Independent from Long Beach, California on February 25, 1969 · Page 32
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 32

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1969
Page 32
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MilC«ll«M«M forS* for Salt 27S! POOL TABLES NEW 1969 SLATE $695 Value--$295 FrH taM* lennts fw or Cernlnti ovenwiri sti - Valtw W».» wilh . rvrchis* of 9«nufnt slat* ttblr 23 MODCLS TO CHOOSE FROM '. Special $129.88 table NOW $59.88 SECARDS Discount Plumbing Center * ' " . liwlnkentor No. 333 -_- »2«.?5 Insinkerstc-r No. 77 ... V7 No. 2700 ' Wasti Wast, 3 Rn 3 Rr t* S«U 2H Pumititf* far San 2fS! MODEL HOME FURNITURE * ALL NEW-5UY A PIECE, A ROOMFUL OR A COMPLETE HOUSEFUL . o! Med«rn _.Wt Auiora. W«h»rl 310 INDEPENDENT (AM) Sewing Mochines 350 SINGER Teuch 4 S«w sl»nt.n»»d!t, rur- cr^wd n 1.^--1'dnstfrrwJ. *·)·' wr^v to take over rvm'v o' \5 30" Oelu» G« R« s pe . «,,«.$.. .J134 * * * * * * * * RECONDITIONED Used Appliances Ranges. $39 up Refrigs. $49 up Washers $89. up Dryers. $79 up ^'"''H'W 400 Ll.7.1. '·· Guv. For _ - - Motels 405 ~b~AY~RAfE"S~ PRESS-TELEG B AM (PM)-C.IS !.-.*·! SHCh. Cilil. TO!-, ".t !!, !'*·_ FURNISHED APTS. _ _ _180 BRAND NEW -;V . w :/:*;. .' : *'*: ". SI75. »:-i;S "' s "si:.;S'i' '^jiSiw.v 2 BR."OcTu«9"Si'3b.$i45" *w* 92-2IOI or 692-4167 REBUILT ELECTROLUXES !te with attac ·1 HOSE C $34.95 HOUSE OF VACUUMS H1I Cherrv Ave. S?l-3m Qrtn £ lo 6 Sun-_JO jo 4 'ADDERSJYPEWRITER5 BEST adders' S25-U?. (cost S35M i MEW R(ml all-Wee, tvcewrs. SU6. · UaniMK 510 Portables 116 ; Guaranteed 1 Price Wsr! 70S L 8 Blvd. Mi 1 . IvDCwntcr. U2-02 wi. ?:3Q j:30; Tt:urs^pm_onlyl 7-9 MAMY uelut ilenis, inc. antiaue tv Mr. some orientals, furn. lamps. · ir\velry, notio chairs, girl's i Vhwinn's Simgway Bicvdc, gold ; w Mskel xlnl tend s^O m*v be ' teen 11-3 7?5 Temple ; Manzanita-Driftwood ; fofiee end tabirs, ait sites ; shaoe^, also cuitom built. 6324347 Dlr. UPHOLSTERY FABRICS AND SUPPLIES 1.000 Rolls of Fabric to Choose From FQA'A rubOtr i POLY.faarn CUT AHY SHAPE OR SIZE OvHiluflK) cinn'om. r^HM *IIK ftwm--l Day's service. ACME Mattress Factory ' 3425 E. Anaheim ; WALL HEATERS-- l-vr. guarantee! ' 25.000 B I U .. «?.« Willi THERMOSTAT S42.K WATER Heatrr--10 vr. ouorsntff I 30 pr io 531. glass lined, voy _rftotce__ «3.9S. Aflas._ NE 7-iQH RESlN CLASS 'u?;tJ!v afifnoon or evenma -.tsitinq Ftb. 351n F1BLRLAY tf.'C """"SiAMTOfTLE?" 1 "TM i Cnrrtinal-,, EjffrulivCi. Slate. Kstr. i Civil v.'ars, Trorrne 1 .. R^ce 7:o:K. ^i^irk Dice. Stoves, Ltnarrliv 5V1-79J7 10 cu. II. R.Irig. 21" Philco Color TV $ 3? $124 $2?? 8 pc. Kin? Sii* l»dioem Stt Cont.mporify ccmpUtt. King Si» nidHrcsi ict ....$ 9? No Prflwoui Cndir Needed FREE DELIVERY LONG BEACH FURNITURE CO. 6th t L.B. Blvd. FIM P.rkmg Optn Evenings 'til 9, S«t. 'tit 6, Cloied Sun. ^ Ff«ft Deiiv.ry and tnit«llatiM ^ Huge-Hug. Selection If 10 D«y» LiU Cash B O N D S T O V E W O R K S f»5 E. 4th St.. L.8. "Sine. 1923" 432-I7S7 Open Deily 8 'til i -- Won. 1 Fti. 'til f Siturthy S 'tit -- Sutuiiy 12 'til S * * * * . _ _ * * * * 3M Furniture for Sdt 295' Furniture for Sol* 2fS ; Furniture for Sale 295'Musical Instrumenrt 315 MOVING--MUST SELL!! j Colrispot reiris, IOD treeier, Good '· c^nd., studio touch, bovs bed i tempi., 2 niftolc end tables. IB* 15' i _yiny[ couch. 4ZS-Vc20 J BEAUTIFUL desert rocks, ideal for 1 home landscapino, Hower cactu\ ' beds etc. S4S ton delivered S25 ton vour rickuo. For information IH 5-2513 CHAIN LINK FENCE Gatv. 22c runninp ft. Comoicte stock oi vinyl coaled chain link In colors. Gates reduced. ATLAS. OPEN /days. HE 9-4011 LEAVING STATE Antique white uedrm sci (ki'io- VJP) with triple drosser, 2 nite stanch, chest of drawers 2 --- best offer! 59M9J9 b, chi LOOK MEDITERRANEAN NEWLY ARRIVED DECORATOR GROUP! Eleqonl kma sized bedroom set wiln matching triple dresser mirror. Ktnp size bed 2 com modes. Distinctive living rm. In- etudes 8 it. sola with matching love stat (quilted). Soanlsh oak squart commode (with doors), hex commode (with doors) heavv matched cocktail table. 4 decorator lamps. Stunnlm dining rm includes elegant Soanlsh table A 6 | CflQ (WHY PAY S',000 OR MORE j ELSEWHERE??) ! B F TRANSFER STORAGE OUTLET CANS"^" gal. not. size, lloht wt. S3. 65 ires 51.50 UD. Free Deliverv- B Sa!«. 5301 Cherry 423-4613 _ Hoover Spin-Dry Washer RENT or BUY $2.50 a WEEK j OVERTURE'S FuRNITURE 565 E. 7lh SI. 4 -!?jH_ ot .STEREO. Ice. Spanish console, flitv | Im radio record changer, 6 mo. Md, oerf. ccnri. Co^t S310, snc S1SO '. cash or make 12 mo. payments o( i '·13. Ph. 532-5222, Dlr j SxlO WVLK-IN freezer, comol. . w-'compressor, coil. electrical. ; Priced for quick salr. You mnv, S F Iris Co.. L.R.. 591 9*65 ' REDUCING TABLES. RENT--BUY -· - ..--.- FROAA wall to wall, no soil at all, on carnr-ls cleaned with Rluc Lustre. Rent electric snampooer Si. Imperial Hardware. 437-Lonq Beach t Swimming Pools ! 14x28 BUILT-IN. COMPLETELY j iN^TALl ED SU ? ! «?-JI67 , K'lBBEE B"ar R'cuo roasllng oven, j nir.d. - S0677. Large nai uml | TRASH CANS DEL. $697 Your Home Can ! COME ALIVE . . . with Our Glamorous Decorator-Coi related Package !! ... Will separate Out of state credit OK Servicemen Welcome O. S. PETERSON 5390 Long Beach Bvd. Cor. L.B. Bl. Market GA 2-7S9 Daily 0-? Sal. 9:30-6. Sun J2-5 Bi itaufter Relaxactzor Vibrator. Belts. Salon visits. Zxlgler Facia) _Jnit: FREE FACIAL. HE 5-93/0. ! SEVERAL comnleie sets ol hard- i v/ncd nrc -finish*? rl Hlrhrn c^iii- ' nets. Will sell wholesats (714) 83R 125S. r.ur.To.u MAO" DRAPERIES Anlintif: sat'n, Sl.4? vd.. labor ind. Mirt. 72" Free horn? estimates. _ tv.'T J's Drapgrics, 424-5555 POOL TABLES CARPET Lavcr has 501 Nvlon Carnet Sacrifice S2.95 vd. t=ree pad (or entree tile w/purchase. BOB v.'ALL. panciinq 4'xS' 'i" thick pr? _davs 593-1353 or 526-9009 nitcs finished, all kind* of colors, f-aclo HOT OR COLD "WE'VE GOT 'EM j r v dirccl sales W S, S5 Days 639- Forced air furnaces all BTU'S 1 to 29^14 ^rter 5 wkcnds. 8^5?.^-5 ton air conditioners Bargain V A / A | I DAKICI ^ t? flR arlccs. MEJ-4002. j WALL rA(NfcL3 J/.fiO r Pr^.FlnKhert A'xV MfihOB- 634-5113 ____ CARPETS-- Contractor has surolus caroct several colors. Will sell at cost. Dlr. 633 9311 _ __ QUALITY King Bed, c o m p l e t e w/hsautltui ouilted matt. Never used t98. Worth $250. 598-5156 UPHOLSTERING FABRICS-- CUT Yardaoe SI UD. 6558 Orange NLB GA 2-8369 _ Asphalt Shingles ....$7.88 73S Ih 15 vr. ouar. 634-5143 LIQUOR store fix. 3 dr. walk In to*, ddi. freeirr, c^sh reoister, jlocK avail. 8^5-9750 O'KEEFE MERRITT stove, broiler, stainless steel griddle, deem. Good cond. S35. HA 9-6236 _ STEREO solid state console" w/ radio-record oldver. never tised SIM. Termo hvail. 596-5903 dlr._ PERF Cond, roi'e boioe otalform rockrr, S?0 Plastic hassock i3. 513 W. 2l5t St. BUDDA STATUE $75 Life size, 300 Ins. 596-0092 12 CU. FT. rcfrig. Twin bed. 4 klich- en chriiri. Orcoa concert oraan. Misc. 2JOO Maonolia Ave. __ CRIB new matt., maple droo-leaf table, rollawav bed, dinette, ige. chost. S20 oa. 2047 Atlantic. Dlr. GRAMDFATHE'R Clock K.ts, so^' D Carnal. Free Catalog, AAastercraft. 714-62S-6081 8J52 Katelln, Slanton. _ FULL lenoth mink coat. Reas. P'er- fcct condllion_59_8j27_7 NEEDS RESPONSIBLE PARTY TO MAKE PAYMENTS 5 Rms. Furn. Appl. FULL PRICE $173.88 Will sac. eouitv free. 5 rms. furn. appliance. Full bal. S173.3B. Pvmts of 51.97 weekly includes 7 DC. living rm. set with tables lamps, 7 PC. dinette, 2 bedrm. sets, rpfrig. rang* TV combo. Ask for Lot No. HA, Out of state credit OK. Free Delivery. Set Daily 10 a.m. to 9 D.m., Sat. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sun 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Ask for Tom. Dlr. GA 3-0421 1639 E. ARTE5IA BLVD. LB, Modern L r vmg tosm iel Ln'nos sno Tsnlei . D n;rie Sei. 5 p *ce . .- ·Mod. Bedroom sels Sormgs mfitlresses . Chest, .i-drawer . Runk set, come), w, martr. Stove, suaranteed .w · Rcinoerators, ojsrflnteed . ^^ ' H;£Je-abedl ... 45* SPANISH SOFA 8. LOVE SEAT SW NEW MEDITERRANEAN : Down to e-^rth orices on old world i furniture 1 --Spec-rill Group includes · R-ft. sofa, matching iove seal! StMmsh oak cocktail table 2 matching lamo -aoles, pair of j loveiv lamps, Idroe 9 drawer ] dresser plate mirror with ] matching commodes and headboard, bed frame, spring Mai- 1 tress; also unusual wrausht iron ; timing room set. $477 BUD6ET GROUP ' 3 complete rooms I $245 1ERMS-FREE DELIVERY 1131 GWIOTA. L.B. 5?1-'65S I OPErl DAILY 'TIL S;3» ' Spanish : MEDITERRANEAN , ioid WORLD ELEGANCE' ! 4 COMPLETE ROOMS Returned From Model Home ·«f 5 ROOMS Office Supptits XODERSTfYPEWRITERT ?^H30t s ;is3 £ *r?f i SPOT'S ---ft* EM'- Typewriter* Add'g Machs. Nf*- * UWd CO-T5*'* Our r* 1 ':** TYPEWRITER CITY "CLEAN""- OIL"-'Kt.v~R''BBO*j _ C=i LEASE---* as; or mi ;._fa:!;r * r i. LOW . " i .,, _ SEA MOTEL. l.'U E ·" E *_ f L§L. DAILY WKLY-__ Sl.10 WK. UP Oallv rain. " f V Cov- , , __; HT»rVa:»Ti. Pooirbv ofc. _oc:i tto wk. ua_T_v_iAOO_E. /rn. i D r. v ; ; V .^, ? ,_m,rj. "iv ti.ioh'i-/ , Lw4. St. aemir 4S5 all new furn. -f appl. FULL PRICE $179 NEED RESPONSIBLE PARTY to i*swi? 5 rms. furn. X ADDlicncps. i Bai $179 ovmJs SI.25 wkiy. HKI. , C pc 'iv. rm. with tables «. lamps. | S pc. d.nettc. 2 comoiete tamii. ; i Move, refrlg. ana washer. Out ot state crrdit OK. See daii* 10 ?.! Sat. 106, Sun, 12-5, 5874 Atlant.r. . No Long Beach. Ask for Lol =50 Pr Call Bruce. 422-0989 Antiques 300 Manzanita-Driftwood Coffee end tables, ail SUT-S ^ *hao«. also custom build. 432-4347 Dlr NEW MODEL \Vur1.);pi ««. S3 .WO 0'cnn - ··- ·· ^ ?* P R I V A T E ItSS-ONS INCLUDED The MUSI-CAL Livestock RESPONSIBLE ""PARiv M man- | $K3a mo. pavmpn'^ m LIKE · NEW walnut CdDie--Nelson So-net I P flrto t, bench, l i Call Humphreys Music Co. " T H E S T E l N W A Y PEOPLE" US E- 3QD HE *-J2?S CONN LOWREY ORGANS KAWAI -STORY CLARK KIM8ALL PIANOS ALL MODELS ON DISPLAY NE\V USED FRO/,\ 5W ST. AUBINS A I J»rf»'v Co** i ? n'3 __W4^h St^fte^a 5 APPALOOSAS: j Arflrj: 3 oe'-J tnos: S?25 u». 1 v-en P'tn-f P D A __RTi_._:-;. Reams p^o-", i Rid lU f-L DOR. K I T ^^ _ 4 ^'J /A f J °^ IA --Phl-^' t ! ?*' "SLE'EPING POO\\ FOP*'.*' 5 - !ri * AjQriliC^JSS^SI SlB7s6"WK~i u!v Rrni «ot !c*'L v '*c-' ^^'irx^^J-ff N'I'CE r wk -yj Beimont HcTghis 415 Beimont Shore 495 Downtown 535 JTl 35~Xt7d~Lg8 2 Br. _$I35 "COM?ORt~QvNG" Olrt Markef Street Antiques Closed Sundays i Mondays ODen 11-6 dally. GA 26937 1WO E Market North L.B. _ _ _ _ Krnt A BALDWIN Pla'no 57.75 mo. Rent a BALDWIN OrQan 510 mo. Full credit .f you tw^ on O-K "Rent-to-Own" °lnn wlt^i S vrv to Dflv bal. BILLINGS-BALDWIN 3712 ATLANT 1C Ave. 436-7f J8 . 0 E. OCEAN.__«tO_4_UP_ j THIS is f O 1 ? V O U HSko [.iMR._Ooif*. clean }' -^-i ' " " . . . . . . . . . MAMIE'S ANTIQUES ?i?2 Pacific. L.B. 599-3725 Ooen 11 lo 5:30 Closed Sunrlav^ CASH FOR I \\ANY USED BAKU PIANOS i ORGANS 1 MORAY'S 342 Pint fi«_ 370 SLEEPY" LAGOON TROPICAL FISH Ui5 £1. B R O A D W A Y . L B 'N.\Le ( i!i- 2ui. U 1 ' T N \ini'«t"i:0 "uti~f 'i BACHL'LOR A'at WANTED "ANTIQUES CASH t'AID __ 'p 00'/"EM PLOY ED Gi":« i nod foot Returned from DeLuxt Model j F."VP Homes. Sell all or part. Large new i jfj S' sofa and chair with exposed THOMAS oroan. pumo. liflh) oak fmisl'. floorl cflfifi, »50 ca-.h. TW J-25 -.0 _ NEW SHOP-LEAL'S A-if'a-.rts 1^4 El. Broadway, i-.a. open .l !o r^ wk ". 1 to 6 P.M. wkund* S s s" u "? t and mi huge nlte stands, lull Wanted ...... WE PAY MORE Sun. · "' ' 305 , , or kina size headboard, twins bed- j^** A ^^ I I room suite wilh chest and a verv \ f A I I I sitractivp 5-nc. dinette was oriccd : / / \ V · I at S10«. Will separate. · I / \ ^ I I ctRQc: iV^rXJI I $595 Bicycles 280 AIR COND. like now, unil Kadelte, orio cosl S350; · S175 cash HA 9-9433 '67 HONDA Motor" Bike P-50. Runs great. Stock s8101. S7? dlr. Ph. 537-23W Jewelry JZ«5 DTA"MO'N"D-2 ca'rril l=iriv''s Crotcn wrist watch, exaulsttlv desloned. Aooraised ilSOO. Bebi Offer. 42?1633^ _ jb-Pi. 6'iamond ring. S65. Thirri- caral e3. pierced diamond earrings. S100. 591-9979. fu"CARAT Soliiaire diamond wed dinn set. Cost S665 askmn 5275 - FJ32-7191 . NEW FURNITURE Slighly Damaged S F TRANSFER 4 Soanlih bedroom sffh --- .W 12 Simmons Orthopedic Box Sprinss a. Malts both 7 Kino Hie br. seta S oltct _ modtrn btdroom itn ,, 4 dlncne sets ....... _ ........... ._. Terms to Fit Your Budget Best Buy in Long Beach EDWARDS FURNITURE 1689 E. ARTESIA, L.B. 423-0421 His. Mon. thru Fri. 1(1 ^.m. In 1 p.m.. Sat. 10 a.m. to ft p.m., Sun. II a.m. to "i D.m. TERMS R O O " O R I P S M M « I 5921 ATLANTIC, L.B. Dally M Sit. »- Sun. 12-3 3133 E. 10th , L.B. , 4MJJ3S? l CARPET 117 vds., gold nvlon. 4275 · See on lloor ID to 2 - ~ ·" tfl1 · Golden Ave. _ SOf-AS Choirs, Looks dull 8. worn reuoholstcr now reas. -- 591-0579. Frep^esnmale Pickup j. Delivery " 23" "COLOR TV A-l conri, stereo AM-FAA, Remington noiseless tvoe- wrlter. __ 8M-9SJD JIM Beam bottles for sale. Nice selection at 714-AW-236S. . refls. prices. MUE : f-LLRS- - Glass or "*otk, installed. 1 vr. Guar. 55.95. Bo34 _Alpndra Blvd., Bellflower. 630-6546. "2i»~TVs S19.95 and up. Srrvlred ! -.vorklno Hundreds to choose from 1609 E. Anaheim, dlr. TRAILER HITCHES jtar Equip. 6S1_1_ Oranpft GA .T.MS9 ·56 FORD PARTS'-- CHEAP · _1966'/3 A SI. Loyh, AAnn.-Wcd. ROOKS, records, t'api*." "never wed- ell reas. WE BUY, SEI L AND TR~ADE Handguns, rifles., shoioutis FIRESTONE GUNS __9^9J Fircstonq Blvd. DOWNEY SEVERAL HUNTING BOWS, 1 tar- eel BOW. Excellent shape. 634-4156 or 634-2451 MARL1N 30-30 rifle, like new, Steven 16 oa. DUmo shotgun- used. Bnth SUP. Call 597-0206. 2 WIN. Mod. 12. 20 t 12. Over Under, 20 guage. 334-662P iieraorrcfuDs. Reu. p J j PGA oro r compl. S1QP 428-2737 . ASSORTED guns for sale. Good condition 42/-B337. TAKE ON PAYMENTS I need jomeone with or withou* previous credit experience lo tafc-2 on pavmenls on the follov/ino "r*vir used" model horn* and floor samole merchandise. Just pay the sales t«* and assume these payment*. 3 rms. Of MODERN _ SM.« mo. 3 rms. of DANISH ilfl.03 mo. 3 rms. of SPANISH S21.M mo 21 In. COLOR TV Sll 76 mn. AUTO. WASHER ,. ...S3 51 mo. REFRIGERATOR .....SS.M mo. For "over the phone" credit ao- oroval call 437-7633 'til 9 D.m. Ask for Credit Manaaer. S«rvici families invited. Dlr._ SCREEN Doors rcscreened, s-1.50. PH. 436-6733 _. RUGS--S7.SO UD. Huv/Seli. _ Wesl Const Rugs. 1835 ' j Furniture_for^Sgle 295 - ! INDEPENDENT-PRESS TELEGRAM Classified Home Furnishing and Merchandising Advertising Code adveriisi WANTED Responsible party to make payments on S rooms of furniture including stove, refrju.. stereo 8, TV. No down payment. Pnvmt. S12.50 per mo Bal. $229. ALL FURNITURE I.IKE NEW Eastern Warehouse Furn. 2074 Santa Fe 436-4261 SPANISH furniture. Relumed from model homes on sale at less than wholesale! 3 rooms i4£8. includes 3- quilted sola matching love ! seat, 3 Spanish oak living rm ta- : blcs. 2 decorator lamos, oainima, nidiiivc kind-size 11-oc. bdrm. I suite with box springs mattress. : all king-size linens, btlrrn lamos. Spanish oak 6-Rc. dinette. Full price for everything, i3"J9, oav ^?0 : down, S3.99 weekly. V/ill separate for quick sale. 20th Cenlurv Furrn- . ture, 0772 Garden Grove Blvd.. m ! Garden Grove. Open dallv 10 a.m. · to 9 p.m.. Sat. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sunddv 12 noon to 5 P.m. (7141 530-5240. Hrc« delivery anv- ; where In So. Calif. . FOR RESALE 5 ROOMS OF NEW FURNITURE PLUS APPLIANCES Lift on lav-awav "vt rualomw Payments o onlv ilO.83 Mo. Thtlr loss vour gain Owslsti of "/ma room stt.2 b*d^ room stts (1 witti twin MiK 5 rr dinlno »ftt stovt r tor. Mav be sttn daily »t Roy's Discount Furn. MU AHWI1C, L.B. 10 a.m. to 9 D.m. Sat. 8. Sun. 'til 5 P.m. Out ot State Cradit OK. K1RBY vnLoum, liki Ph nc\v. Sacrifice. ENCYCLOPEDIAS new 8, used SIO ; _dn. will finance balance. 423-5371 · BLTTNS," gas . f]fL ct ;. Fs 7^J ; Brands, tow prices. J3lr. ME 4 -,002 El FCTROHl'C Surolus Sale- Too Sales Co., 909 N. Alamcda. Cmpln BUDHY Rogers Sew-Vac, now at ; Bell. Bl. Artesia Fwy. ^]-^^. ' CARPETS 103% nvlon 52.95 SQ. 3423 j E._Broadway 439 DIM6; J38-6614_dlr. [ ' WH"l"TE~bed set, lamps, tables, v/io i S. nilsi: reas. - 11TH EDITION of Encvcloof Grlttanica. GA_j-785g. BEAUTY shoo eoui o.m._434 : lJ43_ ________ FORD Skip loaders-- Good tion. 831-03M "" contains mHlmdino COPY i^i nol acceptable. Commercial a d v ft r t I s - ers must include the "Firm Name 1 " or word "Dealer. Personal distress claim! and personal pronouns arc nol (icujptable from com mercinl advertiser!. Phrase or claims Infprrino merchandise is consloned lire not ricceptflble. "SERVICE FAMILIES Conlsd S/Sot. Mel Rt«l (rel'd) for all vour furniture, TV anDll- anc« needs. A -nost unlaue house- . hold furnishings olan desloned for miiliurv (fmUm only, no oown. i Coll HE 7-?633 (dlr.} Ill 9 p.m. j "F AND P I "BARGAINS GALORE Slovcs Refrigerators Living ims., bedrms., dinetlei runs, chests, lamps, elc. « SAVE 55 Leonards Furn. Whse. 5588 ATLANTIC TERMS {U.S., State, Citv) S (Church SpeciHl) S ·\ AY1 0\' SONS, INC. 1501 OREGON 4: M 6 .?! "NO'faiicv Frills. No Fancy Prices" NAT f-RANK FURNITURE ThriWes ESTATE SALE Furniture, antiaues, pictures, bric- A-brnL. hand craved nieces, living rm.. dinina rm., bedroom, misc. Good cond Reas Leisure World. 430-S393 or 43/-0421, Mr. Reilly COMMUNITY Auction. Twice wklv. 15010 Hawthorne Blvd. Wed. 7 p.m. 8. Sun. 10 a.m. The AUCTION that SELLS BETTER GRADL FURN. A APPLIANCES. WE also Buy ft DO PAY more for the BEST! SP 7-1771 or OS 6-3127 MOVING MUST SELL FURNITURE, BARGAIN 436-2846 RFFRIG. "Couch" chair; ma-;lr bed; slave, recliner; round O«K nrdestnl rofiee Mblc; twin bert. 103^9 Monicrev, Ecllflower. or coll WE ARE MOVING j HIDE-A-BEUS, SOFA-BEDS ! UNBELIEVABLE LOW PRICES Over 150 beds to choose from ALL STYLES-- ALL SIZES : Fabrk-Naiigahyde or Vectra j S1EFP SHOP EASY TERMS ; 50|_Lgnq__Be,ich_B|\ffl. GE 7-3Q97 · I DRA"PFS~! Canccilfltions ot custom ! mad 3 dr.ipes ulcntv of wall to . wall's, floor to ceiling sizes. Deep : cut price-.,! The large:,! stock in : tins nrert of King 8, Queen ouided , rmtom ouilted spreads, fll cut prices. Al Greenwood, 3?4fi E. 4th, £33-9552. _______ I CHUSHbU velvet «" sola delivered j uv_;w ' ir in wrono color. $300 | ________ For any near new or used Furniture-Appliances Color TWStereos Pianos-Organs-Stoves Refrigerators-Bedrm. Sets Din. Rm. Sets-Office Furn I PC.ORHOUSEFULL Day-Niie-Sunday LONG BEACH CALL 422-9321 SUBROUWmrlG-PARAM't CALL 9 2 5 - 1 5 1 5 "TOP PRICE PAID! Furniture, Appliances Antiques, Tool* Misc. Household GoocU Sporting Gooes PROM T P R T EAT CI 8ENT EOUS ONE P1E?ErSKTHOUSEFUL BO M T ATOW R REPP MOTT, INC. 2501 E. Anaheim GE 9-0277 WE PAY CASH ONE PIECE OR HOUSEFUL Furniture, Antiques Appliances, TV's, Etc. A D A M S Herman BJ;!y_ r ' l _rifL 4 _" l "3 1 p"LA~YER""Pl»ros^\iosette. Punr-U A Hirdman. Smith's 4045 S. Sen 1 ' vcdfl Bl. Culver Citv. Onen dfliW . LO'.VREY~6^n^ns. YA"^^AHA Pipnn% CARLSr:N'S-S67-OOi2 WILt Bl"lYTjSPD~6R"OAN5 AND I PIANOS FOR CASH HEml°cV_7-?27l_ Want Pianos - Organs . CASH PAID 423-»3fl | HAMMOND Or;an mode? C? ronMjK* ' Hammond tons cabinet JR-3P make offer. I2U1 DA 6-3M7 STRAUBr PLAYER PIANO, \VALNU T FINISH, GOOD CONO. JO_R_pLLS, 5375 CASH. 421-14j?_ l"0 u " v or trade Pianos _ Organs. »mdd Driver j^6-???J_ . """PIANO, uDriohr.'oood ccn'd. _S175. 599 'I?.^ : BEAUTIFUL Klmball COnsolOMf niano Perjcct^gnd. 424^953s j MEINWAY ?' Concert Grand, Rose ; word. Excellent. SjgSO. J22-9418 ants to buv Piano I 377-1035 , Custom Aquariums Room Boord s Eastsido 425 SEA 540 ROOM 8.^0APn -- onlv. Ofrt ifiotf. 321 Wisconsin HOUSE Front, clean singlr R A R Y WHALES GRfcEN KISSERS BRICK RED SWORDS Housekeeping Rooms 430 T A N K SALE STILL ON S~ » i » rL Goldics 8",: do? : S4.?5 100; Worms j Rentals fO Share Sale ends Friday. Feb. 25th · .liESTHOUSE. wwwn cnlv.Viil 13 SU. h^liDr., mglrt i,rv. GE a olSl 440 rooi ste Con Age 13 to CLEAN I BUS LINE_ ii", "LOVELY"! B'~ 3100 E litnSI. 4t 'OF £ ADULTS 1302 E. 3RD Shrtrc A houiff or not? CO. Rcl. S»r-S5M ROO.\\ M4TE Mrtle--share nice new modern house. Cdrtv irv. iar lor brtchelors F V.l'irv. al lor 7U E PRIVATE THE PUPPY HOUSE Pure S, mixed hrctcis. 1«05 Pnr rtm't Blvd. fv\E J-016^. Or-pn H-e 2 YOUNG TIKI TROPICAL 'Ji,' C711 Alondrrt Bl. nellllnwrr · rtft 92S-?fi!0_7_dnvi_ wk. 1Q-9 Sun 10-7 ALAVKAN Mflim'ute nurc bred, tcr ale I'-'-vrs. Sac S3S. A l s o Alaskc M.Tlmute )t Dobcimfln OUHOFS. 6 ALAAITOS Bay home 10 '.h^lr Lakewood Area 550 __ n .iee] Jrd to i^arp dr- house. Bachelor unde' th similar in'ereiti. J3J-S69? ·. M A T U R E Icmalf alter 6 r ij Decorator ...... -... ----- -,-,-' value, must sell at S130. Matchins chair $60 or matchino love seat available. 371-9577 or see al 16807 Hawthorne Blvd., Lawndalt^_Dlr. BOX Springs ft malts.-- used. S5.50 ca uo; new king seta, 312 coif. princess auilt SW.M: chest of drnv/cr? new -SIS. Jack's Commission House, 1418 F. Anaheim St., 860-3470 CASH IN 30 MINUTES i Good Used Furniture i Appliances ! I piece or a houseful · DAYS 426-85 1 8 Radios Television 330 RENT COLOR TV . $ 1 2 MO. OPTION TO RUY 8 6 8 - 3 7 7 7 ; ORDER BY PHONE Colorland TV O p e n 7 - D a y s 9 t o 9 P . M . ' NAVY--NEWCOMERS RENT A NEW TV ; or stereo hy weetc or month j ' Rent the Nicest Sets at ; i The Lowest Ratss in Town · : SHOP COMPARE : No lease to sign RENT NEW COLOR TV ; Purchase ODtlon--No red lane TUCKER TV 639-8565 i 426"-2628 42W628 : RENT TO OWN , $8--$ 10-- $ 1 2 i Television Stereos i Free Delivery Repairs I OPEN EVES. SUNDAY ! 2462 ATLANTIC. DLR. RENT COLOR TV STEREO RCA ZENITH V / i r n OPTION TO BUY : $ 1 2 MONTH ! CALL DAY OR NIGHT (dlr.) i TE 1 - 1 2 2 7 __ _______ A~iTc Puns,!ls. beaai'c;.. d chows, noo-lics. sheoherdv "rv Ohpr"irn'P. Minnnrjeii R? Carsrn HA S-O^SjftO-S^jjj cVTiHUAHUA puooipi AKC. * . Stud s 'othVf 'employ.' men" Re'. GE 3'Q6S F A T H E R 5. son would li l 'P to ?h.irf n' l vatr_h:mcjv_ni;c_flp[. ·31-3.550 \V\LE to slwre dDt. v \ - s a m c P-K-^- c\-._Rejs. J35-?097 M4N 3 5 - . WSame. ;rg. 2-Dr . rr qnin.. SSS_inc_l. ulj!^ J3v3(M£. 9 ·" _ ^ ^ DOG TRAINING ' ODDS-. AKC. -Chamu. bio LH~ASA~Aiiso"pUDS, A K C . rai-r. thn. qv cuddlv f'om Tibol. T O A - 5 3 3 6 . 1-75S-165S 2 DOBERMANS 1 male. 1 lemjlr. female o'consnt S100. bo!i. f-n capers. 702 w 4lh COLLIE PUPS, A K C , ALSO PARROT, T': YRS. -J21-9K3 COLLIE PUPS, AKC. b'OLDEN (terms) shots. S3S up. 506-9^ AKC Miniature Dachshund CUP5. J50 », uo. Also stud serv. I7U1 893-«u S P R I N G E R SPANIELS. AKC. C H AMP STOCK, t WKS. 430-3786 _ :"REGISTERED matp Pekinocsc, A K C 10 mos. old. 591 8955 ' ' SCHNAUZEP.S-DISPFR~SAL *3yi7.1 _FVE_S.Ji_VVE_EKENDS 634-4735 Duplexes Plots [FURNISHED! 2-Br. dup. Gar»! 445 S £)/'·"'· _590 bath P.IOl. .SAUNA B A T H PATIO.' 1 "l.rt-nr Aoh Atiulls. No Pets. ^ "AVAllAiCETiOW";- i-iu.e nil clrc I ?. 2 Br., roc-l- hr. A:?I riicrrv n.L.B. J2a-um iraplifoT^SOO'E. 27th V . -.V.V c r r t n a . healed Pvir 1 "l£0"" nciudcs" i l l t i C 3 . ""WA NTED-- PUPPIES FOR CA SftS. LOWER, siiifjIe.^nfHvl.v- oflintf 1 Duplexes"* Flats 450 [ UNFU RHLSH^EDl " " OCEAN FRONT MO--I flllrflclivc 'I A 3-Berirm rto»s Boill-ln rflnoe oven, cflrocls *. rirftDe^. Adults only. No nrtv ; Inauire UOO Orenn Ave., Scfll B e o c h , B k r . " " 77S MO'l !NO L G E . ?-BR. UPPER DUPLEX Carper drapes. E I F^C ^ R K 'BEL~~ HoVsr^alTC^j^ew""? idi'jc bdrnis.. den, ] , bain* Ga-. J i35 Roiwfil " B'fLSH'ORE Newer, redcc. ? B' lov.-cr. w-w.. draoci, relri _ ___ G£T~on our wait In B list. 2 Br., children. oUv area. 6901 L.B. ..8_lvj. " " ' e Br. 4 wags 5U7 . OA 3-^373 __ VS--'iiie~~Utils r-d. Near DorleVs S25lVi LB Blyd jITW^ 1 R A f ' H r L O S aot. uti*rod, S70. no ; 335 HullClt. H.L.B. Apt 1 __ y.'JGLF. S7?.SO. Util Od. 6662 .V.yrMr. GA 30310 jit. 4 or Sdt., Sun ___ O range County 600 ~ Paramount 605 8 I J^ Pdrlv, S100. Vv'lRL Fox Icrricr, 6 moi- ^ _mu5t sell. S50. 661-2590 B"ASFNJE PUFF'S, AKC. A~kC~/A~n~Pffodlcs After^_S:3p GE'RMAN Short hair oointer while I J31-3B09 ' VM shioM. _aduih. no_gets. 70 Pomons Jft^UL 2 BrTdrsnes. fiTf In- ^039 3 BDRM. Studio Duplex, NLB ha.. All dec. kitch. Radiant NVcFlgc". 2 Br., newci _ SI ij 'DUDS 3 n.L.B. area. Bkr. LABRADOR nuns, AKC. Make of e' o_r_tradc._B3p?397_Wiimlnalqn_ COLLI'E PUP'S. AKC. siiow miai'tv. Ahnls. ^31-2793. . . Futurs-Miiiic stove. : Norge Customized refrlo. Kenmore i gas clrvcr; not table RCA TV: lae. | hdrrn set, rnanv other articles. « AAust be sold bv March 1st. C.«!l · aFler 10^GE 4-411?... .. · S'PANISH" "DINING ROOM: bRtier j oualllv hufieti, rhinns, tables £- \ _ . duiileo s.oH. Used \ . SSJ LONG BEACH BL. GE 7-7633 j L~IKE"new V/dl. desk 575; coffee tbl. · S2S- 2 (old r . rh-s. S-iO; 2 nite s 2 LINES...3 D A Y S . . . $2 3 IINES 3 DAYS... 4 LINES 3 DATS... ...S3 ...S« 5 LINES 3 DAYS... i LINK 3 DAYS... |TEM HERE FOR J50 OR LESSI 'l time on TV" show. M jst s e i · ~.: n iod-iv. i60. Call after 11 a.m. D«o I ..Ml 0 -. oralor, 1«07 Hawlhorne Blvd. 5 W A L N U T veneer h Lawndnle_ or call 371 9577 l ^60 for double, *.7S d ! o'lSAPPEAR Clothesline S3, whltp . i«_ v . J 31 -* 3 l2i-- ' 7 1 1 Nauoh jofa S60, rattan chair SPANISH (urniture-3 1 J"0, Dinette S PC. $30, Bar S30, ' · - - - - · - j 4 tires 14x7:50--SOc. pfl. 5vl-A?73 · MAPLE bed bio dresser, SI25. I Stove, S25. Refrig., $25. Bar bells, i S20. Sun, or^cv^s. GA 3-|729 iSPANls'H bdrm. so'l saO; Ft ."prow".' oole lamp SIO: misc. itpms. 0 tt. stereo S200: 439-2375 KITCHEN table formica too, 4 chairs, couch love seat - Med. Go|d. call after 4:30 P.M. 63J-19J9 B~OX SPRINGS MAITRESSESal S5.95 ca. BF, 1131 Gaviola. vin. . o m s rc- .^. from model home, 5467. _Easy pavrr.gnts. [71^1 89J-443J dlr. DINING im. set, ocras. chairs i various Spanish turn., like new. Accessories. 426-OCM1 . SLFEPfcR "SOFAS S99 _ _ ___ "TNSTANT~CASH~ FUBNITORE WANTED R E r R I G E R A T O R S J. S T O V E J PIECE OR HOUSEFUL -V Call 925-5637 ·?- Ifi. °r Clyde Day or Nita ~Srrwll Ad-- Big~Cash ! SO I tan oav MORE for vMir furniture ^ODil^nrr? ] DIKr or houseful, f-or ( f;l rourptmr^ service. call anvlime CHARLIE 437-1 914 __ QUICK CAS'H lor jurn. .ijrpJi^M-dJffJjIr. i=UR"N"lfUR"E acolianVes Wanted. , _ I REFRIG." wanted, h'el.est cash. 16E07 Hawthorne Bl, dlr. Lawndalc ! Household _ 310 !SH OR less huv ?:l5x!5 w.*.. 1 old). 12V cat LOUJ5, Mon^-wi OCCASIONAL , broiler 52. ( W I C K E R hassinet with mail. oad. | SB. Baby !UD, S3. Car bed, 52. Sahv \ · .-· ----- _ ·boy clothes. S3. Black creoe cock- j FumifUre for Sale i lail dross. Si. H, 57. Aftrr 4 PM {--.,,_-.__- _ _- · nOlT- clubs, complete set. for n-.«n, j woman or child, SIO. Aot. sue Fri : oirlairc. 510. Vacuum cleaner S7 ; ! .GA.. 6 .- 3 ^?!- -- - i : wCSTfNGHOUSE c'lcc. blanket 520, ! A.M. radio S12, never used. ; DUALITY King Bed, compl. . w/beauiifut nuilted matt., never : used. S93. Worth S250. 596-5156 j SAVE SS See McMahan's (urn- . /appliances. 1695 E. Anaheim. ; i CHINA cabinet 68" hiph, Jo" wide. : i Avocado, S7S. ^35-0214 ~295~Furniture for Sale 295; tables si7«i-2?09.._ GIRL'S "Schwinn Stmq.',v gold w/haskc! iprnolc w / 4 J7 PIECES. China service for S3.S. rlec knife nr. nrv/ SIO. E hler.der ' S S C a l l TO 6 6225 B R I T T A N Y 2 1 : vr. trmalc. SDflVCd. nurcbreo, beautiful under gm. CHROME dincllc GAS Ranse, clean 13128 R^S£C£|U^JJorwa vw Rear Hood, txcel iwirTBcds b o t h M S . IbTe'sed. S20 dr a pe^ $5..._421 J9C9_ ?n ""t'onri SJO""i25 WHITF German ihaoard, 'cmaiE -1 ,,n, tonn ju. J , v f s i(JVCS Cf1 j 1(lrcn S20. 526 Gnldfn. '^JjJ^J^ 0 pm _..9_ r _wgckends. : KfiNAAORE'oiis^dryer J' n TM[*- ^ rtt " h '"t^sio" 1 -^ 'Cond. 515" 42J-3075 DUNfc BUGG'Y. runs sbod 550. 663-7363 after·__$ am : B'OY'S Stinorov .biKEi ^cavv nuty 523; girl's 26" S20. 422-630? iDie DCQ. 3 i W i W A S H I N G moc h,nc 515; rcfria. _--,-=- hoy's Stinorov bike $20. 422-6307 57; mirror match dress v ^'as.i h amgjim. .1- ! M ^°J,t RvE ° MjhM ' "'JS.'. RATTAN davenoori t thairs. ! : ' end tables SSO^J38«!5. USED slovc'8, relriocralor. bolh lor ANTIQUE" rocker. S25 Jm. . . . SIS: AM-FM radio, SIO. 432-4353. _ COCKER noodle pynoy 12 vM- "id, Has shot..slQ._»6jjW GIRLS bike. Schwlnn Sllnjrav. Gold, 2-spj. Porle:!, S30._J34.J2JO.. MUST Sell immcdialclv! ,SjTM«{' AKC male, 2 VIS., SSO or ? 430 3786 SOFA, S35, oood cond. Rose c o l o j f . !"lk'j"cw','"s'5o'.'63J-6ffL S ''^" ADMIRAL Console T.V. 23" Excel ConJ.JiO-Mi-3774 . IlNGER sew mflch in wal. tap. 525. Also zioiao mach. 525. 430-63-15 .. O'KEEFE Merrill stove wllh grid- die, clean. S35. «5-im2 SEWING m»cnln:. *"*?£*, Kpn ' more, real nice. 550. 422-flS50 ELECTRIC Orver, ""llent^ro;^ MAHOG. Tea Cart w/Blass trav Good cond. »». __ 3-4220 TYPEWRITER, Smith-Corona standard. Excel. cond.^JU. - . . _ . GAS ranoe lor sale $35 420-1550 _ 26~~IN 3 speed ladies Enollsh bike. S20. 438-4095 WAREHOUSE CLEARANCE YOUR BiST BUYS!! Mattresiei Dineftes ToblM .......... Occ. Choirs.. ..SI 4 ..S27 S 3 ...$ 8 ..i 5_ 3-Pc. Bedroom Set 583 Desks SI 5 Chests 526 Single Corner Unit....548 Bunks -- Complete S73 REPO--3-RM. GROUP «.pc. Bedrcom, 5-Pc. Dinette S 1 BO 7-Pc. Living Room--All for · «»*» 00 FURNITURE 1020 PACIFIC COAST 591-8718 · ···M FURNITURt IUZU rAblhlv, (.UA: HUB HWY., LONG BEACH 591-871 I -- -- r r- --* rf--h ^% j--* ^^·i J *"^f*^iii" J " Appliances ______ . ..GUARANTEED BUYS-:-,- MAYTAG auto washer 2 sod lali mod. 1 vr ouar. ...... ___________ S12B . AAAY TAG auto washer rebuilt like new. 1 yr ouar ._ ........ __ ........ ........ 598 KENMOHE 2 sod auto washer, rebuilt. 1 vr ouar. _.. ................... SM FRlGIDAlRE snuare line. 2 doar- · refrlQ. Guar ....... .._ ........ ........ _ ..... 5121 : COLD5POT relrig. Guar. .. _ i33 G.E retrio 2 door. Guar. .. ...... ...W ^r HILL'S ft 5650 Atlantic Ave. Own Mon Fri 'til 9 JuM._Wed Thurs _S«t_tM_,5:30 i NEW Avcc.idV'Frioidaire 12 cu It re- (rincraloi ·* niattti'no \Vcd;cwocrl qns rnnpc S273.B3. Coocer A wh^e · (ivdilorile. Your rcfrigcrdtcr f. SIO riion;n ouvi rjoth. Bafcfr'* Anoli. rinrc^ 9th Pacific, or^en c v c f . · __ ___ HE 2-5924 __ ___ i HOfpOi'NT garbage diiM^ls A l l sizes! '; oricc! Staring once S19.95. Cam 'n Carry! Bakrrs Ar- Dhflnccs, 9tT Priotic. Onen eves. TV Rentals---New '- OPTION TO BUY 436-3209 JOE WARD'S Corner 4th L.B. Blvd. " "6oT6"Ov~~^f ERlb" WHY RENT? I sell 'cr less wr niontli lhan you r^n reit. .15 n~-oH- pls to choose irojn, A l l tin,-.r.ccfl wi'h onlv S 1 ? dcwn ?. ;HX. Tr^ioe in ilinwince on vour rid IV (wording nr noti will rt-.arc the down DV/menl, nn crrrdi' neened rfll ·*3/-?633_^l 9_o.m. dlr. RENT--fV-H'i-Fl""~ $10 Per Month All siiCi. °rtv 1st mo. no deposit. Ooen 10 to 10. Deliver anvwne'e. Also Sales Service 134M-;S. BLVD. 437-2?71 ,'AAGNAVOX Color TV--HSO.OO OFF : Nothing DN. 36 mo. 'o D^v. V/h/ TRADER TUCKER 1001 S. Long Beach Blvd. Comuon (at Aiondrar Qnen Elves__b_un. SALE!!"Zcnl]h~Color TV. LowcS nr.c^s of the year!! ?3" for S^J9 ^S --SIS mo. bsivs it! Baker's ADD'I- i^nces, 9lh S. Pscitlc, Ooen eves. Ht_2^_924_ _ "RentaTV-H'rFl'iTo'Mo." Pay only 1st wk. mo. no den. Delivery. 10 .vm. lo ID P.m. 53/-5/50 COV.P. AM Ham radio stslion. nov in- transrr.i'ter. Dvnaniotor U Vn t DC. Misc 'lurolui r^dn carls, c'c. TR^hTTN~ r'ot, on a r Miscellaneous (FOR RENT) 400 s 130--2-BR. dunlex. Move, child OK Apartments 455 (WITH POOH . .. VY'M*YOO"D -')i;ei' '*ji" ' B r ' lfl " i^-it pi .J-333 Carhn tve FURNISHED_APfs. AlfAre«s_" 460 NR."BELMONf SHORE BUT C H E A P E R 1 : DD tl 7TH " r U D E N T S \VELCnv,(: r r O P l C A N A A p r s . 1-2 8R5 WE WANT YOUNG adult Singles Couple* BALI APTS.. COMPLETELY Remodeled Refurnished A 1 ! ufllltles oald. VAV carotts rjr^D*rifi. Uoiier lower aval'* blp. 2 or .1 brs. Adults only. Small net rl (with cxlm rieonMtl 1S724 Oranae Ave. PARA.\\QUNT 634-1'y B''''~'.\0"NTTt~~or v/eeK, ottM me? Bed mi ants. fu'n. il?0 He^K^ a.-n', D^tia. caroel draccs ·» cltmi. A nice Dlacc to live! ORA'IGC PLAZA. 1555? Ormar PRINTED PATTERN - - _ -COLO 1 * TV b T E R F O BUY'S CHI "Action Snooker" 435 ·2.tti _ '^'.^'f 1 -'!' F r ;iIT ^ s I ! t.' ! ' GOOCfuSED TVS ·-uHARtNCE SALE-- S10-J15-S11 I Ji''_ ! :!"? r: AVE. dir. Long 8car^i TV RENTALS «. SIO. 8, $12 n-o .Vcrers 3J2 Pine_ Ave. HF _*-»» COLOR T V - 5 used also "B2.V/ "PV,/ CHsli. ^nv cendition TO 7.3510 335 _ I (JEW -- _. r c f n g , Furniture for Sale 295 Furniture for Sale 295 avocado 2-dr. m side. Reg. vw.Vi--NUW S199.95. Your retrip. 510 wo. Baker's ApDlianccs. 9th t, Pnc-ific, . ooen eves^ HE_?-3924 ; Hofp'o'iHT hign oven eiec. mnvr. coDocr. Res. S379.95. NOW $195.95. SIO mo. buvs '1! Baker's Aooii- antci. 9th t Pacific, ooen eves , : STEREO, HI-FI V.'HV PENT? I sell for If*.; month Ih3n VOU can rent. 19 r CX 10 cnoose irom. flll f;n*r wiin ONLY $6 down A la* D'/IOU creriit needed dlr CHI H £ 7 7 t 3 3 1 i l » D r r 1 B D R V . U!'!. Autorr- NICELY FURNT ·j^n Atlant.c . Stores .V..1 7 3 ELECTRTCALLY CLEAN . OP UrJFUR.'J nErl.'JXe H-'ni. C.irocts. drsn»= E ·· 1720 Cncs^iul .'V '_."' '· "$"1*20 "i BEDROOM" All utll oald. POOL. Close to college transportation. 5525 E _PAC._CST._HV/Y.__ "530" WEEK-- OlTL. INCL. OTO_Sant« F NE'.V Smalcs. SS9.50" Bu.It-ins, w.w crpt. d al, i b!ks. to new C S95" INCLUDING ^jtHifcs. L.vac 1 hr. Child O.K. No pcfi. Lwif f f c i itics. Park-like v*cd. 426-5672 e j 2 J UJ J ! LE APIS SBD · - - - - - 1 ClOSfi to be.lCl, triendiv dtmni- '1 Phere. 334!_Ht- HE_M125_ 1 S13.5Q WK. CLEAN APTS. UTIL Te:eDhone service frw. Nr buses. 1700 F HILL __ GA_?j, 0 "$7oVs75~REDEC. I Br. \VUfl* Big 2-Br. Redec. $175 BELf.'.QNT HT5 AUTOMATIC washer, dlllon. MS. cxccile CRAFTSMAN pwr. reel lawn mower, Ilkt new, K». 53M92B REFRIG. (Phllco) I^jr. w/cross loo Irteier S3S. S»7-oll4? FREE: ShiOtwd rtmale, 433-10IO alllr i D.m. WILL 5w«D Rcmlnolon 30.06 Boll action shotgun lor Chw. i sod. '· iinmoe. M*?? 1 WILL TRADE '.£' PALSth HOUSE s W Tr««e · "OP I* 1 lo 2!' Tnvel irail- " cr I23-OS30. Mediterranean Spanish Groups Buy Now at Discount! Incl. king sire bdrm, sei, Irioie dresser, mirror,. 2 lot- commodes. Kma sue bed, mci. ih«ls, oillows- Pillow cases, matt, pad ft blanket. 8' Quilled sofn lovespsl. 2 Span, end tables, 1 toe. Span, coffee table. 3 brau. Scan, table lamp*. 7 hdrm. lamps, l lovely 7-pc. Scan. din. rm. set. Would you Believe, Nov/ W'l 5-ROOM GROUP Must sell deliver to responsible party Ail new furniture plus stove, rctrig., washer, dryer and TV. Also included--2 Bedroom sets, l with twin bads; Hying room Furniture complete with ? end tahles, coffee fab IP, lamns. nic- turos, rugj «nd rflnctte s e t . S7.50 PER MO. Full Price S214.84 Out of State Credit O.K. No Down Payment Terms or Cosh M.J.B, Discount Furniture 5318 Long Beach Blvd., N.L.B. D.llv 1. A.M. ..^.M tM't't" A.M. 1. S P.M. GA 3-8002 olSra-l S149.95-NOV/ S99.55. 510 mo. OuvS one! Baker's ADDHanccs. Vr. 4 , Pacific, Ooen eves. HF 2-3924^ _ i OOOD cross t^p rcrrlg. s:995. ! Terms. Baker'i Apolmncr^. ?ti Pacific. jjper. cvc5 v .H_E__2jjJ4 - B'UY a ;ood 340 WANTED for cash, used b'ftck 3. v/hile 5, cslor TV sets. Also .ni fi -stereo sets. Dealer 439-5327 Step l i v e l y i n t o Spring! Knit pantsuit i n . ejsy pattern stitch nf ' k n i t t i n g worsted. Make a clever move . and knil a fashionable pantsuit. Paiu-skirt is casual, comfortable for sport, travel. P a t t e r n 953: 10-16 i n c l u d ed. Fifty cents in coins WtDGEWOOD flis range, tnrc t;i gridrtl". J burners. liCD. O. 3, tiroiier Exrc!.^cond J65. O'KEEFC //. e r r i t w.ciridriie. Cc'dsoot, special handling. . to Laura Wheeler, i i?1 Qi:J a'tcr 5 p YOu'R inos' comnleie selection. Se.irs, Sin 4 Blvd. HE 5-0121. S E R V E L G A S R E F R ' G E P A T O R S Buv I. 5elM3i-lBi;; S99-3?57. Dlr.__ APT. HOUSE owner pavs too dollar for no(x1 (urn, ft aopls. JZ3 ej4e Musical Instruments 315 '48 MODEL Lud"lo Urum set. | , Cliromc access, como. WcvmMIs, , , s:ool £, cnrrvmp cases. J?3-3322 ' 1 RENDER flmo. '67 Super reverb 'M ; ' dual Showman. Lite nfw 427-17*7 1 S=il?s. reosirs, narts SEWING MACHINE EXCHANGE in PINE AV6. HE 6-477S GUARANTEED USED SEWING MACHINES from S9.5S PARKS SEV/ING CENTER SMI Long Beach Blvd. GA 2-3007 Box 161, Old Chelsea Station, New York, N.Y. 10011. Print Pattern Number, Name, Address, 2 BS. »7«-C«!M -::e BaUv OK, IMS Anton Place, at-ai*. R"EDEC. i br, POOL PARKING, E93 Walnut. Call «i-S921. Where, oh where, will you find another design dashing as this? Has turn-cuff collar with boat shape, yoke effect, vertical lines. Hurry, Printed Pattern 4559: NEW Misses' Sizes S. 10, 12, 14. 16, IS. Size 12 (bust 34) takes 3V, yards 35-inch. SIXTY-FIVE CENTS in coins for each pattern-- :ems for each r for first-class mailing and special handling. Send to Anne Adams, care of Independent, Press-Telegram, 74 Pattern Dept., 243 West 17th St., New York, N.Y. 10011. Print NAME, ADDRESS witli ZIP, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER.

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