Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 7, 1929 · Page 6
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1929
Page 6
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''-> \. THE AtTOONA MIRROfe-THURSPAY. STATE IS WILLING TO PAY ITS DEBTS * HARRTSBtJRG, Nov. 7.—Pong Bing ct the Wnh Hing company, 1'nn Choa Chin, China, within n. few days will receive from General Mnrlin, stale treasurer, a check for $1.69. Nine cents of this amount la interest, nnd SI.60 is the sum forgotten by Pong Bing, when he returned to Chinn. It was eschealed to the stateby the Farmers' Deposit bank of Pittsburgh. General Martin today si) id that at »very meeting the board of llmincH nnd revenue is asked to act. on claims for refund of moneys whieh have been escheated to the rr.imnomvenUM because of tho fact that de,,,,siI,,™, In banks have suddenly tliscover,. 1 >f er ii Dcriod of vears that, their inoncys have long since be-n reportedn« tin, claimed by the banks, and therefre under the Inw. turned over to <"' " t« treasury. These clnims come in v.iiy- Ing amounts, mostly small, for the teason that it Is not often that n person having a large. » "" < 1(1 iy'""; In a bank would forget, about it.. I ho claims also come from residents of various parts of the world. 1-or in- Btance, a man might lmv« been temporarily residing in Pennsylvania sornr years ago, having nn nreount in a bank and upon his departure, for his native country might have forgotten to draw out the balance. The Chinaman, Pong Bing Home Veers after he returned to China r • numbered his $1.«0 and wroln to tho p"u«h bank, whieh by that time had turned over the money to the stale trnasurv The bank notllled the hoard of finance nnd revenue of Pong Sing's demand for his money, and the refund was authorized. The check was sent to Pan Choa, China, but returned unclaimed, because of insufficient address. Several days ago the remittance was again put in the mulls. l ' Other nationalities arc frequently represented in claims f or refund of moneys escheated. At the October meeting of the board there was an interesting claim by heirs of one John -.Orsech, deceased. This mailer carne 'tin through the Polish cousulnte In New York, The reason the. money waa oBChen.tod to the commonwealth waa because originally the enrfn wan In the hands of the Austro-Himgarlan consul, acting on behalf of the representatives of the estate, but. was neglected when after the war the hrfr« to this estate became Pol sb HiibJeclH by reason of the acquisition of tcirl- tory by the Polish republic. It was further complicated by a. change of name. The original account was in the name of Kuwadu, but it came up in the matter of the estate of John Or•«oh. Accompanying the claim wan an affidavit as follows, giving an interesting reason for the change of name: "Appears Kozalja Cabtt-jown. nee Za. wada, age 3D. Catholic, housewife ro- aidlng in Chmlclow. county of Tar- hobrzeg. and after being instructed on th« importance and «acrednes« of oath, being duly s\Vorn in, declares: "I state w&h fulf poflltlvenens that Walenty Zawanaa is Identical with • John Orsech, at'd I state this on the strength that abh'Ut one or two ycnrs beforl the World war, Walenty Za- •wada, who is my tather, wrote a let- tor from America to his wife, and my mother, Kunegunda Jtawada, In which ' Utter he informed thai he committed *. minor transgression, " ttra . e y',;)° 'killed * certain parrot, and that being •fraid of the penalty, ho Bought out a new job and changed his Jiama from Utah's Governor a Hunter WORN STOCKINGS WOVEN INTO RUGS •Governor (!pnrR« II. Dnrn <»f lUnli is Ji mighty Inintei—and this picture iiliovn proves II. When frco train gubernatorial duties, he packs hid limitlnif oiitlll, itrnliM n, lilKli-pownred rtile, and hies away to southern Ululi. Thin fliio »pprlinen was Imfrlccd on n recent trip. fine themselves td mafclrlg W« and uapestrles out of hosiery aftd lingerie. They alito produce toys, brooms, fur- nltufe, household linens, window- shades, capes, dressing apparel -and other things. . ' With the exception of the toys all passed out among Walenty Zawadn. to John Orsech, and requested 'that when replying to ad- dross the letter to John Orsech." GREAT "VARIETY OF TREES FOUND IN PENNSYLVANIA irARRISlumor~Nov. 7.—The great miijorlly of the 11.0 trees that occur in PennHylvanitt grow in the rich forest floral of the .Simquehnnna. The headwaters of tho river flow through the while pine and hemlock region, where the scenes of lumber- in),' <ln.y» were liild. 'Hardwoods, also —birch, beech nnd maple—and the temporary aspen-fire cherry typo which has succeeded the original trees in cut-over areas, are found in thin region. As the stream travels southward it, reaches the ureas which are the meeting place of all evergreen tree* in the state. Protection from forest fires ..has greatly Improved this region. The prostrate juniper, Pennsylvania's most unique tree, grows a little below Harrlsburg. Along the lower reaches nf the river the largc- leavud magnolia or umbrella tree which benrs leaves two feet long ean be found. Here also is the Christmas holly. The principal trees of the swamp Colds Best treated without dosing—Just rub on mrdwood forests along the Susque- is.nna are river birch, silver and ash- eaved maples, sycamores, willows, bluck ash.'Hwamp hickory, white oak, and walnut. Back on the hills are red maple, black gum and tulip tree. Between the capital city and the southern border of the state, the Sus quehanna touches one the oak-hickory type. more class — This type is e - . found In the woodlots of farming valleys and mingles with other types. Thn wild life makes these forests very Interesting. B,r WON K. CHAMBEIU-AIN, Stuff Correspondent. .TASKSONVILLE, 111., Nov. 7.—. Luxurious silk stockings and dainty lingeries which have completed terms of! service to feminine wearers need no longer be cast aside as just so imich rubbish. A new use In which charity is the beneficiary has been discovered for them. , It consists of their transformation into silk wall tapestries and rugs by the Inmates of the Illinois State hospital here. Mrs. Emma Bn.yne, chief occupational therapist at the institution, is the discoverer of the outlet for this variety of women's wearing apparel. As a result of this new use of worn hosiery and frayed lingeries Mrs. Bayne is being flooded with parcels from women's clubs and women's auxiliaries of the American Legion, containing these articles. With these materials to draw on, ex-soldiers and other patients here for treatment are being taught how to make tapestries and rugs. According to Mrs. Bayne this kind of occupation is most beneficial to patients on the theory, that "busy hands make for contented minds" and gives the unskilled worker a trade to follow when he leaves the institution. Their products, she said, are not made with a view to competing with outside industry. No sale, of their work is permitted. The articles are either used in the hospital here or sent to other institutions throughout the state. / One huge round rug which lay until recently just outside of the office of Governor L. L. Emmerson at Springfield, was an object of much admiration, was the product of occupational workers here. The stockings and lingerie received here are assorted according to grades and colors. Then the tops and feel are cut off and the stocking is cut ..hese. things are state institutions. The toys are reserved for a hrlstma» spree. i*Liai>H«un »('**•'*'• On Christmas eve under-privileged children of this community are the guests of the patients and officials. 31ose to 1,000 toys are given away at .his party. MAIUNE TO UAKON. GLASGOW, Nov. 7.—Sergeant Ful- t|iie Agnew served as a marine with his buddies, but no one can call him 'high-hat" because lie was a Scotish baron. In fact, no one knew it until he Had obtained a discharge from the base at Shanghai to go home and assume his title. He is now known as "Sir" instead of "Sergeant Agnew." Into half through a needle. inch strips and pulled shuttle with a darning great THIS AMD T.HAT. In Shreveport, La., a puppy was stolen from the porch of one T. B. Renois. A baby with a broken jaw was left in its place. The baby died. * • « In Racine, Wis., Edward and Mary Sieger commemorated their golden wedding wedding anniversary by be- ng remarrjed. Mrs. Sieger fell dead at the end of the ceremony. * « • >> In Bucharest, Rumania, a, woman knelt In grayer at the base of a holy statue. The earth rocked, the statue fell 6n the Woman,, the only person killed by the quake. .'."*•*» Near Harrlsnufg, Pa., sauntered a bear cub, proceeding leisurely through several hamlets. • Natives, surprised, gaped, brie Frank L. Hotter, himfod, •jeized • a gun, hot the bear. Around the neck of the animal was a, collar with the name of the owner. The" beat- had escaped from a commercially operated cave, several miles away. , In Brooklyn one John Hume, elevated train motorman, saw what he thought was a man lying acrosp the tracks. Stopping the train he climb-, ed 'out, saw the figure was that' of a police dog. Picking up the dog, he hauled it' to the train, put is aboard climbed up after it. He had barely started that train when a second elevated roared around the' curve and into the rear section of the Irst trair). filght -persons Were injured, Hume suffered a broken arm. Platei $12 and tip Painless Extracting Sleep Air or Novornln (Asleep) of (AWnke) Teeth filled without tain. Plates repaired while you wait, Very moderate prices. Open evenings. Free examinations. Pfcon* 2-B082. DR. SXETI-BU, 4th Floor. Taka elevator to 4th floor, Schulte Cleat Store Bldg.. llth Ave. and 12tb St. Entrance next to Kranioh'B Jewelry Store. > WV^^V m^V KiiV* > # 1 You Can Earn Money \ \ $300 in Cash Prizes f KLINE BROS. Service — Reliability — Low Prices . .' 1305 Eleventh Ave. \ Christmas ^ i Treasure Hunt Contest i * s • ' T OtATtBtS OtfiftS* BOO*S. PLEASANT HILL, Mo., Nov. t— Jacob Miller, who bought a pair of boots seventy-one years ago when he was 24 years old, and still wears them, claims, they are the oldest pair of boots in existence. STORE A«thOTl»,cd Dealers Pay Week Jacquard Velour Suites Of three magnificent pieces, including, button,back fireside chair, club chair and roomy davenport. All pieces have loose, spring filled, reversible cushions. .. ........... . ............... .... Walnut Mohair Suites ^|^ ^ O* | ?m, I %&/ JL » This suite, consists of three pieces as pictured above and the construction is the same as any high priced suite. All pieces are entirely covered with excellent quality Mohair and have loose, spring flllcd, reversible cushions..: ..... ...... ..... ., lowest Credit Terms In the City Gately & Fitzgerald Credit Co. '. »• Corner Seventh St. and Eighth Ave. _^^ _ VAPOHUL MIU.ION JARS USED YEARLY Beautiful Fall HANDBAGS $1.95 $O.95 $£.95 KARASEK'S 1409 llth Are. at LIPPMAN'S IPor the man of action „ . . this Elgin LeK'" 1 '- naire. Up-to-the minute in style and accuracy. With flexible band. IS $37-50 of Great Pre-Christmas Values in Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry J.A' uiiliri-iiulion oj the rapidly approaching Chrislmas season we, have assembled in our store an exhibition of -Diamonds, Watches and Jewelry which M by far the most wonderful ever presented in this city. Special arrangements have been made to make your selection now a pleasure and a real convenience, \Vhy delay, come today or tomorrow. Don't worry about the money — convenient weekly or monthly payments will be cheerfully extended. Convenient Credit Terms Onu of our feature values for Christinas giving! Fiery blue white Diamond in fashionable hand pierced 1BK solid white gold ring. $50.00 A ladies' E'giu of the newest design — famous Elgin movement in daintily engraved case, flexible bracelet to match, $17-50 Diamond Ring ... a lifetime gift!' Fiery blue white Diamond In modern hand carved 18K white or green gold setting. $100.00 Fashion'B uewfHt In line quality Mesh Bugs. Smart deuigns, beautifully colored. $5.00 One of the- muny new rrralions in CottuniL- Jewelry now here for your selection. Color- iul stone pendants. $6.50 Beauty and grace aUtlfully combined. Brilliant Zircon, Em- crudu, Amethyst or Sapphire in solid whitu gold ring. $15*00 iUIIPIPMA THE BIG LOAF FOR THE BIG JOB A-l quality flour—rich and nutritious — A-l quality milk — only wholesome milk is used — A-l baking — nearly 50 years' experience. • and a big, modern bakery — A*l quantity — a big loaf that cuts generous slices and more of them — A-l cleanliness — modern, sanitary methods and each loaf in a sealed waxed wrapper — A-l flavor — rich and creamy — the kind of bread you like —' \ A-l means O. K. — it's the kind of bread that' Altoona families have wanted — here it is — buy it and try it. Delivered fresh to your grocer twice daily. In the Real Wrapper for Large Families. In the B/^e Wrapper for Small Families. OF/ALTOONA

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