Independent from Long Beach, California on May 20, 1957 · Page 2
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, May 20, 1957
Page 2
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r ;^TO.t/^-£^^ ' · ·'.'·..'.· :»-·: -^,.^ Atv-^m , ,\ .·,'»-·' .' ' »;V».'.i :;V?*;-;."ivV. #*.'. '^i ^- .*u,L ? -'':iV . v r^^.," 1 «v»' i ^'-i v;-.;"rV v. t :-yv^-p ' . ; f »i:-VV ; .w^^s^^-y^j/fc"/:'^':^- ·-.·;.' , ?' ' ..V , i ' Page A-2-INDEPENDENT "' -- ' - ' - ,?,sU '- · '-· ···*· , Mam, Star M. IMT , VV- . . . ...: · By TEDD XHOMEY Every year tbout this time, a unique kind of mad- nets breaks out In a small section of New Orleans. ATTENDANTS at the clty'i Audubon Zoo flap around more excised than the captive birds. REASON FOR ALL the hubba hubba Is the annual attempt of -Jo and Crip--a couple of rare whooping crane*--to raise a family. WHOOPINO CRANES born In captivity have · bad habit of dying after a few days. . SHORTLY BEFORE midnight Saturday the world'* 28th ' whboper pecked Its way out of an egg laid by Jo, The little guy , was pretty tired when he climbed out, having been pecking away , stefcdlly for nearly IS hours. '', · THE CHICK was reported "doing fine" Sunday. It even took ' · t few wobbly steps In the grass near the nest ' THE Zoo attendant! were, pretty wobbly, too, as they luf- -J feiied through long hours of watching Jo's eggs through a high- powered telescope atop a nearby building. Their vigil Is by no r meXns over, since another of Jo's.eggs Is also ready to hatch, , probably today or Tuesday. ; THIS IS the third time Jo and Crip have tried to raise · family. Two eggs which made headlines In 1955 were crushed ac- eldfrntally. ' · IN 19M, A SNEAKS' owl carried off one newly-hatched - chick. A fungus killed another after It had managed to survive for 43 days. ' ·THIS YEAR we're keeping our fingers crosied," commente too superintendent George Douglass. "Maybe we'll be lucky." , Phantom Strikes Again ^ TM7, norylran frightening (anrt far more gruesome) than any fiction In Wlerd Stories magazine. Furthermore, It was supposed to be true. ASSOCIATED PRESS reported that taxi drivers In Iran's southern oil section of Abadan are threatening a strike to protest the failure of police to catch a "killer driver." ' IN RECENT MONTHS, 16 driven have been slain on lonely roads by a man operating a taxi. IN RECENT MONTHS, 16 driven have been slain on lonely roads by a man operating a taxi. . UNCONFIRMED reports say the murderer has vowed to kill 60 drivers (an even five dozen) to avenge his daughter's kid- naping by a taxi man. *····* * * · * /in Rriaittv In Parte ' the Sundav new »* on origine ^^j. .. Journt i du DI ( manche" reported that a young Frenchman has decided to dl /' vorce hit wife because she looks too much like movie "sex kitten" ' . Brigltte Bardot. ; · THE FRENCHMAN'S wife Is nearly a double of the pert ,;' actress. She Is the same age--21--and she recently underwent ', · «n operation to have her nose changed to look more 1 like Brigltte'a. · WHEN SHE returned from the hospital, the wife found this ij, note from her husband: S- "DEAR Pt Would like to have a wife who resembled only ' herself. When I want to seo Brigltte Bardot, I go to the movln." HE ADDED this P.S: "Let me know when you resemble Marilyn Monroe. I prefer Marilyn to firigltte." ___ UJ _ TH-Jtf*, 'i; Weather^ High an4 l*w Umptnitiirtt at r*. · p*rta« by tha UnIM SUtM Wuthar Lani g« An H. U. 71 MOhla. City i , 7217 . Lai Vtgaa Bortm _____ _________ gtlta 72 M Omaha 77*4 ChlMg* . . . Ciivttantf j M 80 D*nv«r 77 4S Cut M*ln*a H 47 Ditrolt l p«lrMnkt,An»1 SI TS NiwOrlaanafl 71 NtwVorK · N . U . M48 ·5 4! PhMnlx Plltiburqh , Partland ' ^ f. at. Louli .i M * SI. Paul 'ft U 41 Salt Uaka 4l44SanPran«lM*1 « u si MM Swttli Thermal M M TIOM' Wuhlngttn High tlda tm.y will ba 1.1 f«tt at 4.*» p.m. and l«w tldti will ba O.I f*at at *|24 a.m. and 2.1 ftat at, High tldia Tuwdiy will b« 1.1 tnt at 1H4 a.m. and 4.1 fnt t 6i2S p.m. and law tld» will ba 0.1 fMl at 10111 a.m. and 2.2 mt at 1li*T.p.m. ·unrlM «|4I. tunuti 7)60. U.S. Colonel, Wife | Injured in Israel ^ i' TEL, AVIV, Israel UP--Col. David Peterson, U. S. air attache here, and his wife were seriously Injured and taken to a hospital after an automobile accident Mar Tel Aviv Saturday night Mrs. Peterson, formerly private secretary to ex-Secretary of State George. C Marshall, waa driving a sport* car when It skidded Into a ditch. Franco at Ceremony GRANADA, Spain (* -- Gen. Francisco Franco, Spanish chief of state, attended the closing ceremony of the Fourth National Eucharlitlc Congress Sunday. ! NEWBORN CRANE AND PAPA , The little bit of down at the left Is the world's 28th whooping crane, born shortly before midnight Saturday In Audubon Zoo, New Orleans. Father Crane, Crip, is the baby-sitter. A second egg, at Crip's right, Is due to hatch soon. For further details, see World Around column, Page A-2.--(AP) Byrd Will Head Probe to Halt Inflation Peril WASHINGTON W) -- S e n. In terms of pre-war purchasing Byrd (D-Va) said Sunday he will direct a forthcoming Senite monetary Investigation toward halting what he described a t h r e a t . o f " r u i n o u s nflatlon." ^ · · --"· Byrd heads the Senate Fl lance Committee which 1s un ertaklng an Investigation of he Elsenhower administration's tight money" policies. Some democrats contend Increased nterest rates' under these poll' les contribute directly to ln flatlng the cost of livnlg. .-. ."Nothing c o u l d be ' more ruinous to IH than Inflation," Byrd said In an interview. "We ave had a large measure of It Iready to the point where the ollar is worth only 48 cents Chinese Kidnap v Victim Released SINGAPORE * -- Um Soon lileng, Chinese contractor, was reed by kidnapers early Sun- ay after being held 66 hours In ilck jungle In the western part f Singapore Island. Urn disappeared Friday morning after lg- orlng a written demand for 0,000 Malayan dollars ($3,290 US.) . - After his release, Llm said iree Chinese stopped Ms car, llndfolded him and toolr him nto the jungle where he was :arved and beaten. The ransom as bellved to have been paid y his family, but police would ot confirm it power. · · · · · - "One of the belt things PresI- dent Elsenhower did when he came Into office was to stabilize the dollar and halt rising costs. But now we seem to be starting all over again with a budgetary spending spree." Life; THE SCRAMBLE to get th job to be vacated by Herb Legg speeded Up lait week. - · * ' · · " r. 1 -/ First formal announcement came from Tbonuu H. Erwln of Pnenta, who ban been In the State Assembly lor 15 THAT MEANS he knowi how to get votes and must have a good record. ' · · J "'"i ^'' i ' He la not wen known here «r la LaiewwxJ--but he U In the northern put of the dla- trtct. . : , . . :;»; v ^ IT IS AN INDICATION of the kind of competition to be expected in next year** canv palgn. .. - · ' · ' a ' a · ! « · - · · . - · Herb Leer hM dbappolnted aome who were hopeful he would resign and let the Governor appoint his ano- oetaor. forum Finds Papers n Red China Dull HONG KONG W--A forum jf journalists In Pelptng agreed hat Red China needs brighter irwipapers with human-Interest :orles and advertising. Pelplng ladlo said the forum criticized he present-day C o m m u n i s t papen for "lack of timeliness and brevity." .-.- , . INDEPENDENT arrtar Dallvary __ fMO HMO dally naapt aundiy al Mxtti St. and PlM AM., Lang Mail) t, Calif. Bntand u Hcand liu matMr Mir. 17, 1MI, a« Lang Bueh i Calif. Adjudicate by tuwrlar Caurl, Lai AngtlM C»uny, OM, «, Ml, *raa Na. C.10MO, APPARENTLY H E R B lleves the people have the right to pick their own supervisor, .:;····/·-,-:··· .-· ·»-*,· He could have nuda nme . good deals U he had been willing to sell out . . BUT IT IS APPARENT Is going to stay on and let the boys fight for It MRS. OEANOR ROOStmT INDORSES AMAZIN« NtW HEARING INVENTION KTI. Slttmr E«M«nlt ail at* Jtlmd *thr pnnlMUt AniHluni ud pMpli Inm ill w.lki .f lid la G UIir a »TMlnll«n»7 mw k«r- d«T«ctll»-TliLlit»«.-'II nrUlnlr kmUi a ntw tij fir tt» hint ·( hi.rtni," «U Hn. RMM- nit r««ntl7. Ctnllnilni, tbt addrfi "If pxpU mlj kntw vktl a nMlitlm ud a 111 Tbf LISTENER li. thir mid »t f«r a m»m«m httlUM «» w»« tni. Thli li tki Aril aMrinr ild that ·iMtlrfltinrBMd*. I didn't rwllM a horlir au titld b« M fMd a* ail." OTMION HIUNia J10 Hum A»^, lull* 1010 iMg SmK-HI a^MI , Dm» 8tuOtt 205 E. 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