The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 5, 1957 · Page 14
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 14

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 5, 1957
Page 14
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-8Y BILL Qf sen At Tempk takes No. 6 Hard Hok t l t ttM*—f hti 1» a »lxih the back side of tr* ffe*n, «Hel« by Wil- putting fof Ris blrdl*., eod air Kit top 1* g6U However, .strjng ana JrtiU":*« t68 h* wast ___ . ----- ,. . W1LLAH& WOOD | green and inW tttt dltth, thus yard three far hole being out 8f bound* Bill having sound very difficult to take * tw« *«** Anally Mora Games Cameled In T-A Baseball *a«»!lay ftt J ty JNSeW-Age bfisfbitf 01$ *Hfl a Sinic* Wt t- fcafc* JackSftfl a»f Say Cit? go* -—-'- a as aw optSbtnf rotrao 1 in AlfJUWK*-""" tottfr Lake Jackson ft«d 6«« Sue to host Bay Cit/ In a S«ii6f eofttcSt in the CSUftty League but aftemooft deWipaurt f«rc- gd official* to call oft the duel. A dotibletteader had been on tap in Angleton, Ivrnth would h**e opened their newly form- eft Junior; race, out that too was, caught in th* wake of the Gulf Coast rain*, More Teen-; titter looking it over and latter Being 6ft tn« 8r«fl With >ing it you will quickly see hi* tee snot. 4 „ .... 5 distance can be deceiving These are th* type « holes, mgnt ---- ,-„— ^ - tf u t««4e iViaf Ifinl almnrt *11 tfnlfprA <miSU Majors trying to nost fe the only hole 1 have.WHen you K tH« y&afe.«.» Columbia While ft***" ^-s«n * touttiameht slayer In good shape after « good shot. P^S. 0 "/*!. 0 ^ i»«,* STv itt out ot bound*, and that 1» *•« yau Una yourselt «*»«-1 "]>« Major T-A saw* ietf i* a feat bling fot a bogey W double *« «t>enef in that .loos i tricky hole Is located in bogey. ' ls * nl! t.-£OUr&e IV uuill aruuiJU tire la UIW Illilt: jiutco, «uiu uiv »T*V- --. .ifcj At* *Si * **• *** A A'k^.A. $tal but this nuihbte six, 'Closky layout. tOWfed the District 2ff-AA base three, 190 yard hole has' The Vett hdtd « toiirnament ball n*g this j»ed state-wide attention. each year at McCWsky, of Sfoti can almost use any club .which we have played in sev- % might have in your bagjeral times, and each time this ; ojn given days would come'number six hole is tagged As or (gain too long, lone of the roughest on the en- i-green is only 12 fcet' tire course. V and some 24 feet long, I A lot more bogeys are taken I .making you be real sharp here than pars because of the ».the tee or on a chip shot, boundaries, the green is small Team . runs alng the right side and for the most partis always a fence is on othe left, real hard, making it almost inv |,>baing out of bounds possible to foake a ball stick. -Strong Central Texas wind Several rrtofe holes Ott the L*ke Jackson fteeport West Columbia. Say City in from right to left most MeCloskey layout are goed' ,* ltl * l i B fSf» « , .» _ time, catching all hooks holes but we think that this Lake Jackson-Bay City Rained lulled shot* and taking them is one ot the top three pttsi Out. of bounds. Long hitters that we h*ve ever played. " . comina Oamet It to slice the ball Will also Trees are not all over the ] Wednesday, Jun« 5! I up out of bounds. McCloskey course as they are' West Columbia at freeport f. long shot wlil put >ou on most of the link* in this,Saturday, June 8: it in the ditch that runs in part of the state, but still the gay City at We«t Columbia of tue slim green. open course with winds always I Freeport at LaKe Jackson ! The gieen slants downhill.makes play hard. .Tuesday, June 11: .ttowsrds the dltcli, making you (Editor's »*t* — H*e.J»ing on! Lake Jackson at West Col- fhaSfrto hit a ball from the tee Income from th*s* artielM, th* .„ timbla trial-has some bite. Once in amaitut status of Wood «ann«i Wednesday, June 12: f*« 1«J*1HH18 *J* still left 1ft ffi6>l«lty evening sM« while o«« Jttftiot fflfo. esseh- Haney tossed * ,\\mt past fiiUard'* Cale ilr * * BBAZOBIA ^t>H¥¥ BASEBALL 8fASD1S08 Mondar, Jun* J Major T*en-A9« W _.,.. uawfl ^ . kidl taVk^t^ki ^ AJH&te^hJ ana tSfOsteu / • rccoru ut *o,>v«iA? ASV^tt ^3$f4Afi Und tW^^ • , , ; - "• £ftf»«f fie ifirM-d B«k W torts^neWf ht.-wdft «ti£ dfoftiicT th* en tm tttA %e* ti* in Tt I0-8»r« ttfd. fnntt [ In IfcAAl, t '.^ 'Uk* .oy** JS, »T*Hnr|, laney ^ Gators To Win *««! a-tmrrnsment a player was on b* •.iSsi-.'. - • . -. • rbtiston Next».. .f'^ Next golfing event in line H>the many youthful players > county will be the qual- rounds-for the amateur .ship and the start of iier recreation golf, -summer program of golf. Right now all youthful players, the ones that have not reached their 18th birthday by midnight of July 20, are urged to get their entry blanks in (or June 14th is the deadline. With a strong number ot ,---._,.. Lon Tullos handles,; players entered from the Brax- :;WiU be held in the mornings osport area and still more from •,Bay City at Freeport ! i Senior fxn-Ag* team W Freeport 1 West Columbia 1 Bay, City 0 Lake Jackson 0 Alvin 0 Laitst Results Freeport 6 — Lake Jackson 2 West Columbia 8 — Alvin 2 Coming'(3am*s . Wednesday, Jun- 5: Freeport at Alvin Thur-day. June 6: Freeport at West Columbia Friday, June 7: take Jackson at Bay City Tuesday, June lit Freeport at Lake Jackson ' Lake JaeteoA Junior • •'* ' T**r.Asr* ,-v T«Hm ; i .W 5 Red Sox 1 Ctibs 1 * Pirates . 0 Giants 0 - Latest Results Red Sox 4 — Giants 0 Cttbs S — Pirates 3 Coming Garats Monday, June -10; Giants vs Pirates '' Tuesday, June 11: Cubs vs Red Sox Thursday, June IS: • . Pirates vs Cubs Brasorla County Junior Titn-Ag* night and ihe Lake\Jac Oatort backed him uf wt li-hlf attack that reaullei 6-0 Gator Victory. >, ''< The win was trie t&lh straight in loop for Lake Jack' son and keeprthem on top in I the league standings. ' ttaney got 14 strikeouts In tossing his no-hitter and missed a .perfect by walking two straight batters in the sixth in- I ning. The no-hitter was his 'fourth of.the season. Haney has how Won, 12 games while dropping two for Lake Jack- sort. He also has 204 strikeouts. Lake Jackson notched a s^n- gl« run in the first when RUk- ty Koenig singled and then scored on a wild pitch. In the fourth the Gators followed with four big runs to push into a quick 5-0 margin. Jim Hembree and Ross Ivy had infield singles while Lefty Underwood reached base on an error to fill the bags. Jim Scberdin then rapped out a In the only Little League: No action is planned on (he:long double to score two Gator' game in the area last night, it county Little League card * to-, runs. . ' was the Velasco nine turning'night but hopes are high that! Harvey Whitehead followed 'back the Clute Dodgers by a!grounds will be dry enough for' with a double and two more : 15-1 score in the B-C-V league, joms games Thursday and Frl- runs crossed J the plate in the j; AU other games were forced ;day. . (big fourth Inntog, for Jh* Oa, out because of .rains and wet! jTreeport is. sebeduledrw be ton. 8 1 % grounds, Ko tilts w«e played io« /or Boy Scout Garni fln«! The final-$ator run cime-W ' in Freeport, Lake Jackson or!Monday, July J7, but officials;the fifth when Haney rapped °, Angleton. Also the C1 u t e ar* hoping that they can make • out a double and they raced 1 Braves and Jones Creek con-;up some of their rained out home When Xd Brannon singled WesT Ulct winner- and,advanced, the bMiitflet b*jfot» fallSig ft powerful Oeer Park, * At on*,time last season, the Bulldog* were ranked in- the toff 10 AA,team*-across the •tut*. .^ •; ', u . footBai), l ^*^^t*c Ltt t iracK^ . fftoTf flftit flrtd THE FIRST tfiitiatt of th» sMton. around FrMport, was brought in m«nlly by Doc Jon*s on ih* "Qu«»n ot T*xas"> The sail was caught on a Hawaiian wiggUr som» *ft yard! irom ih* boat. The parlr was fiihiag mar ih* Qulf str**jn. Jon** ttaadr n»ar Ih* talU which is well or«f «*T»n foot lonj. • • — -^jf j-7—^ * Velasco Beats Clute In B-C-V IL Contest Team W Clute Red Sox 1 ,„ the Freeport Golf Course • Sweeny, West Columbia and j Velaico Yanks' 1 ; : and is open to all boy i and girls I Angleton, it will give the coun- Warriors IF) 1 . ., — tgt | ty a |ood ^ nne ^ w , eml ^ Mne ., Bwiskina (F) 1 West Columbia r 1 «-»s a > ca ditu wuticn w*CB*v i,uu . . - —.—-_._ __. test in the B-C-V loop was call- games over this period. 'sharply to left, led off. ! Some leagues are planning Haney had three hits in three on Saturday james in order to' trips to haul in a perfect night ,try and get back on schedule.' While Whitetfad and Scherdln Ronald Pisklak was th* Ve-! each had twf for three to pace lasco winning pitcher last'the Gator 15-hlt attack. All I night and he gave up but two three had doubles. ;< I hits in coming up with 10 "-Lake Jackson moves over to {strikeouts. Tiuman Franks suf-,Old Ocean Thursday.'night for| ifered the defeat for Urt Dbdg- ers.. . . •• ••. - - .: ....... ~,,»« . »«.«»».... ., The .w* n for Velasco kept Country Club has scheduled • w«m right on the heels of the 'league leading Brazoria nine. who were idle last night,' , ,; Velasco used a big inning. Busy Program At Angleton Angle ton's Meadowlake n busy lineup of golfing activi- 1 ! ties for the weekend but wide- J 'spread Texas rains might force f S ? jVjrjnli will take over In the one to the national tourney, faM - a ^-' m, that being held at .which will be in Washington, J.Go.U Course courts and at ! O. C., at th* Manor ;senior high. {Club on July 17-20. Country iowever. many of the golf-' Ronnie Ray, Bo Dcarman, Latest Hwults Warriors J — WC 2 WC 8 — Reds!(]ni i Yanks 7 — Warriors ) the events to Dt called at will be playing a major Robert Boasarge and several Red Sox 3 — WC 1 iri the >ummer program; more locals are due to enter' Redskins 2 — Yanks 1, I'D* busy getting in a few! while a large group of th* dif! Coming O*m*i sessions and rounds, trict winning Sweeny team arc Thursday, June 6: Warriors v* Redskins at Free- Uing for metro rains along Bg to the Houston qual- expected to enter, round. ' Golfers that want entry Port members of the blanks to the affair ar* asked), Red Sox at Velasco u» iww» MNWI «u» we««. A I ' ' •»• v golf squad are due to get in touch with Tullos, the Monday, June 10: large list of players arc ex-' Vour matehe* ar* dated this meet, which will Freeport Golf Shop, or yours! WC at Velasco pected to take part in the four ]e Brazoria. County wrest 3d in Houston on July truly, An entry fee o< U is ^trriors vaRed Sox at Free-iday* of play should tbt we*- card Saturday night with some off. Wednesday will be , en'* Day while a sweepstakes will b* held on;^. Thursday. Saturday will be the ^ na ' regular Jackpot sweepstakes with- the every-other-week Sunday event scheduled. ,' Howevtr, rains forced play off last Saturday and forecasts , th* third, to scor. eight runt on Clut* error*, walk* and e '- of single*. Nearly the " for " ' *•'1W Four Matches On l&ie Golfcrest Country Club, being charged. teP" siverside Club port ,thsr turn off fair, " •• 'I •>'' ' fa anl , over the past months port golfers. Th* various sweep- cut back work on th* stakes that are run at Meadow- Riverside Country Club. uke and old °cean will per Qomex taking on 81 Medico lr| the Angleton final bout, Other scraps find Coon Froberg taking Tokyo Joe while Farmer Jon** battles Duke Keomuka. The night will be capped off with a tag team bat Braroria Host Angleton Thur. Braiorla'i Teen-Age softball team will battle Angleton Thursday night in a single gam*, starting at 7:10 p.m., from the diamond at the Brazoria school. % BiUjr Lowe_ or Charles Gordon ar* expected to take the mound tor fte Brawria nine. Brawria rfently hosted a 1 tournament W which ftey were ibeatiT by fild Peach }n the semi-flnab], t •• 1 —'""T" 1 ^~^ Count/ Baseball Card GOOD THINGS ARE GOING TO tr' * , Our whole store is chock full with Pather'sDay gift ideas. , Her?,a#r just a few of the choice selections ii\, every ' t ' • prioe rnnge. Drop in, and le^t Us help you'personally. All purchases handsomely gift-wrapped,;without charge. \ 0000 CHh*r"1Sif : " Sug^itlons bod''WlSWP8& ^ i* , i and Brawria, but pro- Ocean had Memorial Pay golf- Swi^"U* mad " °" th * club> ^ eventl "n 4 ^ Mo 'P 01 * w «« Ithia the next Jew weeks crowded with linkster*. >Ie»- f-y»r« going to try an4 have dowlake drew around 70 pUtf- , spread on the club, along ers for a |2 jackpot sweep_ several pictures of what stakes while torn* 40 were BO- t already been built. iered at Old Ocean's «i Blind Bh*n ptay opens at River- 3ogey tourney. , which will probably be No aunouiKements have been »l months o«, it will give made on what Idnd of events f Bounty four fine golf clubs, will be reeled off at Riverside -i one at Froport will prcb- but they will probably be along ' »ttU draw » big weekend the sweepstake line. However, . srowd, being located in they will alto be for their men* , near center and no green bers. When pl»y opens at River- vever, on th* weekends side it should also co to aid ' »*A,? 1 X* r!ad *' JMM - th * E"PO"er golf team M it »and Old Ocean will get will give Lake Jackson nUy- traffic from; Brajjos- ers * place to play^ *^ W*d*w4ar, i T**n.Ag»w r These four events will get [ West Columbia at Freeport started at 830 p.m. from the I <Majon>, County Fairgrounds. ' Freeport at Alvin (Seniors). Van Huejon shim and sportswear Stetion H«f§ ; Jockey Shorts * Roblee Shoes ' , ~> FJorsheim Shoes Nitelife House Shoes he Shots .. * * I Wogd and filly Gun- under wraps at various (iaies f fart on » match, play during the valley m«et ; recently 'down u A new ««*ns mower U now Counuy Cluu u> AngUton. Also OM firiit ajc»dowUke meinbeT t« the Brqckman trying out bis el| the , The state amateur golf tou»- namcnt, which, epsned in top ZOO «olfer» will b» Ea.J">w». Speck Qoldman the defending <-^ Hlckock Bolts Brazosport fishing h«4 jps and dowo* Tuesday ,'rom »U indications «?*ult* »«|xcte4 to ijM# waters a*«r jetti«» when moving or by the wind* weie running on the good »id* Jantxen 5w,mw«« ' ' the thunderstorm activity hit. Activity WM also in the canal*, bay«, and 1 P V F, we«r by The jetties had around 100 CM4 **«!(« giver Tuesday a#gj*rs loc»wd there when th* tBOJ»4a bit, bu( they quickly leftthls flsWng spot. Sfil) tnaay m«r* fishermen were r*. atang laf) lollowtog the >l»t ramp* «>«w« beach. " u «J>B if wttvtty «Mw m»t <* u* REDU CED ! Had can always as* aaolher pair af stak*. and haw h« will lev* these! Tremendous color and iabrle variety In ouncie-llfht weights that held , ; their shape and resist nrhikln. Choose Dtorra and wool UMtds or 10«% w**l tropUal $10,95 VALUES r. f AJle*<*M«iuifl. Free 4 H

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