Independent from Long Beach, California on April 2, 1963 · Page 26
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 26

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1963
Page 26
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Pogi IV ri°. t ,K,?f!I.= \~ 'XL t !K Ho««holdAppnaice» 71 Racfiot fc Ttlerisic. 80 Room ead loord 100 hrrilsfced A?=rt='Bt, 10* FwriiWAportm'.r, 104 U.fBflUkHAgh, lo; Moctuact oafor So?* 72 F SACUUM SWEEPER s«f. Tug largest tfsoln e« teautiM _ retnit. aowms · trie ante. 3» "a* jfifW» aa disotav. VfJI i OB. ^ f* tarry 1 rr. guar. G. C. Swivel j j?sy . *A_ Hoovej-i._ t|edrg!ux. i - fcundTeds M" pit*'"!?' a£i 15 n t* '"^J? J" RWCR.WH tt Bargain arlcrs. Came Ig WIG SALE HUMAN HAH AT WHOLESALE FUCES 32* E. Brcaoway -- WI fJB. CCkned Mondavi) 6E ».3C60 fcs. re* chet coni LB« «L/ttl e tnwi Was tn*u has L 5711 SALE OF SALES tools, tacks, tntiajes. werU encrctoccja. line amtar, Polaro^ camera, band saw, t writer. Ditto OuDllcator. ate sewing machine. 100CS "artces. STORE FOR SAIE. ·rftlrei 1709 Orange HE 74514 ARBAGE DISPOSERS" MEW-- CVARAKTEEO ·Aerator *CT L _,-_ - - , van ·e (tlnf C7.V - USU C * 1 ? PLUMliw? »U.wSv C. Anah*nt CE IraN Porcn 4 stair railings _.V.SB ft STONE-taw* 4 tree eurbrn* 3S£. ft. SALVAGE MASTERS UO Santa (fj L. r, er t\n» Itorwat; Btvl. KawaiiM Caroens BotB varA ooen a'* C*v» SPRINKLER PIPE Me* V, U.7J P»T .00; Brass . sonnkitf tcixK. 2*c Cttt orn liter Co. 1SC3 S Cart.eiO. Param. CUM SALE LtictVf Cce?. Sim, 121 13 E Carson. Artes a trad* for ni tryct of eiua*! PRIV. -artv. Win. ««*. W »» ir'aslV*". CE *-r9-3. after 3:30.- FsraltBre for Sole 73 * CARPET ' 1900 Yards (Used) . $1 PER YARD ! As w* *t rt-earpetinft. toeal for AM. nocses. MBS* 6uv entire REPOSSESSED On S»ie At The WAREHOUSE STORE . Stoves, rtfrioerattjri, beOroorfn. Rvingr rooms, rugs, chest*, ol- LeonartTj WarerSouse 1SU Anantic Ave. Open Cain Cur complete stock «4 floor samo'es at frscovmTs uo to SC*v Also Beaulvrest mattresses in tun. twin. oueen 4 king *urtv THE SIKP SHOP Stfl and U, BlvtL, Across from Sears downtown. Rnancc Co. Repossess 4 omptet* nns, Xmt ctmd. Oix · range. Norot reftrr.,.. hwirfl rm_ beorm, din. rm. orouos w/mamr extras. EaTdue t2c». fav « »t CZ 1vrmv but o* state credit OK- HL'8-- W* So. LORB Bead Blvtl AUCTION E-enr Wednesday 7 t.m. New 4 .used turnrture, aDDiLartces ana misc. turoityre touyfH 4, sots on TAwSfouNT AUCTION 14109 Paramount Brd. Paramount I ED ROOM * DINING ROOM FURNITURE SAIE 13% discount en floor tamo e QUALITY FURNITURE HEBRON'S artS* Oranoe A*e. * STSJ *nsKpgan? pVneaoole bed 4 Duncan' Ptiyte ovaT dinette tat it 4 4 cftairj. Alt or cart. Terms M moons*!* 3T3S S^earntee Avenue CARPETS lAonawk. Gytrttan, McCr* LESS THAW WHOLESALE SOLID MK drsk, S*S; serf* bed, sleeoi Z SS5? fx'a cotton rutv Cliines* red. *»: Decorator tree. orange flowers. *·«; evaoorati ,-e coo in Si CE .Waa. YOU'LL. Firtd wtiat veu want at fh^^LtOSHULTZ, -ACRE Ot= FURNITURE* 7TH 4 L.K. BLVD. S12S, aVUpfe Ddrn. set. comet. STS! wasfter, Qarflen we!*, misc. 714 Bennett Ave. CE *29C2- CAFFER 4 Satfter stove, refno., Kronlrr sedlonaL Also bdrm. su t«, dinette set, 4 patl* turn. W E C HITE * po'd bed set wXanapv; Mk bed set; prevlndal couck 4 mair; maole tables; desk; ttutch; cact dnairs 4 mao^e TV. t*S«J»S RXHOG. bdrm. set, dbt. bed, Hlbov. P^nitSiS. SrS? 1 ' °« l «° r «" JaCtoti*A.V- t*n» ri B.'acti. OViKii -- «iuo sen acciiartcts, (vra. met annou* bookcas-i. intsc. -iehclat rferta. Pftv. rty. CE »-7419 frtatrsf S. E»£ J.5»7. C *" tlEFRIO. stove. BSnn. B tit. rm. set. r»T3 rvg. Misc. fum. Ing. En Clolntng. T21I E. Anaheim. *EPOlS£5it3 tearaom set. rjM- Cousjns Fvn. 43} C. Anarie*m hEAVT grey S, cnnme »rea«tasl set, 4 cnairs; 1 grey B vertevi brea»as nx*. HA 9-ba. £;N!N rooni set; leattier recker . coftee tables: cfcna doie»;s»v Bfrigldaire: Wagn*wos Hi-B.. d-£Z3 tin. set, CO. Acme. 1007 E. TO* Geo/^3mdi!io«. KA VZE DINETTE set: elastic top me. B ka 4 ctin. ta. P»- HE (atl after I Fursitore for Sole 73 1 k. RELEASE Leaving tor Oversea!, toft i rooms of e-odera lumiture and aootiancas la slvaoa con- sisnng e*: stove, crois-loa refrig. 7ac_ dir'n. room set, 11 DC. (vlng room set, J bedroom sets. Bunk beds, automatic washer. Kirbv vacuum cleaner and rug. Tike eve* payment. tjl*7 mo. F-jff tat- anu «iCi Eastern Farnitnrt Hit IrliBfic lit, UJ. GA 3-3078 "JSSI* fCR SALE CR RE.4T hmiifarc far Sole 7 GOING BACK TO SERVICE t-roora ttrouB and* aocfiarrcrt trl · sroratm ·*- ** *· itanc* csmeamr. S2?f. Keiiab'a Mootc tafce ever vavmenrs. BM wt. Jloderai Ivtnfj room set. rabve 4 Umps. Co-re «re beoTm. suit*, i»«ct irwrr* S«T, i efiiuri arar, siovt 4 ayttv mane vastier. SHOWN AT wAvrMOusc is cowl ruiniT TIKES (RtOIT CO. S3SI IfUitie ivB tJ. Oee«i Wow, 4 ffl Cvemncs r v " v uTi-rwt for So?« 72F=r=-t=r:fcfSde 73 . EASTI Hard -Rock RETURNED FROM. MANVJ ROOM. FOUR ROOMS MAPLE FURNITURE 6RO EARLY AMERICAN LIVING CLUDING TABLES AND LA SUITES WITH MASSIVE FRAMED MIRROR-- HEAD! NITE STANDS. TWIN BED CHEST. LARGE FAMILY ROOM SET WITH MAT HUTCH. ORIGINAL, PRICI ONLY $5S9-"EASIEST TER FOR QUICK SALE. OUT-OF-STATE-4: Discount 1 1639 EAST NO. LONG EEACH OPEN DAILY IB fg * SAT. trraiture for Sale 73 R $ 30 DOWN VTJ lurnlii your enfj» liaint wt-A al new fura»- iur«. indtif 119 rang*, n- fng, TY, (Tlnina rm, [v- ing room at btoroora lafs. RETURNED FROM SWANK OCEAN BLVD. ntoJel vp arhni nts. 3 d*t- fcjia rooms ef furnifur*. Regular $12^S. Now only JS9S. lncTud*» Imi} sa* er part. Caili er Hrms ta suilLong Beacb Funuture. 6A e. LJ. Blvd. Opti ·very alt* 'ttl f, axtept Tuei^ay. OoieJ Sunday. Frt» f«tiini| Fre* D«.iv*ry LONS BEACH FURNITURE CO. aTH 1 LI BLVD. DNTN. Open ewnr night 111 f eicent Tues t Ciosetf Sun. BFTransfer STORAE OUTLET Make LIP your awn erou* ·r tuv 1 PC *rcm tur large selection of eOOO USED FURNrTURE «0-- For COITID. Bedroom Set US-- for S-DC. Dinette »30-- For Living *oorn Stt HO-- for Retrioerator VO -- For Stnvt 105-- Ftw Bunt Beos »1fl Tor Chests tt- For Sorirros 4 Marts. $50-- For Hd*a-bcd A^a manv trrtier .terns of better furniture 4 aooiianc« al .rtmtTV I13IGAV1OTA 3 Streets West of Cherry HE 7-4U5* REPOSSESSED ttc. ivirt rocm orouo. 7 DC. tw3rooni BTOUD, drtett* set, sat rartoe 4 ritrto- wan* extras. ALL FOR ,247 Pick m cyntts. of C-H veek. SERVICE IAEH SVELCOIWE OUT OF JTATE CREOiT O.t H U B l020E.FidfTcCtf.Hwy. WANT A REAL BUY? SEE THIS 4-ROOM GROUP ,199 Inct ranot 4 refrlg EASY CrecEt TERMS IKS Alamltcs Avt. HE J 2E* Jusf off Ananeim 41- tortf BeacH tRJRHITURE UNCLAIMED Desout toxM Erand new *roon ·vttlt. DC Uixa AdmiraT retrtg^ fufl siia range. |v. rnr, bednrw «EH. rm. BTHJOS win accessories Just US7. Save (.a. Pav U week. EZ terms. OUT o* STATT CREDIT on. KJB-- 80* io, Larro Beac.1 B vd. at AUtndra. Compto« store on!v) REPOSSESSION On* Milv-- fcur-roora BTVUC. Bedroom, Lrvina room. Dining rm. Phjio ReViK. Cas raree. Firu. PRICE CS»-- c-z Terms at HUD. «'90 ATLAKTrC AVE. MLB- pLlances 4 trrner. fc«tnr hirw, U- drifl 4 t»ts. TA I-*IJ4- Furnlfar« for Sole 73 GOING BACK EAST 1'uil sefl TCuity -V*c. S rooms of tuminre and apotiances. c a a s l s f l H t of rrfrtgeratDr, stove, wasner, dinctTr n oc hvin* room set. btoioufw set.., turn feeds, K.irW vao- pnx TV. ··tnts. af S12JI Ma. Ft* IL DM JUI.5I Vr ft*, TUttlm. IM. ft 1 »; Sva. n H 1 tea « WS4 tnaelic Ara^ Lg«t Beac* ar caS Diiae. BIT. CA Wool ) Fnraitsrt for Serf* 73 5 ROOMS Unclaimed Slangi Fc* v» 0avTT-enriiBf O ! iis aooiiances. moudes bedrvom s^s, 1 wtm twm *«*. · t · · 1 · Byrne rmm ·rouo. cofrvi«t* vim tables, farnpav ncture-, etc. Formica *» ine?» set »tvs I f · · t. automanc vasTicr and 21" TV. Balance ft-t ·rjhr ^ff-28- *s* for secc at ti» w » »*- "n n * s«r\ lhf " Fvnsirnre f or SoT* 73 fartitort for Sole 73 WAI · RESPONSH · TO TAKE Wa wcrXc* equTfy free I III*. Farmer's tl-fl **·' pTecg d^"e»e srt, 2 t«V«o tablet, Umps, ttrfonrgfic vi etono. A4 for let {.la. Oul I* t p-Jit. SaturJ.f '«] 1 «J lilt [ ArresTa. Icnj teat* ' GA SiTED *IE PARTY \»»» ·* .» · ** · a rj»JT C 'VBi*. rptimcnla TOOTS funuturg arj ggpCancel for p. IncWes reVt^erafgr. rangg. Sm Brh\ CDtnplrfg aVM^ room let, snar. tomlo. 21* TV, t,f,, ,«i ·f state rea"4 OK. Sag rfe3y 10 sv. Opea Sutler H * PJn. Seg at ar cat Jang gf Mart. Dlr. 3-0421 4 i "^RaasT^ ' E R N : .- Maple _ FACTURER-S SHOW- OF QUALITY SOLID JP. INCLUDES: 7-PC. ROOM ENSEMBLE IN- MPS. TWO BEDROOM . TRIPLE DRESSER -Y OARD BED AND TWO S WITH MATCHING SIZE MAPLE DINING :HING BUFFET AND MS." WILL SEPARATE y CREDIT "OK" .RDV -urniture ARTESIA 6A 3-0421 10 ra a SUN. 12 ta * * ' *' irniturt for Sate 73 » macoenarnc. r^reu- i ncdrarn HOME FUJLNI5H1NS ArsD MERCHANDISING f CLASSIFIED ADVUHSING CODE Any advtrtisemcrj svnicfe cotiTains mjs;e*d-na com/ *s not .*cctotatiJe, AdvertiserTTefTts piacetf bv · C« nt n»f rc:M advertisers 1 must efTcluoe the "Frrai - MaiTnt" or werd ·Dealer." Personal d stress cJairrs, and personal pronouns are I not acceptable from commercial actvertisen. , ·"Reocssessed"' n * v tt vetf vrten o»»:er can stb- sfentiate fte cJaim. rtvases er claims ferfer. SFTRANSFER TAX TIME ii HE HE SACRJRCE SALE ONS Leads ef delleuent storaot and ·l ent trtiuht Camaoe tterm. ALL hEW FURKLTURE M Secnonais _ 191 7 ijmmora Orthcoetfc BOX scrtnos M Modem Bdrnv sets VA 11 *«13 ,!?·. , f ^ l z« Dirent sets s2t Round, eval 4 rectaneular 1 Maple Bdrm. sets, dressers if Baohc.n* HeaAtoardS SI 1? Modern ifvi/ifl room S£S f Maoie living room 594 CA iVw TER^S 5921 ATLANTIC. NLB SERVICE MEN Ooni bin/ any FUDraiTURE onhl vou see ffiis DAJXISH Madirrm thrrt-roon*, groue consisting el 7t tx. U«. nn« f-pc. B«drm 4 5-oc. O rxinp room, an COJViPUETE for J29t, with C-I terms, OUT-OF- STATE credit O.K. at Hub. 4190 ATLANTIC AVE, NLB. Phone CA 3-7931 or kie *HS7. pVnfiqnes 74 "GALLERY 934" (Acrflsi iVBm lAottairs 4 Peek I *3* E. i« SL PH. C*-Si'J Renaisunct diniftj §«t. BJtaktront a. Buttet, SI.DOO. Cramtf.ither's C»Ct, 154 rr* T7^ · Pt., 27-t!» EECK BUYS. GA 4-661 1 FURNITURE - CHIRA . JEWELRY Fvraifurc Wasted 75 TOP PRICES PAID! One Piece ar a houseful. Estdtes. Business Inventory, tumrture at storage REPP MOTT. INC. 2591 E. Anaheim CE f-OCT WI fAT TOF til Need good, dean Fwmiture. Acrt. StoMes B Refrig.. Toots. Anflgues B Oriental Furniture -CJUTT t IETTT- 1B5 E. Anaheim H 450^9 FURNITURE NEEDED CASH PAID CALL 8iS-7474-- Dlr. WHY HAGGLE? Xm »sTvs rnort for fura., aooL. antlsues. ianos. CE · 711*7, V/E BUY FURNITURE Don's 1*4 Chamr CC toX Ca4 B t B fvnuTurf prhwt ve« setl, 2100 F. AAahetm. CE 4-Otli FOX Jh« next 30 tWvi «!EI say IM dollar tcr reoriBerators. freners SPOT CASH HE 2-303E 4 fumitur*. Olr. CA ITtra HiOitST PR1CCS. Dlr. CA 3-sX .HIGHEST Ca^v- Stoves. *uni- n treqerators. Leonares. CA 1-852] Hojivetotd AppTisBCtj 7 UtfL Cuaranteed: Bakers Aoof ·nx.ev m 4 **acrc. Open evr GOOD r-rt rtfnoeralDr, t2» f i A · vertd 4 puar. Bakers Aepflanct ·m 4 Pacific Open tvr RCKT HE «-£U At/to, wastier, rgfr1t,»t r »tr rancn I/, rent ccar:cs jn turavK, A AeoJTanc**. *15 l_ B. «N* APT. t~a rrfrtaerfors, trt fi «u« antee*. B«ktrs Amiiances, l^rn Pacific. Open eves. HE 7 79* 2 EXCtU.twT wriirtoool atrromar · asners. US 4 WS. HotDomf crps *tt ratnt . U5 HA t-M6l aft. » STOVES 4 Refr 1 **. Pvl. vfr. «* L.B Bvr. HE 13*33. after » E F» Ki. kvanted. W-otirst c*ni wi\'mt er oof. "Ben,- HE 4-ZI3 S5. 713 RTVCrolt. C »l* MOViMC-- Y«ar *l* Hertmore stow 4 Burner rano*. Xlrt con*, U-OT FRrC-rOAiBt refri*. Crcsvto* lr« ·rT «». TO*V« lltOCEWOCO MS rant*i A H ] r.ftc Buvt CC *74 sS ~ P»i^|ii7* Fvnutvrc for Sole 7 $ LOST OUR CONTRACTS to fvm.s.. 71 4-roon* r.TVa- monn aoaitrnents. sacr«fica ta " moons ID»« MrT-es fcr enhr . . jfttfifra f2 ··· tunHun Lr taimil ten..*- r *°' ·rM'tobtes. tfeum am. iMctur an* MMCtows. T3-K. Mdroon vim war- proof lops, S-»c DouDtM .CnftTes. o^o^tov re *i0eratDr» «n*J ranon a-/* ·bin ··_ ^^ . ., c j *· ·..,, «^*--*- rsfyncm ·t^af«i rtr weri AVON D'ncoaBJ Fwnlter* Acrass Fran* klferwafignal P^icakg Havsg MX P. C. sowar tear lews BtAcn GUARANTEED VALUES AAYTA4 avtom. «,nn«r. fuH tlz», near Mia*. 1 vr. |uar. »17I treezer. Vtnr alci Cuar. S.d _ r'H 1X0 retri*. w 'cross fc CCMMOR.E J sow auto. «.nrier, kk« re«. Futt guar^ 1 vr. fill :OCDSPOI refrtg. w,CT. tretier. * HILL'S 5650 ATLANTIC AVL u SBT, ·to-.-Tues.^.^ Jrt. 1U «. " WERENT 5 Alexander Electric CE 17461 \ JU CAN'T BtAT THU . . . Lstate Gas Range ^ gias-aoor- »vc* inoael WITH kwer broiler. - ·ice B. smclally rkeg at Bono's 39. Including Installatloa «, 1 vr. Bonds. M] [. m St. HE tStt9 u Ocen Uon. A, f n. to ». Sun. a i O(l CANT BtAT THU . . . 1 KelvtoAtor refrigerator-- t eg. tL " verv quiet runaing. Ne« eKterkir T 1 trt-A. Fun price at Bonn s». aictuding deliver* B · nos. guar. Bond's. HI (. 41K St. rie f S66» r Ooen Mon. B FrL to 1. Sun. »-i ' OWEST prices a) Iowa ga. Frig- r Idalre. Kelvlnator, Homo nl refrig. u ances. Traoe « too! takerl J Acu:iances. n B Pacfflc. Orej f evev HE 1-3W4 1 CU. FT. refrigerator, wim tig ireeier. shelves en door, sff.ti. Your retrig. B sua mo. Cuar. . Bakers Accllances. tm B Pacific. Ccen eves. HE 1 JK4. f W M FOR BOTH La*c model Kelvinator retria. B U eaters Honv stove. Clean, guar- j SATZ I90g E. Anaheim Sf. ^ drver. rnost expensive modeC like new. both S22f.fl Tour eld washer j and »ll mo. BaUn ApoUances. « iOTPOlNT bottora.freeierj erator B »l» mo. Bakers Aoott- ances. vtft B Pactfic. Ocea eves. HE J.3K4. 1 EW 19 ra. ft. Hotooint refrlger- · ator. gnl» S7JO mo. tu cas» 1 needed. Bakers Aocliancev 9n B Paclfc. ooen eves. HE »-3»24. K5TPOI»T 1-soeed wastiar, ·iTt.n; Tour old wesner B U.S mo. Bakers AMI lances. *m B. Pacific. cnrlTeves. HE 1-3^4. f ICTPOIHT wastier 4. dryer. Bom S2WI1 rour washer B. »1S mo. Bakers Aooiiances. tm B. Pacific - ODen eves. HE 7O924. etnsical lastnunesti 79 i sifjM Aroonn?° I " r 'cE »J4Sg .OOKING for Cretcb. Cioson. swap tor Fender Strawcaster Wbeauft^ kCCOBOIOM - l» BASS. MAIE 21 BASS universal accoroion 1120. Piano* Organs 79-A TREMENDOUS SAVINGS UP TO .300 On Purcnas* of New Amencan Built Solnet Pianos Esoectairif Easy Terms ACT NOW AND SAVE! Afeo Dealer for Steinwav. Everett 4 CaMa MetsOfl Pianos and Lowrw Organs HUMPHREYS MUSIC COMPANY 3 E. SI. . Lm H ^ e »5" witb the flnei! names la music FACTORY AUTHORIZED LOWREY ORGAN SALE SAVE $50 TO ? 200 Mew m? models. Only * left USED ORGANS S S 4 im. HammonA Lewrrv, Ibranson, Thomas, Kinsman. Mo «o«n. 41 montns to pav Free Insons. deli verv 4 guarantee. TAILFORD'S Open weekdays tin t. Sal «i« f. Cor ef Balltlr. B Artnia. TO 7^057 21004 Hawtnome BL Torr. 371-JCC2 PIANO - ORGAN SALE Ke» Soinets. Save »'«5 fa US °MANY 2 FlNE U MAl:Er Save $200 fo ,1000 Cona It man.) Wn snV MOW S50J Cona Min. was ^1510. NOW tins Conn a man.) B ped. was sjc»i ifit « Long Brae* BL Daily. »» « TRS. OF SOUNO EXPERIENCE 1 roors ef pianos organs. FACTORY AUTHORIZED SALE OF IVUSLITZrR SPINET. COttVTI F PIANOS-- ALL FINISHES Plaver pianos, rolls, new. ased l/sed Sol nets. Grands. Organs Free Ore,ae, t PTana Rentals Pay Only fee Lessons McCRERY'S £4 Pine. IB. hE a-*S7 MOW. B FRL t ·-- SUM- H-S. DUI11NS THIS MONTH NEW B USED ' Stereos. Radios, ftionograons. Pianos, Organs B. Tetvisjons ALL GUARAKTEEO MORETS MUSIC STOKE 342 PIKE HE 4-2729 RENT AN OKGAN LEARN TO PLAY v.'e senrlce argans STONER'S MUSIC CENTER 56GS E. fra Sf-e CE 47S94 CASH For Used Pianos, pianos AM Tuned 4, Reeairea. VCP.ET1 Winic ITORE V3 P:ne Ava HE 4-2771 PIANOS RENTED Rent caa apotv t desired. MOREVJ irajSIC STORE 342 Fine Ave. HE 4-2TC 1 GUARANTEED fal^ad ..ianos 4 Imfrumen**-- Term \ 342 Pki« Av« HE »V7»? 2 ORGAN e. PIANO CENTER - W1U, BLTT USED CBCAN* AN i PIANOS FO* CA,^H!!I U . *** L ft PIANO CO. k 411* Orarvc Ave CA *-7K WURtlTZtK sctnvl »«no. watnw 1 1, AJmost »r* S*34 Ct 14701 «f -i 4 rm, - CRANO pirWiQ. ti fiote. Maur tri*fk lacouer, Pr.*a*f »arT i t2s« Tt J-IT: ' KENT TO OWN PIANOS i $S.OO mo, «p. HE 7-2271 V MOO. uortgti* dano. Cootf sotx * Muthe ofter, JIM jerve. HA t s? w riAKO FO* CASH. TO MS5*. « WHlTNtV K.n-ifta^r stu*» ptan- S Manie *1r»,0i_ tCi CA *» I ZWTC-U Mod Oani-ui Teak, V9 I," WALNUT UPRIGHT PIANO « HAMOT10 SPINET CRCA1 « Radios Te.CYrsica 1 A CSCD T»r SETS 7- ton. AM f M radie- pnenoorai '" w tN stereo. sf«rr»j]i«pnf lUm. m. JaAO»ETS WUSJC STORE n =47 P,n* *-^ HE *-* ·n «EWT TV er i*-f. LawrJ ««e* 3 He ecochl. S« cr'etft cTtccK. _ King Kav TV A'E 471 Jr 1 MAPLE cmso'e. wtw licTu : sef 4 «Str^.V»*eri AooliJ« rn 4 Pac.fic Oo«»i r. TV*. FC* KtWT *Ift $«rvc*l MORtT"! MU*lC ^*E Rt^lT A TV ft£ a-X · ·rtf VT.T Ap0nr AA AoDliances. r,S L B:vl 25" TV. ftefVfl CuarantredL .taAei i Aoonancts. r» A Pac/fi.^ Oc · TVi M aotprwed credt. Anar* TV. D1 W AnatwirN. NC H TV RENTALS $5 MO. I ty SERVICE AKO REKTAL Vet TV. * *°»47 SaSa* H* PHWXO consol. Ttf _ .. SJI BBW TV. S2C» E. tnt CE 4 dun 34 Tc~t« UN 4-27 4 TVs S2S B va. *e fc*. · T'^s B 1 141 E. m. Olr. HE J* · ·O SALC O». TVS «3 S «· 1 BRANHEW TV. «' c 25c PER DAY "· ." Ne nt tape "S isc4Uarl TV t^M 47711 IX BIG DISCOUNT SALE == DUUKG THiS MONTH ?ME* B Jt£D U Steran, Radios, Pnonographs, r anos. Groans B Televisions -ALL CUARANTtrO Al a PIKE H£_»2«?l b i-FiSrerto SO-A D ·ns Twee*«rs 4 antfc-surea., sTOo. 1 ** t.sntr F.U. fune-. 133. 1 Keif ftJA FA.. Itfarr. US HA V712S. CO, .ajp. L.^ ,*.. « B - OTOROtA^sWW^AW^M-snona. -- Voated -- Radio. i,v TV. Hi-R 80-B TVs ... 5 * r * Q *J^U*-* dj01 RCEKTVY needed, ned port TVs, SSantt, To. . tSr HE^JW «· V Radio Repair 81 t) V REPAJR M vogr fcome. service i- SMn? f - ^ 48 On _ Ed'| C TV L CC V^*aS a tnS!. *" lAMCOLATE TV Sen*. «2 * parts. » cwing MochiBes 82 ^ I3TP1 4 PINE SINCE 1929 *" SEW NO UAOILNE EXCHANGE l *O Pine Ave HE -W975 E*« 4 Used macftinrs trara Jia M Ad mahtt.- Partai 4 repairs. PARKS SEWING C£NTER r S3«1 t-E- BLVtX CA23007 * JffaCeSup^Equip'f. 84 j TANOARD FLOOR SAFE . I fl «- wide. I ft 4- deea ,-FT. HIGH. DBU DOORS SEE JOS. HOFFMAN ·M PINE AVE. LONG 4EACH 7 NEW DESItS. V* EACH. 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SEE AT fa C 17TH ST. BRR^ HA 1»251 NEW I -BDRM. U97EIM Waj CPT- CRAPES. HI-FI HE 5-7619 HEATED POOL Uedera Deluxe 1-Bsrm. WS Furnlsljrd-- ITS VOvmrsM FREE XXX tlue O.:o Stamps HOAM* APTS. S« moA » br_ ktd. Bool. CA 4E« 1149 E 1ST ST. B dff. not new bvt Is erceanonarTv ·· r Irot ktside 4 out. Fun. acts! 1-BEDRM. APT. Iran* iteia. cnry SIS, deluxe fia. J40 SINGLE UPPER* Kewly dec. Tito taltu tit tiitdu 3121 E. Tnerna. nr TtB 4 Ooisn DOWNTOWN Bedec sols, iftis inn. TV avail Plaza. 423 V. Ocean. He 1 ta -ARGE singles t OouCleS. US t scaooiifbus stag. ' Mg r in. iooi E. Pacific coasr Hwy. Danish Msdern rurnlfuri Erfri Lge. 2- I-Bdrms. BEAUTIFUL bachelor apt, Srt mo. "It tiock trora Btnnower Blvd." 17014 Rusk SL, Belltlower LARGE I-BR. $70 Micely furnished Ouiet. Adults. 4K OTi.o. VH1SI: CE V3»lg. HEATED SWIM POOL 1IORIVL-- PATIO MR. St. Anmonvs, downtn. beaca. 1 BR. newly dec, w m. diso, new amiflances. Beaut tacX yard. Ki Aduttl. 441 Olive. HE 7-1964 MEN. 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CC 443: X, MC J VS3 HE JH af. ton Ceronaoo-- UDMT IB* S62 ·S. tT7JB-«tCC toe- t tr, to*i aduRs. r* pets. nsS C. W 3*t ITU 4 tuw-- Laroe l-bdrm, en »- OK. SUB incL vtik^es. CC M3 rr. SS.-V.R. onj .«.,.». CMT, . 8 ARCOK'C CC 141 ra! Sg -- «ftlCS WFLCOMC. 1* -a. APT. n* c. m« c*i Is. ICC. caan 1 BR1 « guMowH. tm Dd. Cto^a s» Beat*. Tea C, 3 rvT S7S-4.RG. linata. irntft. pa\. sypsN wn juniperg ^CA ai en. BLOCKS W. pf «b»ifcer-s Be 4 «ur.. swe adum tc ir x»! tic-- Ml 9aie sir. vum t AS. ltoe» APT. uit'itn ne Untie Ideal Br I. CA.1-IJ4V. Ci*U 1731 r* nns, t. 1 NOi-tt FURSISHtO 1. VtlFURNISHCO IR, + gufldnr*. fmohed. t.T- 2i !· gk. (R_ anfumrihal. CkiX es. 153 · CO TO jooPtssrs _ OR. lELiPKmE OFFICt: MAX UVOrO UTT. CO. WI ATLANTIC HE 4*701 CREAMY ONE _4-»r. Vfl Plust loorr«rant lar. -Mua seaca.* tll-ia range . gven BirO cab heated gooL Sartsft »Toi. w-w crgt^ + drapes · ooideg Rues. Oioica toe* watt rora B-WV. l*A4y consider wee«- tn.t ^ta rieur DE L*" Beau. V5tw-- Signal Hil Itdrm. art..- teaul. slutfig M-, L0iral starfxasa. Batr taos. rlcated pool. Sundedu Autom. gar. doors. Hers rewired. Under new ir«v nemenr. 2lti t. TA CE 9-ntt COLONIAL HOUSE * SRANO sitw I.B-DRU. t » COLO SAEDALL1OH « _ fr BUILT-INS l W-n CARPET -a; RDS ARTESIA «£LLFLO'i1R 1MB TO !2S TO 1-4294 THE TOWER-- $71.50 oouirrowri CELLFLOWE* * LIV. RM, BRn. KIT. 4 BATH * POOL 4 FOUMTAlM no FLOWER BELLFtOWER TO 443*9 184? CEDAR Micrd IIR^ custom 4rK*s. - Qjiet area. Ctos* to transa. 4 w-w, bit -4ns. dJso- Pullman bate. Kir. transa. 4 market. Adults. NEWDaUXE Vr mrie H. ar Carsoa en Uorwani · 'vd. VaZ, S~L IBR. St2a IncL POOL vtil. i cargort Adufts. UN 54771 CE B-T2M NR. SCHLS. TRANSP Modera Oehnte S-Bdrm. BeBilower Nr.-Ne* l-Br. . Hear part 4 shoor*-g. Manl OK. Danisk mod. fum- mdrr- laca. SU 1. SStJO ana. Close sg stiooolno. TO 4-5727 K522 ArlesiB SI CHILDREN WANTED M eg acts. Large yard. Oosg DELUXE $92 IBR fcwtr. Kr. Bixbv Pit NEAR BEACH PARK l^drm. deluxe, new. elevator, aaraoe. Clegam fumilure PARK MARLBORO 1TC4 E. H) OOAV ONLT!! S12S, BEL. HGTV HUCE WOO. DLX. FROHT 3-BR. 100% WOOL *VW. DRAPES. 31 ^ E. 2NO ST. CA 4J642. CE 34431. LARGE POOL Deluxe IB*. *nw carpet, ever- sized pool. SV7JO. 4ZV669«. 2.1R. WITH fOOt.-$35 WK. 1 5704 S. ORANGE AVI. Paramount Pt: UB-4472 J7950 MO. Heari ef Bellflower. Lge. l-bdrm. aot. no svalnul. TO 4-C1S 1 121 E. 3RD INFANT WELCOME Attractive clean VBdrm. 170. W1J PAOFIC AVE. 1 Starr. Hdwd. tlrs. Fenced vd. Infant ek. Mr. Arlesia-L*. Bivds^ treewlvs. CA. 22794, 43H2Z J*. tUi_AlC C *TW toe. sgt.. trt*st nook, newly dec^ nr. St Anthonys, etu. gd. AJI1 only NEW-- ALL ELECTRIC WR1SLEY SS5 Kewer lor 209 Maonol 4 DIxe Modern. 1 346 Roricfa vbr. Loe. auiet. Adutls. HE5W32 carpeting, disc., stove. Svw. S542 Dairv. CA 14J4g l-.on, utilities «aid. VtJO. 3O2g c. Paclfc Coast Hwr. HE n71 1053 PINE $56. UTIL PD. Kiee dean sgte. Tub, shwr. Adits. Unfurnished Apti. 107 829 WALNUT NEW -- LARGE 3 BE 0 ROOM. Vxjndproof w.uis 4 floors, all BELMONT HHSHTS Kew deluxe 1 bdrou 24 Coronadd Pt. 40-001 er 431 2S7i NEW 1-EOtM, »75, 1477 ELM W-w cpi. H-R HE 5-74H LCE. : »R. Carg. draoes. FA Beat. D1SD. svarn-M closets. STIg. Car. avalL IM W. Parade 434-llw HO-- VBCRU. Lower. sva» lo town. Disc., carp^ draces. extra cknets. tree wssa A dnr. HE S-W45 BEAUT. KU raw. »-, J Br ««/· draces. Car. Adrts. ST2JO up. 4Z7 Redonda S120-- Soacious 2-borm. ww. drapes. B las Acts. 5SI1 E. XIrd St. DOWNET l-Bednn. Disposal, car. pets. Hr. Mo. Amer. gar. T241! Dunrtftn, A«t C. TO 1-?Ui ULTRA IAOOESM I-BCOR«L. X. PATIO. POOL, w-w cot. A ertpes. T.U t. 21st. CE «44jg an. S p.m. BEST III LOHG BEACH, sura. J t-BORU. LOWER. V* IfO. REOEO ORATED. 4M WALKUT, UOR. I DELUXE VBdnn. Ouiet. blk. tt beack. Avail AorR 7. CE 9SS H U B -- US mo. ipe. J Br. uyoer Redee. Hr. bus. SBs Can. G» f UE «5-- LOVE1.T, age. flat »BP_ J _BuH dn. SO E. Esner. CE »21 SSS-- BEAUtlFVt. Srm. aot. Adurts Redec. 754 Orange. HE 4-t.lIS. SU-- CIXBT KNOLLS appar Harm. stove A refrigerator. CA 4ssn. "ad^Adutts. 440 L-. BJ. Ct'ssTi US-- «E* l-BR. Ontn. »r. bOL «r me. Pal OK. 4O Conlto. cswii SS-SPACIOUS H*. Stove, refno redec. 42« E. Ttn. TE 4«7X PATIO a POOf- VBR. daline Aats S503 Chemr Aot a 423^42 VBK. Ckna ft- SBve. Retrtg. 161 745 Lama Vista Dr. S185-- HEW IBR. P.R- RALPH1 W74 ST, LOUIS PH. 433-214 Sao--2 B R. carpets. draDes. Ou drei t ar pets. 1341 Rosa Ave. SIFWLT dec. I-BR- geoer.» gar O ! E. 4tn st. Adurs. tjlm B4.MT. Hts.-- 4-Br. act Heated pea 1 Aduttx. ZK Redonde '. VBR vorar. Stove, refrig. d.sp. 1 lady. IX. 134 Temott. CE 4m ' EXTRA na. aaie. svest L. m I Child e k. 13T4 Summit. TE 4-471 LCE. Vbr. Mewtv flecarated wit g gar. US Cnettnut. 43-JI74 P VBR- -- Refnuaratm'. stove, draof Garage avaiL UMln: CE «.7Xj il-BR., carpets, *aoe». y-f*- M ·s3 Part. Miinr. TO »O r tug XUHEMO. J»7ja Mod. l« K. Cart. also. BTr. Buslne a. store n S7S-- LARCE dead 1 br. lower, Ur g storaca. Iia (emont. CE »4O rs VBCOROOM. rear new. 1*71 Canj See Kor. Act. . StV PH. 434-70 4 2K4 Cade. a)i ». PtL 43-«ia L UAL BEACH-- OUOL Vbr. Krr_ L aca ocean, act. «. ct Mb ·_ DOWHTOSY1I -- New HR- km T Prtva*g pafla. 441 LPidra Av L HEVvT,T aacor. Ibr. Lac. rms. fg IS v* Oiidrgn a*. «t V7a] an. 7 BliRjV Prr-g^ bed. S7S. wn area. 4H Cewies. TO 7PI S BEUIT. HTS. TA bks. ron ecu 0. J ar. act. adits. Ma pe-s. CE M iv B EU.FLO-4.E * -- Madras.. »ba S^Jd^-lvo* act. TO J-24 s* n-3IR- tv. cniwan on. 11 10 W Itin CA 7-r i U«f trahkcd ApH. 10 * Catocrr Tiaa tniag 1 SAVE $10 ON RIST MONTH J UNI '· AVALON VILUGE 9 SHEHIDxV'GARDENS ~* Biaufitul -- 1 9 rtnfi i.lfimt Anee. ? "·jTz'sinr^ ^ «/ \aroa closet .33 SS( En* 2J10 M fl ml M ** WTI^prvolsX, 1 LUAU MANOM APTS. ! 3 Brt, 2 b.tHj, «cti. TjrnJ^.td i Unfuranhed LUXURY LIVING ^f Air co-icWontd . Sfovt rBfngertfor Jj w/«r urpti cirtpei fr BB9 *f 2 tw'immlnc) pook Monti t. UeBtk ar V.r, A 5663"CHERRY ^MEOAUjraN^ZJBR. unit ISOa. JC.IK. rangg B,"avenl Ur eond. thrka crptg. taoes. Ireetou .pgtl^Jli L l.Ra. Walk he riean gf Eas^Gateal SS4I 3taetrian Vallev View. TM 827-1070 DeluxApts 1- t :-Br._ rW t Ucfiira. $110 Up-- So'J M.JaBlo, 1701 Sngnnaa PUcg ;A »-H6»; 6E 0-2541; ««l M ·£ $75 UP. 1 2 ER'i Furruilied Unfurhohecl W'w carpet, gjsposal. canort. L'drv facilities. «alk-h» ctosets. Want tg Lakewootf Center OPEN 1 CATS -- LAKEsVOOO 5024H«yter ME (W 170 53I UME bedrggra, r,1 tatns ttufg anm carpets, draoes. tlt-tas. tun en. closures. OO mo. 7-Bedroom. r^i tarn ctudtg with above features. 513 ma. CA ynai 2-lEDtOOM -- NJ.L 1 CHILD OX Carpet, draoes. olsa. eudrfiari. to reft cabinets, tower t9l ugcer NEW LARGE DRUXE 1 B IIP- LARGE PATIO Gold Medallion-- An elect, ty CE. Cruts. Braoes. stove, relrig. Adutfs enlv. (201 2nd sr. Just Completed KEW COLD MESA1JJOK APTS. Brt-«ti, cnnx. draees, I B t B». ffura. B smtunL '*2lf £. Ttlt St., 210 BELMONT Mew deluxe t A Ibr. apt Frols. 3-ba. AW-fW radios, mttfwm, Btt-ins. breakfast tars. · fi*^. er tmturu. 43V-.W5*, draon. tuiH-i* stov* 4 even. Buirt-m taundry Brci *fl cadi tat. OrDort win storaTC. ClOa* to orammar scboot Pftcn* juianaoe^* 4V38-39U 409 MARKET 1-bedroom witb garage B. pool. Has camets. cranes. buUt-lns B extra closets galore. ST14 me. War. Aot GA 17911 FREE TIL AfRiL I5TH CARF. t DIAPES. KR. NEW MIS E. MTH-^ADULTS "BRAND NEW" 1 Bonn. Lhr. rm. Gen. Hdwo. floors. B.t-ia stove. DiiT. UV 302* Oranoe CA 4-Xna . 2 BDRM. -- $90 Brand new. B:1 In RtO, draces. FREE JAOAMA AfTS. 17* S/od. 1 br.titd. naol GA * iiW NEW DaUXE 1-2-3-BR. W LB.-- A.r condU Ww cot., fires., ttlt-'Wrs. dlSBOsat. rvcreation rm, Ldry. UD C. Piymovth. NE J-3i9l 1851 PINE AVL 2-BR. Z tsltis. Kear ntw eati* aof. tV-v carot., tfraoev dis*. Car. avaJL ndirr i Rncu AtJutts. 57 Dayman. 1 bnx. Ma, Of P£ M. eft AHarttlC CE l-»7?0 POOL-- PATIO OLX. I-BV. W w carpet, rf io . cniidren. tC5 Stanley, fsint* LOS ALTOS POOC O«!UT 1 4 1 Brs. funL or unfum. CarpL* ttraoea- btT-4A range. 2-BDRM. W ,'«r. Craoes. S3? JO. Oi.Mrnt LARGE 2 BEDRMS. B1XIT lUtoils. 1114. Newtv decor. Soacious Ibr, w «, dlsit, vene- ftarrs. Adults. Nr. shoooiirB. Car. available. HEATED POOL t-tdrm. ren!hows«. Sfovt, rtfng. 232 Termlra. NEW LARGE 2-BDRM. BuiU-ins. carpets. draDes. pool. SS OHIO PARADISE APTS. $75 J7.50NEW I-BR. UPPER Stove, reFrig^ disa. Partrtn. Adurts. CRTB4M9 1 - HE 4-iSC* CHILDREN WELCOME ' NEW LARGE 1-- 2-BR. BuL8-ins» cariiets. Braces, pool, garage. 4501 Betmower Blvd. 345 WALNUT i turg. act Aduti "" ** 1 B I be. BR. Cmr. dm. bit-ins j Raas. rent, cnlld. IBB PacBlt A«e. j I-BR. $7230 L Blvd. 13 Oavma* GA 4W» t. crest from PX. Clua. .an. for*.. 9 r.a. ra E. HE 4tn · «60-- »BR- Claan. Ouiet, Kear Bixy Park, stove, retr«. ^dnr. rr-«. J 471 St. Louts. CC 4-an 1 S^-- »-BR. Near fieer. Stove. Room ^ gar wadier. *£·**- "·" * la f IVRXrLCY -- } Bdrm.. ww CB^ , j «O3CR« vor. ant. DesmaBie » -, ar. stores . Bus. Aduin - a»OO«R». goac s-br. Ojnal. recee. ' GA i«Jl; CA 7-4U. ^ SIGNAL HtB-- t«a. ] BR. Mew act iBR. duaren K. Across ran * t W^^aS*«*f^°**'«fE S^S n. tf L t fl CVr t B-- "lew IBR. *«· * ^ LWX. DUC. 2-BIC m Bt*s^ 173P Trro*. A^w"^- a. BlXBTC tUVOLLS ssTsTa UDaMT laT'S" 5 »br. aotTprx alsp^W.ft ej ·A-B.-^Beauf.l'Bont^ B»im. ··» " crot, ga-. Jta TO J-fa 9* E»» / Huttctt SI. : Z-K, NR. Nu, INrANI sit a 47 «4j« HC i^ns tit-, c R. sao Vf. AOT. w Bixir Inctts-xtr unorn. 5 or tooer. Car, AAifTs. CA 7-4*94 «3« i OrsSe L *Ave* t aVit » *·"** *"tS »5*"1r?t ··?*"·· ! J4i-- «EW IBJrm. Carpet, »-apes, sloye. rrtng. W3JI. 40 ». CAUP. HTS. 1 aflrrx 'LE r -. M '*'l!3 *Vtd 0 B*^ 1 »*»W«L ""SfBRB "li^'SPeiur't GgTsSBL 1 *" *' ar gatig. JTe i 1 . ejeinrn' UPPER i-tdm. B.T-pa r«jve aoxn «a Caear. US. CE m« : V f R T clean Ivwer TBr. adu*n. _ ' Bra*. 14C7 Anan?ic,'cC st^C.

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