Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1964 · Page 24
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 24

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1964
Page 24
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HE WORKS AT JOB, HAS BLOOD PURIFIED TWICE A WEEK Man Kept Alive by Robot Kidney A-HI iiao. UK. rrL.NtLH.tM4 has been restored to I i_ \ f By BE.NZINSER A L=ng Beach-area man, « dying from chronic kidney I;. failure a few months ago, }. is able to work at a Job | r again, t^"^* to twice- i weekly visits to an $3,000 };'artificial kidney at Veter- 3 ": ans Administration Center '.in Los Angeles. *. The device is keeping the * man alive, it was disclosed '. f by Dr. Milton Rubini, chief ·', of the metabolic section of \ · the center. '· i ] Each visit to the hospital J · lasts about 12 hours. Dur- · -J ing that time the patient re- J i laxes on a bed while his »'. blood is detoured through · · the device. .' The blood leaves and en- ·, ters the body through a ^ p e r m a n e n t l y implanted ' · Morocco Fcucl ' | With Algiers on ; Border al End ALGIERS (UPI) -- Algerian /President Ahmed ben Bella ; announced Thursday t h a t ; complete agreement had been · reached with Morocco, end! ing the violent border dispute ; between the two North Afri- · can cations. : "la Rabat, a spokesman for ', the Moroccan government ; confirmed Ben Bella's statement and said the agreement . was signed there Wednesday night) ; Ben Belli said the agreement would enable the two · countries to resume normal ' relations.' He then left Al; giers for a four-day visit to ' the left-leaning republic of Guinea. · ' The Algerian strongman said Algeria would "observe scrupulously" an the de- · cisions for the border area reached by a mixed military commission which has been meeting ia Bamako, Mali, to establish lines beyond which Algerian and Moroccan troops may not advance. plastic tube in a forearm. The devic* cleanses the blood of waste products-something the natural kidneys would do if they were functioning. a · a a THE TREATMENT is painless. Without it. death would ensue from uremia. Dr. Rubini said 1,000 persons in Los Angeles die each year or uremia. Twenty-five per cent of these victims are persons under 40 with families, he added. "AH could be saved." Dr. Rubini said during a medical lecture at Long Beach V e t e r a n s Administration HospiUH. The problem is one of money, he said. Treatment with the artificial kidney costs about $10.000 a year. « a » · DR. RUBIM said the VA Center already has spent (40.000 to operate its new kidney treatment center. Another $40,000 was (pent to toot up for the project. Some kidney-failure patients are being treated by a procedure known as peritoneal dialysis, he continued. This costs about (5,000 a year and also entails twice-weekly visits to the hospital. In this procedure, t plastic tube Is inserted into the abdomen through a permanent "artificial beDy button." A special fluid is injected. The peritoneum (tinging of the abdomen) is thus used as a permeable membrane between the patient's blood, loaded with wastes, and the external solution. Wastes from the blood diffuse through the membrance into the solution, which is then withdrawn and replaced with fresh fluid until the blood · · a · TROUBLE IS, infection eventually results from the use of this procedure, so peritoneal dialysis can be considered only a stopgap measure for patients with chronic kidney failure. Dr. Rubini said. · Meanwhile, medical science is anxiously awaiting the time until kindey transplants become routinely successful. When a way is found to overcome the tissue - rejection p r o b l e m . donor kidneys win maintain life in those who must now depend on an artificial kidney. t jzzfifil btiutf id tlit imart Inter- bcaini brit wt ten cater III 1 spvklirf, lidf. it- NO noun DOWN Only It A Week a) LrsalNotica NON-RESPONSIBILITY NOTICE Nottt 13 ifrtby tiTtn tr «i« wderslrnfd Floyd W. Sourer resid- trr at 111 East Stti St.. Wttmiit- tott. California, that after the date . r f i p o r j * lor any debts liabilities. or ebUfatlona iacBrrvd fey any persons ether thaa hfeMell. ebruary 1», 1J64. d FLOTT W. SOSCtE . ». a. NOM-RESPOMSIBIL1TY NOTICE Sotict 1» Ifrtby fivn ty tt:« Bnderr-rn*d Thomaj Harold E^n- Bftt. rtsiii£C at S^2 SOQT^ East Strtrt. Aiaheim, California, tha 1 after tha date of Feoroary 19. 136* }e TiU cot t« responsible for aay ictti JiabilitSes. or cblir^iionj In- mrred by any vcrsocj othrr than . Dated February U. 19«t ___^^.^^ HAROLD EEXXETT rat, ret, o. ax a. i%i «a-- ixi. NOTICE OF INT IN CCO Kotlei Ij hereby tiren that Datll £_ Fo«en. of 12693 Foster Eoad. X^l Alamitoa. California, tatendx ta roortcare to Pauline Ureraoa WLeeVcr. Eiecutrii ol the Estate ef Emtrt P. Wherler, Deceased. c · Edrar W. Gibb. 119 We« Ocean rJ»dZLtc» Eeach. California, an fixture* and eaairnient cf that retail drnftort bnsine?a fcnovs a Wleelera Prucrilition Phamacy. and located at 1703 Tertnino Are- une, Lone B-ach. California, and that as executed ncrtfare cf the aom* vm t« delivered and the eos- · Lderatlon therefor paid on cr after llarca X 1MI at 10 JO A.U.. at the rercv department o( the IUC 4 A Ice^ at 22S So. Oxford Are.. L Ancrles L California. Dated January C. 1»«. Uortliror: Dar.i E. roer Ilortcuee: _ Paalin* AlTermoa Wheeler. Executrix of the E«tat« cf · - Ernest P. Wheeler. Deceased rt«4 x. /. INC, 225 South Oxford A«enul Los Angele*. Catif. 10004 rub. Feb. JL 1M4 (lt-- L.E.I. J3C3M CERTIFICATE FOR TRANSACTION OF BUSINESS UNDEB FICTITIOUS NAVE 1H1» C^DZRSIGrdD do bertby ctrtifr that they art cocductinc a tmsiaeu is th« State of California. Cocnty cf Los Asc*l*s at ZT71 Lnns; Iar!i ElTi, test Erach. cader ttx WIXPT ECT-CER aai tia« said Cna Is eomforrS of U* f.iHoTina; PCTIOES, -rhost carats In fan a2d placrft cf residenca arc Ctarles P«rardl."S6!l Ctaadclwr.' ATVrt rrrardl. 173(1 La CoDeta , PI, Torba liada rrUr MontfWore, IIS So. Lear*. Art. 4. Anaheim WITSIS3 «ur bands ILIs Uth 4»T cf rebroarr. U3. PETTR 1£ONTLLZXXX , CHARLES PEEARDI ALEEKT FTAKDX mTi or CALIFORNIA ) OOC3TT OF LOS ANGE1XS is Ott tbda Uta dar of Teb.. A.D.. ««, brfort ir.« rraailia Hfndrfck- *on a Kotary PnbBc lor said Comuj aad £tat«. dolr commisstofied and ··on. fcnotallr app-ared Petrr VoUelcotK. QarVa Ferardl and Albert PerarU lno»m to me t» k» th« ppraotl »lioi« lamfS are tatr acribei t« tha vitMa ttstrtm^st. and acfcairsrledztd to Be that tier F. 1 ta« lerauiit* ael tnr land and affixed my cfndai aetf tha day and year sa tUa eertlflcata first aboT« irnt- tez. :SPUR I $ yooredTrerthoig » J pottation J HIK, EH. 149 hJipmi*"*, + B reia-T«Ta9rini. , f****»*t************* wwm THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY ONLY! BRAKE Adjustment COMPLETE! ALL AMERICAN CARS! Royco State Ucensed Brake Specialists will completely check and adjust your brakes at tnii Special Price. Harry in BE S U R E OF YOUR BRAKES! 77 C MICRO-PRECISION WHEEL BALANCE WEIGHTS INCLUDED! ALL AMERICAN CARS! M WHEEL WHEEL ALIGNMENT Rtyce t x p e i l i will check all alignment anglei, cd"jujt to factory tpccificetioni, let caster, camber and toe-in. SHOCK ABSORBERS Rojca'i famous Cushion Engineered Shock Ahiorbers! E n j o y a safer, velret imooth American Can EACH * * ·OFFICIAL* * * C T A T C II PC UC Cn C T A T i n U C ol A l b LllhalbbU olAIIUNo ^^*?4 V «*^^ .'-' /»:*«'r* -Vv*O; RAKE INSPECTIO ~.*^ ^"T*^. '-'./ .5^ Ki-y.^% * * RAYCO "RELIANT" MUFFLERS INSTALLED FREE! MOJT CAM 4-WHEEL BRAKE RELINE Jrtf. U FiiMsl Mattnala! Wriru* Ctiamnttf! frtt tn\t A «trmemi far tfi tt (·»«! Linings Labor For Most Can VALUES TO $29.95 FULL SET! MOST CARS! SOT* at Rarco! BJj, fci. Selection of Colort, fotterni! Dreti Up Yoar C-ar'i Interior! LufaRed Fret! HEAVY DUTY VINYL CONVERTIBLE TOPS! FREE during this Sale! * New Window! * Hew Zipper! * Nev Curtain! MSTilUD FMil 59 77 Hosl Cm LONG BEACH: 1940 LONG BEACH BLVD. ANAHEIM: CORNER OF LINCOLN EUCLID -- PR 4-8416 OPEN MONDAY AND FRIDAY NIGHTS TIL f P.M.; OTHER DATS, t A-M. TO « PJ4. (JUST NORTH OF *+ » · l*1"y PACIFIC COAST KWY.l \7/n\ Q- | $ | / CHARGE IT ni M raws TWT SOT iw on Caniflat* Aat* (a'stl lia«*. »'«* A*y

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