The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 24, 1906 · Page 1
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 1

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Monday, September 24, 1906
Page 1
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CHILLICOT Hard Coughs *j ^^^ Have you forgoiten mat family history of yours, with its tendency to weak lungs? Your „ .„ „ . — doctor has not, if you have' He vin tell you the special danger of hard coughs in your case. Then ask him what he thinks about your taking Ayer's -Cherry Pectoral. If he says it is a good medicine, why not take it? ^ e i=avo no secrets < wopubush j c AyerCo ——.•« •^•—-~ | , in i_n.ijp.j i ^Jjg^qgg^jaoof an ourmedicinea ! I/owpll. Maes' is WILD GATS" VICTORIOUS. !. HUNTER TO CALIFORNIA. From tln-Tivntiiii Kr-piililicnn-Trlbunn. . Dr. Wilbur C. Hunter presented The "'Wild Cats" base ball team of this city defeated the Utica nine t,- at the latter place Sunday after- . resignation Friday as eecretarj , of the Trenton Ice company and j the same has been accepted. It is not known who will be his sue cessor. Dr. Hunter has been in poor health all summer and los heavily of his weight. He noon by a pcore of 3 to 1. Tho game'was called at tho end of the seventh inning on account of darkness. Kleia for the Wild Cats dished an assortment of: curves for the Utica boys that made monkeys out of them. Warner was on the rubber ' go lo California 'spend the winter the Utica boys and pitched a Bood! ^eV"^ 1 " 1 " 011 U steady game and was given tho best of support. "operating effective Oct- CASE CONTINUED. The hearing of William Summer?, j who was arrested on a charge of intent to kill S. W. Gee of Hickory called and renewed for the CONSTITUTION, Monday. Mr. Gee h<s been a reader of the CONSTITUTION for 0 A , : . , , , Johnston's court Monday moraine forty-two years and feels that he j ,,,,,;] n . tr hor * c «'"'"K T , , ' , ... I uat u Uctober f>. Summers was could cot get along without it. n . tr hor * c Uctober f>. Summers j jeieased ou §500 bond. NOIMORE DISTURBANCES PECTED IN ATLANTA EX- WITNESSES TO IOWA. The witnesses in the case of tho .State of Iowa against Whitehall, Stanton and Johnston, the three men arrested in this city Decem- Governor Terrell Says that Martial Law is Unnecessary—Negro Lynched at East Point. O UR DRESS GOODS DEPARTMENT never was so complete as it is this Fall and, at the low prices we have put on the goods, we have reasons to believe they should be fast sellers. We have all the latest cloths including, Broadcloths, Roxanas, Serges, Henriet- tas, Mohairs, Prunellas, Solid, Taffetas, Panamas, Voils, Batistp, Fancy Plaid Suitings, Cravenettes, etc., in all the new shades, Black, Navy, Brown, Tans, Greys, Creams, Green?, Reds, also Fancy Plaids and Mixtures. CONSTITUTION Special Atlanta, Ga., Sept. 21—The race war begun here Saturday evening is at an end, according to Governor Terrell, who said at noon that no further disturbances were ex- S pected. He claims that martial aw is unnecessary. Ten negroes are known to have been elain by ;he mob. A crowd stormed the jail at East Point, six miles from Atlanta, early this morning and took from his cell a negro accused of point- ng a weapon at the city marshal. 3e was hanged to a telegraph pole and his body riddled with bullets. Atlanta.fGa., Sept. 23.—At mid- ight heavy firing was heard in 'ittsburg, several miles south of the city, a negro settlement. It is reported that a battle between militia and negroes is being fought. Two more companies have been been dispatched to the scene. Telephone wires are down and street car service has been withdrawn on many suburban line?. Repeated fire alarms indicate ZIEFLE'S ASSAILANT FINED Kruiii tin' Kansiis '.!Uy World. L. C. Rogers was fined §150 this morning for an offense he com- ber 22, charged with" blowing"^ BUT DATE OF GOVERNOR'S VISIT £ tt D d efeoUv fl e 0 s llth H;Sma 0 n S safe at the Udell, Iowa bank loft | |g [jfjQjrBTAjH Ghent saw.Rogers tip toe up behind Otto Z e':le,a law student from Clay county, at Thirteenth and Fever Has Robbed Executive of McGee'streets, and without warn- Flesh and Vigor and He Must Re- ing strike tho latter, knocking main Under Doctor's Cara i him down. Tho officers arrested IRotrers. Zielle was ill for a. long i time and gave Monday afternoon for Centerville, Iowa. This is the second trial of these men and the State has a surprise to spring at the coming trial which will no doubt convict the men. Among tho Chillicotho witnesses who left Monday afternoon were: Officers Maurice Dorney and George Purdum, Bert Vanlaningham, Bert Talent, George Wagner, Floyd Saunders a-\d Karl Blanchard. Thomas Twooney, who clerked at the Farmers' hotel at tho time the men were arrested here, but is now working in Kansas City arrived Sunday afternoon and accompanied the Chillicothe- ans to Centerville. Twooney is the main witness in the case. Jefferson City, Sept. 2'2— Gover- j here. nor Folk visits the capitol every j up his studies day but is not tho same incendiaries. Two pi eminent physicians on a quiet street were fired upon by negroes at 11 o'clock tonight, but were not hurt—neg- roes escaped. '•" More than fifty arrests have been made of members of last night's mob, charging incitement to riot. Five hundred dollars bond has been required in each case. No names of prominence are found on the list. BUY mm LAREDO TAKES SUNDAY'S GAME BY THE SCORE OF 14 TO 4. Chillicotha Boys Went up in The Air in The Fourth Inning When They Had the Game Won 4 to 0 Fred Danze, a saloonman, went vigorous ou Rogers's bond for $25. Rog- Folk his friends over tho state ers did not appear in police court are used to seeing. His experien- ' next day. Mr. Danze came in and ce with the fever has robbed him ' pa j c i the bond. The judge told of several pounds of Hush and his him if Rogers was ever caught his voice came near leaving him. Ho f money would bo refunded. Mr. Danzo got his money today. WARRANT ISSUED MONDAY FOR HARRY KNIGHT j Makes'its presence knotfn Is Said to Have Forged a Check oa Ed Kay For $5 and Cashed it at Bundall's Second Hand Store will havo to remain under his physician's caro for a week or' so Rogers said today he thought before he can deliver a public ad- ' z; e t\ 0 was a man wno paying Nine men from Chillicothe went to Laredo Sunday afternoon to play the Laredo base' ball team. When they arrived at tha railroad city the boys were in the pink of condition and had the game cirjch- ed right away. After the full nine innings had been played the Chillicothe boys changed their mind as the Laredo team trampled them in the dirt and when the dust cleared away the score stood 11 to •J in favor of the railroad boys. dress. The demand for Folk speeches over tho state aa usual is greater than the supply. The Governor is arranging his itinerary and expects to be able to start out in about ton days. He will visit every section of the state, but will not bo able to cover tho ground as he did in 1901. Chillicothe is on tho Governor's list though no dates are yet settled, his physical condition making that impossible at present. He expects to reach Chillicothe the third week in October, some time around the JOth-to the 22nd. Governor Folk told the CONSTITUTION representative yesterday that he was as keenly disappointed as the people of Livingston county possib.y could have been because of his inability to spoak at the Good Roids convention. KILLED IN KANSAS CITY John Campbell, a former resident of Wheeling and a brother of Mrs, John Cover of this city, was attention to his wife. The Ziefle referred to in the above article is William Ziefle, formerly of this city. It transpired that Rogers was entirely mistaken about Ziefle ever having paid any attention to Mrs. Rogers, he mist iking the former Chillico- thean for another man. TRIBUNE DEAL NOT MADE YET Negotiations which havo been pending for several weeks for the purchase of the Chillicothe Tribune by Ed H. Smith of Chula had not boon brought to a successful termination ; Monday afternoon. Mr. Smith was quoted Saturday as saying that the deal was practically closed. Monday Judge D. A. French, one of the publishers of thcTTribune, said that no deal had been made. It is understood that local friends of Thomas Niodringhaus, chairman of the state Republican The team which Chillicothe Sunday represented was not of MILLINERY DEPflBTMENT. This Department is Second to None. We have spared no pains in trying to make this one of the best Millinery Departments in Chillicothe. Our Hats ai%j made strictly up- to-the-minute in style, and we can show as new creations in hats as you will find in larger cities and at a less price than you can buy elsewhere. Judging from the amount of hats we have sold and the great amount of nice hats, shows us th3f this department is right. You are making a mistake in buying a hat before seeing us. EAST SIDE SQUARE - - CHILLICOTHE, MO. )• T I I I "I " * i. ; ± He Was Not Found. Mr. Robert Miller was the man wearing the Patriot #4.00 Star Brand shoes last Saturday. He was not asked about them, so we will have someone else wear a pair Saturday; September 29th, find the right ; person and ^ei a pair of ?4.00 shoes free. You had better ask the man wearing the old as well as the new. . ^ftrant & Son. Atlanta, Ga., Sept. 23.—The race war which began here last night, has been checked by the military, and tonight at 11 o'clock Atlanta was quiet, though there were reports of rioting in the suburbs. WANT BAILEY OUSTED. Fort Worth, Tex. Sept. 23 — Democratic newspapers ail over Texas published an appeal to President Roosevelt today that he investigate the course of Senator Joseph Weldon Bailey and that the administration aid in driving him from the Senate unless he jean vindicate himself of the accusation that while a member of the United States Senate he is the representative of corporations whose interests are opposed to the public's interest represented by Mr. Bailey as senator. The appeal will be sent to President Roosevelt direct. The first of the charges is that Bailey, while holding the office of United States senator, acted as the representative of the Standard's Waters-Pierce Oil company and succeeded in reinstating that company in business in Texas after it had been outlawed. The second charge is that Bailey ;Kas been the active manager of certain corporations in Tennessee that are controlled by H. C. Pierce and other Standard Oil men. News pipers that had supported Bailey have changed front suddenly, and in leading editorials they condemn him as a traitor to his trust and a rool of the Standard. In twelve counties, Democrats are circulating petitions calling for county conventions for the purpose of instructing state representatives and senators to repudiate Bailey at the next election. base ball fame. There were four of tho old Athletics with tho team but they were unable to defeat tho nine from the north. Pond was placed in the center of the diamond for the home boys and was pitching good ball when iu tho fourth inning the score stood 4 to Oin favorof the Chillicotheaiis, the umpire gave a_jotten decision and the boys went up in the air. Bradley caught a good game and was highly complimented for his work behind the bat. j Tolston and Thomas wore at the points for Laredo and their work was good. Sunday afternoon's game probably will wind up the base ball season in Chillicothe this year. A.. E. Nay of Wheeling was a killed in Kansas City late FriJay I committee, and possibly Mr. ' --".- «• Kiedringhaus himself, are interested in seeing ttie transfer made. As matters now stand tho Nicd- evening by a steuin roller. Mr. Campbell was engineer on tho roller whichi was rolling a street alongside which was a deep ditch. The roller .[got too close to tho edge and fell over in the ditch onto Campbell. He started to jump when his oant leg became entangled and he went down with the machine. The remainj were shipped to Wheeling Sunday and interred in the Wheeling cemetery. 0. L. SMITH SPECIAL JUDGE. The September term of Livingston county circuit court opened Monday morning. O. L. Smith was elected special judge. No case was tried but tho day was spent iu filing answers. Court adjourned this afternoon until Saturday when Sheriff Yeomans will sell several pieces of land he has advertised for sale after which A state warrant was issued Monday morning for the arrest of Harry Knight for [forging the name of Ed Ray to a check for So. Knight went to the second hand store of O. F. Randall on South Locust street and asked Mr. Randall to cash the check. The proprietor refused to cash tho check but Jin a short time he stepped from the store and Knight returned and Ed Chapin, who works for Mr. Randall, cashed the Check. Constable McCarthy spentMon- day morning looking for Knight but was unable to locate him. Knight had worked for J. E. Meek several days paving Calhoun street but had quit Saturday. He had been in the city aboutjtwo weeks.' While here he went well dressed and one would think him a prosperous business man. It is thought Knight has left the city and the officers will send descriptions of tha man t J the 'nearby towns with hopes of apprehending him before ho leaves the state. cutaneous eruptions, inflamed eyelids, sore ears, catarrh and wasting diseases. Hood's SarsaparSHa Effects permanent cures. Telegraph Positions Offered Just received a letter from the Rock Island Uiulroad offering ;i station in Daviess county. Mo., salary ••f.'JO a month at lii'.st. No nuestion about opportunities, teni'oll any day. Maupin's College 'TiTc POSITION SCHOOL" Chillicothe, Mo. IEIIAFI cothe. f ±. I I JU WILLORCANIZESUNDAYSCHOOi \ West Jackson, Sept. 20.—(Spell cial Correspondence)—Corn cutting is in full blast on all sides. Homer Kesler is very sick. The meeting at Wa'irut' Grove •was well attended Sunday and ; arrangements were made to organize a Sunday school there on the first Sunday in October. .-Mr. and Mrs. Sloan of Hale are j! visiting their daughter, Mrs. Vic- '.j toria Miller, and family. Miss Ethel Bo^le is spending few days in Chillicothe and her ;• father is running the switchboard. Will .the raao and boys, who are I interested in the; Jones cemetery jpleasejneet there, Qct. 4 to cat the j.,weeds, plean^up the grqunds and Copyright 1906 by Hart Schaffncr £3" Marx riughaus men havo little to recommend them in Livingston county. With a Kerens man , as candidate for Congress, another Kerens man as the nominee for state Senator and still other friends of Uncle Dick in charge of the party organ tho Niodriughaus men have boen having visions of vanishing pie. Tho acquisition of the Tribune under the editorship of Mr. Smith would be a step toward reestablishing thoirinfluence. DOWIE SAYS FAREWELL. Chicago, Sept. 23—John Alexander Dowie delivered his parting message to his followers in Shiloh house this afternoon. He expects to start for Mexico on (Tuesday. Ho talked of his plans !•»* : attended-Jfo £ -•** X ,?• 1 1 i<rw : i •! * i iHXlejr: of^committee,;' ->,. « ^ Monday business visitor in Chilli-'court will adjourn until the fourth to return to Zion City next summer and build a great mansion for the coming of Christ and the dawn of the millennium. But he said it was possible that the Lord might call him homo before that time. "I am not going to Mexico to stay," he said. "I want to build a great house on Mount Carmel to entertain the children of God. I feel that I must build it for the coming of the King. He will come soon. I believe that God will send his son to me when the time of the millennium comes. 'Live peaceable lives, my people. Get all the money you can, save all you can, and give all you can. You hnvo promised to pay your tithes u-^uUrly, and the first apostle noc'is ;i hule money now. •1 am not u sick man in many respects. My dUra^o is a broken heart. I have lived with Mrs. Dowie ior twenty-live years a broken-hearted man. She abused me every day. I don't know that I ever shall see her again. I shall bo a lonely man, but I want you to help me make my lot as easy as you can. If my wife repents 1 will joreiye her, but I never "will restore her to her former position." HOG MARKET HIGHER? CONSTITUTION Special. Kansas City, Sept. 2.4—Thu live stock market for today,as reported by Clay, Robinson & Cj., was as follows: Cattlo—Receipts 18000; market steady ; top SO 00. Hogs--Receipts 5,000; market 5c higher; bulk SO 30 to S0.45; top SC.57J..J. Sheep—10,000;steady to JOclow- er. Chicago, Sept. 21—Oattie—Receipts 30.000; market unchanged; .top SO 75. Hogs—Receipts 2S,000; market 5c to lOc higher; top §6 75. ;_"•' Mrs. Homer Chapman cf Brookin the city the guest of Mr. e. L. A. Chapjraan and fam CONSTITUTION Special. Havana, Sept. 24.—A committee of eight insurgents is to meet Secretary Taft today and the question of intervention by tho United States in Cuban affairs depends on this conference. Within an hour 0000 American blue jackets can be placed ashore and 15,000 troops be given directions to move. Peace is expected. Secretary Taft knows what attitude this country will assume but wants the republic, of Cuba to decide its own fate. THINKS SMOKERS DID IT. Professor John R. Pessler, president of the Stanberry Normal school, which was burned 'ast Thursday morning, was here Sunday the guest of Fred S. Hudson. Mr. Hudson formerly went to school to Mr. Fessler. Professor Fessler is not inclined to believe that the Bre which caused the destruction of the Normal was of incendiary origin. WHfHlQU flRE GETTING GLASSES (.let them riirht. Absolute satisfaction in the relief of Headache and Eyestra-in. A. B. MACDQNALD KAST SIDE OPTICIAN AND JEWELER. Have Sweet Cider Next May ««** * Preserve .some cider with Salicylio acid or of lime and you can swvet for a year. The this fall Sulphite keep it quantity used is so small thut it does not in t'ne least ailect the liavor of the cider and U entirely harmless. (.)ur Salicylic acid is the [Hire article, made? from winter-v. ^reen. You do not get this <ri"ido ;H all stores. Make sure 'of ifcctinjv riifht materials by coining here from Ui"iu. * * « * * * * < « * * * * 1C * * * * f Clark's Pharmacy "It probably said, "by boys was caused," he smoking in the Right in Front of You You see here an illustration of oiir HART. SGHAFFNER &- MARX 'Double Breasted Varsity. It's as wood looking in front as it is in the back, and it will look well on you. It's all-wool and all right in style, fit, tailoring and price. cupola. The place was little used and my idea is thatthe boys threw the stumps of their cigars among some rubbish, and that these smoldered there and set the building afire." Attorney L. A.. Martin transacted business in Sturges Monday. ..Henrietta Building.. CHJLLICOTHE, MIS SOUK!. Society and Clxibs * * Miss Selma Staton issued invitations Monday for a piano, recital to be given next Saturday afternoon at Miss Bishop's studio. A Well-known Business Man talking to a friend said, "One reason why I have given up the custom-tailor habit is that by getting a good make of ready- to-wear clothes I know exactly how they will look—whether the cut, style and material will be becoming or not. I have often selected material from the piece or from samples in a tailor shop, and when it was made up into a suit, did not care for it at all. The same applies to the style of cut. Besides, I have found by getting Kuppenheim- er Clothes I am sure of a perfect fit without the trouble of trying on more than once;" Clothes made by the House of Kuppenheim- er offer, a wide range for selection both in . fabric and style. There is individuality about every Kuppenneimer ~ garment—an elegance in material and fit* which impartjs an air of Copyright 1906 The House of Kuppenhelmer distinction to'thewear- er. We have a large assortment for your inspection^ W,

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