Independent from Long Beach, California on March 11, 1966 · Page 25
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 25

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1966
Page 25
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-AC WlntlMM 7JUNIOR DISC JOCKEY Mark Joseph, 7, watches as his sister, Kathy, 9, readies a record for her -;' 15-mlnute disc jockey program on radio station WDYX in Buford, Ga. Mark .wants his own program, too. 7-Year-Old Newscaster Available BUFORD, Ga. OB--Robert Joseph owns Radio Station WDY* In Buford and his wife Is. chief engineer. And, they have a problem: Their 7-year-old son, Mark, thinks he should be doing the news programs.' After all, his 9-year-old sister Kathy, has ; had her own show for a year, and Mark thinks it is time he hit the airwaves. . Joseph, however, is not quite ready to turn the hews over to Mark,' even though the'youngster has learned to operate the station's control panel by observing his sister and others. · Kathy's show is a 15-minute disc jockey program every Saturday morning. She had to work to get it. Her father was teasing her one day about her interest in the station's operations and she told him she wanted her own show. Joseph laughed and told her she could have a show if she could sell it .to a sponsor He thought that would end it But Kathy promptly wen into Buford and, on her firs , attempt, solcKthe program t a clothing store.- Between rock 'n 1 roll rec ords, she does her own com raercials and chats abou horses, swimming, schcx friends, hobbies and her band Arrivals, Departures Venlzeka (GrX-Tkr) LM» Venf'elos S. A. . Mar.'l, (SrU i "·" GWBil Cliart BroktriM Mar. re San Ju«n I -in Witwmin Lin* --Mir. 14 0x5.1 .107 Pac. Cst Transp, Co Mar. ·sso "Nlciraflua (Pan. ^'SafeSf j · E H Bird ( .'.'GranvlU* .'·Hawaiian Pl - _1M Ionian DPai Riifa J.B-77 RKttltid Oil Co _u--:_M»r. 10 S«t1l« _157 Ltoaipf oil Co Mar. 12 Yokohama . _ . .119 EssoTnternallonal Inc _ Mar. 12 Ar ----- " ~ Bird (US) vlU* Won . i i a n Planter .-Japan -B«r · VYtKinw (Bt») -- 1M Slswatl Co _ Anc Humble oil BJ1 I' " ' ' ama uba' rYoshlnosan Miru (JIB) ·SI letz [ B«l i_ _ tntL Pauline " rii ... Reflng S j co _LB-2f «K* 'Lint . 176 Witarman LJn« Mar. 17 San Dleoo ___« Pac. Far East Line _Msr. 10 San Fran .135 Oliver J Olson S. Co _Mar. 11 San Olno -LB4M S«a-Lwid..S«pyl« Inc -Mar. ll.Oaklai ' _. Ina... r. 12 Sacramanto lar. U San " USED MATTRESS SALE! jmt (Ub) Ub) _14f A L Burbank Co --13 STWn.TM UM · * _LB-S Calnwr Lli _ a r . H Saigon ar. 10 San Fran W. 12 TOKOflama |Cj. :almar Line Mar. 12 San Fran oceny Mobil Oil Co _~Mar. 11 Oakland itates Marine Llnei n , . M^r. 12 Saigon .IN Orient Oveneas Lin* Mar. ID Mar" l-2 N Y K LIiW "»r 12 San F S? ?.l K8 F4 P l? s 7 I ft nl . ne _-JST* lll - r " W ^ B-7 Yimunlia-ShlnnDMn __ I -LB-7 Yi ,ar. 10 Manila ·- San Fran . 10 Dumal 15 San Fran 13.SM1 Fran MJtiul-Osk Linn Lid Mar. II New Yorl --200 Same Bra) Two. Co. Mar. .11 San D!a VE SSE LS AR RIVI NO THU RSDAY % ^ A W , . Jahe 'Slovc iHvuho " i-S«U Haiti Vi'viiXi '_"- . .. . LB-74 El Stoundo TKhwaler Cll Co Mar. II Rid I'Slovt (Nor) 332-E ^., Hamburg Walknfus Line TMI___Mar. 11 Vancouver Inland (Cer) IM ___^an p:«o Hamburg Amer. Una --Mar. 13 Snn Fran x Maru (Jan-Tkrl Anc New Orleans lino Kakm K K .Mar. 10 Yokohama _.New York N Y K Llni . VESSELS DUE FRIDAY Fr»m Operator .___.lMar.'l2'San Frar txji to Sail Fer a:«: n as n; 2 Complete HOLLYWOOD BEDS M8 FULL PRICE Twin Sh* FREE 1 HIADBOAKDI « J PILLOWS ALL 20 PIECES COMPLETE BOX SPRINat t MATTREM tfleld Oil Corp - .__Msr. 11 Portland _ _ . J 011 Co ___JAar. 13 Port Arthur _ . . . .. .11 states Marln» Lirws __Mar. It Yokohama VAenl«M (Ub 230-D . __ Naooya WaHenfus Line ,, Mar. 13 San Fran (Tier) 107 _ San Fran Marillma Ovmtai Con ' ' ' ·Ocean Ani ijDnepon L -PWRAn' ,,_ San Dlwo states LTna ,, War. Is San Fran .UM-CPh!l) 137 _Mazatlan Maritime Co of Ptill. -Mar" 12 San Fran _..._!· (C*nJ LB-M .-Mazattan prTncess Cruises Inc MarJT Pto. VallaHa sw MflltT LB-50 --,--San Fran Military S*a Trans. Srv. Mar. 4 Horwlulu iru jJip) LB-2J ^Vancouver N Y K Lkw · _ __JAar. 13 San Fn ,-lJ.S^ Caper LB-17 '- Ssn Fran u S Bulk Carriers Inc 1txJU. ·Neunarllr.9*rsi*t (Gtf) 155 Ensenada rlh Ger. LFoyd L1n« Mar. 12 San Fran Navy Ships n Port .Benner ' Jennlnaton · .Blue _Pler IS, Nav. Sta. 2, NSY Pier IS, Nav. Sla. , . . Homir.e Richard _ TM___B-H, KSY p:«r IS. Hav. Sti r'Brvce Canyon r*Bullercujt ·Cablldo _ ! V.Chandler ,,__-_ Pier 15, Nav. Sta ·-..Clmarron Pier 9, Nav Sta · .Collell : Pfer 9, Nav Sla · ComstocTc Bclhlehem Stilpyarc · 'Cormorant , Pl»r 9, Nav S1a ,'Cove P,I«r_9, Nav Sta :.!? B«. NS · · Embattle . FelTows Stewa --"Enhance . ._,, PJer 9, N/ " ,"_T Pier 15, Nav Sta Pier P, Nav SPa Feltews i St*wa Fellows Slewa -..Todd "· 'Ev«rio!» 'Ex«l ·nrnn .Force ·,Fox Todd SNjiyar .,6rMlBV Pl«r 16. Nay. Sti - P I * r 9 f Mav, S I i -Guide "Halsev.^-- 'Hampshlf* County . -Todd ShTpyar ,'Haven - · · P!«r 7, Nav. St -Henderson . P1«r 15, Nav. " '- 'Wanafee ; -.-'Wansfield 'Marsh "·McK«n ^ '.O'Brien '..oytarxiBl Ozboum Pier 15 Hi Pfer 17, Mi Ptar IS, M; :paot Cotmtv -"'Parsons . TM-- ·FllJtln Caunfy · PL Defiance ~ HI . ,,'reslon ·- Pffchett ~ v;Prime .Pl«r IS, Nav. Si _Pier 15. Nav. S1 .Bethlehem Shlpva DD % HS [odd Shfpya rBFhleheTifsWpvi 1 ft-33 fJ! _« e/ ,,.N,v S r 15, Nav S IS, Nav S 60 1 N: 9,_Na: - '^S«iff*lc*c Cevnh r *T«iuoa -I ',Tof8vafW ; --Tower*, I-'Turner Joy B.3i f N: *-u. N! . Pier 17, Nav. S [alien, I v.m.-io p.r ;·: Exiled Greek .'] Reds Rumored | With Viet Cong | SALONIKA, Greece UPV-- 'A Sak3nika newspaper sai i -^Thursday 200 Greek Commu ijnlsfa 'exiled in Iron Curtai ·^countries are fighting wit ';the Viet Cong In Viet Nam. ,,- Elltaiko*. Vorras said in ''.front-page report the me -'were part of a secret brigad ·;of volunteers and came mos .,iy from Bulgaria. :!· Defense Minister Stavro ·'Costopoulos, asked to com ·'ment on the report, said h "'could neither confirm no 'ideny it, though "it is. poss- : ,'ible," since there are about ··'120,000 Greek Communists in Eastern Europe. KING SIZE SETS $99 I Queen Size Sets $79 ft +ll 10T SPBIIIB * * Twin «r Fill III* Firm Set i DISCOUNT BEDDING '15314 LAKE WOOD BLVD., BELLFLOWER NEXT TO KCKLUKD PLAYER PIANO STORE -- CASH -- CREDIT -- LAYAWAY -Shop SHI. 11 to 5 Mon-.Thnrs. Fri. 10to» Phone 844-8503 TB«$., Wed. S«rt. 10 to 4 Courtesy V Quality f Integrity* 2nd Great Week! Fine Carpet-Lovers Opportunity! 5 '4-^1 ^w 1 ' ·^ ''^fw^ k GIGANTIC SPACE - MAKER! S A L E ;| Huge Price Reductions! ; Must- sacrifice 5000 yards of fine earpetings fo make jpace.for now orders arriving almost daily! Choose from rich, deep-pile nylons, acrylics, or wools at HUSE'PRICE REDUCTIONS! 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