Dallas Meisenheimer, clerk of the city court and township clerk, respected citizen, died and dollars within the next ten years; this of course,: in addition to the back in Murphysboro, ••usual - current expenditure of.. about, pu'blican-Era.: -.'' •~-~ hundred and fifty -thousand dol-1 She left here three weeks ago with 1 Jim Hill, who was brought back Sat-' j urclay night last, as a bond, jumper and is in jail. " She was held by'the St. Louis police, for a few days. They arrested! her sad Hill theVe. When Tucicoi appeared there after, Thr> arrest they held him on the-story toltl bv Ms wil'o. who, said he had been in the habit of driving away livery rigs hired in various states and then lars per year for maintenance. MAYOR NABS YOUTH SPEEDING Mr. Krysher Hails Carl Paul and Sug- gests'He Speed Toward the Police Court. Carl Paul, youth, was fined $18.40 for speeding with an auto this morn- selling them. Hill is -under indictment in connection with ttie shooting and wounding of Al Granrmer while Grammer was night watchman at the -silica mill here during a strike last summer. The shooting took place -one night from a ing, before Magistrate J. J. Robertson, j clump . of weeds near ttie plant and The boy was driving at a fast speed ; Grammer's back was sprinkled with up Maim street; Mayor Krysher on a. s l- 0 r. street corner at the time "signaled for [ As a result of the elopement of Hill Paul ito stop, which he did. Then the > and Mrs. Tucker, or Mrs. Freeman, Mayor suggested he could do some and the detention of Freeman in St. IVLovement of Carbondale - Real Estate Is Active - speeding toward the police court, ac- companied'by ; Mr.- Krysher. Paul is employed by : a -local garage. Louis, authorities have a story purporting to giro further details of the (Continued OIL Page 3.) Many Homes and Lots Transferred in Last Couple of Weeks—Real Estate Activity Continues in All Parts of City. The movement of Carbondale . ; real estate is active as indicated in the county real estate transfers,published in the Murphysboro Independent a.a follows. Many persons .arjp. purchasing homes and .lots with the intention of building in the near future. It is reported that families are becoming owners of homes here more than, ever before. Blanche B. McGuire to . Finnetty Nelson, lot 8, ;T>lbek 6, in plat Of McGuire's addition to Carbondale; $1200. Finnetty .Gallaher to, J. O. Christie lot 8, Iblock 6, in plat of McGuire's addition to Carbondale; ' $1600.. . [Furdella Duncan to John Venerable, lots 9, 10, 27 and 2S, all im An na^ JL.. Russell's addition to . Carbon dale; $150. : ' .' Ada D. Caldwell w Constance R Stotlar, lots 45-7 and 458 - in Carbon clale; $2000, - . ' . • Blanche .3. McGuire to Mary E MtGuire, lot 6. in block 5 in -plat o: ;his' morning at 11 o'clock following a ten days' - illness with pneumonia and asthma Mr. Meiseaheimer. had been .in a critical.'condition for', the last few. days, the. divisipn" between life .ahd,death very narrow. ••-. Mh\ Meisenheimer was reared in he vicinity ,of Carbondale, in the northeast part of the' township, (known as the 'Meisenheimer settlement. : He has been prominent in Republican politics, having'held, several offices in his,,time; He has .held the office of:.'-township clerk for some time. When ; the_city. court was established in Carbondale he was'elected', the first clerk He-was regarded as a faithful member of his party, and ever faithful to" the offices placed in- his''trust.. He was reliable and a good citizen.' In his early days' he was employed with the first firm . in' • Carbondale, North and Campbell. He discharged his duties: honestly and earnestly wherever, he. was, found.-. At the .time* of his death, he was 63 years, of age. The deceased .leaves -his,., wife, mother; Mrs.:Temperance:Meisenheimer, two brothers, Henry and -Fre'd, residing ^northeast of this city, 'also a sister here,. M-rs. Clara Farmer, and another • sister,. Mrs. :Etta- Robinson, of. Anna. The .funeral of. Mr. Meis-enheimer and son, Richard, will; be held tomorrow, definite' arrangements,as to where it will be''are pending. -Both will be buried at' the same time at Oakland cemetery. • ' . The following telegram, was received by Mayor F. C. Krysher of .-Carbon— dale;, stating the stand of-.the --State'.- • Board in the ban action: . ,,- * - Springfield, 111.,' PelV 12, 192ft. F. C. Krysher,. Mayor, 'Carbondale, 111. ; Public health 'and business inter- " • ests demand immediate and strict enforcement of influenza an'd pneumonia-, rejgulations. by local authorities. in~ eluding'reporting and isolation oi every known arid suspected' case '-.of- in- fluen2a, grippe' and: pneumonia ..-with- •••-. placarding of infected premises. Stop- -" failure to comply promptly with the-• regulations. Will necessitate closing: of'all places of public assemblage" £n— ; eluding theatres, churches, pool halls and similar places. Notify--' public and doctors . of these requirements and if violations persist proceed' ' •with prosecution of wilful violators." without fear or favor! '''•_• ' .'" Drake, Director of-Public Health- GITLOW TAKEN TO SING SIN<F ; ; .$1. . •-.; .- ;•'••. Thomas .C. Ellis to^Franik Hiller lot 4 IB block 1 in Harker,. Clements & Keesee's subdivision of outlot 110 in Cajrbondale; ?1750. Harry C. -Ingersoll to' -C. S. Scott, lot 1 of TJniTersity Place, being a subdivdston; oT outlet 110 and lots 139, and 140 of^Brsrw;ster.'s .eecond tion in Carbondaie;! $4050. ." ' TRANSFERRED TO CHICAGO RAILROAD OFFICES: Sam Brown, Fred Pabs*' and Donald Carter,, who have been employed by the Illinois Central' ini the accounting department in the Centralia division office lor the past .few months, .spent the.,.day ..with- relatives, here.' - ,They ; leave- tonight-for Chicago, having been transferred-"to the .ac«nmtine ; department : of -the I:', c'. offices "there; •''•••'' . Former New York Assemblyman Getsr . Ten Years for Preaching Criminal Anarchy. New York, Feb. .12.—Five to . ten,years in stale prison was .the.Kentertee- inrposed .in rhe supreme court on Ben- - jnmin Gitlo-vv, former- Bronx iisjsembly- mnn, who was convicted of yiolnting'. the state's criminal. ana'rc'iy .statute The' charges, .were preferred as'tlie.-- result of articles advocating the over- throw of go\eruinent by.force, were published: in the--Reyolutienary.-' Age, of which .Gitlbw-was business--' manager. .' . . ' Gitlow's- sentence -Js the ran 'which conld be imposed for the*oiTens*-- of.which he was convicted. His co«n>-" sel moved for a new.trial nriij^an-ar^- rest ;of judgment,: but tboth motions;were denied and? Gitlow-'whs tnlceri'to.-- Sing Sing prison .to begin' his sentence.-.-.

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