Independent from Long Beach, California on May 20, 1957 · Page 1
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
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Monday, May 20, 1957
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; .'W^^-'^^ - · . , , , f "i, . - · ! · · ' - ' · , - · ' *, ,*, -. ( i · - ; " , , - · ' / · / " ! · ',·-.'-.· , j i ' . · K ', i · "' i * " / 1 - - ' - ' · · » · , · - ' · - , - - * . " . · · ' ' . ' ' · · ,, -/ ' , .- - . - - V v i · . - · r · - · i ", . - · · ' , 'i p - , -i · · * * · r . I , , 1 - ' · ' . ' ' ' ' ' ' *' ' " . ' - ' " ' ' - -· *'"· *|- -»V(-A..." . '*)*«'· - » i _ . . , - . l . ,, , * r,t^l».J^,^±r,ff.*,+ + . » . .*--.···! * · . ,, - , . , , . ' , ' · ' - » . - * ' J " , « ' ' . - ' ' ' . ' ^ - ' ' . " - ' « " ' ' ^FEATOREsSnrora^ : :; dependent Amusements ...B-7 ' f} Pearson ....... A^ ;:''!" classified c-a-c-ts ;^B.dio.Tv ..... c-» ^..i ^x^"£ +··»***«"· '°*v-,., Editorial ...... A-fl ·;' * 8 P° rto "M- 2 - s - « v . · Inside Out ... B-l ',' Women ..... B-*, 3 . . . 1 ' ' · Vi^7;-;*iV.U-. -I'" .·,.i;f,',.':U- ,«.,' v , ' - '. Phon. ME 5.1 161 -- Cliulfled No, HE 2-5959 ' . . The Southland's MFinest Morning Newspaper '-·'.. -'·;"· 28 PAGES LONG BEACH 12, CALIF.. MONDAY, MAY 20, 1957 VOL 19-NO. 264 .Variable cloudlnew with muldenbto sonsUne ' 1.: todsjr *nd Tuesday, little tempentara eJuafe. . High twUy«8.HlfliSUJHUy,71llow, M. . ; _ ; ,e,o.t HOME EDITION-10s !? l ^Vv H'r* BATTLING BLAZE AT FACTORY , Thick black smoke and spectator crowds hampered V,', 1 Long Beach firemen who battle blaze that destroyed .',' 530,000 In tile-maklnc materials Sunday at Mastic T. Tile Corp., 2340 E. Artesla St. Smoke was seen throughout southern Los Angeles County. . GOP Finds Far By WILLIAM BROOM - v - - - - Iix)*P«bd«Dl WuhmftoB Buruii) WASHINGTON -- Republicans audited the 1956 election returns Sunday and found an encouraging balance sheet but It showed backsliding profits in California, the Far West and the mldwestern farm belt. ·., The COP National Committee Issued'a frank assessment of last fall's election results spelling out the party's gains and losses compared to 1932. Statisticians reported' solid gains In the OOP's position among many voting groups and In alt geographic regions except'for the Northwest find , the Pacific Coast. ,,., .' »..;·-. . Brush Fire Threatens Hills Homes ;v · ' ROLLING HILLS -- Thirty firemen from seven Los Angcle . County fire units battled a 20 · acre brush flro for more thai two hours early Sunday niter noon In un area just nlxvc Portuguese Bend on the Falos Vcrdes Peninsula before bring Ing It under control. For · short time the fire which was fed by strong winds threatened several homes In the area, but firemen controlled the blaze before any real danger developed. Battalion Chief Parker Kara den, who was In charge of thi flreflghtlng operation, said tha residents reported seeing severe small children playing In the area shortly started. before the fire THE battalion chief said he believes the youngsters were responsible for setting the blaze Chief Haraden also expressed surprise at the Intensity of the fire which burned over an area that had rain on the previous "evening. 3 Boy Scouts Disappear \ / IDYLLWILD W -- Three Chula Vista Boy Scouts, missing since Saturday afternoon on a hike to San Jaclnto Peak, were sought Sunday night. They are Jim Zubaugh, 15, · a n d Gordon Moffltt and Bill Berggren, both 14, members of Explorer Troop 27. They left their party of 10 Saturday afternoon after .It made camp for the night at Round Valley, about seven miles from here. Three students from La Sierra College, near Arlington, last saw them about S p.m. IN CALIFORNIA, the com- mlttc's report found some evidence for worry In the 1958 and 1960 outlook. Upholding their reputation f o r Independence California voters cast their bal- SUPER SABRE BREAKS CALIF. NJ. RECORD i* McGUIRE AIR FORCE - · BASE, NJ. W»--The Air Force announced that a ' North American F100K , Super Sabre jet plnne v Sunday made a nonstop ·'·',' flight f r o m Palmdale, V Calif., to this base IA 3 · h o u r s 38 minutes, cstab- N llshlng a new unofficial ' record. ' *.'·'· An Air Force spokes- V!; man said the old record *": for the 2,405-mlle fllgat ,·. was 3 hours and-44 mln- ,.' utcs. established In March : 1935. t*r "4- The spokesman said the A plane will'take, off from · ' this base for Paris at 6 '; ajn. Tuesday In an at- V tempt to establish a new .»· nonstop record- between the two points. lots counter established In the nation, . President ''Elsenhower to the trends other parts of a n d Vice President Nixon slipped 1.3 per cent behind their winning pace of 1952. Democrats won majorities In five new countries, although the GOP still held 45-to-13 margin for California's 58 counties. · - · * · · · · - , ' THE TOTAL vote cast for Republican congressional candidates ran 600,000 behind Elscn hower-Nlxon and 250,000 behind the Democrats. The GOP lost two congressional districts to Rep. John J. McFall (D-Manteoa) and Rep. D. S. Saund (D-Westmoreland). In addition, three GOP districts wore counted as marginal for 1958. Reps. Scudder (R-Sebasto- pal), Baldwin (R-Contra Costa), and Allen (R-Oakland) were the three. The committee defined n (Continued on Page A-3, Col. 1) POLICE CURIOUS ' THE END of tho world-by fire--Is seen by evangelist Billy Graham, Page C-5. "' GENERAL Elsenhower and Field Marshal Mo tgomcry, who recently criticized the actions of the Civil War commanders at Gettysburg, made some errors themselves, Columnist 'Drew Pearson says. Story on Page A-6. L.A.C.SAYS:: City Lobbyist v */ . . Tho City oi Long Beach, hoi ·raployud a lobbyist to advif* the dly in presenting it* caio to th« LtgUIa- tutt..H« will adviso th« variou* IvgUlatora a» to tho ~ dty'i situation - concerning subsidence. · Tho · term "lobbyist" hoi. eomo to hare varied implication!. Question* have boon raUed ai to tho loundneu oi tho ·yitom ol the "third hotuo." But there are more member* of the third house in Sacramento than there are in tho Auembly and Senate oornbined. That make* it important that tho people understand tho Junctions expected oi the Long Beach lobbyist, iv. ' · , , · - · · The man employed by tho city is one of th'o most respected men over to have represented an industry, labor union, school employe association'or other in' ' (Continued on Page A-6) · ' ' .".'·· A ; . - ' · · ' Viewer Thinks Mick .Packing Rod ' NEW YORK iIKi--Mickey Cohen, former West Coast gambling czar, was frisked by police for a pistol Sunday night after his appearance on a t e l e v i s i o n program prompted a woman viewer to report that Cohen was carry- Ing/ a weapon under his coat. Cohen, who appeared on the ABC TV program, 'The Mike Wallace Show," and his sidekick, Ellis (Itchy) Mandel, were stopped by two patrolmen as they left the studio. , h T · · · · t f ' j ' '?*THE COPS hustled Cohen and Mandel back Into a studio dressing room and frisked them. Nothing was found. Police said they received an anonymous tip from a woman who said she was watching the program and saw that Cohen was carrying a weapon under his coat, , · IN THE TV · Interview, Cohen denied that evangelist Billy Graham was trying to convert him from Judaism to Christianity. Cohen said he- was a friend of Graham, who was only »rylng to make people exercise their own religions, .1 -.., ,T , . Materials Blaze Hits TilePlaht Fire of unknown origin swept through 200,000 pounds of chemicals In the Mastic Tile Corp, storage yard, 2340 E. Artes^t St., Sunday, threatening a large warehouse and three nearby residences before firemen brought the flames under control, . . Dense clouds of black smoke, visible for miles, filled the iky and attracted hundreds of sight* sightseer* who hampered firefighters. ,, AN E S T I M A T E D $38,000 worth of polystyrene and gll- sonttc, materials used In making mastic tile, was d e s t r o y e d plant superintendent W. V. 3er opelle told Battalion Chief B. C, Mendenhall. The material was stored In large paper sacks. Firemen first were notified of Ihe blaze at 11:10 a.m. when three small boys saw smoke. Chief Mendenhall sent out a second alarm for additional equipment at 11:16 and a third alarm at 11:24. However, before the third wave of-, engines arrived the flames were under control, . . . , , . . . ,, , · * · ' . · i · " · .'V' . M / FIREMEN F O U G H T the lames from close range In the ard just east of the main ilnnt.-Despite Intense heat they managed to get their hoses be ween the flames and a 60x200 oot sheet-Iron warehouse and tept the fire from the building One crew of firemen late Sun day night was hosing down stll mouldering sacks of chemical; as they were loaded on trucks and carted out of the yard. The three boys who first saw he fire were Ronnie Schllder 5, of 2239 McKenzle St.. Dan .opez, 14, of 6327 Cherry Ave SCANDAL MAGAZINE GIRL TRIES SUICIDE NGRID, ROBERTO DENY SCANDAL ,, India Report Bares New Love for Rossellini, Divorce Plan NEW YORK O) -- The New York Dally News said In copyright dispatch Sunday that Roberto Rossclllnl, for whom Ingrld Bergman gave up Hollywood and her daughter, has been living with the wife of an Indian film director and Is said to have told ler he plans to divorce Ingrld, The dally news dispatch rom Bombay, India, Idcntt- 'Icd the woman as Sonnll Das upta, 27. mother of two small children. The news said he Is reported to be pregnant, as Miss Bergman was before she married Rosselllnl nearly eight years ago. "Reliable sources" ' w e r e quoted by The News as saying he Indian government Is ask- ng Rosselllnl. 51, to leave the country because of the report- · cd affair. An Italian Embassy .1 spokesman was quo, ted as say- Ing, however, that India has ' nskod Rosselllnl unofficially to 1 "try to smooth down the trou- .· ble to avoid any scandal." The News said Ingrld, long separated from Rosselllnl by their careers, denied reports of ' Rossclllnl's affair as "fantas- · tic nonsense." , . "I've heard about these rumors before and I do not · believe one word of them," - , she told The News In Paris. · "Rosselllnl and I frequently ' talk on the phone and he told · me recently someone was try- c Ing to hurt him." ·' Rosselllnl, when asked about the report In Bombay, disposed of the matter by saying It was "only a business relationship," The News said. "No, no, I deny everything." The News quoted the Indian woman, ' The News said Sonall hat . moved out on her husband, , Hurl Das Gupta, and has been living with her year-old son ,' In Bombay's swank Taj Mahal · Hotel. Rosselllnl has been ·laying In an adjoining room, ' The News said. Das Gupta, now In Calcutta with his 9-year-old son, re, fused to talk about the matter, The News said. A member · of his family was quoted by · The News, however, as saying that Rosselllnl had told Sonall he was going back to Italy to tell Ingrld their marriage was, finished. ··-k ~~,v..;··· r*.-. ··.:" A TT1 · - · " ' · · ' · 1 " · ' Peak of Flood Passes Tulsa r 1 * "~ "' TULSA, Okla. (AP)--The Arkansas River's worst ood In 34 years passed this northeastern Oklahoma ictropolls of 240,000 Sunday, causing far less damage ban had been anticipated. An unexpectedly low crest nd an all-night battle by thou- mds of workers kept the ream from surging over anks Into residential areas rom which hundred* had fled fore the high water threat, nothcr factor was a halt to rains that drenched most o Oklahoma several days. "The worst Is over," Tulsa County-City Civil nd Ralph Smith, McKenzle St. 12, of -2219 WEATHERMAN LOSING Youth Slain Trying to Run Down* Police LOS ANGELES U1!-A 17- year-old youth'who reportedly attempted to run over two policemen with a stolen automobile was shot and killed early Sunday. The youth was Identified by police as Dennis Monies, He was hit by nine bullets. Officers N. B. Carpenter and R. P. Shelley said they spotted a car which had ,been reported stolen and called to the driver that he was under arrest. They said the driver threw the car Into reverse and nearly ran them down, then tried a second time to run over them. The officers said they flre.d at the automobile and It sideswiped two cars, went over a curb and halted. They said Montes was found dead at the wheel. ... ,. ,,..... Taking a page from the book of famous producers, t h e VVM has submitted t h i s , script for approval. It's si story with a message. Scenario by. Sun, tern p e r a t o r e s In Action charge of that award winner, · Mr. Little Change, with special effects being handled by Variable Cloudiness, The WM knows It's not easy writing a movie, It calls fot CUMULUS effort, but he Is vcrj CIRRUS about It. , - - Morris* statement followed Tulsa river forecasting center bulletin that said the Arkansas crested at 20.4 feet compared to flood stage of 19 feet. The city's worst flood was 22.8 In June, 1923. River experts had predicted n high of from 25 to 26 feet. The river was carrying ths Hood load of the Clmarron River. That stream, a chief tributary, left behind Inestl ma ble damage In a rampage Irom north central Oklahoma to Keystone, where It converges with the Arkansas. .Although other flooding Okla loma streams had taken nine Ives, civil defense headquarters said they received no reports of any serious casualties In this Locksmiths Free I Youth in Vault'; NEW HAVEN, Mich. 17-year-old youth was entombed hours Sunday In an abandoned bank vault. . · John Chaffee Jr. had fought off near-hysteria and mounting bent before four Detroit locksmiths finally freed him from the 8 by 6 foot vault that has concrete and steel walls two feet thick. Authorities said Chaffee had xen In no Immediate danger as there, was. sufficient clearance at the bottom of the door for ilm to talk with persons out- «ld«. ,..,,,, ,, . , ,, . . . , fink DC fense Director Joe Morris shortly before noon, "Now we have to settle down and help the people return to their homes." Tho Tulsa river forecastlni station said the river woulc return to Its banks today. Many evacuees Immediately began filing back to their homes. · · · · NEARLY ' 8,000 left '.' their homes here and at tho lowlant town of Blxby when floor warn' Ings started three days ago, More than half of them live In residential Brookslde on the river's eastern bank and at Garden City on the Industrial west side. i Violent Blast Only Rocket Test LOS ANGELES UPl -- A violent concussion from I firing of a rocket engine rocke wide areas for about half minute here Sunday night, S t a r - t i e d residents w h jammed police and newspape switchboards with Inquiries described the shock variously as "A deep nimble" "Llki somebody rolling a big bed up- ·tain' "Like a big truck or earthquake rumble but with out the vlbmtlon" . . . "elthe a quake or a sonic boom." The conclusion occurred a 10;55 p.m. (PDT). It wai re ported In Beverly Hills, Bur bank, San Fernando, Glendale Pasadena, Monterey Park, Santa Monica, Culver City, Hollywood and various parts of Loi An gcle«. , ,., . . '· · · · · · · . ' ·· MOST * CALLERS ' said 1 lasted about 20 leconds. Some said residents rushed Into the streets. A spokesman for North American Aviation Inc., laid the con cusslon was due to test firing of R rocket engine at Its Rocket dyne Rocket Fuel Testing Plan' n the Santa Susana mountains overlooking the northwest San Fernando Valley, North American said the test firing wai part of a rush job n connection with the nation's ballistics mlislles program. It aid there was nothing out ol he ordinary about tho test and hat there had been no mishap. ;RIM VIGIL ,, Leroy Snyder continued a grim 52-hour wait Sun- VYjday night outside Lykens, Pa., mine shaft where Ml his brother, David, is trapped by eoalsllde. Rescuers '/-· dug to a 400-foot level without reaching the miner, j · a-43-year-old father of three. Leroy, without rest ft] since the slide, has operated hoisting engine bring- C 1 - ing coal and debris from the mine--(AP Wirephoto) Air Crash KillsThree, One Hurt SANTA BARBARA WV-- A rescue parly Sunday hiked to the charred wreckage of a single engine plane and : reported find- Ing one man alive, but badly Injured, and three others dead. · Sheriff's Inspector Charles Taylor said the Injured man was not Immediately Identified. Taylor said the sheriffs of- flce Is trying to make arrangements for a Navy helicopter to fly In and bring out the Injured man from the crash site In r u g g e d terrain near Lake Cachuma. THE P L A N E apparently crashed Saturday night just a few minutes away from Santa Barbara Airport. · The pilot, E. P. Gauthier, a R l d g e c r e s t , Calif., lawyer radioed the Santa Barbara airport .tower at 7:21 Saturday night that he was four minutes frolj) the field. That was the first and only contact. The Civil Aeronautics Admin Istratlon listed as Gauthler's passengers, Mr. and Mrs. Ken Smith, Los Angeles, and Miss Jeanne Hlller, a singer who hat tieen appearing at a Santa Barbara supper club, ,,- , .- , . Saved by: · · · - · - . * ' : Husband 'Untrue' Accusation .' and Mexican Press .' ·Cruelty'Blamed ·MEXICO CITY' UP.) -Blond actress Franceca da Scaffa attempted suicide twice w i t h i n two hours- Saturday night and early- Sunday In a fit of despondency over a furor Involving Confidential magazine and icr Indictment as a contributor to it. · Phyilclant reported the 25- car-old former wife of actor Jruce Cabot wai In no danger. Her husband of two months, . rlcxlcan bullfighter Jaime Bravo, laid the Italian actress ook in overdose of sleeping Actress IT WAS raining and there was a 1,000 foot celling when Gauthler radioed that he was descending from 3,000 feet at a Mint west of the San Marcos Summit. Be/t Bundy of the sheriffs aero detail said the plane apparently crashed Into a ridge, caught fire and plummeted down near a road that leads to a rock quarry. ··- · - FRANCESCA de SCAFFA ,. , Two Suicide Attempts , . Ills about ' 10:30 Saturday ight. He summoned an ambu- nee and she received emer- ency . treatment In her bedroom. , . ;· , ' · ' . » · · · · I -V .'· · TWO HOURS ' later. Bravo ild, she went Into her bathroom and slashed her wrists ith a razor blade, cutting two* Inch-long gashes In her flesh. Bravo said he rushed her by car to a hospital for emergency treatment. She .collapsed and was brought home by ambulance under the care of her physician. Bravo said his wife was depressed over "cruel" attacks against her. A Los Angeles County grand jury last Wednesday Indicted Confidential magazine and nine Individuals, Including Miss De Scaffa, on grounds of criminal ' libel. Miss De Scaffa was accused of providing the magazine with material about the private . lives of Hollywood stars. Perishes in Fire HOLLYWOOD UP*--Penrhyn Stanlaws, 80, portrait painter who created the "Stanlaws Girl" f magazine covers nearlj 50 years ago, burned to death Sunday In his studio. Firemen said he apparently SHE DENIED the charges and said Saturday that she herself had been defamed by the magazine In an article last Sep. , tember. She said she never went · through with a suit against the magazine because of "legal and financial difficulties." "If I was one of their main sources, why did the 1 ', print ell asleep while smoking In anl ' '-'· · '- - ' " ·" · pholstered chair. ' (Continued on Page A-3. Col. 1); Earth Satellite WASHINGTON IU! -- The United States. program for aunchlng an Earth satellite pparently |s running somewhat ehlnd schedule, It was disclosed Sunday. ' ' Originally It was planned to hoot the first satellite Into pace In September. , But Dr. Richard W. Porter, halrman of a technical panel n the Earth satellite program old a. House appropriations ubcommltte* In testimony made ubllc Sunday that he "would xpect that there Is some delay Jeyond that" Porter said It may be taking anger .than expected to solve tome sspecti of the experiment. !e added, however, that he ·certainly hopes" the program's schedule will be.met. ... · · The United Slates plans-to launch- six 'Instrument-bearing satellites from Patrick Field-In Florida' as-part of the International Geophysical Year pro- " gram. . - ·· · ' ' Porter told the subcommittee ; · : he "confidently" hopes all! six 4 will be launched by the end'oi 1 1938, with the first going up much earlier. He said the Defense Department has not turn* " Ished a launching schedule yet. Russia also plans to send u» !; at least one satellite during the v International Geophysics! pro- .",, Cram. It, too, has not discloses] a launching date. r : , - . - ,,*}

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