Independent from Long Beach, California on February 11, 1958 · Page 32
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 32

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 11, 1958
Page 32
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P«9r-D-8--INDEPENDENT, Iwh, Television Log w» «-a- ~_J?S» "K? A-W 'Tc-SV'c..^ KAtt Ch.iw»l 7 TUESDAY, FEBRUARY li, 1958 COLOR ON TV 12 NOON 4--Matinee Theater 6 PJ«. 4--News: Jack Latham, Jack . Blake, Chick Hearn - 6:80 4--Curt Massey Show 6:45 4--Jack Latham, News' 8 P.M. 4--George Gobel Show 6:00 A. M. 4--Today Dave Garroway 7:00 A.M. 2--Captain" Kangaroo . ,....: 7:45 2--Grant Holcomb, News 8:00 A. M. 2--Ladies Fair, Tom Moore 9:00 A.M. 2--Hotel Cosmopolitan- 4--Tic Tac Dough, Jack Barry 5_Radio Vision, Larry Finley 7--It's Fun to Reduce . ~.-" 9:15 2--Love ol Life "7--Chef Milan! Cooks . -.:.. 9:30 2--Search for Tomorrow 4--It Could Be you, B. Leyden .V · 9:45 2^-The Guiding Light . ; ' · · 10:00 A. M. 2--Our Miss.Brooks ,4_^Arlene Francis Show 7--Chucko's Cartoons · » ' ' · ' 10:15, : S^CCPR Bulletin '2--Walter Cronkite (10:25) '-.·:'··.· 10:30 .'2--As the World Turns . 4--Treasure Hunt, Jan Murray .5--Guidepost 11--Star Shoppers, Bill Welsh . - ··. 11:00 A.M. v 2--Beat the Clock, B. Collyer 4--Jrice Is Right, Bill CuUen 5--Romper Room, Miss Mary 7_My Hero, Robt. Cummings 11-^Sound Off Club, B. Welsh .'."·:·· ' 11:30 - 2--A'rt' Linkletter House Party 7--Sky King, Kirby Grant 9--Cartoon Express 13--Baxter Ward. News 6:15 3^-Doug Edwards, News , .4^-News, Huntley-Brinkley 11--Susie. Ann Sothera 13--Cal Tinney Sees 6:30 2--Name That Tune, George DeWitt 4--(Color) Curt Massey'Show 5--6:30 News . 7--Studio 30: "Alibi," Ralph Bellamy' · · 13--Stories of the Century 6:45 4--(Color) Jack Latham, news 5--Tom Harmon, Sports 11--George Putnam, News 7:00 P.M. '2--Mr. Adams and Eve, Ida Lupino, Howard Duff 4--Boots Saddles, Jack Pickard, Pat McVey 5--Combat Sergeant, Michael Thomas 7--Hank Weaver Reports 9--The Little Rascals 11--Code 3 13__Wonders of the World: "London and England" 1:15 '. 7--John Daly and'the News 7:SO 2--The Eve Arden Show 4 Treasure Hunt, Jan Murray 5_Movie: "Indianapolis Speedway," John P.ayne, Pat O'Brien i 7--Cheyenne, Clint' Walker 9--Open Road: "Tracking the Wild Goose" 11--Mr. District Attorney. 13--Adventure Tomorrow, jflrrtin Klein: "We 'Saw I Happsn" 8:00 P.M. 2--To Tell the Truth, Bud Collyer' · : ' 4--(Color) George Gobel Sho\ with Helen Traubel, Marshall and Noonan,. Louis Nye, Tom Poston 9--Crusade in the Pacific ^S Foyle, Kathleen 'Murray '7-^Dee 'Parker: These Are 'Your People, Terrca Lea U-^gjieflff John ",V 12:00 NOON 2--3ig Payoff. Bob Paige 4-lfGolor) Matinee Theater: -' "Monsieur Beaucaire," . . Peter Hansen, Patricia Cutts 5--Meet the People, B. Bradley 12:15 7--Bill Gwinn's Mysteries 12:30 2--The Verdict Is Yours 12:45 7--Movie: "Suicide Squadron," Norman Foster 1:00 P.M. Z-i-The'Erighter Day 4--Queen for a Day 5--Dorothy Gardiner Movie li--Jackson Wheeler Show 1:15 2--The Secret Storm 1:30 2--The Edge of Night -- ' 1:45 4--Modern Romances 2:00 P.M. 2--Garry Moore Show 4--I-Married Joan, Joan Davis ·7--Al Jarvis Show - ' - · 2:30 2--Arthur Godfrey Time 4-^Truth or Consequences 11--My Little Margie 3:00 P.M. 4_Movie: "Danger Street," Jane Withers, Robert · ... -Lowery 7--American Bandstand 9--Movie: "Room Service," Marx Brothers, Lucille Ball 11-r-Steve Martin's Martinee . -..' 3:30 2--Dotto, Jack Narz . 5--Tricks Treats, Corris Guy 7--Do You Trust Your Wife, Johnny Carson 3:43 13_Variety Musical Parade 4:00 P.M. 2--Fairbanks Theater: . "While the Circus Passes" 5_Cartoon Carousel 7--American Bandstand 13--Problems in Living Today ' "..·;.· 4:30 2--Movie: "Smart Girls Don't -. - Talk," Virginia Mayo, ' -Bruce Bennett . 4--Movie: "Black Narcissus, s Deborah Kerr, Jean · Simmons (Br.) 9--Magic of the Atom. · 11--pick Whittinghill Serials 13--Destiny 4:45 9--Tim Holt Movie: "Sagebrush Law" :-. 5:00 P.M. 7--Sir Lancelot, Wm. Russell 13--Movie: "Kansas Cyclone," · , Don Barry · 5:30 5--Double-Time, LeGarde ·Twins 7--Mickey Mouse Club : 5:45 " 9--Ted Charach, 1st Edition 11--Topper, Leo G. Carroll 13--Marie Scott Sports (5:50) u , 5:55 2---Weather Vane, Harry Geise 9--Sports, Bill Brundige 13--Jimmie Fidler . .,-,-, i 6:00 PJH. 2--Six. O'clock Report (News) 4-^Cpior)»'News and Sports" 5-^Popeye. Tom Hatten 11--I Led Three Lives, Richard Carlson 13--Heart of the City 8:30 2--Red Skelton Show, -with Rita Moreno 7_Wyatt Earp, Hugh O'Bria 9--Soldiers of Fortune, Chicl Chandler, John Russell 11--City Detective, R. Camero 13--Movie: "Cry Danger," Rhonda Fleming, Dick Powell 9:00 P.M. 2--$64,000 Question, H. -Marcl 4--Adventures of McGraw, Frank Lovejoy 5--Errol Flynn Theater: "Strange Auction," Mr. Flynn, Patrice Wymore, Sean Flynn 7--Broken Arrow, J. Lupton 9--Movie:-"Underworld Story Dart Duryea, Gale Storm ll_Aggie, Joan Shawlee 9:30 2--Right Now! (Pay TV Debate) ' 4--Bob Cummings Show 5--Movie: "The Frozen Ghost," Lon- Chancy, Evelyn Ankers 7--Telephone Time, Dr. Fran C. Baxter: "Recipe for Success," Walter Slez'ak as Henri Charpentier ll_Public Defender, R. Hadley 10:00 P.M. 2--If /You Had a Million 4--The Californians, Adam Kennedy 7__West Point: '"The -Operator," Robert Vaughn 11--George Putnam,'News 13--Tom Duggan Show 10:15 11--Paul Coates 10:30 2--Big News: Roberts, Stout, Stratton, Geise 4--George Fisher's Hollywood Closeup, Vanessa Brown . 7--Larry Finley Time 11--Movie: "Broadway Rhythm," George'Murphy Ginny Simms, Rochester 10:45 9--Night Edition 11:00 P. M. 2--Movie: "Abe Lincoln in ' Illinois," Raymond Massey 4-Jack Latham, News 5--11 o'clock News. 7--Hank Weaver Show' 9--Austin Green, Weather . 13--Baxter Ward, News 11:15 4--Chick Hearn, Sports 5--Joe Pyne Show 13_Tom 'Duggan Show 11:80 4--The Jack Paar Show 12:00 MIDNIGHT 5-^News; Parade of. Values- 7--1 Am the Law, George Raft 12:30 2--Movie: "Harpoon," John Bromfield 4--Newswrap , ll_The Late News (12:40) 12:45 11--Movie: "Harrigan's Kid," I Wm. Gargan, Bobby Readick Pay TV. as. opposed to our resent free TV "will 1 , be debated n a special show called "Right ow!" bver ,(2) at 9:30 : p.m. BS Vice President Richard S. alant speaks, for "free TV, and kiatron Electronics 'Tele- sion Director Bob nds fee TV. Show'was ; origi- ally -seen Feb. 2. ' - . . Rfght no.w the people of Los ngeles face a referendum elec- on 'to - either support -the : . city ouncil's fee-TV ordinance* - or U it off., ' v ... ' , --.;".. . Salant contends '^at' will ost the viewer over $400. per ear -to watch pay-TV -and see iu'ch the same fare that is now ee. Hull, says pay-TV would : fer programs of a .different ature.and that the.'FCC'-has aid it would -guarantee' the ontinued existence of free-TV; Frankly, our position is. that ·CTLA (5) and other independ- nts (KTLA is the. worst, of- ender currently) are the. best r^ument 'for pay-TV in the Vest. Sunday, for instance, KTLA ran' a .good movie and ad commercials, '.every fifteen o twenty minutes .... and ran OUR commercials at a crack. )n its i "Action" · movies there are more commercials than lere is action! .-Will local TV stations kill the oose that lays the golden DAYTIME DATA 'Arlene Francis Show" (4) t 10 a.m: goes'to Idlewild'-Air- or.t for a first-hand look-at the et age... COL'OR for "Matinee Theater'" (4') at 12'noon with 3ooth.- Tarkington's f a m e c Monsieur' Beaucaire" as the play. This is the story of · a jarber who forces a duke to ntroduce him into society as a obleman; and immediately woos the duke's.'fiance. Peter Han en,. 'Patricia Cutts, Patricl McNee and Thayer -David are he stars. . . A donkey'is used :o show,how to care'.for a horsi during "Cartoon Carousel" (5 at 4 p.m. 7 P.M. NEW TIME for "Mr. Adam and Eve" (2) as they trad' places with "Phil Silvers." Th stars spell trouble, for all con cerned when Madame Estrell s hired as technical-adviser o: :he movie about the ancien Romans who were-staunch be ievers" in - astrology. Whe txith Adams and Eve consul Lh'e woman there's a mixed-u mess for all. A young first offender on th TERRY VERNON manches seem inevitable;when ic military commander of Fort umner threatens to hang a chief if the Indian;.renegades who have attackedVa wagon rain are not surrendered in ive days.'"Cheyennc" (7) takes Sand just in -time' ;to prevent loodshed; . v . · . . ; .···;· \': 8P.M. COLOR -- "George,; G o b e l how" (4) with Helen-Traubel ic comedy'team of-Pete ilar- lall -and Tommy Noonan, and teve Allen's' favorites; ,1-5' ' 'The Bauer's must have boughl .» color «et--there's-been a repairman there every day this Sheriff's Honor Rancho find :hat the greener grass outsid the prison farm isn't entire! :lover during "Code 3" (11). 7:30 VM. Open war with the Co TeeVeeLaffs , 7 : 0 0 ATM. C7I-ipat Bishop -Riport* ABC--John Trott.r. to B £j^j JPraUK Heminp*ny ' NX--Nnwi: HUKb HcCcv CFOX--Kotte« Klub to 8 GER--Christ FsJth MID ,.I--Hit trie-Road ' KHJ--Bill BniDdlKd KN'X--Bob Cran« Show "mbrey L«i . - 7:30 ·'· - KHJ--News; Musis - . ' Ooss. NBWI .1--Pat Bishop: -8pti. : HJ--Bnakfast Ntwi :' XKX--Harry Babbitt - -. GER--W. 3.-Record 8:00 A.M. KOT--Hit the Koid week!" Nye and Tom Boston as the ;uests. Eddie Fisher .drops in too, ol course.' . · Phil Silvers, plugging his new day' and time ' (Fridays at ," drops in. on/'.To Tell Th Truth" (2) -as t guest panelist 8:30 P.M. "Red Skelton" '(2) portray Clem Kadiddlehopper who finds himself a bullfighter in one o Mexico's b i g arenas, pittec against the meanest' bull o them · all. Rita Moreno is th juest star for whom Clem doe battle. 9"PM. Dr. Sas-Jaworsky Is over th first hurdle on his climb towar the 5256,000 topi prize on "?64 000 Question" (2) and wants more loot. . . · . A socially prominent head o a charity foundation seeks "McGraw" (4). to aid. her whfei a blackmailer ex pose "her prison record. \Vhe a murder is committed McGraM learns 'all employes of .-'th charity have prison rccprds an this confuses the issue. · 9:30 P.M. "Right Now!." (2). See above. ShoW pre-empts "KNXT Play-| house." True story of the famed French chef Henri Charpentier, starring Walter Slezak, is told on "Telephone Time" (7); Radio Prorams TjCESDAIJ, i,'M ' . ' KN2 FEJ3BTJABY 11,1958 KNX--Nelson Itelnlncb KFI--IjOcai Ni 1 HX--Bob Crane'Show . OER--Wilbur Helton.. ru--NeW; awirtlltei 1 · KNX--D«ve V«J1« N«ws ... 11:30 · bop Reports of Real HJ--Haven ol *«.,,. KNX--Bini Crosby i- . Bob Cram (8:3!) · - " GEB--Volet 'at culm, KFI--Andy'aml Virginia CNX--HowardMiller. «How KOER--Percy ^rawford . 9:00 A. Mi IABC--Brelklast Club UJ--New.; GSTdeni . . KNX--Newi; . feler-Mary CPOX--Walt Abbott to 12 . . irafl Hour ^tj--Ed Hart 1 .Show' ,. ' ,OJX--Art IJnkJetter - , KCER--Dr. On, Blblt - .- 12-45 . · KFI--Record Album R4T. 1:00. P.M. KK--News; B-SUr )4«.t: :ABC-- Jim Reevel BboW CHJ--N«w§;- Music KNX--Arthur Oodlrey :GER-r-Cnarlle Turnw KGKK--Chrliuan-Jew^Hr. HJ--M. McNellis-11:20); Oayelord Hauler (1:28) 1 "30 - '· KFT--Womatn ln : MT Houi« KHJ--rGeorn 1 Crow«H · WER--Good Btwi, mu»lc 3*1--Pepper Vounx 2:00 P: Ml: KFI--News; MSJT HIckox ^vEC---JlJ n Backua Sbow KGEK--Long Be»cb Sand 2:30 KFI--One Man'I Family ' ^IX--Don 1 ' Yo i w-uave If Ruth Alhton (2:35) KGER--Geo.-M. McCain KFI--Dr. Gentry . ' tt--Garden School 3:00 P.M. KFI--rtewa; Dlcfc Sinclair i ABC--Art Nelson, (to 5) iHJ--Gabriel Hentter; George Crowell (3:08)- KN'X--Philip. Norman · · · · *:]S/ CHJ -- ^Wayi to Learning i ' 8:30 KFI--Ladles' Day "' IHJ--Norroa Youni: KNX--Helen Trent KGER---John Brown 9:45 iCNX--Our Gal Sundar 10:00 A. M. KFI--News: Bandstand KABC--Herb Anderson · KHJ--Niwsp. of the Air KNX--Nora Drake - K1GER--Rescue -Mission 10:15 i KHJ--Tello-Test KNX--Ma Perklni 10:30 KHJ--Gabriel -Heatter; 1 - George · Crowell (J0:35 itNx--YOUDK Dr. Malone KGER--Overcorairn Llle 10:45 . . KMX--Road of Lire KCER--Rev. LeKoy Kopp 11:00 A. M. KPT--Ne\vs IABC--Bor'Col» 'to 1) U:U,T--News · . KNX--Wendy Warren KGER--Dr. xoun Talbot 11:05' r».j-1--My True Story .. KHJ--Kate Smlia Show 11:15 '·' KNX--Second Mn. Burton . 11:30 KFI--Art Baker Noteboo: KHJ-^Queen lor a Day KNX--Couple Next Door KGER--Sunsnlni MUilon KFI--Pat Blihop,'Newi KNX--Pat Buttram Show KCER--Dan Gilbert 12:00 NOON KFI--Farm -Reporter KHJ--Frank HemInBWi.7 KNX--Bill Xenneally KFOX--Don Lamond, to KGER--;ThrouEn the Blbl 13:15 KFI--Calif. Agriculture KHJ--Cedrtc Foster; new NX--PI rox--: CFOX--Music -Survey to fl CGER--Dan Pike Show. 3:30 KNX--Matinee 3:45 KHJ--Lynn 4 Hollywood 4:00 P.M. KFI--News: 'Dave Snaw. CHJ--Fulton Lewis Jr. 4:15 KFI--Myron J. Bennett . KHJ--Frank Hemingway 4:30 KHJ--George Fisher . KNX--Point at J^aw: Arthur Godfrey (4:35) KGER--Health Talk KHJ-- CllH*Enlle, News' KGER--News ' 5:00 P.M. KFI--News; Weather KABC--John Daly; New* KHJ--Bill Brundlxe- KNX--Edward R. Murro 1 KGER--Aubrey'Ixe KFI--News Kollle Thomas KABC--Hank Weaver, KHJ--Sid 'Fuller, Newj KNX--Carroll Alcott 1:30 KFI--Feature Wire KABC--William Winter Alrwatch (5:40) RADIO DISPATCHED CARS OH-HMT Mnl** ICAJ3C--Bob Firrls. News KHJ--Bill 'gtern; Tralflc Tune« («:35)- KNX--Herman 'Hlctoaan; Amoi ·-«' Andy_-(0.35' ECGKR--Rev. Al Harlan UJ --Art'lUcer Noteb'H KABC--Financial Review ·vGER^-Country Church · 7:00 Pi M. KFI--New-..' . .; . KABC--John-- Vandercoolt ^IJ--Fulton Lewis Jr. · Bible Hr. · - 1:05 ' ·'· ·'.'· KFI--Relax, Al Poilca : IABC--Music -. KNXT-Mastert.of 'Mtlodr KABC--Me'rv Griffin, to 9 KHJ--Answer, Man . 7:38 . - . - ,, KFI--Mornan - Beattr'.- ' KHJ--Gabriel Heatter; quad .Room.. (7:35) · KNX--Robert Q. Lewis KQEIW-Rev. .Victor olenn 7'45 KFI--Life *· the World 8:00 P.M. KFI--Frost Warnlnn; . News 1 Gr*t Glldersleeve KHJ--Scarlet Pimpernel KNX--Rusty -Draper -· CGER--Volce-of China ' '' · . ''8:15 · · ... - KQIR--A. u. Mlobtlsoa '8'30 ·" KFI--NIchtllne (to 10) CHJ--News; Army Hour KNX--The World . Toulta GER--Airmail from'Ood · · 8:45 '"- ' ': . KGER--Dan Gilbert CNX--Eric Sevareld ":50: Weather* You (3:55) 9:00 P;:M. . KABC--Don .MacKinnon KHJ--News · | KNX--Newt "'.FOX--Melody Time :GER--Abe . Schneider ' 9:15 " ." KHJ--March ol Dime! KNX--The Story,teller XHJ--Jack Waitner Show KNX--Frost -Warnings; Answer Please! KGER--Dr. Orr. Blbl* · 9:50' . - . · · ' " KHX--Cll Henry show 10:00 P.M. KFI--News: E. Peterson EXPERT/TECHNICIANS SERVICE CALLS ONLY PHONE HE 5-0626 TV CLIHIO 1751 I. PicHIo CMrt llltHMIII III -- ews: . KNX -- Richfield Re KGER -- 0r. Pierce eporter Brooks KFI--A' Joy Forever KNX--Tom Hanlon-SD'ts. KGER--Frieda Neuhaus - 10:30 - '· KFI--Thing Called Life KHJ--Music neyond atari - n KGER--Builders of Faith 5:*5 KPI--News. Dave Shaw KABC--Orval -Anderson ; KHJ--Cleve .Hermann KNX--Frank aoss; News 6:00. P.M. KFI--News; True Strange, i KMPC--Bob Kellty Snort* KABC--Edward Morgan KHJ--News . - KNX--Sports Storer KFOX--Johnny Otis.- toi S KGER--Back to the Bible 90S Rn--Sports report KABC--Paul Coates KHJ--Virgil Plnkley KNX--Lowell Thoraas" - «:30 - KFI--Man on the Go 10:45 KFI--Al Poika Show KGEH--News 11:00 P. M. iwl--News; Dave Shaw KHJ--News-Wheel KNX--News, Max Hoby: Merry-Go-Round (H:lo) KFOX--Record. Rack to 2 KGER--Clarence Welch 11:15 KFI--Rome Thomaa spfs / 11:30 KFI--J 1:30 special KNX--Music 'til Dawn 12 MIDNIGHT KFI--Ben.Hunter (5 hr) KABC--Jack. Rourke, to 2 KNX--Music .'til Dawn KFOX--Kecord Rick: Texas Tiny. (2-a.m. - - - n e e Welch Witt SCOTT RADIO SUPPLY, INC. 2»» ALAMITOS AVI. Op*n Frl. IvenlnK UnKI *:OO Mor* T^an 21 Y»an of luftgrlfv I* Long Itacft HI 6-1452 HI 7-l*2» I All Work Parts GUARANTEED 1-Hour Service Calls for Horn* I Colli IM. » GA 2-1080 HE 2-8848 IAOLITV Mil Atlontle A»t. 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GUARANTEE HUTS 1 UIO" UIIIKI TV - lr. »"· * *"· { 1011 I. »«T!t!A -- LOKI HUH ljljljljljl.1.1 DAY S N1TI ^_^_ 3-MO, GUARANTEE C|% on ports J r GE 8-3423 iO H Zw ALL MAKES 13731 t 7ih St.Bi'"'l 90-Day Guarantee C«l«r TV * C.r trnMu Serving Long stack for II Y*ari DAY OR NIGHT. SUNDAY 00 2 HE 7-3511 lUDDY'S TV SERVICI 1134 ATLANTIC AVINUE TV EXPERT REPAIR IN YOUR HOMI 01 NO CHAP.OI The Difference , is Experience IRINQ IHYOUR, SET AND FREE ESTIMATES HE 6-8077 C t LTV, 1406 E. 10th, LB. SULUVAN "I'm fed up'with feuds:»nd- rumors of feuds," say§i : TV'»" famous -master of ceremonies" Ed Sullivan -- and, ihi.this; week's Saturday' Evening ··· Post, he not only sets the lee, - ord straight ahout his'~lii^hly,.''' publicized battles with; other ;-. show-business · personftHties,;; he tells the story of theliappi-" - er and more satisfying, expe- - riences he has had on his Sun-, day-nightTVshow oyetfCBS.' Sullivan tellsp · the'truth about hif 'jo-all»d flghti wirtrSt*v» Alltn a'nd'Prank Sinatra --and how thiy^JHiflaii. · why h» didn't purpo^y in- »tigat« a ftu.d with Arthor;God-' fr«y by hiring Juliui id'Soia/ · what happentd whtn^airt ctor Joih Logan iniiihd'on-t.tllfcg--' on th» ihow--about hi»?jn«ntbl breakdown.:- " '· '.-~-Z';..'· · his imprsuiant oif^ffa^ttr Winchsll, Jimmy Duranltfigfcar -. HammerJtein and H«len|Hay«».- · how Jearins Cixiin and'E»th«r , William» fritd'to tn«alc. on hif* program in droitti thaf r««^«d too much ycl«avag«." : · hii. unuwal ; aniw*r' to. TV viowtrs who^f*)*! I* smug, eonc«if«d ond;-ttu'ck-up.- e*iur»for«ad "I Call on Ed Sullivan" by P«t» Martin -^ TV SERVICE SA ' WITHIN .. L 30 M I N U T E S Phon. OI 3-2271 PAUL'S TV J825E.TTH ELEANOR ROOSEV.50 1 talks about her famous LONG BEACH'S FINEST QUALITY MEATS - I--DELIVERY I 2093 PACIFIC AVE. HE 5-4320 Hours! 11* 10 D«llyi Sun, » HolUiyt I to ie P.M. 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W wd 100 Prod. ' iei»iiit»Bnte«..itY.c.; · POWER TOOL Demonstration BY FACTORY SPECIALISTS WED.-THURS. FEBRUARY 12-13 P.M. LONG BEACH WELDERS SUPPLY 1629 W. ANAHEIM · RUCHTI FOR HOME FREEZERS HALF BEEF-...-TM,..-- ---.-....-..56c Ib. Beef Hind Quarter.__i-L--.65c Ib. Beef Fore Quarter..._...-- 47t Ib. FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS AVAILAllE ' CUSTOM MEATS The ex-Firrt Lady let* TP" join ter in coma. of..-the reYeilinf, informal moment* *he'i-ipent ·mth the world'* great ; per«on- ages, including Nehru,' .Queen Elizabeth and Haile Selaisie! And you'll learn why »he. disapproved o£. Winston ChurfchilL »nd why «he believes-Dalle* i» making an error in · Read "On My Own." Phone 6-9405 i .j L«w Burdaft*, th» Braves' Southtrn-boy^ltiher,'., tells how h« humiliartitl;»h« Yank««» three coni«egtiv« time, to take th. World^riei I -and why h« rhinkrthrVanki.'. are afar cry froni,wharm«yr«.: cracked up to b«l R«aS %? Jh«.. Yankee* Know M« Nowl" New Dentures when you first need them 'Everyl)bdy knows abourFlor-j ida, the tourist mecca/But havo p you beard about FloriBr th» industrial and agriculiutal .giant-- the missile cupitml of the ·world--or theL atomic-powered state? Read about the.Sunibiino ' State's.newvboom ia.-"floiii^ l Thinks She'* Got it')m3e"'\:' IN ALL, 9 articles, S~iitorici,\ many cartoons'! ' r i-, p V Get your copy toikyf I n-in 1.1 ni »W THE PHONE THAT TELLS YOU /your savings in advance ON CREDIT Wait 45 days for 1st credit payment HE 2 Y E A R S TO PAY t v , 6^072 446 PINE AYE. for exactj FREE PARKING *HI t Loc«t prices - NOT ESTIMATES! ofnc.»«.-. FAST DENTURE REPAIRS

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