Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1964 · Page 25
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 25

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1964
Page 25
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IfoV A I'.-l ROBERT 4 lull |:KX tttt, rrt, f« n, I'M MURPUVS VIEWS Top Diplomat for 3 Presidents * ·*- · A - · . . Claims U.S. 'Bluffed' by Russ i · . · . . - . , · ' By JOHN' M. HIGIITOWTR ·' IP D**-".'* Mm EriW. · Robert Murphy, a top diplomat under three Presidents, b^jieves the United States riu made a costly series of bunders in dealing with Rus- i; i ·In a book to be published tqjjiy be suggests the United sites should develop a sterner" policy line. i . . . . RECALLING that in Us rally days America preferred fighting pirates rather than 'bribing them,*" Murphy de- utibes such a policy as "pre- fefrable to the recent easy pnpcedure of our government in* buying off Cubans and Russians." ){e also says that in the i:\tt of Cuba's Fidel Castro "r$ost Americans are dismayed at the willingness of tr fc United States government to« barter with and pay ran- £ojn to a hostile, sawdust dicta tor." ^lurphy's book. 'Diplomat Aicong Warriors," running Ujough 453 pages ia 40 years rif, history constitutes one of tr e most sweeping collections nfl criticisms of United States r»icy in World War 11. the Kycan War and the East- \\~tst crld war so far made finite hy * mon who was in "IT moM of the scvrit fl.»rn arjj nviny of trie tfp policy ^(tisions if those f a t e f u l «· \fnts. Communist systesu" 'north he ajretd uith the Murphy had relatively lim-i«ew »ut ~$* Communists ited ejroerience in the Far (w «« anxtous not to extend JFast but in the book V clear-] the war to the Chinese mainly disagrees with the policy I* 1 "!-" 'lire foveminj strategy in the "And I believed w» were Korean War, particularly the being bluffed out of a well- 'pdicy related to a negotiated earned victory in Korea, as I 'settlement. , . felt we had bftn in Berlin," . . · · I he writes. MURPHY SAYS that in the! If the United Slates had argument at the time over'pone into Korea without m- whether the U. S.-U. N. forces ternational allies "we would a major error in not cha!lens-;^"M «* full victory by have played to win.-Murphy In- the Soviet action witA""y°g '** fi S h ' '"" the declares. force. QUALITY at BARGAIN PRICES . BUSSES FOt ALL OCCASIONS ructo STOCK IN TOWN Ifz'ts 1 ti SI ill All Hill Jim 12 '£ f« ·· L«rf · ·! Th.y C«T« HICES US. J.I 5. Ml. MS. Ml *«i «f Oir SIMS Drum An Tirrifil out SMCUli LISS : 10% Polly Petite Frock Shop 111 I AH«Mic Aft. -- O»» t J« f« U* THE BERLlN.btockade, Murphy writes, provided one occasion "in my long career \v here I feel 1 should have resigned in public protest against Washington's policy." As Murphy sees the history of the co!d war, the United States attitude started with President Franklin D. Roosevelt's "grand design" which called for U. 5,-Soviet cooperation through the United Nation's to preserve world stability «nd peace after ' World War It, Murphy says that so far as he was concerned he was "not enthusiastic" about the United Nations which he said includes a variety at "'weak, inexperienced and selfish nations." IN DISCUSSING B e r l i n . Murphy says when the blockade was started, he and the ranking U. S. military man in Germany, Gen. Lucius D. Clay, proposed that force be used to break the blockade on the ground. Murphy said that in spite of election year complications President Harry S Truman "was more disposed than his military advisers'" to take the a c t i o n . But the military argued that U. S. power was inadequate because of rapid I post war demoralization. Murphy served as top U. S. States and Britain to 'get! On over-all German issues, in occupied Ger-!comprehensive written agree-^Murphy says the United UORLRT MURPHY ... Would Call the Bluff THE CRITICISMS, pose a diplomat m ^..-^^ ^« - t . ----- - , - - _ major policy question for the'many after World War II fotents with Russia covering States has so far come out future, because most of them 1 lowing up his work as chieftheir rights of access across ahead of Russia because even ari derived from MurpnyVdiplomatfc adviser to Eisen- East Germany to Berlin. He ( isolated Berlin has served as cciviction that on too many Wer when he was Supreme! Jso argues that when the a \\estem ftp°st in East occasions the United Statesllied Commander in Europe hai not been prominent m'during the war. obing a Communist "bluff.TM! . . NJr'does he feel that this, SUBSEQUENTLY Murphy cofcntry has been determined wa , tmbassador to Belgium nipugh in insisting on its and to Japaa |; e became n-.TM interests, or r e a d y d e p u t y undersecretary of rnough (o risk a showdown sute in la - x1 an3 un( jcrsecre- cven at the cost of war. l t jn J95 ,j s hortly before Wurp!,y J.URS"" that "j«' rtt irem V ^ ?*£ !\ F ! r f dlca J :y ! railed hy Sowt drnes for) , Russians blockaded Berhn in Germany and helped to show IMS the United States made up "the inadequacies cf the ri that as » rtt irement. His book takes its title h o( | his carter ^as S pcnt in clo-e 1 l s . m,li- ; his carter ^as S TMy association , hhl Jrrin doctrine- tmploycd by' t , rvof , ic , r , th* Kremlin to obscure Its; 1 "' ot!lccr! - i · aressive threats and pres- Among actions which Mur-, i3cs in various pans of the P^ tr*^ " WunJe« or \\i-td. ' mistakes, he mentions Prcsi- *'Even today." · M u r p h y dent PTM 1 , D - *!!? xhow "" $ tayi. -there are those in decision in May I960 to take rlices cf innuence who have 'personal resppnsibihty for the .civinced themselves that a "2 reconnaissance p l a n e c i i o p e r a t i v e understanding nights over Russia. , \v$h Moscow and even with' Murphy is sharply critical; Piking can be arranged." 'of the failure of the United IB J B W« Post. Offices Elcclric. Bills » LAST LANSING. Mich. IB ing to shut off the lights in -$ President Johnson wants post offices when they are: lijhts in the nation's post of- not in use? I do want you to, fi^es turned off when not in go on an cctmomy binge,'" u *, just as they are in tr^Belen reported. %\T.jte Houie, reports a top ( Other economy measures. pital aide. ,Belen said, win be eHrnina- Deputy U. S. Postmaster .tion of some 5,000 jobs, clcs- Cltneral Frederick Belen said ing about 300 small post of- itJMkhigan State Universityjfices and reductions in public K^ has ordered an economy service mail. il*e on post office utility | --~ : l.Ils. Lights have been or- i\rw Akrtiniall «!'jcd turned -ff when nut' ACCRA. Ghana Ul -- Presi- Ti.xded, telephrjns rails cur- dent Kvvame Nkrumah tixA Lifted and heat bill rcduc-'over the F i n a n c e Ministry] ligirn re-quested, he said. 'Thursday follow Ln^ the resiR-j J President Johnson placed nation i.f Ferdinand Dn GfikaJ J, 1 hand on my s.hjutder and who hod h-!d the post since | nil: 'Fred, wtien are you gr|Mjy I'M. I Advice to every Californian with a parent 65 or over Your Lit satir.p could be tit cost of tecovtry ii a jerious accident or illness struck your parents. Now Ls the time to enroll them in Western 6j. It's tlie new health insurance plan made possible by · new California law which has enabled 62 leading insurance companies to comb;r.e their resources for just one purpose: to bring senior Californians more adequate health insurance. Generous beet- fits. Reasonable premiums. You may enroll your parents without their signature. No physical exam. No health questionnaire. No upper aje hmit. Spouses may be covered regardless of a{e. Get together with your brothers and sisters to iruurt your parents and protect your lavini!. For your fret folder, fill cut and mail the coupon belo'*'. Or call aainsurance izent today. Any one of tcemwill fladiy help yo-i choose tht Western 65 rovfr«te best suited to your needs. Hurry I op«r» Mirth 1, mdi MirtrK 31, ItM Pleas* mail rr.e the complete folder on Western 65. I understand there is no obligation. WKSTERiN ? 65Dept.D Box 65, Los Angeles, Calif. 90054 Arfdrtll C.t». -Zort. .Stlit. BLACK WHITE T.Y. 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