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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 46

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, April 29, 1963
Page 46
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MONDAY EVENING-APRIL 2?. 1943 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N PAPER SAYS DATE IS MAY 18 OR 19 Rocky Won't Comment On Marriage NEW YORK -- UB -- Gov Nelson A. Rockefeller smiled and declined comment today on a published report that he will marry recently divorced Mrs. Margaretta (Happy) Fitler Murphy May 18 or IB. A copyrighted story in today's New York Mirror quoted an unidentified friend of the Rockefeller family as saying: "The date wiil be Saturday May 18, or Sunday, May 19. The ceremony will be performed at a Protestant Episcopal Church--but not the one where Rockefeller usually worships, the (interdenominational) Riverside Church on Riverside Drive." Rockefeller's no comment was to reporters at West- Chester County Airpart as he 'left for Cincinnati for a Republican dinner tonight. Asked how he felt about the speculation and interest in his possible marriage, he said: "It's a free country. You have to expect that if you're in public office." In answer to a question on what he plans to do during a three-week gap in his schedule next month, he said: "Don't FIRE CALLS (C»!l» In H Houn to t a.m. Today) 9:55-70:40 a.m.--Engine No. 1 to ;J2.^ W. Zinnia Road, trash and scrap lumber fire. (Flowing Wells) 10:00-10:40 a.m.--Enslnes 700, 1500 to W. Irta Road and Casa Grande Hwy., false alarm. (Rural) 2:15-3:06 p.m.--Engine B to 1100 block on East Grecnlee Road, grass fire. 2:44-4:53 p.m.--Ersnines i, o, i, 22, Lsd- dor Truck 1 to Main Ave. and W. Broadway, lunkyard fire. 4.59-5:01 p.m.--Engine 13 to W. Alo Way and S. l«th Ave., needless call. 6:25-7:45 P.m.--Engines 2100, 2200 to E. Prlnca Road near N. Country Club Road, dump fire. (Rural) 7:41-7:55 p.m.--Rescue Truck 1 to 710 N. 6th Ave., first aid. 8:35-10:15 p.m.-- Engine 700. Rescue Truck 2100 to upper Sablno Canyon, first aid. (Rural) 8:38-6:48 p.m.--Engines 1, 2, 4, 22, Ladder Truck 1 to 327 S. Sentinel Drive, false alarm. 9:26-9:45 p.m.--Engine 10 to 2302 S. Norrls Ave., oven fire. 9:55-70:04 p.m.--Enolne 72 to 541 E. Adams St., Investigate smoke. 11:04-11:06 p.m.--Engines 1, 7, 4, Si Ladder Truck 1 to S. 5th Ave. and W. 18th St., false alarm. 12:29-12:48 a.m.--Rescue Truck 1 to 222 W. Irvlngton Road, needless call. you ever take a vacation?" Ha said he has no specific plans for the three weeks. The Mirror quoted the Rockefeller family friend as saying 25 to 50 close relatives of the coupe will attend the wedding--including the gov- CHARLES SEWELL Sewell New Sertoma Governor Charles Sewell, a member of the Downtown Tucson Ser- toma Club, Saturday was elected governor of the Arizona District of Sertoma International. He will take office July 1. Other district governors, elected during the Pacific Southwest Regional Convention which ended with a din- 'ner dance Saturday night at the Pioneer Hotel, are J. R. Brooke, San Francisco Bay area; R. R. Mallincoat, West Los Angeles district; Dr. V. E. Mannino, North Los Angeles district, and John H. Bliss, South Los Angeles area. ernor's children; his brothers; Mrs. Murphy's mother, Mrs. George E. Bartol Jr. of Wynnewood, a suburb of Philadelphia; and her cousin, Mrs. Peter Iselin of New York City. The friend was quoted as saying there will be "just a quiet ceremony and no reception." "Possibly the friends and family who attend will have a champagne party -- but the bride and groom won't stay for it," the friend was quoted as saying. "They will slip out immediately after the ceremony and hop aboard a plane for Europe." After a week or so in Europe, the Mirror said, the couple will go to Rockefeller's big ranch in Venezuela for a few days and then return to his estate at Pocantico Hills near Tarfytown, N. Y. The governor, widely mentioned as a potential 19G4 GOP presidential candidate, has a calendar full of political engagements starting early in June. There is, however, a three- week gap in the governor's official calendar from May 9 to 31, and this had added to the speculation about his plans. "Rockefeller's o r i g i n a l thought was to slip out of town quietly and get married by a justice of the peace," the Rockefeller family friend was quoted as saying. "On the other hand, Mrs. Murphy had her heart set on an elaborate church wedding." The final plan is a compromise, largely at the insistence of close friends who told the governor that, as a matter of dignity, he should have a church wedding, the newspaper said. Robert McManus, p r e s s secretary to the governor, declined comment on the published report. So did Mrs. said from her Bartol, who Wynnewood home: "I can't tell you anything about this. I can't give you any information." Mrs. Bartol said she had This Puzzle Will Be Printed Again Tomorrow ®250 CASH PRIZE Citizen Charlie's Crossword "The Old Brainbuster" PUZZLE NO. 443 A 2fi o N W H M A T D 10 B U Copyright, 1963 by The Bell Syndicate PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY Name Street City Phone ,, If you are not a Citizen subscriber, and wish to subscribe, please put an X In this square. Delivery wiil start this week. DO NOT PLACR IN ENVELOPE AND DO NOT FOLD CLIP PUZZLE ALONG DOTTED LINE READ AND FOLtOW CONTEST RULES T--Jolva the clues as you blanks clearly. would anv crossword ouzzie. Ffll rn all Z--Clip puzzle along line and deposit In barrel at Tucson Dallv Citizen Office. Or paste If on postcard Uc stamp) and mall to citizen Charlie, Tucson Dally Clllzeil, Tucson, Ariz ENTRIES IN ENVELOPES WILL NOT BE JUDGED. 3--A!l entries whether mailed or delivered MUST BE AT THE CITIZEN bv 9 a.m. next Thursday Puzzles received later will not bo ludfied. *-Cash prize of $250 will be paid for correct solution. If more than one correct solution Is received, prize will be equally divided among the winners. If no correct solution Is received prlj» rnoney will be added to next week's $75 award. t--There's only one correct solution and only a correct solution can win There Is one answer that In the opinion of the tudaes in th'a best word fitting the definition to each clue. Decision of the ludaes Is final and contestants anree to accept those decisions as a condition of entry 6--Anyone may enter except employes of the Citizen or Tucson Newspapers Inc. and members of their families. Submit as many entries as you wish on puzzle* clipped from Hie CINzen or an original exact slK facsimile drawn by hand. FACSIMILES REPROOUCFO IN PART OR WHOLE BY ANY MECHANICAL PROCESS ARE~ NOT ELIGIBLE FOR PRIZES Carbon copy facsimiles or puzzles drawn on nraph paper are not eligible. 7--Correct solution of the puzila and names of winners H »ny win b* ·ublhiitd In the Citizen next Saturday. M CLUES ACROSS 1. Naturally, a man would prefer to avoid employing them. 6. Swamp or bog. 7. The possessor of may possibly be able to turn them to financial benefit. 9. To remove one is easy enough. 10. A housewife would not always have' time, particularly, to a sack of flour. 11. A terrified could easily cause infectious fear. 15. Flow back, as the tide. 17. A suitable location is important to many a one. 18. Monkey. 19. Coy or retiring. 21. Catch one's breath. 27. It can help script writers to collaborate s u c c e s s f u l l y , if their ideas are very much . 28. The output of good is naturally not great. 29. There are times when one may feel so without really knowing why. CLUES DOWN 1. Military men would probably feel sympathy for a general the poor forces at his command. 2. Feminine name. 3. The average farmer would be rather displeased to find a rat in his . 4. The sight of a nasty wouldn't bother a doctor. 5. Might go about one part of the country one day and another the next. 8. Mother may need to ---- baby down while she answers the door. 12. It could be that a person might have need of a large number of . 13. Scorch. 14. Competed. 16. Purchase. 20. Being well along in years normally has a bearing on its value financially. 22. A dull pain. 23. Go by. 24. One woman might claim that it's virtually /. necessity in the home. 25. Gas used in illuminated signs, 26. A sharp blow. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE EN BY 9 A.M. THURSDAY Look for PuMlo Solution and Winner's Name in Saturday's Citizen seen her daughter recently, but declined to give out any details of the meeting. The Mirror said Mrs. Murphy shopped for a wedding outfit and traveling clothes in Philadelphia and New York after she obtained a divorce in Sun Valley, Idaho, from Dr. James April 1. Slater Murphy There has been considerable conjecture about the possible marriage plans of the 54-year-old governor and the 36-year-old socialite. The governor has refused to comment on Mrs. Murphy's divorce four weeks ago--just as he has refused to discuss his own divorce 13 months ago after 31 years of marriage. Mrs. Murphy, who went out of public sight when her divorce was announced, is a former member of the governor's staff. Her former husband is a medical researcher for the Rockefeller Institute. The Rockefeller and Murphy families move in the same social circles and have homes near each other. Mrs. Rockefeller obtained her divorce in Reno, Nev., March 16, 1962, on grounds of mental anguish--the same grounds used by the blonde, attractive Mrs. Murphy. The Mirror pictured the Rockefeller family friend as scoffing at rumors of a hastily arranged big wedding and as saying: "Rockefeller has too much respect for his ex-wife and his children to go through with a lot of fanfare, and so has Mrs. Murphy. They j u s t wouldn't do it that way." BUSINESS NEWS Operating Earnings Up For Arizona Bank The Arizona Bank's net operating earnings for the first quarter of 1963 were $208,053, a 13.3 per cent increase over the $183,612 recorded for the same quarter last year. Lloyd A. Bimson, president, said earnings amount to 29 cents a share, compared with 27 cents for the first quarter of 1962. Bimson also announced that at least t h r e e additional branches will be opened in the remainder of 1963, two in Phoenix and one in South Tempe. He added that this would bring the total branches to 39 in the statewide banking system. ASSETS TOP $1 MILLION FOR TUCSON TITLE CO. Assets of Tucson Title Insurance Co. went over the $1 million mark in 1962, Jack B. O'Dowd, president, announced. In a statement of condition, O'Dowd said, assets included $123,924 in cash and totaled $1,057,097. This was an increase of more than $100,000 over 1961. MRS. MINES TO HEAD POLICY-WRITING UNIT Appointment of Mrs. Becky Hines as manager of the policy writing department for its insurance division has been announced by Tucson Realty Trust Co. A resident of Arizona since 1951, Mrs. Hines resides with her son, Larry, at 4132 E. Waverly St. She is a native of Indianapolis, Ind., and has 35 years experience in the insurance business. FELIX ATTENDS BANKERS MEETING Louis J. Felix, senior vice chairman of the Southern Arizona Bank Trust Co., attended an executive council m e e t i n g of the American Births St. Joseph's Hospital Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. Moore, 20 N. Montego Dr., a boy at 8:53 a.m. Apr. 25. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Harrold, 3220 E. Lee, a girl at 8:27 a.m. Apr. 24. Mr. and Mrs. John W. Schroeder, .4005 S. 15th, a boy at 3:00 p.m. Apr. 24. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Morris, 4221 S. Plumer, a boy at 4:16 p.m. Apr. 25. Mr. and Mrs. Willis Hollfman, 6325 Calle Dened, a girl at 7:29 p.m. Apr. 26. Mr. and Mrs. Clayburn Hitchcock, 1234 Mohave, a boy at 12:47 a.m. Apr. 27. Mr. and Mrs. Joe R. Garcia, 4730 S. Lundy, a slrl at 4:01 a.m. Apr. 27. Mr. and Mrs. James V. Mlsh, 3117 E. 24th, a girl at 12:26 p.m. Apr. 27. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Ashton, 4347 S. Ponfana, a girl at 3:53 p.m. Apr. 27. Mr, and Mrs. John R. Lower, 4424 E. 22nd, B boy at 4:10 p.m. Apr. 27. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Christopher, 2110 Sllvosa, a girl at 5:04 p.m. Apr. 27. Mr. and Mrs. James Lusk, 5414 E. 18th, a girl at 4:45 p.m. Apr. 27. St. Mary's Hospital Mr. and Mrs. Jack Collins, 855 W. Simpson, a boy at 11:11 p.m. Apr. 24. Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Lopez, Oracle Star Route, Box U-A, Tucson, a slrl at 3:28 a.m. Apr. 28. Tucson General Hospital Mr, and Mrs. George W. Crawtord, 813 E. Jones Place, a girl af 3:57 p.m. Apr. 28. Mr. and Mrs. Davy Lee Turner, 8301 E. Cooper Place, a boy at 4:52 p.m. Apr. 27. Mr. and Mrs, Victor Da'ns, 438 E. Prince, a boy at 1:24 a.m. Apr. 29. Tucson Medical Center Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Dlggfns, 220 E. Teton Rd., a boy at 7:41 a.m. Apr, 24. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lynch, 4302 E. Bellevue, a boy at 11:15 a.m. Apr. 26. Mr. and Mrs. Billy James, 2024 Jason Vista, a girl at 1:17 p.m. Apr. 26, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Faddis, 2954 S. Southland, a airl at 3:35 p.m. Apr. 24. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Lockenvllz, 4742 Calle Herculo, a girl at 5:18 p.m. Apr. 24. Mr. ofid Mrs. George Prater, 6110 E. Hawthorne, a boy at 6:12 p.m. Apr. 26. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Uman, 3442 E, Terra Alia, a girl at 10:33 p.m. Apr. 26. Mr. and Mrs. Auguslln Llano, 114 Laguna, a girl a? 12:33 j.m. Apr. 27. Mr. and Mrs, Allen Cann, 4557 E 18th, a boy at 5:58 a.m. Apr. 27. Mr. and Mrs. Juan Ponce, 35 W. Rll- lltq, a boy at 11:04 a.m. Apr. 27. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Pea, 1302 E. Water, a boy at 1:13 p.m. Apr. 27. Mr. end Mrs. Sonny Hernandez, 324 W. Defensa, a girl at 2:17 p.m. Apr. 27. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Walls, 7010 Paseo San Andres, a alrl at 3:11 p.m. Apr. 27. A/2C and Mrs. Benlamln Chappie, 308 W. Irvlnglon, a boy at 4:38 p.m. Apr. 57. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Winder, 38 N. Irvlnsj, s boy at 4:29 a.m. Apr. 11. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Solas, 1420 N. River Rd., a girl at 7:04 a.m. Apr. 28. A/1C and Mrs. Charles Maker, 2617 S, Bonier Ave., a boy at 11:1! a.m. Mr, and Mrs. Manuel Corler, 811 W. Congress, a girl af 2:21 p.m. Apr. 28. Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Terrazas, 6»22 E. Sylvane, a boy at 7:40 r-.tn. Apr. 28. Mr. and Mrs. William McCreery, 2401 N. Forgeus, a boy »t 1:37 a.m. Apr. 29. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kress, 6412 Shepherd Hill, 5 girl at 5:23 a.m. Apr. 29. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Vldal, 255 El vira, a boy at 4:1J a.m. Apr. 19. Bankers Association in White Sulphur Springs, W. Va. Felix, a regional vice president of the association, coordinates the activities of association vice presidents in the Western states, Alaska and Hawaii. LOCAL PHOTOGRAPHER WINS IN FESTIVAL Tucson photographer Ted Offret has been notified that one of his entries in the International Foto Festival in Teplice, Czechoslovakia, has won a gold medal. The entry is a color portrait of Chief Spotted Hawk, an employe of Old Tucson. More than 90 entries from 50 countries were viewed by the judges. Offret is owner of Ted Offret Photography, 3021 N Campbell Ave. Me CLELLAND HEADS GUERNSEY SESSION .Norman McClelland, who is treasurer of Shamrock Daily Inc., of Tucson, is the general chairman of the nationa. convention of the.American Guernsey Cattle Club, which opened yesterday in Phoenix. Delegates w i l l tour the Shamrock Dairy on Ruthrauff Road here tomorrow afternoon. Layoffs Begin At Glen Canyon PAGE --(#)-- Layoffs are under way at Page as Glen Canyon Dam moves closer to its expected September completion. Some 110 men were re- persons now on the leased this week, with more cut backs expected today. All totaled, there are about 1,200 job. Construction began in November 1956. Employment hit a peak of 2,250 in 1961. For the past two years employment has varied between 1,450 and 1,600. fUllAlS Anderson Hearts Eyeopenea-s Gene Anderson has been elected president oi 1 'the Tucson Eyeopeners Toastmastsrs Club. Other new officers are Gor. don Strunk, educational vice president; James Strube, administrative vice president; Jerry Shell, treasurer, and Armando Felix, sergeant-at- arms. FORECAST Until Tuesday Morning ng«Jr«« Show Low T«mp«ralur«t £xp*ct«d U.S. WEATHER FORECAST Scattered showers are expected tonight from the Mississippi Valley and the Great Lakes area eastward to the Ohio and Tennessee valleys and parts of the Middle Atlantic states. It will be warmer in the northeast and from the Rockies eastward to the western Plains. It will be cooler over the remainder of the Plains and , eastward to the Mississippi. Controversial Poet Ciardi Slaps Academic System By GENE BROOKS Biting chunks from the hand that partially feeds him, controversial poet John Ciardi last night delighted a capacity audience at the University of Arizona by chewing upon the academic system. Brought here by the university's Ruth Stephan Poetry Center, the social critic, disparager of the nation's educational systems, and poetry editor of the Saturday Review, filled the 500- seat liberal arts auditorium to overflowing. But some of last night's audience, composed in about equal parts of children, university students and older folks, appeared shocked by some of the poet's observations. Maybe they weren't prepared for some words, even when they rhymed. Reading from his works .in stentorian tones reminiscent of Dylan Thomas, Ciardi jovially prefaced his readings with some tions: pungent observa- "Education has to put a label on everything. I gave up teaching (at Rutgers and Harvard, and elsewhere) because it's impossible to teach containment to classes interested only in self expression." Hypocrisy in religion and Jack of humanity are two other frames of mind that rouse his ire: "Whenever I say my prayers (in poetry), someone always accuses me of being irreverent." A Columbia Broadcasting Sytem vice president in charge of Ciardi's late television program, "Accent," killed the following lines as being too controversial: "First a monkey, then a man, that's the way the world began." Ciardi wanted to use the couplet to comment on the nation's space program. In one of his poems, Ciardi says the Walpurgisnacht participants in Goethe's "Faust" have minds like Yale on Saturday night." He speaks of "monocle-Germanic," and calls "Faust" a "devil fetcher." One of the most moving works was a poem on the idea of an actor who has played "Hamlet" so often that the man doesn't know if he's on stage or actually participating in the mad business: "It's hard, Horatio, being quality folks," and later, "Shall I rise to judgment on a curtain call?" The tumult of living in a suburban tract development also got some attention. He spoke of the noise of kids' fights, household chores, and then, "The phone rings and I hear it. And then, carefully, I do not hear it. I am listening selectively." Last night's audience also listened selectively. When he likened life to a scene in which a spider, camouflaged like its own excretions, attracts a butterfly to feast upon, applause was more polite than enthusiastic. But Ciardi, with a "gutsy" approach which he says derives from 5,000 years of Neopolitan ancestry, did pack the hall. The only other visiting poet to draw such a crowd was the late Robert Frost. Alumnus To Talk At UA Parley Dr. C. W. Hunnicutt will speak at the University of Arizona College of Education assembly tomorrow. An alumnus of the University of Arizona, Hunnicutt is now professor of education at Syracuse University. He has been a consultant on public schools in New York, Texas, California and Florida. The public is invited to the talk which begins at 9:40 a.m. in the Student Union ballroom. HERE'S THE SOURCE The Young brothers met the real source of Shamrock Dairy milk, at the firm's annual grocers breakfast, held yesterday. The calf--which some day will produce milk--is a part of the dairy's herd. From left are Ronnie, 4, Bobbie, 11, Scottie 8, and Jimmie 2, held by the boys' dad, Floyd Young, manager of the grocery department at P S Mart. About 3,250 persons attended the breakfast. --AP Wlrephoto Tucson Skies Today Sunset today 7:03 p.m. sunrise tomorrow 5:40 a.m. Moonset tomorrow l:Ma.m. First Quarter tomorrow 9:03 a.m. PROMINENT STARS Aldebaran, sets, 8:48 p.m.; Betelgeuse, low In west, 8:56 p.m.; Capella, low In northwest, 9:50 p.m. Altalr, low In east, 15:33 a.m. WEATHER Apr. 23 Apr. 30 Apr. i Apr. H Forecast for Tucson and vicinity: Highest temp, yesterday 74 Highest temp, year ago 55 High record for date 1943 93 Low temp, yesterday 43 Low temp, year ago 54 Low record for date 1V44 43 Mean temp, yesterday 40 Mean temp, year ago ,,,,. 70 Normal temp, this date 49 Humidity 5:00 p.m. yesterday Humfdlty 5:00 a.m. today 41 Sunrise 5:40 Sunset 7:03 Data for M Hours Ending a! 5:00 a.m. Monday, April 29, 193 STATION Max. Min. Prep. Albuquemua 70 40 ANaf'a 64 59 l.'io Billings 52 40 19 Boise «8 49 Boston 53 42 Buffalo 44 43 Calgary 45 30 Casper, Wyo 52 33 35 Charlotte 45 57 n Chicago 57 52 '03 Cincinnati 74 57 QJ Cleveland 44 55 Denver 59 33 Des Molnes 60 47 I'M Detroit 46 49 Douglas 77 34 El Paso 78 48 '." Fairbanks 54 40 Flagstaff 59 28 Ft. Worth 75 45 l'96 Grand Canyon 57 24 Honolulu 81 72 T Indianapolis 73 58 T Kansas City 73 59 .08 Las Vegas 76 57 Little Rock 78 59 '20 Los Angeles 74 56 Memphis 60 65 1 73 Miami Beach, Fla 78 73 Minneapolis 41 so 22 New Orleans 84 76 New York 68 44 Oklahoma City 75 60 Omaha 69 50 36 Philadelphia 67 3i Phoenix 83 53 Pittsburgh 67 46 . . Portland, Me. S4 35 Portland, Ore 70 52 T Rapid City 42 42 .72 St. Louis 44 jo 70 Salf Lake City 54 34 .03 Sar: Diego 69 53 San Francisco 61 52 Seattle 45 51 .'.'. Tampa 84 43 Toronto ...; 41 35 TUCSON 76 44 Washington 4? 43 Wichita 81 5S Yuma, Ariz 87 57 --Robert L. Kins, meteorologist In charse, Tucson, U. S. Weather Bureau 7-Justice State High Court Urged SCOTTSDALE-- /P) --The new head of the State Bar of Arizona says the State Supreme Court should have seven instead of five justices. Attorney Joseph S. Jenckes Jr. of Phoenix expressed this view at the group's closing banquet Saturday night in Scottsdale. Taking over as president of the state bar, Jenckes pledged the association's efforts to work with the justices to relieve the backlog of cases. Rather than setting up intermediate courts to relieve the two-year backlog, Jenckes said he favored increasing the number of justices. He said the state's rapid growth will require the addition of appellate courts in the future. In other action, the association directed that president- elect John M. Favour of Prescott take office at the end of next year's convention. Other new officers: Narval W. Jasper of Tucson, first vice president; Williby E. Case Jr. of Yuma, second vice president; Ben F. Williams Jr., of Douglas, treasurer. Donald E. Phillips was reappointed executive secretary by the board of governors. LANGERS for all your floral needs. M E. PcnninRion MA 2-4S3S Tom Ingiis Floicer* 2362 E. BROADWAY .MA 2-4643, FUNERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS BELL, Clarence W., age 47,. 35 N. 6th Ave., died on April' 27th. Services and interment' Cynthiana, Kentucky. Ar: rangements by Adalr Funeral'. Home. ' . ; DE LARA, Juan, 52, 868 W.i Columbia, died April 27.? Survived by wife, Ysabel;i daughter, Mrs. Elvira Mun-j oz; son, Julio de; 4 sisters,^ Mrs. Isabella Alba, Mrs.J Josefina Marin, iMrs. Carmen'' Lopez, Mrs. Anita Pacheco,* M a r i a Delores Tautimez;- brother, Walter. Rosary Mon^ day 8 p.m. Tucson Mortuary* Chapel. Funeral services' Tuesday 9 a.m. Burial will': follow in Holy Hope Cemj-' tery. HARRITT, William W., age 73, 3600 W. Speedway, died on 28th April. Services to be an-. nounced by Adair Funeraf Home. I HARSHMAN, Clifford C., 67, of 5611 E. Cooper, died April 25. He is survived by his wife' Ida; son Cecil, both of Tucson, sisters, Mrs. Ethel Seaton, of Abilene, Kansas, Mrs. Hazel Guthals, from Wichita, Kansas, Mrs. Evelyn Steffen, of Chapman, Kansas; 3 grandchildren. Funeral serv-! ices 2 p.m. Monday from the Palms Mortuary Chapel wiuV the Reverend Colby officiating. Burial in Grantwood Cemetery. In lieu of flowers; the family requests that donations be made to the Heart Fund. KISH, John Abraham, 32' years, survivors, parents John and Maria Kish, of Gary, Ind., 2 sisters Mrs. Margaret Kish of McDonald, Ohio, Mrs. Goldie Kneisiey, Gary, Ind. Vesper services Monday, 8 p.m. at Valley' Funeral Chapel, 2545 N. Tucson Blvd. Rev. A. Sip-' sas of St. Demetrios Greek' Orthodox Church officiating. Services and burial will be in Gary, Ind. POLTZ, John F. Services will' be held in Chicago. Arrangements by Valley Funeral Chapel. YOUELL, Muriel, entered into rest April 28, firing's Funeral Home. LCLASSIFIEDJ Rates and Deadlines ' Minimum Cash M 10 worai t M Minimum Charge 10 Words '. tl.« Five Words to the Unt . · Safes Ptr Wonr 1 (S 2 S 2 S (Same Copy (Same Copy (Same Copy 4 (6ame (Same Copy Copy ff SS _ . . 6 (Same Copy) 7 [ S a m e C o p y ) Plus city stat» Sale*' 'fix Change ol Copy - CMsrae soc Box Number Service Charge 75c - - - · DEADLINES New Ads--Weekdays 5 P.M. Change of copy, corrections and cancellations 4 P.M. New Ads--Saturday 3 P.M. Change of Copy, corrections and cancellations- Saturday 8 A.M. to 2 P.M. Sunday 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. . IMPORTANT: Check your id 1 the first day U appears; to event of error please call Immediately to have It corrected. NO CLAIMS WILL BE ALLOWED FOR MORE THAN O N E INCORRECT INSERTION. PHONE MA. 2-5855 CLASSIFIED INDEX Arts. Unturn.--Bent tjj Acreage JJ; Airplanes (or Sail iilllll.'llll" U Announcements \J Antiques . u Appraisals ' n* APIS Furnished--Rent'..I.""·"ii) Autos for Ren) if Auto Painting. Repairs ."II si Auto Part*. Accessortti ...'.'. 31 Autos tar Sale ...... ji Autos Transportation ....11111 1' i Autos Wanted ... ' M Baby Furniture ill 15 Birds, Tropical Pish, etc. ... ,." t4 Boats «or Sail .11 S Building Materlelt . ..',.... .."' a Business Directory HI Business Frontage "' 'i» Business Opportunities ISO Business Property 170 Business Rentals 11° 144 Business Tralnlnt " " . » Cash Reslslers Child Car* . 1 111 Chinchillas Christmas Gifts, SungeslloM " V.V.V.'T Clothesline Poles Clothing for Sale Dogs. Cats, Pets Employment Aoencfn .. Employment Prep ,, Farm, Ranch e«ulpman1 It Farms Ranches \"' Female Help, Instruction* ':. Fireplace vVood M Fooas, Groceries .111111 H Funeral Announcement! Funeral Directors IB Garapes. Misc., Rgnt '.....14 Guest Ranches .1111. ,1i Help Wanted. Female ...,.111111 . Help Wanted, Male . .....,' H«IP Wanted. Mnl» t Ftmit* ..... HI-FI. Stereo, Recurdert Hotels, Gujst Hoirsts ' Household Goods 1.1111. Housekeeping Rooms Houses, Furnished Rent , Houses, Unfurnliheri--R*nt Houses for Sale HOUSBS for Sal* Furnished Imported Cara Income Property Industrial Property ...,".. Industrial Hunteli In Memorlsm ....,,, investment Property ,....,, .1* Jewelry ( Lot's SWIP 1,11... i flvestock ...111111.11111111 i Loans Resl Ejtart ·.,.,,« Losf Found Loft for sar« . MBChlnarv (or Rinf Machinery let tall M» e H»|D. fnilfudlom Malt Help. Mpati, p{« ll ,. dlom ,. Invite? K*4. Worlqnpti. il I T w 'lv n H*»- 1 «rtur«tri- M Mobile Home*, tr«il«rt

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