The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 11, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1920
Page 4
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THE DAILY flttEE PRESS i MONEY'S WORTH Natural Desire Is Not to Get the . Worst of Any Business iu. Transaction, CHEAPEST NOT, ALWAYS BEST I Peraon Who Buy* From Catalogue • t House Sees Only the Price and' Forget* That Value I* Thing •"»*••»•—_>^ (Copyright.).^ i 'When you spend-your/, money- naturally want to get all yon can In return. No one can criticize, you for having that desire. Only those who are commonly referred to as having "nsore money than sense" throw their money away. All others are careful to see that they do not get- the worst of any bargain. * But ona has to be able to look farther than-the-end of his 'nose If he Is to be-sure that he Is'get- 4ing tue ; most that he can get for his money. That Is the defense of the man who trays from the mall order house instead of patronizing the merchants In his "own town. He says he can get more lor his money when he buys from the mall order man than when he spends Ills money at home. But in arriving at that conclusion he certainly has not been able to look further than the end of his nose. In most cases the man who buys goods from a- mail order house does so because h'e thinks he is getting the goods for less money than he would !have to pay for them, at the store in ils own town. He thinks he is look- Ing out for .No. 1 and he says it is .not his fault If the merchant in his town cannot make any money and is forced to go out of business. He overlooks the fact ,that he is likely to be as hard hit as anyone else when that merchant closes his doors' but, leaving, that probability out of consideration, the chances are about 10 to 1 that ^the buyer has really lost money on his deal -with the mail order man. Price Not 'Only Consideration. . ' If buying an article .of any kind, whether it be a house and lot or a pa:per-of-pins, the price Is not the only •thing to be considered by any means. .Von are not in the habit of going into 'ft store when you want to buy a suit of 'Clothes and saying to the storekeeper: "Give me the cheapest suit of clothes [you have in the house." You want the 'best suit of clothes you can get for the •price you pay for it, but you don't •usually want the cheapest thing you '*4n find. A man may delude himself Into be- ilievlng that when he buys a suit of ^clothes from a mail order house for -jflO he is saving money, but what is •there to justify him in such a belief 5 ;The mere fact that he is getting a suit for $10 does not mean that he is sav- •Ing money. The chances are that if ;he should go to the man who runs the • 'clothing store in his own town and ^ask for it he could get a suit of clothes ior $10 and the chances are also that ;it would .be just as good if not a bet{ter bargain than the suit which'he ,«6u5d get from the' mail order house ttoi the same sum. It is not the price '.be pays that shows whether he is get:Ung a bargain or not. It !s the qual- goods that Me gets for his money counts. . .-••-' Can' Undersell Mail Order House. The home merchant can sell as as the mall order man if he CIGARETTE W HEN you see. this fampbs trade-mark, think a minute! Think of the delicious taste of a slice of fresh toasted bread! That's the real idea back of the success of Lucky Strike cigarettes. Toasting improves tobacco just as well as bread. And that's a lot. Try .a Lucky Strike cigarette— It's toasted AGE LAURA E. SWARTZ O8TEOPATH1G >HY»lCIAN Chronic Diteaiei • Bpeclsity Office In Laudor-Nlchc!. Bid*. Mrs. Baney tells how Lydia E. PinkhamVVegeteWe Compound Hdpe&JifflC Through the Change of Middle Life. .. , Pinkham's egetaple'"C!om- ; nd/ helped, me ully.' • I took bctor V'-raedicirie' < other.',patent -. J but r -.t be, ley C.6 m tea helped ECONOMY COAL YARD j. B. WOODS, nor. , \ n-anything I iye ever taken, I -, : irie c ojniTj "if tome" ana in telling others what theTrnedicoiie has.done for me." -Mrs." LET-TIE BANEY, 468 East 9th St., Rochester, Indiana^... • . Sucih Warning syihpldms- as ( 'sense -of /suffocation," hof J flashes; "hefcdaches; bftckfcdKes;- dreiad of 'impending•? evil; timidil5?HiSptmd8,in the;ears,, palpitation of the heart, sparks before the eyes, irregularities, constipation/ Variable' -appetite, weakness-and dizziness should be' heeded by middle-aged women and let Lydia E. KnKham's Vejgefe'bleiCom- pound carry, them-safely^through this crisis as it did Mrs. Baney. " HOW TO GET RID Of YOUR'CBtD THe quiet wajr l» to Ui Dr. King's ; New Discovery FUND FOR H, C, L WAR Farmers Get Together for Drive on Profiteers. 'sells as cheap the.mall order *xoan,sells. Bis expenses are not as :Jieavy "as those ofe.thevjnail order man. He -pays .less!-,rent In proportion to •Uws bnsiness;he does,ihls taxes are less in i proportion to the capital Invested. 'His advertising bills, are less than those of the mall order man in proper- rtlon to ; the .volume of his sales. He can undersell the mall order -man any j day In the year if he wishes to sell 'only goods "of the same quality and stylei.of those sold by the mall order main, but he doesn't do this because he "knows that the majority of .the people In his town do not want that, quality and style of goods. Therefore lie keeps in stock goods of all qualities and all prices. He has the $10 suit for the .man who thinks that he' can get more lor his money by buying a suit at that price than he can by buying a better bne for 520, but he tells the customer Just what he is buying. The next time you think-about buy- Jng something from a mail order house if you ever do think of such a thing go first to your home "merchant anc ask to see the article which you are thinking of buying. Ready to Compare Prices. Tour home merchant is a business toan. He gets the best values he can 'for his money when he buys goods, and he does not expect his customers to do anything else. All that he asks, in return for' the favors he does his customers and the things he does for the good of his community is that lie be • -given, an opportunity to meet the in- fcldlous competition of the mail order 'louse. He is perfectly willing to have .his prices and his values compared to those of the mail order nouse, but he has a just complaint when lie is not . given a'chance to make this compari- '.". Bon.';.:*' t . " If all buyers would take the value as •well as the price'df the article they are'buying into consideration, the mail order; Bouses would all go. out of tins!• joe** tomorrow. - ' Fourteen State Organizations to Be Represented in Meet at Chicago .on March 3. HiiicnKO, Feb. 11.—A "war fund" of :ic»rly $2,000,000 to be used by.fnrin organizations throughout the nation in i fight against the high cost of liv- ng, a Gght which they hope will brine -educed prices to the consumer for fiirin food products, 'Is to bo created in a meeting here March 3-nf the American Farm .Bureau federation. This meeting will be for tlip purpose of solidifying the tentative organization floated in a meeting lu-re in November. Poiirteen of the 33 state associations then .represented have ratified • the constitution and by-laws and ear:li state is to contribute to the treasury fit the national body 10 per cent of its funds. ' Tin's means about $00,000 by the Illinois Agricultural association, the father of them all, and nearly $100,000 from the Iowa farmers. * "This money," said Howard Leonard, a farmer'of Eureka, 111., new president of the Illinois association, "is to be used for scientific study of the food situation as it affierts the farmer, and to bring about a closer union of farmer and consumer in the handling of foods. It is to be hoped that prices to the consumer for farm foods will be brought down. But at the same time the 'farmer cannot suffer a loss on'his production. He must make a profit also." "Does it menn, then, that the big associations and 'the national organization intend to do away with'the middlemen?" Mi-. Leonard was asked. : •"Not exiicHy 'Uia.l," he replied. "\Ve want to decrease our costs and hope by that method, co-operative buying and marketing, to reduce costs." GOLD-SILVER PARITY URGED Senator Thomas of Colorado Says Only International Bimetallism 'Can Adjust Exchange. \, Washington. Feb. 11. — Declaring that foreign exchange bad become the "sinister international problem" within the last six months, and unless adjusted soon "commercial chaos" would overwhelm international trade. Senator -Thomas (Dem.). Colorado, urged in a speech Hie re-establishment of the old ratio between gold and silver and the creation of international bimetallism. CHICAGO CANDY MAN DIES Charles F. Gunther, Founder of Big Factory, Is Victim of Flu- Pneumonia. Chicnjrc. Fell. 11.—Charles Frederick Gunther, uisht.v-tliree years" old, world renowned art collector and founder of one of the hijrfrest candy manufacturing concerns in the AVest, died of fin-pneumonia at his home here. He bad served as city treasurer and as alderman of tlie Second ward. EXTRA! Civilization Facing Extinction by Horde of Deep-Sea Creatures!, Tribe of Cannibalistic Half Fish, Half Human Creatures Discovered Near Shet,. land Islands! Paris Government Will Appoint Members of the Joint Commission at Once. Washington, Feb. 11.—French representatives on the proposed.joint commission to arrange for the exhumation and return to the United States of American dead burled in the army zone' in France, will be appointed immediately, the state • department has been adviser] by Ambassador Wallace. OULD such a headline in this newspaper some day startle you? The idea seems to be •the conception of a disordered mind, but a writer ofwidescientificknowledge combined with brilliant story- telling ability, , has produced an imaginative tale around this theme that seems perfectly, plausible and which is gripping in its realism, in .^__-iio ; irriu i'a;i3'-i 'k> j-.'io-.. The Deep Sea D ON'T put off untE tonight what you can do today. . Step -.' into your .druggist's arid buy a,.bottle;of Dr. .KlngTs New^Discovery. Start taking it at once. By the•time : -you >; re*eh home you'll be on the way to recovery. ; ; This standard family friend has been breaking colds, coughs,, grippe attacks, and croup for more than flf ty y ears.-' It's'used: wherever sure- nre^reliefUsiappre'clatedLf::. Children and grownups alike can use it— there is no disagreeable after-effect. Your druggist has it. 60c. and $1.20 bottles. Give it a trial. Bowels Begging for .Help Torpid, liver pleading: for assistance? How careless to neglect these things when Dr. King's New Life' Pills so promptly, mildly, yet effectively come to tlieir relief! Leaving the system tmdonneci. closged bowels unmoved, results in health-destructive aClar-eitcy..!. stimulating,' tonic- - in -nctii.n- Dr. King's New Life Pills-brin^«! happiness o£ resulnr, normal bowt-l and liver functioning. Keep feeling fit, doing t'ifr work of a man or woman who finds relish in it. AL- ilruggjsts—25c. W.W.HAMILTON Coal and Ice MACKEY COAL OFFICE Phon. 204 W»h.d Nut, Eai at* Lump Phone 149 f K. I HENRY BAIN TRANSPKR GET OUR PRICE* Phone 342 K H.O.HALL&CO. FEED, COAL;' AND POULTRY I SUPPLIES Phone 233 W. A; BRANBONy M. D. GENERAL PRACTICE AND THE .; . , ...',,.,'.,. EYE: , ... . . : .T«it«d . . QliMit flttari Virginia Bldg. . CarbonetaU, Ill, DR.'J. W. BARROW NEW HAMILTON BUILDINO H«ur» t to 11 A,. M. and 2 to • 9. B .. PHONE «5 F.L.LMGLE.M.D. O*n*ra! Practtoc attention to Ey«, Ear, art Threat OlaMM Fitted Phonie: Reildenee 3SO-2, Offto* S8t*f Virginia Building HAMILTON & BRADLEY Attorney* at Law Phon. 882 X Suit* 112-118 New Hamilton Building DELIA CALDWEL.L, M. D, McANALLY BUILDING 211 Wast Main Street Pffle* Hour*—«to lu n.M.; £ to 4 f.m, CARBONDALE CANDY , KITCHEN Home Made Candfec «nd lc« Craai) Telephone *44 Y " ' Peril BY VICTOR. BODSSEAD . There is No Remedy Like Vinpl Those who are nervous, all run down, no appetite, ' and can "hardly drag around"- Vinol creates a hearty appetite, induces sound sleep, invigorates . the nerves, creates strength and' quiets, the nerves. ' Here is Proof that Should Convince Everyone Sebree, Ky.— "I was run r down, weak, and nervous, and had no appetite and could hot sleep, so I was unfit to keep around and do my work. A friend asked me to try Vinol. I did - so and now I sleep better, eat better ' and feel better, in every way, and I St. Louis, Mo.—'"I,was'in such • weak, run-down, nervbus/condition I could not do my work,' arid hod lost all my ambition as I had taken so much medicine without benefit. A relative told me- about Vinol ..and I cannot praise it enough for what it has done for me in restoring my health and strength."— MRS. EDNA .Wnro. We have secured this splendid story for.our next serial. DON'T FAIL TO READ IT. TJnless Mr. Adamson meant that, said the premier; "his _ talk of self-determination was dishonest. Thnre were murders ' nnd assassinations .."of the most cowardly and despicable kind in Ire-land," the p'remler told Iiis ques- .tioner, acd lie asked whether the member thought the government should withdraw all its troops:"and leave t-he assassins in charjre in Ireland." • Before the debate on the kihjr's speech from the throne began Premier Lloyd George announced, that he.would at an early date ask leave to introduce a bill "to amend tjje provisions for the government of Ireland." The premier's announcement of the probable early appearance of the home rule measure was greeted with cheers. U. S. CAN SAVE SHIP COSTS BEGINS FRIDAY TO CHANGE ERIN RULE Lioyd George Outlines Government's Policy in Ireland. Premier Says Troops Will Not Withdrawn, but the Law ; Amended. Be , can truly recommend Vinol to others who are in" a run-down, nervous condition."— MRS. T. H. SHELTON. I?OT all run-down, iwrvous, anaemic conditions, -weafc women, overworked feeble old people and delicate children, there is no remedy like Vinol. Your moTiey^wilt be returned if Vinol fails — . VTffbl OUR COD LIVER AND IRON TONIC IS THE GREATEST STRENGTH CREATOR K-NOWN Claude Fox and Drnxglits »«MJ almrn.' '•' London, Feb. 11.—Replying to "feen- erul. criticisms oi tlie government's policy made by William Adamsou, a labor leader, Sir "Donald MacLean and others who" demanded especially the revision of the Versailles peace treaty, Premier Lloyd George said in .the house of. commons that it would be Impossible in a single speech to deal with" all the questions raised.' '*, - : Alluding .to Ireland, the .premier asked whether Mr. Adamsou meant by "self-determination" that -if the majority of the Insh. people demanded a repoblic he_wouid jrive It: .'••-'' -..'-•'-. ' • Expert Gives Senate Commerce Com• mlttee Recover .Every • Dollar Spent. Washington, Feb. 11.—Every, dollar of .the United States investment in war-built ships can be recovered, D; E. Skinner, head of a Seattle shipbuilding and operating, company, assured the senate commerce committee. . He advocated their sale to private [ owners at $200 a ton, plus enough to cover costs of scrapping inefficient and obsolete vessels, and presented a plan for time-chartering.: ADJUSTMENT NOTICE State of Caroline Jfann, Deceased. . The undersigned; having been ap- p'ointed administrator of- the estate of Caroline - Maun, late of the County of Jackson and Stats 'of Illinois, deceased, hereby gives notice.! that he will appear before the County Court of Jackson County, at the Court House in Murphysboro, at the March Term, on the first Monday in March, A. D. 1920, being March 1st, 1920,- at which time all persons having claims against said Estate are no'tifled and requested to attend for the purpose o£ having the. same adjusted. . ' ; All persons indebted to said estate are required to make immediate payment to the undersigned. Dated this 15th day of January, t , 1920. ' - : J. T. Smith, Executor. ' 'C. E. Feirich, Attorney for Executor.. IGKIUEFFRDM COLD ON CHEf AND SORE I ENDED OVERNIGHT You 'Get .Action with Mustarine—It Drives Out Pain In Half the Time it':Takes other Remedies—It's. the Quickest Pain Killer on Earth. Get Dr. Edwards'Olive Tablets That is the joyful ay of thousand* ataoe Dr. Edwards produced Olive Tablets, the substitute for calomeL Dr. Edwards, a practicing physician for 17 years and calomel s old-time- enemy, discovered the formula for Olive- Tablets while treating patients for chronic constipation and torpid livers. Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets do not contain calomel, but a healing, soothing, vegetable laxative. No griping is the "keynote" of theas- litfle sugar-coated, olive-colored tab- Jets. They cause the bowels and liver to act normally. They never force them. to unnatural action. . 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Full Dlrectk>nsWittiEach3Q-CentPscka8B .'.- . ' For • teal ionic mnd 1 blood purifier ,Uke teupoonfiil every night or every other- night for at letit three weeks.

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