Independent from Long Beach, California on January 21, 1975 · Page 2
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
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Tuesday, January 21, 1975
Page 2
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' A-2-MNDEKNDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) UM M«H. (.,«,.. T W .. ;;,.. :·., :;.·! People in the news Teacher Zsa Zsa to take sixth husband loses to 'Combined News Services · Z s a Zsa Gabor said Monday she will marry millionaire Jack Ryan, an i n v e n t o r - b u s i n e s s m a n , making her a bride for the sixth time. The blonde Hungarian- born actress said the nuptials will be solemnized at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on Wednesday. Miss Gabor who will be 52 on Feb. 6, said in announcing the forthcoming marriage: "I feel as if Jack will only be my second husband. My first marriage was when I was too young and doesn't count. All the others I was looking for a father-figure." She said playfully the sixth marriage will follow "an elopement" since she did not p l a n to invite f a m i l y or friends to attend. "Jack is the man who invented the Barbie doll," she said. "He lives in a crazy house in the hills of Bel Air. He wanted us to get married in that free house of his but I thought my m o t h e r w o u l d be shocked. "I have known Jack for 13 years but we have been going together only three months. He is a neighbor of mine and I used to telephone him at night to tell him to keep his crazy fire engine quiet. "Jack is a lot of fun. He Haig ZSA ZSA GABOR Following Barbie gave me two six-foot marble lions to guard the entrance of my house and they have speakers and they talk to you." Miss Gabor said she and Ryan will not take a honeymoon trip because she and sister Eva are too busy rehearsing a play, "Arsenic and Old Lace" in which they plan to open in Chicago next month. Zsa Zsa was divorced in 1967 from Joshua Cosden, an oilman and New York socialite. Before that, in order, her husbands were Burhan Belgee, Turkish ambassador to Hungary; hotel magnate Conrad Hilton ; Actor George Sanders, and Herbert Hutner, a financier. Rep. Les Aspin, D-Wis., c h a r g e d M o n d a y t h a t G e n . A l e x a n d e r H a i g ordered an A r m y staff car and driver in G e r m a n y to provide transportation for his French poodle. A s p i n , w h o s a i d h e learned of the incident from "outraged" servicemen, said the action was illegal a n d t h a t H a i g s h o u l d be reprimanded and billed for the cost. H a i g ' s poodle, A s p i n said, "rode in style" in a staff car driven by Pfc Gloria Stevens from the airport at Frankfort to Stuttgart -- a t r i p of about 100 miles. The Pentagon said an u n n a m e d A r m y officer "who had volunteered to t a k e care of the dog arranged for the dog to be transported in an Army s e d a n f r o m Frankfurt a f t e r it arrived on the morning of Oct. 30. It said H a i g did not arrive in Europe until that e v e n i n g a n d " h a d n o k n o w l e d g e of the ar- r a n n g e m c n t s made by the officer." Percy U . S . S e n . C h a r l e s Percy, R-I11., arrived in A m m a n , Jordan. Monday for talks with King Huss e i n and Premier Zeid Risai. Chou predicts U.S.-Soviet war in major policy speech Chauffeur K a y Summcrsby M o r - g a n , who served as a c h a u f f e u r to Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower in Europe d u r i n g World War II and later wrote a book about h e r experiences, d i e d Monday at Southampton, N.Y., hospital. She was in her late Ms. Mrs. Morgan, a native of Ireland, was serving as an a m b u l a n c e driver in London when Eisenhower chose her as his c h a u f f e u r in 19-12. She later entered the Woman A r m y Corps and left with the rank o f . captain in 1947. She wrote a book on her w a r t i m e e x p e r i e n c e s , "Eisenhower Was My Boss," and married Wall S t r e e t broker Reginald Morgan in 1952. Pieta T h e Hungarian-Born. A u s t r a l i a n who battered Michelangelo's Pieta with a h a m m e r in 1972 left, an asylum for the criminally insane in Mantova, Italy, Monday and police said he would be deported to A u s t r a l i a as an undesirable alien. ' Doctors at the asylum pronounced Laszlo Toth, 3fi. "mentally recovered." Police promptly escorted him to Rome and said they would put him on a plane to Australia today. T o t h , claiming to be Jesus Christ, attacked Michelangelo's statue in St. Peter's basilica May 21, 1972. Combined News Servici-s TOKYO--Chinese Premier Chou En- lai, in a major policy speech made public on Peking radio Monday night, declared that U.S.-Soviet rivalry "is bound to lead to world war some day." In the address to the fourth National People's Congress Jan. 13, Chou also declared that China aims to become a world economic power before the end of (he century. "The two superpowers, the 11 ISTTEJR.KTA.TIOIsrA.lJ] United States and the Soviet Union, are the biggest international oppressors and exploiters today, and they are the source of a new world war," Chou said in the speech reported by the Chinese news agency Hsinhua. "Their fierce contention is bound to lead to world war some day. The people of all countries must get prepared," Chou said in his report to the congress -- China's first in 10 years. He said relations with the United States had "improved to some extent" while the dispute with the Soviet Union had worsened. Britain dumps tunnel LONDON--Britain Monday brushed aside angry protests from both sides of the English Channel and said it was p u l l i n g out of a multimillion-clollar project to link France and Britain with an underwater t u n n e l . Environment Secretary Anthony Crosland told an angry session of Parliament the decision was forced by British and French construction companies that rejected a proposed year's delay to study whether it could be done more cheaply. Paul Channon. environmental spokesman for the Conservative party, denounced the m o v e as "a wholly unworthy and shoddy tactic." The project called for construction of a 32-mile, high-speed railroad tunnel under the English Channo! from Dover on the English side to Sangatte on the French coast. The cost initially was estimated at about $1.12 billion, but recent estimates put it nearer $2.4 billion. It was likely inflation would drive it up to double that amount by the time it was done in 19SO. ; Makarios faces mob NICOSIA--President A r c h b i s h o p Makarios intervened personally Monday to turn back thousands of Greek Cypriot demonstrators trying to s t o r m the American Center in defiance of tear gas grenades and warning shots by police and soldiers. Makarios faced the crowd of brick-throwing demonstrators and, like a modern Pied Piper, led about 3.000 of them away peacefully. Meanwhile, the United States announced Monday it has threatened to close down its embassy in Cyprus and withdraw from peace negotiations "if any mem- Der of the embassy staff in Nicosia should suffer injury as a result of mob action." ·Aid for quake victims " NEW DELHI-Indian military heli- j'opters flew food and medicines Monday to viiiages along India's border Jnlh Tibet where officials said at least fa persons died in the second major farthquake to rock the Himalayas in three'weeks. Officials in New Delhi, reporting the death toli, said the Sunday afternoon quake touched off a day of tremors throughout northern India and Pakistan. | KTATIOJSTAL | Police shootout iii subway NEW YORK--A patrolman and a holdup suspect were killed in a shootout in a crowded subway station Monday as bystanders waiting for trains dove for cover. The suspect was killed on the spot and the policeman died on a hospital operating table. At least eight shots were exchanged in a subway station at Broadway and Eighth Street in Greenwich Village following a holdup at Milt Levin, Ltd., a nearby men's haberdashery. With scores of would-be passengers on the platform, the policeman and a partner had approached within about eight feel of the suspect when the shooting began. Nobody else was hurt. F14 grounding lifted WASHINGTON--The Navy said Monday it has removed a temporary suspension of training and test flights of the F14 Tomcat jet fighters. The fighters were grounded last Tuesday after the second crash of one of the $14- million planes. The Navy said it will return each of the 113 Tomcats to flight status upon successful completion of a series of inspections and tests. Most of the fighters are stationed in San Diego. Plane sales held up WASH'NGTON-The S t a t e D e p a r t - m e n t , pending a policy ruling by Secret a r y of State Henry Kissinger, has held up 'delivery of eight cargo planes for which Libya paid J70 million, officials said Monday. The planes were built by the Lockheed Corp. and are being held at its Marietta, Ga.. plant. Libya also was said to be interested in buying a $200 million air defense system, computers from Westinghouse and radar from the Northrop Corp. Those transactions have also been held up, officials said. In addition. Libya hopes to buy $100 million more in cargo aircraft, they said. Segregation charged \VASHINGTON-The Justice Department charged Monday that Mississippi has perpetuated a system of illegal racial segregation of the student bodies and f a c u l t i e s of Hie 25 state colleges and universities. The d e p a r t m e n t asked a federal court to order state officials to develop and implement a desegregate the system. Israel aid request WASHTNGTON-Israel has asked the United states for $2 billion in economic and military assistance for the next fiscal year, more than three times what she currenty receives in U.S. aid authorization, American and Israeli officials told the New York Times Service Monday. About £!.5 billion of the request is for military' aid. cither in c r e d i t s or outright grants. Foreign Minister Yigal A l l o n discussed the unusually high request with President Ford, Secretary of the State Kissinger and Defense Secretary Schlcsinger during his visit iu Washington las! week and said he had "satisfactory results." Stone l l ' s been -17 years since I. F.' Stone quit college because he was busy writing for three Philadelphia- area newspapers, but the University of Pennsylvania says it will finally give him his degree. Stone, fix. will receive a bachelor of arts degree at the end of the month, the university announced. Stone. W'ho s p e n t 18 years in Washington pub- l i s h i n g "I. F. Stone's Bi- Weekly." a highly o p i n - ionated news letter, quit Peiin during h i s junior year in 1927. He holds two honorary doctorate of literature degrees, one from Amherst College, the other from Brown University. .A s t u d e n t petition at Penn sought to award him an honorary degree. But the school's trustees voted a g a i n s t i t . choosing i n stead tn confer a regular bachelor's degree. Stone said he was pleased but added, "I f e e l g u i l t y a b o u t skipping Rockefeller D a v i d R o c k e f e l l e r , president of the Chase M a n h a t t a n Bank, arrived in Cairo Monday on a one- week visit to Egypt. The Middle East News Agency said Rockfeller's , talks will deal with the joint bank to be established between C h a s e M a n - h a t t a n B a n k a n d t h e Egyptian national bank. school A district court judge ruled Monday ihai-school officials have a rignt to transfer an unwed, pregnant teacher out of the classroom. · . . J u d g e James Meyers refused to order Harriet Wardlaw, 29, reinstated as a s p e c i a l education teacher at L y n d o n B. Johnson High School in Austin, Tex. Miss Wardlaw, who is expecting a baby June 2, claimed she was the victim of sex discrimination because A u s t i n s c h o o l superintendent J a c k L. Davidson transferred her to a librarian post at a special center for preg- n a n t students. "There was no evidence that Dr. Davidson treated m a l e t e a c h e r s who became parents of children out of wedlock differently from female teachers who became parents of child r e n out of wedlock," Meyers said. "Such evidence would normally not be available since, presumably, male teachers do not reveal their fatherhood of c h i l - dren out of wedlock, and female teachers at some t i m e during their pregnancy, necessarily reveal their motherhood.. "The discrimination is in the knowledge available to Dr. Davidson, not in his treatment of males, and females. Discrimination in the availability of knowledge must be charg- UNWED, PREGNANT teacher Harriet Wardlaw and her boyfriend Jim Cox, the expectant father, talk with newsmen following court decision Monday in Austin. ed to nature, not to Dr. Davidson." A t t o r n e y s f o r Miss Wardlaw said they are considering appealing the decision to a higher court. "We're definitely not going to drop it," said a t t o r n e y C a r o l O p p e n - heimer. Ms. Oppenheimer said she found the judge's rea- s o n i n g h a r d to u n d e r s t a n d , particularly t h e portion blaming any dis- crimination.on nature. "The duty of the law is to try to overcome what nature has done," she said. Meyers said there had b e e n considerable misunderstanding in ,the community of the issues involved in the case. "The c o u r t is not . m a k i n g ' a moral or reli- giou's d e c i s i o n ; it -is making a decision on the law," the judge said in a letter to attorneys in the case. ... Miss Wardlaw testified at a hearing last week she had planned the pregnancy but did not wish to marry. The father of her child, Jim Cox, attended the court sessions with her. . Sport Coats Bullock's finely tailored suits and sport coats at tremendous savings $ ^ and Save S61 to $76 on fine qualify Lakemar suits If it's "all in a name" you've come to the right place for a suit. The name is Lakemar and that means meticulous quality. The savings, exceptional. The selection, terrific. Rich wools, polyester/wool blends are here in colors and patterns to please any taste. 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