Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 16, 1976 · Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 16

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 16, 1976
Page 16
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Northwest Arknnws TIMES, Friday, April. 14, W*. VETtEVlILi:, AHKANSAS ______^ - - ESTER L. COLEMAN, M. D. ^Aan Told To Take Doctor's Advice |tlJ1!IILI|]]!lll!LII|[]ljj|!|!illlJ!lj|||j|![[|1i'!rilM anoihcr siege occurs you oDou- the advice of your doctor uiri surgeon. Perhaps an opin- on by another- consulting surgeon would '.help clarify your ' huiUng. About twice a year I liavt» : ucldcn sharp pains in my belly, ^ncli timo tbc loctor wants to pcrutc on my appendix, but say, "No," 1 'urn 48. Can 1 o on Hits way without worrying bout an operation? Mr. J.H.B.. Inri. 3car Mr. B.: Your teller i s 1 filled wilh onfusion about your illness and lioul how to proceed. Obvious- y, you have rejected you"' doc- or's judgment and · substituted ·ours For Innately, youx'i!""" ;olteti by with your decision. Novs'. yon would like* HVJ to irofinosticale whal will happen n lhc (ulnrc and want me lo .ubsfauEiale your right lo play loclcH-. Anyone who supports yoiu hinking must lake, along wilh . Chronic attacks' b[ appcndict Always, in the Spring, svhen I '"' begin to gel into condition I " . . [cvcfop a Charley horse. It ',"".. :akes ma weeks before my leg V, "eels Ire tier. What is a "Charley ; lorse" anyWay? How can I " avoid it? . Mr. T.W., Wash, r Ite«ir Mr. W.: -.' Aflcr a winter of inactivity . stiff, unused 'muscles are o f t e n , . subjected, lo injury by training .. ! that is loo strenuous, ' · : Muscles \lhal have been . . resting may develop small hemorrhages fn their fibres. .- [ The sliffncss and pain of * · Cliarley liorsc simply repr/*- sc»ls t h e body's cry for esl. . Tlvire is a tendency, to try/'., lo "\\'drk out" the pfiinful kinks " of a Charley -witli m o r « v . c.voi'cisn. This may add to the :'. . muscle injury 'and produce* a ' long-lasting, disability. ' . _, Far loo many-people, in their . T ] anxiety · to · · f*^l into condition quicklyi rid'''!!! Dm selves a fircAt . ' ; miustice A slow process of sen-" stblc, graduatert exercise can avoid the problems , you dfts- cribe. ' * " M!i/;;;i::' l :;:i::;S':]ii,:-iir!i,::ii:.!N:N:f 1 5!i;iir-iii.!i:iii:j iii-Mii:. ii::;i::''ii IN i:li'ii'iriijLJ. 3. JAY BECKER . MKCIE/1HIS POE5N T EVEN Believe/tor^ot/ WE KE 601N6 TO HAVE TO CCME CLOSE TO FITTING .' MEASURE Wfc HEAR SIR, WHAT5 U1KON6 WITrt ^Oll ?/.' ~i( ANOTHER) SttWt, KG FOUND IN FRMMEUrS IN THE SKELETON OP THE GIANT EXTINCT BIRD .. OF MEW ZEALAND . MEASURED, WHEM RESTORED TltlCHK I ft L EN6TH AND SIHCHtS IH DIAMETER LIZZIE MURPHY of WJtrch. DR. JOHN E. SMITH STILL TEACHING MATH - EMATICS AND PHYSICS AT EASTERN NEUl MEXICO UHM.IM PbRTALES.N.M., AT THE AG£ OF 92. MEN'S SHOP ·=0 SUN'IT TDAV3SI5OW-M ITU- 66- EgDUCEO -V on. the responsibility for rouble and complications, i' hoy ev/n- do occur. is may come and go. If. however, these are neglected there always thje chance of con verting a . . simple condition into riifficiilt one. The (liRRuosis nf acllie o chronic appendicitis is one o he mosl difficult. i o ; make VHE TEMPERATURE IN U1'5 AIRCONOITIONEP HOTEL 15 IN THE BO'S NOW,WHY WOULP MAKYLEE'S FATHER ' CHOOSE TO COM6TO THIS COUNTRY? gHARLESTOWM, FREF GUIANA, SOUTH AMERICA. A TRULY COSMOPOLITAN CITY OF BLACKS, GRAYS, 5ROW AM P A FEW WHITES. ...WHERE A It requires expert judgment am ong CNnericiicc to clifferenfiaE is from m a n y othe conrlitions. My suggestion to you is tha Look in the section m which | priceless energy can be of grea youi' birthday comes and find help. , what your outlook is, according SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 l'o De to the stars. . . ,21) . ,. A fine clay! You may be tl recipient of sneciM favor FOB SAT., APK. 17, 1070 MIES (Slar. Apr. 20) tokens.of g o o d will or oth On Contract Bridge Wait [or the proper signal be- unexpected benefits. CAPIUCORN (Dec. 22 lo Ja 20) . , . - . . Stars , \varn a g a i n s . \'acillating. changing plans or thcv iiave fore engaging,m new activities. And. where inure research is needed, get busy on it. Be self- reliant, persevering. ' . T A U H U S (Apr. 21 lo Hay 21) (Top Record Holder to Misters' Individual Championship Play . · Purpose aim ivu v "". V' given a fair chance to prove method stand o u t . _ as day s themselves. Steatlv does it Alff, a»eOFF/T,HOtie/,A!MIT m-BASIC m THEOU MIAN'S A SNOB! tie's eecoME TOO asm TO PBAL mi ft»rmift6 L eSS THAN OAK SJflJSSLfS 1NW/INB MIUIONS, K/6HT?.' needs. Dispose of minor items A Q U A R I U S (Jan. 21 io Feb. 19) SK. TO We TfK SITUATION promptly but deftly. portunities indicated. (May 22 lo June 21) arc against you it's no time Lo Kwewt/AFtwsep THeCKtXHAIYST UNUSED CV/VWOLPID HIS POKlfAlt. -IX 1. Yau are declarer with the West hand at Four :acklc ' t h e opposition. Postpone CHAIRMAN TlgES SO EASILY THAT... Your "feelings" now arc far ho ovorcalled in clubs, reliable than advice from so-called experts. Never under- gcUhrg what you want. estimate your truly rcmm-kable PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) intuition. Be caulipn,s in making CANCER (June 22 lo July 23) | directives and taking others' It's up lo you to make some 'feelings for granted. Alertness of the overtures necessary ' to [and flexibilily of Ihought will bring aboul congeniality and (help you to safer, quicker con- helpful agreements. Siarl rrght'clnsions. off wilh vim and 2. You arc declarer wilh the niffing another heart. This pro Nnrih leads the ace and another sclf-con-h YOU BORN TODAY club, South following suit. -How riowed wilh a iiigti order of in fidcnce. . LEO (July M lo Aug. 23) · 'lelligencc. a quile lively : Some complicated situations; imagination and a tleli indicated. Be snrc you have all] nersonalily. You are more con- the facts before- m'aking jservative than nv.iny other decisions. Travel and outdoor h A r i e n s and may devote a great interests favored. , deal of time to "causes". -- [would you play the hand? fl BIRFDAV PRESENT PER LEETLE ARKV 1. Win the club lead vvilh the VIRGO (Aug. 2-1 to Sept. 23) Some difficulties possible, but ·on can avoid most if you wilh and, spade to the king and rufi the hearts -- cashing - excitable folks who [cave -could .achieve almost any goal :llyou desire. But, unlike many you emotionally .drained. Spent -- you would find yourself going .eisuru lime pursuing a hobby others of your Sign, you rio not another club r u f f . Now cash the down one if the suit proved seem to possess t h a t inner drive of diamonds and exit with that's fun. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) be divided 4-2. You would lack which sends t h e m eilher a spade or a diamond. The defenders can cash t\vc the entries lo take advantage Tighten rems a bit to observe diamonds and a spade, but wil of dummy's fifth heart. where you are headed. Nolhing in your efforls -- a "whix" one playing hearls first, h i g h w a y , listless the next, Try . to give youdself an extra chancn ti-icks lo your K-J-IO of trumps principles, but do avoid stub- nivuntain lo develop a tvvelfth Irick. . , you'll gel ahead more quickly never lose Hie contract bccausa: bornuess. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) -- and easily. Fields in which you led hearts first; you could reap your greatest with those who have a stake! successes: finance, 'teaching, in the common welfare. Your iwriting. 4hc law. Eimes losp. it if you lead spadev;, ~ ' ' Watch trends and join forces AH WAMTS T'SHOW BELINDA OWEO'TH' WONDERS O'POePATtH- Crossword By Eugene Sheffcr K -- Kippur-II Sheriff's bands 46 Makeshift 50 Extinct flightless' bird 51 Innkeeper 32 Mandibles 56 -- facto 57 Margarine 58 Naval officer (initials) 59 Groan softly 60 Blushing 61 One (Ger.) IS As (L.) 20 Male nickname 21 Persian gazelle 22 Secular 23 Thus (L.) 2? Lump 23 Type of tax 30 Take the part of 31 Son of Selh 33 Inert DOWN 1 Magna -laude 2 Eggs 3 Charger ·1 Footman 5 Alkaline solution 6 It follows prep or comp 7 Type of jar Fly-killing device 9 African gas 35 Immerse 38 Swamp or marsh 40 Hoyden 43 Of legal age -IS Sault Sainl Marie (fam.) 16 Wedge- shaped wood 17 Mouse (It.) -18 -- and Pel ion 19 - AHo, Calif. 53 Male nickname 51 Finial 55 One of (he family I JUSf LOVE to Fit,{, WIND RUSHIM6 A'SAIMSf MV PACE \ AWO THS .SPRAY V CASCADING OV6R THE SOW' HOW AgOUT A CAM06 RID£ OW fM LAKE/ MINNIE? YOU MEAW THERE'S A STORM COMIN6 UP,' river 10 Excited 11 Tribe or clan \v«. soliilmil tune: 25 nun. / I SAID/IF THERE ARE NO MORE \QUeSTlONS WE'LU APJOURN/ BUT I HAP A QUESTION "Bui look on Iho bright side, if you buy you'll gel logo lo Ihe movie with ME!" \ns\ver lo yesterday's puzzle Career Club I JUST HAO THE f5T SEAUTIPUL OREAJ'i YOU ANO I WERE AT THE BALLET TOGETHER r aLONOIE,YOU KNOW f\\V I WOULON'TWANT r! TO GO TO THE SALL.ET.' WELL.'THATS THE LAST ! DREAM 1'LLEVEB f! TAKE YOU .ON/ j-' j THE NOW WORLD N.W.A. Plaza UofA Student Union . i]iii]!i!iiniiiiiiiiiiiiitiniii:i[in«niii[iniinii!iiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiMii iiiiiiiiiniBiiiiiiiBiiiiiiiiiuiiBiiiBiii iwiliiiniBiiiBl /., · ackled trumps head-on al the?·-·" ilarl of, the play. 'you., might iriri ! yourself going down o n e ^ f you misfiupssed Slow lo play he suit. · 2. Cash tile A-K of hearts and, · ' both opponenls · follow suit. 1 ruif a hcarl. Even if the s u i t " , s divided^4-2, you can establish " .he last heart in dummy . h y . . . . and Ihcn This iricks -- three" spades, three tiearls. a diamond ruff in dummy, aurl five trumps. "f cither opponent shows out on he first .or, second heart, shift, your allcnlion lo spades. , . ~,~. 11 would he wrong to lead.,, spades ahead of hearls. Let's..., say veil slartcd by playing (he ,. K-A of s p a d e s ' a n d found the divided 5-1. If you Ihen

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